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Kimheenim: Lee Hyuk Jae, this fella, looks like he has bought the earphone that was meant to be given to me. #IntimateNote

EH: When will it end?

HC: 12 o'clock..?

EH: ㄷㄷ…alright got it

HC: Have to take a proof shot though

EH: I’ll give it to you tomorrow keke 2014.07.11

EH: Hyung, where are you

HC: Workplace. This punk, you became benevolent huh bastard keke

EH: No, what’s the point of buying this

EH: if the owner does not appear

T/N: In Intimate Note, the members called Eunhyuk a scrooge for being stingy. So, I guess Heechul was mocking him about that calling him benevolent

cr: heartheesubs

@WM_OHMYGIRL: [#미미]얼마남지 않은 이 행복한 날을 떠나보내기가 슬프지만! 보내줘야 내일을 또 함께 보낼 수 있으니깐욥 크크 오늘을 여러분들과 함께 보낼 수 있었고 또 축하해줘서 정말 감사해욥 정말! 행복한 하루였어요!

[#Mimi] It’s sad to say goodbye to such a happy day! But I have to in order to spend tomorrow with you too keke I was able to spend the day with all of you, and thank you so much for congratulating me! It was such a happy day! 

Trans: roz @ fyohmygirl
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