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BTS-Trans Projects' WINGS Tour 2017 Banner Project Announcement

BTS-Trans / BangtanSubs is proud to announce the first part of our WINGS Tour 2017 project!

We previously released information about a raffle event we are hosting to raise funds for this project. We are now able to announce that we are planning a large scale banner project that will cover as many stops as possible on this tour!

Before releasing our raffle event, we polled fans to ask what their favorite BTS lyrics are. We have already sorted your submissions and organised the lyrics. Our goal is to link these BTS lyrics together, by having banners with different lyrics for each tour stop. Each specific stop on the WINGS tour (for as many as we are able) will have a different banner, and these banners will be handed out for free to fans. The lyrics will go in order of tour stops, linking together to create a message/letter to BTS and make it, what we hope will be, a memorable event for BTS. We have not yet determined which song the banners will be raised for, so stay tuned!

If you would like to help us with this project, you can participate in the raffle! Each ticket costs $1 USD, and there are lots of awesome prizes. All proceeds will go towards the funding of this banner project.

We hope to bring you a great project, and we will release more information about the banners once we finalize the designs. Currently, this is our only confirmed WINGS Tour project, but we are working on an additional piece, pending approvals. Thank you for your support!

Mary Yeh
Head Administrator


26 albums from 2016 → Carly Rae Jepsen - E•MO•TION: Side B

“This album almost never was. Well, technically all the songs existed, I just didn’t think to share them until we toured. But meeting many of you face to face, getting to share in one of the most joyful touring experiences of my life, all I wanted was to give back more of the feelings you all gave me.”

Ode to Space | Josh Dun |

Plot: You are both giant space nerds

Imagine: Josh Dun x Y/N

Words: 1009

A/N: Not proofread… As always

New city almost every day, new places to explore almost everyday. That was one of the many perks of touring with the boys. We’d all arrived to Arizona the night before. Usually we’d just walk around the city and look around, but the night before, Josh had seen a sign that informed us about the local planetarium. Josh and I had that in common: Our love for all mysterious and space-related things. We couldn’t miss out on the opportunity. We even managed to convince Tyler and Jenna to go with us, even though they’d looked quite hesitant when we brought it up.

“I’m so excited!”

Today was the day, and you were beaming with joy and excitement as you made your way inside the big building.

“Me too! It’s gonna be so great!” Josh had joined your excitement, grabbing your hand as you walked up to the counter to get your tickets. Jenna and Tyler were currently parking the car that you’d borrowed from one of the crew members. They walked in just minutes later.

“Ready?” Josh asked the other couple, waving the tickets at them.

“As ready as we’ll ever be,” Tyler sighed, while Jenna simply chuckled as her husband’s comment.

“Let’s go!”

So the four of you got going, and were soon deep into an exhibit about the solar systems different planets. One by one, you carefully studied them, when Josh suddenly walked up behind you and pecked the back of your head.

“Enjoying yourself?”

You smiled, briefly turning your head to look at him, before finishing the last bit of text about Jupiter. You let all of the information sink in for a moment, before you turned around and looked at your boyfriend.

“If you were one of these planets,” you pointed to the long row of fake planets hanging above your heads. Josh looked up, following your finger, “Which one would you be?” He looked at you, as you added “And why?”

You already knew your answer, but wanted to let him think and answer first. His mind was buzzing, you could tell by the way he frowned and crossed his colorful arms.

“Hmmm… That’s an excellent question,” his voice was cocky, but you knew he was gonna give you a good answer anyways. Josh loved space just as much as, if not more, than you did. Any conversation about anything regarding it would in the end be taken seriously.

“I think I’d be Mars.”

“Really?” You smiled widely.

“Yeah. Like… Not only does it look super cool, but it’s also super mysterious, like… There could be life there! We just don’t know yet! And there could also be a possibility that humans could live there someday! Just imagine? That would be the coolest thing ever!”

“I know, right?” You beamed, maybe a bit too loud. “Mars could change the world with it’s possible unknown sources!”

But before you could get too high on space-excitement, you were interrupted by Tyler.

“You guys are amazing,” you heard him laugh.

“Seeing you fangirl over these planets is probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. Don’t ever stop,” she chuckled.

You felt yourself blush. You knew Jenna and Tyler well enough to know that they meant no harm, but you’d always been kinda shy when it came to your huge love for science and space, because you’d been picked on as a kid.

“We were just talking about which planet we would want to be,” Josh spoke.

“But… What’s wrong with being human?” Tyler frowned, clearly just teasing his best friend.

“Oh, and also: Jenna is definitely Mercury, because it’s the closest to the sun and therefor also the hottest.”

