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Woodsmoke & Lavender

A Bucky Barnes One-Shot

Character Pairing: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,696 

Warnings: NSFW 18+ Explicit Smut! A/B/O Dynamics, masturbation, fingering, oral (female receiving), graphic language, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!). Not much plot, so much porn. A slight NSFW gif somewhere in the middle. I’m not sorry. 

A/N: I KNOW this isn’t completely accurate, but it’s my first time writing a/b/o so please cut me some slack! As always, enjoy! 

“I’m going to take this from you before you break it.”

Bucky looked up at Nat as she reached for the glass in his hand. She held it up for him to see the tiny crack in the side, little drops of the amber liquid seeping out.

He hadn’t realized that he was clutching it that hard. He flexed his metal hand, gaze traveling back to the bar.

Sam was leaning against the wood surface, head thrown back, laughing at something funny you must have said. Sam’s hand went to your waist, his thumb rubbing tiny circles.

Bucky growled and would have jumped up if Natasha wouldnt have put her hand out and stopped him.

“She’s an unmated Omega, Buck.” Nat said in a hushed tone. “She’s free to talk to anyone she wants.”

Fuck that, his Alpha instincts screamed at him.

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Reasons to watch the New Russian Holmes series (2013)

I’ve blogged a lot about this show over the last month or so, but I’ve been meaning to make a big post about it all in one place, so here we go!

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A brief intro for those who care:

Sherlock Holmes (2013), or, as it seems to be popularly called, New Russian Holmes (as opposed to the old Soviet Holmes), is an eight-episode Russian-language Sherlock Holmes adaptation directed by Andrei Kavun, starring Igor Petrenko as Holmes and Andrei Panin as Watson. It first aired in Russia in November 2013, but has had no official English release.

So where can I watch it?

Despite the limited release, all eight episodes are available on Youtube, with English subtitles, translated thanks to the excellent @spiritcc​.

Yeah but why should I watch it?

Because it is excellent. I don’t want to spoil people too much because discovering things yourself is really the best, but let’s be a bit more specific:

The opening credits:

Even before the first scene, we get treated to a beautiful opening sequence with really great music, but this isn’t just a sequence to shove credits in your face, it’s not even just an aesthetically pleasing series of shots of Watson’s notebook, the opening sequence forms part of the episode and part of the series as a whole.

Every opening is unique, from the images to the voiceover, and is as much a part of the story as the substantive scenes themselves. 

The refreshing take on canon:

If you’re going to watch this, you need to know that the fundamental premise of the show is that the ACD canon lies. Watson’s “stories” are just that: stories. Holmes in real life is different, Watson is different, Mrs Hudson is different, the cases went differently, hell, even Gregson is different. So if you’re looking for a faithful replication of canon, this isn’t the show for you, but once you take on board this fundamental premise, it’s fantastic because it forces you to think about canon in a new light, and to consider the implications of Watson as an unreliable narrator.

You’ll get to see how and why Watson came to write “canon” the way he did, and you’ll get to see how everyone reacts to it. Every other adaptation (with the exception of Bert Coules’ radio series perhaps, but even that adheres to canon quite strictly) treats canon as more or less the “truth” and bases their version off that to create an output; this show treats canon as the output, and works backwards to imagine the “true” series of events behind it. This aspect (at least for me) was one of the most delightful themes to watch develop throughout the episodes, and it really shows how much original thought and passion went into the conception and creation of the show.

Watson as the true protagonist:

This sort of follows on from the fundamental premise of the canon stories being mere stories. Watson is the person through whom we get to know Holmes; everything we read is Watson’s doing, so it’s natural that the protagonist should also be Watson. We see the world from Watson’s perspective.

It’s not a story about this genius Holmes and his sidekick Watson, it’s a story about Watson and his adventures with this intriguing man, Holmes, and in that way it makes the show very grounded and very real.

Holmes the nerd:

For some reason, Igor Petrenko’s Holmes has been likened to Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes, but I don’t think that’s accurate at all. Whereas RDJ’s Holmes veers more towards grubby cocky action hero who happens to be good at reasoning (and I don’t say that with any scorn), Petrenko’s Holmes is very much grounded in the same sheer intellect that defines canon Holmes, only this version is a more flawed, nervous character, which I think makes him more interesting. Petrenko does an excellent job with the quirks and mannerisms of the character. He also keeps insects in jars in his room.


Watson the military man:

A lot of adaptations emphasise Watson’s role as a doctor, but few seem to remember that he was also a soldier, so it’s refreshing once again to see this series not only acknowledge that military background, but to explicitly keep it front and centre the entire time.

Watson the surgeon:

For all its joviality, the show doesn’t shy away from graphic realities either. Watson is more than just a doctor, he’s a surgeon. We see him handle the scalpel more than he does the stethoscope.

Watson the badass:


Watson’s facials:

I know I’ve posted a lot about this but seriously Panin’s acting is really one of the highlights of this show, he was such an excellent actor, absolutely convincing in his role.

Brand new revised subtitles by yours truly!

Over the last two months I’ve gone through and edited all the English subs for the series, so hopefully everything will read a lot smoother! Any remaining mistakes are entirely my responsibility.

The humour:

Sort of reminiscent of the tone of the Soviet series, this series shares that light-heartedness, but it sure as hell isn’t a joke either. It’s not dark and edgy for the sake of being dark and edgy. It doesn’t pull the cheap trick of taking advantage of your feels. The series sets out to tell a story and it tells a beautiful story and you will genuinely love the characters for who they are. And you will feel good about it. Yes, you will even love Lestrade.

Watson taking a bath:

The hilariously bad English (I laugh in good faith):

The creepy autopsy  man:

This weird ass scene:

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Moriarty hiding in the first fucking episode no less

not showing you, you have to spot him yourself

And finally, their timeless friendship:

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Never has a show felt more genuine or more satisfying to watch when the final credits roll. This is a Sherlock Holmes that has had thought, love, and appreciation poured into its making, and it shows. 

