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In case any Voltron: Duality readers are curious, I did, in fact, use this screenshot as a basis for the Mendoza family, although I played around with the ages a little bit.

[Unless otherwise noted, all family members live in Carlsbad, NM, near the Garrison.]

From left to right:

Elena Alvarez (Lance’s aunt; lives near Veradero, Cuba with her husband and parents)
Tomás Alvarez (Lance’s uncle; Elena’s husband; lives in Cuba)
Lance’s grandparents (unnamed as of yet) on his mother’s side (Live in Cuba with Tomás and Elena)
Rosario Mendoza (Lance’s mom; married to Ramon [not pictured]; Elena’s sister)

[front row] Mateo Mendoza (Lance’s brother–12 years old in Duality)
Luz Mendoza (Lance’s sister–10 years old in Duality)

[back row] Marco Mendoza (Lance’s uncle/Val’s dad; Ramon’s brother)
Carmen Mendoza (Lance’s aunt/Val’s mom)

Val Mendoza (Lance’s cousin; daughter of Marco and Carmen–22 in Duality)
Sebastian Mendoza (Lance’s cousin; Val’s brother–20 in Duality; attends UCLA but flies home to Carlsbad for Christmas and in the summer)


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Mani was on IG live but i don't think anyone recorded it the connection was crap so she was only on for like 5 mins. But she was with her mom, val and adam enjoying the city and the boys were about to try gizzards 😳😩😩 what even is that??! and mani was like nah because she's a pescatarian but i think she tried snake venom. 😳 😳

Did anyone get this??? :/


This is how it went down in my little shipper head, aight? Because I’m not believing Z when she says Val didn’t give her Noon.

“Hey babe, Merry Christmas Eve!”

“Thanks, Val.”

“Z, what’s wrong?” She sounded sad and a bit exhausted.

“Nothing, I just miss you is all. This is the first time in months that we’re not completely swamped with work, yet we’re still too busy to get to celebrate together.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I just really want to do this for the kids. They deserve a good Christmas.”

“Yeah, I know. You’re doing a good thing for these kids, Val. This is why I love you.”

“I love you, too…”

“Listen Val, mom needs my help in the kitchen. She’s preparing for tomorrow morning. I’m going to help her out a bit but I’ll call you tomorrow morning, okay?”

“No worries, babe. I’ll s—call you tomorrow. Love you.” Come on, Val! Get it together.

“Kay, bye. Love you, too.”


“You almost slipped and ruined the surprise, bro!”

“Shut up, Maks! I caught myself! How’s the puppy?”

“He peed on the carpet. Who’s going to take care of him while we’re at the hospital tomorrow morning?”

“Didn’t Peta tell you?”

“Ohhhh, yeah sorry, I forgot. She told me when I was half asleep this morning.”

“Yeah, so she’s going to drive us to the hospital with all the toys, then she’ll come back here to pick up the puppy, then she’ll go back to pick us up from the hospital and drive us to the airport.”

“You know you owe her, right? First she lets you steal me away from her Christmas morning AND she’s giving us a ride!”

“I know. Even though she’s marrying you, I think I’m her favorite Chmerkovskiy!” I tease.

“Yeah, probably” he laughs.


“Hey babe, I got your voicemail. Sorry I couldn’t answer. Maks and I were running late to the hospital. I’ll text you after we’re done.”

“Bro, she might get suspicious if you keep dodging her calls!”

“I know, but I can’t lie to her. It’s easier if I lie through text. Once I hear her voice I’m a goner.”

Peta speaks up from the driver’s seat. “So she has no idea what you guys are doing?”

“Nope, she thinks that after we deliver the toys we’re just going to have a lowkey get together with the rest of the crew.”

“It’s really sweet what you’re doing for her, Val. She really took Midnight’s passing hard.”

“Thanks, P! I hope she loves him.”


“Dude come on. Z said they were going to start opening the gifts at 10, we need to hurry!”

“The cab I called is running late, Val! There’s nothing I can do. Plus, I’m sure we don’t need to be there right on time. The surprise factor will be even better if we get there while they’re already opening gifts.”

“Maybe you’re right.” I say. I was just really anxious and excited to see Z again.

The cab gets there a few minutes later, which is perfect because I’m sure the pup will need to pee right as we get to the Coleman residence.


“Knock, Val!” Maks whisper-shouts annoyed at me. We had quietly gotten out of the cab and let the pup pee and now I was working up the courage to finally ring the doorbell. I was lowkey worried that Z wouldn’t like the puppy; I don’t want her to think I’m trying to find a replacement for Midnight.

“I think I hear her and Claire in the kitchen.”

“Oh for God’s sake. I’ll knock!”

“No, Maks…”

“Too late….”

