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Butterflies pt. 2

Jungkook X Reader
Genre: Fluff

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Jungkook looks away from the figure that had caught his attention earlier when his phone chimes, announcing a new group chat message.

‘Hey, since tomorrow is the weekend, let’s meet up.’

Not even minute later the chat starts flooding with collective agreement, except one.

'Sorry, everyone. I can’t come tomorrow.’

________. Her message makes him frown, he had hoped to see her again somehow.

Someone asks her why and after a few second her message pops up.

'I’m leaving later today. Sorry :(’

His heart drops. Back to America? He had somehow forgotten to ask her the more important things, instead his clumsy self had kept trying to make her smile.

'Look at this while you have the meet up tomorrow, keke ^^’

Her emoji makes him smile as he can imagine quite well how she would have looked if she had said this in person.

Cloud barks. Jungkook glances away from the screen to check on his old dog. Old thing was scowling at the retreating and returning waves, curious but scared at the same time.

At least Cloud wasn’t attempting to take a swim in his age, Jungkook really did not want to walk around drenched.

The phone in his hand keeps chiming but his eyes wander and land on the petite figure again, closer this time, seems like they had stopped walking, looking at their phone.

Not a lot of people come out to the beach that early in the morning.

After watching the figure for a while, he checks the group chat and is thrown off by all the pictures being sent in. He scrolls to the last read message.

'Ya, that’s not enough. Send a real picture, ________-ie.’

'You first, class clown.’

The photo below shows Jonghyun making a heart with his thumb and index finger.

Jonghyun, that idiot, liked teasing her whenever he had the chance just like in elementary school the other day. Jungkook had wondered if a crush was involved even back in the days but if there was then it didn’t show anymore.

Guess there is one good thing coming from Jonghyun’s teasing.

Jungkook and ________ had held hands.

A grin tugs at his lips thinking back to how startled she had been when he curled his hand around hers.

Her hands had felt so small compared to his, so delicate and soft. So her.

When he scrolls down, Jungkook’s heart picks up in speed seeing the preview of the next photo.

His eyes shift between the screen and the figure in front of him and a split second later he’s sure that it’s her.

Not being able to fight the smile, he whistles for Cloud to follow him as he approaches her from the back but instead of calling for her like any normal person would, Jungkook takes a picture and sends it into the group chat.

Waiting patiently, he can hear her mutter something under her breath. Then she turns around and jumps. “Aish, Jungkook, you scared me.” Hearing her same his name felt so surreal, he never thought he’d see her again, but here she is, right in front of him, looking as beautiful as ever.

“Oh,” Her eyes focus on something on the ground. “Cloud! Hey, handsome boy.” Nostalgia fills him at her nickname for his dog.
Cloud couldn’t exactly be called a handsome dog, which is what Jungkook had always teased him about.

“He’s old boy now.” Jungkook feels the urge to take a picture, seeing her hold Cloud so lovingly, wanting to capture this cute moment.

“No, he’s still as handsome as I last saw him.” She giggles when Cloud shamelessly licks her chin, probably remembering her. “Poor thing, you already have such a dry tongue. You jaw must also be in pain.”

Her eyes glance at Jungkook briefly for confirmation. “How do you know?”

“I work at the pet clinic. That’s why I need to leave-” She breaks off mid sentence, leaving him standing there as she retreats further back, fleeing from the waves. “Ah, cold, cold.”

Looking down at her feet, he sees that she was barefoot. “Where are your shoes?”

“Over there.” Her attention was on Cloud, inspecting him, he wish she’d do the same to him. “He really is old.”

Her voice makes his heart do weird things, he doesn’t like to see her sad even if it is the smallest bit. Wanting to distract her, Jungkook walks over and pats her head. “Don’t be sad, you still have me.”

He watches the corner of her mouth curve, but she presses them close in an attempt to hide that. Did she like that idea?

Ignoring him, ________ starts walking towards her shoes, making him chuckle. Things still haven’t changed. She had always just walked away when she didn’t have a response..

It’s an endearing habit.

