for those who say they don't see color

I’m not them,” you say. “I’m not who hurt you.”
I touch your face tenderly, cupping your cheek.
“Okay. Then who are you?”
“Someone who is deeply, irrevocably in love with you. And you know what? I don’t give a shit. If you hurt me. If I hurt you. And that’s the difference, you know? Between me and them. I love you more than the fear. I’m willing to risk it. I’m willing to fucking pour my heart out to you- right here, right now, when there’s a very real chance you’ll get up and leave and never talk to me again. And maybe I’m stupid for doing this, but I can’t… I cant hold it in anymore. Every time I look at you, you grow more and more beautiful until I can hardly stand it, so fuck it. If you ruin me, if I ruin you, who the fuck cares about the consequences, about the future? Does it really matter if we both feel the same way? Fuck the idea that wreckage can’t be gorgeous. I think the treetops are grateful for the hurricane that rips off their leaves. Goodness, I think they dream about it. I think thy fucking crave it, because for a single, wind struck moment, they get one inch closer to really living. And fuck, I’ll be the leaves this time around. Do you think I care? I’d set myself on fire to see the flames that dance in your eyes. So if you love me, fuck the fear. Fuck the fear. I may not be worth everything, but damn it, I’m worth more than the pain those assholes left you with.
—  ap (12.28.16) im not who hurt you

My dream is to draw the cheesiest but also great quality anime stuff you see on the poster images of said anime/manga, with perfect color use with complex backgrounds and all that, like those dating sim games or basically anything that closely resembles Nier Automata, Bayonetta, Berserk or even Little Witch Academia style, have more in mind but fuck me m8


anonymous asked:

Hi there! I'd like your opinion on the issue with Katara and Fire Nation clothing/being referred to as the Fire Lady. Some see it as Katara abandoning or being stripped of her nationality. I personally don't see it but maybe I'm missing something...

Hello, Iroh. You look very happy wearing green today. Although you grew up in the Fire Nation, you found peace and a home in the Earth Kingdom, which helped heal some of the old wounds left by the death of your son. You made a deliberate choice to live in another nation for the rest of your life and dress in the colors of a former enemy, yet no one says you are stripped of your heritage or abandoning who you are.

Still, there are those who would say Katara would be abandoning her culture by moving to the Fire Nation because it would be due to Zuko, rather than being something she wanted for herself.

But are you sure?

What is the first major fight that Katara has–one that defines her as a person? It is against Pakku at the North Pole, when she is fighting Water Tribe sexism. And lest you think that this is only a northern problem, notice that Sokka is also quite sexist at the beginning of the show–because it is part of his culture. By contrast, the Fire Nation has no problem with women in the military or seeing Azula as the heir to the throne over Zuko. Katara would undoubtedly face discrimination as a Water Tribe member in the Fire Nation–but she would have faced discrimination in her homeland anyway.

What about Katara’s people, though–won’t she miss them? Yes, but let us not forget that Katara doesn’t let cultural boundaries define who she thinks of as her people or her family. She called Aang her family, even though he was an airbender, in the third episode of the series. She mothered Toph even though the latter expressed frustrations about it. And then there’s this:

Katara has already defended people in the Fire Nation as if they were her own. Fans who think that she couldn’t get over her hatred of firebenders to see them as part of her community are vastly mistaken. Not to mention, Water Tribe and Fire Nation cultures have a lot in common. They value loyalty, they prize their navy, they have a warrior culture …  they even have a meat-heavy diet. And oh yes: they are both surrounded by water. 

Water is the element of change. The people of the Water Tribe are capable of adapting to many things. Katara’s grandmother left her own tribe when she was around Katara’s age, and trekked to the other side of the world to build a life for herself where she would be more independent. Was Kanna “erasing” her heritage as a Northern Water Tribe member, even though she kept the necklace with her? On the contrary: being willing to change her circumstances in order to find where she truly belongs makes Kanna, and Katara if she chooses, the most Water Tribe of all.

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to those who say that kids don't see color-- i am desi and have many desi girl friends and most of them love jasmine. they cling to her. they dress up as her. they call themselves jasmine and their boyfriends or crushes aladdin. they're not doing this shit with snow white or aurora! they found a princess who looked like them and stuck with them for 10+ years. so yes kids do see color. and i see how attached to a character they get when they grow up with even a bit of representation