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One of These Kids are Not Like the Others

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Request: (by anon) Love this blog! Could you do a Winn oneshot about 2x11 with the White Martian? Maybe just including the reader in the story and having them look for Winn/worry about him, and comfort him after?

Pairing: Winn Schott x Reader feat. Supergirl, Alex, J’onn, and M’gann

Warnings: spoilers for 2x11, some swearing, lots of mentions of guns

Words: 4905 <-Ok, now this is the longest fic I’ve ever written!

A/N: So, I skipped over a couple of requests so that I could get this one out before tonight’s new episode and I failed! I was so close, but alas, here it is coming out after 2x12. Oh well. :P Now I’m going to go back and continue to work on those requests I skipped over. I’m sorry it’s taking me so long!

You clutched at Winn’s shirt collar, desperately trying to pull him closer, as your lips moved in sync with each other’s. His hand rested on the wall behind you while his other hand caressed your face. It was cramped in the darkened closet, but it was the only place in the DEO where the two of you could have privacy. On top of that, you didn’t want anyone there knowing that you were dating, especially your boss J'onn. It was never explicitly stated anywhere that agents couldn’t date, but with a job where emotions could get in the way and potentially get someone hurt, or even killed, it was highly discouraged.

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Would You Light My Candle? (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

Request: “Do you think you could do a Even x reader smut? If you arent comfortable with that thats ok xx”
Honestly im comfortable with writing anything GIMME THOSE SWEET REQUESTS I NEED MORE *stares at backed up inbox in regret* yeah…

Fr tho send more I don’t mind!
Plot: theres no plot it’s straight up porn
^actually I just thought of this when I was done typing this so sorry if you aren’t a fan of RENT but I just watched it (the filed from broadway version duh the movie was shit) for the first time so this is v inspired by Would You Light My Candle? w/ Mimi and Roger except it ends in sexy times

Warnings: really ad and vanilla smut ofc, swears, Connors death is mentioned but its small (in this case they were actually friends but he doesn’t get into it I swear)

Words: 1986 (ikik jesus fucking Christ)

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kcg4  asked:

Hi, Why do Fe dom loves organizing things, events and people and are good at doing so? and why ENFPs are pretty bad at it? at least I feel bad at it?

(Gif: has nothing to do with anything, but Jareth is awesome, so there you go.)

You are probably bad at it because… too many details and choices.

Like, how about you’re organizing a dinner party. What does that entail? Well, you need the food, which means you have to find recipes and test them in advance, time everything so it comes out of the oven around the same time, know what you are serving for dessert and then know all your guests’ food allergies / sensitivities on top of that. Which ones are vegetarian? Or vegan? Do they all eat chicken? Does anyone have a nut allergy?

If you think that sounds overwhelming, think about the bigger details.

Will you need to organize your dining room different? How many people will attend? Who should sit where? Do you need place cards? Additional seating? New seat covers for your chairs? Do they need laundered? Pressed? What kinds of napkins are you going to use? Cloth or throw-away? What should your color scheme be? Should you use real or silk flowers? How should you decorate your table? Do you intend to have a theme? If so, what colors are you going to use? What sorts of things GO on a table for decoration? *inferior Si draws a blank* Uh… candles? And… beads? And… glass… uh… thingies?

What about the environment? The mood you want to set? The lighting? What kind of music should you have? How many hours of music do you need? Where should the music go and how loud should it be? Where are people going to put their coats? Or umbrellas?

Do you intend to give out party favors? If so, what are you going to put them in? Little buckets? Little baskets? Colored bags? Should you tie the bags shut with colored string or ribbons? What goes in the bags? Do you have an idea of what you want, what you need, and where you can find it at a good price? Do you know how long that trip will take and how far ahead to do it? Do you have backup ideas in case you cannot find what you want or need?

Then too, you are a perceiving dominant, which means… you change your mind. A lot. What should I serve? What should go in the gift baskets? Should I have a theme? You may even change your mind on a whim at the last minute.

Fe-doms are judging dominants. Do I like that? No. Hate it. Not gonna use it. Do I want these people to come or those people? These people. I want what I want, I know how to get it, and I’ll tell you where to put those chairs. Fe-doms know how to relate to people and tailor their approach to appeal to them.

