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You and your body are not meant to work against one another, but to work together in harmony. You’re both a team. A single unit.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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can you recommend some nice harry blogs please? not necessarily writing ones, just nice drama free ones x

I’m totally going to forget some, but I tried to make this as comprehensive as I could.  These are blogs on my dash quite frequently, and my dash is 100% a happy place.  I’ve bolded the ones I talk to frequently.  

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These are the lovely people who keep my dash a happy place.  Thanks so much for asking!  

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Starmora #20 please! Love your writing!

20. Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear

Takes place after vol 2 

She didn’t intend to eavesdrop; it just sort of happened. She hadn’t even reached his door yet when she heard him talking.

“Do you think I should do something more elaborate?” She heard him say.

“I am Groot!” The little tree wasn’t exactly quiet either.  

“Yeah, you’re right. She’d prefer straightforward.”

She paused with her fist poised to knock, curiosity getting the better of her.

“I am Groot.”

“Okay, how’s this? Gamora, will you go on a date with me?”

“I am Groot.”

“It’s too formal? How else am I supposed to say it?”

“I am Groot.”

“What do you mean, what if she says no? She’s not gonna say no… do you think she’s gonna say no?!”

She’d heard enough. She retreated as quietly as she could, feeling puzzled. Why would Peter be stressed about asking her on a date? True, they’d never been on one before, but they’d already kissed - a lot. She’d more or less admitted that she loved him. What could he possibly be worried about?

She pulled out her holo; time to do some research.

Some time later, with a new understanding of Terran culture and a handful of the reddest flowers she could find, she found Peter messing with some wires in the cargo hold.

“Hey, Gamora!” He said, standing up when he noticed her. His eyes went to the flowers. “What are those for?”

“For you.” She thrust them towards him and he took them, though with a very confused look on his face – did he not understand his own culture’s customs?

She pushed on. “Would you like to go somewhere to eat and then see a movie in public?”

“Like… a date?”

“Yes,” she said, relieved that he got it. “I’ve done some research, and apparently first dates are very significant on Terra. One person is supposed to present flowers to the other, and then they go eat at an upscale restaurant and watch a movie.”

Peter’s lips had been twitching during her entire speech, and he finally broke out into a grin. “Yeah, we don’t get a lot of information about Terra out here. For one thing, I’m pretty sure it’s the girl who’s supposed to receive the flowers.”

“Fine, I’ll take them back –“

“No!” He clutched them to his chest, crushing half of them in the process. “That’s a stupid custom. I’m keeping them forever.”

She tried not to look too satisfied; she’d known he would like those. “So?”

“Oh, yeah. Of course, let’s go on a date!” He looked ecstatic, and Gamora was pleased that she’d taken the pressure off of him. As cute as Peter was when he was nervous, she didn’t want him to stress about something as simple as asking her a question.

But then he frowned. “Wait. Do you even really want to go on a date, or do you just think it’s something we’re supposed to do?”

“I… want to spend time with you,” she said honestly.

“But not at a fancy restaurant, right?”

“Is that not a requirement for it to be a date?” She asked. Maybe she should have checked more than one website for information.

Peter laughed. “Hell, no! I mean, I don’t know if Earth customs have changed, but a date can be anything.”


“Yeah!” He grabbed one of her hands with his free one. “Wanna go watch a holo movie and make out?”

“That sounds like a much better idea.”

When you begin to feel negative feelings bubbling up to the surface, be mindful of them, for they will not change anything but your own thoughts and wellbeing. Ask yourself; are they worth the extra energy? Do you even deserve to feel such negative emotions? No, you don’t. So try not to let them drag you backwards.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin