for two people who can't stand each other

Honestly, Carol looking at Daryl and saying “I couldn’t lose you” - basically telling him she left because she couldn’t stand the thought of losing him, specifically - is such a romantic trope. She says she couldn’t lose her people, couldn’t lose any of them, and then the moment (probably) hangs in the air and she looks at him and says, “I couldn’t lose you”. 

These types of moments always and only occur between two people who see each other in a romantic light. 

Carol is saying that she loves everyone back home and she can’t lose them, and then she singles out Daryl, conveying that it applied especially to him. She loves all of him - but she loves him the most. 

Eruri with love... part one

Because I love Eruri so much, these are my favorites fanfics. Thanks for that lovely people who writes so beautiful :) -even when you makes me cry-.

These fanfics are NOT mine.

@beautiful-murky​, only happy endings… I think ;) -I’m serious about the last one-.