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EXO as Dads

Request: Omg EXO as dads please?? ^_^


  • the most competent father out of the bunch tbh
  • actually makes parenting look easy
  • his kisses are a proven method of fixing boo-boos
  • introduced his kids to coffee when they were probably waaaay too young
  • but don’t worry, it’s more milk than java
  • tea parties have become coffee parties
  • the dad all of the single moms and dads drool over

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  • helicopter dad 
  • already has the art of the dad joke perfected
  • not afraid to use his credit card as leverage for his child’s love
  • cheers at the wrong time during little league games
  • house is infested with those digital picture frames because he has to document his kid’s EVERY MOVEMENT
  • uncoordinated dance moves are apparently a genetic trait 
  • keeps a first aid kit on his person at all times

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  • bubble wrapped the whole damn house when he found out he was having a baby
  • squeals whenever he sees tiny clothing
  • especially little bitty shoes
  • invested in all of the parenting classes and books
  • still relatively clueless
  • when it comes to his kids, he’s the best listener
  • but also the best at forgetting like…everything

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  • mickey mouse clubhouse is his SHIT
  • like as soon as that ish comes on, he’s throwing two cushions on the floor and sitting next to his kid to get some disney time in
  • lives for bath time so he can play with all the squirt toys
  • chases the kids around the house before bed time
  • to get them nice and overstimulated for his partner to have to wrangle everyone in to bed
  • until he stubs his toe when he’s turning a corner
  • and the infamous tickle monster is down for the count

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  • quiet curses when he can’t navigate the childproof locks
  • or any of the childproof devices tbh
  • put parental controls on the television and can’t figure out how to watch anything but the disney channel and nickelodeon 
  • which is cool for when baek visits
  • unsure if his children are shrieking from laughter or trauma after a prank
  • king of damage control after jokes go wrong
  • purveyor of putting his kids in one big t-shirt together when they argue

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  • really terrible at hide and seek
  • mostly because his lanky body is sticking out from every hiding spot he ever chooses
  • which is okay because it always makes his kid dissolve into a giggling mess
  • and we all know he would LIVE for his child’s laughter
  • sucks at discipline
  • goes into panic mode whenever he hears crying
  • sneaks in shout-outs to his kids during comeback activities 

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  • first purchase is a tiny plastic kitchen set 
  • even if his kid still doesn’t know how to walk
  • he’ll be damned if he doesn’t at least know how to hold a whisk first 
  • gentle little pokes to his toddler’s chubby cheeks
  • and his toddler poking his dad’s cheeks back
  • notorious for simply watching his children sleep 
  • avoids playdates with mini beagle line at all costs

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  • the squishiest dad
  • a natural at being a parent
  • will literally not stop procreating until he has at least five children
  • constantly asking his children “do you want a little brother or sister?”
  • becomes a puddle of blush and giggles whenever his kids do anything cute
  • is the biggest cheerleader for any decision his child makes
  • like, you wanna be a ballet dancer? great! you wanna be an accountant? not my personal taste, but cool! 

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  • vivi finally has human brothers and sisters
  • has to adjust to sharing the spotlight with his tiny carbon copy
  • is that dad who tells his kids to get a job whenever they ask for money
  • even though they’re like…eleven
  • spins into an existential crisis when his kid talks back for the first time
  • because karmaaaa
  • mimics his toddler’s meltdowns as a method to get them to stop crying

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“I liked the building, not you.” PT. 9

A/N: Thanks to @ihaveabadreputation for just randomly making this banner for me and also unknowingly making it a perfect match to this chapter. 

ANYWAYs again this is not what I intended the whole chapter to be but obviously it’s long already, so might as well post it? Right?

Paring: Shawn X Fan

Word Count: 7,681

I heard a laugh from Shawn but it seemed off.

“And now everyone thinks you and Brian are dating.”

I began to blush almost immediately. “Oh yeah, I saw.”

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Sasuke Headcannon

He messes with Sakura by moving objects around the house. To hint he’s back home.

She’ll be doing laundry, and there’s a single black glove in the dryer.

A picture frame is faced down in the living room. She places it back, moments later it’s faced down again.

She slips downstairs because she thought she heard the back door open, only to hear the cringe worthy sound of her bedroom’s window sliding up. All day she’s finding/hearing little things, until the sun goes down.

