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Oxblood x Reader- My Girlfriend

The guests were annoying. That was all that could really be said. They tried, but (Y/N) could understand why the Admin would toss them all in here. She glared as yet another guest gave her a lewd glance. Honestly, it was creepy enough knowing that they figured she was an animal… Creepier that they wanted to do the deed with her.

The creepiest thing was that Oxblood kept glancing at her from across the room. (Y/N) had tried to drown out the glances he gave, but she found herself noting them every single time. It didn’t exactly help that those momentary looks seemed… Not as dark as she would’ve expected.

“… You okay, (Y/N)?“ (Y/N) turned to face Jesse, who’s emerald green eyes were filled with concern. (Y/N) exhaled silently, before explaining.

“Not really.. I keep getting odd looks from Oxblood, and it‘s honestly disconcerting.“ Jesse raised an eyebrow, glancing to the red-skinned male. (Y/N) kind of drew a comparison to a certain… Hellish male that she knew of, from a comic series that became a movie series from her world.

“… I won‘t let him get near you, don’t worry, (Y/N).“ (Y/N) shook her head, sending a look Oxblood’s way.

“It‘s okay, Jesse.“

… It‘s honestly kind of adorable… Wait, what?’ (Y/N) glanced to the mycelium pit. A few mushrooms were due to spawn any moment now.

“I‘ll just get some mushrooms. Be back soon, okay?“ She turned her gaze back to Jesse, who smiled and nodded.

“Okay. Be careful, (Y/N).” (Y/N) laughed a little, a small smile on her face.

“When am I ever?“ She turned, eyeing the mycelium pit.

…. Bring it on, guests.‘ The female felt her powers race to her fingertips, forcing herself to believe that nothing would go wrong. Nothing could if she was careful. A few mushrooms spawned in, several guests yelling the term out. ‘…. The fun begins.‘

(Y/N) darted forward, her body blurring into the pit as she became little more than a flash of (h/c) hair, orange and white clothes, and (s/c) skin. Guests raced in after her, beginning their fighting for their beloved mushrooms. (Y/N) leaped for a  mushroom, but stopped and pivoted in the last moment to avoid a fist to the face.

“MINE!” She growled, watching a guest snag the mushroom. They turned their glare to the glitch, snarling. “AND IT‘S STAYING THAT WAY.“ The guest leaped at (YN). She twirled away, feeling old skills from years of dodging in school reactivating.

ONLY IF YOU MAKE IT OUT OF HERE WITH IT.” She replied, feeling her mind go dark. This was going to be fun, screw the consequences. Her kind and normal nature shattered in that instant as the female allowed herself to be taken over by her darker impulses.

“I WILL!“ The guest roared, making their way to the mycelium pit edge. (Y/N) hissed like a cat, darting faster than any minecraftian could ever dream of. She crashed into the guest, knocking them to the ground from the force of her hit. They let out a strangled gasp as their chest hit the mycelium.

YOU WERE SAYING-?” (Y/N) couldn‘t complete her statement due to a foot smacking her in the gut. She shot backwards, flying through the air and landing on another guest. That guest growled, punching (Y/N)’s shoulder blade. She let out a groan, pushing off the guest and glaring at the one that kicked her. They had escaped the pit.

The female turned her attention to the other guest who had punched her, feeling empathy fly out the window. She let out an animalistic screech, rushing the minecraftian in question. The male let out a yelp, feeling foreign objects claw across his arms and deal minor damage. While it was minor, it was still terrifying to know the thing attacking him was armed.

The male punched (Y/N) across the face. She responded by slugging him where it counted. The guest let out a high squeal, covering his privates as (Y/N) began to punch his exposed face. She felt the animalistic side of her fully take over, enjoying the feeling of harming another.

“STOP! PLEASE!!!“ The guest screamed. (Y/N) released him, targeting a mushroom. She snagged it, pocketing the treasured item before getting hit in the back. She grunted, falling to the ground and accumulating a new bruise. Something pressed against her back. From the feel of the tool, it was a sword.

YOU‘RE SO DEAD!“ Before the minecraftian could respond, the female had twisted around, raising her foot and striking them in the knee. The knee-jerk response activated, the minecraftian falling over from the unexpected attack. Before she could raise again,  (Y/N) was on her, attacking the female. “DON‘T YOU DARE ATTACK ME, YOU IDIOT!

“AHHHHH!!!!“ The female screamed, forced to endure the barrage of an angered glitch. (Y/N) leaped off of her in a second, making a beeline for a second mushroom. The throng of guests everywhere would’ve made going through the place impossible… For a minecraftian. (Y/N) jumped over two quarrelling minecraftians, landing on a mushroom. She bent down and grabbed it, only to suffer a hit to her head.

“LEAVE MY GIRLFRIEND ALONE, SQUID!” The male screamed. (Y/N) playfully rolled her eyes. She punched the male where the sun don’t shine, leaving him to nurse his wound as she darted out of the mycelium pit. (Y/N) stumbled as she leaned against a wall, trying to calm her breathing down as well as her mind.

It was full of nothing but the want to fight at the moment, adrenaline rushing through her veins at full blast. She sighed quietly, trying to slow her racing body. Wanting to fight forever would do her no good outside of the mycelium pit.

“Look what the cat dragged in.“ A voice spoke, an arm moving around (Y/N)’s own to turn her to who had spoken. It was Oxblood.

Oh frick.‘ (Y/N)’s gaze went up Oxblood‘s body, stopping when her (e/c) orbs met his blackened pupils. She didn’t speak. The male glared slightly, but his glare seemed a bit more lessened than what (Y/N) would expect. He glanced over her while she examined him.

The male had red skin, covered by a guest’s orange uniform. His uniform’s shirt was open, revealing his torso (which had a few dark red scars). Oxblood’s entire uniform looked ripped in sections, showing that he had probably been through a multitude of fights in the past. He had two fangs protruding from his lower lip, something that honestly looked awesome.

“…. What‘s your name?” He inquired, actually appearing somewhat hesitant. It was an odd thing to see such a formidable being so… Awkward?

“…. (Y/N)…“ The female responded. Oxblood let his eyes trail away for a moment, before he abruptly picked her up. “Woah! What the heck?!” Oxblood carried (Y/N) over to his zone, where no other guest dared go.

“You fight well, and you look unique. You’re my girlfriend now.” (Y/N)‘s (e/c) eyes dilated even as a small bit of blood rushed to her face.

“… I‘m your what?“

“You‘re my girlfriend now, (Y/N).” He responded, placing (Y/N) down. He lovingly hugged her, making sure not to harm the female.

“… Uuuuummmmmm whhhaaa?….” Oxblood chuckled.

“You‘re my girlfriend now.” (Y/N)‘s mind promptly crashed.

….. Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?……




Requested by: anonymous (Oxblood’s ripped uniform).

having a material lifestyle in accordance with your morals (eg buying fair trade coffee, going to farmers markets, composting) is admirable but it becomes concerning when people think those are the sole actions they need to take for their causes, when at the most, they are supplementary to presumably the real goal of social change. and they don’t make you morally superior to people who aren’t living life as “pure” as you are. capitalism is designed to keep those who are most oppressed by it, dependent on it. if you are able to break out of this cycle, it means you had the privilege to choose when others did not. direct your anger & moral outrage toward the capitalists that actually perpetuate that system, not toward someone who can only afford to go to wal-mart.


Diana being precious and supportive with kids remains the Most Important Content, reblog if you agree.

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so today, a girl from school was going to go to our principal and report sexual harassment–a boy who sends unrequited nudes to tons of girls via Snapchat sent them to her, and she wasn’t having it.

when people found out she’d decided to do this, other girls came forward to support her and give their stories too–with evidence.

do you know what our principals response was? do you know what he said to all of these uncomfortable girls reaching out for help, asking to be left alone? he said “boys will be boys” and dismissed them immediately.

boys will be boys.

are. you. fuCking. kiDDINg. mE???!!!

first of all, this is NOT normal boy behavior–not everyone is like that, so don’t generalize the male population with “boys will be boys.” second of all, if you’re saying that to normalize it, STOP. HARASSMENT SHOULD NOT BE NORMALIZED. thirdly, this came from a principal of a highschool. a PRINCIPAL. not some jock, not some kid, taking it as a joke. from someone who’s job is to assist students and make the place safe and to punish those who aren’t in the right.

he told those girls to get out of his office without asking any questions or expressing any concern. he. did. not care.

since that, the girls have decided to go to an officer who works at the school and see if he takes any action. but you know what’s fucked up? that they’re having to go to anyone else in the first place.

this is why victims don’t always speak up. because when they try, they get ignored.

this happens everywhere, to so many people, all the time. and it needs to stop. stop blaming victims. stop making excuses. stop normalizing harassment and abuse. and start giving a fuck about people who are hurting.

