for two people who can't stand each other

the only two people in my life who completely cut me off without warning or in the second case, tried to, are both istjs and also they never told me why they felt the need to take such drastic measures. i was best friends with both for years and they lowkey just carried a grudge against me without ever communicating with me abt it. and the only reason i said the second “tried to” is bc she eventually told me what she was mad about (it was literally smth that had nothing to do w her and was noneee of her business) six months later and we worked it out, but i think she still resents me a little bit deep down. the first never explained what happened, and only spoke to me after my dad had died to say “sorry for your loss.” we were even in the same room a few times after that, and he wouldn’t peep a word

It’s time.


Call your congresspersons. Call your senators. Call your city council. Start today. Make your voice heard. Tell them, in no uncertain terms, what this country stands for. 

We’ve been through this before. We’ve survived, and we’ve come out stronger each time. We got through WWII. We got through Reagan. We got through W.

We can get through this. 

Protect each other. Love each other. Stand up for each other.

And then, make lists. Put your BuJo skills to work. 

What do I need to boycott? The dollar is powerful. And for the next two years, it’s how we get our points across. Support businesses who side with us, refuse to do business with those who don’t. There have to be more than just Chic fil A and Hobby Lobby.

Do I need to start a victory garden? 

How do we take this country back?

It starts today. 

*talking about pairings*
  • <p> <b>person:</b> so these two people have loved each other for 17 years<p/><b>me:</b> meh<p/><b>person:</b> and these two fell in love at first sight<p/><b>me:</b> cool<p/><b>person:</b> and there was this couple who promised to stay with each other forever<p/><b>me:</b> mhm<p/><b>person:</b> and there's this couple that won't look at anyone except one another<p/><b>me:</b> that's great<p/><b>person:</b> and you know about those two girls that can't stand each othe-<p/><b>me:</b> OTP MATERIAL YES KEEP TALKING<p/></p>