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Hey Lav-mun/Val! My mom got this tea and I thought you might like it, if only for the funny text on it. There’s a website for it too, so you can order some there if you like. Hope you have a good day/evening/night!

Lavmun: AHHHHHHHAHAHA I LOVE THIS! I NEED SOME OF THIS RIGHT NOW! Sounds like my kind of drink~ uvu


A belated Mother’s Day pic featuring Val and hir bio mom Rel, based on the meme where the same ppl recreate a past picture. For the uninformed, Rel was killed just hours after having Val. Talos often told Val a lot about Rel and how much of a sweetheart she truly was. I used a tulip as the flower of choice for Rel as tulips often represent remembrance and gratitude.

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I was majorly snooping on Jenna's personal Facebook page 🙈, and I saw the cutest comment that Val's mom left on one of her most recent post about her blog she posted on New Years. "Jennachka Happy new year! 🎄🎅🏻👼🏼 I wish you health, happiness, and love!!! Kisses!!! 🎉🎊🐔😍😘"

That’s too cute!  You know it’s good if Mama loves you.  He’s such a Mama’s boy that I am sure his mothers opinion is important to him.

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Just wondering how anyone knows that Maks moms account? Val,Nicole, Peta do not follow it so I doubt that would be hers. I know anons are thrilled Maks mother wished them well,and I'm sure she does, but I don't see that as Maks moms acct with no family members other than Maks following?

I think you can trust that it is. I am not at liberty to say how I know. Some people here have closer relations with some of these celebrities than we are able to let on. Let’s just say I have it on good authority but didn’t know it myself.

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tbh val is a great mom

        HONESTLY, SHE IS. beyond her abrasive exterior she’s got this profound capability to protect others. she’s endured an immense amount of personal pain and strife across all of her verses and so ?? no matter where i put her she always seems to be this driving force as a protector. she’s a fighter to her very core and she operates on her own moral code, she thinks for herself and is incredibly hard to stop once she’s made up her mind —– especially when it comes to the people she’s come to care for ( aka her Kids™ & the ships she has ).

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It's actually fun for us to have front seat view of this oncoming train wreck while everyone else is too blind to see it coming😂

Can’t lie,it’s fun. What’s going to be more fun is their reactions; “But he brought her shoes”
“He showed he off more than ever before”
“But what about the engagement. Someone told my cousin who heard from Val’s godchild’s mom that,Val was going to pop the question on the 35th of Nevuary.”…….I’m sorry🙊😂

Xavier overheard a soft mopey sigh coming from his parents’ room before he saw his father rush out the door, giving a cold look to his dad before he wine to check up on his mom, Val. The affair was already nothing to be kept secret after being revealed a few weeks ago, therefore tension in the familiar started growing especially towards his dad. Stepping into the room, Xavier had to take a step back and cover his eyes as his mother was in too revealing lingerie. “Whoa—uh mom, you alright?” Xavier asked as he covered his eyes with his arm.

I Hope This Song Will Guide You Home (Marines AU) Vignette 4

A/N: See parts 1-3 HERE. Enjoy! And remember, Feedback is love! It keeps me writing! <3 Thanks for the push, ayeitsdjk. And of course, as with the last, inspiration from valdayastan


Zendaya is sitting on her bed in Val’s biggest pair of sweats, Hanes white t-shirt stretched thin over the firm roundness of her belly. She rubs at it absently, as if soothing herself, fingers tracing gentle patterns across overly-sensitized skin. 

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