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Three Good Reasons

Jaehyun x Reader

Wordcount: 3,217

“You guys, she’s beautiful.”

“Yea Jae, they’re all hot.  This is the best day ever.”

“Calm down Yuta.  We aren’t here to get girlfriends.”

“Shut up Ten.  Don’t act like you aren’t single and ready to mingle.”

“True. I’d ditch Johnny for any one of them.”

Jaehyun rolled his eyes at his member’s immaturity.  Yea, all the girls were attractive – they were SM trainees after all. But there was one in particular who had caught his eye.

“Just stay away from her though, okay?  The one who just performed.  The foreigner.”

You ended your dance routine, brushing away the hair that stuck to your face from sweat. It was your first routine as an SM trainee after being cast in an international audition. You weren’t like most idols, especially not ones from SM.   No milky white skin.  No stick-thin body.  No long, straight hair.  Based on what you knew, your appearance gave you no advantage in getting casted, so you knew your audition had to be perfect.  Motivated by your dream to perform, you spent months practicing and gave the audition your all.  Luckily, all your hard work paid off and you were now practicing at the SM building amongst the other new female trainees lucky enough to be selected.  

You grabbed your water bottle and sat down, looking around the room.  You could see the NCT boys through the door window.  Your dance instructor had told the new trainees that the guys had some free time, and would be coming by to give you all a special announcement.  You didn’t want to admit it, especially not in this environment, but you were an NCT stan. Supporting them since their SM Rookie days, you were crazy in love with all of them.  Their talent, visuals, music – hell, even their questionable stage outfits – you worshipped all of it.  To you, they were perfect.  The thought alone of meeting them completely freaked you out.  In particular, you were the most afraid of meeting Jaehyun.  He was your bias, and in your mind, basically the most beautiful human you had ever seen.  You knew meeting him and the rest of NCT would go one of two ways.  You would either lose all self-control and jump them, or you’d lose all confidence and be too scared to talk to them. Luckily for NCT, it would probably the latter.  You were well-aware that you stood out amongst the other trainees, and it made you too self-conscious to be around them.

As you looked at them through the door and tried not to fangirl, you noticed Jaehyun watching you and muttering to Yuta and Ten.  Was he talking about you?  Maybe he liked your dance routine?  Or maybe he noticed how different you looked.  That’s probably what Jaehyun was talking to his members about. Right?  I mean, if he was talking about you, what else could it be about? You quickly looked away, not wanting to get caught looking back at him.

“(Y/n), he’s totally checking you out.”

“What are you talking about Jiyeon?”

“Jaehyun. Can’t you see him staring at you? Get it girl.”

You rolled your eyes at your closest friend.  You were so thankful that you had made it through casting together.  Having a friend with you made going to Korea to train a lot easier.   But at this moment, you wished she would stop talking.  The last thing you needed was someone planting seeds in your head that Jung Jaehyun of all people was interested in you.  

Before Jiyeon could continue annoying you, the door to the practice room opened and the members of NCT flooded in.  You’re fan-girl dreams were alive, but you had to keep it together.  After doing their self-introductions, the members began to chat with the trainees, getting to know their new label-mates.  Every once in a while, you noticed Jaehyun peer over at you, but you did your best to avoid him and the other members.   You felt unworthy of their presence.  And more than anything, you were scared you would say or do something stupid in front of them.

Suddenly, Jiyeon came bounding over, interrupting your thoughts when she grabbed your arm and began to drag you over to the members.

“They’re so nice and cool (y/n)!  Just come say hi.  You love them, how could you not want to meet them?!”

By some miracle, Jiyeon was stopped in her tracks when your choreographer interrupted everyone to reveal the special announcement.

Your jaw practically hit the floor when you found out that you, among the other trainees, would be having a special dance stage with the members of NCT.  It was SM’s way of creating buzz, and giving you first-hand experience in performing.  You were excited, but also terrified.  The choreography would require you all to be paired up.  You would have to talk to at least one of the members to practice.  Knowing you couldn’t avoid NCT forever, you tried to keep your cool.  It was one stage.  You just had to not make a fool of yourself for the next few weeks and everything would be fine… As long as you weren’t partnered with Jaehyun.


It had been two weeks since finding out about your stage.  Jiyeon had been partnered with Jaehyun.  It took a lot of convincing, but you eventually got her to swear she would pretend you didn’t exist when she was with him.  You had ended up partnered with Ten.  He was an amazing dancer, and had so much patience in helping you.   His bright personality put you at ease, and you were no longer afraid to make mistakes or do something stupid in front of him.  You couldn’t believe you had only been a trainee for a few weeks, and were already dancing with a member of NCT.   Not only that, you and Ten had become friends.  It was any NCT stan’s dream.

