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Talking about ffs, am i the only one who finds them super mysogynistic? It's always the mom who's against the gay rs & the ex girlfriend they once dated when they were pretending to be straight was always a bitch & when they go to clubs women r discribed as those slutty bitches in heat & I know most of the writers are actually women so i dont understand why women r portrayed so badly in mxm fanfics? Like the story obviously revolves around the 7 guys & then the only women r mean & slutty... why?

!!!! this is very common in all gay fanfic/novels. people always portray women as slutty (slut shaming isn’t cute!!!), bitchy, homophobic characters, or the “best friend” who ships two guys together and is overly obscene and stereotypical with mlm. like, it’s so cringey that women are writing women this way. internalized sexism. i don’t see it much i ji/kook fics, because women aren’t common in them. but when i used to read other fics or some wattpad stories it was horrible. 

Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day

Guys! Today is the 21st of August and that means it’s Fanfiction Writer Appreciation Day!

Go out and show your appreciation for all those writers who work so hard to give you fics - they’ll love you for it! Dont know what you can do? Here are some ideas:

- make a post and rec your favourite fics!
- leave some reviews on your favourite fics!
- visit your favourite author an Tumblr and tell them how much you love their stories or send them some asks!
- write some fanfic yourself or so do some fanart!
- reread your old favourites!
- send some loving anons to your favourite authors and spread the love!

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To The Fanfic Writers

I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you for giving us more stories based on the stories we love.

Thank you for being so open and welcoming and taking our requests even though we know you are probably tired.

Thank you for giving happiness, laughter, and sometimes even sadness into my lonely world.

Thank you for putting me on the edge of my seat wondering what’s gonna happen next, even though I probably already know.

And this goes out to all fanfic writers.

To the ones who just started out and are trying to find their place, to those who have been here the longest and have already found their place. To the ones who think their writing isnt any good (even though it is). To the ones who know their writing is good but are not cocky.

You have filled my life with almost as much joy (possibly more) as the fandom you write for.

Please dont ever stop doing what you are doing, because even if you dont know it, you are making someone somewhere very, very happy.


Hey so I know this game is really old but FUCK it fits these characters so well so.. here’s my Stanley Parable au for camp camp lmao

i’m gonna make my info dump short for yall lmao i hope this read more works

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Can you give us some book recommendations?

Okay book recs. Oh my god I have so many. I have a question after this that say’s POC book recs, so I’m going to keep this post to book recs that arent poc to keep these separated just for the sake of the anon’s that asked. 

Red Rising by Pierce Brown (Trilogy with a new book - a ‘spin off series’ coming out next year) - I will fucking promote this book series until I die. This is hands down, one of the best books I have EVER read. Honestly, for me it sort of beats out Harry Potter (Which if you know me, I’m obsessed with. I mean, I had a Harry Potter Sweet 16. [I’m from Long Island. Everyone there has a Sweet 16]) Not only is Red Rising extremely diverse and beautifully written,  but the storyline is incredible and the characters literally jump off the page. I dont think I’ve ever read a more human character than Darrow. Honestly PICK UP THIS BOOK. IT NEEDS MORE FUCKING ATTENTION. 

^^^^bolded it so people know that this is the best book ever and needs the read. 

Abarat by Clive Barker (Four books so far) - Now, this may not be everyones cup of tea. Maybe because I’m a painter, I appreciate him more. But his books are wonderfully illustrated with his paintings that follow along with the beautiful storyline. I recommend this book to the fucking stars. Its a fantastic story with amazing paintings. (Clive Barker, for those who don’t know, also created Hellraiser [Pin Head] and Midnight Meat Train along with a plethora of other stories. It’s worth the read.)

Song of Achilles (novel) - I mean, If you want to fucking CRY  then this is the book for you. It’s so fucking depressing but so FUCKING GOOD. I mean, if you know the story of Achilles, then you know why its depressing. But that doesnt take away from the beautiful story between Achilles and Patroclus. Definitely recommend this book. 