Josh simply rolled his eyes, shaking it off with a soft smile, while Jenna was clearly entertained, but also very happy with her husbands cocky pickup line.

Josh spoke up again. “Nothing’s wrong with being human, Tyler. I just want to believe.”

Without even looking at each other, Josh and I gave each other a high five.

“Perfect “X-files” reference, babe,” you giggled and gave him a gentle pat on his firm shoulder.

“Thank you,” Josh pecked your cheek affectionally, while he held onto your waist.

“You are just.. Un-believable.”

You turned back to look at a basically stunned Tyler, who was still standing with you and Josh, as Jenna had preferred to go study the moon instead.

“You guys are such huge nerds. A match made in space.”

The three of you started walking again, joining Jenna further down the exhibition, still by the moon.

“Thanks. What a compliment,” you chuckled.

For another few hours, you walked around and saw all the different kinds of exhibitions. You knew a lot about space and science, but this place definitely still managed to blow you and Josh’s minds. Definitely a good day that of course had to end in the gift shop. You were roaming around the store, admiring all the souvenirs, when Josh walked up to you with a bag in his hand. You frowned.

“What did you get?”

“I got you a little something…” He withdrew the object from the bag.

The object just happened to be a lilac mug that said ‘I’m out of this world.’ Another round of blush crept to your cheeks and Josh must’ve noticed, because he packed away the gift and moved in close.

“You are… Mugs never lie,” his soft voice danced into your ears, as he looked into your eyes and smiled.

“I’m so lucky to have you, nerd.”

He obviously took it as a compliment, because he simply leaned in and pecked your lips.

“You must be the speed of light, because time stops when I look at you.”

What..? You felt your jaw drop.

“Wow, Dun… I’m actually super impressed right now!”

But before you could get too impressed, he reached into the bag and pulled out a tiny book. You read the title and immediately burst out laughing.

“Josh…’Spacey pickup lines’? Really?”

“Not my fault that my girlfriend has abducted my heart.”

Pop punk problem #41
  • Favourite band: "We're stoked to announce our new album!"
  • Me: *Pre-orders album*
  • Favourite band: "We have a new shirt in our store, there's a pizza picture on there so you know we are pop punk!"
  • Me: *buys t-shirt*
  • Favourite band: "We're touring!"
  • Me: *Books tickets to see them as many days as possible*
  • Favourite band: "We're very sad to announce this will be our last tour and we will no longer be making anymore music."

Never forget

anonymous asked:

I was watching Barcelona's soundcheck again and OMG, that was such a bless! Normila was SO ALIVE, Camila was interacting with all of the girls like the old times. We had so many awesome moments on the European tour, it was like they all came to terms with Camila leaving and they were finally okay with each other. I still think that they have mad love and respect for one another, regardless of whatever happened.

shit happens, it’s normal. for example, me and my friend had a big fight once but we started talking to each other again even tho the “bad blood” between us lasted months, it happens between friends

Cheater - Derek Luh Imagine (requested)

REQUESTED: Can you do an imagine where Derek cheats on his girlfriend while their both on tour { they’ve been having some problems with distance which this proves it } and they talk but breakup? sorry if it’s a lot but please and thank you (:

A/N: I hope this is okay. Enjoy!



“Derek please! Just listen to me! You never call me to ask how I’m doing or anything, but I’m worried about you all the time! I know I’m not your number one priority but you could at least pay a little bit of attention to me!”

Here we were again, fighting over the phone - while on he’s tour. Lately we’ve been having many problems about everything. Wherever we go, our problems follow. We fight over the stupidest things ever like one of us not calling or texting the other first. It’s really stupid.

“God damn. I’m fucking here on the phone aren’t I? I’m giving you attention right now aren’t I? I give you more than enough attention Y/N! You’re just selfish and want everything about yourself. Have you ever bothered to think how I feel? No you don’t. Because all you think about is your fucking self!” He hung up.

I walked over to our bed and just cried. I feel like I’m gonna lose him but I don’t want to. He means so much to me, he was my first real love, first real kiss, first real relationship. I don’t want these last 2 years to go to waste like they were nothing. “I don’t wanna lose him, I’d be willing to lose anything else but, God, not him.” I said to myself while crying. Overthinking, I tired myself out and slowly drifted to sleep.

About an hour later, I woke up and decided to shower because I want to go out and try to get Derek off my mind.

After I was done getting ready I grabbed my phone and texted Swazz because he’s my bestfriend. Yeah so is Nate, Dillon, KDL, but I’m closer to Swazz. We’ve been friends since high school, he’s always been there for me.

I went downstairs and there was John waiting for me. “Let’s go!” He said as we headed for the door.

