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making some icons from my art for funsies :)


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Even tho i AM interested in being w/ someone, theres so much weight to the word ‘marriage’, going from 0 to 100 feels weird. my sister has been texting me ppl to try and get to know but i get cold feet before i even try

so recently i’ve been thinking of making some form of blog (heavily inspired by @pandelabs’ leahlillith conversion list which has been a god send) to keep track of who is planning on converting what etc to help people who want to convert stuff figure out if it’s already being done

idk how it would work exactly, i guess maybe people would message to say they plan on converting something, and then that would be added to a list? maybe the lists would be broken down by creator, or whether it’s hair/objects/clothes? or something? idk anyway i’d love to hear thoughts/suggestions etc about this so just lmk!!

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You and your dumbass brother are idiots and y'all are embarrassments to the human race. Hopefully with age you'll mature and your brain will finish forming.

three generations of my family’s honor has been decimated by your Worthwhile Opinion™. please have mercy on us. recant your statement. i dont know how to carry on without your approval.


January 14th, 2014. Detectives Peralta and Santiago conducted surveillance from a rooftop at 397 Barton Street. This is where we came the night I won our bet and you fell in love with me.


“The night that you flirted with me for 20 seconds and I became obsessed with you forever.”

i woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep until i finished this