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You're doing adam kisses headcanons??? Omg I feel I'm gonna die already


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  • Hand kisses. Like, all sorts of hand kisses.
    • The open palm kiss where he lightly places a kiss on your palm. Usually while your sleeping and he’s left awake unable to fall asleep himself. Prince Adam watches you peacefully, his fingers tracing your palm before he leans over and lightly presses a kiss there. 
      • The usual back of the hand kiss. The kind where he brushes his lips against your knuckles in some sort of greeting. It’s barely a touch, and Prince Adam looks up at you from the kiss with a small smile.
      •  Or, even better when he’s hand in hand with you and merely lifts your hand up and kisses the back of it. A small simple way of saying I love you.
        • Fingertip kisses. Don’t get me started. JK, please do. Prince Adam lifting your hand up and kissing each of your finger individually before pressing kisses to two fingers at once and so on. 
        • This is something you do as well, but usually in private where it’s just the two of you. It makes him feel giddy inside and he loves to watch you kiss his fingers. (Not saying it’s a turn on but yo, it is).
          • Literally the cutest thing when he occasionally lets his lips trail up your hand to your wrist, where he lightly kisses just to tickle you.
  • Forehead kisses.
    • Prince Adam lightly placing his hands on the sides of your face. His thumbs rub your cheeks tenderly and he’s looking into your eyes like you’re the most sublime thing he’s ever looked at. And in his opinion, that’s true. He swallows softly, tilts your head towards him and kisses your forehead. It’s a slow sort of kiss, and he really takes his time letting his lips sink against your skin. 
      • Something that’s not quite a forehead kiss but still falls under it is the butterfly kiss, something that Prince Adam gives you when you’re tired, stressed, sad, etc. He’ll hold you tightly, letting his fingers trail up your neck to the back of your head where he holds you still before leaning down and kissing his forehead against yours. His eyelashes blush against yours, he’s murmuring to you, “I love you so much, you do know that. Right?” 
        • Much like his need for assurance for your love, he likes to validate his love for you when he feels you need it. 
      • You giving Prince Adam forehead kisses when it’s the early morning and he refuses to get out of bed. You roll over, give him a quick peck on the forehead before getting up. He mumbles to himself, but still manages to watch you get ready before deciding he needs to get up.
  • Cheek kisses.
    • A sort of prudent way of showing affection. Usually done in rather spontaneous spurt. 
    • Before Prince Adam leaves a room where a lot of people are watching, he’s turns his attention to you and always leaves you with a warm kiss to your cheek. The smile on his face as you watch him walk away is always something that makes your heart swell.
      • Even when his time with you is interrupted by something that needs his immediate attention, he’ll give you a kiss to the cheek before attending to what ever it is.
        • You giving him flusters of cheek kisses whenever he’s not feeling like himself. You probably kiss his entire face when he’s feeling down, but always centralize your kisses to his cheek.
  • Ear kisses.
    • A bit more secretive and used that way as well. 
      • During parties and what not, if there’s something that Prince Adam wishes to tell you without others knowing, he’ll lean towards you, kissing your ear before whispering whatever he has to say in your ear.
        • Constantly leaves a shudder to slide down your spine and the mare closeness of his lips to the shell of your neck.
        • When the two of you are together, just enjoying one another’s company in silence or reading, Prince Adam likes to lightly press kisses to your ear to remind you that he’s there. 
  • Jawline Kisses.
    • An early morning sort of kiss. You’re snug in his arms, wrapped up in complete and utter warmth. You don’t have to get up yet, and if you wanted, you could stay in bed for the rest of the day. Prince Adam breathes in slowly, his face dug into the crook of your neck. He yawns, lifting his head before pressing a kiss to your jawline, perhaps to entice you to play around this morning.
    • Jawline Kisses usually lead to neck kisses. (Mild NSFW)
      • Pretty self-explanatory but just imagine Prince Adam peppering kisses against your neck before snarling his teeth and lightly scraping them up and down to tease you.
  • On-The Lips Kisses.
    • A rather feisty and more secluded sort of kiss, meaning you usually only kiss each other in private like this. Very rarely does Prince Adam kiss you in front of others on the lips.
      • Probably once or twice if he’s noticed someone’s been looking at you, his protective instincts kick in and he’ll lightly press a kiss to your lips to assure that they know you’re with him.
        • Has a little smile he pulls before he finally lands a kiss on your lips. It’s the cutest little thing, his lips curling around the edges. He continues to smile while kissing you. He’s just so in love.
          • (Mildly NSFW). No doubt that they’ve lead to more heated sessions of kissing and fondling with one another. Imagine, the two of you are at a celebration but get impatient. You think you can make it back to the bedroom, but get half way there before he pulls you towards him. With a light chuckle,Prince Adam ravishes your lips with his, his hands grasping your shoulders and holding you against him. You respond right away, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him in for an even harder kiss.
  • The Surprise kisses.
    • That’s what you call them at least. The first one always starts with a flower that he picks for you. Holding it up with a small smile, you take it from his hands and respond, “Thank you, love.” To which he replies always with a rather head-spinning kiss and a very gentle, “I love you.”
    • The second kind are when he surprises you with a kiss while your reading. He knows you like to enthrall yourself in the words and pages and so takes this as an opportunity to place a kiss to your cheek, and then your lips.

Sorry I didn’t get more done, I am way tired and I need to sleep haha. Like, I said, there’ll be a part two(Probably with more NSFW kinds of kisses for those who want them). Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it. Reblogs and likes are helpful, thanks y’all!

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Hello! Jungkook scenario when he gets the reader pregnant not plan (you guys are dating ) you tell him & end up aruging and he blames you saying mess up things tell you to leave with the baby. You leave Korea for 4 years, come back with your daughter you guys see each other again. He wants to fix things but you dont after a few months you give him a chance.

Hi there! Thank you so much for the request, and we’re so sorry for the wait! Nonetheless, we hope you enjoy!

Btw, we kind of got carried away with this scenario and made it kind of long, haha! Hope you don’t mind!

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

Jungkook Pregnancy Scenario

Everything in life seemed perfect. You had the job of your dreams, you lived in a beautiful city, and you had the perfect boyfriend. It was like a movie, or a fairytale.

But today, you realized that life isn’t perfect and that all good things must come to an end.

“Pregnant…” You watched as a look of pure terror spread across the face of your “perfect” boyfriend, Jungkook. “Y-yeah…” Your heart sank. This wasn’t quite the reaction you thought you were going to receive. “How?…” You knew it wasn’t planned. You thought you took all the precautions, but not even that had worked. “I don’t know…we did everything we could but…” your voice trailed off. He puts his head in his hands as he collapses onto the bed next to you two. “Listen Kookie…” you say as you gently take a seat next to him.

You wrap your arms around him and lay your head on his shoulder, “Everything will be alright…we’ll be okay…” He raises his head again, “Really?” A small smile forms on your face, “Of course, Kookie.” You rub his back, “This was an accident…but we can deal with it, we can get through it.” He looks at you, “Wow…are you sure?” You smile and gently cup your hands around his face, “Of course, Kookie. We just need to be calm.” He smiles back, “Wow, you’re being so brave, (Y/N).” He kisses your forehead. “Thank you, but I couldn’t do it without you.” He lets out a sigh of relief. “Of course, I’ll be there with you all the way through it.” Your smile begins to grow wider. “I’ll hold your hand through it and try my best to make it seem as painless as possible.” You giggle, “Thank you Kookie, but that won’t be for a long while.” Jungkook furrows his eyebrows at you. “What do you mean? We can’t wait too long, you won’t be able to get it if you do.” Now you’re confused, “Huh? Jungkook, what are you talking about?” You start to loosen your grip on him, “I’m talking about you getting a…you know…abortion.”

Your eyes widen in horror, “W-What, no?! Jungkook, no that’s not at all what I meant” He lets go of you, “(Y/N)…then what do you mean? You can’t expect us to raise it.” Your heart drops. “Why not?…” Piece by piece, you’re perfect reality was crumbling. “We’re still so young! We’re not ready! I’m not ready!” Your hands begin to tingle, “B-but…we can’t just…abandon it.” Jungkook throws his hands in the air, “Well I can’t just abandon my life!” Your eyes dart to him filled with shock, “I’m sorry, but it’s the truth! I still have so much I want to do. And I can’t do it with a kid!” You slowly shake your head. “Jungkook…” He stands up, “Shit, (Y/N). What do you want me to do?! I didn’t want this!” You stutter, trying to say anything but he cuts you off. “I didn’t agree to this, okay?! This isn’t fair to me!” He says, raising his voice even louder.

What he says begins to anger you. “Are you being serious? You are at just as much fault as I am! You played just as big of a role in making this as I did!” He jerks his head towards you, “This has to be your fault! I did my part!” He balls his fists up in anger, “You know what? You always screw things up! And now look what you did!” Your eyes begin to water, “Stop it! Stop blaming me, this isn’t my fault!” He starts to pace around the room. “Jungkook, I am not giving up on this baby. We brough-” “No! You did! This isn’t my problem!” You gasp at what was just said, “Jungkook, you are the father! There’s no changing that! You can’t just-” He waves his hand, “You know what? If you want to keep this baby so badly, then fine. But do it without me.”

More and more of those shards of your storybook life break apart, and they seemed to be stabbing at you right in your heart. “You can’t expect me to do this alone!” The pool of tears in your eyes begin to flow down your red hot cheeks. “I’m not dealing with this!” “You have to!” You walk over to place your hand on his arms, but he shrugs you off. “Don’t touch me!” He scoffs. “Jungkook please…please don’t leave me alone.” He turns his back towards you. “It your choice, (Y/N). You can either stay with me, or you can take the baby and leave.” More fragments of your once flawless life spiral down around you. You take in one last breath, steadying your breathing.

“Fine…” You make your way to the door, and before leaving you take one last glance at your now lost love, who’s back is still facing you. “Goodbye Jungkook…” You slam the door behind you. Crash.

There goes your fairytale.

~4 years later~

She giggles as you tickle her tummy. You two were on a plane to Korea, where you once lived. You continue to make her laugh, making funny faces or noises, and tickling her over and over. She laughs one last time before falling forward and placing her head in the crook of your neck, “Aww, thank you for the hug, darling.” You hold her tight, never wanting to let go. She was the love of your life. You would do anything for her.

You decided to take your daughter to Korea to show her more of her background. Once you moved to America where you raised her, she wasn’t able to be exposed to much of her own culture. You had about a week off from work, so you decided to use the time to expose her to her heritage. Plus, you missed your hometown.

Hours passed and you were finally able to unload the plane and make your way into the airport in Seoul. You balanced her on your hip as you used your other hand to carry your guy’s luggage. Before you knew it, you were in a taxi to head to your hotel, which wasn’t to far from the city you grew up in.

The next day, you were holding her in your arms as you walked down the streets you once knew. Every little detail, you told her about. Every little nook and cranny in the city, you had a story to tell from it. She listened, even if she didn’t always understand what you were saying. You took her to your favorite spots. The coffee shop, the store you always shopped at, even the library where you met her father. As you walked down the aisles with her and looked at all the different books, you couldn’t help but think of him. Each day she begins to look more and more like him. She has his nose, his eyes, she even smiles like him. It hurts. Her father was a man you grew to hate, and to see him in her makes it that much harder.

Before heading back to the hotel, you decided to make a stop at your favorite grocery store. You made an excuse to yourself, saying you needed some food. But really, you wanted to look and see how much has changed.

Her eyes widen in awe at all the pretty colors, like usual. You let her pick out a snack, as do you. You make your way to the checkout line, making sure to keep balance of the little one on your hip. As your waiting, she starts to feel fussy. She begins to whine, and you start to rub her head as you coo at her in an attempt to calm her down. “Darling, it’s okay. We’ll be at the hotel soon and you can take a nap okay?” You rock her back and forth, soothing her.

“(Y/N)?” You heard a familiar voice behind you call your name. Your heart drops, praying it’s not who you think it is. You decide to ignore the person, paying your full attention to your fussy child. “(Y/N)…Is that you?” You sigh. Please….please don’t let it be him. You turn around, your heart racing. And just your luck.

It was him.

You stayed silent. She clung to you, put off by the stranger. “Oh my god…” He says. You still didn’t respond. Instead, you rubbed her back and tried to turn away. “Hey…” He puts his hand on your shoulder, and she whines even more. “She doesn’t like strangers.” You say, turning away from him once again. “(Y/N), don’t be like that.” You let out another sigh. He’s right. You shouldn’t be acting so childish. Thankfully, the cashier calls you over. “Hold on.” You say, as you walk to check out. You pay and thank the cashier. “Your daughter is very beautiful, by the way.” You smile. “Thank you very much.” you reply, smiling down at your daughter. You begin to walk out the door, hoping he forgot about you. “Wait!” Damn. You stop, letting him catch up to you. “(Y/N)…” He says once again. You turn around, finally giving in. “Yes?” A smile creeps onto his face, but you continue to remain unamused. “It’s uh…been a while. Huh?” You nod your head. She clings to you once again, hiding her face in your neck. “That’s uh…” “Yes, it is.” You rub her back once again, reassuring her that everything was okay. He pauses for a while, looking at her. At the both of you.