Sugiyama Noriaki interview for “Otomedia” Magazine October 2017

Before we start I want to clarify 2 things:

1) I translated only Uchiha Family stuff (it’s about 80% of all interview). Maybe one day my laziness and self-confidence in my translating skills will let me translate it till the end (or someone else translates it) but for now only SasuSakuSara parts.
2) English is not my native language so if you see any grammatical, lexical and other mistakes or just don’t understand some parts feel free to write me. 

This story tells about the final of the difficult situation that has developed in the Uchiha family!

 Was Sasuke (even in his own way) as nervous as Sarada was? While emotions are increasing, the strength of their family’s bond warms the heart. Is it really because of the nervousness in the 23 episode he doubts whether he should poke Sakura’s forehead? We asked about this seiyuu of Sasuke, Noriaki Sugiyama.

“Without words he said to Sakura: Are you really willing to do something so embarrassing in front of your daughter?” It was funny to watch him teasing her (laughs) It seemed to me this shyness was very much in Sasuke’s style. Honestly, after the end of the recording, Naruto’s seiyuu, Takeuchi Junko, said to me: “No, I don’t believe that he could do otherwise!” (laughs), probably Takeuchi-san is right. “ 

We talked a lot with Sugiyama-san about Sarada’s Story. After reuniting with his family, Sasuke again goes on a journey. However, there is bento in his hand made by his family therefore even if they’re apart, their family’s connection is felt even more. 

- How it was to play Sasuke as father and husband?

In "Boruto” Sasuke Uchiha appears to be different from what we’ve seen before. So I often wondered how I should play him. Of course, in «Naruto» he and Naruto sorted all things out, his character somewhat “softened,” but if you change a lot the nature of the character, in the end you will ask: “Who is it?” (laughs). Therefore, to prevent this from happening, I had to think carefully how to express this softness in Sasuke’s style, how would he show it? I believe that it is unlikely that Sasuke would say a lot of gentle words to his daughter … at first glance, Sasuke could look indifferent, given his violent past, but I’ve felt that he certainly thinks about Sarada. And I thought it would be very difficult to balance.

- There was a scene where in his words to his wife Sakura you could feel a “trust”.

There is a reason why Sasuke was absent from the village, that is why I think that during their meeting you can feel how much their relationship changed, especially from Sasuke’s side. Although the atmosphere is similar to the one that was before… how to say it more precisely, there is a mutual understanding between them. At least, I felt it. 

- What’s about Naruto?

 In my opinion, one of the most notable changes was his attitude towards Naruto’s words. After they sorted all things out, instead of cutting Naruto off with words «it’s wrong!» Sasuke rather thinks: “Well, most likely this idea also can be right”. If you compare with the former Sasuke, you can get the impression that in his mind he’s indulgent to Naruto. I think, instead of “a little softened” (about a small change in Sasuke) it would be more correct to say: “Ah, he seems to have become a little kinder.”
  I think if Sasuke was too kind to Sakura and Sarada, Sarada wouldn’t have had all these worries. The image of Sasuke should have turned out to make Sarada think: “Does this man understand what kind of relationship should be between the father and the child?” And this is also difficult.

 - Sugiyama-san, what is your impression of Sasuke’s daughter, Sarada?

 I think with the way she thinks and her insight she’s just like Sasuke. And love. In the Uchiha clan, “they are penetrated with love, that’s why they try to avoid this feeling” and Sarada also inherited it with the blood of Uchiha (laughs). In my opinion, the child is very cute. From her mother Sakura, she gets both love and trust, but you can see how much she wants to know the truth, she want everything to be clarified. Here, the blood of Uchiha has proven itself especially strong.  

- Is there any scene and phrase in the story of “Sarada Uchiha” which really impressed you?

There are a few, but the most exciting of them, when Sarada asked: “Do you think your feelings are well and truly connected to Mom?”, and when Sasuke replied: “Because we have you, Sarada,” what surprised her. Even if he doesn’t say a lot “Sarada, Sarada”, his concern for her is evident. Sasuke’s position can be understood, because if he were in Konoha, it could bring danger to Sarada and Sakura, so he wanted to eliminate all those who sought revenge on him in the village or outside of Konoha. In the village, he has people dear to him, to whom he can’t return, and he strongly feels that he must protect them from the outside.

Translated from Russian to English by me
Translated from Japanese to Russian by SasuSakuTeam. Мастерская переводов

1. Think about what you love and do your best to incorporate those things into your daily life.

2. Think about who you love and who loves you and bask in the presence of each other as often as possible. This life is much too short to give energy to toxic environments and negative people.

3. Communication is key. Do your best to express your concerns or feelings whenever possible and appropriate. Listening is just as important, for it may help you process your own emotions/needs as well as understanding theirs.

4. Pour your heart into your craft, whatever it may be. And find the time to indulge in it as much as possible. You know, do what makes you happy. Often times this can be a means of helping others, in which we gain satisfaction vicariously.

5. Take care of your body, physical health is just as important. Eat all the food you love in moderation. Take walks, swim, ride bike. There are many forms of exercise you may find enjoyable.

6. Remember that tomorrow is another day, a fresh start. You can always try, again.

7. Remember that you are just as intelligent, just as beautiful, and just as deserving.

8. Allow yourself the time to heal, allow yourself whatever amount of time that may be.

9. Discover new artists, new music, individual’s with concepts you can relate to. Drown in what moves you.

10. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting, for new experiences may lead to a new found happiness in the most unexpected places, for the most unexpected things.

—  N.M. Sanchez writing prompt #64: 10 tidbits that may help to better your mental health.
CASTIEL AND HIS SACRED OATH - 12x10, 12x12, 12x23

This scene here. This split second glance is so so important. I don’t know why people aren’t talking about it (I couldn’t even find any gifs of it and had to take pictures coz I’m computerly incompitent). But I wanted to give my own analytical response to this millisecond glance, because I think it demonstrates properly why Cas has never done anything about his feelings for Dean. 

First, some context from my behalf: I always assumed Cas had never admitted his love for Dean for one of two reasons, 1) he was an angel, therefore not quite understanding his feelings himself - perhaps confusing them with familial love, Dean style. Or 2) he was afraid his love may not be reciprocated. But after watching 12x10, 12x12 and 12x23, I can thoroughly rule out reason 1. 

Now, I’ll be talking a lot about 12x10 as that ENTIRE EPISODE and THIS LOOK are so closely correlated. 

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I honestly don’t understand people who complain about lack of updates from writers/artists.

You’re getting a whole story/comic/piece of work for free. They could be like those “helpful” sample essays where you have to pay to read past the first page. They could make you pay per chapter/page.

I don’t get it. Why would you be an asshole to someone doing so much for you and asking for little in return? 

Like, my first concern when people stop updating regularly is if that person is okay or not. Like, life is unexpected, my dudes. You never know what could happen. One fanfic author I knew of died in a car crash and her brother had to notify everyone on her story’s page after a few months.

I just don’t understand. How can you be so impatient and ungrateful to demand more work from someone who isn’t obligated to do so? 


  • i used to want to save the world.
  • what one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you think.
  • i learned this the hard way. 
  • and now, i will never be the same.
  • where are you going?
  • a scorpion must sting, a wolf must hunt. 
  • what if i promise to be careful?
  • fighting does not make you a hero. 
  • war is nothing to hope for. 
  • can i see it?
  • it’s beautiful. 
  • you’re safe, and there is nothing you should concern yourself with. 
  • you keep doubting yourself. 
  • you are stronger than you believe. 
  • are you hurt?
  • i love her as you do.
  • you’re a man. 
  • don’t i look like one?
  • men are easily corrupted. 
  • is it true you saved his life?
  • you let this little thing tell you what to do?
  • you can either do nothing, or you can do something.
  • i am willing to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
  • who will i be if i stay?
  • it’s hideous. 
  • a deal is a promise, and a promise is unbreakable. 
  • you’ve got to put down the sword. 
  • is there anything else you want to show me?
  • this is a terrible idea. 
  • who gets paid for honour?
  • i am both frightened and aroused. 
  • you should be very proud. 
  • everyone is fighting their own battles.
  • i may as well teach you how to dance. 
  • they call us heroes. 
  • i don’t drink.
  • we work well together.
  • now i see that you’re attention is, elsewhere. 
  • you know nothing of the gods. 
  • what i do is not up to you. 
  • you don’t believe me. 
  • what are you?
  • why are they still fighting?
  • they don’t deserve our help. 
  • we’re all to blame. 
  • it’s not about deserve, it’s about what you believe.
  • i believe in love. 
  • i am not your enemy.  
  • i wish we had more time. 
  • i love you. 
  • you can save the world. 
  • only love can truly save the world. 
The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jengkook

Genre : Fluff, romance,comedy,implicit language,sexual innuendos
Pairing:Jungkook x reader
Length: 29K words
Summary : This is a series based on all of your first times with jungkook, from your childhood till adulthood



Tell me your thoughts in the comments and ask box :)


2 days ago, Lusty&Nancy Bar, L.A, 00:42 AM

The scent of alcohol and smoke was heavy as Jungkook was drinking his last shot of martini before collapsing on her lap. She chuckled as she ran her soft fingers through his raven hair. Those majestic looking lips, that gorgeous nose and long lashes, could drive any girl insane at his sight, but only one girl could drive the latter over the edge. He untied his tie as he dropped it on the cold ground before making himself at home, sleeping on her lap. Jungkook was never completely drunk, but had this tendency to collapse at random moments and wake up randomly just to take off his clothes. He sniffled a few times before grabbing onto the soft hand that was caressing his ears.