Fi-auxes, not so much. They kick into blunt, “don’t care if you like it, just do it” lower Te bossiness. Fe-doms are bossy too, but at least they make you feel included as you seethe with resentment instead of dictated to. ;)

- ENFP Mod

anonymous asked:

I love you're writing and I have a request: okay so y/n and Niall are just friends and you get stormed in and then the tv goes out so there's nothing to do and then Niall "has an idea" and you end up having sex

It was game night at Niall’s house.  But as per usual none of his other friends showed up except for you.  So instead of playing a game, he popped some popcorn, turned on a movie and the two of you huddled under a blanket to watch.

Your friendship with Niall had been easy and fun.  It started out after you’d met his cousin at school and come with him to one of Niall’s house parties.  Niall was quickly impressed by your ability to put down more beer than he could without turning into a stumbling drunk idiot.  

You were also the only one to stay and try to help him clean up after the party had ended.  Soon after that Niall added you to his list of important contacts and you were invited to every event he had going on from then on.  

It was kind of odd, to say the least, to spark with someone as quickly as you had with Niall.  But he was easy to talk to and fun.  He was always down for a good time which was where you clicked the most.  Being in medical school wasn’t easy and the last thing you wanted was some drama-tastic friend who couldn’t keep his shit together.

Niall was anti-drama and anti-anything that got in the way of his fun.  So you were a perfect fit.

You jumped slightly when you heard the thunder outside.  

Niall snickered from under the blanket,

“Scared o’thunder eh?”

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Confessions: Mark x MC Fanfic

Hey, folks! Happy Wednesday! So, I have my second 200 Follower Giveaway prompt locked and loaded. This prompt was requested by giveaway winner @kittenmusicals! She wanted a oneshot describing what could have happened if MC had made it to Mark’s house after the date last chapter and he actually got the chance to tell her how he feels. 

Hopefully this is okay. I’ll admit, this is my first #lovehacks fic and I struggled a bit trying to capture voices and personalities, but I hope it’s not too terrible. And, I hope it’s good enough for you @kittenmusicals! Thanks and please leave feedback, suggestions, and just enjoy it! :)

Mark stood in the now empty apartment, gazing around triumphantly. Somehow he’d managed to get Cole to leave without too much of a fuss and he was grateful for that small miracle. He was extremely anxious but he had to get this right. This was important. As he gazed at the dimmed lights, the lit candles and the wine chilling nearby the couch, he grimaced.

 “Wait, what the hell am I doing?! She’s going to hate all of this!” he thought aloud. He had let Cole’s ‘vision of intimacy’, as he called it, cloud his judgment and suddenly the living room looked like something out of a cheesy  romance novel to him. He ran around feverishly blowing out scented candles and turning on lights. He tossed the wine in the fridge and turned off the music. Then he nodded in satisfaction.

 “Okay. Way better.”

 At that moment he heard a knock on the front door and his stomach tightened. She’s here. God, she’s here.

 He stood by the door, his hand on the knob, and tried to calm his hammering heartbeat. Tonight would be a major turning point for him and his best friend. Either they would be moving forward as more than friends or they’d be working to maintain a friendship knowing unrequited romantic feelings existed. The risk was huge but he’d been harboring this for years and couldn’t contain it anymore. Time to put on his big boy pants and tell her the truth.

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wooooo another doodle
This is uh

Candle dog?
Idk- help me qwq

I guess they’re a character now


Well if you want to meet them, then thats rare I guess.
They aren’t exactly a psychical(?) being.
If they’re interested in you/your character then you/your character might meet them in a dream or nightmare!
And if they trust you/your character enough then you/your character might catch glances of them irl- like small hallucinations!
And as time passes they will take their physical form and boom!
you/your character now has a bud for life -w-
(keep in mind, others wont see le candle dog, just you/your character
Unless they trust the other ppl)

Small flames and little melting.
Sometimes flames will appear randomly on their body.

Little flames alot of melting

No flames and no melting

LARGE flames and VERY MUCH melting

I guess that’s it-

Gigi belongs to @nvart1
(kinda forgot their design- qwq)

Le candle doggo belongs to Mmmmmmeeeee

Christmas Wreck: KarmAgisa one shot


Nagisa and Karma had been married 2 years and it was 9 years since 3-E. The day was Christmas as Nagisa drove to go meet the old members of 3-E at a party to catch up and celebrate the jolly day that also happened to be Karma’s birthday. Nagisa smiled as he held Karma’s hand using the other to steer, pulling into Chiba and Hayami’s driveway. Rio was the first person to see them, her long blonde hair tied up in a ponytail which swished as she ran towards them. 

