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Hardy Friday

Driven to Extremes-Part 4 of 4

The end of another week. Hope you enjoyed Tom and his icy beard in all of its glory. Thanksgiving is next week, but I’ll still be here! Actually thinking of doing a “What I’m Thankful For” Hardy edition ♡

If you have a Hardy request, as always, just ask. I hope those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving have a lovely holiday! Until next Friday, my dears!

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Gate Keeper (part one)

Summary: Some say it’s not the journey that matters, but the destination. The destination justifies the journey. However, for him, the hunt was much more pleasurable than the meal. 

Word count: 2146

Warnings: none for this part. 

Pairings: Tom Hiddleston x reader

A/N: I would just like to clarify that here, in Quebec (Canada) the legal age is 18. For us, when you are in college, typically you are of legal age. I wanted to clarify for those who live in countries where legal ages are older. If you have any questions, feel free to drop by my ask box. You can always submit your ideas for oneshots or imagines in my ask box as well. Enjoy! 

Hiddleston et al. was a company reputed for incredible lawyers and extraordinary staff. This company was a model for any type of retail or sales companies wishing to attain perfection. It was well divided, well organized, and management was exemplary. Staff workers ranged from secretaries, to juridical duties, up to lawyers. As a law student just beginning in college, you were ecstatic to be hired at Hiddleston et al. Even if you were hired just as a clerk for the juridical secretaries, it was still a very good employment to put on your resume. Your friends made fun of you for being just a clerk, but you were there, in the midst of the law, filing through files of fraud. You were hands-on participating, even if just a little.

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How is everyone enjoying comrades so far?  For those who’ve completed the main story, would you say its beatable in a few days?  I’m itching to play, but I left my PS4 at my mom’s house, so I only get to play on the weekends.  T_T  After Thanksgiving, I’m headed to Japan as a birthday present to myself, so realistically speaking, I’ll maybe have a weekend +/- a few days.

Some more art giveaway details for those who are interested, I’m still plugging away at these mini drawings (I’m aiming for 7 works give or take) among a million other things I’m working on. However, due to work swelling up before the holidays, I think the early week of Thanksgiving is a more likely goal.

Apologies if the Ignis + OC spam is not to your liking.  I’ll try not to clog the tags, but these days its the only thing that gets me to try new poses and composition ideas. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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IT’S CHAPTER SIX! WOOOOO! Thank you all for those who commented, liked, and reblogged the post for the previous chapter! Y'all make me so happy! <3 You’re the greatest!

Summary: Realising her daughter, Kit Belladonna, needs swimming lessons, Blake is roped in too, where their swimming instructor, and Kit’s P.E teacher, happens to be Yang Xiao Long. Blake’s past comes back to haunt her as Yang struggles with her confidence but will love bloom between the pair? Who knows? But most of all - ENJOY!

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(cont) Overall the album did not hit me emotionally at all like past albums of hers, it just did not stick with me. I’m genuinely shocked at those who say Reputation is a masterpiece. All the fans on tumblr are just kissing her butt since Taylor started becoming active on here, doing anything just to get noticed by their idol. That is the worst thing to happen to this fandom. I can understand if you like this album, i agree some of the songs are really good. But I expect to actually enjoy almost all of the songs on a Taylor album, not just 2 or 4.

ID #68919

Name: Anna
Age: 20
Country: Ukraine

I’m native russian speaker looking for a pen pal to practice my English.
Generally I’m nice but socially akward person with a wide range of interests. I try to be one of those people, who know a little bit about everything, so I really enjoy listening to other people. With everyone having different interests, you can learn so much new from them.
Talking about my interests, I’m really fascineted with stories. And, I mean, with everything, that have a story. Books, movies, tv shows, games, comics ets. So, first english sites I started visiting were fanfiction and ao3.
Also, I’m a student learning aircraft engineering. So I know a bunch of stuff about planes, too.
Ok, I’ve run out of ideas what to write about myself, and I’m really nervous about loads of mistakes I must have made in such short piece of text, so just write me, I would be really happy if you do!

Preferences: I don’t think that age defines us, so I would be glad to talk with anyone, but if you are some kind of homophobic, racist or sexist don’t bother me.