“I missed you….” he murmured half coherently “…Y/N”

The girl’s face fell into a scowl as she heard your name coming out of his beautiful lips, one more time. Every time, it would be the same story. He would hit her up, they would talk for a few hours and he would end up drunk, sleeping on her lap. Who was she? His business partner Park Sooyoung. Tall, brunette, pretty and a bright future ahead of her. She made heads turn by her presence only. Being a year older than Jungkook, she often talked informally to him even if he was her superior. She never had any feelings towards the boy, but she couldn’t help but feel irritated every time he mentioned your unknown name before casually sleeping on her lap.

“Y/N… I really wonder who she is, for turning him into a mess” she sighed

“Sooyoung-ssi” Jungkook’s eyes suddenly sprung open “Do you think she still remembers me?” he unbuttons the first buttons of his dress shirt “Sometimes, I keep on wondering… if she actually cares about me?”

“Jungkook, I would like to give you an answer but—“

“It’s Mr. Jeon for you” he pointed at her before erupting in a fit of giggles “We’re still workmates remember?”

“Right… only workmates” she clenched her fist

“Mr. Jeon sounds like a sexier title as well. Right? How about Director Jeon?” he ran a hand through his hair before crouching his shoulders “That’s supposed to be my future title…” he grabbed her hand in his “Do you think I can do this?”

“I think the question should be: Do you want to do this?” she replied in a heartbroken tone

“You are right…” he laid his head back on her lap “What do I even want?” he laid the back of his hand on his forehead “I just want to go back home” he felt a tear slipping from his eyes

“Should I bring you back home?” Sooyoung smiled at him

The word home had a different meaning in Sooyoung’s suggestive context


Today, Dorms at Seoul University, 12:32 PM

You were sipping on your lemon tea as it was the start of a new semester in your area. You and your friends were about to have a blast for the last remaining weeks of summer before tackling another stressful term. It might’ve been your second year at Seoul University, but you never felt more than welcomed whenever stopping by campus. You’d usually go back home during the summers and get back to the dorms during the school year, but this year it was quite different, as you had to get back to the dorm earlier. Something about a change of roommates was occurring in your department. The dean’s daughter made a fuss about wanting to change rooms so they had to rearrange the rooms. Knowing that you were the only scholarship student in the residence building, they chose to make you move out to make more space for the new tenant.

“That little brat, I swear to god, she’s so spoiled and idiot” Jimin groaned as he watched you pack your belongings

“Don’t say that, Jimin” you nudged his arm “I mean, she does have a right to do this. She’s still the dean’s, one and only daughter.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that her IQ is lower than Hoseok’s grades. I despise people of her type the most”

“Why do you hate on her so much?”

“Because she ruined your summer! You had to get on a 3 hours train ride to pick up your stuff Y/N. Why can’t you realize that she’s an annoying brat? She purposely made you move your ass from your vacation break to come in town.”

“She probably didn’t mean it that way! I actually decided to drop by in advance, so stop it” you patted his arm

“Still doesn’t change the fact that you need to leave your room” Jimin rubbed his temples “Damn you, stupid Park Chaeyoung”

“I always thought she had something for you though…” you raised a brow at him “Like a tiny crush?” you winked

“W-What?! Whoah, that’s the best joke I’ve heard in a century” Jimin flushed a slight tint of red “Girls like her are what I want to avoid the most.” He scoffed “In the last two years I’ve lived on campus, I never saw a girl as whiny and as spoiled as her. Do you realize that her majesty has a personal slave that holds her goddamn haute couture Gucci bag? Even Taehyung who owns the whole Gucci collection doesn’t do that kind of shit”

“But still, she asked nicely” you replied “It’s her last year before leaving for Ireland. That’s the least I can do to help her, as a student”

“That’s the problem with you Y/N” Jimin pointed at you “You’re way too f*cking nice to be real.”

“Come on, it’s just a room” you rolled your eyes

“You’re moving to the science department dorms! Do you realize how creepy most of these guys are?”

“I always thought they were brilliant though “you grabbed your clothes “Namjoon Sunbae is such a cutie. He was the best T.A I ever had in my years here”

“Namjoon is an exception, I’m talking about the weird guys who are in the engineering department. They always become weird as f*ck around finals.” Jimin sighed “They apparently become crazy because of their work load. Take Yuta for example! He didn’t even last a semester in there! He gave up halfway and changed programs” He sighed “These poor beings.”

“Oh, are you talking about those weird rumors of them being perverts? The boys who are taking engineering at Seoul U, are cute though, well that’s what I always thought” you commented “They’re not crazy”

“Okay yes, they seem all normal, but that’s because you’re a girl. They won’t show you their real nature” Jimin pressed his back on the wall

“What about you? Mr. Psychology. Stop digging too far inside my brain with your manipulative talks” you stared at him

“What are you talking about?”

“Why are you so concerned about me, talking to the boys in engineering?” you raised a suspicious brow “Is it Jungkook who told you to look out for me, again?”

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On Feedback

We welcome feedback of all kinds. Whether you have an issue with the way our game is monetized, or believe we’ve reblogged something here that’s harmful in some way, we want you to bring it up with us directly!

The caveat to this is that our modest team is almost entirely dedicated to the actual development of the game itself, so rather than having someone dedicated full-time to customer support, several of us have to juggle those responsibilities. Social media responses and email responses, for example, are often handled by different people.

Some players have expressed concern that their feedback is not being heard because they have not received a response to it. In the spirit of transparency: the person who was handling our customer support emails is no longer working with us, and since this was a fairly sudden development, we are unable to respond to as much feedback as we’d like to while we look for someone new to take on that responsibility. But we want to assure you that even though we can’t personally respond to every piece of feedback, we ARE looking at it all and we ARE taking it into consideration.

For now, we ask for your patience & understanding. Potential changes in response to player feedback have to be carefully discussed, and take time to implement. What may seem like simple suggestions can be far more complex when put into practice, and it can be difficult to find a balance between what players think is fair & what will actually keep our team afloat. We are going to do our best to find solutions that work for both us and you.

Again, we may not be able to personally respond to most emails at the moment, but we ARE looking at feedback and still encourage you to let us know your thoughts:

Thank you!

5 Ways To Get The Other Masked Orgy Participants To Accept The Bulbasaur Costume You Showed Up In

The social dynamics of an orgy can be difficult to navigate for even the most self-assured individuals, especially if you show up dressed in a Bulbasaur costume. But follow these tips for how to competently rock your Pokémon getup, and pretty soon you’ll be the life of the fuckfest.

1. Do a lap around the house right off the bat to see if anyone’s turned on by Bulbasaur’s large, unwieldy bulb: While the other people at the orgy likely opted for seductive masks and sexy lingerie, that doesn’t automatically mean you won’t be able to rustle up at least a person or two who are interested in your full-body Bulbasaur costume. Politely check in with the robed men sipping champagne on chaise lounges and the women massaging each other by the Jacuzzi to see if any of them have a fetish for giant tumorous bulbs on the backs of cartoon monsters. While it might not be that common of a turn-on, finding even one scantily clad partygoer who can’t keep their hands off your weird green back bulb will help others see the erotic potential in your Bulbasaur duds.

2. Add some loud Bulbasaur noises to the symphony of fuck sounds: The gasps and moans of pleasure emanating from the writhing mass of bodies are any orgy’s bread and butter, but adding some high-pitched Bulbasaur grunting to the mix could be just the thing to elevate the pleasure to a whole new level. As people in the throes of ecstasy shout each other’s names, join in by moaning, “Bulba, Bulba!” as loud as you can in the same shrill, distressing tenor the character uses in the cartoon. Amid the standard array of orgy noises, your Bulbasaur vocalizations will sound exotic and unexpected, and there’s a good chance they might ignite a spark in the loins of a MILF or two who subconsciously recognize the sound from when their children used to watch Pokémon. “What is that familiar sound?” they’ll ask themselves. “And why does it make me so wet?”

3. Convince others that there’s a Pokémon episode called “Bulbasaur Trades Mates!” in which Bulbasaur is canonically revealed to be a swinger: The orgy participants may fear that your baggy Bulbasaur costume is too much of a departure from their beaked masks and leather cat suits to contribute to the sensual atmosphere, but you can ease those concerns by explaining the plot of your invented Pokémonepisode in which Ash loses his Bulbasaur, only to later find him trading wives with another Bulbasaur in a field. The orgy participants won’t be able to help but identify with the part of the episode in which Bulbasaur expresses his carnal curiosity by engaging in a ménage à trois with an alligator and a bison calf, and they’ll undoubtedly be titillated by your description of the episode’s bittersweet final scene, in which Ash’s Bulbasaur says farewell to his master to go spend the rest of his days practicing sexual non-monogamy with other kinky grass Pokémon and varmints. Once they realize that Bulbasaur isn’t so different from them, they’ll welcome your costume with open arms… and legs.