You and Ten had been practicing for hours a day together.  But today, he had to leave early to prepare for NCT’s next comeback. After much begging to let you watch him practice, and Ten insisting you had to wait for the official comeback like all the other fans, he left early.  Some of the other pairs were still practicing.  You noticed Jaehyun and Jiyeon were still there, but saw Jiyeon starting to pack up her things.  

“Hey girl. I have to leave now for vocal training, but I’ll see you back at the dorm okay?”

Jiyeon hugged you before turning to wave at Jaehyun, and leaving you alone.  You looked over at Jaehyun, overwhelmed by how flawless he looked as he practiced.  Much to your dismay, he caught you gawking at him in the practice room mirror.  He turned to look at you for a moment, before slowly making his way over to you.  Over the past few weeks, you had noticed him sometimes staring at you.  A few times it even seemed like he was going to come over and talk to you, but you had managed to avoid talking to him by either striking up a conversation with whoever was closest to you, or even literally leaving the room to “fill your water bottle” or “go to the washroom.”  But this time, there was no escape.  The two of you were holding eye contact as he approached, and it would look nothing short of insane if you suddenly walked away now.

“(Y/n), if you want, maybe we could practice together?  You know, since Ten and Jiyeon had to leave early.”

“Um… Sure. That uh… That sounds great.”

You wanted to say something more, but you were too busy trying to remember how to breathe.  Of course Jaehyun knew your name – he was partnered with your best friend, and you had been practicing in the same room together for weeks.  But it was the first time you had heard him say it out loud. You had heard your name so many times in your life, but it had never sounded so enchanting as when it came from his pale pink lips.  Everything he did was so perfect.

To be honest, practicing with Jaehyun was pretty awkward.  You did your best to just focus on the dance routine, and avoided any unnecessary conversation.  He would occasionally give you pointers, you would thank him, and then the silence would resume.  Wanting to put on the best performance you could, you both dealt with the awkward situation and focused on practicing.

After a couple of hours, only you and Jaehyun remained in the practice room.  You had been focusing on the middle section of the routine all day, but Jaehyun said he thought you were ready to run through the entire thing.  You were hoping you wouldn’t have to complete the routine with Jaehyun, as the end pose was slightly more intimate than you were comfortable with.  The end of the routine was no problem with Ten, but with Jaehyun?  You were low-key freaking out.

As the routine ended, you were left with your arm thrown around his shoulders, your body leaning into him.  One of his hands rested at your waist, the other supporting you by the small of your back. Why was it that this felt so different with Jaehyun than it had with Ten?

Your faces only inches apart, both breathing heavily, you couldn’t help but admire him.  His dark eyes, pale skin, the beads of sweat forming on his forehead…  Everything about him was perfect, and despite weeks of avoiding him, in this moment, you couldn’t bring yourself to look away.  He was examining your face just as intently as you were his.   Your eyes finally settled on each others’, and before you could process what was happening, Jaehyun began to slowly lean into you.  Without thinking, you took a step back away from him while simultaneously pushing him away slightly.

“Did I do something wrong?”

You were tempted to tell him how he almost made your fan-girl heart explode.

“No? I dunno.  I thought you were going to kiss me.”

“(Y/n)… I was.”


Oh? Was that all you had to say?  The man of your dreams was going to kiss you a few seconds ago, and after rejecting him all you could say was oh?  You stood there, dumbfounded at the situation. Finally, Jaehyun broke the silence.

“(Y/n), why do you hate me so much?”

“What?! I don’t hate you at all!  Why would you think that?”

“I’ve been trying for weeks to introduce myself and get to know you, but every time I get anywhere close to making progress, you avoid me.”

“Jaehyun I swear I don’t hate you.  It isn’t like that at all.”

“Then go on a date with me.  I like you (y/n).  I have since I first saw you.”

In one day, you had gone from completely avoiding Jaehyun at all costs to him asking you out.   You’d be lying if you said you hadn’t dreamed of this moment.  But you were beyond hesitant.  How would he react to you being a fangirl?  And was he seriously interested in you? The foreigner who looked nothing like all the other beautiful girls at the company?

 “I can’t go out with you Jaehyun.  I’m sorry.”

“Give me three good reasons why and I’ll stop trying to get closer to you.”

“Well, for one you’re an idol, a rookie at that.  I don’t want to involve you in come scandal.  Second of all, and this is embarrassing to admit, but I’m an NCT stan and you’re my bias.  I’m constantly worried about doing something stupid in front of you.  And wouldn’t it be weird dating someone who was a fan?  Third…  I mean look at me.  You’re surrounded by all of these other gorgeous trainees and idols.  I’m so different.  Why would you choose me?”