So, llamas, go forth! You can watch the entire series here. I hope you have as much fun as I did :)

professor || s.s

Relationship: Professor!Sebastian x reader

Summary: A one night stand turns into more of a problem when you realise that your professor is your one night stand.

Warnings: mentions of smut, drinking, age gap (reader is legal and in mid-twenties!!!), age difference, professor x student relationship

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: im kinda getting my groove back let’s hope it lasts during the week because uni is already making me wanna die (((:

also my cause of death is the second gif GOODBYE

Just one more shot!” Seemed to be the motto of your night as you insisted you and your friends needed to go partying on one last Friday night before you start for your masters degree. 

You weren’t ever the party girl, never really big on drinking, but that all changed when you saw your schedule for the semester. You were going to be cooped up in your room for the next eight months, no doubt about it. 

So why not have a little fun while you still can? It can’t hurt, right?

Six tequila shots in and you were quite possibly the happiest person in the club, no, on the Earth. Not a single care in your mind, everything was all about the moment and whatever you laid eyes on in that very moment. 

That just so happened to be the exact moment your eyes met a gorgeous pair of cool grey ones. It might’ve been your intoxicated state, but you could’ve sworn that you knew those eyes, that you’ve seen them before. 

Your thoughts were pushed aside when the man walked even closer to you, offering to buy you a drink, to which you declined because quite frankly, you didn’t want to yack in front of the gorgeous man in front of you. 

His face fell when you denied his offer, but quickly made up for it when you grabbed his hand, pulling him to the crowded (makeshift) dance floor, immediately grinding yourself against him. 

His hands were large and warm, splayed against your waist as they moved your body against his, small and breathy moans leaving his mouth every once in a while as his head fell in the crook of your neck. 

A few songs later and the next thing you knew you were outside in the alley behind the bar against the wall making out with the handsome stranger you had yet to learn the name of. 

Fuck,” you gasped when his teeth nipped at the sensitive skin of your neck, undoubtedly working on leaving some type of mark on you, “Sebastian,” you heard him mumble, confusing you. 

“What?” You asked, still panting against his face, your arms still laced around his neck, “my name,” he said, “it’s Sebastian,” he repeated as you smirked, crashing your lips against his, “take me home, Sebastian” you whispered in a sultry tone before he grabbed your hand and flagging a cab down. 

 The cab ride to his place was filled with not-so-subtle touches as you both looked out of your respective windows, trying not to draw any attention to your states, which clearly didn’t work. 

Sebastian nearly dragged you out of the cab, quickly paying the driver before bolting into his building to the stairs, “it’s only the second floor,” he assured as you nodded but all you could focus was how broad his shoulders were. 

“I’m gonna fucking wreck you, doll,” he growled against your ear the second he had the door closed causing shivers to erupt on your skin as you followed him into the bedroom. 

Your head was pounding and every muscle in your body seemed to scream stop when you tried to sit or stand up. When you finally managed to muster up the strength to sit up and open your eyes you realised you were not, in fact, in your own bed. 

You gasped when you saw a man beside you, cursing when you couldn’t remember his name, even though it was right on the tip of your tongue. You checked your phone and found that it had thirty percent and you nearly cheered out loud. 

Quickly pulling on your clothes you took one last look at the very handsome sleeping man before walking out of his apartment, and making the walk to yours. 

Monday came sooner than you wanted it to, but your weekend was eventful and you couldn’t be happier at making the choice to go out on Friday. Your friends had pried every single detail from your night when you got home. You told them everything you could remember, but leaving out some of the more graphic details. 

You still couldn’t remember his name, you tried looking through your contacts to see if he maybe added his number, but nothing. It was still on the tip of your tongue, in the back of your mind, but you just couldn’t get it out. 

Either way, you knew you had to push the man out of your thoughts as you rushed to get ready for your first class. You hit snooze just one too many times and you were running behind. Figuring you’d have to skip on breakfast you grabbed a granola bar before rushing out of your apartment. 

You lived practically right beside campus, thankfully, so when you stepped on campus and saw your building you were relieved, it was the first day of classes as well, it shouldn’t be a problem if you’re a little late, right?

It was weird being on campus and in your mid-twenties surrounded by young eighteen year olds scurrying to find their classes, you almost laughed remembering your own panic when you had to find your classes as a freshman. 

Walking into the large building you quickly descended the stairs and into the basement before walking down to the end of the hall finally reaching the lecture hall and pulling the doors open, stumbling in. 

The room was quite, so quite as you clumsily stumbled in. Every single pair of eyes was on you as you made your way to the only seemingly empty seat at the front of the hall, slumping down in your seat. 

“As I was saying,” a male voice caught your attention, “my name is Dr. Stan, but you can call me Sebastian,” your heart dropped to your stomach as you slowly lifted your head to meet the same blue eyes, both your jaws tensing. 

“Let’s begin,” Sebastian said, his eyes lingering on yours for a second longer before turning to grab the textbook. 

“You slept with your professor!” Nat screeched, howling laughter continuing as you buried your head into the couch cushion as she continued laughing at your misery, “it’s not funny, we could both get in serious trouble,” you told her, sitting up as she raised a brow. 

“And why should anyone find out?” She questioned as you sighed, “I don’t know…” you trailed off realising just how paranoid you were being, “you’re both adults and you slept with him before you even knew he was gonna be teaching you,” she said, reassuring you as you nodded your head, slumping back against the couch. 

“I can’t even look at him without turning into a tomato,” you groaned as Nat let out another loud laugh, “you have leverage now,” she grinned mischievously as you rolled her eyes, “you’re ridiculous,” you laughed as she shrugged her shoulders, taking another sip of her drink. 

