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Hunk and Lance Appreciation Meta: On the Importance of Support

(I’m crying because I lost the first version of this post, but here we go again)

I have never written something as long as this before, but I had rambled on some time ago about my precious boys Hunk and Lance and their importance on/to the team, especially the role they play in the team dynamic in relation to their bayards and their being Voltron’s legs. I might miss a lot of things as I admittedly didn’t have the time to focus hard on all the eps and comics, so if I gloss over anything, please feel free to point it out. (Also, fair warning as this is long, and may be image heavy. Also, I don’t pride myself on cohesive thinking, but I try my best.)

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And now finally, after 495803493 years (okay it was four-ish weeks), I am back with a new post! This one tackles one of the woes of a student’s existence: the ACT. It’s standardized testing season again so I thought I would share some of my studying tips and advice that will hopefully help you improve your scores! 


This is really, really important. Buy a prep book or borrow one from the library. I believe there’s even a post here that has some online versions. You may be thinking “Nah, I got this.” but it’s not that simple. I personally don’t know anyone who’s scored really well on their first try. Most people have taken the ACT multiple times in order to reach their desired score. Most if not all of those times were with intensive studying. It’s extremely hard (not impossible) to get a top score on your first try. Don’t waste your time and money, get a prep book. I don’t know much about ACT classes because I’ve never taken one but I’ve done just fine without one and so have many of my friends. I know they can be very expensive and I don’t know how worth it they are. It depends on you as a person and your learning style. I personally would recommend the prep book. My choices are

  • Princeton Review’s ACT (The Newest Edition if possible because they changed the test)
  • Princeton Review’s ACT Elite 36 (If you’re looking to nail those last few points to get a top score)

Now I have only used Princeton Review. I have no experience with any other review materials so I can’t say how good they are. But, in my studying, I found Princeton Review to be very helpful. Their explanations were clear and concise, they had a little bit of humor thrown in, and their practice tests were pretty close to the real thing. Plus, their testing strategies were on point. I strongly recommend them.


Be organized. It’s going to make a huge difference in your preparedness. School and extracurriculars are hectic enough as it is and it’s going to be hard to find time to study. If you just say “I’m going to study when I have time” or “I’ll do it later” you’re most likely not going to get anything done. 

  • First: How much time do you have until the test? Ideally, you want to start studying a month or two before the test. This will allow you to learn all the strategies and take a sufficient amount of practice tests. But if you have a week before the exam, fear not! Although not ideal, If you’re organized you’ll study enough to do well. Once you’ve determined the days/months you have to study,
  • Make a study schedule. Plan out exactly how much time each day you’ll dedicate to studying for the ACT. I know things happen and you’re schedule can change, but you should be pretty aware of when you have free time. The amount of time you dedicate per day is up to you, but I would suggest at least a half hour per day (with more if you’re taking a practice test). If you have more time to study, you can devote less time whereas if you have less time to study, you want to devote more time. Again, it’s up to you.
  • Stick to the schedule! Don’t procrastinate. When it comes time to study, study. Put away all distractions and focus. You’ll get more out of your studying sessions if you’re more focused versus being distracted and checking tumblr every five minutes.


Believe it or not, there are strategies to approaching each part of the test. This is where the prep book comes in. The prep book details all of these strategies in detail and gives you examples. These strategies usually work! They help you approach the sections in the right way in order to maximize your time and minimize your errors. Learn them well. Some say to focus on your weak spots and ignore your strengths when doing this. It’s up to you, but I disagree. I think spending time evenly on all the sections will maximize your score. But definitely don’t ignore your weakness. They will bring a really good score to a mediocre one.


No matter what you do, don’t skip this part. Even if you refuse to learn any strategies, take practice tests. It’s the best way to get a feel for the test and to see the format. Don’t show up on test day not knowing anything, or very little, about the format and types of questions. It will bring down your score. Take at least 3 timed practice tests, where you sit down as if it were the real thing and take the whole test in one sitting. These practice tests (although not the best indicators of your score) will indicate the range of scores you’re in. If you did learn techniques, and even if you didn’t, the practice tests are the place to see what techniques need polishing/what you need to work on (this includes the essays!).