4. Show them how the bulb on your back is structurally sound enough to anchor a sex swing: Other orgy participants might initially resent your hulking, cumbersome bulb for how it takes up so much mattress space and essentially imposes a dead zone of intimacy wherever it is lugged, but they may warm up to it once you demonstrate that, due to its immensity and rugged construction, it can easily support the weight of a sex swing, along with the weight of any adults who want to pile on. The nubile coeds draped in lace and velvet will be impressed by your Bulbasaur costume’s practicality and will be eager to hitch their erotic apparatuses to your immense green carapace, trusting that it will serve as a reliable and sturdy foundation for even their most gymnastic fuck maneuvers. Bulba, Bulba!

5. Above all, don’t be intimidated: Remember: You have as much of a right to be wearing a Pokémon costume that covers every inch of skin as the other partygoers do to be naked and oiled up. Confidence is the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac, so keep your head held high and any efforts to unfasten the Velcro that attaches Bulbasaur’s vines to your torso to a minimum, and get ready for a long night of lovin’.

I feel like a lot of attempts at convincing conservatives that larger social safety nets and state-funded healthcare are good things are like… fundamentally failing to engage with their basic concerns.

Like, guys, I have literally been asked questions along the lines of “what are your plans for when the economy collapses and all of our currency becomes worthless” by multiple family members in the past month. If people keep yelling WHY DO YOU HATE THE POORS at them, then I think they’re going to feel roughly the same as a conservationist who keeps hearing WHY DO YOU HATE POOR PEOPLE IN THE CONGO WHO CUT DOWN THE RAIN FOREST FOR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES

like, you don’t. you don’t hate those people. maybe you hate people much more powerful than them who cut down many more trees, but the people who clear four acres so they have some land to grow crops to feed their families? nah, you don’t hate those people. if you object to their actions, it’s because you’re afraid that those people might accidentally be hastening the end of the world as we know it. And if you think the debate is Person In The Congo Would Like To Clear Some Rain Forest To Feed His Family, Please vs This Will Bring About The End Of The World, you might reasonably conclude that we are just not gonna be able to compromise on the end of the world thing.

There are a lot of conservatives who seem to be every bit as concerned about government spending as liberals are about climate change and extinction rates. And like–you might think that’s dumb. You might think they’re tilting at windmills while ignoring the hurricane right behind the windmills. But as long as they think that the windmills are an imminent threat to everything they know and love and hold dear–as long as they turn to me and say “bard, I’m so sorry we couldn’t defeat those windmills for you, I’m so sorry that you’re the one who’s going to have to live in a world where their reign of terror seems impossible to escape”–like, at that point, you gotta engage with their concern about the windmills. You gotta try to convince them that your proposed policies are not going to destroy everything they care about.

Yelling at them to have compassion doesn’t solve that problem. They have compassion. That’s why they’re so worried about the killer windmills.

The Younger Son - Part Two

((OOC: Regulus played by @space-marauder, Orion played by @sirussly, Sirius played by @asktheboywholived

Part One))

Mere minutes pass before the shrieking begins to subside, twice as long as it took for the cracks of disapparating witches and wizards to cease completely, but the boy knows it will take much longer for his mother’s fury to fade. He retreats to his room, patiently waiting for the heat of her anger to ebb. He hears the ache of the ancient floors, the night owls in the trees beyond the window, the rumble of a muggle car passing by. Only then does he begin to make his way back down the creaking stairs.

His mother sits, calm as the sea after a storm, sipping from a glass of dark red wine in her hand, the smell of something burning surrounding her, a manifestation of the anger that consumed her only an hour earlier.

He chuckles at his own joke while his mother remains passive. The coldness of his mother’s looks don’t mix with the smell of the smoke and, slowly, concern begins to creep into him.

His eyes fall on her wine free hand, loosely twirling her wand.

“Well then where is he?”

Walburga’s attention finally turns to her younger son.

“I don’t believe your brother will be coming back,” she said, contempt dripping from her lips.

“Why’d you say it like that?” he asked her.

A sudden realization rushes over him, and he sprints to the next room. He’s smelled that smoke before. A grand tapestry towers above him, full of the faces of his ancestors, scattered with scorch marks replacing those who had betrayed their pureblood ideals, but his eyes search for only one.

His mother is sat unmoving as he reenters the room.

As her footsteps fade, the smell of smoke dissipates into the air until there is no trace that anything out of the ordinary at all happened that night at Number 12 Grimmauld Place.


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RE: your rant concerning how Dumbles is an abuser and complicit in abuse, so the proper response to "the world is not kind" is a loud and emphatic "blow that"?

I am a firm believer in the Pratchett “if not you then who” mindset.

If the world is cruel and unkind and people are suffering, and your response is to shrug, then you are complicit in those actions. You have sanctioned them through apathy and are subsequently part of the problem. (And I know sometimes we have our limits, I know we hit our exhaustion point, I know, I know, trust me I’ve been teetering at emotional breaking point for the last year over emotional burn out, but I am an adult in this world with choices and I can either choose to abide by what is and what should be, and I will always try to choose the latter even if all I can do that day is be kind to someone)

So when someone tells you the world is not kind in response to cruelty and to suck it up cause bad things happen, the correct response to that is a firm “yea, so what the fuck are you doing to help fix that”

Roleplaying A God...


When player characters meet a deity, they’re meeting a being with senses that extend for miles. 

A deity merely has to think of or desire something to have it. 

Its awareness of its portfolio covers vast areas, and its control of the building blocks of matter, energy, and life makes it the master of most situations, particularly on the Material Plane. 

The awesome presence of a deity cows most mortals, and may drive them from the deity in fear. 

Gods seek out mortals who do great deeds that favor the gods, as well as those who threaten their power, primacy, or existence. 

Even when a god graces a mortal or a group of mortals with its physical presence, that god’s attention is effortlessly in several places at once. 

Mortals who reach the home of a deity irritate that power with their interruption. 

They can expect a much cooler (or hotter, depending on the deity and the plane) reception. 

As the Dungeon Master, you manipulate the experience of meeting a god to suit your campaign. 

You can frighten the player characters or welcome them, depending on how you want the characters to feel about their deities, and how much you want the characters to interact with them. 

Depending on what kind of pantheon you have, you may be able to draw inspiration from elsewhere.

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The third time Eleven run away was on the 23rd of May, 1985.

Mike Wheeler thought he had dealt with his father’s lack of care long time ago, but that day was just too much. Way too much.

An F on a test he really studied hard for, he really tried, but couldn’t focus enough, due to one of the panic attacks that he started having after the events of last year, and constant anxiety.

But, of course, his father didn’t know. Neither did his mom for that matter. Lately she was acting almost as distant as her husband, with the difference that she seemed weirdly joyful.

Mike knew he couldn’t just spend his life worrying, but he couldn’t help it. He was constantly worried - terrified - that one afternoon he’ll find the cabin empty. He was anxious all the time, unless he called Will and heard that he was okay. He worried about his parents marriage, that was less of a marriage with every passing day. He worried about Nancy, who was studying so hard for exams she barely slept. He worried about Holly, that she has to grow up in the atmosphere of either constant silence or constant arguments. He even worried about Steve, everytime he looked at his face when Nancy was around.

Mike Wheeler was worried about everything.

Lucas once told him that he should sometimes think about himself, but how he was supposed to stop caring? He wasn’t like his father. He cared.

And when Ted Wheeler finally decided to pay some attention to his only son and it turned out to be scolding for messing up a test, Mike had enough.

‘I get it, you are not really a sports kind of person. But can’t you just get good grades, as it seems to be the only thing you can do properly, at least it used to be?’

He wasn’t even yelling. Mike wished he would yell, just once. It would at least mean he gave a shit.

He felt like he was six again, his father bitterly disappointed that he didn’t find pleasure in kicking a ball around.

'Shouldn’t you do something other than reading your books all day?’ he heard when he was ten.

When he was eleven, the only response to his excited statement, that he and his friends won the science contest was an unfocused gaze, a nod and bored 'That’s great, son.’.

When he was thirteen, he stopped trying. When his son was thirteen, Ted Wheeler didn’t care that he woke up crying almost every night. Neither did he care that the shadows under Mike’s eyes seemed to grow with every passing day. He didn’t care enough to ask why he was mean to teachers. He didn’t bother to ask, once, if Mike was okay.

He preferred to assume he was, because that meant he didn’t have to do anything. That he didn’t have to be a father.

So now, Mike suddenly realised that he was not okay.


'Michael!’ no yelling. No hurt on his face. Calm, stern voice, reprimand.

And Mike wanted to hurt him, wanted to make him feel the way he felt for nearly fourteen years, but he still didn’t care.

