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Never Been Courted

A Wattpad request. I do not own Thorin. He belongs to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Um…none that I can think of. Everybody lives AU

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader

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Your parents looked at you expectantly. What were you supposed to say? “Y/N, dear?” you mother began and you indicated that you needed a moment. You wondered how they could spring this on you so suddenly. “You want me to travel to Erebor, practically alone, to try and win the heart of the King Thorin?” You’d never heard anything so ludicrous.

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I vote for Qui-gon, and not mating (this round) *tries to influence the coin toss with the force)

Obi-Wan panted, pressing himself against the wall of the hallway. This was not good, he didn’t think his heat would come that quickly. He thought he’d at least have found a way out of the stupid Jedi temple but so far all he’d manage was to turn himself impossibly more lost.

He was pretty sure that several Jedi by now had smelled him when he rushed past but lo and behold, Jedi alpha’s and betas seemed to have some kind of control of their instincts at least.

Or well, the older ones did.

The younger alphas and betas, not so much. Obi-Wan had already sidestepped one cocky alpha.

But Obi-Wan’s knees were turning to jelly at the moment and every instinct he had told him to find some place to hide and bundle up. It wouldn’t be his first heat, no Force low and high, but it had been quite some time since Obi-Wan allowed any heats to happen.

It felt like it was scorching his bones.

Obi-Wan swallowed dryly and looked around, tugging the Jedi robes more around him as he spotted a room further down the hall. If he could reach it…

He had managed to take another shaky step when he heard others come down the hall and pushed himself of the wall.



It was Jinn and the alpha gave him a wide eyed look before hurrying over. “There you are. Force how did you get this deep in?” The Jedi looked around and Obi-Wan took note of how the other was trying not to breath in through his nose.


“Yes I imagine you got lost.” The other pulled his comm of his belt. “Mace I found him. He’s in the inner chambers. Yes, he got lost…he’s actually near one of the omega rooms.” The Jedi was looking back the way Obi-Wan had come. “H-32. If someone could get it ready and keep the hall clear I can get him there. No, I’m sure mr. Kenobi will be going anywhere else.” The Jedi looked at Obi-Wan and gave him a half smile.

Obi-Wan gave a half growl but nodded. No, he wasn’t going anywhere, not with jelly in his knees. “…Omega rooms?” He questioned when the other put his comm on his belt.

“Heat rooms. We got omega Jedi’s.” Jinn explained, keeping a slight distance between them. “Heat rooms for those who aren’t bonded or don’t have their own quarters that are private enough.”

Obi-Wan grunted. “…Are they anything like the omega rooms at hostels or hotels?”

“I…I don’t rightly know. I don’t…” Jinn rubbed the back of his neck while peering down at Obi-Wan over his large nose. “They got a bed, many blankets, a bathroom and a minor kitchen stocked with easy rations?”

Obi-Wan mulled over that before nodding. “Okay.”

To his credit, Jinn didn’t try to touch him, visibly holding himself back as he gestured down the hall. “Its back where you came from. We should get you there while you can still move for your own power. And before you start smelling any sweeter then you do. Half the temple can smell you.”

Obi-Wan colored in humiliation and glared up at the other. Jinn held his hand up. “Only the truth.”

“…I’m to warm to argue with you.” He grumbled and used the wall to remain upright, Jinn moving along beside him.

“I guess I’m lucky then, you got a silver tongue when its not barbed.” Jinn chuckled quietly and eyed the other. “…Also you look good in Jedi clothes.” The other confessed and Obi-Wan snorted.

“Well to bad I never got picked up by the temple then.” He snapped.

“Yes. It is to bad. You’re rather strong in the Force.” The Jedi agreed. “You would have been marvelous with training.”

“Well kriff that, I’m already marvelous and earning credits with honest work.” The copper haired man growled.


“Some of my work is contract work for the Republic. Okay, not ALL of it is honest then but I gotta work to eat and I never killed a man who didn’t deserve it.” Obi-Wan huffed. He sucked in a low breath when he felt something roll down his thighs and closed his eyes as he pressed himself more against the wall.

“What’s wro-oh.” Jinn swallowed heavily.

“…Don’t say a word.” The omega hissed, slick dampening the leggings. “Just get me to that damn room.”

“Right.” The Jedi walked forward a few steps to get distance between the two.

It still felt like a torturous forever until they reached the room and Jinn opened it up for him.