Your first class with Dr. Stan, or Sebastian as he preferred, was awkward nonetheless. You couldn’t focus on what he was saying, barely making any notes as your mind screamed you’ve seen him naked! over and over again. 

It’s true though, whatever he was doing, you could picture him doing it naked, as gross, disturbing, and wrong as that sounded you just couldn’t help yourself. You knew he must’ve been uncomfortable as well because he would cough or stumble on his words every time his eyes landed on yours. 

Thankfully you didn’t have another one of his lectures until Thursday, hopefully you’d be able to push aside what happened and be professional. You’d just have to wait and see. 

You stood at his desk looking everywhere and anywhere other than him his words ringing in your mind, “Miss. [Y/L/N], may I have a word with you?” His voice just kept replaying in your mind, psyching yourself out for what he was going to say. 

You heard the door close as the last student was finally out, leaving just you and Sebastian, “so,” he said, clearing his throat as you finally looked up at him, almost out of reflex. 

God he was gorgeous. Dark brown locks brushed neatly behind his ears, his piercing blue eyes looking directly at you, his tailed suit hugging every curve of his body, no wonder you slept with him in the first place. 

“I just wanted to talk to you about, well,” he chuckled nervously, his hand rubbing the back of his head as he looked at his feet. He was just as nervous about this as you, possibly more. 

“It’s okay,” you said quietly, his head shooting up at the sound of your voice, “neither of us knew you’d be teaching me and we were both a little intoxicated,” you assured him with a small smile he mimicked. 

“Right,” he spoke, “it doesn’t have to be weird at all,” even you knew that was a lie. Neither of you could look at each other without being flustered and neither of you were good at covering up your emotions. 

“It’s probably gonna be a little weird,” you laughed as he laughed as well, tipping his head to the side as he admired you, “that was a great night,” he whispered as both your laughter died down. 

Your breath hitched as he said that, a wave of arousal flowing through you as you remembered what you both did that night, “it’s illegal,” you warned, although you didn’t sound too convincing, “it wasn’t on that night,” he smirked as you straightened up, gaining some confidence. 

“Well, Dr. Stan,” you spoke in a fake preppy tone, “I must warn you that you’re venturing into some very dangerous waters,” now your tone was much more sultry than anything. You watched as he took a few steps towards you, his eyes much darker than when you first started talking to them. 

“Careful, Miss [Y/L/N], you don’t wanna start something you can’t finish,” he whispered, his breath fanning over your face, “who says I can’t finish it?” You smirked as he bit his lip, trying his hardest not to take you right then and there. 

The sound of voices outside the lecture hall made both you and Sebastian jump back just in time for the door to open and a new group of students came pouring in, “see you on Monday, Sebastian,” you smiled, returning to your normal voice before spinning on the heels of your feet and walking out of the hall. 

The second you were outside you let out a large sigh, you were in deep and there was no way anyone was coming out of this unscathed. Fuck. 

A/N: this is gonna be a mini-series so there’s gonna be more parts I promise!!

Let me know if you wanna be tagged in it!

Sugar Sweet | 7 | (M)

word count: 6.3k

genre: mentions of smut + fluff + angst; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

thanks to: @jooheonster for giving it a quick read and giving me feedback  ♡

music: dream in a dream - ten ; all mine - f(x) ;  bad - tablo ; sing for you - exo

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 |


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Sneak Pt. 1 [M]

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Graphic smut, this is pure filth, i am not sorry, ceo!namjoon

Word Count: 5.3k

A/N: this shoot had me feeling all sorts of ways. don’t tempt me into making this a series because i very well could lol oops rip me. Also, this is unedited. I will be coming back to it to make edits once I finally sleep

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Part 1 Part 2

You stood behind the podium and stared out into the boardroom. The group of unamused business men clad in suits that costs 6 months of your rent stared back at you. The youthful face of the CEO stood out amongst the wrinkled frowns of everyone else in the room. You tried not to stare, or at least not let him notice you were staring. You had been working for this corporation for 3 months but you still hadn’t gotten used to the idea that Namjoon was your boss. Granted, there weren’t many CEO’s in their 20’s anyway.

But he was handsome. His dirty blonde hair always sat messily upon his head. Thick black framed glasses sat perfectly on his face while two dimples frame the sides of his perfect lips. Not that you had notice his perfect lips to begin with. Namjoon was your boss, a mantra that you had to remind yourself on a daily basis because if it weren’t for that then you would certainly be wanting to get him in the supply closet. But Namjoon was your boss.

Taking a deep breath, you started your presentation. It seemed like all the knowledge your fancy degree had given you went out the window as soon as you started to speak. You weren’t even sure if it was english, but before you knew it you had reached the last slide. Silence filled the room as the men in suits took in the last of your words. “Any questions?” you asked.

There was no response. Just pairs of empty eyes staring back at you. The overwhelming feeling of failure creeped into your bones as you stood awkwardly in place, unsure of what to do. Finally, the grumpiest of all the men raised an eyebrow and started to speak, “How is this relevant to our company? The ideas you are proposing are very provocative, but we don’t run the business this way. It seems a little out of reach, don’t you think?”

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Undo (M)

Character / Genre: Min Yoongi x oc (Yoongi’s POV) | Angst, Smut/Mature content | 12,369 words

Summary: You were his soulmate, that part he knew well. Until one day he didn’t want you anymore. He couldn’t, when all he could see from you was light and all he felt within himself was darkness. Your love gone cold as he retreated from you, burying himself deep in the dark. But what happened when Yoongi had to watch you start over with somebody else, when Yoongi let his selfishness gain control on him of you.

Prompts: “Just say the words, and I am fully yours.”

a/n: Highly inspired by The 1975′s Somebody Else (along with the video, of course), which I wasn’t able to stop listening to when I started writing this. With the addition of me being wrecked with emotions from Yoongi’s mixtape in the middle of editing the whole fic.