“What’s her name?” He says, keeping his eyes on the both of you. “Areum.” You say flatly. He smiles, “It fits her well. Beauty. Just like her mother.” You frown at him, letting him know he was crossing the line. He lowers his head in apology. There was a silence between you two. “Listen, we should probably get going.” “Wait!” You look back at him, both arms wrapped around Areum. “Um…How long will you be staying here.” You hesitate, keeping your arms around her and a safe distance from him. “Why do you want to know, Jungkook?” He seems a little hurt by what you said, but he continues. “If you had any free time, maybe we could catch up?” You were hoping he wasn’t going to say that. “I don’t think that’s a good idea…” He sighs, “Listen, I know we left off on a rough patch, but…” You shake your head, “Jungkook…no, I’m sorry.” He tries to step towards you, but you back away. “Please, (Y/N). I’ve been wanting to talk to you these last few years-” You start to get irritated, “Oh, really?! Then how come I never received a call or text, huh?!” You raised your voice slightly, which startled Areum as she squirmed in your arms. You turn to her, cooing at her once again and reassuring her that everything was okay. You sigh once again, lowering your voice to a normal tone. “Listen, Jungkook. I don’t want to talk to you, and that’s that. Now please, let me and my daughter leave.” You begin to turn around once again.

“No! Please! (Y/N) I regretted everything that night! I shouldn’t have let you go! I should’ve been there for you. I should’ve been there for her! It was the biggest mistake I ever made, and I’m sorry!” He rambles, and you stop in your tracks once again. He continues, “The day you left, I wanted to run after you and apologize. I wanted to take back everything I said that night. It was wrong, all of it! I don’t truly know why I never did, I just…I was to scared.” You stood there listening, with your back facing him. You listened to what he was saying, feeling conflicted. “I was hoping that maybe…maybe you would come back to me. That you would try and smack some sense into me, and convince me to stay with you and raise the baby with you. But you didn’t…you shouldn’t have. I didn’t deserve it. You were right for not coming back to me. And I was wrong for leaving you all alone to raise a child by yourself.” Your expression softens slightly as you continue to clutch onto your daughter. “I’ve never been able to live with myself since then. I kept telling myself to call you. To get back in touch with you. But, I was too ashamed. I didn’t want to face you.” You quietly sighed to yourself, you began to feel torn.

For four years, he left you alone. And in those years, your hatred grew for him more and more. You were stuck raising a child with no help whatsoever. And you love Areum. You would go through that struggle all over again if it was for her sake. But you couldn’t deny that it was incredibly difficult. You spent so many restless hours throughout the day working at one of your three jobs while Areum was at daycare, or you were spending countless, sleepless nights feeding her while your stomach growled because you only had enough money for her formula and baby food.

And you blamed him. You blamed him for all of it.

But now, he’s here, begging for your forgiveness. Something you never thought would happen, not even in your dreams. You thought he had moved on. You thought he found someone else as he continued to live his life without a care in the world. When in reality, he never stopped thinking about you. “I completely shut down when you left. I didn’t leave our -er, my house…for I think almost a month. They had to kick my door in and force me out. It took a long time to get back on my feet, but I did. And I got a job. A real job. I raised money, and I…I set money aside so I could go see you and…her.” You raised your eyebrows, shocked. You slowly turn around. He continues once more, “I…I guess I don’t need to use it to fly to America anymore. I had also been saving money to send to you, to help you out. But, I was still too scared to face you.” You stared at him wide eyed. “I’m sorry I should’ve sent it to you a long time ago I just…” You nod your head, urging him to move on. “M-my point is…” He takes a breath, steadying his voice. “My point is, I never stopped thinking about you, or the baby. And I regret the decision I made more than anything else in my life. It was a huge mistake. and I…I want to fix it.” He pauses, breathing in once more. “I want to…fix us.” Your expression has completely softened. You look down, trying to decide. Maybe…it’s worth it to have a little talk with him? You take in a long breath, readying yourself to say words you never thought you’d ever say to him..

“Areum and I are staying in the hotel down the street. If you stop by around this time tomorrow, we should be there.” You let out a shaky breath still surprised by what you’re saying. He smiles widely, “I will, don’t doubt it for a second.” You nod to him, “We need to go now, she’s getting cranky. But…we’ll see you tomorrow?” He nods, a giant grin across his face. “Yes, you will. I promise!” You nod once again, this time offering a small smile. “Goodbye Jungkook…I’ll see you at the hotel.” You say, as you walk off.

You begin to walk the opposite direction of him. Areum lifts her head to look up at you. You gaze into her big, sparkling eyes. Once again, you were reminded of how much she is beginning to look like her father. But for the very first time, this reminder didn’t bring hatred towards him. No. This time you felt a warm feeling spreading through your chest.


Maybe this fairytale will have a happy ending after all.

Devil Eyes

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary (Request) :(Anon) OMG I saw the Sebastian pic you reblogged, and baaaam an idea popped up haha. Would you write something where Bucky is a mechanic and one time you go there cause your motorcycle broke down and you’ve heard he’s good. So when you get there he’s wearing a muscle Shirt, is all dirty and Looks pretty hot with his metal arm. So after you watch him fix your bike you can’t resist the way he also Looks at you, so it happens that you end up in shower together. Later then he asks you for a proper date? :)

Warnings: Smut. You know the drill. ;)

A/N: I am so sorry to the anon that sent me this weeks ago and it took me FOREVER to write. I’ve been going through some stuff these past few weeks and it was really tough to get focused on my writing. But I promise to all of my followers that I will start posting more often, both reader inserts, and more chapters for Ineffable. I love you guys. <3

This is the photo. 

“So, how long have you been doing this?” You asked, trying not to sound as if you were salivating at the flawless form in front of you trying to fix your motorcycle. His skin was glistening in the strong light he had shining over him, (Or the motorcycle, but no need to get into details) so that he could have proper sight of the structure before him in the dark garage.

           “I don’t know, a couple of months.” He replied, looking up at you for a moment before grabbing for another one of his tools.

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Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word count: 1,136

A/N: @mrsnickclark requested a secret relationship vanilla inspired by Shawn’s (not so recent anymore) tweet about falling in love and that whole debacle. I hope this is okay, love xx


There are many reasons why Shawn and I are keeping our relationship completely hidden from the rest of the world. One of them being that his management team don’t think it’s a good time to start any drama in his fanbase because it’s in the middle of his Illuminate World Tour promotions. That leads to another reason, which I am most fearful for, which is the response from both Shawn’s fans and the rest of the media that we will surely receive - I don’t know if I can handle that yet. The last reason being that Shawn keeps saying that he doesn’t want me to get hurt but if I’m being honest, it almost hurts more having to hide it. I’d want to yell it from the top of a mountain, that I belong to Shawn and he belongs to me. I hate having to meet him places or having to go somewhere far enough away from any possible crowds. I want to act normal with him in public. I know it’s not that easy, I just wish it was.

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My North Star (pt 8)

Originally posted by nycbtslover

A/N: AH so I got around to typing this part out! I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think! Do you want a part 9? I won’t write one if no one lets me know haha 

Length: 2076 words

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, the one constant in your life. But what happens when the new girl comes along? And a new guy tries to win your heart? 

Previous Parts:  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

I love her

Jin started to panic. I love her? No, I can’t. I can’t feel that way…. Jin felt like he couldn’t breathe all of a sudden as the realization hit him. All this time, he saw you as his best friend, and he loved you very much. Only now was he beginning to realize that he loved you more than anyone else. After all the years you spent together, he realized that you were what people called a soulmate. The one person that understood everything about him. The one who loved all his virtues and even loved all his vices. And he loved everything about you too. And that was why it was so important that he couldn’t lose you.

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I need you, Juggie

Word Count: 1443

Warnings: depression, cursing, alcohol (if that’s a warning haha)

A/N: this one shot was requested and I absolutely loved the idea! I hope you enjoy!

Request: Jughead is battling depression but won’t let his best friend know about it.

    Y/N had been Jugheads best friend for as long as he could remember, but he couldn’t put a finger on when he fell in love with her. Y/N had always been there for him, and at this point, it seemed like she was the only thing keeping him going. Ever since FP, Jugheads dad lost his job and his mom and sister left, Jughead had been depressed. It tore him apart not seeing his sister and mother everyday, and things only got worse when his dad took up drinking all day every day. It didn’t help that Jughead was constantly going through bullying, especially from the football team. Y/N was of course there to pick up the pieces anytime they happened to fall, and to Jughead, she was the glue that held those pieces in place. But lately, the pieces had been falling more and more at a time, but he refused to tell Y/N. She already worried about him enough, he didn’t want to be a burden. No matter how hard he tried to help it though, Y/N knew him too well, and was starting to notice.

    “Juggie!” Y/N yelled, running through the hall to catch up to him. He gave her a small smile, and she beamed back. Oh man, how Jughead loved that smile. He swore it was the light of his life. “Pops after school?” she asked, lightly bumping into him.

    “Isn’t that the plan every day?” he teased and she rolled her eyes.

    “Yeah but as of lately you’ve been kind of distant towards me and I just wanted to make sure.” she said, a hint of worry and a tinge of hurt in her voice. Jughead remained quiet, even though he wanted nothing more but to spill everything to her, to tell her everything that was breaking him slowly. “I haven’t done anything, have I?” she asked.

    “No, absolutely not!” Jughead exclaimed, turning towards her. “Y/N I-” Jughead bit his tongue, not quite ready to admit his feelings for Y/N in fear of losing her. “I’ve just been really tired, that’s all.” He lied. He watched as her face fell, and he knew she could tell he was lying.

    “Okay, well I guess I’ll meet you by your locker after school so we can walk to Pops together.” she said, trying to smile up at him. Jughead could see it was a forced smile, and he hated himself in that moment, because he knew she was upset and it was all his fault.

    “Sure thing.” he said, but it came out harsh. Y/N turned and walked down the hall, and Jughead just stood and watched.

                               • • •

     "Hey Juggie!“ Y/N beamed, walking up to Jugheads locker.

    "Hey,” he mumbled, throwing things into his backpack, and slamming his locker door shut.

    “You ready to go?” she asked tenderly, noticing he was in a mood. Jughead turned to walk towards the door.

    “I can’t go today, I’m sorry.” he called over his shoulder. Y/N felt anger bubble up from her stomach, and in that moment she had no control over what she said or did.

    “Of course you can’t!” she yelled, and people in the hall stared at her. Jughead turned around, and saw tears streaming down her face and her fists in balls. He had never seen her so angry before, so hurt. “First, you lie to me constantly, and now you’re just distancing yourself from me! Jughead, I am trying so damn hard to be there for you, but you make it so impossibly hard that it’s exhausting! What do you want me to do?” she practically begged. Jughead felt tears stinging his eyes, but he refused to show any emotion in front of the tens of kids staring at him.

    “I don’t care what you do Y/N, worry about yourself.” he spat harshly, turning and walking out of the doors. He could faintly hear her start to cry, and Archie calling his name, but soon all he heard was his heart beating in his ears. He could have sworn in that moment, he heard it break, and he hated himself even more for leaving her back there. No matter how badly he wanted to turn around, run into the school and hold her in his arms, kiss her and tell her he loved her, apologize and never leave her side again, his body wouldn’t let him. He forced himself to keep walking, leaving a trail of fallen pieces behind him, because he no longer had the glue to keep him together.

                              • • •

    It had been days since Jughead had last talked to Y/N, and it was slowly killing him. Jughead had snuck into his dads house every night the last couple of nights, and stolen some alcohol. He watched as his dad attempted to numb down the pain with alcohol, he decided he was going to try it too. Living with the pain that he hurt Y/N so badly, and that he lost the one person he truly loved was too much to bear, so he drowned himself in alcohol in the Twilight Drive In after hours.

    There he sat, a bottle of whiskey in hand and tears streaming down his face, he looked at the pictures on the wall. One of him and his sister from when they were little, and one of him and Y/N. He looked at the two girls, and smiled, but drank when he remembered they we’re both gone.


    “Jughead?” a small voice from the other side called. His voice caught in his throat when he realized it was Y/N.

    “Go away.” he called, trying to sound as sober and mean as he could. He heard her sigh from the other side.

    “I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.” she said. “You weren’t at your house so I came here. What are you doing here so late Juggie? The Drive In is closed for the night.” she asked, but Jughead ignored her question, hoping if he stayed silent she’d go away.

    “Jughead please,” she sobbed, no longer able to hold back the tears. “I just want to help you. I don’t know what’s gotten into you lately but I’m worried, and I can’t sleep or eat or pay attention in any of my classes because all I can think about is you!” Jughead felt tears roll down his face as he listened to you beg for him. “You are my best friend, you are my most favourite person in this whole damn world! These past few days have been hell without you! I just want you to open up to me again Jughead, I just want you to let me in, to let me help you for fucks sake!” she yelled.

    Jughead opened the door and wrapped his arms around Y/N, and she held onto him for what felt like forever. Jughead forgot to close the door behind him though, and Y/N opened her teary eyes and pulled away from Jughead, pushing past him to see the room filled with alcohol bottles, a makeshift bed, and clothes littered all around.

    “Oh Juggie…” she mumbled, turning to face him. He dropped his head in embarrassment, and she cupped his cheek in her hand. “I’m sorry, I had no idea.” she whispered. Jughead looked up to meet her eyes, and in that moment he couldnt stop himself anymore. He leaned down and kissed Y/N, his hand flying to her face.

    “Don’t be sorry, none of this is your fault.” he whispered, eyes still closed and his forehead rested against hers. “I’m the one who should be sorry, I’ve been living here at the Drive In for awhile, ever since my mom and sister left. I’ve been feeling incredibly depressed and alone and I’ve been pushing you away… and it’s been slowly killing me. Y/N, I love you, you’re are no doubt the best thing to ever happen to me.” He opened his eyes and looked down at hers, to find her crying. She leaned up and kissed him this time, pouring all the love and passion she possibly could into it. When the kiss broke, she pulled him into a hug.

