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Spain rolled on his bed grunting at the sound of his alarm clock. He slamed his arm in the direction of the beeps a few times before he hit the off button. ‘Finally’ he thought and tried to get some more sleep, but a couple of minutes later he realized he wasnt going to get any more.

Reluctantly he sat on his bed and rubbed his eyes before opening them. The white courtains moved with the warm breeze allowing the sun rays to get into Spains’ room. The bright light making him close his eyes slightly as they adjusted.

'At least the sun i out already’. It was a sin to wake up a sunday with the sun still not high in the sky. He turned to the alarm clock to look at the time but what first caugh his attention was the smaller letters that had the date: february 12th.

Antonio parked his so called ‘car’, as fast as he could do it safely, right across the street from the coffee shop he was supposed to be fifteen minutes ago. He ran into the shop, making the little bell ring as he stopped to look around for the Italian, his breath heavy from all the hurry. “Please be here…” He muttered to himself.