for whitnee

to: the absolute, undisputed, eternal love of my life – 

i tell you this every day, multiple times a day, but there are really never enough ways to tell you how adored you are. i never thought that i would find love like this, completely judgement free and absolutely unconditional. 

you are the light in my life and the fireworks in my heart. you’re the most dynamic, interesting, exciting girl that i have ever met, and i thank the universe every day for the fact that you continue to love me despite my constant shortcomings. 

i would have to create a new language for you in order to accurately describe the wonder that you are, totally new words, phonetic sounds that have never been uttered before. you are that exquisite. 

i love you, it’s always been you, and it will be that way forever. 

happy valentines day from one thousand three hundred and twenty three miles away.