    “I love you too, Juggie. You will never be alone though, and I won’t ever leave you. I need you, Juggie.”

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You’ll Be Here Right? - Michael Clifford Smut

BestFriend!Michael smut i didn’t think it’d end like the way it did when i started writing but oh well . smut part is short fyi

1200ish words


It happened again. This time it was Tom. Last time it was Jake and next time it’d probably be George. It felt like an endless pattern. They’d ask Y/N out, she’d agree, after a few dates she’d fall for them then get her heart broken. The only constant boy in her life was her best friend Michael. Michael was also a  part of this routine, she’d always come crying to his door and he’d always gladly be a shoulder to cry on. This time was no different. Y/N was currently knocking on Michael’s door, while trying to wipe the tears silently falling from her eyes.

Michael sighed as he saw Y/N crying at his doorstep. He was used to this but he was starting to get frustrated. Seeing the girl he likes telling him about how much she likes other boys then crying about how much she loved them was getting too much.

“Tim this time was it?” Michael asked. “Tom. And i really loved him this time Mike believe me!” she corrected him. “Sure.” Michael said rolling his eyes while leading her to the living room. “I’ll bring the ice cream then we can watch the romantic movies you wanna watch.” Y/N nodded and patiently waited for Michael. Michael always kept ice cream in his fridge for two reasons; Y/N’s ’ time of the moths ’s and Y/N’s break ups.

They spent the next 4 hours cuddling and watching movies. Y/N was half asleep for crying all those hours and Michael playing with her hair wasn’t helping her. Suddenly Michael’s phone rang and he gently placed Y/N off of him and went into kitchen to take the call. “Hey bro we’re heading out to a bar you coming?” Calum cheerfully asked. “Nah bro i’m with Y/N.” “Oh shit another break up?” “Yeah..” Michael sighed. “You have to tell her how you feel Mike. It’s not only destroying you but it’s also destroying her.” “I can’t Cal. She just broke up with that Tom guy and she swears she ’ loves ’ him.” “Bro she always says that. Do you really think she means it?” “I know she doesn’t but what am i supposed to say? Hey Y/N i know we’ve been best friends since forever but i’m an asshole who’s got a crush on you.” “You like me?” Michael startled when he heard Y/N’s voice and quickly turned around, muttered a quick i gotta go to Calum. “Umm what? haha who? Me? No way!” Michael sweated nervously. “Michael i heard you, you can’t hide it now.” Y/N said rolling her eyes. Michael was fuming. He started yelling, “Yes okay maybe i have a crush on you so what? Maybe i don’t want to hear about all those amazing dates you go on, i wanna take you on those dates. Maybe i want to love you the right way so what Y/N?”

After Michael’s violent yells they were both quiet. Michael sighed and said “I’ll understand if you walk out that door now and i promise i won’t be mad just please don’t make me more embarrassed than i am right now.” “There’s nothing to be embarrassed Michael.I’ve liked you since 9th grade but i thought you only saw me as your best friend. That’s why i never said anything.” “Wait you’re not joking right?” Michael asked shocked. “No Mİkey i’m 100% serious.” Y/N giggled. Michael took shy steps towards her,slowly touched her cheeked and whispered, “Can i kiss you?” cause he thought the spell’d break if he spoke a little louder.

Y/N didn’t give him an answer, instead she smashed her lips against Mike’s. It didn’t feel like kissing all those other boys, this time she felt the love Mikey had for her. Michael lifted her up and sat her on the kitchen counter. Their lips stayed locked, never once breaking. Y/N’s hands were in Michael’s hair playing with it meanwhile Michael’s were roaming Y/N’s body, exploring the territory he’d always wanted to explore but never got the chance. He pushed her skirt up a bit and finally placed his hands on Y/N’s inner thighs. Y/N could feel herself getting turned on from the closeness of his hands. “Take me to your bedroom please Mike.” Y/N begged. Michael lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom.

They continued their making out on his bed. Y/N started moving her hands lower but Michael stopped her. “Y/N i want you to be sure about this. I don’t want to be just a rebound. I want you to be sure about you feelings before we do this.” Of course Michael wanted to have sex with Y/N, he just didn’t want her to wake up the following day regretting everything and leaving him. “Mike i’m as sure as one could be. Trust me when i say i have feelings for you i mean it.”

After hearing Y/N’s words, he quickly took his tshirt off. Nothing could stop him now. He was gonna make sweet love to the girl who he liked for the longest time, loved even. Y/N rolled Michael on his back and explored the revealed skin of his chest. She kissed his neck, left a few hickeys here and there, then continued her way down. She motioned Michael to lift his hips up so she could pull his pants and boxers down. Y/N reached to touch his hard member but Michael suddenly sat up and said “Wait! I want you clothes off too.” Y/N sighed and took her tshirt and skirt off. She looked a bit distressed. Mikey immediately realised that and asked her whether she’s ok. She shrugged it off and said she was. Y/N reached for his cock again but she wasn’t interrupted this time which pleased her. She placed her hand on the base of his cock and slowly stroked him. Y/N lifted her head up to look at Michael’s reaction, he had thrown his had back, letting out quiet profanities. Liking his reaction Y/N took him in her mouth and jerked him faster. “Yeah baby keep doing that.” Michael ran his hand through Y/N’s hair urging her to go deeper. She let go off his cock and deepthroated him. Michael let out a load moan, he didn’t know she had it in her. Not knowing what to do with her other hand, she decided to just play with Michael’s balls. “Y/N! Y/N! Y/N IM COMING BABY YES YES YEs!” Michael moaned and pulled at her hair. Y/N came up to kiss his lips after he came. Michael unexpectedly turned her over and kissed down her body.

“Michael no. No please stop.” “Why what happened baby? I thought you wanted it.” “I do it’s not that. It’s just i’m sleepy you know. My eyes are still puffy from crying.” “Oh. Okay i get it anyways we can continue tomorrow or another day. We have all the time we want now.” Michael said smiling. He spooned her and felt complete bliss. He was finally with the girl he wanted for so long.  " I cant believe we’re finally together. I feel like this is all a dream and you won’t be here when i wake up but you’ll be right baby?“ Michael asked yawning. “Yeah, sure.” “Promise?” “… Promise.” “Goodnight i think i love you.” After saying that Michael closed his eyes it was apparent that he was tired. Y/N was wide awake though she waited for Michael to fall asleep and to her luck it didn’t take long.

She slipped out of his hold and quietly put her clothes back on. She cast one last look to Michael then turned around and left the room.

Boris in: Dancing with the Devil Pg3

                        The next morning Boris felt something heavy on his stomach. He opened his eyes and saw Bendy’s grinning face.

Bendy:“Goood morning!” He said happily and Boris quickly sat up startled and made Bendy roll backwards off the bed while he did.

Boris:“Oh good morning Bendy!” He said with a smile. He looked over and saw the little demon on his back. He helped him up to his feet. Bendy began to run in place excitedly.

Bendy:“So what are we going to do today huh? Ride some sheep? Get candy bars? Cake?” He giggled. Boris got out of bed.

Boris:“Actually I was thinking we can go around the town and you can apologize to some people.” Bendy frowned and made an angered look.

Bendy:“Me? Apologize? For what?” He asked as he put his hands on his hips and began tapping one foot. Boris frowned.

Boris:“Well, you did spray Mr. Ched with ink and made him hit his head, you also scared poor Mrs. Mo and ate her cakes.”

Bendy:“Hmph.” He looked away from Boris and crossed his arms. Boris lowered himself down to Bendy’s level.

Boris:“Aww come on Bendy little buddy.” He didn’t say anything nor did he look at the wolf.“If you apologize, people won’t be so mad at you anymore.” He said hoping that would change his mind. Bendy took out a box and opened it only to find it was empty. Bendy glared at it. Boris rolled his eyes.“Okay, if you apologize to everyone I’ll buy you more candy bars and cigars.” The little demon looked at him and grinned.

Bendy:“Well what are we standing around for? Come on buddy!” He ran down the stairs and went into Boris’s truck. He beeped the horn twice. Boris chuckled.

Boris:“Well that got him going.” He said to himself.

Boris drove into town with Bendy in the front seat. He looked out the window and saw some people walking by.  He looked at Boris who was smiling at the people as he waved.

Boris:“Good morning!” He said and they said it back to him with a smile. Bendy looked back at he people walking by and grinned as he waved to them.

Bendy:“Good morning!” He said. A mother and child looked at him and she gasped. She quickly pushed her child forward to make them walk faster and they didn’t look at him nor say anything to him. Bendy almost frowned but another person was walking by. He waved to him.“Good morning!” The man looked at him and gasped. He jumped into a garbage can. Bendy frowned and sat back down in his seat and narrowed his eyes as he kept his eyes on the front to watch the road. Boris could see the look on his face on the corner of
his eye. He smiled.

Boris:“Good morning Bendy.” He said. Bendy looked at him.

Bendy:“Boris, you already said ‘Good morning’ to me.”

Boris:“Oh did I?” He asked still smiling and still looking where he was driving. Bendy sighed and shook his head. Boris could’ve sworn he saw the little demon smile. Soon Boris made it to Ched’s store and Bendy followed him inside. Mr. Ched looked up and shot a glare at Bendy.

Ched:“You! Haha! Well done Boris! It seems you captured that little thief after all!” He grinned. Bendy glared at the rat.

Boris:“Capture? No sir, I didn’t capture nobody.” Ched frowned. Boris looked down at Bendy with a smile.“Go on then. Like we said this morning.” Bendy looked at the rat and grinned. He jumped up on the counter and sat down making a look of guilt on his face.

Bendy:“Gosh, I'am so sorry I caused a mess in your store the other night, please forgive me Mr. Cheddar!” He pulled the rat close and smooched his
cheek. He turned his head and began to spit.“Eww, tastes like moldy cheese.” He whispered to Boris. Ched wiped his face and glared at Bendy.

Ched:“Alright, listen wise guy!” He grabbed his bow tie and pulled him close so they were eye-to-eye.“I don’t care about your apology or your kisses! Where’s my money that you owe me!”

Bendy:“Money? Ohhh! Why didn’t you say so?” He pushed Ched off him and stood up. He took in a deep breath. Ched gasped and ducked.

Ched:“No, no! This is a new shirt!” Bendy spat on the counter and there was a stack of cash. Ched’s eyes widened and he grabbed it. He grinned at Bendy.“Just what my Father used to say; Forgiveness can be bought with money!” He laughed.

Boris:“Say, uh, Mr. Ched, do ya think I can get a few of those bone cookies?” The rat shot a glare at him.

Ched:“Now listen you, you might’ve caught the little thief but the price stays! So if you still don’t have the money to pay for these treats, then get lost!” Boris frowned. He was kinda hoping he would be at least a little generous.

Boris:“Well come on Bendy. I guess we’ll have to get some candy bars at the other store.” Bendy shot a glare at Ched and grabbed his tie nearly choking him.

Bendy:“Now wait just one second ya jerk! Is this how you thank someone for saving your store? I think the right think to do is to give me and my buddy here some snacks!” Ched looked at Boris for some help.

Ched:“You just gunna let him talk to me like that?” He asked angrily. Boris shrugged.

Boris:“Well, he does have a point.” Bendy grinned.

Ched:“Alright, alright!” He growled. Boris smiled and so did Bendy.

Bendy:“That’s more like it!” Bendy and Boris got what they wanted from the store and Boris left the store. Bendy looked back at Ched.“Oh, and one more thing, you might wanna change the prices here or else the only customers you’re going to have are me and Boris, since we’ll be getting these snacks for free from now on.” Ched’s eyes widened.


Bendy:“You know, since you owe Boris for saving your store.” He batted his eye lashes.“Bye!” He left and went into Boris’s truck. Bendy began to eat a candy bar and watched Boris eat a bone cookie as he drove. He kept his eyes on the road as he ate.“Did you see the look on face? I thought he was going to pass out!” He giggled.

Boris:“I sure did! I was worried he was going to throw us out.” Bendy laughed even harder.

Bendy:“He can’t touch me! Not unless he wants that new shirt of his ruined.” He took another bite of his candy bar.

Boris:“Thanks for what you did back there Bendy.” Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“No problem!….Uhh, what exactly did I do?” He gave him a curious look.

Boris:“For standing up for me back there. No one’s ever stood up for me before.” Bendy chewed slowly. Then he swallowed.

Bendy:“Well, you know, I just wanted to get some candy bars is all. No big deal.” Boris kept himself from smiling brightly. Instead he just took another bite of one of his bone cookies.

Boris:“Do wanna try?” He asked as he held a cookie to him without looking away from the road. Bendy took it and bit a piece. He chewed and swallowed. He frowned.

Bendy:“There’s no chocolate.” He said.

Boris:“Of course not, I can’t have chocolate. I’m allergic.” Bendy took another bite of his candy bar.

Bendy:“Well then I guess I don’t have to worry about you eating my candy then.” He giggled. Boris chuckled. They soon arrived at Mrs. Mo’s store. They walked in but Bendy stayed behind Boris.

Boris:“Mrs. Mo?” He called. She was standing on a box trying to water a plant that was hanging by the window. She looked over her shoulder.

Mo:“Over here dearie.” She said. They looked and saw her. Boris smiled.

Boris:“Hello! I’d like to introduce you to someone.”

Mo:“Oh?” She went to step down from the box but it tipped and she fell backwards.“AH!” In a flash, Bendy was by her side and caught her from falling. She looked at him and her eyes widened.“Wha?!” He grinned.

Bendy:“Watch your step Ma'am.” He helped her up on her feet. He stood back.“Eeeeh!!” She grabbed her broom and was about to swing but he quickly ran behind Boris. The wolf held up his hands.