“Karma, Nagisa! You’re here!” she said cheerfully. As they stepped out the car she hugged both of them. Nagisa, who had hardly grown, ended up with his chin on Rio’s breasts as she embraced him tightly. Karma chuckled at Nagisa awkwardly patting her back since Nagisa wasn’t necessarily the best with this much physicl contact. Once Rio pulled away Karma grabbed Nagisa’s hand and leaned down to kiss him. Nagisa, who often feared people hating the PDA, blushed.
“Come on Nagisa, relax!” Karma chuckled as he steered Nagisa into the house.

“Nagisa, Karma, long time no see,” Chiba said. He had antlers on which matched Hayami’s but neither seemed pleased with it. Hayami kept flicking the bells on her antlers as if annoyed or intrigued by the intricate addition. Rio smiled at that. Chiba and Hayami both shook hands with Karma and Nagisa, not being quite as outgoing as Rio.

“I see you still cover your eyes,” Nagisa said. Chiba nodded and his lips curled into a soft smile. He then clapped his hands together and looked around at them.

“Anyone want a drink while we wait for the others?” he asked. “We have some pop, water, and…”

“Alcohol,” Hayami said. “I think I’ll have some wine.” Chiba nodded and looked at the others.

“I’ll…I’ll just stick with water…thanks,” Nagisa said.

“Do you have any vodka?” Karma asked them. Hayami nodded and Rio didn’t want anything at the moment. Karma kissed Nagisa’s forehead and smiled. Nagisa held Karma’s hand and leaned against him. People began to slowly come in to the house in small groups. Nagisa and Karma greeted each and they casted Ritsu onto the TV.

There was soft chatter and laughter. Nagisa giggled at Karma who was balancing a piece of watermelon on his forehead. He flicked his head up and caught the piece of watermelon. Rio and Kayano cheered and laughed at the red head’s coordination.

“If Nagisa can’t catch a piece of watermelon, you have to give him a 50 hit kiss,” Rio said, smirking mischievously. Nagisa gulped and looked at Karma who nodded.

Nagisa opened his mouth as wide as he possibly could and Rio grabbed the smallest piece of watermelon in the bowl.

“That’s not fair Rio,” Nagisa mumbled.

“Don’t tell me you’re embarrassed to kiss me!” Karma asked, pouting.

“No no no, I didn’t mean that at all!” Nagisa said. “G-go ahead Rio.”

Nagisa’s point of view

I opened my mouth as wide as possible once again and Rio got ready to toss the piece of watermelon into my mouth. I saw her toss it and reacted too late. It landed on my hands I had cupped beneath my chin in case I missed. I stared at the piece of watermelon in my hands with shock. This means…

Karma leaned forward and I felt his lips move gently against my own. I jolted with the sudden shock and he shoved his tongue into my mouth, dancing with my own. I could taste the faint flavor of vodka on his breath. It felt like it intoxicated me more than him and I hated that.  “Karma, stop! I’m numb… No…ah but why fight? I’m too numb anyway…plus…it’s not TOO bad. I like this….Karma…I love you, no matter what…,” I thought as I heard Rio counting the hits.

“Whoa, already a full 50 hits in only 15 seconds,” she said, sounding both thoroughly surprised and impressed. I wiped my mouth, feeling dizzy and a bit turned on as Karma pulled away. I panted softly and he pulled me into his lap. I hid my face in his shoulder out of sheer embarrassment. It wasn’t as humiliating as Bitch-Sensei kissing me though, at least I enjoyed this. Bitch-Sensei was…weird. She practically choked me with her tongue.

Time passed and I cuddled with Karma as he sipped his vodka.

“Dinner!” Chiba called. Everyone gathered in the huge dining room and sat down at the large table. Once everyone was seated, there was a wave of people putting their finger on their nose. I didn’t know what was going on and reacted too late.

“Ahh, Nagisa you’re saying grace!” Karma giggled. His breath smelled strongly of the vodka he had been drinking and it made me want to break the bottle. I hated having Karma intoxicated, it wasn’t fun but I said grace anyways while I held Karma’s hand. At least I can smell small undertones of watermelon…

“Thank you God for this amazing meal and allowing us all to gather today. We ask that you please bless those in need of your graces the most. Please give strength to the weak, wealth to the poor, shelter to the homeless and love to the lonely. We all also thank you for bringing us together with our significant other and thank you for having a plan for those who have not yet found theirs. In your name we pray, amen,” I said, trying to keep a reasonable volume. A common murmur of “Amen” was heard around the table as we all began to get food on our plates and eat.