Obi-Wan almost dropped in the door, collapsing to his knees on the soft rug on the inside before twisting his head to look at the other over his shoulder.

“Someone will be stationed outside. Just use the comm when things are…calmer.” And then the door shut, leaving Obi-Wan alone to a burning fire flickering through his body.

“…Kriffing great.” Obi-Wan groaned and struggled out of the clothes that smelled of another.

Week 25 | 19.06 - 25.06.17 | Weekly Spread

Hi everyone, I am so sorry for not posting any Filofax Spreads the last couple of weeks. I owe you 😓
So this week does not look full, but depending on my performance tomorrow and how much I get done, the second half of the week is going be filled with to do’s.
For those who are busy with exam season a big “fighting” and for those who have survived a “well done”. Enjoy the heat and the summer vibes.

PS: I have started to set up a bullet journal for all the things that do not fit into my Filofax - can’t wait to share it with you guys 😄


[From. 유하] 편지 도착했어요오호
여로분 오늘 날씨 많이 더웠다는데
다들 에어컨 바람 빵빵 쒜셨나요?_?
아니면 물병에 물 넣고 얼려서 안고 자는 것도 좋아요
다들 더운데 힘드시죠ㅠ 그래서 제가 왔습니다!
저보고 힘내시라고 사진도 들고 왔죠 오늘 물도 많이 드시고
내일도 화이팅!_! 그리고 내일은 드디어 기다리고 기다
리더 주말입니다~~여러분!!(환호)
와후우 저는 주말에 은우랑 오랜만에 밥 먹기로 했지요~
여러분도 주말에 재밌는 것도 보고, 많이 먹고, 잠도 자고
푹쉬셨드연 좋겄어요 건강이 최고에욤짱짱


[From. YUHA] The letter has arrived
Everyone the weather is really hot today
Is everyone’s air condition on blast?_?
Or atlest hugging a cold water bottle while sleeping is also nice.
I came for those who are having a hard time with the heat!
I hope you get a lot of strength from this picture and also make sure to drink a lot of water.
Let’s also stay strong(fighting) tomorrow as well!_!(cheers)
I was able to go out to eat with EunWoo after a while~
Everyone also should be having fun, eating a lot, and sleeping a lot.
Taking care of your health is the most important.

Okay, so. In English we say I am hot, not I have heat the way the French do. I made the mistake of fanning myself and going “Je suis chaud” in front of my neighbor’s sixteen year old foreign exchange student from Paris. 

His face was priceless. 

For those of you who don’t know French:

J’ai chaud- I have heat/I am hot <—–what I should have said.

Je suis chaud-I am horny <—–I messed up. The problem is that to an anglophone it reads as normal cause je suis means I am and chaud means hot. That is not what it means. Please don’t ever do this. 

Regarding Greed, Ling, and 'Gree(d)ling'

Good morning everyone :) So, this is actually an issue which I’ve been itching to address for a while, but that I’ve stayed away from because I generally hate writing rants, and attempting to dictate to other people what they should and shouldn’t think. In other words, I’ve been sitting on my hands and keeping my mouth shut up until now. Anyway, I’m not going to come at this from the standpoint of trying to force my viewpoint and what I believe to be fact onto those who aren’t interested. Rather, for those of you who would like to be educated by me, I am here to clear some things up for you. If you’d rather not read what I have say, and would prefer to maintain your own perceptions - whatever they may be - then please don’t bother yourself with reading any of this. I’m not looking to start any fights, or even engage in any heated debates. Lastly, for those of you who have not watched FMA (Brotherhood) in its entirety, spoilers will obviously ensue.

So, to get to the point of this post. There exists a widespread misconception within the FMA fandom that the ‘first’ and 'second’ Greed are two different people, or even that the 'second’ Greed is actually Ling, in some way, shape or form. I can’t even begin to expressly how grossly untrue both of these things are. First off, the 'first’ and 'second’ Greed are - surprise - 110% the same person. Granted, prior to Greed regaining his memories after his rebirth in Ling’s body, I can understand how some people might have been thrown off by the use of a different voice actor, and Greed’s own insistence that he is not the same Greed, even though I personally was not. I could get into some nitpicky things like, 'Ed and Bido say that the 'first’ and 'second’ Greed sound the same’, or 'he acts just like the 'other’ Greed’, or 'Ed is obviously convinced that he’s met him before’, but while all of that stuff is really apparent to me, it’s a bit more of a gray area for some people.