Boris:“No, no, wait!” He said trying to keep calm.

Mo:“But that’s the demon!” She said with a fearful look in her eyes.

Bendy:“Yes, so we’ve been told a lot of times.” He said flatly.

Boris:“Mrs. Mo, this is Bendy. Bendy, this is Mrs. Mo.” Bendy smiled and walked up to her. He held out his hand like a gentlmen.

Bendy:“Hello love, I think we got off on the wrong foot the other night.” He twirled his hand and created a black rose.

Mo:“Oh my.” She said looking amazed. She took the rose.“It’s beautiful.” She said as she slowly turned it and it seemed to sparkle in the light. He chuckled.

Bendy:“I do hope you can forgive me for my childish behavior ma'am.” He winked at Boris and the wolf stifled a laugh.

Mo:“Well…I suppose I could forgive you.” She said with a small smile.

Bendy:“My dear, you are an Angel.” He walked past Boris and went to look around the store. Mo leaned close to Boris.

Mo:“How in the world did you tame this beast?” She whispered.

Boris:“Bendy isn’t a beast Mrs. Mo, he just needed a friend.”

Bendy:“Booorrrriiiii.” He called. They looked over.“Can you buy that cake?” He asked as he licked his lips. He pointed to a chocolate cake. Bendy walked over to him to look at the price. He smiled at him.

Boris:“Sure buddy.” He took out his wallet.

Mo:“Actually Boris.” They looked at her.“Go ahead, this one is on me.” She said with a smile. Bendy shook his head.

Bendy:“No, it will be in my mouth ma'am.” He giggled and so did she. Boris smiled seeing that they were getting along. He was beginning to think that there may be some hope for this demon after all. Mrs. Mo gave Bendy the chocolate cake and they left the store. The two drove off into town meeting everyone Bendy had caused trouble to. Some forgave him though some still didn’t trust him. Some tried to hurt him with rocks, guns, knives or tried to throw whatever they had in their homes to keep them away. Some people have
made fun of him and tried picking a fight with him. Luckily Boris was around to be sure that didn’t happen. Back in the truck, Bendy was eating one of his candy bars as he stared down at his feet. Boris could tell something was wrong. He was being unusually quiet.

Boris:“Hey Bendy, you feeling okay?” He asked calmly. He shrugged.

Bendy:“I just have a stomach ache.”  He said before taking another bite of his chocolate bar.

Boris:“Hm, don’t you think it’s best to stop eating those then? You probably had too much.”

Bendy:“Yeah…” He looked at his candy bar and took one more bite. He looked up at Boris.“I….don’t understand.”

Boris:“What’s that?” He asked.

Bendy:“I…oh nevermind, it’s not important. ” He leaned his head on his hand and stared out the window watching everyone walk by. He looked down at his free hand and stared at the glove. He couldn’t help but imagine it gone and his claws being there. He kept looking down at his feet making sure there wasn’t any hooves. He looked at Boris. He was smiling as he drove keeping his
eyes on the road. Bendy smiled a little but quickly frowned and looked away.

Soon they made it home and the sun was going down. Boris and Bendy carried their things inside the house and put them away.

Boris:“You know Bendy, you’ve been awfully quiet today. Are you feeling all right?” He asked. Bendy grinned.

Bendy:“Hah, yeah! Of course! Why wouldn’t I be? I’ve just had a long day of apologizing to people…” He frowned and turned. He walked away.“I think I’ll just…go to bed.” Boris looked confused. He wasn’t sure if he should talk to him or leave him alone. All he knew was that something was bothering him. He picked up the newspaper off the table and sat down. He read through it looking for anything new. Something fun for Bendy to do. Something caught his eye on the page and he smiled.

Boris:“Now this looks like something Bendy would like!”  'The Devil’s Floor’ is what it read. A place where people go to sing or dance. Most of all, the famous dancer Scarlet would be there. She was wearing a black dress with a long black tail, had two black horns that matched her short hair, and black high heels. He rolled up the paper and stood up.“Oh Bendy!” He called and quickly made his way upstairs.

The next night, Boris and Bendy drove to 'The Devil’s Floor’. Bendy had his head sticking out the window and he had a big grin on his face.

Bendy:“Finally! A place where devil’s like me can go to hang out!” He giggled excitedly.“Not only that my good Bori buddy! The lovely devil Scarlet will be there!” Boris grinned.

Boris:“Ohh? Do you have a little-”

“YES.” Bendy said quickly.“She’s the devil of my dreams! I wish you told me about this sooner!” He held a picture of her and his eyes turned into hearts. He smooched the picture and giggled.

Boris:“Aww.” He said with a bright smile. He felt so happy seeing Bendy looking so happy.“She’ll probably love you even more when you get up on stage tonight and show everyone how good at dancing you are!” Bendy’s eyes widened and he gasped.

Bendy:“WHAT? W-what do you mean?” He smiled nervously.

Boris:“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I signed us up for the dance.”

Bendy:“WHAT?!” He almost shrieked. Boris stopped the truck.

Boris:“We’re here!” Bendy grabbed his fur and pulled him close.

Bendy:“Are you crazy?! I can’t dance!” He said worriedly. He let him go and began biting on his gloves as ink like sweat began to drip down his face.“If I screw up, Scarlet will laugh at me! She’ll think I’m a loser! I’ll-”

“Bendy.” Boris said in a serious tone. He looked at him. He smiled.“You will be fine, I’ll be with ya the whole time! I’ve got my clarinet with me. Besides, you can dance like no other.” He winked. Bendy swallowed and smiled.

Bendy:“Heh…yeah, yeah! You’re right!” He giggled. He got out of the truck and stood on top of it looking proud.“What am I gettin’ all worried about anyway? Of course I can dance! Come on buddy!” He jumped off and ran towards the building. Boris quickly followed him inside with a grin on his face and he wagged his tail.

Everyone inside was dressed in tuxedo’s and fancy dresses. Mostly red or black. There was a bar and a few people were already drunk.The place was huge, there were chandeliers just about everywhere and candles on each table. Bendy looked around amazed. His grin widening as Boris walked by. Bendy then spotted Scarlet across the room and he grabbed the wolf’s arm.

Bendy:“BORIS….look.” Boris looked around still smiling.

Boris:“I’m looking Bendy, I’m looking. This is amazing huh little buddy?” Bendy pulled him down and pointed at Scarlet.

Bendy:“No! It’s her, the lovely Scarlet the Beautiful Devil!” His heart was beating against his chest. He grew small devil wings and was flying just above the ground.“Scarlet.~” He was heading towards her. Boris watched him and stayed not too far behind in case he needed help. She saw him and raised a brow looking curious. He stood straight on the floor and gave her a charming smile.“Hello there, I was just about to make a deal with someone over there but then I spotted a beautiful tall Devil over here and thought I’d make a deal with you instead sweet heart.” He winked and took out a box of cigars. He held one out to her.“Cigar?” He asked. She giggled.

Scarlet:“Oh no darling, I don’t smoke until after the show. The name’s-”

“Scarlet. Scarlet the Beautiful Devil.” Bendy said and took her hand.“I’m Bendy. Bendy the Dancing Devil.” He kissed her hand. She giggled once more.

Scarlet:“My, what a gentlemen. Not really TALL dark and handsome, but you are dark and handsome, that’s good enough for me.” She said as she caressed his cheek. He blushed and his bow tie spun around. He grinned at her as she stood up straight.“Tell me, do you dance?”

Bendy:“All the time.” Her smile grew.

Scarlet:“Would you care to do the Tango with me on stage tonight?” His eyes widened and his heart was beating faster.

Bendy:“Heck yes.” He said calmly.“Oh and maybe Boris could help?” She raised a brow.


Bendy:“He’s a wolf, he can play the clarinet.” She frowned.

Scarlet:“Clarinet? Bendy darling, a violin would be more fitting for the Tango than that old thing.” She said with a smile.“Every Devil knows that.” She winked at him before walking away.

Bendy:“Oh…uh…okay…yeah! Heh…” He looked down and frowned.

Boris:“Hey Bendy!” He jumped startled and looked up at Boris who was smiling at him.“That looked like it went well. You ready to dance?” He asked. Bendy smiled nervously.

Bendy:“Oh, y-yeah, she asked me to dance the Tango with her.” His eyes widened.

Boris:“Ohhh I love that dance! I’ve been practicing to play that song for a while.” Bendy’s smile faded.

Bendy:“Uhm, Boris?”

Boris:“Yeah?” He looked at Bendy with such a bright smile, his tail was wagging and he just couldn’t seem to stand still.

Bendy:“She…uh….” His tail slowed down a little.“….She doesn’t really….want you to play the clarinet.” He mumbled the last part but Boris could still hear him clearly. His ears lowered and his smile lessened a little and his tail stopped wagging.

Boris:“….Oh….” He was quiet for a moment but then his smile grew a little and his ears went straight up again.“That’s okay! I can still watch my buddy dance from a better view at least!” Bendy smiled a little.

Bendy:“You sure…?” He asked. The kind wolf nodded.

Boris:“Yeah! I’m just really happy seeing you having fun.” Bendy grinned and hugged Boris.

Bendy:“Awww thanks Boris!” He quickly went behind stage to meet up with Scarlet. Boris walked back to their table and leaned his head on his hand.  The lights faded and everyone was quiet. The show was about to begin.


A/N: Post-Infinite one shot, but I don’t think you have to read it to understand what’s going on in this one.  Definitely giving a shoutout to @gmwmeetsniall for asking about a post-Infinite one shot.  I never planned on doing it, but Ed decided to write the P E R F E C T song (haha, get it?). Fluff is not my strong suit, and I’m afraid it shows.  I hope you all like it anyway. <33

Song by: Ed Sheeran

Word count: 7,660

Pairing: Rucas

Rating: T

Lucas stood in front of the mirror in a desperate attempt to tie his tie.  Logically he knew that his reflection wouldn’t help the slight tremor of his hands, but at that moment, he was unable to think logically.  His hand shook a little more violently as he picked up the ends of the tie.  He wasn’t sure why he was reacting like this.  He wasn’t nervous at all and he wasn’t the least bit scared.  If anything, he felt more relaxed than he thought he would be—given the circumstances.

“About ten minutes,” Farkle said as he walked back into the dressing room.  He stood next to Zay as the two men watched Lucas fumble with the tie.  “How long as he been trying to tie it?”

“My guess is ten minutes,” Zay shrugged.  “It’s kind of entertaining.  You think he’s just about figured it out, but then one end falls and he has to start all over again.”

Lucas flipped the tie around for another moment before he growled in frustration.  Why was this happening?!

Farkle chuckled as he walked over to the Texan.  “You a little nervous,” he asked as he grabbed the tie.  He had never seen Lucas so flustered before.  It was quite a switch from the normally reserved veterinarian.

“No,” he huffed as Farkle slid the tie around his neck.  “How…how does she look,” he asked as a new wave of tranquility overcame him.  Just the mere thought of her seemed to put him at ease.  He looked down.  His hands still shook slightly, but not nearly as aggressively as they did a minute ago.  That was exactly the effect she had always had on him.  She calmed him, even if he were thousands of miles away.

Farkle smiled.  “You already know the answer to that.”  He finished the last loop.  “There.  Perfect.”

Lucas looked at himself in the mirror.  “I can’t believe it’s finally here,” he said as he examined his appearance.

“I don’t think any of us can,” Maya smiled from the doorway.

Lucas’s eyes snapped toward the blonde.  “Maya?  What are you doing in here?  Shouldn’t you be with—“

“The bride?”  She raised her eyebrows as she raised her right hand up.  In it, she held a folded piece of paper.  “As matron of honor, it’s my duty to make sure that the bride gets everything her heart desires today.”  She walked toward Lucas.  “She wanted me to give this to you.”

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"Confess your feelings."

*Eliza Schuyler x reader
*Word count: 1443

Summary: Eliza gets jealous over all of the things the hamilsquad makes Y/n do and she eventually ends up getting really possessive and angry and admits her feelings to her and kisses her in front of everyONE — it gets wild

Request: Hey I so that requests are open so… prompt: eliza x reader bffs and secretly in love. Hamilsquad wants eliza to confess her feelings so they keep putting the reader in situations that make eliza very very jealous till gets fed up at some point and confesses her love. Thank you in advance and I loved your last eliza x reader fic!!! - Anon

A/N: You guys are awesome haha thank you for sending me requests and helping me not be totally bored while I’m sick, love you guysss :) requests are open!

Warnings: cursing, fluff, kissing…? Idk


“Eliza? Elizaaa? Ugh, Eliza, pay attention to us.” Those words made Eliza jump out of her seat and turn to her group of friends, frowning impatiently. “What?” She whined, looking at each of her friends before turning her gaze down to her cup of coffee.

The group laughed, Alex not being afraid to speak up, “so, when are you gonna confess your feelings to our dear Y/n?” Eliza’s head shot up, her eyes narrowing at Alexander, yet his smirk never faded, Eliza was never that threatening anyways, no matter how much she tried.

“Shut. Up. Alexander.” Eliza seethed, her face turning completely pink when she realized Y/n was nearby and could’ve heard the entire conversation. “Alexander, if she heard anything you just said, so help me…” She trailed off, narrowing her eyes at the smirking boy, the boyish grin never leaving his face as he watched Y/n walk up towards the table.

“Y/n, hey!” John smiled, motioning for Y/n to sit down between him and Eliza, which she did. Eliza closed her eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm herself down before reopening them and turning to smile at her best friend, as if the conversation between her and Alex never happened.

