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PSA To FanFic Writers

If you enjoy writing and you’re generally too busy to write, that’s okay! Nobody worth thinking about is going to berate you for putting real life first.

If you’re feeling unmotivated, that’s okay! You just need to take some time and wait until that urge comes back, or power through it and get it done if that’s a system that works for you!

Please, please don’t get all stressed about your followers leaving or saying rude things if they get impatient. If they don’t want to stick around for greatness, then that’s their own fault! As a reader and a friend, I can promise you that we put your well-being over our anxious wait for that next chapter.

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On Fandom Negativity:

I get it. You like criticizing things, and it makes you feel better about yourself, or it gives you somewhat of an outlet. I understand, okay? Nobody can stop you from voicing your opinion, or saying something’s bad, or nitpicking something. It’s your right to say what you feel is wrong with something, or to say something isn’t going the way you want it to.

But you know what you have no right to do?

Step on those who still like something. You have no RIGHT to crush people under your heel with aggression just because they say something nice about what you dislike/criticize, or because they enjoy it. LET. PEOPLE. LIKE. SOMETHING. Let me tell you something, I can deal with negativity, alright?

But only when there’s a balance. Nowadays, for example, a new episode of SU airs, you know what’s in the tags? Almost nothing but negativity. I used to see people posting little blurbs about parts of the episode they liked, or something that excited them! I would see people yelling about things in the tag! They were happily enjoying a cartoon! But now, I don’t even bother going into the tags because it is almost NOTHING but holier-than-thou criticism and blatant hatred and disappointment. You wanna know where all the positive people went? They were harassed into silence. Either silently or vocally. People are told on a regular basis to kill themselves over a fictional pairing of characters. If people say anything positive about what they like, SOMEONE feels the need to come along and knock them down a peg. Do you see people doing that to those who are being negative? Maybe now and then, but more often than not, the people who still like the thing will go quiet. They won’t bother saying they like it anymore. They repress themselves for fear of bringing on the hatred of those who make it their goal to step all over something.

I tried to cut myself out of the fandom recently. I told myself, no more fanart. No more posting about it. No more making theories. No more enjoying the thing I love so much out loud.

I let myself get stomped out.

I was done. I still am semi-done. Let. People. Enjoy. Things. Stop going on crusades to knock people down because you disagree with them.

And guys! If you like a thing!!! Talk about it! Don’t let this stuff silence you!!!

I did, and I regret it.

I know I can’t fix this problem. I know I can’t stop people from being negative. In a few years, they’ll get over this need to constantly crush something that isn’t worth their time crushing. But until then… you know what I can do?

Be positive.

If I can even balance out a LITTLE of the hatred with all of this overflowing love I have for something, I’m going to do it. I’m done letting myself be silenced.

And I suggest you do too. If you get people hating on you for something innocuous, ignore them. Block them. Don’t let them run your life. Be happy. Enjoy things. Live.

Life’s too short to criticize cartoons.

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I'm so worried about what's going to happen with Touka that I feel really out of it. I've been very invested in the story, and particularly the characters (especially Kaneki and Touka), it's stressing me out so much honestly even though it's just fiction. I know this is a tragic story, but Touka's the heroine, someone who I really wanted to see more of. If she dies now after we finally got her back in a central role in the story it will hurt (even more because I know some people want her to die)

oh man I’m sorry if I’ve freaked you out with my panicking, honestly I do a lot of yelling about these things mostly as an outlet! I know it doesn’t mean much, but try not to stress about something that has yet to come. There’s absolutely no guarantee that any of these ‘death flags’ we’re reading into are legitimately foreshadowing her death rather than just that foreboding sense of danger that has now reached :re’s doorstep. And I know it can be scary when you’re so invested in characters- I am too- but let’s just tackle that hurdle if it ever comes.

I can’t say it definitely won’t happen- only Ishida knows that. But maybe this might put you at ease and take away some stress.

List of major characters that had HUGE death flags and didn’t die:

  • Hinami in Cochlea Arc complete with art showing a line across her neck
  • Ui (although its unclear whether he’s currently suffering a slow death from smokers lung)
  • Mutsuki 
  • Seidou- I was convinced he wasn’t coming off Rushima alive
  • Yomo- legit had an entire chapter of flashbacks before getting sliced across the neck; he’s just fine and dandy
  • Ayato- got blown up about 3 times consecutively
  • Touka last arc when she asked Kaneki to talk before a big mission- she was fine, they got to talk
  • Almost every singly character in this series

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twitter(.)com/hscruei/status/856288677168918528 oh no Waliyha baby what! Is you doing? This is embarrassing

Hi anon,

Well, as I keep saying till I’m blue in the face, she’s doing her bit along with the family to protect Zayn and I believe his relationship with Liam. 

if that means ‘lying’ to a load of strangers so be it.  She uses a pap pic to support it rather than an intimate pic which if we were to believe  gigi who’s been proven to have lied thru her teeth about this before then she’d have loads of those of the two of them being ‘sisters’ 

I’ll say it for the last time tonight, we may yet get ZIgI later but if we don’t, then all the above is just continuining the illusion and implication of a relationship by social media and allows Zayn to be wherever he wants in the world and people don’t question it.