You ended your rant by looking down at the floor.  It was embarrassing to admit all of the reasons you had tried so hard to avoid him.  Of course you wanted to get closer to him, but in your mind, there were so many things preventing it.  He could do so much better than some crazy fan-girl.

“(Y/n), I said three good reasons.  Those were terrible.”

He placed his hand under your chin, gently lifting your head, making you look him in the eyes.

“First of all, dating for idols is difficult, but not impossible.  There’s always going to be scandals.  You just learn to live your life regardless of what people will say.”

He had a point.  You couldn’t expect him to give up his social life just because he was an idol.

“Second of all, you shouldn’t be afraid to be my fan.  It means a lot to me that you’re so passionate about our group. And we all make mistakes and do embarrassing things sometimes.  We’re human.”

Okay, another one of your points proven wrong.  It was kind of silly for you to think that he wouldn’t like that you were a fan… It just meant that you supported him and the other members.  As you considered his words, a wave of regret washed over you. You were slowly starting to feel really stupid for avoiding him.  You were his fan and had weeks to get to know him.  How many girls had dreamt of that opportunity?  Why on earth had you tried so hard to dodge him?

“And lastly, (y/n), I love that you’re different.  It’s refreshing to see diversity, especially at SM. When I lived in America for four years, one of my favourite things was seeing all of the different types of people. I miss that.”

You didn’t think Jaehyun could get any more perfect in your eyes, and yet here he was, proving you wrong.   You yourself had always loved diversity amongst people, but from what you knew about Korea, being different wasn’t always accepted.  It was wrong of you to assume that Jaehyun wouldn’t like you because you didn’t fit Korea’s typical beauty standards.  It was wrong of you to assume anything without getting to know him.

“You’re tan skin, wavy hair, and distinctive features… They’re all beautiful to me (y/n).  They make you special.  Not to mention you are an incredibly talented dancer.”

Not knowing what to say, all you could do was smile at Jaehyun.  All of your fangirl dreams were becoming a reality.  But more important than that, you could feel yourself genuinely begin to fall for him.  It wasn’t Jaehyun standing in front of you, it was Yoonoh.  This was a side that you had never seen in any of the countless NCT videos you had watched.

“Thank you so much…  I guess I was too busy worrying about meeting you, that I forgot you’re also a real person and not just someone that lives in my computer and phone.”

Jaehyun smiled at you, clearly finding your sudden realization cute.

“You know, agreeing to go out with me and letting us get to know each other would be a good way to make up for dodging me these past few weeks.”

“I mean, I guess I could manage that. You did call me beautiful.”

“Because you are.”

Jaehyun pulled you in for a hug. You didn’t hesitate to put your arms around his waist and hug him back.  This was the first time that you had felt completely comfortable around him. Somehow that day, he had managed to get past the walls you had put up.  Not only that, his compliments put you at ease about being a foreigner in Korea. You should have embraced your unique qualities and been proud of them.  You felt slightly disappointed in yourself for needing someone else to validate your worth, but either way, you wouldn’t forget from now own that your differences made you special.

“Oh my god did you finally ask her out?!  Did she say yes?!”

You let go of Jaehyun and turned around to see Ten and Jiyeon standing watching the two of you embrace each other.  How did Jiyeon know Jaehyun was going to ask you out?

“Yea, she agreed to go on a date with me.”

Jaehyun put one arm around your waist and pulled you to his side, showing off your new-found intimacy.

“Yes!  I knew it would all work out.”

Ten smiled at you and gave Jaehyun a wink.

“What was that for?”

“Uh… What was what for (y/n)?”

“That wink.  You just winked at Jaehyun.”

“What wink?  I didn’t wink?  Maybe my eye twitched or something.”

Ten and Jiyeon glanced at each other and both started to walk towards the door of the practice room but you ran in front of them blocking their way.

“For your sake, you both better tell me what is going on right now.”

You glanced behind them to look at Jaehyun.  As soon as you made eye contact, he tilted his head towards the floor, avoiding your gaze. What the heck were these three hiding from you?

“Well you see (y/n)…  Jaehyun, Jiyeon and I may or may not have possibly maybe came up with a plan to get you to finally talk to Jaehyun so he could ask you out…”

“Yea… Ten and I didn’t really have to leave practice earlier.  It was just a part of our plan with Jaehyun so he could ask you to practice with him and finally get you to have a conversation.”

“We heard you were still practicing, so we thought we’d stop by and see how things were going. Apparently, they were going exactly as planned.”

You stared back and forth between Ten, Jiyeon and Jaehyun in disbelief.  The three of them had orchestrated this entire day?

“So, this was just all some plan to get Jaehyun and I together?”