Along with that last book, a book that I feel goes hand in hand with it:

Captive Prince by C. S. Pacat (trilogy) - Now. A lot of people have a problem with this trilogy. I personally, as a (mixed, black) poc, have no problem with this book. It’s about two kingdoms, one of poc, Greek-like, and the other of boujee af french-like, white kingdom. In short, the Prince from the Greece inspired Kingdom is framed and shipped away to the french kingdom as a slave. Now, he becomes a slave (as a dark skinned man) to a white prince. There are a lot of things that happen like he gets whipped and other horrible shit. People have a problem with the book because of the dynamic between the two. They find it racist and insensitive. Here’s a great post as to why people don’t like the post, and the second comment is why I read it. I honestly find it to be a beautiful story that develops amazingly over time. I definitely recommend it. 

Kids of Appetite by David Arnold (novel) - I’ve just recently read this book and I absolutely fucking loved it. It’s an extremely diverse, beautiful story. Personally, I found the story sad, funny, heart warming, and inclusive. They brush upon the difficulties that black men specifically, have with the judicial system, by having an African man whom is loving and kind, constantly blamed for crimes that he did not commit. Again, it’s a really lovely book and this stuck with me for a very long time. I really recommend it. 

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (novel) - If you don’t want to fucking SOB then don’t read it. If you want a beautiful story, I recommend this book to the stars. Honestly, I went into the book not knowing shit about it, just that people loved it. Then I realized that it was about fucking cancer and I was about to throw my god damned book because I don’t fend well with sad things. THEN I found out that it’s also now a movie with Liam Neeson. Ugh. I havent seen the movie yet, but damn was this book magical and heart breaking and wow… Read it. I personally fucking loved it. 

Fangirl  by Rainbow Rowell (novel) - I mean, I feel like this book actually summed up my early college experience lol! I was writing fanfiction, roleplaying, cooping myself up in my room - the only difference was, I didnt have a quirky, beautiful, sweet man to hold me as I read outloud to him (if you read the book, then you know what I’m talking about). Honestly, this was a fucking amazing book and I loved it so much. it was feel good and extremely nostalgic for people of my generation (’94-’96 specifically) really well. If you loved Harry Potter, grew up with it, went to the midnight book releases and movie screenings, submerged yourself in the fanfiction, then you will love this book. I thought it was fantastic. 

which leads me to this rec. 

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell (novel) - Ugh. So in fangirl, there’s a fanfiction that the main character is writing. I know that this book is not the fanfiction, but it is named the same thing - so thats a nice connection. Again, if you love Harry Potter, if you love shipping Drarry (i dont because I find it problematic. But I feel if you like Drarry) then youd love this. I mean honestly, if you just like a cute story, with ridiculous spells, and adorable love, then read it. If you love Harry Potter ESPECIALLY READ THIS BOOK. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (Trilogy) - Okay. Honestly, I havent seen many people promote this book series, but it is amazing and arguably, one of the most beautifully written trilogies that I have ever read (besides Red Rising. Ahem. Read it). It’s a wonderful story that comes together beautifully and is such a different book from your usual YA. 

The Archived by Victoria Schwab (Series of two) - So, if Victoria Schwab sounds familiar, that’s because she also goes under V.E. Schwab okay. Listen. I know that everyone loves A Darker Shade of Magic. I havent finished that book yet and I bet it’s amazing. However, we cannot forget the other amazing books she has written. The Archived is such a lovely, creative story that deserves more credit. Honestly, I’ve never read a book like it before and it stuck with me for an extremely long time. Apparently there is a third book coming out that I have actually been waiting for forever. I’m not going to say much about it, but these books are wonderful and deserve the read. 

Speaking of V.E. Schwab

Vicious by V.E. Schwab - This book deserves more recognition. Not only is the cover absolutely AMAZING, but the story is fuckign awesome. If you like Brandon Sanderson books, if you like superheros or Marvel and DC, read this fucking book. It’s fantastically written and needs to be read more. Get on it people. 