Y/n also turned to Eliza, smiling at her sweetly. “Hey ‘Liza,” Y/n grinned, leaning her head on Eliza’s shoulder. Eliza counted to ten mentally, begging herself not to do something she’d desperately regret.

“Hey y/n/n,” Eliza whispered, hugging her back before pulling away suddenly, causing Y/n to frown a bit but shake it off, smiling at her group of friends. “Hey,” Peggy began, “I think we should go clubbing tonight. This week has been sooo stressful,” she groaned, rubbing her temples to help prove how stressful the week has been, making the group laugh and nod in agreement.

“I’m down.” Y/n shrugged, nodding her head in agreement.

The rest of the table after that was filled with multiple voices yelling out “same.” Peggy grinned, her eyes on Y/n and Eliza the entire time, and Eliza frowned, she knew something was going to happen whenever Peggy smiled like that.

“Great! Let’s all meet her at 6:30 sharp,” Peggy stated curtly, getting up and motioning for the rest of the girls to follow suit so they could get ready. “Y/n, I have this perfect dress for you, it’ll make your ass look great and definitely get you laid tonight.” Angelica winked, causing Y/n to blush and Eliza’s face to light up in fury at the thought of someone else with Y/n.

And of course, everyone except Y/n noticed her reaction to Angelica’s statement. \


Time skipped to 6:10, all the girls had finished dressing up and adding small finishing touches to their looks. And it’d be a lie if Eliza said Y/n didn’t look amazing in her dress.

The dress definitely hugged her curves perfectly, the heels made her legs look like they could go on for miles, and her hair and makeup was done to perfection. Eliza winced, trying to get the thoughts of how beautiful she was out of her head.

Oh, who was she kidding? There was no way that was possible.

When 6:30 finally arrived, everyone was already there, buzzing with excitement to able to let loose and ready go. “Wow,” Maria whistled, taking in Y/n’s appearance and winking, taking her hand in hers. “You look great,” she smirked, noticing Y/n’s blush and Eliza fuming behind the two.

Maria was definitely aware of Eliza’s very obvious crush on Y/n… Well, everyone was except Y/n.

Once you all finally arrived, Alex and Laf wrapped their arms around Y/n, whistling and gawking at her appearance making Eliza flush red and try and steady her breathing, knowing that Y/n would never fall for their teasing, yet it still annoyed her to the extreme.

“Oh shut up, Laf,” Y/n snorted, laughing as she moved Lafayette’s arm away from her and walked forward, immediately showing her ID off to the bouncer so she could get in, cheering when she caught sight of the bar making the entire group laugh and follow along.

“Give me a Sex on the Beach,” Y/n said, looking by her side to wink at a flushing Eliza and a smirking John Laurens. Y/n laughed, tossing her head back at Eliza’s reaction before turning back to the bartender, paying for the drink.

Once her drink arrived, she happily took it, thanking the bartender and sipping the drink, letting out a content sigh at the drink, Y/n then felt a tap on the shoulder, turning around to see some random - yet hot - man smirking down at her, “hey gorgeous, wanna dance?” Y/n bit back an obnoxious snort at the line the man used, only deciding to nod her head, despite Eliza slowly shaking her head, mouthing ‘no’ as Y/n took the man’s hand and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.

Eliza let out a frustrated groan, blowing a loose strand of hair out of her eyes as she watched the two dance together, trying to ignore the obnoxious laughter behind her. She turned around finally, looking at her group of friends laughing over the events taking place. “Well this definitely wasn’t planned,” Angelica admitted honestly once she finally got over her laughter, the rest of the group nodding in agreement.

Peggy smirked and turned her head in the direction of Y/n and the stranger, eyes widening as she let out a low whistle. “Damn,” was all she said, causing the rest of the group to turn, and eventually, the guys starting hooting and hollering: “gO Y/N!”

That’s it. Eliza thought bitterly, standing up out of her chair and walking up to them, despite the warnings to get back to the booth and grabbed Y/n from the man’s grip, turning her to her direction and pressing her lips firmly to Y/n’s, Y/n not moving for a second only to respond seconds later, wrapping her arms around Eliza’s neck, ignoring the pouting stranger who eventually walked off.

The kiss continued before Y/n eventually pulled away, letting out a soft gasp for air, “E-Eliza… What the hell was that.” She exclaimed, looking at Eliza with wide eyes. Eliza blushed, looking down and shrugging, feeling all anger and confidence fade, now all she felt was embarrassment.

“I-I…” She groaned, feeling frustrated with herself as she looked at Y/n, her brown eyes staring into Y/n’s e/c ones. “Screw it.” She decided, shaking her head as she took a deep breath, preparing for what she was about to say. “Y/n, I’ve loved you since we first met our first year of college.” She paused, before continuing again. “And I could definitely love you more than that idiot ever could.” She muttered bitterly, before looking to see Y/n’s reaction. Y/n’s eyes widened, and Eliza saw an emotion in her eyes she never thought she’d ever see in Y/n’s eyes, love.

“God dammit Eliza,” she breathed, a breathless smile appearing on her features. “Why didn’t you tell me before? Who knows how long I’ve loved you.” Eliza smiled, pulling her closer to kiss her once more, smiling into the kiss when Y/n reciprocated immediately. When they finally pulled away, they remembered their friends, who were probably cheering as loud as they could and filming everything that was happened. Y/n laughed and rolled her eyes when Peggy and Hercules high fived, exclaiming that their plan worked.

“Ya know…” Y/n trailed off, smirking cheekily as she took Eliza’s hand in hers, “you’re pretty hot when you get jealous.” She winked, causing Eliza to blush and slap her playfully.

“You’re lucky I love you.”

“Mhmm I sure am.”

Unexpected Arrival: One Shot Request

Pairings: T’Challa x Reader

Warnings: SMUT! Fluff

Word Count: 1398

Request: This is a request from an anonymous fan, “I dont know of you do things about T'Challa but if you do can you do a smutty/ fluffy thing about him and his girl doesn’t think he does Valentines Day and it’s their first one together so she wants to surprise him in lace or lingerie when he comes home but he ends up surprising her as well by coming home early and with a date night and it ends in smut/ fluff.”

Authors Note: I do do a little bit of T’Challa and here it is, all smutty and fluffy for Vday. I’m also halfway in on a magnum of wine so if there are errors, I’m sorry, I tried to edit haha. Hope you like it anon! Please let me know, Happy Valentines day my love. 

 My Masterlist

Feel free to submit prompts or requests for drabbles and one shots!

You look at yourself in the mirror, admiring the way the black lace hugs your every curve, the soft lace causing goose bumps to rise on your skin as you cock your hips back and forth, appreciating your own figure.  

“Perfect” you sneer as you lean forward to blow a kiss to the mirror, your scarlet lips looking deliciously full. You hear the beep of the oven and quickly snag your robe from the vanity chair as you race out the room, your heels causing you to slow up before stepping down the small flight of stairs between the bedroom and kitchen.

You pull out the two steaks from the oven and turn them over, placing them back in as you quickly turn off the stove underneath the potatoes. This was your first valentine’s day with T’Challa since you two had started dating and you wanted to make it special.

He had been working round the clock the past 2 weeks and you had barely spoken to him, let alone seen him. But tonight, he would be landing at the airport in a few minutes and home in an hour.

You moved to the fridge to get the heavy whipping cream to make the mash potatoes, you bent low, your short robe riding up to show off your perfect ass, barely covered by the sparse lace fabric.

You reach for the cream as you hear a loud thump behind you. You straighten up rapidly, whipping round as you accidentally drop the cream, cursing as it splatters all over the floor splashing up onto your exposed legs and robe.

“T’Challa!” You sputter in surprise, your eyes falling on your beautiful boyfriend, his suitcase firmly landing on the floor, his jaw pulled down with it. “I… I thought you were… You’re early!” You speak quickly, your heels clicking across the tile floor as you move to get paper towel.

T’Challa watches you his jaw slowly closing as his lips pull together, his tongue dragging softly across them as he watches the short hem of your robe graze against your upper thigh, his mind racing with the peak he just got of what was underneath.

You pull a bunch of paper towels as T’Challa moves forward, sliding to his knees as he takes the towels out of your hands and begins cleaning, shaking his head silently as you move to help. “A washcloth,” He mutters, motioning towards the sink, “Get a warm washcloth.”

You allow him to clean up the splattered cream on the floor as you move to the sink, pulling a dish towel and wetting it with warm water. You turn quickly, stumbling slightly as you find T’Challa standing right in front of you, his hand moving quickly to your hair as his fingers tense against your scalp, his lips meeting yours in a breathtaking kiss.

He pulls away slowly, pulling on your lower lip with his teeth as his hand glides up your arm to pull the washcloth from your hand. His lips move persistently, tracing down your neck, nipping gently at your jawline before moving down to your chest.

Your hand grips gently against his hair egging him onward, you allow his hips to push you backwards against the sink, a soft moan escaping from your lips as his hand slides from your hair down your torso, coming to rest in a firm grip on your ass.

His lips move downwards, trailing between your breasts as he kneels, before you, undoing the tie of your robe and pushing the silk fabric to the side.

He leans back onto his heels, his hand digging into your ass as his eyes rake up and down your scantily clad appearance. You blush slightly under his gaze, as he smirks up to you. “My love, sweetness of my life… What a beauty you are.” He speaks in a low gravelly voice, his pupils blown wide with lust as he moves his hand down to your feet, using the washcloth to clean the splattered cream from your shoes.

His hand glides tenderly over your skin, wiping the cream from your soft legs, his other hand sliding down your thigh, his gentle fingers grazing the inside of your thigh, causing a heat to pulse in between your legs at his touch, as your head swims slightly.

His breath ghosts across your skin as he whispers, his lips tracing delicately up your legs, “I had thought to come home and surprise you… I had made reservations for dinner…” His eyes flash up to you as he kneels in front of you, “If it’s quite alright with you…” his lips press along the inside of your thigh, leaving light kisses across the inside of your hips.

“I think we might let those reservations go…” He growls, his hot breath penetrating the lace fabric and making your clit throb with wanting. You moan as you twist before him, opening your legs, begging him to cease his teasing.

He smirks up at you, as you nod feverishly, agreeing to his suggestion. Without hesitation T’Challa responds, his hands moving feverishly to the top of your panties, pulling them fervently down your hips, helping you to step quickly out of them as he pushes your hips back against the counter, gripping your thigh to pull your leg upwards, resting it on his shoulder, opening your core to him.

You gasp as his tongue makes contact with your clit, his face burrowing against your core, eliciting deep moans to pull from you at his contact. Your hips buck forward gently, egging his tongue to continue its divine work as your skin electrifies beneath his touch.

His hand slides back up to grip your ass, holding you steady against his mouth as he quickens his movements, his mouth moving against you as your breathing speeds up. His other hand slides up between your legs, skirting underneath his jaw to aid his tongue, his fingers slipping swiftly into your wet slit.

You moan headily at the contact, his fingers curling perfectly in exactly the way you needed, his tongue complimenting every thrust and twitch of his digits as you thrust against him.

Within moments he has your head rolling back as your orgasm tips over the edge, your leg beginning to buckle beneath you as most of your weight falls onto your arms, your hands fervently clutching the counter as T’Challa’s hands grip onto your hips, helping you to sink down to your knees in front of him.

“I… I need to lie down.” You gasp, your head still reeling from your orgasm. He laughs softly, his arms wrapping lovingly around you as his lips kiss gently along your forehead and down the side of your face to you lips.

He softly pulls you down to the ground beside him, bringing you to rest against him on the kitchen floor, the cold tile feeling refreshing against your hot skin as your breathing begins to steady.  

You smile stupidly, his fingers tracing up and down your back, causing goose bumps to erupt once more on your skin as you curl into his neck, peppering him gently with kisses. “Happy Valentine’s day darling, I’m so glad you came home early.” You whisper, giggling slightly as your lips trace a gentle line along his collar.

“If I had known this is what I’d be coming home to, I would have been home yesterday.” He smirks down at you his lips kissing your forehead gently, as you smile and curl into him more. “Well I’m glad you’re home now” You smile wildly as his arms wrap tighter around you, his hips rolling gently as he positions himself on top of you, his lips making contact with yours once more.

“I am… and I can’t wait to spend this entire night worshipping every last inch of you.” He whispers, his lips brushing against your ear as his hot breath causes another shiver to roll down your spine. “I can hardly wait… this is already a perfect valentine’s day!” You smile, your fingers flitting softly along his neck, pulling him back up to your lips once more.

“Oh my love… it is only going to get better.” He growls, as he kneels up in front of you, his hand pulling roughly at his belt, as he stares down at you, pupils blown wide with lust, “Just you wait.”

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Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 7 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 12768 -> Chapter 7 word count: 3867

Chapters: 7

Chapter 7 summary:

Mamihlapinatapei (Yagan)- a wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves

Only five more chapters to go after this one! Can you believe we’re this far into the story already?

I wrote this whole chapter in one night so I’m sorry if its not cohesive ^^; Also, there might not be a chapter next week? Maybe? I’m not a hundred percent sure yet, it depends on what happens with my tests. If I have to push it back a week I’ll make sure to leave a note somewhere on my tumblr. Other than that, I hope you enjoy this chapter! This is the last semi-fluffy chapter for the rest of the story, by the way.

Thank you in advance for reading!

“How’s that list going?”

Gon glanced over his shoulder, brow puckering. “Huh?”

“Your list,” Killua repeated. He dug the heel of his sneaker into the dirt and pushed himself forward. “Don’t tell me you can’t remember. I know you’re forgetful, Gon, but c’mon. I’m hurt.”

