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Fluff Week: Red team movie night!

Red team is split on movie nights, between those who enjoy watching musicals and singing along to the songs, and those who hate musicals and wish they could just have a quiet night for once.

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If you were a part of the rivals universe, who would you support Vitya or Yuuri ? Or would you support them both?

I’m not really a huge sports fan so I probably wouldn’t support either! I’m definitely not an RPF shipper so I wouldn’t be a Viktuuri fan either. I’d probably be one of those people who watched the Big Kiss like ‘oh, that’s nice for them, I hope they’re happy together’ which the in-universe figure skating fandom collectively lost their shit

Freelin Appreciation Post

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I’m sorry but I just have to give a shoutout to this couple for a second, because they are honestly my favorite thing right now and they don’t get nearly enough love on this site.

So! For those of you wlw who don’t watch The Originals, Freya and Keelin are characters on the show who meet at the start of Season 4 and eventually get together amidst lots of supernatural craziness. So, let me start by introducing my girls:


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Freya Mikaelson is a witch who’s, like, a thousand years old, and the show focuses on her and her siblings, who are all powerful vampires. Freya was taken from her family centuries ago at five years old and raised separately, and there’s a lot more backstory I won’t go into, but eventually she finds her way back to her family in Season 2. In terms of characterization, she’s closed off, guarded, starved for affection (due to her upbringing), and as the oldest sibling, she kind of feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders when it comes to protecting her family. Basically she’s super angsty, but also really adorable, and I love her. (Also, she has dimples.)


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Keelin is a werewolf/surgeon who’s introduced at the start of Season 4 when the Mikaelson family tracks her down and kidnaps her to extract her “venom”, which they need to save themselves. That’s how Keelin meets Freya, and things evolve from there and get pretty gay. Overall, Keelin is one of the more level-headed, well-adjusted characters on the show. She tends to use humor to diffuse tension and she’s very honest and straightforward about her feelings. She provides Freya with lots of support and affection and is just overall a really soft gay. We don’t know too much about her past yet, except that Keelin’s whole family was killed by vampires and that she went against her werewolf nature years ago so she could practice medicine. 


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The relationship between the two of them develops really organically and so far they’ve been treated just like any other couple on the show (i.e. good amount of screen time, kissing, sex scene, etc.) They are also beautiful, badass, and totally adorable together. The fourth season just ended, so I seriously recommend using the hiatus to binge-watch this show, because it’s surprisingly addictive and Freya and Keelin are amazing together.

Still Star-Crossed Time Slot vs. Other Period Dramas Time Slots

Eastern Time

Still Star-Crossed (ABC) : 10 pm

Galavant (ABC) : 8 pm

Once Upon A Time (ABC) : 8 pm

Reign (The CW) : 8 pm

Game of Thrones (HBO), 9 pm

Period dramas are a niche and most children and millennials are watching TV between 7-10 pm.

Why ABC did not choose to broadcast SSC on Prime Time to attract a wide audience like every other period dramas ?

How can you put a period drama without sex and violence at 10 PM after Reality TV?

Do you really think that those who watch RTV  are the target audience of period dramas?

Journalists have been comparing the ratings of Mistress and SSC because the first one was broadcast during the same period last year but, you can’t compare a drama TV about adultery with a cutable millennial period drama like SSC.

So with the lack of promotion, this horrible schedule is another proof ABC did not want to do the best to give Still Star Crossed a chance to succeed.

Happy Cardinal Sinday 😈

Okay I’ve got two words to describe yesterday’s episode without giving away any of the plot: Scary & Sad. That pretty much all I’ll say about the episode for now. I thought it was good but yeah scary or more like creepy and sad.

I wish you all a lovely day and I hope that you guys who haven’t seen the episode yet will “enjoy it” 😘❤️

And for those of you who has watched it feel free to message me if you guys want to discuss it! I definitely have the need of discussing it…

Hugs 🤗

Liveblog (LB 2)

We do not kill female characters. We make them kill those who try to kill them, like they should.

Also, watch me fix what I hated about Marvel with this magical unicorn called self-indulgent fiction. *slams the keyboard*

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i think oikawa is one of those bad boys who likes to give oral, watching their partner squirm under his grip and just tease them until he's satisfied with his handiwork ;9

10/10 agree because he gets off on his partner’s pleasure. He won’t even get to the main course until he’s had you orgasm by his mouth at least twice. ;)

-Admin Lana

Blood Stained Glory - Part 2

Men were running all around her. Not in fear. The fearful had been corralled into large groups as they watched their town burn. Those who ran now were running between those buildings that were still standing, their hands laden with whatever treasures they could find. There was laughter. A chorus of it that seemed to be carried by the rushing air created by all of the blazing houses. She turned yet another corner to find three strangely dressed men standing around a large flaming pit. All three wore thick leather jackets which proudly displayed the seal marking them out as Lord Morden’s latest military fascination; Pyromancers. Each man had their hands splayed outwards towards the fire. Morbid curiosity overtook Agatha and she stared into the pit, and immediately wished that she hadn’t.

“You’re burning the bodies?” She said in shock.

“Do you think Christ will mind?” The nearest pyromancer asked without turning. “Personally I think not.”

Agatha was too stunned to reply. The Pyromancer turned around and stepped towards her, his right hand raised to his shoulder with the fingers curled slightly.