So, let’s just get down to the cold hard facts of the matter, shall we?

Yes, we know that Greed initially insists that he is not the Greed that Edward knew. We know that the Father introduces him to the other Homunculi as their 'new’ brother, as opposed to 'hey kids, look who’s back’ or whatever. But honestly, guys, that’s only because the Father did not want Greed knowing that he was the same Greed—-and with very good reason. He wiped Greed’s memories and attempted to erase his past identity because Greed betrayed him before. Obviously, the Father did not want him repeating the same behavior, and so attempted to cover it up by passing Greed off as a 'different’ Greed. And maybe that’s enough to dupe some people. Heck, it certainly duped Greed. That said, the scene with Bido and everything that transpires after it is more than enough to lay to rest any doubts that anyone, including Greed, might have had concerning his actual identity.

For starters, we can assume that Bido, unlike Edward, probably knew Greed really well. Heck, he even goes he go so far as to accuse the 'Greed’ he is interacting with now of imitating the 'Greed’ from before. And after that, he becomes utterly convinced to the point of dropping his guard that this Greed is the Greed that he knew. And as if it wasn’t enough for us viewers to receive confirmation of his identity from, presumably, one of Greed’s best friends, Greed then stabs Bido, and regains all of the old memories that his father previously suppressed. Yes, he insists that they aren’t his at the time—-but of course he does, it’s painful for him. He’s terrified of the truth, and therefore in denial about it. Ling, of course, then counters him, bringing to light what Greed already knew deep in his heart, and explaining to him that the memories of his life before will always be a part of him, because they are his. Because the friends that he lost are a part of his soul. Greed is then forced to accept that he was, in fact, the Greed from before, a realization traumatic enough to temporarily drive him off the edge.

Cut to black.

Now, like I said, I can maybe understand where some people might have thought that the 'first’ and 'second’ Greed were two different characters before, even though I personally never had any doubt in my mind. However, after witnessing the scene described above, I have to admit that it really surprises me how many people continue to linger under that delusion. Heck, I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen people argue things along the lines of 'Oh, I don’t like the 'second’ Greed. He’s so moody and he’s an asshole all the time. The first Greed was so much better. He was all relaxed and cool.“ First off, I’d like to think most of us can agree that Greed was always an asshole. But, more importantly, the guy just underwent some horrendous trauma. Of course he’s moody as hell, what else do you expect? That doesn’t mean that he’s not the same Greed. 

Now, I’m sure I could go on, but hopefully that’s enough to clear up any doubts you might have had regarding Greed’s identity. Let’s talk about Greed verses Ling, and how there appears to be some confusion within the fandom in regards to their independence from each other, as well as Ling 'becoming’ Greed. I’d like to begin with laying out a foundation for how I believe Greed and Ling should be viewed, and that’s as two individual characters inhabiting the same physical vessel. Ling does at no point become Greed, or the other way around. Greed is just living inside of Ling’s body for a while.

Hell, Ling doesn’t even truly ever 'become a Homunculus’, despite having said so upon several occasions (He’s just Ling and he’s dumb, okay?). Rather, he has a Homunculus inside of his body, which has caused his body to assume the traits and characteristics of a Homunculus (The advanced healing powers, the Ouroboros tattoo, etc). Ling’s own essence, however, has remained unaltered, otherwise he would not have gone back to being a normal human when Greed was removed from him. I mean, I guess that you could go so far as to say that Ling 'became a Homunculus’ if you really, really wanted to. But honestly, he more just took one into his body, and reaped the physical benefits of that.

Now we’ve gotten that squared away, let’s move on to the subject of Greed and Ling’s own individual personalities and wills. They are, in fact, just that—-two separate beings acting independently of one another. This can be seen as they struggle for control of Ling’s body, and have moody conversations with each other as the story progresses. They are two very, very separate people. Heck, up until the time that they start working together near the end of the story, they don’t even really agree on much of anything, and have very different goals and outlooks on life—-although, to be fair, they have some common ground as well. But yeah, Ling can’t even use Greed’s Ultimate Shield himself, as it’s too closely tied into Greed’s own individual essence. Greed either has to be control of the body in order to use it, or decide to shield Ling for whatever the reason. It’s debatable, but he might be able to 'allow’ Ling to use it if he ever wanted to. This, however, is never proven, as we never actually see it happen during the course of the story.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up the bulk of what I wanted to say. The below contains a more nitpicky rant which after much mulling over I’ve decided to include here in it’s own section. It’s relevant to the above, and very important to me—-that said, I can understand how it might not seem terribly important to a lot of people. In other words, I don’t really want to come off as though I’m senselessly whining here. So, knowing that, if you’d rather not read the below, thank you for your time and please stop here.

