for vog

still spinning, rubber flapped wheels


Things that make me feel tired:

1. the slows of the elevator at work, lurching one measured distance at a groan
2. heat everywhere, skin slicked and dribbled as summer slots into the year
3. the vog, mix of volcanic ash suspended far enough to evade my hand pushing it away
4. strangers approaching with terrible pick-up lines, not realizing that by doing so, they are spraying a sriracha-filled gun into the eyes of a livid bear
5. bringing a cup to my lips, discovering how quickly a liquid can vanish
6. stilled figures of the sand lapped by tide and foam, melted into a lump of was
7. my boss’ shrill voice telling me “does that make sense?” or “you know what I mean?
8. what curdles in me at the nag of small talk poking me from the side
9. someone’s perfume cloyed, lingering after they’re gone, the pinch between eyes
10. that any good act stacks like jenga towards the expectation of sex
11. the hot water tap functions. it is the hottest it will ever be. it’s not hot enough.
12. “like”
13. someone’s crunch, clack, click incessantly beating crooked, long; no silence, no peace.

art by singh-bean

“I’ve been put off playing online games because of the stories other girls have shared on the net about their experiences, but they Destiny community are the best. The other week I was doing VoG with the most patient raid team ever, who didn’t cuss me out for getting them killed 50+ times.“

DESTINY confessions

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Mit gondoltam? Azt hittem,ő végre az aki megért. Aki minden hülyeségem ellenére se hagy magamra. És mi lett? Magamra hagyott...Pedig azt hittem barátok vagyunk.Hogy fontos vagyok neki,mint barát. Se többként,se kevesebbként. Csak én is számítani akartam a többiek között. Én is akartam valaki lenni neki az életében.De azt hiszem sokat kértem.Ő nem az az ember akinek rám van szüksége. Ő más...Ő neki olyan kell,aki nem sértődik be minden beszólásán,aki nem húzza fel magát a baromságain. Neki nem az én barátságom kell. Neki másé. Olyané kell neki,aki jobban megérti,aki nem hisztizik és nem nyávog. Aki szót fogad neki. De ez nem én vagyok.Én nem számítok neki. Én csak egy vagyok a sok barát közül,míg nekem fontos részét tölti be az életemnek. :')

waitingtogetthere asked:

Hi I don't know what the abbreviations you guys use mean and I feel like I need to know. If there some sort of list or I can look at or would one of you kind souls be able to tell me all of them lol

I can try to find a link when I get home with more, but I’m on mobile right now. But here’s a few:

ToO - Trials of Osiris

VoG - Vault of Glass

PoE - Prison of Elders

CE - Crota’s End

PvP - Player vs Player

PvE - Player vs Environment

If there’s any other ones you can always just ask!

Calling all destiny ps4 players!

I am a lvl 31 Titan and lvl 30 warlock looking for people to do the nightfall with weekly and the raids, I don’t have many people who will raid with me so if you would be up for it please message me on here or add me on ps4 psn: djkdk

anonymous asked:

My first play through of VoG ever, I got my first exotic. It was Gjallahorn. Next day, I got Universal Remote. It was awesome.

Pretty lucky to get the ever so elusive Gjallahorn on your first run my friend. 


taking-back-ian asked:

I just did the hard mode VoG and finally got the vex mythoclast! Except, I also got another epilogue (which maxed out my inventory) and I didn't think I got it. So when I got to the tower, it was waiting for me at the postmaster!

Congratulations! The vex is amazing.