for those who watch it

This scene proves to the world what an incredible, pure and dedicated actor Finn Wolfhard is. The strength and emotion in this clip is enough to move anyone, including those who have not watched Stranger Things. This is what acting is. This is what talent is.

Soft summer boys~ :3c


I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made! 


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

Love wins, folks

So on June 26 two years ago, gay marriage got legalized in all states of america and I don’t even live there but for some reason I still remember the date. I know this is really late for pride month considering it’s already the last week but I swear I didn’t forget and I wanted to make something special since I know this month is special for tons of people (including me!)

Also, thanks to @windex-noises and @sassycsap for the suggesting ideas for what they should wear bc it made this 10x a lot more fun to do. 

Note to those who can’t watch the video, try going to this

not to sound ungrateful about the andi mack news and disney’s “groundbreaking” move but they could’ve broken ground in 2014 by letting Riley Matthews realize she was in love with her best friend Maya Hart no i’m not ever getting over it