So he fled. He quickly put on his torn sneakers and ran, slamming the door behind him.

He ran until his lungs and muscles burned. He ran, going past the town’s centre, he ran far, to the deserted alley. He wanted to scream, to punch something, he was angry, so angry…

'Hey, Wheeler! ’ he heard a menacing voice. He set his jaw, turning around to face Troy.

'What do you want?’ he growled.

'What got you so worked up, Frogface? Missing your freak of a girlfriend?’

'Shut your mouth!’

'Or what? You’re going to punch me? Maybe I would be afraid if you were trying to throw a ball five feet away from me. ’

Troy’s cronies chuckled, approaching him.

'Hey, Wheeler, I’m actually curious. How does it feel to be such a failure that even freaks run away from you?’ he grinned with disgusted expression.

Mike’s fist flew first.


When Mike didn’t come over as soon as the school ended, she was disappointed.

When he didn’t answer her first supercom call, she was worried.

When he didn’t answer next five, she put on her blindfold and a hooded sweatshirt she stole from him a two days ago, focusing on his scent and warmth she could almost still feel.

Then she saw him, in the void, pushed onto the wall, his lip split, that mouthbreather towering over him, she was out of the door in seconds.


'You really thought you could beat me up, Wheeler?’ Troy chuckled, punching him in the stomach. Mike gasped for air. 'Maybe if I put you on a wheelchair, we could call you 'Wheels’? 'Frogface’ is getting old anyway. ’

Then he kicked his leg so hard Mike saw the stars.

'LEAVE HIM, ASSHOLES! ’ a strong, loud voice yelled, and suddenly the bullies were thrown across the alley, landing few feet away. Troy, on the other hand, was pushed against the wall, both with her mind and her forearm pressed under his chin, just as Hopper taught her. She saw Mike fall to the ground, groaning. She was seeing red. Troy’s face paled when he recognised her.

'Last time not clear enough?’ she was almost scared of the tone of her own voice. There was another voice inside her head. Voice sounding a lot like Kali’s.

He hurt Mike. You need to hurt him, now. He deserves it. He dared to hurt Mike. You should make him pay. You weren’t strong enough last time, will you be now? He deserves to be punished.

'E-el, don’t… ’ Mike’s voice, tense with pain, cut trough Kali’s taunts. 'He’s not worth it… Don’t… ’

She let him go, standing, frozen, breathing heavily. Troy and other boys ran, nearly tripping over their own feet.

She stood there, unmoving, until Mike spoke up again.

'You shouldn’t… come out…’ he hissed weakly, feeling like he could pass out any second. 'Put the hood on… ’

She broke out of her reverie, launching herself towards him, kneeling on the ground.

'Mike. ’ her voice broke. She was nearly shaking.

'I’m okay… ’ his voice seemed distant.

Just like him to say that with a broken leg, swollen eye, split lip and unfocused gaze, being on egde of unconsciousness.

'Fuck, Mike, you are not okay!’

'Stop swearing… ’ he said weakly.

'Can you walk?’ she took his head in her hands, panicked.

'Uh, maybe…’ he tried to get up but quickly laid back down, feeling like a wave washed over him.

'Shit. Shit, shit, shit. ’ she got up. 'Wait here!’

And she was gone.

'Yeah, I’ll just… Stay here.’ he muttered, barely aware of his surroundings.

El ran, heading towards the police station. She could barely breathe when she reached he door and swung it open with her mind. She bursted inside.

'Hopper!’ she yelled, ignoring bewildered looks of people around her.

Jim appeared in the door of his office, his eyes wide.

'Hey, chief, what’s going on?’ one of the cops asked with confusion on his face.

'Get back to work. ’ Hopper grabbed El’s arm and steered her outside.

'Mike…’ she gasped, catching her breath 'Hurt…’

'Get in the car. ’


When Mike woke up, the first thing he saw was bright light and white ceiling. Then, when he looked down, a mass of curly hair on his chest.

'El..?’ he whispered hoarsely.

Her head shot up and her fingers tightened around his palm.

'You okay, kid?’ then he saw Hopper, standing behind El with his arms crossed on his wide chest. Hoppers stern face had a concerned look on it. The chief laid his heavy hand on Mike’s head, ruffling his hair.

'Yeah, I guess. ’

'He’s not. ’ El spat, suddenly scowling. 'Those dicks broke his leg. ’

'Jesus, kid, where’d you hear that?’

'You. ’ she deadpanned. 'Are you going to find them?’

'First, you gotta tell me who that was. ’

They both looked at Mike, who pressed his lips together, forgetting his lip was split and groaned.

'Mike, if you don’t tell, I’ll show him. Or I’ll find them. ’

'No, I’ll tell, I’ll tell, okay?’ Mike said quickly and the room spun around him. He closed his eyes for a moment.

'It was Troy Donovan and his group. ’

'Of course. ’ Hopper growled and furrowed his brows. 'Little shits… Your parents are on their way, kid. ’

'Great. ’ Mike muttered. 'Can you cancel it though?’

'What? Your parents?’

'My dad. ’ Mike looked at the wall behind Hoppers back as if it had done something to her. 'He probably won’t even come, though.’

The same second, Karen barged inside, Ted following her quietly.

'Mike! Oh my god, Mike, what happened?!’ Karen looked at him frantically.

'I’m okay, mom. ’

'Is it that Russian girl?’ Ted looked suspiciously at Eleven.

'Since when do you give a shit?’ Mike muttered, clutching El’s hand. 'She’s not Russian. Her name is El… I mean Jane. ’

Hopper cleared his throat.

'If you don’t mind, I think it’ll be best if we talk in my car, Karen, Ted. Doctor said he’ll be right back. Mike is in good hands. ’

'But… ’ Karen started, looking back at her son, but Hopper steered them out of the room. The door closed, and El looked back at him.

'Why are you mad at your dad?’ she furrowed her brows.

'I’ll… I’ll tell you later, okay?’ he muttered, hoping she’ll think she moisture in his eyes was an effect of the pain. 'It’s just… He’s such a…’


'Yeah. Mouthbreather. ’

She sat closer to him and started running her hand trough his hair, remembering that was what Hopper did when she was sick. Mike closed his eyes, and a single tear ran down his temple.

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Hi can you help me? Me and a friend are discussing a little bit about veganism and it came to this..... I said, would kill and eat your own dog or cat? Who you took good care of since they were just a puppy or kitten? And she said, thats different because those pigs and cows etc. are the kind of animals that meant to be eaten. PS. I just started being a vegan few months ago and it seems like many people are suddenly concern about me especially to this change of diet of mine.

Hi! People only think they’re “meant to be eaten” because we’re just shown that since we’re kids, because people forget that these are mega corporations, it’s all connected and it’s all about money, that’s literally it. We don’t “need it” they’ll say anything to sell it. It’s no different than say - it being proven whitening strips are horrendous for your teeth but they’ll sell the shit out of it. There will be more commercials. It’s just worse because it’s literally the mass murder of sentient animals, but i’m just speaking in terms of they can sell ANYTHING even with proof it’s hurting the consumer. They’re not gonna show you a cute fluffy cow being patted before showing a steak ad, they’re not stupid. It’s all brainwashing honestly. But on the flip side - some cultures do eat cats and dogs, but how can you get pissed at that then eat some veal? You can’t. Sorry. But look at the Hindu society - the total respect of cows and vegetarianism. It’s all relative. 
Anyways - we have connections to cats and dogs because they’re pets and they’re in our homes, our friends homes they’re everywhere. but it’s also been said that pigs are smarter than dogs - that they’re cleaner and easier to train, chickens have their own complex language they use to speak to one another and cows actually have best friends. All animals have amazing qualities, quirks, personalities and love to give. Bring your friend to a animal sanctuary, let her pet and maybe she’ll fall in love. they’re honestly amazing and no different than common animal companions. Yeah that’s how it goes - no one cares about how you eat until your diet becomes important. You can try and educate her c:

some cute pics below

The Breeding Programme Part 2


Her days continued in a similar manner for the next two months, she had passed the halfway mark and was starting to be unable to hide her belly, no matter how she tried. She rubbed where the baby had kicked. It was an odd sensation, but one she came to not loathe as she thought she would. She was frustrated again, her needs sexually were being met, but she still yearned for savoury foods. Her foods were bland as a result of the pregnancy, all she could do was endure, but much to her shame, she had wept more than once over it.

When the Boss came back to her room after her mid-morning orgasm session, she looked at him oddly. ‘You need to meet the others.’ She looked at him silently. ‘They’ll be the ones helping you soon, so you may as well get to know them.’ he walked over and rubbed her breasts through her top, they had grown substantially in preparation for the birth, but with the baby being taken away, she felt it was a wasted effort. He turned her and pulled up her dress, taking himself out of his trousers before pressing into her, noting she was still wet from the morning and began to fuck her again. She said nothing, she just moaned as the head of his cock rubbed her cervix the way she adored. His hands were tight on her hips, he then slipped them back to her ass and spread her cheeks, kneading the two globes before toying with the puckered hole.