Gon stuck out his tongue. “I didn’t forget! I just…”

“You just-” Killua grunted as he threw his leg over a fallen tree trunk, “- what, exactly?”

“I ran out of people to add to the list,” Gon admitted.

Killua took a second to catch his breath, looking over at his best friend. Gon’s face was a blotchy mess and shone with a layer of sweat. But the way his hair flopped over, falling into bright gold-brown eyes, was enough to make Killua’s heart lurch.

He abruptly turned away, ears burning. It should be illegal for Gon to look so damn good like that- all disheveled and hot and-

“Killua? Are you oka-”

“Fine!” Killua straightened up and started the long and laborious trek the hill again. He could feel Gon’s worried stare digging into the back of his head but he ignored it. They’d been over this on the drive here; Killua could spend one day out in the wilderness with his best friend. The marigolds inside his chest wouldn’t stop him from enjoying the first warm day of spring.

Or he hoped so, at least.

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shegathersstrengthasshegoes  asked:

Heyooo, from the new prompt list, can you do #20, #23, #32, and #40 with Kylo pleased :)

11 & 17 with Modern Kylo please!!! 💕💕

1 and 17 from the new print list with kylo ren please😊

Ok, haha so it’s quite a few numbers but when I read them I figured they would go absolutely perfect together. Hope you all like it!

Modern AU Kylo Ren +  “I don’t want to stop loving you.” +  “My life is my own to ruin.” +  “I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.” +  “Just do one last thing: Kiss me.” +  “I should be the only one making you happy.” +  “I miss you every second of every day.” +  “You’re blushing.”

Reclined on your couch you mindlessly watched one of your shows, hand burried deep into a bag of chips. For the moment, all you really wanted was to have your mind pulled elsewhere. Anything to simply make you not think about it all, even for just a moment. So far, your venture was fairly successful. You had managed to watch your way through three seasons of your show, not a single thing on your mind except for what would happen next in this story. For now, your story could take a break.

Suddenly a series of loud knocks stirred you from your focus. Your brows furrowed as you turned to look at the door, then back to your phone. No one had told you they were coming over. You didn’t remember ordering any takeout, and you certainly would have considering how much you enjoyed that treat.

Within a moment there were more urgent knocks. Hesitantly you rose from your couch, making your way towards the door. Looking through the peep hole you felt your heart nearly stop from the sight on the other side.

It was Kylo.

Your heart began to beat faster within your chest, a flutter erupting through your insides. It seems even your night of mindless television couldn’t keep thoughts of him, or he himself, away entirely. 

Cautiously you opened the door, unsure of what you were going to be greeted with. Your gut nearly sunk into your shoes as your eyes finally caught Kylo’s. You knew that look all too well, and you knew just what you were in for. He wasn’t angry, he was depressed. Though tears may not have been brewing in his eyes yet, you knew they were on the verge.


“What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to talk to you.”

“You could’ve called.”

He shook his head, “It’s not the same.”

“What do you want?”

He gulped suddenly appearing more nervous before you, “I miss you.”

Despite keeping your cold exterior, you felt your gut flutter. You would have been lying to say that you didn’t miss him as well.

“I miss you every second of every day.”

Just faintly you could feel your heart ache inside of you. After breaking things off you had hardly considered just how hard Kylo would take it. Considering his typically brooding behavior, you had expected him to move on before you, considering it all a hindrance. That however was so unbelievably wrong.

“…I thought you moved on by now.”

“I’ve tried, for you. I’ve tried to move on, but no one is you.”

Your gut fluttered again as you shook your head, “Kylo we’ve been over this.”


Your brows furrowed faintly. Although it annoyed you, he was right. All you had allowed him was the few minutes before you walked away from him, most of which he spent silently reeling through his head what he had done wrong rather than speaking. 

“I don’t want to stop loving you.”

“When did you start?”

A pang hit Kylo straight in the heart. He knew he was closed off and sometimes cold, but he never expected you to believe he didn’t love you. His jaw tensed.

“Before you started accepting dates from pretentious shits like Hux.”

You crossed your arms, “My life is my own to ruin.”

He huffed, shaking his head. For a moment he paused, running a hand through his hair before he gave you those same endearing eyes again. In short, he looked like a puppy that had just been left out in the rain by its owners. Hurt, confused, and just all around solemn.

“I should be the only one making you happy.”

You scoffed, “Only you? Honestly Kylo?”

He gulped again, “…No one other than you makes me happy.”

Your gut fluttered again. Damn your emotions. You knew you felt too strongly for him to just simply bypass everything he was saying. Truthfully it had pained you more than anything to break up with him, convinced he wasn’t interested.

“I don’t…I don’t know if I can take you back. …If you’re not willing to prove you want this as much as I do, I can’t.”

Kylo nodded, falling entirely silent. From what you could tell, you had likely just shot down all of his hopes. Or so you thought.


You looked up at him, contemplating if you really wanted to shut the door on him entirely. You knew your heart was practically screaming at you to give him another chance.

“Just do one last thing: Kiss me.”

Your brows furrowed, “What?”

“Please…if I can’t see you again, I’d like to at least have that.”

You hesitated a moment before nodding, “O-ok.”

Slowly Kylo took a step forward, the motion alone nearly causing your heart to thud out of your chest. No matter what transpired between you, he always managed to have an effect on you.Gently he raised his hand to your cheek, craddling you in its warmth before he leaned in. Delicately his lips pressed against yours. With only that you found yourself kissing back, encouraging him to go on. It seemed as though no matter how many times he kissed you the dizzying effect he gave you never ceased. He had a connection and power over you that you truly couldn’t explain. After a few moments of feeling his full lips brush over yours he pulled away, his warm breath fanning across your face.

“You’re blushing.”

You smiled faintly at that. Of course you were blushing. For a long moment he stared into your eyes, nearly getting lost in them before he spoke.

“Thank you.”

Your gut nearly took a freefall as you saw the expression on his face drop. He truly thought you were done, that you never wanted to see him again. The thought alone of never seeing him again pained you in ways you couldn’t entirely explain. Seeing him about to walk away you instantly gripped onto his wrist.


He paused looking you over hesitantly.

“Don’t go.”

His expression seemed to perk up just faintly as he turned towards you. In all honesty his dark psyche kept assuming you would likely give him the last of his things he might have forgotten and send him on his way, but the look in your eyes said otherwise.

“…Please don’t go.”

anonymous asked:

Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to MC watching a kdrama? And she's watching an episode that really makes her bawl her eyes out while eating ice cream or something. Lol, I've been wondering who to submit this to! And I chose you because I noticed you usually reply to the anons so that comforted me haha I luv u

AWWE THANK U BEB I LUV U TOO also this was relatable so i wrote it well (; also jus pretend that u live in a small apartment by urself but the members visit u every now and then (in scenes where they visit u)


  • he came from school and decided to visit u by surprise bc u didnt log onto the messenger all day
  • he had a key to ur apartment too so if u werent home thatd be okay !
  • he opens the door and
  • there u are
  • crying. eating ur feelings out.
  • yoosung is like what the h*ck mc r u ok
  • u slowly turn to him and put the ice cream bowl down
  • he drops his bag and sudddnly starts crying too
  • hes one of those sweeties who cry when others cry awwe
  • and so you two just cuddle on the couch
  • he eventually gets snatched by the kdrama too so


  • he came out of the shower and heard u crying loudly
  • so he ran out and saw u in ur truest form
  • a burrito of emotion eating a burrito
  • but you were just holding the burrito, crying
  • he asks whats wrong and you point at the screen
  • you started crying more and he was just
  • staring at you
  • lets not forget hes in just a towel thats covering his bottom half
  • he sits next to you and rubs ur back
  • while ur crying with the burrito in ur hand hes watching the show
  • from the context of it he begins to understand why u were so emo
  • mindlessly he says that he once played the role of a guy like the main lead
  • that makes you cry even more
  • so he shuts up and holds you until you’re okay again


  • you guys had a sleepover at ur house !
  • after some talking u two went to bed and watched a drama
  • you stayed up, and was rly rly into it
  • but she was sleeping 
  • and ur crying woke her up
  • she asks you whats wrong
  • cry no more mc !
  • she takes the pizza box off the bed first
  • then cuddles you and tells u comforting words
  • shh its okay beb 
  • then she helps you make tea
  • and she lets you finish the episode
  • jaehee is secretly watching it top
  • you later calm down and she hugs you to sleep


  • he invited you over because originally he wanted to spend the day watching a kmovie with u
  • bc he wanted to spend the day with only you jaehee had to watch elizabeth 3rd
  • poor jaehee she doesnt deserve this
  • he found it boring after a while but you liked it so he kept watching 
  • and then you started c rying
  • he didnt understand ? 
  • yes mc i saw
  • he stroked ur hair and gave you sweet rolls to eat
  • he actually found this side of u cute !!
  • next time u guys watch a movie he gets picky and makes sure to pick a not so emotional one


  • he was over at your place, just because
  • and while u were watching the drama he was playing a game on his phone
  • when you started making those loud crying noises he asked what was wrong
  • you throw down a bag of chips in frustration 
  • hes so confused bc isnt it just a drama
  • but he comforts you
  • ofc he cracks some jokes tho
  • he researches the drama later while ur cleaning
  • wow the plot is very depressing
  • he asks if ur okay and ur like ya
  • after that u guys just sleep it off


  • poor guy is like whats happening 
  • he begins watching with you
  • ur like hogging the popcorn
  • whenever a really touching scene comes on he holds u tighter
  • just constantly comforting you
  • if u fall asleep he’ll clean up and put you to bed


  • nope, doesnt get it
  • doesnt even let u explain
  • but he’ll feel sad that ur in a state of emotional pain
  • so he brings you a pint of ice cream !!
  • and when youinvite him to sit with you
  • hes iffy
  • but he sits by you in the end
  • whenever hes about to cry at a scene he’ll tell himself
  • he’ll say its stupid then go to the room
  • his eyes r sweating
  • it couldnt handle the sadness heat
  • he’ll comfort you later, but try to look strong in the process
college!namjoon au

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

a/n: this idea popped up in my head over my vacation and basically aspiring rapper!namjoon can set my ass on fire