After eating at In-N-Out and ranting to him about Derek, we headed back to my house. I love Swazz so much. He could make me feel so much better so fast. The car ride was filled with us singing along to throwback songs at full blast causing many others to look at us weirdly, but I don’t care.

Once we got to my house, we sat on the couch and talked about random shit. I was talking to him about something when I came across a picture on Instagram that a couple fans tagged me in. My blood boiled.

At this point, I wasn’t only mad, but also heartbroken. Was I really that bad? So bad to the point where he resorts to cheating on me because I’m not good enough?

“Oh my god.” I said with so much sadness and frustration.

“What?” John leaned over my shoulder and saw the picture. “Oh shit babygirl” He engulfed me in a huge bear hug as a drenched his shirt with tears. I eventually cried so much to the point where I just fell asleep right there in Swazz’s arms.

A week later

Today is the day Derek is supposed to return from tour and I’m not ready to face him just yet. I know I have to break up with him because it will only damage me more, I need to do what’s right for me. This time I will put myself first and not choose other people’s happiness over mine. It just hurts that everything that we have is gonna be gone.

I lose my train of thought when the front door opens and Derek walks in. A big smile on his face appears as he sees me. “Hey mami, I missed you.” He gives me a hug which I don’t return. He pulls away and says, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you glad to see me?” 

“Glad to see you so I can break up with you,”

He looks confused then asks “Why do you wanna break up?”

“Seriously Derek? You still ask why? Well I’ll tell you why: because you fucking cheated on me!” A look of guilt suddenly appears on his face. 

“Look baby I know it looks bad but I was dru-”

“Stop making excuses and own up to your mistake. I’m sorry Derek as much as I wish I could forgive you, I can’t. You lost my trust and you can’t ever get it back. Please understand that.”

“Y/N please we can work it out.”

“No Derek, we can’t, bye.”


A/N: Sorry for it being so shitty.

  • Ally cat: Where are we?
  • Ally: On our headlining tour
  • Mani: What's that noise?
  • Normani: They're cheering and screaming
  • DJ: Who are those people?
  • Dinah Jane: They're the harmonizers
  • Lolo: Is this real?
  • Lauren: Yeah, it is
  • Camz: Does this mean...
  • Camila: We made it.

normani, lauren and dinah // richmond // 3.12

She’s family,“ Jonas told me yesterday. "We’ve known Demi for so many years. We’re performed with her, toured with her. She’s just incredible.

"It’s not always the case,” he continued. “Sometimes you have to know when to fold the cards. I don’t think of her as an ex. We’re really good friends. We’ve gone through so much together and we’re really close now.

—  Joe Jonas on Demi (via EOnline)

Scene@Kokuritsu: Ode to Sho-kun’s bared arms, shoulders, biceps delivery~~~ (*_*;;;;)/


catch the new romantics squad at 1989 atlanta!!! @swiftmcgraw @sarahamongthestars and i have been waiting since two years ago to see taylor again, and i literally cannot believe it’s so close and that everything is totally ready. after months of hard work, we’re finally done and READY TO SEE YOU @taylorswift!!!! we love you so very much!! (section 139, row 32, seats 2-7 if u wanna hit us up)


Michael Jackson zipping up his fly during performing Another Part Of Me. (x)


Today marks 15 years since Aaliyah blessed us with her final {completed} creation. The self titled album “Aaliyah” was released IN THE US July 17th 2001. Sadly, Aaliyah passed away {along with eight others} August 25th 2001, which caused promotion and further production of the album to be grounded to a halt. The little promotion Aaliyah was able to accomplish in the short period of time caused her album to go double platinum in the US and triple platinum in South Africa. Had Aaliyah still been alive to give it proper promotion, tours etc, we’re all sure the album {and many other singles and music videos that may have been released from the album} would have been far more successful. Unfortunately, we were robbed of ever knowing this. A remastered version of this album was released in the US October 16th 2007 by Blackground Records. — Aaliyah promo poster credit Sabrina Riboulin off her myspace page. 


Do you have a story that exemplifies the chemistry between you three?

We were talking about this today actually. We used to do these satellite media tours, where we’d be staring into a camera, talking to local news outlets around the states or the world. Right before we were going on tour together for Camp Rock, we were doing so many of these that we started making a game out of it. Like, “If you can say ‘Jerry Springer’ and sing the theme song to Friends, you win.” We got so good at it, and then so sloppy, that by the last interviews we were saying whatever came to our minds. At one point I remember somebody saying, “I think they’re drunk” after we got off the call because it didn’t make any sense. They’d ask a question, and all of a sudden someone’s talking about squirrels. Those are the moments we treasure. (c)