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For those who are able to go back to the Engeki Haikyuu Exhibition after May 10th, they’ve added new exhibits now featuring the props and sets from Winners and Losers, which has just finished touring!  


Okay….Im about to rant here and curse and you’re free to ignore this but I’m done…

Whoever it is you think you are and i don’t care if you feel like you have some sort of entitlement to do this, but you fucking don’t. It is not okay in any way to insult someone who pours their effort into their art or blogs. As of late BTS has been getting so much hate and threats that its’s freaking ridiculous. Not only that but it seems the hate is spreading to bts blogs and ask blogs. So before this gets out of hand I’m calling out all you haters out there those who are too scared to reveal themselves (you’re so brave *SARCASM*)

First of all artist and blogs here post what they want because they have the freedom to express themselves. Who the fuck are you to insult someone’s blog just because. No one has the right to insult someone for their art either. You are no one to decide if they should die or delete their blog. Are you some god? Because I’m sure you’re not. This community doesn’t need your input…didn’t ask for your input. Go take your negativity and hate to someone who cares (only yourselves probably). If you want to talk it out I have no problem giving any of you anonymous or not a piece of my mind. I don’t give a fuck if you think you have the right to bash on someone but I’m here to bring all of you haters back to reality. You don’t. You can, but you don’t. I don’t know if all of you are seeking attention or merely doing it for the sake of making your pathetic selves feel better. Whatever the case you guys need to get your lives together and contemplate on what you say. I’m so done with all these haters to people who don’t deserve this and I’m ready to fight all of you for the sake of protecting my friends, blogs, and askblogs alike because at least in this community we’re kind and united.

Okay…phew sorry now on to my important message:

Artist, blogs and ask blogs alike: YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE APPREACIATED!!! If you get any messages from any hater anons. IGNORE THEM! You deserve to be loved. You are all amazing. Every artist has their different means of expression in the way they draw. Every blog likes different things and that’s okay because we should all be open minded people. We all have different kinds of ship or the same ships we like. We’re all real people too. With feelings insecurities and talent. It matters not where you come from or who you are, but I refuse to simply accept all this hate. I stan all of you amazing blogs whether it be BTS or kpop in general. I stand for all of you. I am here to say that I refuse to let the hate out of hand. Let’s all stand together and protect our boys and our community. I LOVE ALL OF YOU SERIOUSLY. I SHALL SHOWER ALL OF YOU WITH LOVE!


Also @ask-witch-jungkook you are such a lovely person. You don’t deserve the hate you are getting. You are loved and everyone in this community especially the askblog communities will protect you and fight for you. I enjoy seeing you on my feed and i enjoy your art so much. I hope that anon at least has the balls to reveal themselves or thye might be too scared to do that. I have your back sweetie and we all know you are far too amazing to deserve the hate. I love you and block out the haters ;)

dan and phil subconsciously have picked up traits from each other over the years. their friends often comment on it, but they just can’t see it. dan has started to stick his tongue out slightly when he laughs, and phil has started to be more sarcastic. whenever their friends insist that they’re slowly becoming one person, they’ll simply laugh and deny it.