She wants to blame Sarada but she’s out for the night training with her team.

And then.

The fuse box is powered down. And suddenly she’s stumbling in the dark.

She fumbles a couple of times until she turns the generator back on…to find her husbando sitting on the sofa.

The look on her face is priceless.

Tsk. Tsk. “Those pesky light bills.” he reaches for the picture frame and adjusts it.

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can you do me the biggest favor and like just explain the bears shortly because i haven't got the time to read through your whole tag and i am so freaking confused ??

Get ready for a long post ahead.


This is a massive topic, and it involves a lot more than just 2 bears in rainbow gear, so I am doing my best in placing you back in the time and show you the atmosphere and the happening with the band. I am trying to explain it without making a monster post. EDIT: I failed.

I have a tag /tagged/rbb-history where it is explained that a rainbow bear wearing a cute hairband with a bow on it was thrown on stage in Manchester during the WWA tour. Then a few (?) shows later it appeared in full bondage gear, we called it rainbow bondage bear (later RBB) and the bear kept appearing at the shows. 

Then it accompanied the band to the US leg of the WWA tour, and we saw the bear for a few shows, even surrounded by policemen (I think it was in Philly). 

They created a twitter account for the bear, advertised the name under the bear, asked for a follow, I think Josh was the fourth follower. It was a mystery who was behind it. Josh was the primary suspect, he tweeted he is not involved with it, then Ant their sound engineer (?) also tweeted he is not taking care of the bears. We then enjoyed the frequent photos they posted on said twitter account. There was drinking, watching Judy Garland movies, being hungover, more drinking, he had quite the life. 

Important to mention that the band had a palm tree (Eric) as a mascot as well, this tree also had a twitter account and was involved in massive drinking. 

I think about three days passed and the RBB twitter was gone. People said it was because of the drinking but the funny thing is that the palm tree could stay and if I remember correctly that account is still happily alive, but not posting anymore pictures.

All in all, the twitter disappeared, the bear did too. We were outraged, Rainbow Direction got attacked, member of RD posted their seats in one of the asks and for the entire show their concert experience was destroyed by a security guard and Magee/Griffith’s death stares, the LGBTQIA+ members of the fandom felt unsafe, as their team was so homophobic that they are pressed by a rainbow stuffed bear, and as a reaction we started to see rainbows everywhere, Niall went to the NASA with a rainbow cap and got pictured with everyone and their grandma, Anne, Jay, Gemma, even Julian posted/liked/favorited something related to rainbows, Liam wore a shirt at one of the shows which was the album cover of their opening act, and it had rainbows, the acts individually would be taken as coincidences, but looking at the big picture it was quite deliberate.

We mourned the bear, there was some attempt as a pink pony appeared, but we kept getting the reports from concert goers that confirmed RBB was nowhere to be seen.

A few shows later though it appeared, no longer in bondage gear, and that was the show where Harry deliberately sang the line “At first I was afraid, I was petrified” instead of “Happy birthday”.

So the big gay war was massively happening, we had THAT week in August, and soon we understood that THAT show was the last when we saw RBB during WWA.

OTRA started with Josh posting a picture about RBB, in total Freddie Mercury gear, we even started calling him Teddy Mercury, and the world was a nice place again. The bear kept appearing at shows, frequently changing outfits, wearing tutus, and t-shirts with My favorite color is rainbow written on it, the CSI part of the fandom even found these gears at build a bear pages on the web.

The bear only missed the Japan shows, and we understood later that probably because it was an Arena, and they did not find a place to put it.

Then RBB introduced SBB to the fandom during the EU leg of OTRA, and soon they started to put these mood stickers, and there was a very visible attempt to distinguish and make RBB as Harry, and SBB as Louis. 

A couple of examples: RBB: banana, microphone with green, froyo, green mood sticker. Louis: skateboard, baby bottle, blue mood sticker, McDonald’s..

There were also some framed pictures associated with the bears, and those were all closeted celebrities who in some way were forced to hide their true selves, their sexuality/ forced to have a grueling schedule and some even went to the court or was dragged to court. We found a ton of links to the X factor, and Simon Cowell himself. Those researches soon made clear that there is a bts war between the boys and Simon, which was already clear by the smear campaign started by Simon and co.