Now, if you were paying thorough attention to the lot of what I just finished explaining, you may have noticed that I never used the term 'Greeling/Greedling’—-not once. That’s because it is, in my opinion, an abomination of a word which should never have been born, and should never be used by anyone, apart from in the context of the ship. Greed is Greed, and Ling is Ling. We love them both dearly (I hope), and if we should ever want to refer to them as a collective, we should really just say Greed and Ling (Or those two greedy assholes, I really don’t care which, and I doubt that they do, either).

I know what you’re probably thinking—-that the use of the term 'Gree(d)ling seems pretty harmless, and on the surface, hey, that’s certainly how it would appear. However, please allow me to elaborate on the actual issues that the utterance of this word poses. Take, for instance, if Greed or Ling did something. If you were to say 'Gree(d)ling’ did it, you wouldn’t really know which one of them you’re referring to, now would you? And certainly, other people might not. Seeing as how only one of them can be in control of Ling’s body at a time, and seeing as how they don’t often agree on things, I think it’s pretty damn important to specify whether it was Greed, or Ling that did it. What’s more, the term 'Gree(d)ling’ very much contributes to the misconception that Greed and Ling are the same person, and/or that the 'first’ and 'second’ Greed are two different people. And, assuming that those of you reading this agree with most of what I’ve said so far, you will know that neither of these things are in any way true.

Honestly, I didn’t even have such a big problem with 'Gree(d)ling’ until I saw how many people were using the term to refer to Greed and Ling as though they were one in the same character, and/or to differentiate between the 'first’ and 'second’ Greed as characters. Heck, I myself even used the term at one point, but only to differentiate between Greed’s first and second physical appearances, meaning the way that he looks originally as opposed to how he looks when he’s in Ling’s body. In my opinion, this is the only context - apart from the ship, which is a separate thing and a completely separate usage of the word - that the term should ever really be used in. That said, due to overexposure to inappropriate use of the word, you won’t even catch me using it in that context, simply because it now rubs me the wrong way to even hear it at all.

As I’m sure that many of you probably remember, Edward Elric is pretty much solely responsible for starting the 'Gree(d)ling’ trend. And as we all know, he did it because he was having trouble telling who was in control of Ling’s body at any given time (Greed, or Ling). Therefore, he started referring to them collectively as 'Gree(d)ling’, just to make sure he had all his bases covered. But here’s the thing about that—-the name didn’t stick. The next time we see Ed and company, Ed’s gone back to referring to Greed as Greed, and Ling as Ling. The reason for that? Well, probably because Greed threatened to kick his ass if he didn’t knock it off. But seriously, it’s because Greed and Ling are two individual characters, and should be referred to by their own individual names, respectively. And please, if you’re like me and you don’t want to contribute to the many misconceptions surrounding these two lovely characters - that there are two Greeds, that Greed and Ling are one in the same, etc - just break the habit, stop using the word, and find a new and better way of saying whatever it is that you wanted to say. Don’t say 'I love Gree(d)ling’—-say 'I love Greed’, or 'I love Ling’. Or hopefully, 'I love both’. I know I do :) Case closed.

If you’ve read this far, then thank you. Seriously. I hope that I have helped to clear things up for some of you—-or, for those of you who were already of the same opinion as me, to make you feel a little less alone in the world.

And always remember kids, friends don’t let friends preform the taboo alone :)

The cicada

In one part, when Daryl goes into the woods, it shows a cicada shell. So I googled “symbolism of cicada”. This is what I found:

“The cicadas will spring forth this summer after 17 years of “sleep”: cicadas decides when they want to come forth. Their re-birthing cycle ranges from 1- 17 years. This is very significant in numerology and symbol because 17 represents 8 or feminine energy or solar energy and the the totem for the cicadas is reward for those who have been patient. Also, cicadas love the heat of the sun, and the Sun is the number eight card in the TAROT.

