for use in zombie uprisings

anonymous asked:

Do you have headcannons for Mito?

- Better Than You but too classy to rub it in.

- Total nerd for seals.

- Like, so nerdy.

- Knows 95% of seals on sight.

- Probably invented half of them.

- Very gay. 

- Almost walked into a tree because Touka was flexing once. 

- (Thankfully the tree was not Hashirama.)

- Was that tomboy child whose parents despaired of her ever ignoring weapons and fuinjutsu long enough to notice a boy. 

- Still has not technically noticed a boy.

- Though if she could have a steamy affair with Tobirama’s grey matter she probably would. 

- Seriously, zombies. 

- Why did she never think of that. 

- Good at politics but hates it

- Would be first in line to gut Madara with a teaspoon. 

- This is more than their personalities not meshing (though they don’t) this is mortal enemies being forced to coexist.

- Also Madara hates cats. 

- This is clearly an indication of his massive bad taste. 

- And he insulted her hair. 

- Tobirama gets so much amusement out of their tiffs spats arguments fights battles that she suspects he purposefully maneuvers her and Madara into close quarters whenever possible. 

- This may or may not be related to why Tobirama’s hair turned hot pink for six months once. 

- And why Izuna spent a whole year convinced Tobirama was actually a river spirit in human form. 

- Caught Tobirama skinnydipping and sat on his clothes until he agreed to teach her Edo Tensei. 

- Mostly used it to cause zombie uprisings in order to get out of meetings.