 But we’ll see. 

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Can someone comfort me? An asshole from my class Just found embarassing movie where me and my friends are joking that we are summoning ghosts and sent link to everyone. They are laughing at me even if this stupid movie is from September 2014 and we were Kids Then.

People really have a lot of time to waste.

I’m sorry it happened to you but I think the best way you can go about this is to pretend it doesn’t affect you.

Play it off as a joke, when they try to mock you for it you can laugh in their faces and say something like “oh yeah you saw that? Man that’s embarrassing ! We were so young and we wanted to try it as a joke, didn’t work though ! Oh but you all probably did it, or were you one of those kid who were too scared to even try?”.

I see, by putting them on the spot like that you will force them to confess that they did the same thing and so they won’t be able to ridicul you anymore. And if they try to call it too stupid you can always continue by joking about it and saying that it’s because it was stupid that it was funny then.

not to be dramatic but after a lot of soul searching i’m cutting this scene from the last avatar

like it’s supposed to be a royal feast but it looks like a cheap middle school barbecue or something i hate it. so i WAS gonna re-draw the whole thing to be more grand but i decided that was too much work for a whole scene so i’m cutting it lmao. but obviously i want to keep the part where korra finds out it was tonraq and tenzin who put her in the compound and not aang, so i’m gonna add those lines to their conversation in the city. it’s mostly closeups so it’ll be easy-ish to remove the feast background and put city background.

i also cut out the opening scenes of episode 2 cuz i realized they’re redundant in movie form. overall the whole beginning of the movie is much more… movie-like now, you’ll see!

so now ep1 is down to 10 minutes, ep2 is 13 minutes, and the whole movie is estimated 2 hours 47 minutes. which is like! normal movie length! on the longer end obviously but that’s what i’m shooting for anyway!



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Until next time~

I’m offering $10 commissions, that is:
$10 for one character and $5 for any additional character
(transparent background or simple gradient)

Price may vary depending upon request or amount of details.

If you wish to get one, simply send me references for the character you want me to draw and any details you see necessary!

I usually do a sketch before accepting payment and also may send you WIPs to coordinate my work in a better way.


- I may do some nsfw, but it won’t be uploaded to this blog
- Methods of payment: PayPal only
- When sending an e-mail, be sure to include your request and character reference in the first message
- This may take some time (applies mostly to those who will end up being the last on queue)


Preferably human, cartoony, anthro or any human-like character.
Can’t say there are any restrictions so ask if you feel unsure!

(tumblr messaging’s ok too, I guess?)

P.S. As noted in this post, I usually recieve more notes than I can/want to take for one batch. I will suggest another way of picking out requests next time.

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Do we think that ziam are married or engaged or boyfriends?

Well I can’t speak for everyone, I think everyone has their own opinions on it especially since we don’t know zayn and liam personally but I definitely think they’re boyfriends - defo committed to each other long term I could see them being married or wanting to be married to each other (but again idk anything).

They also have cartier jewellery (which symbolizes love and commitment between couples) that they started wearing and it hasn’t been connected to any of the beards so who else would it be for? Answer: it’s ziam.

Zayn also has his mandala tattoos, this post explains the significance.

also the ziam ring theories

Have a look through those links if you feel like it and decide for yourself is the best I can say :)

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I'm an asexual, aromantic, agender person and I'm starting college in the fall and I really want to join my schools LGBTQ group but idk if I really belong. I believe myself to be in the group but I see a lot of people saying I don't belong. I don't want to like overstep my boundaries since I'm just starting college. What should I do? I hope this isn't a dumb ask

Don’t listen to those people. You are lgbt. There are exclusionists out there who are disgusting but I think in a school group you should be safe since it’s meant to be a safe and inclusive space. Even if there is an aphobe in there they wouldn’t say anything probably. Just be like bitch I’m lgbt get outta here. 😂 but if you’re still scared to say your orientation, I would tell you just to identify as queer if that makes you comfortable or to identify as LGBT or something that’s just a term for non cis het.

I promise you, you are welcome in the LGBT community and all the exclusionists within our community are just gross and pls don’t listen to them. You def belong here and we love you 💕

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Hey! I apologize I don't mean to sound critical about the fanservice, but I just wish sometimes for yoongi and jimin to do a vlive together or have those blatant moments. I am one of those shippers who really think they are dating, I just wish for them to be happy 😢-a new ym follower

there’s nothing wrong with wanting stuff like that!! i really want them to do cute vlives too,, @ bighit just debut the unit so we can see yoongi and jimin together All The Time

just thinking out loud🌿how many men do you think have had university degrees throughout history?🌹or education at all?🌿and then how many women?🌹how many women were denied entry?🌿how many women had to learn in secret?🌹how many women still are, and still do?🌿roses for them🌹roses for every woman who has ever wanted an education🌿roses to those trying🌹those who have achieved🌿those who have been denied but have live to see their granddaughters graduate🌹roses for us all, who were locked out of what should always be shared, who have had to fight for every right granted, and who must still continue fighting🌿roses for the learning women🌹

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I went through the "gender critical" tag on here and I just. ended up crying for a good hour or so because! what if they're right!!! what if im just? faking it or worse??? im just. a stupid stupid little girl.