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Can I still be little and enjoy bug shows like family guy, south park, rick and morty, bojack horseman lover-of-cute-things sideblog

Of course you can! Being little does not have to be a 24/7 thing for you to be valid. You can watch big shows in big space and still be a little. You could even watch them in little space if you wanted. You are the only one who can decide what you can and cannot do as a little. There is no one right way to be. Besides, all of those shows are too awesome not to enjoy. 🎶💖 @lover-of-cute-things

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Not sure if it's s romance trope of some type, but I've seen happen in books,movies,and video games and I wonder how you feel about it. Something of extreme danger comes to pass and it looks like the main character didn't make it out. So everyone in the group is panicking, especially the LI who has yet to say their feelings to them. Then the main character comes out causally behind them and is like 'what's going on guys'. And the LI is torn between strangling them or kissing them. XD

Ah, that sounds nice and angsty before being fun :D I enjoy those moments!

I’d imagine A would be all over the MC for a moment, eyes wide and unable to speak- before realising what they’re doing and stepping away with a ‘Glad you’re OK’ kind of thing, lol.

N wouldn’t hold back in showing their complete and utter worry, and also their relief!

F might not be quite as open about admitting how worried they were, but it would definitely show through anyway :D

M- I suppose it depends on how deep into the relationship it is. If they haven’t admitted feelings than it’s likely M would be worried, because the MC is part of the team, but they wouldn’t be quite as showing it as the others. More likely to let the others sort the MC out.

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

Sumire haters are getting more and more ridiculous…now that Sumire is making her manga debut it’s like they woke up all again. Cuz how dare Boruto interact with another girl that isn’t Sarada right?? Tch tch Boruto Uzumaki how dare you have more than one female friend!

I don’t ship BoruSumi, I like its fanart, and currently I’m neutral to BoruSara but quite honestly this fandom is making me take one step closer to dislike this ship a lot…hating a character because you see her as a threat to your ship is such a waste of time! Like wtf people why don’t you use that time you spent hating on a character in something you enjoy instead..? This is Sakura VS Hinata all over again for no freaking reason at all and to those who go to the tags (yes tags not search) to enjoy boruto stuff it’s ridiculous that we have to come across more anti than pro something stuff!!

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That V Route video got me so shook I woke up at 2am just to sketch this hhhhhhh – i wanted like an ‘aesthetic look’ but it just ended up looking like he’s refusing some toppings on his pizza

it must be because im hungry and i dont wanna order food at 3am //wheezes
anYWAY goodnight LOL

blue orchids

hanahaki & soulmate au (reposted)

pairing: jungkook | reader
genre: angst and a sprinkle of fluff
word count: 18.748
warnings: implied smut
disclaimer: I do not own the hanahaki disease concept.

I am immensely thankful for the talented people who have created art / edits for this story: x, x, x, x, x, x ♡ also, make sure to read moonlight (drabble from jimin’s pov) and home after rain (short sequel) after reading this story. enjoy!

You were eighteen years old when Jimin’s name showed up on your hand.

The day is fresh and clear in your memory: early December, the winds stronger than ever as they threatened to pierce through the windows of your room, hints of snowflake dancing in the air as the first snowfall augured an even sharper winter. There was a smile on your face that didn’t match the unrelenting coldness of the month, and even though the night was falling and the air felt icy on the tips of your fingers, there was only warmth in your chest as you went through the pictures of your phone.

Pictures of you and Jimin drinking hot chocolate, of clumsy iceskating, of funny faces that made you laugh out loud in the quietness of your bedroom. The feeling sparking in your chest could be considered somewhat dangerous— after all, you were just a girl that didn’t have any marks on her skin, a girl whose fate was yet to be decided. Something as enigmatic as love could be a treacherous thing, too risky for someone that couldn’t decide their destiny on their own.

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If you’re ever feeling sad and need a pick-me-up then allow me to give you a suggestion:

Harp seals. 

They’re like marshmallows of the arctic.

Just look at them go!!

They’re so cute!!!

I giggle every time I see a little harp seal

He’s so happy!!!

In conclusion: If you’re sad, look at harp seals. You won’t be sad anymore.

Aries: Sometimes you just have to let things go. Let places and people disappear from your memory. Let people walk away from you, as much as it feels like their ripping part of you out with them. You don’t need them to function. You don’t need them to make the sun rise and set. You don’t need them to see that the stars still shine in the night sky. You only need yourself and a pair of eyes. 

