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REQUESTS ARE OPEN YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!! can i request mini-headcanons for bruno and jotaro?? what kinds of things do their s/o's do that make them think: "Im so lucky to have them"? YOU THOUGHT THIS WOULD BE ANGST HAHA

i didnt think it was angst because ur arsen and ur softer than spice girl

•Jotaro often thinks that he’s pretty lucky to have an S/O, especially his S/O. He might not show it but boy, he is definitely is thinking it.

•He thinks it a lot when he sees his S/O get excited over their passions. He himself is very passionate, in his very stoic, awkward way, so he likes to see someone who can go back to the same thing and just get so happy to do it.

• He’s also thinking it when S/O can put their foot down in a situation. A person is harassing them? He sees ‘em take them down no sweat, he gives a small smile and one thought really just booms through his mind. He doesn’t like weak people, or people that let themselves be doormats.

• Bruno is a simple man. Unlike Jotaro, he expresses his love and gratefulness for his S/O a little more vocally. However, his S/O does render him sometimes to stew in his love for them silently.

•Bruno likes that his S/O understands his work and is always there with a warm embrace back home. When they hug, he chooses not to say anything, just wanting to bask in them for a bit. But, damn, if he wasn’t so tired, he’d tell them how lucky he is that he found them.

• If his S/O is a part of the gang, he’s gonna think it more often. Not that he’s weak but rather in the fact his S/O gets along with the gang is able to semi-quell their antics. Bruno is a busy man, and while he can be one of the most patient guys in Italy, there’s only so much he can take without zipping his gangs mouth shut. So when he tries to get work done, he’s surprised he actually gets it done quickly. He guesses that it’s his S/O and he just smiles. He knows. And he thanks God everyday for them.

We all love Arsenal and we are very proud to have that power of influencing people’s lives in a positive way. […] it’s always a very special day. We feel good on the day because we feel we do something which is helpful and football is very important for that.
—  Arsène Wenger on the charity match day against Manchester City. (Wenger and the first-team squad will be donating a day’s wages on the matchday)