‘Fuck, yes.’ she shrieked in pleasure, ‘Play with my ass, please.’

‘You little cock slut.’ he played with her ass more, feeling her get wetter around him before pressing his thumb in and feeling her come around him, he finished immediately after, pressing in as far as he could so that he filled her pussy with come again. ‘When you are done here Kitten, you are coming home with me.’ he pulled out, making an obscene wet pop noise as he did so.

She said nothing, she simply swallowed her self-loathing at her actions, she always loved anal, her pregnancy had only intensified her lust for it. She had not been able to control herself. The idea that she had a while left of popping out children scared her, the idea that after that, she would be forced to be the Boss’s fucktoy only caused her more concern. She only hoped he would have a new toy by then. He pulled down her dress and forced her to stand straight again, she groaned as she did so, rubbing where the baby had kicked as a result of being jolted around.

When he put his hand where she had rubbed, she stilled. She did not want the baby, but neither did she want him at it. ‘A little mover.’ He grinned. ‘You are such a good girl, giving us this little joy, if you only knew.’

‘Who…what will happen…?’

‘It will go to someone who wants it, who will raise it well. That is all you need worry about.’

‘The father?’

‘That is none of your concern.’ he stated firmly. She said no more. ‘If you want one of your own, you will have one, after you finish your contract here.’

She felt bitter, contracts usually required the uncoerced involvement of those in a situation, she very much was never even consulted.

‘Now, go talk to the other girls, six months alone is not healthy, even for a little hermit like you.’ he pushed her towards the door. With come dripping out of her and down her legs, she walked forward, hating the feeling between her thighs of her tender pussy lips. She walked out and noticed what she always assumed was a plain wall had a door open in it, she was brought forward and into a large kitchenette and lounge area where there were several other girls she could see, all between the ages of twenty and thirty and all seemingly at different stages of pregnancy. ‘Girls, this is Kitten. Kitten, these are your fellow broodmares, this over here is Poppet, she is our head girl, seven she has had, this is eight and nine.’ the oldest girl stood proudly behind the counter. ‘She’ll look after you. Poppet, I told you about her, look after her.’

‘Sure thing.’ The other woman smiled. He turned and left, leaving her alone with women all staring at her. ‘Come on, we won’t bite.’ Poppet smiled. ‘I know it’s scary, but you’ll be fine, we are all in this together, we understand how you are feeling.’ she walked over and encouraged her to the counter. ‘So, what have you been craving.’

‘Em, just…Doritos, I suppose, and cheese.’ She half whispered.

‘Ooh, let me guess, a boy?’ she grinned.

‘I…I dunno, I…they couldn’t tell.’

‘My money is on a boy, every boy I had made me want savoury. Same with Lamb and Bunny.’ she pointed to two of the other girls, who nodded. ‘Trixie over has only had one girl so far, she is due to be covered again in the next few weeks, we don’t get to know these things really,’ she pointed to another girl ‘And Darling and Amore are on their firsts too, and they both have girls.’ she pointed to two more. ‘We also have Lady, she is on number four, LuLu, she is on six, MiMi, is on three and four and then FiFi is on two.’ She pointed to each girl as she spoke about them. ‘There is one more, her name is Bitch, no doubt you heard her before.’ She assumed that was the woman she heard being whipped. ‘She is named well, she does nothing she is told to do and just won’t accept it, it is so much easier when you accept it. I have one more and it is my turn to go.’

‘Yeah, yeah, quit bragging.’ The girl called Bunny groused playfully.

‘Bunny is second-in-command, she is the joker of the group, but the guys know she is playful, not troublesome.’ Poppet smiled. ‘So how long did it take you to settle, it must have been fast.’

‘I…I never fought.’

‘Really? Smart girl, they must have been weirded out by that.’ she laughed.

‘Yeah, I think Matthews was weirded out.’

‘John is lovely, when you behave, the Russian is stern though.’ She frowned at Poppet’s analysis, she always found Sergei easier to deal with, he tended to be nicer, though Matthews was always pleasant with her too. ‘Maybe because I tried kicking him in the nuts the first day I met him.’

‘What…What is this place?’

‘A breeding centre.’ she explained. ‘People want babies, we give them to them. Usually, the sperm is of someone they like something about, then we carry the pregnancy, decided by our general look, or I think from what I heard of you, demeanour.’ She nodded, she had heard that several times. ‘Apparently, your guy is very famous, a VIP donor.’

‘Do they…are they willing donors?’

‘Most, not all, I don’t think your guy knows.’ Poppet revealed. She felt somewhat sorry for him, not knowing that he had a child of his genetics on the way.

‘Do you know…?’

‘Some famous British actor apparently.’ She stated ‘Other than that, we haven’t found out.’ She handed her a bowl of nachos. ‘Not Doritos, but something.’

‘Thank you.’ she bit into it and moaned, ‘Oh God, they’re better.’

Poppet and the others laughed, ‘Good, enjoy. We are about to watch a movie, wanna join?’

With nothing better to do, she did, the sofa, though comfy, made her back hurt. She noted the others did not have the same issue. Halfway in, she had to get up. ‘Sorry.’

‘Walk it off, aches usually mean you need to stretch and exercise.’ LuLu suggested.

‘Yeah.’ With a hand on her stomach, she left the room, deciding to just pace the corridor a few times. The exercise did her some good, she felt as though she was not as sore after a few bouts.

‘Kitten?’ she turned to see Sergei and Matthews behind her. ‘What are you doing?’

‘My back hurts, I just…I was only walking, I swear.’ she saw the cameras on both ends of the corridor on her pacing. ‘Check them,’ she pointed, ‘I swear, I only wanted to move around.’

‘Okay Kitten, calm down,’ Sergei stepped forward, speaking calmly.

Matthews pulled a radio from his belt and spoke to someone, she could not hear him. A moment later, he pulled it away again. ‘Alright, she’s telling the truth, she’s done about four laps of just walking. Does that sound about right Kitten?’ She nodded. ‘You’re not supposed to be here alone.’

‘I’m sorry, I just needed to walk.’

‘Okay, if you want to walk, come on.’ Matthews grinned and pressed his thumbprint into the wall at the end of the hall, ‘Come on.’ she looked to Sergei, who nodded. Scared she walked forward and did as she was told. She usually only went left when she exited her room to the examination room, for once they were bringing her to the right. She had no idea what lay there, when they entered the room, she stepped back and whimpered. In a harness was a pregnant woman, who looked to be around the same gestation as her, being fucked in every available way, two in her pussy, her ass, one in her mouth, which she realised was forced open with an odd contraption, her ass was red raw with marks. ‘Jesus boys, are you not done with her yet?’ Matthews commented as he walked by them. ‘Bitch is a bold girl, Kitten, not like you, she needs to be punished.’ she looked at the girl and blushed.

In truth, that was the furthest thing from a punishment in her opinion, it looked incredibly erotic.

‘So that’s Kitten,’ one man came over, and eyed her up and down. ‘Boss said she’s one to play.’

‘I dare you to touch her, you know what the rules are.’ Sergei commented.

‘Come on, she is a fucking cock slut, she begs for it, I heard her when Boss fucks her.’ the man commented. ‘He is literally dry from her. She begged today like something else, apparently, she loves it in the ass, you love ass Sergei, don’t you?’

Sergei said nothing, he did, however, look at her in a way that made her think that in different circumstances, he would already be ploughing into her ass. ‘If Boss heard you.’

‘Boss is busy sucking on the Queen’s pussy right now, she is not getting the rodgering she is used to because he is fucking this one every day, then she takes your playtime after and is still wanting it. Come on boys, she is gagging for it, look at her tits.’ It was true, her nipples were hard under her dress and her already wet pussy was even wetter at the thought.

‘What about Bitch? The boss said she is to be punished.’ Matthews asked.

‘Get the rodeo cock and shove her on it, she is about as tight as the Grand Canyon, I swear, it’s not a pussy, it’s a fucking quarry she has.’ The man seemed elated he was getting somewhere. ‘Thomas?’

Another man pulled out of Bitch and slapped her ass painfully before pulling out what looked like a horse riding saddle with a wide cock on it and putting it on an oddly shaped contraption, the rest of the men fucking Bitch pulled out and helped put her on it. Her legs were just long enough to reach the ground on her tiptoes and when they put the cock into her and pressed a button, she began to cry out. ‘Someone gag her, she is a fucking terrible moaner, even during sex.’ the man named Thomas growled.

‘Alright Kitten, let’s see what has the Boss going mad for that pussy of yours.’ Matthews put her on the soft bed in the centre of the room, ‘I have wanted a go at this cunt since the day you came.’ he took out his cock and pressed it in. ‘Fuck she wants it.’ He growled, fucking her hard. ‘Sergei, get in her ass.’

The Russian waited until the other man had flipped her around so he was under her, her ass in the air and rode her as he pulled apart her ass cheeks and pressed in. She moaned loudly as he entered her too. A moment later he began to move in unison with Matthews, causing her to come almost instantly.