Taurus: You aren’t stuck forever. I know it feels that way. But you are not trapped in this hell. You will get out. Even if you have to claw yourself out with bloody fingernails and bruised skin. But you WILL get out. You will pull through to things much bigger then this. Every new step is terrifying, but you will get there. You will make something of yourself.

Gemini: Stop opening the door for ghosts that you aren’t even sure you want in your life. You can’t revive them just to force them back into a tomb. Make up your mind if you want to be friends with the past, or bury it forever. Either way is totally fine, but every time you half dig up skeleton, you just leave everyone with old wounds. Open up all the old scars and leave fresh blood on the floor. There’s no right or wrong choice, but there is a choice you have to make.

Cancer: It won’t be this hard forever. You won’t need that vice for all of eternity. It’s okay to need a crutch every once in awhile. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be fucking desperate sometimes. You do not have to always be the strong one. Always be the brave one. Always be the fucking okay one. You can let yourself collapse under the weight of this world every once in awhile.

Leo:  Do not let them use you to bury their pain. You are not their whipping post. You are not their cemetery.  They can not use you when it is convenient for them to hide secrets and agony. You don’t owe them shit. They can not hold you down and force feed you every painful moment they can’t handle.  You are much better then everything their putting you through. 

Virgo : The future is never quite certain. It’s always a little bit terrifying. Always a little bit anxiety causing. You’re making the right steps. Stop doubting your footing. You’ve gotten through the worst of the storm. Time to celebrate, and move forward. Always keep moving forward. Always keep going on even when it feels like terror is around every corner.

Libra:  Set backs are temporary. Pain is temporary. Even baby steps are huge accomplishments. I know it feels like shit right now. Know it feels like the world is ending. But sweetie, you’ve survived the apocalypse before. You can do it again. And again. And then again. As many times as it takes. You are going to get through this rough patch too. Just like all the other times.

Scorpio:  Self hatred and self destruction will never get you where you need to go. You can’t run on spite forever. Eventually the candle of self anguish will burn itself out. You have to start healing. Have to start saying all of the hardest things in life, even though it hurts. Even though it makes you cry. Even if sometimes it feels like you’re going to die. Recovery is hard but dying is harder.

Sagittarius: If they don’t need you, you are so much better then them. The way they see you is not how you are. It is not your fault if they can’t figure out your worth. You don’t need them to thrive. Even if no one sees your beauty, you are still gorgeous. Still shining as bright as the stars. You don’t need anyone to recognize that. You don’t need them admit you shine to be brighter then all of them. 

Capricorn: Your past doesn’t define you, but it did make you who you are. You don’t have to live in it, but at least fucking acknowledge what happened. What brought you here. What gave you those scars, and what gave you those laugh lines. You can acknowledge your past and who you use to be, without becoming that person all over again. You are better then that now.

Aquarius: Coming home is not a defeat. You did something most people only dream of. Sometimes all you can do is grab on to plan B and make it work. Doesn’t mean that you are a failure because plan A failed. You tried your absolute hardest. You still won. So come back. Enjoy the sanctuary while we have it.

Pisces: If you’re going to cut people out, you can’t just be uncommitted. You can’t decide one minute you’re done only to open up the door the next. Make up your mind and stick to it. Bar the doors. Throw out the vodka. Turn off your phone. Wait this out. Take however long you need to break their spell over you.

—  This Weeks Horoscope

Runaway Land

Rating: Mature
: Complete
Word count: 103k
Chapters: 16/16

Louis is sure he’s stumbled upon a secret, underground nightclub, though that is far from the truth. He’s also pretty sure he’s stumbled upon Apollo, which… isn’t very far from the truth, actually.

Modern Greek mythology AU.



The Ultimate MM Doge Collection! 

(Doge Jumin is not pleased at all)

I’ve uploaded these on the Mystic Messenger Amino and I’m sure some of you have already seen these but hey who wouldn’t want HD quality memes hahaha. Anyways, I drew this just for laughs, really and I’m proud of the outcome lolololol 

This isn’t the complete set btw, there’s Doge MCs and Doge V without shades as well as long haired Doge V from V route. I’ll make another post for those I guess but for now, please enjoy these!