RBB/SBB missed a few shows, and these occurrences can be linked to massive attacks (Babygate announcement, Attitude article, someone with fake baby bump appearing at shows,.. etc). As crazy as it sounds the bears became message bearers, and they gave a ton of hints, soon the boys themselves started rebel like crazy against Simon. Beats interview: complaints about being tired and overworked, then at the Apple Music Festival shading the merch like a pro, Harry shading the record label execs that they are bored, then some massive Simon shades at the London concerts: Niall’s Not Anymore Simon, Liam wearing a Simon mask during Little White Lies and Harry putting a stuffed animal under his tshirt symbolizing a pregnant belly during Little White Lies.

The bears disappeared later, and then came back after a massive rainbow countdown on their newly created twitter account, they made their first text post a few minutes after midnight on Nov 1st, and we were blessed with some pictures there. One even had Louis on it, which I cannot believe is a coincidence, those boys really made sure not to give hints, so it was deliberate, since then they are being a bit more careful. I think the message was received that Louis is definitely behind the bears with Harry, so there is no need to out them every single time. Both of them tweeted even a minute apart from RBB, and it is undeniable that HL are involved with the bears.

The bears travel to LA, and now to Mexico with them, and keep us updated almost every day now. They frequently change icons and headers.

The bears are amazing at dragging, see Kimmel’s attempt at mocking the fandom with a potato, the boys posted a pic where they made sure we understand they are on our side, not letting a showman mock their fans.



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HI!! Your blog is amazing!! Bless you!! I'm gonna put a little sin on your blog haha. Can I request a morning sex scenario for Bakugou with his s/o? (I prefer it if s/o would ride him ;)) I just find it really romantic im so sorry im strange-

Sweetheart, you are not strange at all 💫 I love this ask, give me sin, I’m thirsty 😉 I hope that’s what you wanted to read!

Thank you for your appreciation and bless your soul 💕

I made this a reader insert, I hope it’s fine 🌌

Further, I’m so sorry it took so long 🙈 my surface died around seven times due to the humid-heat 😐 I actually thought I could never finish this…

[Bakugou x reader] [Word Count: 1.095] [NSFW]

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During the very last days of every school year, the students of Hawkins Elementary School busy themselves making crafts for Father’s Day. Will Byers never brings those crafts home; not since the first grade when the picture frame he was so proud of making ended up shattered on the floor with a beer bottle.

Too afraid, or perhaps too embarrassed, to not make crafts, Will continues to glue and colour and paint with the other kids, taking pride in his work each time a teacher’s eyes light up with appreciation. Yet none of his cards or crafts ever make it home. They stay buried in the soft soil just outside Castle Byers.

“Happy International Women’s Day, mommy!”

Her daughter’s bright smile and beautiful eyes greeted Arizona as she answered the incoming FaceTime call, and the blonde’s mood was immediately lifted. The call was a surprise – coming in way later than usual – but the happiness on her face was evident as her little girl waved through the screen.

“Well, Happy Women’s Day to you too, little miss! This is a nice surprise!”

The image on screen shifted slightly, but Sofia was careful to keep her face in the frame, her background completely out of the picture. Those had been Callie’s instructions – her background could give them away – and she didn’t want to ruin the rest of the surprise.

“What are you doing up so late?”

A grin tugged at the little girl’s face immediately and her dimples popped, just like her mother’s.

“Mama said I could stay up and call you. Cause it’s important to celebrate today and celebrate all the bestest, strongest women we know. Girl power is super important!”

She nodded firmly, her slightly precocious words making Arizona smile again too. If they were doing one thing right, it was certainly raising their girl to be a strong little feminist.

“It is! Girls are awesome – especially you and mama. Did you do anything special today?”

The camera jiggled a little bit again, the movement on Sofia’s end bouncing her image in the frame, but Arizona barely noticed, instead taking a moment to curl back into the couch cushions herself.

“Yeah! We went on a big adventure and mama bought me Moana and I watched it TWICE! I wanna be like her. She doesn’t need a prince, just a chicken,” Sofia beamed happily and continued, “and now we’re gonna have donuts cause–”

She cut herself off, small eyes widening just a bit, and Arizona couldn’t help but laugh.

“Donuts? I mean I’m all for donuts but it’s already past bed time!”

“Oh…yeah,” the little girl nodded swiftly, a slightly suspicious look flitting across her face, “it is bed time. I have to go, mommy.”