Warning: Involving infidelity, affair. Some usage of cursing words (more than I even use in real life, to be honest), drinking, and graphic smut (still decent, I promise hope^^)

== Other POVs: Faded (Y/N’s), Deep End (Jia’s) ==

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In the Arms of Justice Pt 19 (Cop!Bucky x reader)

Characters: reader x Detective Barnes, Steve, Natasha, Rumlow, Surprise Witness!  

Summary: Reader is a witness to a crime, tying her to the investigation as well as the police involved. She never would have guessed how that one night would continue to change her life years later.

Warnings: Fluff, then some angst. Some anxiety, also blood, murder, weapon and death mentions (none of it graphic), violence against women, gritty police drama tv show kind of feel.

Word Count: 1693

Tags at the bottom. TAG LIST IS CLOSED, I’M SO SORRY.

A/N: Oh snap, who’s at the door? I’ve got some answers for you and some fluff attached. I’m working on the last few parts of this series! Thank you all so much for your support and I adore all your comments, likes, reblogs, asks, and anything else you send my way. I love you all! 

<<<Part 18   Part 19   Part 20>>> 

In the Arms of Justice Series Masterlist

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He paused, then realizing that you and he now had wounds on the same side of your lower back: him with a previous gunshot wound and you from a knife. He chuckled briefly.

“Well, that’s not the kind of bonding I thought would occur this early in a relationship, but…”

You wrapped your arms around his neck, resuming the kiss. Just then, the hospital door opened and you two broke apart.

But it was too late. There was a witness to your loving embrace.


“Oh, geez! You guys are lucky it was me and not another officer,” Steve reprimanded you both. “You’ve both gotta keep it in your pants a while longer til things are settled, alright?”

You and Bucky both gawked at him.

“How did you..”

“You’re not surprised, Steve?” Bucky asked his partner.

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lezbianxion  asked:

prompt: jimon + childhood friends AU !! always like those, and i always wonder how that would like... impact jace and simon if they had been childhood friends from the start

best friends for a long time is my ultimate weakness <3

“Hey.” Jace says, inviting himself into Simon’s room and sprawling onto his desk chair. “‘Sup?”

Simon’s lying on his bed, earphones half in, and he glares at Jace as hard as he can - which isn’t much, given the fact that his mind is currently drowning in sorrow, and he just wants to curl up and die.

“Don’t pretend like you didn’t hear what happened. You’re here to gloat, aren’t you?” Simon snaps, and Jace shrugs. 

“I told you in fifth grade that that dude was bad news, it’s been seven years since then.” Jace reminds him. He’s looking at Simon’s posters now, not even looking at him as he says, softly, “You didn’t even think about listening to me.” 

“Sorry, yeah,” Simon bites out, “except he was the only one who invited me to prom and unlike you, I don’t have dates just lined up? So I can’t afford to be picky - “

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Jace says, exasperated, and Simon sits up in bed, furious, when Jace continues, “You would never let any one of us say that about ourselves, but you can say that about yourself? Anyone would be lucky to have you, Simon, you can’t settle.” 

Simon’s stunned into a furious silence, glaring petulantly at Jace, because Jace is right, and he hates that, hates that Jace knows him almost as well as Clary. And this boy, with his infuriatingly gorgeous body is nice to Simon in his own way, surprisingly sweet, and fuck it’s just not fair and it doesn’t help Simon get over the feelings he’s had for Jace for years. 

“Whatever.” Simon sighs, and flops back into bed. 

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Jace asks, and Simon rolls away from him so he doesn’t have to look at Jace sitting in his room like he belongs there. 

“You always are.” Simon says dully. 

There’s silence, and then the sound of Jace moving, the bed dipping as he sits near Simon. A tentative hand comes up to stroke his back, Jace’s long fingers burning a path through the thin material of Simon’s shirt. 

“You’ll be okay.” Jace says quietly. “You will.” 

“Like I was okay in middle school when Georgie Chen dumped her juice all over me for not being a cool enough date to the movies?” Simon asks wryly, and he hears Jace laugh, the small, throaty one that makes little dimples appear in Jace’s cheeks. 

“If I’m remembering correctly, I also dumped my juice over Georgie Chen for that, so I think that went fine.” Jace remarks, and Simon smiles at that, shaking his head as he sits up, sitting cross-legged on the bed and facing Jace. 

“Yeah, but that cemented your popularity. ‘Ooooh, I’m Jace Herondale, I’m too cool for the cool kids, I wore tiny leather jackets when I was in elementary school and my hair swishes in the wind like I’m in a commercial - “ Simon sings, adopting a falsetto and ducking as Jace throws a pillow at him, laughing. 

I’m Simon Lewis,” Jace says, deepening his voice and turning his nose up, “I corrected the math teacher in ninth grade and now I’m the math nerd and I know ever single Nicolas Cage movie like nobody’s business but I like to wear graphic tees and pretend I’m a punk rocker - “

“I’m a superstar and you know it.” Simon says, making finger guns. 

“Damn, and we’re all just along for the ride.” Jace says, propping his chin up in his hands and looking at Simon fondly. Simon grins, because Jace is his best friend, and maybe prom didn’t work out, but - he still has this, still gets this side of Jace that no one else gets to see. And that’s enough for him. 


Three weeks later, his phone shrilly and insistently rings, rousing him from his Brooklyn 99 marathon on prom night. He blinks down at the caller ID, frowning as he picks up. 

“Hey,” he greets Clary, “shouldn’t you be getting read to go to prom, Fray? Izzy’s picking you up soon, isn’t she?” 

Yes.” Clary says, and she sounds like she’s out of breath and running. “But change of plans, I’m getting ready at your house.” 