Karma held my hand and didn’t let go so I ate with my non dominant hand the whole meal. I noticed that he continued to pour the vodka in his glass and down it. He now had become visibly tipsy and drunk. The bottle…it’s almost empty! I watched him pour himself another glass and I lost it.
“Why don’t you just drink straight from the bottle, seeing as how you’re going to finish it anyways?” I hissed under my breath. Karma smiled in a sweet, dorky way and kissed my cheek. There was no scent of the potatoes, no scent of the roast beef, no scent of onion, pepper, or lime. All I could smell on Karma’s breath was that damned vodka! I scowled and tried to calm myself down. I could always drive home anyways, plus it was Karma’s birthday. Won’t be tomorrow when he has the worst hangover of his life…that’s his fault.

(Time skip to after dinner)

We all began to give presents to one another. Everyone got one present from each household. I hardly cared about who got what and stuff like that, I was too preoccupied with keeping Karma safe and alive. Chiba and Hayami whispered something to eachother and went to the kitchen. I heard a soft, high pitched whistle and everyone silenced. Hayami held a cake for Karma’s birthday and Chiba got everyone to start singing. I left Karma’s side so everyone could take pictures, I disliked being in pictures.

Karma smiled at then, giggling happily. He’s alright, let’s just leave after this. We do have to take care of the dog anyways… I thought. I heard Karma yelp and nearly slapped everyone around him, thinking they might have hurt him. Then I realized he tried to touch the fire of the candles.

“Uh, you know what guys? I’m really sorry but we have to go. Karma is clearly too drunk and I don’t want him breaking anything or getting hurt so we’re just going to head home,” I said, standing up.

“I understand,” Hayami said, speaking for the first time to the whole class. “That’s very responsible of you Nagisa. I understand it can be difficult to do something that may make you seem like the bad guy when it’s for the best. Drive safe.”

There was a small murmur of agreement and everyone said their goodbyes. The girls all gave hugs except for Kirara and Hayami, who settled for handshakes. Ritsu tried to give us a virtual hug which was actually kinda cute in my head. The guys gave handshakes and Karma and I left, Karma’s arm draped down my shoulder.

“I can’t believe you’d be so irresponsible,” I mumbled as I started the car and backed out the driveway. Karma smiled and leaned over in his seat to hug me, nearly making me swerve off the side of the road before I steadied.
“I love you my little *hic* blueberry,” Karma said cheerfully. “I even wrote a *hic* song for you.”

“It can wait until we get home,” I said, my tone softening at the familiar nickname. “Alright, love?”
“Heh, you’re so cute…alright,” Karma said. He still had his arms around me and had his head on my shoulder. I didn’t mind this but I was trying to drive, so it was a bit distracting at first. Karma began to lick and kiss my neck, much to my displeasure as it nearly made me fall off the side of the freeway.
“Karma!” I growled. He bite my neck where he knew I liked it and I gave a small mewl. “S-stop, I have to drive!”

Karma looked like a kicked puppy and his eyes teared up. I sighed.
“I just have to drive, so wait for when we get home. Does that sound alright to you?” I asked him kindly. He frowned.
“If you don’t want to drive I can,” Karma said. No no no no NO! My mind screamed as his arm was taken off from being around me and his hand went at the top of the steering wheel between my hands. “I don’t like driving but I will for you Nagisa…*hic* I love you.”
“GET OFF OF ME KARMA, FUCK! YOU ARE GOING TO KILL US!” I screamed, trying to keep the wheel steady. He turned the wheel aggressively the car veered off the side of the freeway. We were on a part that arched over other freeways. No…Karma…what have you done? I thought, seeing memories play before me as my arm flung out to hold Karma back so he wouldn’t collide with the windshield.

Kayano’s point of view

“Hey Ritsu, you’re getting some kind of alarm on your screen,” I pointed out.
“Oh so I am! Alright, let’s see the news!” Ritsu said. She went half screen as she pulled up the news.

“Two young men identified as Karma and Nagisa Akabane were found dead on the freeway. The blue haired Akabane was found to have no alcohol in his system although Karma Akabane was heavily intoxicated. Nagisa Akabane was found in the driver’s seat, it is assumed that Karma distracted Nagisa, leading them to veer off the side of the freeway. Luckily no one else got killed or injured in the accident. This may have been avoided had-”

“Ritsu, turn it off,” Hayami said, tears beginning to track down her cheeks “TURN IT OFF RITSU!”

Ritsu was sobbing and went full screen. Chiba looked guilty, hanging his head.
“I gave Karma the vodka…this is my fault,” he murmured. Everyone was silent after that. I felt like crying, I felt like screaming. They’re dead…and they probably died arguing….no…how could this happen?

