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Whatever you can do, please legally watch The Bold Type! Episode 4 is next week and we’re almost halfway through the series. Don’t sleep on it or they might just cancel this amazing show.

We’ve been ranting about wanting good poc and wlw representation. The Bold Type features it all including feminist men and supportive friends. A show like this doesn’t come often. So let’s help the ratings out by watching and sharing the show!

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けいおん まとめ」/「桜風味」のイラスト [pixiv]
※Permission granted by the artist to reprint their artwork. Please do not remove the source.
Also, make sure to support the artist by rating/bookmarking their artwork!

ocean asks
  • salt water: who's on your mind?
  • sea shells: what is your aesthetic?
  • sandy beaches: what soothes you?
  • coral reef: what colors speak to you?
  • jelly fish: what odd talent do you have?
  • manta ray: pick 3 words describe your current mood
  • dolphin: what motivates you?
  • shark: what scares you?
  • sea turtle: if you were a deity, what would you be and why?
  • whale: what is the biggest obstacle you've overcome?
  • starfish: where do you get your inspiration?
  • anemone: what is your greatest aspiration?
  • eel: tell us a good quote!
  • fins: what makes something home to you?
  • pearls: what is beauty to you?
  • castaway: what is your biggest regret?
  • mermaid: how were you kind today?
  • crab: what's your best insult?
  • seaweed: if you had a garden, what would you grow?
  • ocean spray: describe joy
  • tides: what angers you?
  • angelfish: what blogs do recommend?
  • urchin: when you get this, send whoever you reblogged this from (or somebody who has reblogged it from you) an ask from this prompt!