“Uh - “ Simon says, but then his front door rings and he slowly pauses the episode on his laptop as his sister goes to get it. 

“Clary?” Rebecca’s surprised voice echoes. Simon jumps up and runs to the front door, where he sees Clary lugging a huge duffel bag and two large dry-cleaning bags, whispering furiously to Rebecca. “Oh my god - yes, I approve - Mom’s not here - well, I’ll just do all the - yes, I love this plan!”

“What plan?” Simon asks immediately, narrowing his eyes at his sister and his best friend. “Don’t like the collusion that’s going on here, no, nope, betrayed by my very best friend in my house, under my roof - “

“No time for yapping, Simon.” Rebecca says impatiently, one hand on her hip as she makes a shooing motion. 

“She’s right.” Clary hums as she dumps the dry cleaning in his hands and tugs on his hands. “Come on, we’re already behind schedule.”

“Behind - what?” Simon asks, bewildered, as he follows her to his room. She throws the duffel on his bed and takes one of the bags, the plastic riding up to reveal the shimmery green dress he helped her pick out. “Clary, what?” He repeats helplessly. 

“You’re going to prom.” Clary says, beaming at him. “There’s someone that’s wanted for a very long time to go with you, and in a burst of bravery - and pain, because someone slapped some sense into them - they’ve decided to use the tickets they bought for the two of you and take you to prom!” 

“Who - what - you slapped someone into going to prom with me?” Simon blinks, feeling like he’s rapidly losing control of the situation. 

“Not me.” Clary says airily. “Though I wish I had. I promise its a good date, you’re definitely going to like it. Now go change into your suit, please.” 

Suit - “ Simon looks at the bag in his hands and slides the plastic up, revealing midnight-blue fabric. “Holy shit this is way out of my price range, where’d you get this?” 

“Magnus, of course. Raphael picked it out from Magnus’ selection.” Clary answers. She pauses, and then very seriously takes Simon’s hand. 

“Hey,” she says quietly, “trust me, okay? This person really likes you, and all of us think that they’ll be good for you. You’ll like them. Let me help you get ready?” 

“All of you guys?” Simon swallows. “Even Jace approves?” 

Jace, who’s notoriously hard to please; Jace, who’s obnoxiously insulted everyone who’s looked twice at Simon; Jace, who’s quietly helped Simon through every disappointment and made Simon fall harder and harder for him - 

“Even Jace.” Clary smiles. “Ready?” 

Simon’s silent for a second, looking at the suit and thinking about how even if it’s not with Jace, he deserves to be happy. Maybe he should give this mysterious suitor a chance. 

“Alright.” He answers finally, and can’t help but smile in response to Clary beaming at him. “Alright, alright, you win, Fray!” 

“Damn right I do!” She says, pleased with herself. “Now go.” 

Clary manages to get him and herself ready in record time, and they’re both dressed, hair styled, in less than forty minutes. Simon stares at the person in the mirror, and can’t quite believe it’s him. The suit fits like a dream, makes his legs look longer and his torso broader. Logically, he knows he’s not bad-looking, but the suit makes it much easier to feel that way too. He looks at his carefully coiffed hair, and he nods, sliding his glasses off. 

What are you doing?” Clary asks, slipping into her heels and fixing one of her earrings on. She looks gorgeous, impeccable in her makeup and curls, and Simon’s not sure what black magic she worked to get herself ready at the same time. “Keep your glasses on.”

“I look better with contacts?” Simon asks more than he says. He’s pretty sure that was the consensus among his friends. Clary shakes her head, smiling. 

“This person specifically told me to make sure you didn’t take them off, because - and I quote - they’re a part of you.” She says, and Simon can’t breathe for a long second, because that’s just about the most damn beautiful thing he’s ever heard, and it makes him feel like he could fly. 

“Okay,” he croaks out, sliding his glasses back on, “okay, this person’s a romantic.” 

“Hey,” Rebecca sticks her head into his room, “they’re all here, Simon’s date is ready.” 

“Finally.” Clary grabs her purse and moves to the door. “I’m gonna go out first, and you can follow right after, yeah?”

“Okay.” Simon says, his mouth suddenly dry and his hands clammy. Clary squeezes his shoulder before she takes off, and he’s left with just Rebecca. 

“Becks.” He says weakly, gesturing to himself. “I - “

“You look good, Si.” She says softly, smiling sadly at him. “You look just like Dad, you know. Except for the nose.” She taps his nose. “That’s Mom all the way.”

“Aw, Becks.” He says, flushing. 

“Don’t get sappy on me now.” She teases, and then she gestures to the hallway. “Well? Go find your date.” 

Simon nods, and bites his lips as he moves to the front door. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath with his hand on the door handle. 

This is going to be fine. This is going to be fine

He opens the door and looks out into the night; the path to the front door is lit brightly by the front porch lamp, white light glowing softly around a figure with soft blonde hair and unbearably adoring blue-brown eyes. 

“Hey,” Jace says, holding out a rose to Simon, a blinding smile on his face as he looks at Simon, “wanna go to prom with me?” 

Jace?” Simon croaks out, taking the rose numbly, his mind not quite comprehending. 

“I got it on very good authority that all the time I was pining, it wasn’t actually as hopeless as I thought? So, uh,” he gestures to Simon, “I wanted to give you the prom you deserve. And I want to - try to be the boyfriend you deserve. If you’d let me.” 

Jace is wearing a black suit with a tie to match Simon’s, his eyes hopeful and sincere. He looks good, like a dream out of some fairy tale, and more importantly - 

He’s the boy that hit Simon in the face with a basketball in fourth grade and then led him around school for the rest of the day, holding his hand, because Simon couldn’t see out of his swollen eye; he’s the boy that taught Simon how to play the guitar in middle school and encouraged him to try for his first gig; he’s the boy that stood by Simon through everything. Simon’s never felt this way about anyone. 