“________-ie, wait up.” She looks over her shoulder and in that moment he can’t help but stare in awe at her sheer beauty. The sea breeze blowing softly makes her hair fly around her face, her flowy part of her dress shifting dangerously high, as her eyes look at him patiently. “You’re so beautiful (nomu areumdawo).”

“Hm?” She blinks while frowning softly. “Sorry, what did you say?”

“Huh?” Had he said that aloud. Idiot. “Eh, let’s go.” Joining her side, he can’t help but press a hand against her backside, gently guiding her up the beach. “Aren’t you cold?”

“No.” He counters her sheepish smile with a dubious look. “OK, maybe a little. I forgot how chilly it can be in the morning.”

At least she’s wearing something warm on top, only the dress proved to be a problem. In more ways than just one.

“How can you forget, you used to always make me take off my clothes for you.”

“Ya, don’t make if sound like I forced you.” Her gaze defensive, he smiles at her expression. “You insisted, remember?”

Her cuteness was overflowing, he snickers and pats her head. “Then should I insist now?”

“What?” Her eyes lower to the long sleeve cotton shirt he was wearing and then she looks away quickly. “No.”

He catches the shift in her expression and when he takes a closer look, he laughs openly. “Are you blushing, ________?”

Her pace quickens but Jungkook is able to keep up without much effort. “Why? What were you thinking of?”

Judging from her body language, she was about to bold but before she can run away from him he catches her elbow careful not to jerk her. “I’ll stop now.” Her eyes lift up to him, wary, her cheeks indeed flushed. “Don’t run away from me, ________-ie.”

Stay with me, he doesn’t say because it would sound like, too much. Right?

Smiling down at her, she cracks a smile when she feels Cloud nuzzling her neck again. Lucky, old dog.

Arriving at her abandoned shoes, she has no choice but to lower Cloud back onto the sand. Seeing her struggle putting on her shoes without anything to hold onto, Jungkook offers his arm.

“Oh, thank you.” Gingerly, almost shy, she puts her hand on his forearm slipping into her shoes and then let’s go soon after.

“When is your flight?” Her head turn in his direction, an amused smile playing on her lips.

“Where do you think I’m going, Jungkook? A train ticket is all I need to Seoul.” Hope spikes in him at her response. “You do know that I don’t live in America anymore, right?” A hand collides with his arm when he shakes his head, guilty. “Ya, why were you doing when we did the talk round?”

Staring at you, he doesn’t say as that might scare her, instead he wraps an arm around her shoulder. “Sorry, tell me again, please?” Her eyes peering at him with a soft pout, he can’t help but grin. “You never liked it when I didn’t listen to you.”

Her glare deepens, at least she isn’t pushing his arm away. “If you know then you should have listened in the first place.”

“I was a little bit distracted.” When curiosity replaces her glare, he gives her a meaningful look. And after a moment she understands, looking away coyly.

“You still could have paid attention, though.” She mutters quietly, a smile fighting it’s way through. “Ah, right. Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because everyone already knows.” It’s not like he had chosen to not say anything, they had skipped him. He chuckles remembering the confused look she had given him. “You’re curious, right?”


Looking down at her from the side, he ponders whether to tell her or not, he had liked hearing that she didn’t know about his profession.

He leans in as if it’s a secret. “You’ll find out back in Seoul.”

“Ah.” This time she does push him away, her temper flaring. “Why can’t you just tell me?”

It was probably not a good idea to laugh in this moment but he couldn’t help it, she was just too adorable. “It’s not that important anyway.”

Crossing her arms, she gives him one last glare before walking away. He shakes his head, his face beaming.

Approaching her from the back, Jungkook lifts her up, making sure to trap her skirt beneath his hand.

“What are you doing?” Her voice alarmed, she puts an arm behind his neck.

“Now that I’m older and stronger I can do this.” As a child he had attempted to carry her all the time as they spent most of their childhood at the beach. “And I won’t even drop you.”

“Yes, please don’t drop me.” Her grip tightens, horrified at the idea of falling. “Is there a reason for you to do this?”

By the way she was avoiding his gaze, he knew that she was flustered again. “I don’t know, I just felt like it.” He says honestly and shifts her higher to get a secure hold.