  • Okay so namjoon majors in something dealing with lots of thought process like philosophy, psychology, or the like and minors in music
  •  Namjoon is usually known as that lanky studious kid on campus who is always awake and probably muttering under his breath the day before a big exam
  •  But like??? He’s so smart lol he aces every test so no one knows why he still gets nervous
  •  Namjoon likes to psychoanalyze his friends including his lazy roommate Yoongi
  • He says Yoongi may be suffering from some early signs of depression or something with how much Yoongi sleeps and stays to himself and barely ever shows emotion but Yoongi is like “dude I’ve had three exams in the last week and I’m currently halfway through writing up a presentation due at lunch, of course I’m depressed”
  •  Anywho Yoongi is also the campus DJ
  •  He has serious music skills so he’s perfect for it but it’s also perfect for namjoon because when Yoongi isn’t on air namjoon is using his equipment to record parts of a mixtape he’s working on
  •  "It’s nothing serious" namjoon says seriously, already on hour four of nonstop lyric writing
  •  Yoongi thinks namjoon is really good and has always offered to let namjoon play a finished song or two on the radio if namjoon ever wanted
  •  But namjoon is soooo bashful he’s like “no no no no no no no no” and safeguards the files with his life
  •  But anywho Yoongi decides to hire an assistant for the station bc it’s tough doin all the work on top of making playlists and q&a’s for the nosy people who wanna get a glimpse into the life of a secluded music major
  •  He hired you because you’re pretty hardworking and all you have to do is some errands and things for Yoongi
  •  In the spare time he has, he teaches you how to work the equipment too in case it was ever needed
  •  One night, Yoongi is feeling a lil under the weather so he takes off the night and leaves you to play the last bits of the playlist before the broadcast ends
  •  Namjoon doesn’t know this of course
  •  Yoongi forgets to mention that namjoon comes by on Thursdays to record, so namjoon is pleasantly surprised when he enters the studio, yelling something unintelligible only for you to swing around in Yoongi’s big, comfy chair, eyes wide like you’ve been caught doing something bad
  •  Namjoon’s nervous bc “oh my god… she’s beautiful”
  •  You’re nervous bc “oh my god… He’s beautiful”
  •  You both don’t say anything for a bit until namjoon holds up a plastic bag, and you can see the outline of a NyQuil bottle at the bottom
  •  "Yoongi is sick so I thought I’d… Where is he by the way??“ 
  •  ”… He went home early because he wasn’t feeling any better. I’m his new assistant"
  •  Now namjoon is mad
  •  Not at you but at Yoongi like?? He didn’t tell namjoon he had a hot assistant and let him make a fool of himself in a Star Wars tee shirt and jorts with his hair uncombed 
  •  You shyly stand, feeling like you’re intruding when the next song starts playing through the speakers
  •  It’s Half Moon by Dean, and it sounds far too romantic as you and Namjoon stare each other down
  • Suddenly namjoon is coughing into his hand and awkwardly looking away, he won’t even try to make eye contact, not that you’d be able to hold it 
  •  "I’ll just… Bring it to him on my way home. Nice to meet you-“ 
  •  You cut him off with your name so quick you want to bang your head against the table, but thankfully you refrain
  •  He blushes hard because fuck… Now he can put a name to a face and it only makes his budding crush stronger
  •  "I’m namjoon, Yoongi’s roommate. I can lock up for you if you want, I won’t rat you out”
  •  You nod quickly, wanting to get away as soon as possible because you feel soooo awkward and he’s soooo cute what the heck 
  •  You drop the keys in his hands and when your fingers brush his you swear your skin tingles
  •  He must notice too because he winces and then coughs again, “see you" 
  •  The thought of seeing each other again is exciting, but you simply murmur "you too” and dart out before you can embarrass yourself anymore
  •  Which doesn’t happen because you trip on the rug walking past him, your head destined for the doorframe and you swear this is the worst way to die, in front of a cute boy who’ll probably have to carry your lifeless body out of the studio and the blood stains will never leave the carpet-
  •  Then two very strong arms wrap around your body and yank you backwards, until your back is against their chest and your impending doom vanishes
  •  You feel a warm breath on the back of your neck and blink, refusing to look anywhere but forward, the song still playing softly in the background
  •  "You okay?“ His voice is deep and rumbles against you back and in your bones, making you shiver against him and God was it this hot in here a few minutes ago haha 
  •  "Yeah…” You breathe, his arms gently loosening around you before you’re released completely, and you’re sure if he didn’t keep a gentle hand on your elbow you’d melt to the ground
  •  "I should go" you tell him, cheeks hot
  •  "Be careful, I’m not always gonna be around to catch you when you fall" 
  •  Namjoon has no idea where the fuck that came from but it makes you smile shyly and he thinks it’s a win no matter what
  •  He can’t keep the shaky giggle from rising up out of his throat bc he’s found someone just as clumsy as him, and he’s secretly glad you embarrassed yourself first bc had it been himself, he would have died from humiliation
  •  You shuffle much slower out of the studio this time, playing with your fingers as you spare a glance back at Namjoon, only to see he’s not watching you anymore, but has braced himself up against the wall whispering just loud enough that you can hear “god, she’s gorgeous”
  •  So it goes on for weeks
  •  Yoongi notices namjoon stops by more often, brings Yoongi food or just to talk, but Yoongi isn’t sure why bc?? They see each other all the time at home?? Why would namjoon want to spend more time with him
  •  And then you walk in, namjoon leaning over the counter Yoongi works at, and set down a steaming cup of coffee for the DJ
  •  Your eyes flit over to Namjoon’s as soon as his eyes flit to yours
  •  The warmth in his roommate’s eyes can’t be imagined, nor can the sudden pinkness in his cheeks and oh shit
  •  Yoongi smirks to himself and quickly busied himself with the q&a, while Namjoon is still blushing and leaves not three minutes later
  •  Yoongi is good tho, he won’t tell you how namjoon feels and won’t tell namjoon how you feel, he rather enjoys the longing stares and awkward smiles
  • Yoongi is looking through the files on his computer when he comes across a recent one, made yesterday
  •  Curious, he checks to see if it’s his copy of the show from the night before, because it’s not titled or anything
  •  And then namjoon’s voice floods through the speakers and it clicks
  •  Namjoon’s done a rap about you, sounding completely in love and it’s the sweetest thing. It’s obviously not done because there are little whispered “shits” in between, long bouts of silence before namjoon starts up again, and little hums
  •  It’s a confession, he figures, and feels pretty bad for listening in bc hey that’s private stuff, he’d hate for namjoon to come across something like that of his
  •  And then Yoongi sees that the on air button is still red, it’s still on and has been the whole time he was playing Namjoon’s rap
  •  He knows for sure everyone who tuned in had heard it because it’s a few minutes later that Namjoon bursts through the front doors, looking desperately for Yoongi with eyes blazing in fury
  •  He’s also scared, looking for you, wondering if you had heard
  •  Of course you would have heard, everyone who tuned into Yoongi’s show hears
  •  He runs into the studio and thankfully hasn’t seen you yet
  •  "Yoongi!“ Namjoon yells, his anger getting the best of him
  •  The older DJ quickly locks the door to the recording room, looking through the little glass window on the door to see Namjoon banging on it, his cheeks flushed
  •  "It was an accident!” “Bullshit!” “I’m sorry, Namjoon!”
  •  Namjoon bangs on it a little longer before he feels a hand on his back, small, warm, right over his spine
  • His eyes shut softly, stilling against the door as Yoongi watches with wide eyes bc he really really doesn’t want to watch his best friend get heartbroken right in front of him, in case he had misread your feelings altogether
  • “Did I hear you say you liked the color of my eyes up close?” You spoke, and namjoon turned and expected you to look angry, disgusted even
  • But he turns to see the biggest grin on your face and all of those terrible feelings melt away
  • He nods slowly
  • “Me too” you whisper, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him in, because God knows the boy was too mesmerized to do it himself
  • Yoongi turns with slightly red cheeks himself, chuckling as he plops down into his office chair. “One for love master Yoongi”

Guess who’s baaaaack!!
Camp was great and I met the cuuuuutest people ever!!!
But I missed you guys a lot haha so I’m happy to be home <3

Title: Coffee
Pairing: Winn Schott x reader
Summary: “she is also a programmer at CatCo and he falls in love with her cute and nerdy personality “
Word Count: 1,019
Warnings: food mention

Your name: submit What is this?

             "Morning Winn,“ you greeted cheerily, walking by his desk.

           Your voice causes Winn’s head to immediately snap up from the screen. His watches as walk to your desk, eyes completely trained on you before suddenly remembering your greeting to him earlier.

           "Oh, hey Y/N,” he stutters with a smile. He scrambles to his feet, leaning against your desk as you sit down. “How was your weekend?”

           "It was fantastic!“ you replied with a grin. "I caught up on my favorite TV show, and I got to upgrade my tech station at home so now it’s more energy efficient. I can also make popcorn from there now.”

           Winn’s eyes light up as you begin to talk tech, laughing at the popcorn part. Once again, he’s so engrossed that he doesn’t realize you’ve stopped talking until you begin to look at him strangely.

           "Winn,“ you say. "Winn, you okay?”

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Male Mc Mystic Messenger: ZEN Route Day 5: {Hour: 18:17}

Previous Hours | List | Mobile List | Next Hour 

♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ ♬ 

It takes a lot of guts to live alone in a place completely out of your element. But it helps to realize that everyone is the same, we all go through problems, we all fight, laugh, smile, make opinions, and et cetera. Still, “Geez” there was something about talking to ZEN, or to any of the RFA members, that made them feel different. Intimidating even. Maybe it was because he had never talked to them face to face or maybe it was because he was so confident in the chatroom that talking to them in real life would just be


Zack held the phone in his left hand loosely as he stared out the window of Rika’s apartment. It was starting to rain again and the water was lightly hitting the window pane. He had his headphones on listening to some calming music on repeat and thinking back to the past four days. He looked down at his phone to check the time. No wonder he was starting to get hunger pangs, it was nearly 6. He didn’t want to change out of his sweats so ordering takeout seemed nice. Oh, but could he? 

{Zack} Can I order takeout? 

[707]: Pfft why are you asking me? 

{Zack} Just wanted to get the OK 

[707]: Very good young one! Yes the master says you may order take out. 
[707]: Ah but make sure they only deliver it to the front desk and they contact you only on your phone. 

{Zack} Alright. Thanks for being so kind master 

[707]: ❤~❤

He unlocked his phone and order Thai food before going back to listening to his music. He leaned a pillow against the window near his bed and grabbed a book. He wasn’t too much of a reader but the weather, the music he had, and he atmosphere was perfect. He turned on his favorite lamp that let off a soft orange glow, almost like a flame, and opened the book when. 

Bzzt Bzzt 

RFA chat. He couldn’t ignore it even if he tried, he had to know what these interesting social links had to say. 

ZEN: Zack, you’re here ^^

     <: Hey, how was your coffee? 

ZEN>: Not as bitter today. 
ZEN>: You were right, the last chat did annoy me. 

      <: Yeah, figured. 

ZEN>: But I’m not too mad. I’m still in a good mood from today’s events. 

Jaehee Kang>: ???
Jaehee Kang>: What happened today? Is it your rehearsals? 

ZEN>: Well there is that. 
ZEN>: But~ 
ZEN>: I met the newest RFA member. 

Jaehee Kang>: What? 

ZEN>: He works at a coffee shop in the city near Sun Uni, I think that’s nearby. 

       <: Yes. 

ZEN>: Well anyways, I’m happy. 

Jaehee Kang>: And was he suspicious? 

ZEN>: Not at all ^_^

Jaehee Kang>: Good, I feel like I can finally rest easy. 

     <: Ya. 

ZEN>: Heh heh I feel special~❤ 
ZEN>: But… that commercial. 
ZEN>: Is Trust Fund crazy? I’m ALLERGIC to cats. 

Jaehee Kang>: I’m sure it was meant as a joke. 

     <: Mmngh 

Jaehee Kang>: What does that mean? 

     <: It means I’m not too sure. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s just pretend he’s not serious. 
Jaehee Kang>: Please.
Jaehee Kang>: I cannot take another cat project. 

     <: You got it rough. 

ZEN>: He’s just wasting money. 

     <: Wasteful or not it’s really up to you if you want to do that. But since you’re so allergic that even the mention of the forbidden word nearly throws you into an episode I take it that’s a no. 

ZEN>: Lol “forbidden word”
ZEN>: But yes, that’d be a definite N. O .

Jaehee Kang>: This is almost as ridiculous as the “find the world’s largest cat” event we had last year. 

     <: Please don’t tell me that was an RFA event… 

ZEN>: God no. 

     <: Wait, now that you mention it, I was rooming with a guy near your company. I heard about that. 
     <: I went just out of curiosity. 
     <: It was… interesting. 

Jaehee Kang>: The companies stocks went down for weeks ;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: As they always do when he wants to host those events. 

      <: Maybe he should just buy a DS and play Nintendo Catz and just play with virtual ones. 

Jaehee Kang>: DELETE!!!! 

     <: What? 

Jaehee Kang>: Don’t say that;;; 
Jaehee Kang>: I don’t even want to think about that 
Jaehee Kang>: He’d never leave his house….;;;;;; 

     <: Oh, haha!, sorry;

ZEN>: Bet that’s what Seven does. 
ZEN>: Takes care of a virtual Elizabeth. 

      <: Probably has his own cat simulator. 

ZEN>: Geez. 

Jaehee Kang>: Let’s not give Mr. Han any more ideas okay? ^^ 

     <: Yeah good idea. 

ZEN>: Do either of you like cats? 

Jaehee Kang>: Not really. I like animals but I don’t like them as pets. 

     <: I’m allergic and I like dogs. 

ZEN>: Oh that’s right! You said so before Zack. Heh we’re the same. 

    <: Except I won’t die if I see one. 

ZEN>: I won’t die, I’ll just sneeze all day. 

Jaehee Kang>: Enough about cats… 

ZEN>: Yeah lolol 
ZEN>: Instead let’s talk about my new role! lololololololol

     <: Ah hold on, my food is here.

Zack got up and stretched before putting a shirt on. He yawned and walked down the steps of the stairs. “Hmm?” He looked over his shoulder and felt a shudder go up his spine. Was someone watching him? He slowly looked forward and jogged down the steps. 

In the front lobby he paid for his food and felt another alarming shudder. He looked back and shook his head. Weird. 

“Sir?” The delivery girl looked at him. 

“Ah, sorry, here’s the bill.” He glanced behind him but saw nothing out of the ordinary. 

“Oh I don’t carry change, let’s just say it was just this amount.” She chuckled and gave him back some bills. “Enjoy your meal.” 

Zack nodded and took the elevator back up to the room. He was happy to be alone in it, hopefully it was safer. When the doors opened he cautiously peaked out before swiftly getting back into the apartment. 

     <: Um, sorry about that. Oh Jaehee left. 

ZEN>: yeah, I wanted to wait up for you. 
ZEN>: Food smell good? 

     <: Yeah I’m really hungry. 

Best to not talk about that strange feeling of being watched. He didn’t want to worry them. 

     <: Um, I’m too lazy to go back and read what ya’ll were talking about but, congratulations again for your new role. 

ZEN>: Heh, you really know what to say don’t you. 

     <: What? I dunno, I’m just saying what’s on my mind. 

ZEN>: Yeah. I like that thanks ^^ 
ZEN>: Let’s meet up soon, okay? 

     <: Sure. 

ZEN>: My schedule is hectic but I really, like seriously, want to sit down and talk with you. 

     <: You’re hyping me up too much. 

ZEN>: I’m not. I know it’ll be something I really need. 
ZEN>: Well, I gotta go. 
ZEN>: Have a good dinner! 

     <: Right. You have a good night. 

ZEN>: Bye bye

        ZEN has left the chatroom 

Something he really needs huh? Heh, silly. Don’t get…my hopes up like that… He leaned back with his food in his lap and read while listening to the soft rain falling against the window. 

Finally / Soulmate Haechan

A/N: this is a soulmate!Haechan au but i’ll write it in a story form !! I’m new to this and i’ve only done a little research so sorry if it isn’t good enough , enjoy reading ~ p.s assume that you’re of the same age as donghyuck in here!


“ So .. when do you think yours would show up ? ” your bestfriend asked , wriggling her eyebrows . You frowned a little , taking a sip from your cup of coffee . “ Sigh i don’t know , it’s been 16 years yet nothing’s appearing or happening , i mean , what if i’m one of those who doesnt have a soulmate ? ” . Holding your hands tightly onto yours , your bestfriend shook her head , “ Don’t be silly , i’m sure he’ll appear soon . Be patient alrights ? ” . You nodded your head lightly , your eyes couldnt help but shift your gaze to the black star mark on her wrist . You looked at your pale and bare wrist , nothing was there , and it seemed like nothing would appear , you couldn’t wait anymore .