Heart in his throat, he steps forward and curls his fingers in Jace’s tie and yanks him forward, kissing him on the porch, slow and sweet as the crickets chirp around them. 


Six years later, Jace leads him on a walk through his old neighborhood. 

“Hey.” Simon says, nudging him as Jace shivers. “You’re thinking too hard.” He reaches over and tightens Jace’s scarf around his neck, his fingers lingering against the underside of Jace’s jaw. 

“You don’t think enough.” Jace responds, smirking, as he catches Simon’s wrist and tangles their fingers together, squeezing reassuringly. Simon hums and drives his foot down against a pile of dry leaves, relishing in the crunch that sounds from it. 

“Did you remember to drop the truck off at the mechanic?” Simon asks absently. Jace’s coffee truck is doing well enough to have expanded into two more trucks, run by his employees. 

“Yeah.” Jace abruptly stops, turning to look at Simon. “Hey, remember this wall?” 

Simon looks at it and laughs. It’s a little alley tucked away behind the driveways of the houses, and it’s got graffiti from the generations of kids that have lived there; Rebecca and her friends are by Simon and Clary’s heart with their initials in it, Jace’s barely legible scrawl across it all, with Izzy and Alec beneath that.

“I was so angry when you wrote over our names.” Simon recalls, and he squats down and traces over the heart he and Clary drew over their names when they were eleven. “Here Clary and I were, promising to marry each other when we grew up, and you just came in and scribbled all over it.”

“I was jealous.” Jace laughs a little. “I wanted to have all your attention, and instead she got it.” 

“You always had my attention.” Simon stands up and smiles at Jace, who grins and hooks his hands in Simon’s pockets to bring him closer, walking him backwards at the same time until they’re pressing against the wall, kissing softly. 

They break apart when they hear a car passing by, and make the trek to the Lewis house, bumping shoulders. 

“You think I can go back and scribble the heart out even more?” Jace wonders as they climb the front steps. “I don’t want our kids to one day find that Aunt Clary and Dad had a heart thing going on.” 

“Our kids?” Simon grins, something warm and soft fluttering in his chest. Jace looks at him like he’s the stupid one. 

“Of course.” Jace says. “I’ve had you for thirteen years, Lewis, you think I’m ever going to let you go now? Is it not obvious that you’re stuck with me?” 

“It is.” Simon kisses him again, quick and chaste, before he rings the bell, his heart swelling. “It is.” 


That night, before they go back home to the apartment, they add a postscript to the graffiti heart: 

P.S. - JH + SL Forever

Lazy (Jack x Reader)

Character: Sean McLoughlin (Jacksepticeye)

Fandom: Jacksepticeye/Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader, Fluff

Title: Lazy

A/N: Ever since I finished watching Jack’s gameplay of The Last Guardian, I’ve been really wanting to write a fluffy imagine of him. Which also explains that the game appears in here because all of it is giving me the feels. Enjoy! <3

Summary: Y/N is feeling extremely lazy, but when her boyfriend Jack calls her from downstairs and asks her to hang out the evening changes. 

“Y/N!” Jack called me from downstairs.

I rolled over in the bed and yawned before answering. I was feeling way too lazy, which I blamed on the almost nap I took. I would have fallen asleep gladly, but I just couldn’t and so I ended up just lying down and feeling the laziest.

He knew I was awake because he checked on me from time to time, and I complained to him that I couldn’t fall asleep.

“What?” I shouted back at him.

“Wanna come down and hang out?” Sean asked me, to which I groaned to myself.

Of course I wanted to hang out with him, it was the best thing to do! But go down? Actually stand up and walk? Ugh.

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ellabunella  asked:


[ ˌdɛsɪˈdɪərɪəm ]
noun; a powerful desire or yearning.

Prompt: “I could just pull your bikini bottoms to the side, no one would even notice.”
Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Smut
Count:  1.256 words

warnings: graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, public sex, dirty talk

There is something titillating about Park Jimin relaxing under the direct sunlight whilst small droplets of water run up and down his exposed body, eyes closed and a small relaxed smile gracing his lips.
“It’s such a nice day,” he murmurs opening his eyes to fix his gaze on you, his smile widening as he takes you in, the very apple of his eye.
“It is,” you reply, keeping to yourself the knowledge that what makes it a nice day is his very presence and not your surroundings or the beautiful weather.
“Penny for your thoughts?” he asks whilst his hands move to grab your hips and pull you closer as he leans on the pool edge.
You smile back at him gently encircling his neck with your arms before capturing his lips in a rather chaste kiss. His lips always taste as sweet as candy and it drives you absolutely insane – especially when he glides his tongue on your bottom lip like that, right before grabbing the soft skin between his teeth just to tease a tad bit more.
Park Jimin is an absolute master in turning a simple kiss into a heated make-up session and it makes absolutely no difference to him the fact that you’re in the middle of a pool, surrounded by people and, most importantly, kids. And it’s exactly that thought that stops you from devouring him right on the spot.

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Would Never Call It Love 5 | Calum Hood

It’s finally here! Again I’m writing this off of the top of my head, so this could or could not be the last part of the story. I’m so happy all of you still love this story and continue to tell me your reactions which bring me genuine happiness. So thank you. Enjoy.

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(not my gif)


After days of sitting in bed with Ashton at our current venue, I decided getting up and at least showering would help wash my sorrows away. Ashton carefully helped my weak physique off the indented bed, his arm on my waist for balance, and sat me on the toilet and turned on the shower head. 

“Just wait until it warms up. I’ll set up your clothes in here as well, and we’ll get going after that. We’ll get some breakfast yeah? Any place you like.” And he grabbed the back of my head bringing it to his lips for a subtle kiss of comfort, and left. I sighed and shredded off my 5 day old sweatshirt and my stretched out black leggings, and felt the water temperature. It was perfectly warm.