Rewind (Part Four)

Pairing: Lin x Reader

A/N: Yes, the final part is here! I want to thank @hamiltrashy1776 for this request, it’s seriously been one of the most fun to write stories I’ve ever done. Thank you everyone who commented and reblogged and liked all the parts so far, you guys make my heart leap and I’m so thankful for each and every one of you. Alright, enjoy y’all!

You refused to look over at Lin, he’d no doubt notice how flustered you had become and possibly (not so) subtly hint at, “Oh (Y/N), do you need some air? Is it too hot in here?” Yeah. No.

“I’m, I’m going to go back and check the prop room, I think I uh dropped some candles.” You said, quickly standing and smoothing out your sweater, trying not to take into account how both boys stared. Alexander has preobably never seen a woman in pants just out in the public. Right. A part of you hoped for that to not be the only reason he was staring.

“We’ll be here.” Lin called as you walked through the rows of seats. “Need help?”

“Nope! Show him indoor plumbing or something.” You half-joked, pushing through the door, quickly closing and slumping against it.

A frustrated groan escaped your lips as you rested your head against your knees. Come on (Y/N), keep it together. Remember; he’s a guy- scratch that- DEAD guy who you’re still not even sure how the hell he got here. 

Now you could definitely see why Angelica couldn’t stop whatever her and Alexander had. She must’ve known it wrong, must’ve felt it deep down, but those eyes of his and such eloquent speech, it was no wonder she didn’t give it up until the Reynolds Affair.

Your heart panged. Right, this was pre-Reynolds Alexander. Pretty much pre-everything Alexander. The bags under his eyes were only light lines, only noticable if you took the time to stare at them and take note. Kind of like how Lin’s got if you finally forced him to-


You scrambled to your feet and began nervously pacing, your hand reaching up to rub at your lips while you contemplated.

Everything about Alexander, you were comparing to Lin. His speech, his posture, even his damn height. Maybe you weren’t “falling” for Alexander at all. Maybe you were just…

Falling deeper for Lin. 

You didn’t want to admit it, because then it’d be real. Then that would make whatever you felt for Lin hurt even more because, well, he was Lin Manuel Miranda. And you were you. You thought with a bitter smile. Only a temporary ensemble member who he’d probably never remember ten or even five years from now. 

You held back the tears threatening to spill and made some noise of frustration. Where the hell was the damn rain? You looked to the small window to your right and saw only dim flashes of lightning and heard the occassion grumble of thunder. Must be a lightning storm then

Great, just when you could use some calming. Whatever. Now that you had made this revelation (that wasn’t really a revelation at all), it was time to face the music. After all, you couldn’t really hide and pretend to be looking for candles that you didn’t need forever.

Taking a deep breath, you turned around and grabbed the door, swinging it open and taking a step into the dimly lit auditorium. 

Alexander and Lin looked like mirror-images of each other, cross-legged and hunched over the laptop that sat between them. A small smile took hold as you leaned against a seat in the back, watching them work together on something. Alexander was pointing to the screen, and each time he did this he looked to be making a suggestion or correction, and Lin would enthusiatically fix it, a giddy smile on his own face. You chuckled quietly, shaking your head. Of course he would have Alexander look over his writing. 

“What’re you having him look over Lin?” you stepped onstage and Lin shut the laptop. Weird.

“Oh-uh, nothing. Just showing him Google.” He put on a strained smile. 

“But the electricity’s out, how’re you getting wifi?” The only thing that worked on his “entire life” without wifi was Microsoft Word, how the hell was he getting on Google?

Alexander stood and beamed, striding towards you. “I don’t know of this wifi, but your friend has shown me Google, it’s a beautiful place, one of which I’ve never had the pleasure of taking a trip to but I do hope to someday. Maybe I shall take my Eliza once I return to New York.” He grandly exclaimed.

Your heart grew, as did your smile. Alex was trying to cover for Lin, thinking Google was a physical place to be shown. Not wanting to ruin what he thought to be a clever cover uo, you nodded, sending a knowing glance over his shoulder at Lin who seemed to have taken a particular interest in the lint on his jeans. 

“You should. It’s quite the place, right Lin?”

He hummed in agreement, not lifting his eyes from his legs while his hand picked non-existent pieces of lint. You didn’t give it much thought, you knew you’d get it out of him sooner or later. Most likely sooner.

“Oh, Lin?” Alexander turned back around to an alert LIn. “Do you mind telling me where the facilities are located? 