“Eh, Jungkook, what are you planning?” By the tone of her voice it doesn’t seem like she liked the idea of him walking to the waves. “Please, don’t.”

He hasn’t planned to do anything but since she was already so scared he might as well taunt her.

“I feel like you need some refreshing.”

“What kind of- oh, sorry.” Her hair had flown right into his face due to the wind. She makes a sound of frustration when it won’t stay out of her face. Cute.

When Jungkook looks down, his eyes almost bulge, the wind had also caused her skirt to ride up as he was carrying her, he had a good hold of the back of her skirt but the front part, he could not control.

Feeling warm all of a sudden, Jungkook turns around and places her back on the sand.

As soon as she is on her own two feet, he can feel her fingers wrapping around his wrist, dragging him away from the water.

“________-ah.” He uses his other hand in order to grasp her hand in his. “Let’s take a picture before you leave.”

Something like amusement flashes in her eyes when she looks over her shoulder. “I’m just going to Seoul and aren’t you living there now as well?”

Tugging on her hand, careful not to jerk her, Jungkook takes his phone out and aims the lens at her taking a shot before she can react.


Chuckling, he wraps an arm around her shoulder, flipping the camera around. “The right angle….”

Searching for the perfect lighting he keeps twisting them around in circle making her giggle. “Jungkook-ah, hurry (balli).”

“OK, OK.” Stopping to face the sun, he looks down at her for a second, her cheeks balled up from her laughing.

Seeing him looking at her, she does the same and his breathe hitches finding the pure joy shining in her eyes. Something like pride swells knowing that he put that bright emotion on her face, lighting up her features.

Jungkook’s lips twitch distractedly when he feels her poking his stomach. “I’m not ticklish, ________-ie. But you are if I remember correctly.”

The poking stops, she doesn’t say a word but the warning in her eyes is enough to tell him that he should not re-freshen his memory.

“Picture, picture.” He prompts her instead, nudging her arm. “Quick, my arm is about to fall off.”

Murmuring something that sounded a lot like 'your own fault for staring’, she focuses on the phone once more and smiles as if nothing happened.


— — — — —

“Jungkook-ah, you know I can’t eat that much, right?” She looks at the cart he had pulled up next to her, shocked to see all the snacks. “It’s only three hours.”

“It’s not a lot.” He put another bag of chips in there. “You’ll manage.”

“I don’t think I will,” She grabs a bag and reads the description. “I will be sleeping anyway.” Talking about sleep makes her yawn. She hadn’t gotten a lot of sleep the previous night as she had woken up early to go to the beach one last time before departing.

“Sleep? You shouldn’t when you’re alone.”

“I know, but I’m so tired. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay awake, especially if there is nothing to keep me busy.”

“Mhm…” Jungkook purses his lips, his rare dimple appearing. “Do you have a Melon streaming pass?”

“Yeah. Why (wae)?”

“I’ll give you a mission.” Mission? What kind of mission could he give me with an app? “Come let’s pay first, then I’ll explain.”

“I’ll pay, since I’m eating it.” She says just to make sure that he wouldn’t insist.

“________, not everything is for you.” He reveals, a gentle smile tugging on his lips.

“Oh, OK.” Jungkook then proceeds to gather up all the things that are supposedly his, leaving only three bags of snacks for me to pay for.
Suspicious about his intention she waits for her turn and once they’re done they walk out of the supermarket with each a bag in hand, his much bigger than hers.

Taking a seat at the train station, Jungkook holds his hand out, she regards him questioningly . “Your phone.”

Reaching into her bag, she obediently hands her cellphone to him with anticipation of what he might want to do with it. But he doesn’t explain, instead he starts typing away at the screen in concentration.

Getting out the book that she had bought earlier, she starts reading but before doing so she glances at him to see his eyebrows drawn together, focused on his task.

It brings a smile to her face.

20 minutes later it is announced that the train back to Seoul would arriving in a few minutes, checking up on Jungkook she realizes that he had been long finished. “Why didn’t you say you were done?”

Shutting the book she slips it back into her bag. “I didn’t want to disturb you.”