I stepped in and immediately it hit my skin with a sizzle. I hoisted my hair back as my face was now drenched in water. My hands rested on the back of my neck, my eyes fixated on the shower wall in front of me. It had been a long time since I was left alone, by myself, with my thoughts. I could hear the pounding of my heart get deeper, thinking of Calum and how he was holding up as well. Was he crying? Was he sat in bed every minute he could get because the outside world was too much to bare for him as well? Or was he laughing like he never laughed with me before, was he happier than he ever felt, looking at someone else with a different light and different intention in their eyes than what I had? I hadn’t even realized I was crying at this point. The water being poured out onto me was intertwined with the water pouring out of me, and I couldn’t tell which was which. I could feel the sinking feeling hit me in my gut and chest, making it hard to catch my breathe. My hand shot out in front of me to catch my body from falling and smashing into the beige tiles. A sob escaped my mouth, loud enough to alert Ashton, who was now inside setting up my clothes. The cry lasted a few seconds, and was loud enough to crack glass. Ashton’s heart leaped out of his chest as he pulled back the shower curtain, just in time to catch me as I fell to my knees. The strength in me was gone, my everything was gone.

Ashton got on his knees on the bathroom floor, not even caring that he was getting wet, and just held me close to his chest just like he did the night Calum left. I continued to cry into his black t-shirt, clutching onto it. His hand reached up to my head and brought his mouth to it, he knew it brought a sense of protection to me. “You’re going to be okay, you’re going to be okay. I’m so sorry, I don’t know when but…you won’t have to hurt much longer in my presence.” 

After a few minutes, Ashton turned off the water and inside filled the tub for a bath. He squirted some soap into the water so it bubbled up, and brought the soap up and down my body. In reality, it was just him giving me a bath, but in my mind, he was scrubbing away any last bit of Calum lingering behind. I knew Ashton was waiting to be with me, it was killing him inside to see me worked up over someone who hadn’t been done anything good for me. But he was being patient; any other guy who would’ve been in his shoes would’ve quit by now. I was silently thanking and praying for him not to give up on me.

He brought me to a small brunch place that he claimed had the best breakfast burritos in the area, or so he read online. We sat down inside near the back corner, the furthest away from outside and people as we could. I hadn’t spoken a word since we got out of the hotel, only nodded and hummed as a response. I was just afraid of the crack in my voice from crying and yelling so much that I just decided to keep my mouth shut. Ashton’s hand snaked it’s way to my own from across the table and held my left in his right, slowly rubbing his thumb over my tense knuckles. “Anything you want okay? But I really would recommend the burrito, or you could just half it with me.” I sucked my lips in and only nodded once again, earning a quiet sigh from Ashton’s side of the table.

After ordering 1 breakfast burrito, 2 blueberry waffles, a whole stack of bacon and a plate of hash browns, we began to eat. Ashton completely inhaled his burrito within minutes while I struggled to scarf down the waffles. No doubt everything tasted and smelled delicious, but the continuously growing lump in my throat blocked anything from getting down, even water. Ashton looked up at me as he finished the last chunk of his burrito, cheeks full like a chipmunk and crumbs of egg and tortilla all over his cheeks and lips. For the first time in a while, I let a small chuckle out at this facial expression. He gave me a questionable look, before I leaned over the table and shook my head.

“Hold on lemme clean you up.” I brought my napkin up to his cheeks, softly swiping to remove the mess. He laughed, feeling like he was a little kid again, a sense of home coming back to him after being so far away for so long. I looked into his glossy eyes, a sense of home coming back to me. He was protective, comforting, loving, and warm. His aura provoked those feelings you get inside your own house. Ashton exuded feelings I had been missing for a long time now.

However, our moment was ruined when the bell on top of the restaurant doors opened up causing both of our heads to naturally turn toward the noise. The two lovebirds came walking in, hand in hand with smiles on their faces. The brown-skinned boy’s head settled on us, and his smiling mouth fell onto his girl’s head, planting a small kiss on it. She blushed and began speaking to the waiter that there was 2 of them.

Without hesitation, I hands dropped the spoon and napkin I was holding, causing a loud clinking noise, and I scooted my chair back enough to cause streaks to appear on the floor and stormed out of the restaurant, Ashton following behind me. All Ashton could do was hit Calum on his free shoulder which almost sent him back. Calum’s bottom lip sucked into his mouth letting out a ‘hmph.’ 

I slammed the door to Ashton’s car on the passenger side and just cried into my lap. After hearing the driver’s side door slam, the car’s atmosphere fell to a bitter heaviness. He just listened to me sob, for the second time today, calming down his own breathing. My hands flew to the dashboard ahead of me and I started slamming my hands against it, hitting the middle console and the sides of the door also. Ashton grabbed my wrists in his and yanked me to look at him.

“Stop letting him do this to you!”

“I can’t! I can’t! Why! Why does he get to do this to me!…” He couldn’t answer. He couldn’t tell her that he only wanted her for sex, he couldn’t tell her that he likes Nia genuinely, he couldn’t tell her that he never cared. Of course, that’s what he wanted to say because he honestly believed it was all true, but in Calum’s mind, it was the exact opposite.

Calum’s POV / before they saw Y/N and Ashton…

I laid there in the newly made hotel bed, the sheets stained in newly made tears. I let a few slip out of my eyes, the only thing on my mind being her. Seeing her underneath Ashton in lust, watching her break down in his arms, remembering her walking away from me that night when we realized we were done for. 

I’m Calum Hood for crying out loud. I don’t cry. I rarely show emotion. I’m either stone cold or happy go lucky. There’s no in between. I never cry, I never get heart broken, because I never get attached. I guess that was my mistake this time around. I lied to myself, I lied to her, now I’m lying to Nia.