‘Fuck she is an incredible slut.’ Thomas commented as he put his cock in her face. Immediately, she took it into her mouth. ‘Another woman’s pussy juice and everything, she is an all out whore.’

For the rest of the afternoon, every man filled every hole she had and she loved it. When one was tired out, another seemed to be there to take his place, by the end there were certainly more men in the room than there had been to begin with. ‘What about Bitch?’ one stated.

While she was in euphoria, Bitch had been in hell, her pussy was raw and she was convulsing painfully with each new orgasm the machine gave her. ‘Get her down.’ One guy ordered. ‘Kitten, you love milk, don’t you?’ She did not answer the man speaking.

‘Sergei thinks she is a little sub,’ Matthews groaned, having dumped his come in her pussy twice and was trying to get himself hard again.

The man took her chin in his hand. ‘Suck her tits.’ he ordered.

‘Yes, Sir.’ unable to stand, she crawled over to the other woman and looked over her. Bitch was completely unable to tell where or indeed who she was, so not wanting to get on the bad side of those there, she did as ordered and began to suck on her breasts, after a few seconds, milk started to ooze from them.

‘Good girl,’ Matthews grinned as he entered her from behind as she sucked the other woman. ‘She is overdue Kitten, we need her to pop.’ She frowned, she had assumed the woman was the same as her, they were the same size after all. ‘That baby is not half as precious as yours, which one of us was it do you think lads?’ The men chuckled.

‘’My money is on you, you fucked her often enough.’

‘Only because my wife is a terrible fuck, she’s not much better, not like you, Kitten, to have someone with a pussy like yours, you are an insatiable cunt too, aren’t you?’ she did not answer as he rubbed over her g-spot making her moan as she kept sucking the milk from the other woman’s breasts. ‘Fuck it will be a fun time with you.’ he grinned as he banged into her harder until he felt himself ready to come before he pulled out, turning her around and came on her heavy stomach, ‘Fuck that looks good.’

‘We better get her tidied up, Boss is due back soon.’ Sergei commented. He walked over and pulled her to him, ‘I’ll get her washed, if Boss thinks we did this to her, he will go insane.’

‘Yeah,’ Matthews agreed. ‘Looks like she did what was needed with Bitch too, her stomach’s hard.’ He winked at her, ‘Good girl, Kitten.’

‘Finally,’ Another groaned, ‘She’s being sold immediately.’

She was brought back to her room, cleaned and dressed again. Sergei stood waiting for her to ready herself after it. She walked oddly as she came back across the room, causing him to chuckle. ‘You seemed all too at ease with that, Kitten.’

‘I think it’s moved.’ She ignored his comment and looked at her gravid stomach.

‘You’ll get that over the next few weeks.’ was all he said on the matter. ‘You need to go back over to the others.’ she frowned. ‘Have they said anything?’

‘No, they are really nice, honest, I just…I am not a big people person and I…I’m tired.’

‘Go to bed, I will tell the Boss.’

‘Thank you.’


The following few weeks had a routine to them, though slightly scattered. She was scanned one day a week, a buyer was found, they decided they wanted the gender kept a surprise, her horniness increased, causing her to actively go to the Boss whenever he arrived to be fucked, the other men too took her whenever they could, her pussy spent most of its time either being fucked or her playing with it, wanting to be fucked. Three of the other women had given birth and were now just waiting to be impregnated again, Bitch had her baby the day after the orgy and had been sold to an Eastern European brothel, apparently, she was pregnant again soon after.

Poppet was as big as her, but not as far gone by the fact she was carrying two. ‘The first’s usually go over.’ she stated as though warning her.

‘I know.’ she sighed, looking at her large stomach, she was due, the baby, if it went on the dates calculated, was due to arrive the next day. In her previous exam, they stated the head was not engaged, it was not near doing so, meaning she had time left. ‘I want it out.’

‘I know, Kitten.’

‘I forget.’


‘My name. I have such Baby Brain I forget my name before I came here.’

‘It doesn’t matter.’ Poppet rubbed her arm, ‘You won’t be called it again.’

‘Do you think anyone ever looked for us?’

‘Probably not me, I was a runaway at seventeen, I ended up in a brothel for a while and on my way home one night, the Firm got me, I have been popping out babies since, one more and I am off to be sold. Boss says they have a guy for me, wealthy, divorced, doesn’t want another bitch stealing his money, so it suits. I asked if he would want a baby perhaps, I want one I can keep, he said he expects two and I am to homeschool them.’ she smiled happily.

‘Good.’ She gave a half-hearted smile.

‘Boss wants you.’

‘So he says. But I am also being told I am booked solid for years.’

‘Yeah, he’ll wait.’ Poppet stated. ‘He used to fuck the Queen all the time, but he just wants to fuck you.’

‘It’s just a phase, he will tire when they get in the new batch.’

‘We’ll see.’

She found herself getting irritated by Poppet’s company, she felt irritated by most things these days, even Sergei’s bringing of her meals was often met with glares, the man chuckling to himself when she did so. ‘I see your ban on sex is treating you well.’ he grinned as he took away her previous meal.

‘Fuck off.’

Usually, such language was punished, but the past week, she had turned irritable, they saw her on the camera, finger fucking herself constantly, not able to get the release she needed. She begged and begged the Boss to fuck her, but he declined, claiming she could go into labour. To her, that was not a deterrent, but a bonus. ‘As soon as you are medically cleared, I promise I will pound your ass again, but you need to be cleared and pregnant, Kitten, those are the rules.’ he left.

She rose from her seat and waddled to her room. ‘Good day, Kitten.’ She glared at the Boss. ‘It is for your own good.’

‘I’m full term Sir, please, just one little fuck.’ She begged.

He growled, watching as she rubbed her hand on his crotch through his trousers before getting on her knees and pulling him out, sucking him off there in the hallway. ‘You cock slut.’ He forced her to her feet again and brought her into her room. Leaning her over the table and slipping into her. ‘I am going to fuck you senseless.’ he thrust into her.

‘Please, Sir.’

‘When you are done I am taking you as mine.’


‘You will service my cock day and night.’

‘Yes.’ She would agree to anything to keep him fucking her.

‘What will you do?’

‘Let you fuck me day and night Sir, suck you off, worship your huge cock.’ she gasped, her rotund stomach under her as she was fucked vigorously. ‘Please, fuck my pussy.’

He squeezed her tits, causing them to spray milk, she was lactating a lot of late, leaking day and night, no dress she wore stayed dry more than twenty minutes and no one ever gave her breast pads. ‘You slut, you would fuck anything with a cock, wouldn’t you?’

‘With a cock or without Sir, I’d fuck it.’

‘Is that right? You slut, you fuck slut.’ his thrusts got faster as he found his release, her having reached her twice already in their act. ‘You are a cum slut, aren’t you?’

‘Yes, Sir.’ she smiled lazily as she came down from her high before frowning, ‘Ow.’

‘What is it, Kitten?’

‘I feel weird.’

The Boss looked at her, ‘Pressure?’ She nodded. He stuck his fingers up her pussy. ‘It’s engaged.’ he informed her. ‘Soon this baby will come, get ready, Kitten.’ He warned.


The next two days she was more irritable than before, she physically left a room anyone else entered. She scowled and looked in contempt at anyone who tried to engage her in any way. Poppet and the others looked at her as those she lost her mind, as for the Boss, it elated him.

‘Kitten will be pushing in under twenty-four hours.’ he declared to the Queen.

‘What makes you say that?’

‘Wait and see, she will.’

She woke up during the night, her sleep was fitful of late due to the lack of comfort anyway. Her belly was too heavy to stand too long, her pussy felt like there was a bowling ball trying to press its way out of it, she could not sit it hurt twice as much then and if she slept on her side, her back ached. There was no reprieve. She felt a jolt of discomfort as well as the baby kicked. She went to rub her stomach and realised it was rock hard. After a few minutes, more pain gripped her. She knew what it was and just tried to stay quiet and try and get some comfort.

As time went by, it got harder and harder to ignore the pain, when Sergei arrived in with her breakfast, she stayed facing away from him on the bed and prayed a contraction would not bother her while he was there, it didn’t, thankfully. She tried to eat what he left, but she did not feel overly hungry, two contractions plagued her while she ate a slice of toast, telling her she was nearing the time, but she left out no obvious indicators. When he arrived back to get the tray, she was trying to get into bed again. ‘Not much longer, Kitten.’ he said in sympathy. She groaned as finally, she met her threshold on holding in a contraction and squatted. Immediately she felt fluid flowing out of her and down her legs. Sergei watched for a moment before the smell came to him. ‘You’re already there.’

‘Fuck.’ The first contraction after the waters broke hit her harder than the ones before.

‘I’ll call the Boss.’ he turned to leave. ‘Deep breaths, Kitten.’

‘Fuck you.’

The contractions felt as though they were on top of each other when the Boss arrived. He walked in and watched as she clenched her teeth in pain. ‘Hello, my little Kitten.’ he walked over to her, rubbing her sweaty forehead. ‘How far along are you?’