I mean, these are just some books. I purposely stayed away from some YA  series because I feel like a lot of people know about them. But I mean, some YA series that are well known that I like are:

Obviously Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas

A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

The Darkest Minds  by Alexandra Bracken


So anyway.. i think this is all I’ve got right now haha. I’ll put my favourite books written by poc in the anon above this!  

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Okay so everyone else probably noticed this and I'm just slow to notice, but did you put a semi colon on Michaels wrist? Because that is just a really cool little detail. My teacher has one behind their ear and told us about what it meant. (Also if it's not a semi colon then really sorry for wasting your time)

((hi! yes, michael does have a semi colon tattoo on his wrist!
for those who dont know the meaning:
“A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life,” the organization’s website says.

“Through the semicolon symbol many related to the struggle of depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide and their will to continue on … to believe that this is not the end but a new beginning.”

The faith-based nonprofit based in Green Bay, Wis., tries to assure people fighting depression, self harm, addiction and suicide that, “Your story isn’t over yet.”
i think it’s pretty fitting, dont you think?))
-mod starry

12x10 rewatch: gosh, dean really hates how the “lily and her daughter” story went down in 1901. it probably reminds him of the fact that cas is not human and used to be a real “angel’s angel” back in the day (even if we know he’s always had a tendency to rebellion and compassion, but i dont think dean knows). 

dean can’t even look at cas after he knows what happened with lily (well, the “official” story)

(poor sam, always in the middle)

and before that, cas was so afraid of what dean and sam would think of him (but mostly dean). 

(all gifs are mine)

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hey, u dont have a lot of comics about arospec ppl who arent ace. It would be nice if u did that

Hi! I know there are a lot of groups who aren’t as heavily represented here as others; for example, I have very few comics about trans women, and gay men, and so far I haven’t received any submissions from intersex individuals at all.

This is because all the comics are based on stories that are submitted by those people themselves! And for some reason, I just haven’t gotten as many stories about non-ace arospec people. So if you’d like to see some more, feel free to shoot me an email and submit your own!

This is also an open reminder to everyone that if you feel your identity isn’t as visible here as you’d like it to be, please, please submit your story! I’m sure lots of people feel the same way, and the goal here is to be as welcoming and inclusive of all identities as possible. :)

How mocking new artists does not help them improve

i´m trying not to get obsessed by this shitshow but i cant help but think how people who think like plebcomics when it comes to mocking others drawings are actually harming art itself.

Like they go on to mock others under the label of constructive criticism, but these are too different things, you can give people advice and not be a dick about it.

when you mock someone who is just starting out, and yes this also includes beginners that are adults they actually feel discouraged in putting their stuff out there, they post their stuff online and then instead of ok your art needs improving heres how, they get your art sucks!!!! And i have seen this happen, that artist well stops posting their art , maybe they stop all together because they feel they aren´t good enough or maybe they do but do it in private.

And the damage is, that if they dont put their art because they dont feel confident out they wont get the constructive criticism they need to improve their own style, so it becomes a vicious cycle.

And i know what some are gonna say that they had their art mocked once but they learn to bear it, move on and improve and that people should stop being so sensitive and if you can´t handle “criticism”(if you can even call that) then they shouldn’t have posted online in the first place.

But here is the thing everyone deals with things different, a person who gets devastated by the insults of others is no less valid, saying those things won´t help them get better, .

Another thing that i have pointed out this stuff has also start to affect the confidence and behavior of even more experience if not talented artists as well, to me there is nothing more heartbreaking that seeing someone sheepishly posts their art that i actually think its good with the caption this is one my characters that sorry if it sucks haha. And just what say to those artist no you are being hard on yourself, you have actual talent, this is really lovely.

maybe at one point someone gave them shit for it, and they just putting a face of being humble and self-hating in other to appease some of the smug trolls. i keep thinking who hurt you for you to think this way.

and i have also been guilty of doing this myself, i once posted a few drabbles of story dialog with the disclaimer i dont know if this is any good because i have seen how nasty people on the internet can be, i wonder if its even worth posting anything if it means sacrificing my emotional well being. I have to slap myself and say that im just starting not everyone is prefect.