“You wouldn’t talk to him! Literally everyone except you knew that Jaehyun liked you!  We had to do something!”

Jiyeon threw her hands in the air in frustration while Ten nodded his head in agreement.  As mad as you were at them for meddling, you were grateful that they had put so much effort into doing this for you and Jaehyun. Slowly making his way over to the three of you, Jaehyun took both of your hands in his own.

“Ten let it slip to Jiyeon last week that I liked you, and then she admit that you liked me.  We had to act on it.  I’m sorry that it happened like this (y/n), but I couldn’t handle you avoiding me anymore.  I was going insane being so distant from you.”

How on earth could you be mad at the three of them.   They just wanted you to get over your worries and be happy.  Thanks to their little plan, you had a date with your dream guy. You couldn’t believe how your life had changed over the last few weeks.  From NCT stan watching videos of Jaehyun after school, to SM trainee who had a date with him. Sure, you stood out as a foreign dancer training at the top music company in Korea, but you weren’t going to let your negative thoughts hold you back anymore.  Standing there, looking at your friends – and hopefully soon-to-be boyfriend – you couldn’t wait to see what the future had in store. 

**I honestly have no idea how this ended up being this long lmao.  If you managed to get to the end of it, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it!!  It would mean a lot to me if you guys follow me and send in requests~~**

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Do you think you could share your art process?i really wanna know how you make your art.. ur my biggest inspiration ;w;

hi anon,

this post and this post are probably the best examples of the stages of my work (thumbnail, sketch, flats, render, overlay)

the thumbnail stage is probably the most important one, i.e. it’s where you figure out how your drawing is going to look in the general scale. even if you have a good eye for details your work will suffer if you don’t have your bigger elements in good places.

once you have a good composition, you sketch it out, you fine-tune the sketch as much as you need until you have a finished rough, then you put down whatever colours/lines/etc. you want depending on how you go about doing things

i’m not sure how involved a description you wanted but that’s my general process for doing anything that isn’t a doodle


ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah

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I heard feverish mutterimg coming from the kitchen. When I went to investigate Taako was pacing and muttering nonsense. I tried to ask if he was alright but he just gripped my shoulders, loudly insisted upon cheese multiple times, and left. Cheese??? Slur cream??? What does that mean?? And what does meat in a shell have to do with any of it???

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ok so my problem is that I am a hairy girl. My skin is pretty air and my hair are pretty dark and thick. Shaving takes so much effort and time and my hair grow so fast. The hair - they are just everywhere and sometimes I feel so disguisting, so overwhelmed and so unfeminine, it makes me cry. i was shaving my arms in middle school but now Im not cuz I wanna be myself. but I still am anxious about them. and I am scared that everyone thinks that my hair are disguisting.

ur hair is beautiful even if it isnt feminine soft peach fuzz and it doesnt make u worthless or unlovable. shave if u want to and dont shave if u dont want to, wear what u want, do what u want with your body and learn to love yourself even if the world tells u to hate urself. love urself, even if its just out of spite

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You just confirmed that your ugly writing is even uglier. Dyslexics can't write "Purple Prose" so this proves that you don't even know what you're writing.

i cant believe u basically just said dsylexic ppl are too stupid to comprehend vocabulary and abstractions …….. i cant believe u just said that …… you played urself anon i literally dont know what to tell  u

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You accepted so many marriage proposals. You're building a harem, aren't you? I'm onto you. (Can I marry you too?)

A HAREM ALSDKJFASDFASDF oh my god a harem of anonymous spouses??? i just??? yes i’ll marry you too you can be spouse #48

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I think the only reason why I might have an indifferent feeling about this blog is because it is not the usual happy kid dating and angry kid kinda blog. It's actually really harsh on some of the more lovable characters. Honestly it's a nice breath of fresh air after seeing so many blogs where frisk and chara are friends. It also gives chara a really hard backstory and makes frisk pretty badass. Keep it up dude👍

(( gosh!!! thank you so much for this! You have no idea how it comforts and warms me up <3 tbh despite me saying ‘if u dont like my story then feel free to unfollow’, it still makes me sad that there’s a lot who dislike it. ))

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does a place on earth with you have a major character death? it's tagged as death but like,,, i started highkey crying just reading the anons u got abt the ps. ily fic and im sensitive

wow okay i’m the anon that asked abt major character death in a place on earth with u i just checked i just completely skipped over the big bold “major character death” lmao i’m dying im srry

AKSLDFASDFJASDF rip I’m also sensitive it’s ok

Omg Victor ugly crying?? POOR VICTOR,,,, none come immediately to mind for me (except my own. casual shameless self-promo.) but maybe people could reply w/ some? You could also check @victuurificrec!!!

yoooo here this fic is for anyone interested!! warning: major character death