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the people who think mods that fuck with the gay characters are okay just because you “don’t have to download them” (and this includes the game devs who spoke about it) are being intellectually dishonest as fuck

you know that changing a gay character’s sexuality is homophobic, and you know that dozens if not hundreds of gay people are offended, hurt, triggered, and/or feel unsafe because of these awful mods, and you know that these modders are causing harm just by putting that shit out there

but you don’t want to listen to gay people, and you stand behind the one or two exceptions who think these mods are okay in order to ignore the overwhelming majority who are upset, outraged, and terrified. do you make excuses for everyone who spreads hate speech?

if you wanna use some “free speech” defense, that only applies to the government restricting what people say. it has nothing to do with this. homophobes should be called out and ostracized, and if you support their “right” to spread these mods “even if you disagree” then you’re cosigning every bit of their homophobia.