And for all their talk of we are just mocking shitty art trends which might even be subject for what is good or not (again not just talking about plebcomics and others as well) they are preventing new talent from showing in the art scene, those people are the true obstacle of self-improvement. Artists who could have gotten better even continue practicing their craft some well into adulthood had they still felt confident.

Trolls who mock first time artists who haven hurt anybody are the destroyers of artistic potential since they put down the joy of creating art, they are just as bad as those Su fans who almost drove a fanartist to suicide by harrasing them.

I dont know why im so obsessed with nox, i just am okay?

Upon hearing the news that tog6 was being pushed back I was slightly heart broken but then i read that chaol was getting an entire book and my inner theorist started going wild.
Knowing sarah this book won’t just focus on chaol’s POV and looking at her previous books I’d say she’s a fan of multi-pov.
So we have Chaol who will be our main narrator for this story and we have Nesryn but two POV’s hardly seems enough for a SJM book.
So we’ll most likely be introduced to 2-3 (not including chaol and nesryn obvs) people who will probably have a couple of POV chapters.
The second person (oh why do i love him so much) is more of a hope but its a plausible one.
Nox. Hear me out, sarah has said on multiple occasions that nox will be coming back and she also said that he’d been ‘on adventures of his own’ WHERE BETTER TO HAVE ADVENTURES THEN ON A DIFFERENT CONTINENT! Didnt he also like ditch the competition? So hes on the run? If so heading to a new continent is probably what most people would do in that situation.
(If nox doesnt come back soon i will fucking cut a bitch)
And if another person is introduced my guess is that it will be somone new (probably one of the emperors many sons)
Thats it… it barely makee sense but if you have any cool theories about chaols book, tell me!! I love theories.

“This is the story of when stars meet the ground. This is the story of when Plant boy Phil met Space boy Dan”

Here you have, I did a thing. I just love this AU so much!!! And I have like this huge plot with this AU maybe one day (after I finish all those requests) I’ll develop it, who knows.

Well, it’s late here for me so im gonna sleep.

Love you all, bye!

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: An open letter to the anime weirdos and the cartoon weirdos and the obnoxious the general white girl population and the 12 year olds that all somehow found their way into the Broadway world (looking at you, those-who-dont-know-about-any-musical-before-1980-my-favorite-include-heathers-and-newsies-and-DEH) should not be called hamiltrash or whatever (speaking of which, YALL need to STOP) but y'all have become along the lines of horrible Hamilton/Broadway weeaboos… please reevaluate your life choices, read the definition of a weeaboo (definitely would recommend looking up weeb horror stories) and then promptly LEAVE Broadway and go back to your stupid anime and comic books OR (notice that I do not use an ‘and’- I mean or) educate yourself on the real world topics and the gravity of these situations because this is the real world, not some next level anime shit. I don’t wanna hear about the next ship that you created or the frickin FanFiction you made I just want you to appreciate and educate yourselves…I don’t want weeaboos coming in and literally ruining Broadway, it’s reputation, and the chances of those aspiring to the stage because “fandom is life” or whatever. Like I can get jokes, I can get memes, I can get fan art, because those are all appreciation of the art form and not stripping it of its beauty for some fandom shit. This isn’t supernatural, this isn’t homestuck, this isn’t an anime, this isn’t a fandom. It’s a community of appreciation and education and enlightenment to higher ideas. It’s the real world. If you can’t respect the art form as an art form, leave. You can take your fandom shit and shove it up your weeaboo ass.
To the Most Wanted fans or romance book haters:

I think there are a few things you should consider: 

1. We can’t possibly know what books bring in the most money. Just because MW2 seems to be one of the most wanted books here on tumblr it doesn’t mean that’s true for all the readers. Even if it is popular, it isn’t necessarily something readers have spent their money on

2. It might take up a lot more time to write a mystery/crime book than a romance book. PB probably wants to churn out a lot of stories so readers always have content.

3. It might not be the same set of writers for the different genres!!!!! This I want to stress. I also kind of recall reading that the headwriter for MW was no longer with PB? That’s gonna complicate things.