Lin furrowed his brows. “Facili- Ohhh,” he chuckled, standing, “You’re gonna love indoor plumming. Come on it’s this w-”

Suddenly, a great boom of thunder erupted throughout the theatre, nearly shaking it, all the while the lights shut off once more. This time, you were sure you squealed.

“Lin? Are you in front of me or behind me because I really don’t want to acciedentally punch you.” You bluntly stated.

“I’m right here next to you, to your left. Here-” You felt a warm hand interwine with yours and were suddenly glad for the mask of darkness.



“(Y/N), do you have those candles?” Lin whispered. You tried to ignore how his breath tickled your cheek and the way your heart was beating loud enough to where Lin probably heard it.

“They were right next to your laptop, besides I think I lost the matches. Hey, why’d you run up next to me when the power went out?”

“You yelled, I wanted to make sure you were okay.” He gave your hand a soft squeaze. Yeah, definitely glad for the dark.

“Yeah, I was just surprised.” You mumbled. “Where’s Alexander? Is he still here?”

“Maybe he ran off when the lights-” As if on cue, the spotlight came on once more, “Went out.” He finished, looking up at the light.

You looked around, no sight of Alexander. You cleared your throat, stepping away from Lin if only to put some distance between you and his comforting touch. “I didn’t hear him run anywhere, did you?” You turned back to face Lin.

He shook his head, raising his brows. “Maybe he dissappeared just like he came.”

You sighed, rubbing your temples. “Well considering Alexander Hamilton just stood on our stage and talked with us for a good,” You checked your phone, “thirty minutes or so, I don’t think anything’s out of the ordinary about his entrance or exit.” 

Lin bit his lip, nodding. Then, an evil grin spread across his face. “Hey, would you say that’s kind of like the Weird sisters’ entrance and exit in,” he paused for dramatic effect, “Macbeth?”

You gasped, looking around the empty stage. “Lin! How dare you bring up he-who-shall-not-be-named?”

He chuckled, crossing his arms over his chest. “Isn’t that Voldemort?”

“Well M-, he, is basically the Voldemort of theatre.” You playfully shook your head. “Talks to Alexander Hamilton once and thinks he’s unstoppable.” You tsked.

He grinned. “Actually, I prefer the title Non-Stop thank you very much.”

You rolled your eyes and smiled, picking up his laptop and handing it to him. “Come on you dork, we’re going to your dressing room. It’s too weird being up here now.” You looked at the spot where Alexander stood only minutes before. Lin nodded, grabbing your hand once again and leading you off stage. “Uh, Lin, I’m good now. You don’t have to hold my hand anymore if you don’t wan-”

“I do.” He confidently stated, not looking back at you.

“Oh. Okay.” You smiled,  your blush only growing. But you had a feeling if Lin turned around right now, you wouldn’t be the only flushed one. “Lin?” You asked as you neared the dressing room.

“Yeah (Y/N)?”

“Why won’t you tell me what you were working on?”

He stopped at the door, sighing. “Am I really that obvious?” His voice was quiet, small. Not like usual Lin at all.

“Hey,” You turned him around gently, resting your hands on his shoulders, “You can share anything with me. We’ve been good friends for a few months now, you know I won’t judge.” You softly said, moving a hand to cup his cheek.

His breath hitched at the contact. “Okay. Inside.” He reached up and took the hand on his cheek, holding it in his and breaking your gaze. Your heart beat a thousand miles per minute, you prayed you wouldn’t have a heart attack before he could show you. 

He led you into the dressing room and you took note of all the Hamilton fan-art which he proudly displayed, the letters from fans and fellow stars hung all over the walls, his Hamilton costume, but there was something new your eye couldn’t help but catch. You stopped, forcing Lin to stop next to you. You pointed to a plaque above his mirror. “Did you get a new plaque?”

“No…” He let go of your hand, walking closer to read the small engraving;

“A legacy is important, but remember that the mark you make will never go away. It may fade and be forgotten, but it will stain whatever it touches forever. Be cautious, try to live in the moment. -Alexander Hamilton.”

“That’s the advice I gave him less than half an hour ago.” You said in utter disbelief. “Damn bastard stole my words and put his name next to it.” You grumbled.

Lin chuckled, wrapping an arm around your shoulders. “To be fair, we did tell him we were figments of his own mind, so he probably thought he was subconciously giving himself a word of warning. So technically,” He smiled at you, “It’s his quote.”

You rolled your eyes. “Well you liked it enough to buy a plaque with it on it so,” You let him him you to his worn couch and sat down, “it had to be one of your favorites.’ You couldn’t hide the smugness in your tone nor smile.