‘Get it out.’ she begged.

He slipped his hand into her and felt around. ‘Not yet, you have another two centimetres to go.’


‘You are so good, doing this without gas or anything,’ he commended, stroking her clit.

‘Fuck.’ she leant into his touch, the pain subsiding for a moment.

‘You are an incredible slut.’ He pulled back the blanket and pulled her legs towards him, looking at her clearly swollen pussy lips. ‘I guess that is out of bounds today.’ he lined himself up with her back passage. ‘But you are an ass slut too, aren’t you?’ He pressed it, adoring the sensation of the pressure from the engaged baby and her contractions tightening her around him. He fucked her hard and fast, toying with her clit as he did, when she came, another contraction hit her, causing the pain and pleasure to mix and cause her to moan loudly. Grunting, he finished by pulling out and coming on her lower abdomen and swollen cunt. ‘I won’t get to touch you again until you are pregnant again my little Kitten, I could not waste an opportunity.’

‘It…I’m…’ She grabbed the sheets and clenched her teeth and bore down.

‘No you don’t.’ he growled, but he watched as her pussy started to widen slightly, the head beginning to make its way down her canal. ‘Shit.’

‘I…I need to push.’ she clenched her teeth as she spoke.

He pulled himself into his pants again and walked to the door. ‘Get in here now.’ he ordered.

It was clear she was supposed to birth elsewhere, but as soon as Samantha opened her legs and looked at her and saw the head coming out to meet her, she would be going nowhere. She pushed without instruction, ignoring everyone and everything as she followed her natural instinct. She ignored the orders to remain lying as she was and got onto her knees, pushing down on herself and immediately feeling the baby go further down the canal, the head coming free, the next push, she got the shoulders free, she pushed out the baby in under fifteen minutes. She gasped and inhaled deeply as she felt the afterbirth make its way out of her, the baby crying nearby.

‘Good girl, kitten.’ Boss stroked her head.

‘What is it?’ she asked in exhaustion.

‘Why?’ The Boss looked at her, she never seemed interested in the baby.

‘Poppet thinks it’s a boy, we all have a pool going, winners get chocolate.’

The Boss chuckled. ‘A boy.’ he confirmed. She nodded. ‘Do you get some chocolate for that?’ She nodded, closing her eyes and getting comfortable on the bed. ‘Get some sleep Kitten.’ she did not need to be told twice.

When she woke, the room was empty again, the small little human she had carried in her for almost a year was gone. Looking down, she realised her breasts were leaking streams of milk and were in agony. She whimpered as she tried to touch one, but a larger volume of milk squirted out from it. Getting to her feet, she gingerly made her way to the door and across the hall, there, the girls were all sitting, talking to Lamb, who she could tell had just been confirmed pregnant again. They paused when they saw her looking at them all in an odd manner.

‘Kitten, did you…have you had the baby?’ Poppet walked over to her. She nodded, tears in her eyes. ‘Oh, Kitten, what’s wrong?’

‘ hurts.’

‘What does?’ She indicated to her breasts. ‘Okay, well they like us to lactate for a while, healthier for the babies, come on, sit over here. Bunny, get a doughnut ring and some ice in a bag. Sit here and we’ll help you.’ She smiled kindly.

A few minutes later, she was sitting on the couch, her breasts out, Poppet teaching her how to help her milk out. She sighed as the pressure was relieved.

‘Kitten!’ the women jumped at the sight of the Boss in the door. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘She is too full, she needed milking.’ Poppet explained, not stopping what she was doing, ‘She has enough to feed a small army.’

‘Good, get her dry.’ the Boss commented coming over and taking the milk that had been collected away. ‘We need to send this on to the child.’

‘Just give us the bags, does she get a pump?’ Poppet smiled.

The boss eyed her as her breasts continued to squirt out the milk, even after she had already been milked of at least a pint. ‘She needs one, doesn’t she?’

‘Yes, we’d be here all day milking her if we didn’t get her one, she’d make a good cow.’ She joked.

- Wolfie

Legit Worldbuilding Tip #2

or - “Why Economics is Important”

So, let’s talk about economics.

I can hear you groaning back there. Hold on and hear me out. 

When you’re creating a fantasy world or a sci-fi world, many things define cultures. One of the most important for a lot of writers is religion, with politics being secondary in a lot of cases. 

But how often, when trying to create a unique world for your characters, do you stop and think about how money works for them? Or if they use money at all?

Let me pause right here and give you the dictionary definition of economics. That might help you understand exactly what I’m talking about - 




  1. 1.the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

It’s not just a “money” thing. Economics is all about how things move in a society - where things come from, who produces those things, and - most importantly for worldbuilding - how the people in a community are affected by that system. 

A lot of writers will just look at our world and transfer that model directly into the world they’re writing about. There are rich people who have money, and poor people who don’t. In science fiction novels, people might exchange credits for the things they need. In fantasy, characters hand over gold coins without the writer giving it a second thought. 

So What’s the Issue?

Well, the issue is this - different economic systems work (arguably) for different worlds. You can see that in our current society. Different countries function better with different economic landscapes. That’s been true through history, too, and economics have changed with the times. 

But… I Don’t Know Anything About Economics

Nobody is asking you to write a giant manifesto about the next great economical system. Nor do you need to describe the details of your world’s economics in your story. Your characters likely don’t know everything about how their economics work, and your reader probably won’t care. 

But. But. Little details here and there can help enhance a world and show how it’s different from ours. Little economic details can help you better understand how your world actually functions. They can better explain things about your characters and the lives they’ve lead up to that point. 

Case in point. In the Dragon Age series of games, there is a magical substance known as lyrium, which is important to both mages and soldiers known as Templars (who use the substance to increase their power).

Because lyrium affects most individuals, but not dwarves in this world, dwarves have developed an entire society centered on mining and distributing lyrium to the other races. Dwarves are merchants primarily. There is also a large dwarven crime syndicate that smuggles lyrium illegally. In essence, the importance of lyrium has led to a lyrium-based economics system for the dwarves in this world. 

So What Things Should I Be Thinking About?

The biggest thing to consider is what “wealth” means in the world you’ve created. First and foremost, where does most wealth come from?

Let’s look for a moment at our history. In one example,lLandowners with a lot of good, workable property became rich usually because of taxes. They took money from other (poorer) people in exchange for a place to live, as well as protection. Those landowners became the “lords” and “kings” of the places and peoples they swore their protection to in exchange for money, goods, and services. 

This is the basis of most fantasy fiction. There are also many ways this system could be exploited in a fantasy world. 

Here’s a hypothetical. In a high fantasy world, only a certain type of person is able to fight and kill demons that appeared a few centuries earlier. Most people would be dead if left to their own devices. 

But, these Demon Fighters realized they could exploit their abilities. They offered to protect the common folk in exchange for what the people could provide them. So, in time, the Demon Fighters became the ruling class.

But even among the Demon Fighters there is a class system. Not every Demon Fighter has the same abilities. Some individuals are more suited to combat, being able to take down demons by force. Others have the ability to control demons. In time, the combat-able Demon Fighters become soldiers and those with the ability to control demons become Nobles, most of whom have demon servants and bodyguards.

Let’s Talk About Surplus and Scarcity

In most societies, economics are centered on two principles. 

The first is surplus. Having a surplus means having more than is needed of something. The other is scarcity. You can guess what this is. The more scarce something is (i.e. the less of something there is) the more valuable it becomes.

The more food that is available, the less difficult it becomes to acquire food. It can be freely traded, whether for other items/services of equal value or for money (or whatever symbolic exchange product a society uses, like “credits” in a sci-fi world). If there’s not a lot of food to go around, it becomes more difficult to acquire food. 

The person who has a lot of a needed thing holds power over those who don’t have that thing. In the Dragon Age example, even though dwarves aren’t human they aren’t treated as poorly as elves, another race that exists within that world. People rely on dwarves for lyrium, which gives them power, which means that even if they aren’t human they are important enough to humans to be treated more “equally” than elves.

What if Nothing is Scarce in My World?

For a while now, people have talked about the possibility of a post-scarcity economy. I’ll just leave this here -

Post-scarcity economies are often found in science fiction that idealizes the future. Often these societies have a lack of a power structure. If anybody can go out and get what they want or need at any given time, then it’s hard for any one group to hold sway over the rest. 

Sometimes, companies today will create false scarcity by destroying goods and forcing the prices of those goods to be higher than it should be. This has happened in the dairy industry, with tons of milk being disposed of because dairy farmers want to protect their livelihood. 

I will say that I am NOT an economics expert, by any means. Nor do you have to be to think about it when writing fiction. 

Just be aware of the power structures that exist because of economics, and how this will likely play a role in the world you’ve built. Think of ways to play around with the power structures. Think of how your idea of space travel or demons or whatever will affect your world’s power structures.

All this can lead to a lot of interesting dynamics in your world that can help set it apart from the rest.