4. We shouldn’t judge the new book before the first chapter is even out. It might be exactly like RoE (I agree, it sounds a lot like it), but it might also have another, more interesting, side of the story. I remember thinking Endless Summer was a romance book, too! Not saying the new book will have that kind of twist, of course but s t i l l. Maybe it’ll suck but then go back to my points 1, 2 and 3!

And then two small additions:

I personally didn’t care for Most Wanted. I personally LIKE the silly and predictable romance stories - just because you might find them braindead it doesn’t mean others don’t enjoy them or spend money on them. They’re easy. Let’s not shame those who do like the stories because most of us probably get enough of that irl… not saying anyone has done that but if you want to talk negatively about it, maybe tag your post somehow?

Pixelberry loves Choices, I’m sure they’re doing the best they can. I understand if and why you are feeling bitter (I’m bitter too! about hwu) - but there’s a lot of negativity surrounding Choices right now and I’m just thinking that’s not good for anyone.

Fairy Tale Meme:

8 Heroes - [Urashima Taro]

“Have you ever seen Rin Gin, the Palace of the Dragon King of the Sea, Urashima?”

The fisherman shook his head and replied; “No; year after year the sea has been my home, but though I have often heard of the Dragon King’s realm under the sea I have never yet set eyes on that wonderful place. It must be very far away, if it exists at all!”

“Is that really so? You have never seen the Sea King’s Palace? Then you have missed seeing one of the most wonderful sights in the whole universe. It is far away at the bottom of the sea, but if I take you there we shall soon reach the place. If you would like to see the Sea King’s land I will be your guide.”

A Writing Help Masterpost Made From Other Masterposts

So, in celebration of reaching 100 followers (actually by the time I posted this, I had 123) I decided to make what I can only call a “Roundup of Writing”. Anyway, hope you all enjoy! 

I copy and pasted all of these links from masterposts that I have reblogged so if you click the from link it should take you to the whole masterpost :) {basically, i tried to keep as much credit as possible}

Lets get to it, shall we?


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funny thing i wrote out all this shit in the tag of an anti jonerys post and realised well actually i’d rather have it out in a post so i can read it properly so here it is (plus elaborated/edited ofc):

i dont hate dany. i quite like her. i’m actually so interested in where she goes from here on out, but yeah dany x jon dont make much sense – narratively or politically. in fact, instead of them being too different (as per the post i was actually responding to) i’d argue that they’re too alike to work. both are hotheaded, emotional, stubborn and really fucking dumb when it comes to politics. jon marrying dany would literally be sooo bad. two rulers who dont understand how to play the political game. and if dany’s answer to everything is the threat of violence or actual violence – well is she really a fucking hero?? wasnt the whole point of the lannisters and cersei in particular supposed to show that ruling through fear is not only going to lead to revolt and chaos but that it’s also the most black and white display of evil vs good in game of thrones? putting the lannisters aside, that was the downfall of aerys II (the mad king) as well. 

i don’t doubt that dany has a good heart. she means well and she wants to save the little people, but she can free slaves and arrest the corrupted all she wants. when it comes to actually leading, she’s proven to be quite useless. she doesn’t understand how to keep a city running. but because she is so proud, emotionally-driven and hotheaded, she uses force to keep the peace, which is an oxymoron. 

and jon. the boy is a great leader without a doubt. he understands warfare and strategy. but the political game that is westeros? not a chance. like dany, he’s too emotionally-driven. he has a clear idea of right and wrong, and for him, there is only one choice and one path, which isn’t always the smoothest path. politics is a huge part of this world. you have to learn to play it or else you’ll die. honour and heart gets you nowhere. look at what happened to ned and robb. 

putting jon and dany together?? what kind of rule would that be? i mean in any other fantasy world that’s less horrific, that would definitely be the ship of all ships. opposites coming together. but this story is about the game of thrones. it’s rooted in politics as well as those fantastical elements we love, like heroic deeds and honour and bravery and chivalry. but it also shows that heroes can fall because this world is unforgiving to those who cant play the game, which means that jon and dany simply don’t make any sense. 

just my opinion. what do you guys think?