Have your registration ticket, number 2 pencils (I usually go with four just in case), an eraser that works, a calculator FULLY CHARGED OR WITH NEW BATTERIES, your ID, a water bottle, a snack for during breaks, and a jacket if you think you’ll need one. The night before is up to you. Numerous places say to relax and “watch a movie” but again, like so much of this test, it’s up to you. If you feel confident in your abilities, feel free to watch a movie. If you’re slightly unsure, go over the areas you’re uncertain about. I always study the night before and it works for me. Usually I take a practice test or two and see how well I do, and I go over weak spots. Regardless of what you choose to do, get a good night’s sleep. The next morning, eat a good breakfast - something you know will last you four hours. In the testing room, turn off your cellphone and double check to make sure it’s off. You wouldn’t want to invalidate your scores because you left your phone on vibrate and your best friend called you in the middle of the test. And last but not least, be CONFIDENT! You’ve got this! You’ve studied for months/weeks/days and you know your stuff inside out! No matter what happens, you’re going to ace the test! Don’t let the pressure get to you! Be calm and focused and you’ll do well!

I hope this post was helpful and that you all improve your scores (or get really good ones on the first try!). Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

[[ I’m really sorry I’ve been so absent as of late. I’m going to attempt to get back into it… but it’s been getting very stressful on my end. I’m actually planning on putting in my 2 weeks notice to my job tomorrow to get time to focus on school and other things.

For those of you who have commissions with me…

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@youwinatball - Yours is done with inking, I just need to color it.

I haven’t forgotten your commissions… like I said above - School and life has been very hard. Please be patient with me, it may take me some time. ]]

once I realised that getting good grades, making it into the uni you want, working at the job of your dreams… is important, very important, because those things become steps towards your happiness.

but not as important as becoming a hard-worker, who never cheats, accepts challenges, gets the equilibrium between work and free time, who loves knowledge just by itself.

that’s actually what I study for, not for an unpredictable future which may change, because that character that I’m building will be the same whatever the future has for me, and can make me happier and more successful in life than any professional achievement.

better who I am that what I have.


I know this photoshoot here means a lot to a lot of our followers because it was one of the first we shared on tumblr, and two of them (our icon and the kissing one) have been the images that sort of became representative of uchihahotline hehe. So I wanted to show you guys who may be unfamiliar with how ridiculous getting products like those can actually be, but how amazingly fun our shoots are too!!

I think I will try to have someone vlog for us next time, but until then here are some behind-the-scenes/expectation vs. reality photos to show you guys the real us behind the camera and how we got these shots hahaha! Hope it brings a smile to some of your faces! Alternatively titled: “what ridiculous things married couples do for each other.” :)

(Also nobody knew this but us, but in that shot of me as Sakura, Kevin accidentally threw my tails too hard and the fabric ended up on my head LOL luckily the photographer caught a shot before it happened!)

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Shout out to:

Those of you who came out today, whether it be with your gender, sexuality, or religion. To those of you who ate something today, even if it was something small. To those of you who kept some food down, because I know how hard to can be. Shout out to those who stood up today and gave a presentation in front of a class despite the fact that they were seconds away from having a panic attack. To those of you who got out of bed even though the world was pushing you right back down. To those of you who were able to get a little bit of sleep last night. To those of you who were able to find something you liked about yourself, because it may take some time to learn to love yourself again. Shout out to those of you who got up and faced your demons today even though it’s what you’ve been doing for the past who knows how long. I am so proud of each and every one of you, because I know that this world can be hard, and there are times when you feel like you can’t go on. I’m so proud that you kept fighting and worked to see the daybreak of a new day. I love you, and I believe in you with every ounce of my being. You’re an amazing and celestial being, and you are the perfect you, even with your flaws. I know that you can overcome this. I know that you can win this battle. If you ever need anyone, I am right here.