She had a feeling that he himself didn’t wanted to get disturbed from staring at her again, which she noticed him doing a lot today.

She had stopped calling him out on it and just took it even though it made her a little bit uncomfortable as his eyes were her favorite feature on him.

“What’s the mission?” She asks before she has to leave.

“Find out about me.”

“What?” He made it sound so simple, as if he is the president or something. “How am I supposed to do that?”

Returning the phone back to her, Jungkook tabs the screen twice. “I put a few hints in there, it shouldn’t be hard to figure out what my profession is.”

“You chose the time when I’m the most exhausted to have me play detective?” Disbelief clear in her voice, she pouts. “Can’t you just tell me?”

“Nope, don’t be so lazy, ________.” He grins cheekily.

Her groan gets swallowed up by the train arriving, the wind once again making her hair to turn into a mess.

A finger touches her face, she blinks up at Jungkook who had stepped closer to slide her hair behind her ear, fixing it for her.

When he tilts his head to the side, the corners of his mouth hinting at a smile, she can’t help but feel sad about them having to part ways again. “Take care, Jungkook.”

His eyebrows lift in amusement. “You make it sound like we will never see each other again.” She wasn’t sure. Living in the same city doesn’t necessarily mean that they will.

“Then, see you in Seoul?” It’s sounds more like a question.

Laughing under his breath, he puts a hand on top of her hair. “Yeah, see you in Seoul.” Why do his words make her feel so giddy?

She smiles and grabs her overnight bag from his hand. “Bye bye.”

“Bye bye.” Jungkook mimics her, she giggles and moves to board the train.

“________-ie.” Her heart swells at his continues use of endearment, she spins and is unable to contain the smile. He had his arms opened wide in invitation.

“We’ll see each other in Seoul anyway.” Despite her words, she doesn’t hesitate to step into his awaiting arms, biting down on her lips contented as his warmth surrounds her.

“I’ll continue to chat with you, so you don’t feel so bored alone.” She nods her head, liking that very much. “Don’t forget about your mission. I’ll ask you about that next time.”

“OK.” The only thing staying in her head is 'next time’. “I’ll try to be the best detective.”

“Good.” He slides his hand down the length of her hair. Pulling away they gaze at each other until it is announced that the train will be departing soon.

“I’ll go now.” Even though he had assured her that they were going to meet again, her heart turns somber as she waves at him.

“See you soon, ________-ie.”

Unlike last time where they had said their cute farewells with mini her in tears, today he had insinuated many times that it won’t be like that again. She felt grateful towards him for reassuring her.

“See you soon, Jungkook.” This time for real, she takes the steps into the train and finds herself an empty seat by the window. After making sure that everything was in place and secure, she looks out and jumps startled. Shortly after though, she burst out into fits of laughter.

Jungkook being Jungkook had followed her through the window and was pulling funny faces, like the dork that he is.

“Stop it.” She knocks her fingers against the glass in a playful way. Since the top window was opened, she was pretty sure that he could hear her. “Get home safely, Jungkook.”

On the other side of the glass, Jungkook nods and shows her two thumbs up. “Don’t forget about your mission.” He reminds her again.

“I won’t.” She hears the doors of the train closing and waves again. “Bye bye.”

The train pulls away slowly and the last thing she sees is his handsome, bright smile.
This time it doesn’t feel like the ending for them instead it felt like the beginning of their relationship.

See you soon

His words keep repeating in her head and to her somehow they sounded like a promise of a long road ahead of them.

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IG• 140711 Heechul igupdate

Kimheenim: Lee Hyuk Jae, this fella, looks like he has bought the earphone that was meant to be given to me. #IntimateNote

EH: When will it end?

HC: 12 o'clock..?

EH: ㄷㄷ…alright got it

HC: Have to take a proof shot though

EH: I’ll give it to you tomorrow keke 2014.07.11

EH: Hyung, where are you

HC: Workplace. This punk, you became benevolent huh bastard keke

EH: No, what’s the point of buying this

EH: if the owner does not appear

T/N: In Intimate Note, the members called Eunhyuk a scrooge for being stingy. So, I guess Heechul was mocking him about that calling him benevolent

cr: heartheesubs