“Okay, sweetie…well I’m glad you called. I miss you, and I lov–”

Before she could finish her sentence, the camera cut out and the call ended, and Arizona blinked slightly at the device in her hands – did her daughter just hang up on her? A loud knock sounded at the door, startling her from her thoughts, and with a slight frown the blonde pushed herself off the couch and padded to the front door, unlocking the bolt and pulling it open.


Blue eyes widened in shock as the small body of her daughter practically launched into her arms, but the minute she felt her daughter’s warmth Arizona immediately scooped her up into a ferocious hug, her grin matching the delighted look on the little girl’s face.

“Sofia! What are you doing here?!”

Kissing Sofia’s forehead and setting her back down, Arizona’s hands smoothed through silky hair as the small brunette wrapped her arms around her waist and glued herself to her side. She looked up to meet the eyes of her ex-wife standing on the threshold of the doorway, and her brow furrowed in confusion as dark eyes gazed longingly back.

“We brought donuts.”

Callie held out a flat box, the pink frosting and sprinkles from Arizona’s favourite bakery evident through the lid, and she swallowed thickly, biting her lip a little before speaking again.

“I wanted to celebrate the strongest, bravest, smartest, most beautiful…amazing woman I know…”

Arizona’s eyes softened a little, and she glanced back up to meet Callie’s penetrating gaze.

“…and maybe ask if she wanted to go out sometime. On a date.” the older brunette paused slightly, a hopeful, small smile pulling at her lips, “I’m new in town; just moved here today. And I’d really like to get to know her again.”

Arizona could only blink in surprise, and she instinctively glanced down to look at Sofia – meeting the younger brunette’s equally hopeful and enamored gaze.

“I told you we were on an adventure, mommy.”

She lifted her hand from Arizona’s waist and motioned her closer, and Arizona leaned down, turning her head as her daughter whispered in her ear.

“Mama misses you too. A lot. Please say yes.

The blonde couldn’t help but smile, the warmth spreading through her chest both at her daughter’s words and the nervous, eager look in her ex-wife’s eyes. This would be an adventure, for sure – but one she was so, so ready to go on.

“I think she’d really like that.”

Callie’s face broke into a heart-stopping smile as Arizona replied softly, and she watched as the blonde’s dimples appeared, her nose wrinkling adorably as she grinned. Arizona glanced at the proffered box of donuts between them before reaching up to grab it, her fingers lightly – and purposefully – brushing the ones opposite hers.

“And donuts are a great way to start.”



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I had a really hard day today (got harassed at school and then got yelled at) and I was wondering if you would do a request The request is (this might be long sorry) reader find out they are pregnant with Gabe's kid and then before they can tell Gabe the news he is presumed dead and so the reader goes on with their life and has the child then Gabe comes back as reaper and goes to find the reader and then funds he has a family now sorry if it was too long sorry!

((I’m so so sorry you had a hard day hon, those people that yelled at you suck. I hope that things get better!))

“Estoy em-bara-za-da”, you practiced, saying each syllable carefully before licking your lips and nodding. You were playing a short recording over and over, making sure you were saying it right and not butchering the Spanish phrase. “Estoy embara-zada…Estoy embarazada! There we go, I got it!”

You spun in a circle, smoothing your hands down your ‘bloated’ belly, giggling softly and happily. You were pregnant. If you hadn’t taken five pee tests and one blood test, you wouldn’t be sure if you actually believed that it was true but it was. You and Gabriel had talked in passing about having a family; of running away from Overwatch and Blackwatch, finding a home and starting over from scratch. New identities, plenty of money and enough human comforts that you’d never have to look back. You’d never be the ‘Jones’, with their white picket fences and ‘perfect American dream’, but you could be happy and free from all the bureaucratic bullshit that was intrinsically tied up with Overwatch and Blackwatch.

Especially now since things were looking so bad. Between the sensitive leaked information about Overwatch, deaths of prominent Overwatch agents, the reveal of the existence of Blackwatch and the witch hunt the world was on, it was time to get the hell out of dodge. Jesse had left first with Gabriel’s blessing, but his protege couldn’t convince the Blackwatch leader to leave himself. He had wiped records of your existence and moved you to Aix-les-Bains, France; explained that it was safer to be out of Switzerland for the time being, the hour commute back and forth more than worth it to keep you directly out of harm’s way.  What that harm was, he hadn’t revealed to you.

