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“She went to visit your papa.”

oKAY BUT everyone would be at least double as upset with him because Gracia is an unarmed housewife and also Maes’ wife and everyone knows that they’re literally made for eachother and that she’d never kill him but Roy ‘burned her to death’ despite the few evidences there are and that’s just??? not to mention that he technically ‘turned Elicia into an orphan’

“Can’t see quiznak, Captain…”

in celebration of many things, including my very own birthday, i’ve prepared a small little post in hopes of mentioning the many people who brighten up my dash in return for all the amazing posts i reblog from you guys! so thank you for keeping up with me throughout the time and may you guys be blessed and happy for eternity,


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"Yutoda" is back! And upgraded!

hey y'all apparently I missed 500 followers?? (I literally was at 400 like last week??) So I just want to say a big thank you for 524 followers, ily all so so much. expect a followers gift in the next few days!!

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" Fragile like Glass "

hi hi hello !!!! thank you so much for reading the rules <3 also i love mtt but his hair is killing me slowly


anyway these were the selfies i was going to post before i got distracted so now u get an unnecessary amount of my face on this beautiful day (follow me on other social media for EVEN MORE gratuitous posts) (really tho u can follow me on instagram @collleenreilly hmu) (i used to have a twitter for about 5 seconds but that died) (id say add me on snapchat but i ignore that for weeks at a time and this is one of those times)


GUYS OMG OMG OMG WOW HOW WHEN I’M CRYING THANK U ALL MY BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS WHO MANAGED TO PRESS THAT BUTTON AND FOLLOW THIS RETARDED BLOG OMG okay but seriously I’m beyond thankful to have u all and get so much love from all of my followers and people who discover my blog it’s so amazing,when I reached 10 followers I literally died I didn’t know how people actually press follow and now we hit 3k.I’m so happy omg.Thank u all, my beautiful dudes.xx

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        ❝ –Who needs armor and shields? I have my own set of tall friends! ❞

Reclines in a chair behind all of you.

Anyway goodnight everyone I love u *rains thousands of beautiful & vibrant flower petals down on my followers from above as I float away into the sky*

Hiiiii. So, 2016 is almost over (thank god), it’s christmas eve (i know most of you will probably see this until tomorrow so merry christmas and i’m sorry) and since i haven’t made a follow forever in a while, i decided to make one now to let you all know how much i love and appreciate each and every single one of you.

i’m especially grateful for all of my mutuals, thank you guys for following me 💕 some of us have been following each other since i started this blog which is just crazy omg.

Anyway, thanks guys you are amazing, i love you and your blogs and i just wish everyone nice holidays and a wonderful 2017!!!

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