Now it was his turn to roll his eyes, but he didn’t deny it. Opting instead to boot up the laptop. Right, top-secret-writing-project-reveal time.

“Okay, so uh, I worked on this on like six hours of sleep and almost no coffee and I only had Alexander go over the first part so if it doesn’t make sense I completely understand actually I don’t even know why I didn’t look this over before I decided to share it so-”

“Lin,” You scooted closer to him so that you were curled up, laying on his chest with a perfect view of the screen on his lap, “What ever you wrote will be perfect. I promise.” And you meant it. Even on Lin’s “bad” writing days he still left you breathless with mere words. 

“Okay.” He breathed, clicking on a document and moving the computer up on his lap. “Here you go.”

You focused on the screen, beginning to read.

“My dearest, (Y/N),”

You smiled.

“I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘falling in love’,

But when I think about what I’m doing,

That never comes to mind.

You see,

Falling implies that after you start,

You’ll eventually end up landing, but it’s unclear whether they’ll actually be someone there to break your fall.

With you however,

I see no uncertainty.

When I look into your eyes, I don’t get lost in them like many claim,

I find myself home.”

“Lin…” you breathed, tears springing to your eyes.

“Keep reading.” His soft voice spoke, once again his breath brushed your cheek, which you were sure were on fire.

“When you speak,

I don’t hear a chorus of angels.

I hear someone who’s kind, who’s smart, who’s geniune,

I hear the possible next twenty years or more of my life.

Your touch isn’t light and soft,

It’s strong, yet gentle.

I long to forever slip into your embrace, so that I may not only find myself home, 

But feel home as well.

Your lips aren’t rose petals,

They’re a far rarer flower,

One that only exits in the breathtaking sight that is your face.

Everything about you is rare,

Your entire being, your persona, your light.

Which makes you the most valuable living thing,

The most sought after.

I long to be the richest man alive,

But only because of you.”

When you finished, you let out a breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. How could Lin say this was bad? This was…beautiful. Amazing. Incredibly sweet and romantic. 

And he’d written it just for you.

“(Y/N)?” Nervousness had crept back into his tone, and you were sure that if his arms weren’t wrapped around you he’d be messing with his hair.

You shut the laptop, sliding it gently on the floor before turning to face him, positioning yourself once more on his ches, only this time you were facing him. His eyes studied you as if trying to gauge your reaction.

“Shit, I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He reached up and brushed a tear from your cheek, his hand lingering on your cheek.

“Lin…” You breathed.

“How was that?” He whispered, biting his lip.

“I think Eliza said it best, you and your words have left me defenseless,” You leaned up, looking at him through your lashes, “And boy,” Before you could overthink it, you pressed your lips against his, a mini-fireworks show exploding at the tension left your body and his arms tightened around you, you were sure you’d never forget the feel or taste of his lips in this moment, “You’ve got me helpless.” You breathed, resting your forehead against his.

“Give me a chance, I promise you you won’t regret it.” This time, he kissed you. The ghost of his lips etched on yours, even when he pulled away for breath.

A relaxed smile spread across your lips. 

“How could I say no to this?”

(A/N: My name isn’t Phillip, I am most definitely not a poet.)

A Very Bucky Christmas (Part 3/7)

Summary: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1400

Warnings: Language, (not-so) unrequited love, day-dreaming of Bucky cuddles, Christmas fluff 

A/N: *whispers* Can I get Bucky cuddles, please? Please? Hope you enjoy this part! (also, the GIF is from one of my favorite Christmas movies, It’s a Wonderful Life, so yay for that lol) 

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Storm (Virgin!Luke)

Requested: No.

Smut: Yes.

Word count: 6,200+


“I hear the storms supposed to be terrible tonight.” My friend chatted through the phone that was pressed to my ear. I looked up through the window and bit at my lip nervously as I watched the dark clouds blooming through out the sky.

 “Great. And I’m working till closing tonight too.” I complained as I stared around the empty boutique.

“Are you serious? They’re making you work tonight?” She questioned incredulously. “They know what you’re like with storms. Is Dani working with you at least?”

“No.” I groaned. “She’s got some dinner thing with relatives tonight.” 

“Well are you going to be okay? Do you want me to come in to hang with you?” She inquired. I rolled my eyes and laughed lightly into the phone.

“You’ve got a date with your boyfriend, remember?” I grinned. “Besides, it should be pretty quiet in the shop. I’ll just read, or get some studying done. I’ll be fine.” I spoke into the phone reassuringly even though I was unsure of how I was going to make it through the night alone at the shop with my fear of storms.