‘It’s better you don’t know, amorcita. Keeps your hands clean of this bullshit.’

Still, maybe with this news he could finally go through with those fanciful ideas of yours. You jumped as you heard you phone begin to buzz, drawing you out of your inner mind and back into the real world. Pushing a hand through your curls, your brow furrowed as you listened to your phone’s nonstop buzzing from across the room, grunting agitatedly. Crossing the room, you grabbed the device and pressed a button to illuminate the screen. Your blood froze like ice in your veins as you read the emergency notifications that were filling up your screen.

‘Explosion at Overwatch Geneva Headquarters’

‘Gigantic Explosion Rocks Overwatch HQ, Unknown Numbers Dead or Injured’

‘Unknown Numbers Hurt and Injured after Explosion Hits Geneva’

“Oh god…”

It had taken three more months until Gabriel’s status was changed from missing to dead, Reinhardt bringing you the personal effects that been found in the debris. His hat, a tungsten ring you had given him and his dog tags; all burnt but still there. Your fingers traced over the letters of his name, a soft sob leaving your lips as you pulled the objects tight against your chest. He may have left the physical plane, but Gabriel hadn’t left you alone. Your hand smoothed down your round stomach, looking up at Reinhardt with a watery smile.

“Thank you…”

“Isabella”, you warned, the bright eyed two year old looking back at you. She had managed to climb halfway up onto the the kitchen table, you rushing and scooping the adventurous little girl into your arms. She looked so much like her father, you joked that she was his little clone, only picking up traces of your features. Big brown eyes framed with thick black lashes, soft copper skin covered in tiny freckles and a head full of thick, wild black curls that framed her chubby little cheeks. “Princesita, how many times must mama ask you not to climb up on the table, hm? You’re going to end up just like those little monkey and bump your head!”

You began to tickle the little girl, spinning her in your arms and smiling at her screaming laugh, peppering warnings and kisses to her head and forehead. You had tried to keep her father’s memory alive; teaching Isabella Spanish and using the affectionate terms you could imagine Gabriel using, showing her vids and pictures of her father and his friends to prove that he was a hero that had laid down his life to protect them. Isabella knew his face, would call him daddy and talk to his framed picture in those short toddler sentences. It was hard, admittedly, to raise her all on your own but you loved your daughter and you know that Gabriel would be happy to know how you both were living.  

“Mama”, Isabella said through giggles, her own chubby little fingers stilling at trying to tickle you. She tilted her body backwards as she looked at the door frame that led to the front door, making you grunt as you took a half step forward to catch her. You shifted your daughter to your hip, the little girl grabbing onto your shirt to steady herself before pointing. “The doorbell mama!”

“Good ears mi amorcita”, you complimented, gently ruffling the child’s hair and bouncing her on your hip with each step. You were expecting a few packages for Isabella’s owl-themed birthday; a colorful owl plush, a dress, umbrella and rainboot set with the same type of owl and a new book featuring the same, sweet cartoon-y creature. The doorbell rang once more making you scoff in annoyance, Isabella yelling again to notify you that the doorbell was in fact being rang. “Thank you little one. I am coming!”

You tried to keep your voice singsong-y, a small tick of annoyance pulling at your neutral smile. Rude ass postman rushing you when they knew damn well you had a child and they didn’t have that many houses to go to in that area. Shifting Isabella on your hip, you put a sweet yet annoyed smile on your lips, undoing the locks before throwing the door open.

“Sorry for ma–”

You jumped startled, arms wrapping tightly around your daughter as you caught sight of the person on the other side of your screen door. It was a tall man that was dressed in all black; black cargo pants, a black hoodie and black boots. Something tickled in the back of your head, there was something…familiar about that silhouette.


Your eyes jumped back to your daughter, the child less scared than you were but more curious as to why you were squeezing her so tightly. Shooting a sweet smile down at her, you took a small half step back, prepared to hit the lockdown button near the door.

“I don’t know who you are but you should go”, you said, voice steely and serious, eyes darting between your daughter, the button and the stranger. “Now.”