“Sometimes I wonder.” He said. The collar on the jacket the Pyromancers wore buckled up to their noses, obscuring their faces from view. In battle, they wore steel helmets wrapped in linen, though these were notably absent. The only feature about his face that could be seen were a pair of mismatched and blue and green eyes that struck her like a thunderbolt even through the grubby glass lenses of his goggles. She recognised him immediately. He had accompanied her on the hastily built raft that bore them across the moat that morning, just before dawn, as Lord Morden rained fire from his beloved ballistae on the main gate. They had huddled together on the raft for the hundred yards or so as they Prayed that they wouldn’t be spotted by any watchmen on the walls by the keep. Fortune had favoured them that day.

“When I stand before St Peter, naked as the day I was born, will it be enough to say that I did thusly, because I was ordered to do it? If one man compels another to act, which is the guilty party? This question rattled around in my mind all morning, but then the irrelevancy of the matter struck me. Blood on your hands is blood on your hands, irrespective of who moved you to act. Why dwell on the truth, when I knew it all along?”

“It’s all well and good to develop a conscience after the fact. I don’t recall your ravings about morality when you incinerated them while they were still alive. It sounds to me like you have little more than a conscience of convenience.” Agatha replied. “Besides,” She continued. “I am no philosopher, why ask me these questions?”

“I don’t know really.” The pyromancer replied. “You were the first person to speak to us since we were ordered to incinerate the corpses. They’re the enemy of course. Our boys and girls are being loaded onto the back of the wagons, no doubt Morden has some spots picked out for them. Only the best for those who died wearing our colours.” His eyes burned with hatred. Agatha felt strangely fearful. Here was a man who could eviscerate her with little more effort than was required to tie his boot laces. She noticed a strange knife strapped to his belt. It looked cruel.

“I look around at all this, at all we did today.” The Pyromancer continued. “And I wonder, would Christ do thusly?” With his piercing eyes he looked through Agatha’s and into her very skull as he slowly curled the fingers on his right hand. As he did so, the fire pit began to burn brighter, hotter and higher into the sky. The other two men backed away a little as he increased the intensity further and further until it built into the fiery crescendo that blazed with such ferocity that Agatha found herself involuntarily turning her head slightly and raising her hand to her exposed cheek, though she never managed to tear her eyes away from the pyromancer. And then, he flicked his fingers open and the fire ceased instantly. The heat and light disappeared with the flames, and all that remained was a blackened rectangular hole filled with ash.

“I just realised something.” He said, his unblinking eyes unnerving her. “I’m still here, alive and well. So are you. Here’s the only truth I know of right now. If Christ saw what any of us did here today, he didn’t seem to mind.”

Agatha’s heart fluttered for a moment. She had never heard someone talk in that way before. There was something so dreadfully terrifying about the way he carried himself, and the way he spoke. He had great power, and he knew how to use it effortlessly.

He turned back to his companions. “Fill in the hole!” He ordered. “And use your shovels. They deserve that much at least.” He looked over the burning town and muttered under his breath. “I am done with all this bloody business.”

He began to walk away with the confident stride of a man with purpose. She knew, somehow, that he was not merely abandoning the task of disposing of the bodies. Few things disgusted her more than those who abandoned their duty, and so Agatha found her voice at last.

“Has his Lordship given you permission to leave?” She demanded, her right hand gripping the handle of her sword.

He turned, and looked through her one last time. And then, to her utter shock, he barked at her. Loudly, and sharply. Once, twice and then a third time. Each bark was louder and more pronounced than the last. After the fifth time he stopped.

“Perhaps you can understand that better.” He said.

The cold silence that lingered between them shook her to her core. Maybe she should not have spoken, but she was a knight in the service of Lord Morden. She could not disgrace the title and position given to her by allowing a man to leave in such a disrespectful and unjustified manner. She was saving him from desertion, saving him from the noose. No matter how powerful he might be, none could escape the wrath of Morden once stirred. Despite that, she feared that this pyromancer held a very different world view. But then, the familiar galloping of hooves came her way.

“Sir Agatha!” The boy messenger shouted. “His Lordship is waiting.”

There was no worse time for the boy to have arrived. Without even looking over at the pyromancer, she knew that she had just lost. But the man was not yet done.

“Be a good bitch and run along.” He said. “Your master is calling.”

Her face flushed with rage. She felt her skin boiled hotter than a flame. How dare he?! How dare he speak that way to her in that way? She, who had fought tooth and nail to be addressed as a knight. She, who had stormed the walls of the bailey first. She, who had killed more people that morning than Broadshield could possibly hang in a week. Her nostrils flared outwards, and a thick red fog began to descend over her eyes, but duty restrained her. Duty was her real master, and it pulled her around and pushed her towards Lord Morden. She felt the eyes of the Pyromancer stab through her spine, and without being able to see it somehow she knew he was smiling too, yet onwards she walked and began to put the man out of her mind.

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My straight friend came with me to pride to show support but ended up being a buzzkill and didn't want to dance or do anything and I couldn't just leave her alone so I sat with her the WHOLE time and I couldn't fulfill my dream to dance with a cute girl and pride and that's how my first pride was ruined :/

I mean if your friend is uncomfortable or shy or just overall not someone who wants to stand out, you really shouldn’t blame her.  I’m one of those people who just enjoy staying in the background and enjoy watching everyone else.  Next time, just bring a friend you know will be ~all out~ there with you.  I always try to bring/invite a friend who would suit the event I’m going to.

Soft summer boys~ :3c


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

I drew this based upon this post that @rex101111 made!