 “Y/N are you sure? Dude, I could just bring Jack with me. He adores you, we could all just hang out.” She offered and I squeezed my eyes shut as I tapped the pen between my fingers against the countertop.

“No way. It’s fine. Go out and have fun, I’m not ruining your date night because of a silly little fear.”

“It’s not silly. But are you sure Y/N it’s–”

“Brit! It’s fine I’m serious. Quit feeling bad for me and go get ready.”



“Fine, but I’m going to be texting you all night.”

“And I’ll answer you, now go.” 

“Alright sassy, love you.”

“Love you too.” I smiled before pulling the phone away from my ear and hitting end. 

I glanced around the familiar empty boutique and found myself distracted by the sound of loud raindrops tapping against the windows. What to do? I pondered to myself as I flipped through the drawers in the checkout desk. I came across my physics textbook and rolled my eyes, pulling it out of the drawer and pushing it onto the countertop. I knew I’d have to distract myself somehow, and physics was going to have to do. As boring as that was. I pulled out a notebook and flipped to an open page jotting down the date and what lesson I was currently on. Once getting comfortable I flipped into the textbook and skimmed over the title of pages, coming to a stop when I reached the lesson I was looking for. I began to read over the page, studying the words and trying my best to soak up the information.


I was startled out of my studying by the chime of the shop bell that signaled someone was coming through the door. I glanced up at the clock and realized it was around eight o’clock, only two more hours to go.

“Hi there! What brings you to Vixen’s Boutique?” I questioned with my all too practiced grin. “Anything you’re looking for in particular?” 

I was surprised to see a tall boy step up into the shop, his hood pulled over honey blonde hair. He was soaking wet, from head to toe and I watched him shrug off the hood as he looked up to me.

“Sorry, not really I don’t think.” He gave a small smile as he glanced around the flamboyantly feminine store. “It’s just the storm is absolutely crazy, I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the train station.”

“Crazy?” I questioned with furrowed eyebrows. I sat up off of my stool and walked to the window staring out and noticed what he meant. I’d been too caught up studying to notice the heavy rain and wind, the streets filled with puddles and random objects flying around here and there. “Oh my gosh I didn’t even notice.” I felt my stomach squeeze uneasily as I watched the storm taking place outside. 

“Yeah it’s insane out there.” He stated causing me to turn and look to him. “I just kind of needed some where to go until it calms down. I mean I can go somewhere else if you want me to, I understand the no shopping customer can get annoying.” He chuckled. 

“Are you crazy? I’m not going to send you back out there. You’re fine to stay here.” I gave a small smile as I wondered back to the desk, taking my seat once again. “Feel free to make yourself at home, there’s tea and coffee in the back.” I smiled as I brought my eyes back down to my textbook. I watched him from the corner of my eye as he put his bag down on one of the couches before unzipping his dripping wet jacket and discarding it onto the couch as well. I scanned him in admiration as he pulled his phone out of his tight black jeans. His hair was just barely wet, somewhat tossed around from the wind and his cheeks were tinted rosy. His sapphire eyes were searching his phone and a small black ring adorned his pink lips. He was wearing a large pullover and I watched as he pushed his sleeves down his arms, clearly shivering from his wet jeans.

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name.” He smiled up at me as he pulled his eyes from his phone screen.

“I’m Y/N. What’s yours?”


“Nice to meet you.”

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In (kind of) honour of Misha’s 41st birthday. I’m not to good at cockles fic so have some destiel.

Something wakes Castiel.

A noise, maybe, or a feeling; some sense left over from when he was an angel. Either way, whatever it is—or was—has the blue-eyed man blinking blearily into the darkness of his room, frowning at where he knows the door is located and groaning. There are no windows in the Bunker, but it has to be before six in the morning, possibly five; Cas retired at midnight and he doesn’t feel rested enough to have slept very long.

Turning over, the former angel buries himself into his pillow and tugs the sheet over his shoulder, settling in for another good couple of hours.

That’s when he hears it.

Faint, little the tinkling of bells, a noise is coming from… somewhere.

He’d have been able to pinpoint the source exactly as an angel, which is frustrating, but the year of humanity he’s had to adjust to his now dulled senses softens his annoyance. Frowning, and still very tired, Castiel holds his breath to listen, and hears it again.

He stumbles out of his room to investigate.

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(I decided to put my three favorite OCs in a blog together so that they can all answer questions and have fun. Good stuff, man. This is the Trash Squad.)

Candle: Uh…So, that’s us. Sorry about Honey, he’s kind of shy.