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woah i have to comment about this genderbending post, where i stalked all the notes, where you read that some mind it while most actually not, despite that they are trans, because they know artists or whoever does it mean no ill intent and just do it out of fun or curiosity and still acknowledge the existence of trans people. OF COURSE, probably exist there still some assholes who don’t. 

The Right Position of Tariq Ramadan on Infibulation (Female circumcision).

As promised yesterday, here are the explanations on the accusations to Tariq Ramadan, who is a Muslim scholar (specialist), famous and controversial, permanently accused of being islamist. I am not gonna take position on him globally today, just on the accusation of the last days on the fact that he’d be supporting infibulation (female circumcision). His words are extremely clear and really, a single listening to what he said can allow us without stupendous effort to get that what he said is the ABSOLUTE OPPOSITE of the slander he’s victim of.
First, he says that infibulation is an African practice, and is practised in different religions and beliefs. Therefore, it’s not specifically a Muslim tradition.
Second point : he condemns this barbaric practise from the start of his video intervention.
Third point : he explains that many other scholars of Islam promote that practise, and condemns this too.
Fourth point : he says that a debate absolutely has to be had among Islam on that practise, and that to reject it as non-Islamic is problematic.

To sum up, his position is PRECISELY to try and eject this practise out of Islam, and it’s precisely the kind of position which is impatiently waited by the people who know, like, to quote someone famous in the Muslim current world, the General Al-Sissi in Egypt, but others in the Muslim world too, and by a huge amount of people outside the Muslim world, that primordial and even sometimes structural reforms of Islam to achieve the goal of peace as quick as possible have to be implemented.
This having been said, again, I don’t know enough about Tariq Ramadan to be able to declare that he’s wonderful, the opposite, or whatever. I just see what I see.

I’ll finish on a general point on deformations of speeches, as it has been the case with Emmanuel Macron and many of his declarations during the last months, on culture, on art, on France, on colonialism, on crimes against mankind. I have written long texts on this, published here, and most of all on the Fb version of Yes We Are Magazine. You have political enemies ? Fine. Listen to what they say, and acknowledge their qualities and the positive they bring.

Basile Pesso, Barcelona, 23 June 2 017.
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A doctor told her to quit school. Instead, she bought a plane ticket – and hasn’t stopped traveling since

“Quit school,” he advised. “You won’t be able to move around much longer. Buy a wheelchair.” He said it was unlikely [Kam] Redlawsk would meet anyone with the same ailment.

“I was like, ‘Screw you,’” Redlawsk recalled. She vowed to get her degree. She picked out a cane and ankle braces to steady her gait. And she did something she had put off for years. She bought a ticket to her birth country. That day. Seoul, she would learn, burned bright and bustled. Redlawsk shopped the teeming streets of Myeongdong, slurped bowls of broth swimming with rice cakes and dumplings, and hiked a mountain to marvel at the Wonju countryside. (x)

Person: “We are probably overvaccinating our pets and more research needs to be done to determine the amount of vaccination that is actually necessary as overvaccination might have adverse effects on an animal’s health.”

Me: “Yes, good.”

Person: “Vaccines are bad, don’t vaccinate your pets.”

Me: “Hand over your pets and go to your room.”

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Who do you think Jon is talking to in the trailer. Can't be Dany because Starks and Targaryens didn't fight alongside, and can't be Lannister either. Won't be Edmure because the Tullys are family to Sansa etc and won't need persuading to fight. So who do you think it could be

oh my first guess was to dany but it now seems more likely he was addressing the northerners?