Just then the door opens and it’s Z and Kaz.

“OH MY GOD, VAL!” She jumps up into my arms and almost knocks me back. It was a good thing Maks was holding the puppy. She kisses me and holds on some more.

“You jerk! I thought you said you were going to be busy today! How are you here so early? Didn’t you leave the hospital less than 3 hours ago?”

“Airport! Babe, you’re going to have to let me go eventually. You’re suffocating me a bit.”

“Right, sorry.” She says as she gets off, but still clings to my side.

“Oh hey, Maks I was so caught up on Val I didn’t s—OH MY GOD! Dad look! Look at the puppy! It looks exactly like Midnight did!”

“Daya honey, calm down!” Kaz and Claire already knew we were coming. I had to ask them if it was alright if I bought a new family dog, so he was more concerned with getting Daya to calm down than with acting fake surprised.

“But look, dad! Can I hold it, Maks?”

“Babe, it’s actually for you. It’s a boy.”

“FOR ME? Val? Thank You! I love you!”

At this point, Z is crying in the doorway while holding the puppy. Kaz has us come in before Z does something else to make the neighbors open their curtains.


“So, babe. You thought of a name yet?”

“I was thinking…. Noon.”


“Yeah, like Midnight…. Noon.”

“I love it. Welcome to the Coleman Family, Noon.”

“The Coleman, and Chmerkovskiy family.” Z corrects me and I can’t help but smile. I feel my phone vibrate and see that Maks sent me a picture he had taken when Daya had just sat in the living room with Noon and I. She still had that look of surprise on her face and I couldn’t help but fall more in love with her. I decided to post it, this moment was worth remembering.

“I love you, Val. Thank you so much for this. I’m sure Midnight is looking down from doggy heaven and is happy there’s a mini Midnight to keep me company again.”

“No problem, babe. I love you too! Now come on, the rest of your family is opening presents in the other family room. We should go join them.”

Edit: It’s been pointed out that they were probably at her LA home and not in Oakland but, whatever lol.


One day I’ll remember to do this sort of thing ahead of time so I don’t just fart out a messy sketch.

Also I headcanoned twin Morgans for myself, Morgant (M) and Morrigan (F). Morgant is the youngest and wears Val’s original coat, while Morrigan wears Val’s original ribbon. 

They’re both sorta kinda named after Val’s mom, Morgiana. 



Sharna and Sasha talking about Peta being a mom and Val talking about Maks and being an uncle.

Drop Off -(Joel,Val, and the Kids)

“Mom, what is Aunt Val like?” Paul asked as he held his mother’s hand through the busy streets of Kathelet with his older sister holding her other hand.

“She’s very unique.” Carrie said trying to put it in words that a five year old would understand. “She’s a lot like your father, but different as well. She shows how she feels more than he does. Does that make sense?”

“So she get’s angry a lot?” Paul asked.

“No, not like that Paul. I guess I can’t really explain it to well so you’re going to have to see it for yourself.” Carrie said as they began to get closer to the house where Val and her bother lived. She had to admit to herself that this was quite strange, but also quite a step forward for a number of reasons. For one, her and Kent were both being deployed for a few weeks to quell a rebellion of sorts in Bern, and Mark and Lyn were off in Ilia doing stuff, which made it so she had to take her children here. It was a step forward though because Joel and Val accepted to take care of them and Kent, even if he did make a bit of a fuss, did as well. So she was feeling good as she knocked on the door.

“Oh, and remember, you might see your grandparents, so be nice to them too.”

Season 23?

Week 1: Val sees mom & daughter at grove performance and face times Z, since girl is such a big fan. Thanks his “best friend,” oops I mean “babe” for taking the call.

Week 2: on her birthday, and realizing during the week how big of a Z fan Laurie is, face times Z to wish her a happy birthday and introduce his new partner to his “best friend,” “little big star,” “one who matters most.”

Week 3: Val sees a young family on an elevator and offers to FaceTime Zendaya so the little girl can meet Z. Mom says, “she’s only 14-months old - she doesn’t know who Zendaya is yet.” Val hits the stop button on the elevator and says “Well, she’s gonna learn TODAY!” while face timing her.

Week 4: Val wanders the Barbie aisle at Toys R Us, asking the kids if they’ve seen Zendaya’s Barbie, and would they like to FaceTime her.

Week 5: Val wanders into a local elementary school, opening random doors, yelling if anyone would like to FaceTime Zendaya with him. Teacher says: “Sir, I’m trying to give a spelling test here. You can’t just barge in here.” Val says: “pick up your pencils! Question #1, how do you spell ZENDAYA?”

3/16/15 - Val and Rumer foxtrot on the season premiere of DWTS S20. Love to see Val’s mom in the background. She seems to be feelin’ the dance.