As though you were fated to be forever alone , the people around you slowly started finding their soulmates , them bragging and showing to you their wrists . Soon enough , many were attached and they all looked so happy , but yet nothing seemed to happen to you . You started questioning everything , while everyone else was on dates and spending quality time with their soulmates , you could only watch and stare , cursing yourself and your loved one for not appearing soon enough .


Letting out a frustrated groan , your hands instinctly made their way to your side table , shutting off the alarm clock that was ringing loudly . Rubbing your eyes , you sat up from your bed and stared at the bright sun rays shining through the window . As though it has become a daily routine , you looked down to check your wrist . Your eyes widened , mouth dropped as you saw what was on it .

7 Days 15 Hours 6 Minutes 43 Seconds

Below it was a very faint outline of a heart .

You screamed out loud , finally , it appeared . The writings you had always seen on others’ wrists was finally showing on your own and you were astonished yet happy . Finally , your soulmate was going to appear soon . Finally , you didn’t have to worry about anything related to it anymore .


Days passed and the seconds on your wrist kept ticking away . The outline of the heart darkened as the days quickly passed by . Your heart couldn’t stop beating as the thought of meeting your significant other occured to you .

Finally , it was the day .

6 Hours 3 Minutes 15 Seconds

You made sure to dress well today , and you looked forward to seeing him .

1 Hour 6 Minutes 25 Seconds

Your heart was beating quickly , you could feel your cheeks burning up . You continued your daily routine in school , attending borimg lessons and classes which you weren’t even paying attention to because your mind was filled with thoughts of your soulmate .

30 Seconds

You counted down in your heart as you walked your usual way home . You looked around to check your surroundings to spot any unfamiliar faces but you couldn’t see anything .

The numbers faded away , as though it was never there before . The heart could be clearly seen now , striking out in contrast to your skin .

The people around you couldn’t care less about you , all waking past you as if you didn’t exist . You checked your wrist once more to see if it really faded .

Nothing was there other than the heart.

Yet nothing seemed to be happening . Was your soulmate okay ? Did something happen ? Was all of this a joke ?

You were so caught up in your own thoughts you didn’t stop until you bumped into someone, causing you to drop your bag on the floor . “ I-I’m sorry … ” You looked up to see a young boy around your age infront of you , his soft and brown hair shone brightly under the sunlight . He was also in his school uniform , his backpack hanging from his shoulders .

“ Excuse me , are you okay ? I’m sorry , ” he asked worriedly as he passed you your bag , which you completely forgot that you dropped since you were so lost in and fascinated by his facial features .

You got out of your trance and replied a small yes , hands reaching out to grab your bag .

You stopped your movements when you saw what was on his wrist - the exact similar heart on yours . You couldn’t help but grab his wrist tightly , looking up at him , tears almost falling.

It took him seconds to realise what was happening , but when he saw that identical heart on yours , he pulled you towards him and hugged you tightly . Both of you held on tight onto each other for a few minutes , as though both of you were a couple that hadn’t seen each other for a long period of time when in fact both of you hadn’t met before.

“ I’m Donghyuck , you can call me Haechan too , i’m glad i finally met you .

” Y/N here , i guess what’s left now is to get to know each other better ? “.


” Donghyuck i swear if you take my chocolates and sweets one more time you won’t get any kisses from me this whole week .“

” Your fat ass probably ate it up yourself last night when you were hungry , don’t push the blame on me .“

You rolled your eyes and glared at your boyfriend lying on the sofa , his eyes glued to his phone . ” Okay no kisses bye don’t come begging to me later , “

” Don’t be so full of yourself i don’t need your kisses . “

” 5…4…3…2…1 “ you smiled to yourself when you heard the knob of your room door slowly opening .

” Babe .. i’m sorry i ate your sweets because it was so tempting , forgive me ? “ donghyuck whined as he placed his chin on your shoulders , his hands playing with strands of your hair . You were used to this - him acting all big and confident when 10 minutes later he’d run back to you and act like a small child .

” Yeah sure , “ you replied coldly , trying to hold in your laughter . He pouted and sat infront of you and held out his pinky finger , ” I promise i wont eat your sweets anymore .. give me a kiss ? “ . You gave in and smiled brightly at his sulky expression , leaning over to peck him on the cheeks .

You saw him smile as he opened his mouth to say something again , ” Haha actually i won’t stop until you pay more attention to me hehe . “ Before you could hit him , he ran off , with you chasing after him .

” Lee Donghyuck you ass , “

Take It Off For Me (SMUT)

A/N: I am so in love with Bruno Mars’ “Versace On The Floor” that I just had to write something based on it! Perfect inspiration for the smut request I received, haha!

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut

Originally posted by ninicutiepie

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anonymous asked:

Can you do the RFA having a moment of "omg i love her so much" with MC? SFW but like little mini fics or something? Also i la la LOVE your jumin fics when is part 5 coming out omg ^_^

Aye aye captain, you wish is my command anon <(T.T)l. HAHA thank you I am really happy people are loving the Jumin Fic, I believe I will be releasing a Zen one too just because I have some of those chapters done and y’all are getting restless. :D But yes chapter 5 should be out either today or tomorrow so keep ya eyes open ^.^

Yoosung: Last Minute Study Sesh

“MC~ Can we please just watch a movie… I can cram for calculus later” yoosung whined as he tried to give his girlfriend the puppy eyes. That clearly stopped working on her months ago when they first started dating. She looked at him, giving him a mock stern look, he loved how serious she was trying to be for his sake, his heart swelled at how much she cared for him. 

“Honey, I am doing this for you, this is one of your main courses for your degree, and your girlfriend happens to be a genius, you should be kissing my feet for sharing my intelligence with you,” MC teased with a giggle. 

Ughhhhhhhhh. Fine you win” yoosung said as he came over to his girlfriend begrudgingly, and kissed her cheek. “What would I do without you?”

“Fail, obviously,” MC said with a smirk, as they sat down to study together. 

Yoosung knew, he was no going to retain a damn thing that night. He was the luckiest man on earth, he had a beautiful girlfriend, who had a heart of gold AND was smart as hell. He gazed at her, as she began spouting something about Integrals and differentiation. He was mesmerized by her voice, with was intoxicating, he wanted to hear every noise that could come out of that mouth.

Yoosung.” MC said, “Helloooooooo… answer this questions”

“Got it babe.” He began working on the question but was again distracted. MC had decided that her beautiful long locks were getting in the way and decided to tie her hair. Braid it, to be exact. He watched as she pulled her hair back, showcasing her beautiful face even more and her enticing neck. He watched as her intricate fingers slowly took pieces of her hair and began weaving it. The entire experience was mesmerizing, he was in awe at how she managed to look so beautiful at all times. “God I am the luckiest man alive, I love her so much and this God-given gift has given me the pleasure of being my girlfriend.” he thought to himself. He was terrible with words, and still very bashful but he made a promise to himself that he would never ever let her doubt that she was loved. 

MC must have felt his eyes on her because she caught him staring, a blush rose to her face, “What? Is there something on my face? Does my hair look weird” she began fretting. He simply leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth, she was taken aback but returned the kiss.

“Babe, you are the single most beautiful thing on this planet. I was just thinking how lucky I was.” yoosung said, as he felt heat rush to his face. She kissed him back and nuzzled him, “I love you too, BUT no more getting distracted, you need to pass. I promise for every question you get right I will give you a kiss, how about it?”

Let’s just say, that this method was extremely effective and Yoosung passed with flying colors.

Zen: Waiting up for you

“Babe, are you coming to bed yet?” MC asked. 

Zen felt a pang of guilt, he just received a brand new role and was busy at rehearsals. He barely ever saw his girlfriend and felt guilty that even at home he was practicing his lines. “I am so sorry hon, but I am rehearsing these lines and I will probably be up some more.” he stood up to hug his girlfriend and kiss her on top of her head, “You might have to fall asleep without me again babe.”

“It’s okay babe,” she said trying to hide a yawn, “I’ll wait up for you so we can go together.” She went to grab a book to curl up on the couch to read. 

His heart skipped a beat, she was clearly sleepy but put him first so that they could spend some time together. “God, I love her so much” he thought to himself as he sat down to review the lines. She sat on the couch adjacent to him, with a book and a blanket looking absolutely beautiful. 

He was surrounded by attractive people every day, but somehow he was always floored by MC. She had her hair tied up in a messy bun, but she put runway models to shame. Tendrils of hair flowed down effortlessly, to frame her beautiful face.She was not wearing any makeup, but in his opinion, she didn’t need to, he felt the hair leaving his lungs just looking at her perfect face. He tried and tried to focus on practicing his lines but how could he when the love of his life was sitting right there? He watched as she read, her expressions were his favorite thing about her. Everything was clearly displayed on her face. She blushed and she flushed with every single plot twist and event. Finally, he had enough, he threw his script down and grabbed her, carrying her bridal style to their bedroom. 

“Z-Zen?! I thought you had to practice? Is it okay?” MC asked, feeling flustered. 

He simply began covering her face in kisses, telling her how much he loved her and how sorry he was that he wasn’t there. She giggled and began returning his kisses. He made sure to tell her just how lucky he was and how much he loved her every single day. He didn’t know where he would be without her but he never ever wanted to find out.

Jumin: Late Nights and Long Drives

“MC, we could take Driver Kim, if you want to go somewhere. Why on earth do you want to drive around? Look at the time? Is this what commoners do?”

MC laughed, “Yes Jumin, this is how we spend time and relax. I love driving, it relaxes me and I love you and spending time with you. Please?”

“She already knows the answer,” Jumin thought to himself. He buckled his seat belt and braced himself. He would not have a problem with going on a long drive with MC, but she tended to drive a bit recklessly. She was always swerving in between cars, racing cars that would try to cut her off and the road rage that she had was astonishing. She looked so innocent and cute, but when she was mad, Jumin sometimes could not handle her vulgarity. Still, all of these made his heart grow fonder. He loved all of these aspects about her. 

As she began driving, she talked to Jumin asking about him. He felt his heart pound, “she knows me so well, she did this because I was stressed at work, sly girl”. He looked at her affectionately as her hair was whipping around her, she had a smile on her face, she was astonishingly beautiful. He had never in his whole life seen something so breathtaking. Her genuine smile, her intoxicating laugh, her addictive voice, Jumin felt his heart drop, he wanted to kiss her so badly. He wanted her so badly. 

He had no idea how he had become so lucky. He used to mock couples before, never understanding how someone could be so head over heels for someone, but now he understood. Just the thought of her being sad, crying or simply not being with him made his heart clench painfully. He was hopelessly enamored, but he was not complaining. 

He reached and took MC’s had off of the gear shift and intertwined their fingers. He lifted their hands to his mouth and kissed it deeply, hoping to convey even a drop of the feelings he held for them. MC looked over, and then proceeded to do the same, lifting his hand to touch their perfect lips, he felt her smile against his hand. 

“MC, I love you, more than anything, more than you can ever imagine. You have made me the happiest man, and surprisingly you make me happier every single day. I did not know it was even possible-” he began to mumble and ramble on. He was never good with emotions, but he would damn well try and make his beloved feel loved. 

MC pulled the car over, and kissed him deeply, “I know Juju, and I love you too. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.” She smiled as she started the car once more, taking his hand and holding it in her own. 

Jumin had to look outside, at the scenery, he felt himself getting choked up. “I am the luckiest man alive, I only hope I can give her an ounce of happiness that she has given me.”

707: Sweet tooth & Sweet Dreams

“BABE. I ORDERED US A FEAST,” MC shouted as she walked into the house, arms full of various foods and sweet treats. She cleared off the dining table and laid the buffet out. 

707 loved when she became like this. She had a huge appetite and she was not ashamed what so ever. The girl could eat. He watched as she fixed herself and him a plate, piled high. He kissed her cheek as she sat down next to him, as she asked about his day. He gave her a bland answer and began eating. He watched his girlfriend affectionately, watching her eat was his single most favorite activity. 

Her eyes lit up, as she analyzed the food. He could practically see the wheels in her head spinning, trying to figure out what to eat first. Her entire face lit up, reflecting the happiness she felt as she began eating. He felt his heart skip a beat, she looked so beautiful when she was happy. He would buy all the food in the world if it meant that he could preserve that radiant smile. She began talking about her day, he felt his nerves calm down. He was extremely stressed lately due to work, she probably brought all this food to help cheer him up. He loved that they were on the same wavelength, he didn’t even need to say anything, she always knew what he was feeling and knew exactly how to make him feel better. 

After finishing their meal, she was in an enormous food coma. She laid down on him as they cuddled on the couch. She was still talking to him, about random stuff, he could only look at her. She was so distracting. Every curve, every feature was so expertly place, he silently thanked god for sending him an angel. All of the anxiety he had felt before, was gone, replaced with a warm feeling. He noticed she had stopped talking and when he looked down at her, he realized that she had fallen asleep on his lap. 

He smiled to himself, thinking how foolish he was. He was so happy in this moment, he could die and he would be content. The mere thought of that sent an ache in his body, he realized he didn’t want to die. He wanted to be with her, to laugh with her, to cry. He wanted to grow old with her and have stupid fights with her. He wanted to make up and fall even harder for her. He wanted to see her face in their kids, he wanted to live for her. He could feel himself getting emotional. “You know, I thought I didn’t deserve it. But you make me want to be the best version of myself. God, I love you so much woman, you have no idea. I am so sorry for hurting you and will spend the rest of my life proving myself to be worthy of your love.” he said to her as he peppered her face with kisses. 

He would try his hardest, to not push her away. He would fight for her, never let her feel unwanted or unworthy of his love. He would protect her and her smile because god only knew that it was his entire world. 

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