The stranger chuckled softly, the sound low and gritty and solemn but familiar, your stomach flipping nervously. Your hands hovered over the button but you still couldn’t find it in yourself to press it just yet as the stranger began to turn, pushing the hood they had up off of their head.

“Cautious as ever mi reina”, the man said before locking eyes with you, a melancholic smile playing on those ever familiar lips. Gabriel Reyes stood in front of you, scarred and pale but alive and you froze. It felt like all the air had been knocked out of your lungs as you stared your dead lover in the face, your heart thundering in your chest.

“Gabby”, you breathed out weakly, tears immediately rolling down your cheeks. Your mind couldn’t process this. Gabriel shouldn’t be here, they hadn’t found a body but there is no way that he could be here…and alive. You hiccuped, adjusting Isabella on your hip again before wiping hardly at your face. “H-how?”

“Let me come in cariño”, Gabriel said, his hand lightly pressing against the glass of the screen. Now that he was closer, your eyes studied what you could of his facial features. His large brown eyes were now the color of fresh blood. His warm undertone was now gray, making his brown skin appear duller. There scars you had never seen before on your face, but you knew somewhere in your heart of hearts that this was the love of your life. His eyes kept darting between you and Isabella, his expression communicating unbelievable longing.  “I will explain everything, just please let me in.”

“Papa! Mama that’s papa? Mama look! That’s papa?”

“Yes baby”, you said softly, voice cracking as you tried to keep it together for your little girl. “That is your daddy…should we let him in?”


Your hands shook as you unlocked the door, your senses suddenly filled by the scent of his cologne and pomade, his arms wrapping tight around you as he pushed through the door. You unconsciously squeezed your arm tight around him, the feeling of completeness filling your body. He broke away from the hug, a real smile on his lips as he looked between you and Isabella once more before bending slightly so that he could be eye to eye with the two year old. The little girl smiled wide at him, her hand reaching out to actually touch his face, bursting into a fit of giggles when Gabriel kissed her palms.

“Hi there ángel”, he said, his voice unbelievably soft as he stood up to full height.

“That’s not my name”, the toddler corrected, brow furrowing at the ‘name’ her father had imposed on her. “My name is Isa-bella Ale-jan-dra Reyes!”

She slowed down on her own syllables to make sure she said each of them correctly before grinning wide at the man, her father. Gabe’s eyes lifted to look at you, shocked that you had given her his last name before looking back to the little girl, pure love and adoration in his eyes.

“Hey there Isabella…”

The first apartment that Mike and El move into is on the top floor of a four-story walk-up. It’s on the days that they go to the grocery store that Mike is most relieved to have a telekinetic girlfriend. It makes lugging twelve bags and two cases of pop up the stairs far easier. 

There are books everywhere. Literally everywhere. The two tall bookshelves pressed up against the living room walls are not nearly enough to contain all of their college textbooks as well as an assortment of their favourite novels and comic books. Stacks of books rest atop the television stand and the kitchen counter. They litter the bedroom floor and pile up next to the small desk they share. El likes the clutter—it’s so much warmer than the cool sterility of the Lab and the empty darkness of the In-Between; so much more of a home

El loves to bake, so there’s almost always a sweet scent lingering in the air and a platter of freshly baked chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies on the counter. She also keeps a garden on the sill of their large bedroom window and tends to it with the utmost care. Fresh tulips appear on the living room coffee table every Thursday evening when Mike returns from his late class and El takes meticulous care of those as well. 

Candles and picture frames filled with their favourite memories are spattered throughout the apartment. Pinned to the fridge with heart-shaped magnets is a picture Jonathan took the previous summer in Hawkins. El and Mike sit shoulder-to-shoulder, perched in a low branch of the large oak that grows at the edge of the Byers’s property, their bare feet swinging through the air and strawberry ice cream cones in their hands. 

Their bedroom is lined with shelves on which Mike’s action figures and El’s music boxes sit. Every Lego model they build together also earns a spot on those shelves. Their bed has a soft and airy canopy over it and they regularly joke that it’s their new blanket fort. But that doesn’t stop them from making “old-school” blanket forts in the living room every weekend, gathering every pillow and blanket from the apartment for the job. 

It’s a short jaunt up one more flight of stairs to reach the roof of their building and on Saturday nights, Mike and El can often be found sprawled atop a thick-knit blue blanket, counting stars or reading by flashlight, a warm thermos of cocoa shared between them. 