You’re not.

The gender critical people are fucking bigoted assholes. They’re no different than Christian conservatives. You wouldn’t listen to one of those, you shouldn’t listen to terfs.

And seeing as how a terf who became a Nazi literally said “you’re not as different as you think from me”, do you really want to listen to them?

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DC Questions: Who do you want to see return in the Young Justice TV series? Black Manta? The other Runaways? The Light sans Savage? ...?

I have a theory about Black Manta coming back to kill Aquaman’s son like he does in the comics, but I doubt that would actually happen. I’m sure Savage and Darkseid will show up but I’d really like to see Deathstroke/Slade and Ra’s al Ghul some more since they’re my favorite villains.

I’d love to see the other Runaways but Virgil was the only one who wanted to stay a hero so the others may not show back up often? Stephanie Brown could return too.

It’d be great if Donna Troy showed up! And Raven and/or Starfire too! Ooo and Red Hood! I would love to see any of those characters


I have people I follow who do this and if you read this. I don’t reblog those gifsets because I don’t agree with it but if I hated you or am personally calling you out I would have unfollowed you so pls don’t feel attacked

i honestly might sound like a grumpy person but ya’ll are honestly so careless. Like i see so many fancams giffed without a logo or from a site that doesn’t allow editing. Maybe not even a link back to the video and with that also to the fansite. And i might sound really salty but I am? I’ve been in other fandoms were people did things like this too. When fansites found out they were so upset and they honestly have the right to be?? they spend so much money on the group to get into fansigns, to have a nice camera and so on. You don’t have to pay them to see the pictures or footage they take. The only way they make money is if they make a photobook or smth. And those aren’t even that expensive. 

When I posted gifs once and i lost the link to the fansite i just posted them and went looking for the link to add later. I immediately got a msg like ‘you didn’t credit the fansite!’ and thats tru i didn’t. I did add it when i found it but I could’ve just put it in drafts ((but back then i wanted to post gifs fast so i was the first to gif something)) it was stupid of me and I should’ve waited until i could link. That was also one of the reason i stopped giffing fancams. I didn’t want to accidentally gif something i wasn’t allowed to and bother with keeping logos in. I’m better at giffing now so I can do things a lot faster so i started doing it again. I wasn’t mad at the person. I was kinda upset cause I was looking it up to add it in. But the person was good on calling me out on it. They protected the fansite. 

But like i’ve seen people being called out on it now and they’re like oh i forgot or something a long those lines. But when I go through the replies on that ask it’s like ‘OMG so salty” & “stop getting your nips twisted”. People are allowed to call blogs out on it. They probably want to protect a fansite from having their content basically stolen (cause taking out their logo and not putting a link. Is basically removing all links back to that fansite. You’re taking away their name from the content) Honestly how do you ‘forget’ to not cut a logo out while you gif (if it really placed that badly for what you’re giffing… just cut it out and move it to a place where you can see it and you can crop it to your liking? i’ve done that before and it honestly really easy to do) when you upload the gifs… It’s also really obvious its from a fansite… which should make it obvious you should add a link? Like i’m not trying to say ya’ll are bad people or that you can’t forget to add a link considering i did that once. ((but if you forget to add a link more then once…))

im saying this because if monsta x keeps getting bigger like this. Do you really want fansites to have to start threatening with ‘ill put the logo on his face’ cause they will at some point if ya’ll keep it up. Call me fuckin salty or annoying but stop taking fansites for granted :/ they work the hardest, they provide a lot of content. And ya’ll should know that if they stop our dashes will be extremely empty.

Writing this, I don’t feel comforble. Because I’ve never really seen big rants like this. Idk if people will either agree or hate me for this. Or ignore this post all together. But I wish monbebe would be more open about things. And less hateful when people talk about something they thing is wrong. 

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the questions about their relationship lowkey made me uncomfortable idk

why is that? i think it’s well intended in the sense of wanting to gauge fan perceptions/opinions of that sort of thing–i don’t think anyone is laboring under the delusion that fans don’t have an opinion on their relationship. and because they so clearly do, i don’t see the harm in wanting to measure how many people feel a certain way? (it also clearly gave an option for those who are uncomfortable with that whole aspect of fandom or those who have no opinion, so in that sense i found it very comprehensive!) 

(take the dan and phil survey here)

lmao i’m looking at the stats and what the fuck is wrong with old people??? 45% of them voted for François Fillon aka the dude who stole € 1 million from the public funds to pay his wife for a job she didn’t even do so i guess these people are thieves themselves or they just like to be fucked idk also I’m not surprised to see that mostly rich people chose macron lmao go fuck yourselves you selfish neoliberal pricks and what the socialists have done since 2012 until today has just validated le pen’s fascist propaganda so basically we have to choose between a woman who wants death to the foreigners (especially the arabic ones don’t forget it) and a rich dude who wants death to the poor oh my god what the fuck France we used to decapitate those people before