Shout out to those who lost the battle. To those who fought until they had nothing left. To those whose demons grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. To those who tried to make those around them smile even when they couldn’t. We miss you, and you will never be forgotten. Your names ring through our veins, and your stories are told so people know of the strength you had to keep fighting until you couldn’t any more.

But for those of you who are still here, keep fighting. Keep fighting to see the sun rise another day. To hear the birds sing outside your window and to dance in the fresh morning dew on the grass. Keep fighting to find your purpose, whether it be to write or to teach or to cook, find what you are meant for, because I promise that it is great. I love you, and I hope that you can fight until tomorrow. I’ll always be proud of you, and I’ll always believe in you. Stay Strong.


On the eight day of Ramadan, my sincere prayers go out to Muslims who are faced with mental health issues.
Those, who get told mental issues don’t exist in Islam, you just need to pray a bit more and read more of the Quran. Those, who have a hard time getting out of bed and facing the world, because their illness has been brushed under the carpet.

May Allah give you clarity, and may He show you that there are better days ahead.


For all those who’ve been engaged but it never solidified into marriage.
Sometimes when your trying to get married and found a potential, you do everything to win their hearts. Flowers, gifts, notes, time , consideration, the list never ends. Yet for many, Allah tests them. Your put through a heart-breaking relationship that never ends up as an actual marriage because Allah wants you to learn patience. If you learn that through your break up, perhaps now Allah may give you someone else and you don’t have to try as hard, Allah puts love in both your hearts effortlessly and you get married. No one has ever practiced patience except that Allah gives them happiness as a result of their patience.
Aside from the test, think maturely. You thinking about what your missing out with that individual is ok, but remember you have no idea what Allah is protecting you from! He knows what your future would have been had you married that person. You must have an element of Trust in Allah if your in a relationship or recovering from a broken heart. When you have trust in Allah, you stop complaining and start praising regardless of the outcome.
Your broken hearts will heal and Allah will bless you with companionship. Whether that is with someone else or alone with Allah, either way your trust in Him will be your ultimate happiness.

Before I even get to my point, I know a lot you will probably respond to this post with something along the lines of “don’t worry about them, haters gonna hate”
And while I sincerely appreciate the supportive responses, I still have a hard time understanding why so much toxicity and venom is continuously spewed in my direction solely because of my occupation
I am not hurting /anyone/
If anything, I am providing a service
I cater to men who may otherwise have insecurities which prevent them from approaching women, or men who are stuck in unhappy marriages but are financially (or otherwise) tied to their spouse
I have been thanked (on multiple occasions) for giving these men the courage to finally approach women in real life
And before you think “you just get paid to say those things” I DONT
If you’ve ever even bothered to watch my stream, you’d know my style is FAR from transactional
I will hold a conversation with anyone who treats me (and the rest of my room) with respect
I don’t ONLY respond to tippers
I don’t demand monetary compensation in exchange for courtesy and kindness
I am courteous and kind because I am /human/ and thats what human beings SHOULD do
Not to mention my kindness isn’t limited to the threshold of my MFC chat room
I get numerous amounts of messages here on the daily, from men AND women
I have no obligation help or comfort those in need and I sure as hell ain’t getting paid for it
So /why/ is all of this spite and toxicity funneled toward sex workers who are just minding their own business
People, who LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, have expenses, tuitions to pay, mouths to feed and sick relatives to look after
Why can’t all of this crippling hate be redirected toward rapists, racists, terrorists, murderers, crooked politicians the list goes on and on and on and on
LOOK AROUND YOU PEOPLE, there is injustice in every corner of the world
If everybody could channel their anger toward the people who are ACTUALLY making the world a terrible place then maybe just maybe shit would fucking change

Humanity can be such a senses race, I will never understand

/end rant/