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Since you're pretty much the red queen psychic (you just KNOW what's gonna happen) what do you think will happen in rq4?

Sorry, it took me a while to answer, but this needed some time for gestation.

The opening is promising already. Mare and Farley crouching in some dark alley and the eerie politician hints at his scheme. Mare and Farley will both try to play along, yet they’ll constantly have to keep the other from shouting out her doubts. I love their new friendship and I look forward to this.

If I understand this right, the Guard, Monfort and King Volo still have some kind of alliance, so maybe Mare and Cal will still be meeting and discuss things, probably similarly spiteful as Mare’s conversations with Maven, though with a little, guilty, making out.

I’m super-suspicious of Davidson and Monfort. What happened to their Silvers? How much control do they hope to obtain? Do their have Newblood whispers? Is Jon sent by them?

I think there will be some mysterious explanations.

Maybe the title of the last book will be something with “blood”.

I’m not sure if we’ll get another Cameron POV, but if we do, she’ll need more plot on her own. Her storyline seems finished at the moment.

I want the Evangeline POV again, alone for the interaction with Cal. I think the not-couple has a lot of potential (but I thought the Farley x Cal friendship has a lot of potential too and look into what abyss that’s fallen). I’d like a Cal POV, but it’s unlikely we’ll have both him and Eve. I want Evane to be happy. I want Eve get away from her abusive parents.

I’d like the third POV to be from the Nortan court. I want Iris. GIve me Iris Cygnet Queen of Norta or give me death. Yeah. Or give her someone else to interact with. I think she is a force to be reckoned with. If Maven is on the brink of losing, she’ll make the important decisions. Though she will, of course, fight against Volo and this is a battle I want to see. I really hope she won’t get sidelined or just die, but I think she’d rather abdicate instead of fighting to the death (I mean I don’t want her to die).

And I really want a confrontation between Cal and Maven about the shattering of their family. I’d say this might happen during a fight, but as this wouldn’t be a fight between equals, there might be just words, unless Iris fights for Maven against Cal. Cal vs Iris is another duel I want to see.

I want Clara to call Farley mommy and Farley to be surviving the end.

I want Gilorn and Kilorn appreciation.

I want a democrazy in the end.

I think at least one of the trio Mare-Cal-Maven will die. Though right now, I’m more tending to Cal’s death than Mare’s or Maven’s.

I don’t know if I still want the Mare-and-Cal-found-a-power-plant-ending, but it’s remains a nice idea.

With time, I’ll have more thoughts. It’s a year at least, riiight??

Please add your ideas @lilyharvord @dewydrael @the-little-lightning-queen @clarafarleybarrow or whoever sees this.

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You're so cool Shinjiro senpai ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Anonymous said: You’re so cool Shinjiro!

   And there it is again, that word; “cool”. He wonders how many times he’s heard it by now, recently. It’s funny. He could have sworn this wasn’t a popular opinion. Not a single person in Gekkoukan High must have thought that of the young man since forever, had they been asked their opinions on the elusive upperclassman. Perhaps a rare few could have told stories about how the young Hierophant had gotten them out of trouble, or lead them home safely after a night of loitering around places they shouldn’t be. But these were usually students (almost) equally as condemned for hanging around bad crowd as Shinjiro himself was - (though in his mind he never belonged) - and the rest of the school must have thought of him as an outcast, a thug or a delinquent at this point. Most people, that was… It would make sense. People in this town were quite quick to pass on their judgments. Not that he cared much, not after all this time. He had better (or rather, worse) things to worry about.

   But there it was again, and more than once this time. Who were these “secret admirers” – was it even that? The whole thought felt embarrassing and extremely unnecessary. Someone like him didn’t deserve any such admiration whatsoever, not with all that had happened. What did it even mean to be “cool”- he didn’t exactly understand that either. Sure, he got the concept… but what about him specifically was so “cool” then? He hoped at the very least that they weren’t referencing his lifestyle, mistakenly romanticizing it as some type of teenage rebellion. There was a lot more to it than met the eye, it wasn’t like he had any other choice. That’s how he felt, anyway…

   Shinjiro lets out an exasperated sigh, hand rising up to the back of his head in an embarrassed gesture that makes him appear quite modest - his eyes cast downwards as if the ground suddenly got ten times more interesting than just a moment ago.

      “Just… stop sayin’ that, alright? Dunno why you would, even.
      I haven’t done anything. You’re barking up the wrong tree.”

   Was it obvious yet that the boy found it quite the arduous task to accept a simple compliment? Yet it was always like this. Not that he did it on purpose, or meant to come across as ungrateful or difficult. It was an automatic response, an instinct fueled by his bashful and humble nature.

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I got lots of request in! And I accidentally put in the rules that I would take up to 5 characters, so whoever asked for that before I changed it to 4 characters will still get 5 characters, the others will just get only the first four mentioned, and I will put why that is, as I’m not doing them in order they came in

Fallout 4 - Unlimited Settlement Size:

Fallout’s settlement size restriction is a major bummer, so hey here’s how to never have to deal with it again. (Because goddamn it sometimes I just want to play Wasteland Sims)

1.) Deposit weapons into your workbench. Honestly you can deposit anything and it’ll work, but heavy weapons tend to work the best.

2.) Now take ‘em back. Yeah, the same ones. Those.

3.) Drop them. Just drop them.

4.) Enter workshop mode, and store all your dropped weapons in your workshop. For every gun you store, you’ll see the settlement size bar up at the top right go down a sliver. (It’s tough to tell on this, because I already reset all my settlement sizes recently, but IT’S GOIN DOWN.)

5.) Repeat until…idk whenever. Go wild. You can do it infinitely, if you’ve got the patience. Honestly that’s the only way I could make the Castle livable.