The Cicada is a symbol of rebirth and longevity. People with this totem are strong communicators and often find rewarding opportunities as the result of patience and persistence. Their callings sometimes come later in life after a period of seclusion. Cicada teaches communication through music – it’s song is easily recognizable and noticed by others. Cicada also speaks of the ability to “shed one’s skin” and emerge as something new and different in life. Coming out of your shell and expressing yourself authentically are themes of this totem.”

I thought this was very interesting- 17. It was 17 days from Atlanta to Richmond…..   We hear cicadas a lot throughout this episode, too. 

I know it could all just be a coincidence- and I’m not one to look at every little thing as a “sign” she’s alive, but still…..  

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BITE BEAUTY / Matte Crème Lip Crayon

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ALGENIST / Algae Brightening Mask

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DRYBAR / Sake Bomb Shampoo

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DRYBAR / Sake Bomb Conditioner

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MARC JACOBS BEAUTY / Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

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FORMULA X / The System

Lost Time Memory Theory

First of all, I would like to inform everyone that this theory I made mostly came from the ED of Episode 8. It actually told the whole story (Ho well, not sure).

And so the first thing showed was a flashback of Shintaro’s life

That scene, I think, shows the time when Mary told them the whole story, of what’s going to happen to them. Then this showed next:


So for Konoha’s POW, Outer Science began before they could even go to the Amusement park of the Manga Route.

Moreover, the Manga Route could be the first route, ((So let’s call it Route 1 for the mean time))

Next shown is the Amusement park chapters, together with the Outer Science of Route 1

Outer Science marks the end of Route 1, so now we’ll go to Route 2, which could be Route XX, Because the next scene shown was the Black Shintaro:

After the Black Shintaro was shown, Yuukei, Ayano’s Theory, and Children Record was shown. I don’t know a lot about this.  But it could mean that the black shintaro is from Route 2 and there’s another  route  , Route 3 (which could be Route XX). Furthermore, it was said in Shounen Brave that the crouching girl (Mary) said that “Yesterday, Today, and the day before yesterday, the world crumbled” Which means that they could have 3 Routes. Next shown was the Outer Science from Lost Time MEmory (Not really sure, but since Kuroha is there, we could say that it is Outer Science of Route 2).

Now this scene is the Route 2 version of the Outer Science from route 1, where Kuroha tried to kill himself but Shintaro went to save him, which means the wide-eyed snake fails the 2nd time. 

((Kuroha Theory))

Kuroha ((or Konoha possessed by the Wide-Eyed snake, for me)) could have known what happened with the previous routes. If this is true, then it means Kuroha tried to kill them in the first loop (or route), then Mary reverted the time, then on the 2nd loop he tried to kill Konoha (or Kuroha himself) thinking that it could help in his (wide-eyed snake) plans, but once again fails.

((Back to the main theory))

Next shown was the original “Outer Science”


^^ After saying that, we could say that Route 3 doesn’t exist and Route 2 is Route XX itself.

Remember that Shintaro is not on the Outer Science MV. This could mean that he died when he tried to save Kuroha ((this could be the middle part of outer science, but not shown))

Finally, Mary reverts time again, and we are on another route again.

((We could say that Route 3 really, REALLY, exists, and that it could be the last route, which is currently aired in Mekakucity Actors. 

The depths of Lost Time Memory was finally revealed at episode 8.

Ayano and Shintaro finally said their goodbyes to each other, and the main climax is about to begin. Shintaro was able to talk with Ayano because, maybe, Ayano used her Favoring Eyes to talk with Shintaro. Remember at the past episodes that Shintaro always talks to Ayano but “forgets” who she is. So Ayano just kept waiting until the time when he remembers, which is in the last minutes of Episode 8. 

Now, ayano could have given the Favoring Eyes to Shintaro a long time ago, but remember, once the route resets, they forget what happened before, except for Mary, Ayano, Azami and maybe Kuroha, and all the other family members of those who are stuck in the Heat Haze. They could have been not affected by Mary reversing the time. 

Now that Shintaro finally remembers, Ayano finally gave the Eye ability to him, causing him to go back ((because he could have met Ayano at the haze)). Now this scene is next:

This shows Mary using her power, it could be Shintaro’s eye ability activation, since he finally remembers. We could see that Mary is happy, since they could finally make a happy ending for they could gather all of the snakes… 

My theory ends here xD .