for u anon!!

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Thank you for remembering Kinoshita and Narita in your karasuno art!!!

thank you for noticing them!!! 

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What fic?

i;m literally sobbing i just wish i was you if i had a time machine i swear i would go back to watch the tmh tour and then go to otra and then i would go back to right before i read this fic and then i would read it and then i’d go back in time again to re-read it again and then maybe go to otra again and then i’d go back to before i read it and then re-read it again like on a time loop fOREVER listen ok that was a long preamble but it’s seriously like it’s that good READ IT TRUST ME JUST READ IT

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I was wondering if I could ask you something, because I am horribly inarticulate and have a lot of difficulty expressing emotion in my words. I enjoy reading your blog because you express all the feelings I have trouble communicating in such a clear and effective way. What is it that you think makes Skam special? Why do so many people connect with it so strongly? I'm trying to tell a friend via text, yet I'm not doing the show justice.

anon!! thank youuuu 💕💕💕

also ummm okay this is kind of a loaded question bc there’s a lot that makes skam special to me? the biggest is how real it feels, but there’s so much that goes into achieving that that it’s kind of meaningless to just leave it there so like. it’s everything? it’s the way the show builds narrative pov and uses those povs to explore personal and genuine struggles in a way that never feels cheesy or manufactured bc you’re so deep in that character’s head that you feel them, rather than just having them told to you in exposition and dialogue about What’s Right and What’s Wrong in a Very Special Episode. it’s the way the show respects teenagers, both as its focal characters and as its audience, and treats their conflicts as legitimate, their persons as intelligent and capable, their lives as experienced for all that they’re still learning. it’s the way it loves its characters enough to let them fuck up and to then give them room to grow, to push them to do so, and how that ties back to its understanding of teenage life and what that encompasses. it’s the innovative way it uses real-time narrative delivery to naturally build tension and suspense, as well as to strengthen the immersive effect of its story by literally pulling you into these moments, whether they’re clips or texts or an instagram feed, as these characters are seeing them. it’s the way all of that combines to form a show that is so intensely, wonderfully focused on delivering character through experience: the main’s experiences, yes, but also the experience we as the audience have of watching them, of talking to each other, of getting the opportunity to share and learn between the moments of the show so that we might understand both those moments and ourselves better.

i guess if i had to sum it up, the best thing about skam is its characters and the way it builds them and treats their perspectives. there are so many really cool things about the shift between main povs between seasons and what that shows about skam’s ability to construct distinct and immersive narrative povs, but i think the coolest thing, and one that we don’t talk about enough, is the implication there: that everyone has a valuable perspective, and that everyone’s life holds something in it we could learn from. that’s a beautiful idea, a beautiful conceit for a narrative, and skam executes it beautifully. everyone has a story. everyone’s perspective is worth stepping into. everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach, and it’s a necessary part of human growth that we recognize that more.

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How does anyone pick a bias in astro!? Like honestly. I mean I have a member of like the second but in all honesty I love them all so much how do I choose just one!?

RIGHT?!?!?!? TuT I feel you anon~

I mean first we’ve got JinJin being all like

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and then MJ comes in with the

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but then Eunwoo pops in looking like

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then Bin being Bin jumps in with a

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and just when you think it’s over and your heart can’t handle any more Rocky just

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and for the one-two punch finale Sanha comes in and

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but then you see them all together and they’re like

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so idk what to tell you, man ;w; you’re stanning visual talented dorks;;;

good luck choosing a bias in Astro~ it’s a constant struggle <333333

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Nei, how'd you learn to draw people's bodies so well? I really love the way you draw everything.

nooo, I still have so much to learn! I’m not finished learning— I am so flattered you like my attempts to draw anatomy ahahah…But I must say, it is really something that I put more effort into&pay more attention to it right now. Tutorials, photography, irl people, myself too.. all of these help me to understand it, I would say watching people in their every day is what helped me the most!

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Maddie Maddie it's Spouse #4 here! I just wanted to tell you that I met this most amazing girl?? She's so perfect? Her smile is so beautiful and I just stare at her creepily from behind my laptop at lectures!! Is it okay to tell someone you want to get married and be wives the first time you talk to them or no. I'm suFFERING SHES SO PRETTY AND I CANT HELP IT

AWWWWW you should try and talk to her!!!!!! Don’t just admire from afar, you gotta make that move anon ;)) Let me know what happens!!!

I totally know what you mean though haha,,, this is all too relatable. There’s a girl in my Econ class who is unbelievably gorgeous and at prom I literally dropped my phone on the ground when I saw her because…. you would….. not believe……………. would not…. believe……………

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So you know how puppies do this little wiggle dance when they see you come home from work?? Just picture Iwa-chan doing a cute little shuffle along with the puppies because it's irresistible to no dance with happy puppies!!! And Makki also bounces around whenever his puppies dance! Mattsun just records it and shows everyone because "look at how cute they are! I'm so blessed!" Oikawa just likes to hug his puppy and bury his face into their fur because puppy hugs are amazing ~


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im kinda new in the fandom, but why do i see videos of the members being scared of hyunsik?

its an inside joke as hyunsik is the centre and most powerful in btob as he is the middle child (3 hyungs, 3 dongsangs) who is the strongest physically and topped the btob food chain (he is the eagle, the maknaes are air, mh is sparrow, changsub grasshopper and eunkwang weed) and the boys love to role play like that lol

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How's the progress on Yuki and Kiyoteru?


do u even check my blog tiny anon????

i don’t understand these progress asks… like……wat do u want me to say besides “look at my blog”….

yuki+kiyoteru are everywhere what u see, is literally what i have

EDIT: UNLESS do u want a percentage or smth like “how close r they to being released” because it’s definitely not…….

not close at all maybe a 23.6%………….

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As someone who has done charity work to help women become financially independent after exiting abusive relationships, I wanted to thank you for your post breaking down what was wrong with the how to date a hockey player guide. Not only were there a huge number of red flags about controlling behavior, which you went over very well, it’s also a MASSIVE DISSERVICE to normalize the idea extreme emotional labor is required from women, least they be disposed of.

you’re so, so right. i feel like we NEVER talk about this, we NEVER go over this on hockey tumblr. the emotional labor in a relationship is never just a woman’s to do, and controlling behavior leads to a cycle of abuse that is painful and heartbreaking and so, so damaging, and im tired of shutting up about it. thank you for this, my lovely anon ❤️