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  • Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa - Maria. She does it on their first date while trying to open the door for Eliza and gets so embarrassed. Eliza messes up on the way out just to make Maria feel better.
  • Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them - Eliza.
  • Who starts the tickle fights - Neither of them like being tickled. But Eliza loves getting her hair played with and Maria is more than happy to oblige.
  • Who starts the pillow fights - Neither. Pillow fights aren’t their thing.
  • Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile - Maria. Mostly because Eliza snores and keeps her awake, but also because Maria loves the way Eliza smiles in her sleep sometimes.
  • Who mistakes salt for sugar - Maria does the first time Eliza teaches her to bake. 
  • Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning - Maria. She’s a night owl. Usually it’s because she’s making popcorn and the smell wakes Eliza and spurs her out of bed to join Maria. Soon Maria makes sure to start making two bags of popcorn.
  • Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines - Maria. She loves the way Eliza blushes at them and laughs.
  • Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order - Eliza. She worked at a bookstore for three years and it stuck with her.
  • Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies - Maria does it just to annoy Eliza. Plus she can never wait to taste whatever Eliza is baking.
  • Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion - Maria. She likes the table to look as nice as possible.
  • Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen - Maria. Eventually Eliza uses own of the drawings for inspiration for an actual tattoo cause she loves the design so much.
  • Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation - Eliza. She loves getting those magnets that are tiny picture frames so she can put pics of her and Maria in them.
  • Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines - Eliza loves doing them. She gets super impatient when Maria is taking too long to finish reading a magazine.
Small Considerations Between Partners - 2 ‘You never gave up on me’


Season two between ‘One Breath’ and 'Firewalker’

For the first time in weeks I actually feel kind of relaxed; in fact, given the way the shadows in the apartment seem to have lengthened almost in to darkness around me, I think I may have even slept for a while.

I’ve never been a good sleeper – even as a kid I would spend restless hours turning first one way and then the other as I became more frustrated by my apparent inability to turn my brain off for long enough to allow me to finally fall in to a state of delicious nothingness and the more frustrated I got, the more difficult it became. After Samantha was taken it became a hundred times worse and my nightly bouts of insomnia became so pronounced that I lost count of the amount of times I just lay there staring at the ceiling; waiting for the patterns cast by the moonlight to disappear as the first streaks of dawn came to free me from my solitude.

Eventually, inevitably, my schoolwork began to suffer as did my general attitude towards everyone around me; the dutiful son no longer so dutiful anymore, filled I was with emotions that were just too big for me to understand let alone even attempt to process and slowly but surely I began to spiral out of control. It became all too easy then for my Father to divert his anger toward me; to deliver almost daily punishment in the form of a flat-handed slap here, a punch there because it was just easier for him to apportion blame rather than to face up to the reasons for the decline in my behaviour.

Sam was gone; my life irrevocably changed forever and I yearned for someone to just sit me down and ask me why I was acting the way I was. But no one ever did – in fact day to day trivialities aside, no one really talked to me at all because if they had, they would have quickly discovered that I was living in a state of perpetual terror that I would be taken away too. Gone. Just like that. Just like she had been.

Eventually I learned how to function again; accepting that it was just easier to buckle down; to seek approval in whatever way I could, discovering a certain solace in pushing myself to be the best I could be; to prove myself worthy of being the one who was left behind. The days turned to months and the months to years and I counted down each and every one until I was finally able to escape that house of my childhood that had remained in perpetual mourning for eight long years of my life.

The insomnia though had never completely gone away and although more sporadic than it had been, I began to notice that it was particularly bad in times of stress or upheaval and it would return once again to blight my night time hours and if during those periods I actually managed to fall asleep, I would be abruptly thrown awake by the terrifying dreams that followed right behind me. It was a pattern that continued to repeat over and over and one which I had resigned myself to being unable to resolve.

Until Scully walked in to my life and took up residence in my soul; five feet of piss and vinegar who refused to compromise her integrity even when faced with the reality that the right choices weren’t always the best ones, putting her career on the line over and over even in the early months of our partnership and even though I tried to deny it to myself for a very long time, I trusted her from almost the very beginning; with that trust came a feeling of renewed hope, of peace within myself, of knowing that this remarkable young woman had my back.

And the insomnia just disappeared.

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