for viria

Photo study of the gorgeous @viria

Photo from her instagram:

This is the first photo study I am very proud of. I often saw other artists draw photo studies and they often said it was relaxing or they did it to practise. It sounded so easy and when I tried it, I failed so hard. But I wanted to make one so bad that I kept trying. So the other day I got angry and was almost in my “I dont care anymore I just want to draw” phase and then I put on some loud music and just drew. In fury, but soon my anger transfered into energy and I felt good while drawing. I did not feel blockated anymore. It was just funny how furious and angry I was at first when I started to draw the portrait. And now all the negative feelings are gone. And it may sounds weird but I think I transformed my emotions and had a flow feeling as a result. So all in all, I am happy I kept trying. And that the result is good. I am happy. :3 A happy art potato. haha

Do you ever think what would children of demigods be?

I mean, let’s say that the God-gene is dominant and shown with ‘R’ and mortal gene, which is recessive, is ‘r’. Then we can show the demigods with 'Rr’ right? Be patient, this will make sense soon. In Mendelian genetics, when you cross these two individuals (Rr x Rr), you will have a demigod (Rr) with 50% chance, a normal human (rr) with 25% and with 25% possibility A FREAKING GOD (RR). I mean, this is just a theory but ANNABETH MAY GIVE A BIRTH TO A FREAKING GOD. And can you imagine, he or she will have powers of ATHENA and POSEIDON. No, I cannot calm down. And, yes, I am a nerd.

Today is @viria​  Bday, May 13th! And bc of that I wanted to finally draw her sth. After 7 years…. That’s her from her instagram photo click

7 years ago I discovered Viria’s blog, I was a little bun back then. She inspired me to take up on drawing and introduced me to many, many things. I got my tablet bc of her, used sai, started reading Pjo and Haikyuu, bc of her art! I always envied her, her talent, her big tumblr blog, the way she draw. HER ART! But never realised how wrong my thinking was. Now when I’m more mature I realised that  Viria thought me many things. She thought me that I will never be able to draw like someone else, that making mistakes is ok and when I see how shitty my art is its ok, bc now I can see it!! I can improve! That finding my own art style is long process and my art is not bad bc it doesn’t have it’s style. She didn’t thought me how to never give up, but reminded me whenever I gave up on drawing, that I will never reach my goal bc no one will never reach it for me. And now I can trully say, I don’t envy your style, I envy you your power of will to never give up and thank you that you are with us!!!!