“Cal! Get dressed, I’m taking you out for breakfast so you’re energized before soundcheck let’s go!” She cheerfully skipped into the room, me wiping my eyes as fast as I can pretending that I was just now waking up. She kissed my cheek before throwing a random graphic tee and black jeans at me and shut the door. I flopped back onto the bed with the tee and jeans over my face, telling myself that today was a new. I was going to get out of bed, spread a fake smile on my face, and conquer the day.

And then I laughed because that surely wasn’t going to happen, and hopped in the shower.


I was now time for the show, and I sat next to Ashton and Michael, who were both brushing their teeth and trying to speak to each other in mumbles. They knew I thought it was comical, so to get me to finally smile, they kept over exaggerating their sentences, slightly spitting toothpaste on me. I shielded myself, getting up from the couch trying my hardest not to smile and stood outside their dressing room.

After spitting and washing his mouth, Ashton appeared at the doorway and placed his hands on my cheeks.

“Sorry beautiful, was just trying to make you smile.” I bit on my tongue while looking up at him.

“Well I appreciate you guys trying. For a minute there I thought it would work but you guys aren’t that hilarious.” I crossed my arms and he scuffed at me, draping his arm around my shoulder.

“Come here you little shit, I need to talk to you before the show, seriously.” I gulped at the last word. Instead of running away in fear of what was to come, I nodded my head and followed him to the side of the stage where you could see fans walking around, finding their seats, and sitting and watching the stage with anticipation. Ashton took my hands in his before looking out into the growing crowd with a blinding smile.

“These guys,’ he gestured to the fans, ‘are the most important thing in the world to me, next to my family.” I smiled at the girls and boys with tears in their eyes, as they realized they’d be seeing and connecting with the 3 fantastic boys I knew, and Calum. “I never imagined that you would be up there with them.” I turned back to him, my eyes practically bulging out of my head. My hands started sweating in his, my mouth also becoming dry. I didn’t expect to mean this much to him, I thought that we’d have a best friend relationship come out of this, but I didn’t see this coming. He stepped closer, so close I could feel his hot shaking breathe on my forehead and nose.

“I know you’re still hurting over Calum, I get it. And I know you’re not in any shape or form ready to commit to someone again like you did him, even if it wasn’t an official thing. But I promise you, if you let me be the guy for you, I’ll mend you and help bring you back to the happy girl you once were, the one who didn’t feel broken everyday. We’ll go on more breakfast runs, and I’ll sing you new songs I write, and I’ll leave little notes for you around the hotel room to make you smile every chance you get. Please, will you be mine?” 

I didn’t have time to react or comprehend any of his words before we heard a large sigh come from the side of us in front of the hallway. I looked up quickly to see my devastated Maori boy with a bouquet of deep red roses in his hands. His shoulders slump and lips in a pout. I pulled my hands back from Ashton’s, an appalled look in his eyes.

He cleared his throat and said, “Calum, who are those for?” Calum’s eyes shot back to the flowers in his hands, and he shook his head, jutting out his chin.

“They’re for, uh, they’re for Nia. I was looking for her right now.” His face instantly read as stone cold, and his collarbones and veins in his arms were clearly visible. Ashton shook his head confused and irritated, “Ok then, go look for her else where.”

Calum pursed his lips letting his head hang low, and jogged off behind Ashton. Even though he was out of his view, he wasn’t out of mine. From the corner of my eye, I saw him stop at the silver waste bin, and angrily chucked the flowers into it, before walking to the other side of the stage. I bit my lip trying to hold back the furiously hot tears, as Ashton turned back to me.

“Now, where were we?

Calum’s POV / before seeing Ashton and Y/N…

I walked backstage toward the boy’s and I’d dressing room, hoping Y/N would be in there relaxing like she usually does. I carried about 8 roses in my hands because the flower shop I went to didn’t carry 12 rose bouquets and the next number up was 20 which in my opinion was too many at this point. I figured I wasn’t doing anything helpful for the situation her and I were in. It was only making our group hangouts uncomfortable, and every time I saw her, my chest caved in and I suddenly couldn’t speak. So, I thought about buying her some flowers as a forgiveness token, and rehearsed telling her my true feelings for her instead of yelling them at her last time. 

As I approached the room, I peered inside to see only Michael and Luke and Luke’s girlfriend. They all sat on their phones, all eyes staring up at me when I entered.

“Oooooo Cal, who the flowers for?” Arzaylea spoke up. I let out a chuckle and looked down at the beautiful set of carnations.

“Please tell me they’re not for who we think they’re for?” Luke said, Michael nodding and agreeing with him.

“It’s just a piece offering. I still love and care for her Luke, I just want the old girl I had back…” He sighed, going back to scrolling on his phone.

“She went down the hall to the side of the stage.” Michael said, and I nodded my head at him before striding off.

I could start to here voices down by the side of the stage and making out figures of bodies. I then realized she wasn’t alone. Ashton was there, hands in hers and my blood started rushing through my veins, picking up my adrenaline. 

My stomach cramped, my ears turned red, my chest felt like it had the wind knocked out of it, as I heard the dreaded words come out of Ashton’s mouth.


It all was in slow motion. His words, the crowds chatter, my own heart beat. It felt like the world had slowed down, letting the pain linger in my body and letting the pain hit me hard and slow, the worst way possible. My hands clutched onto the paper surrounding the flowers, making her head snap in my direction.

I’ll never forget the look in her eyes, the same look she had when I caught her sleeping with Ashton. She was petrified, she was heart broken, she knew she was in the wrong. I guess this was the moment in time when the universe is telling us to stop trying. To stop thinking we’d ever make it as a couple, it was all a fantasy, a dream that slowly was turning into a nightmare. 

I wouldn’t have ever called this love, if love hurt this bad.

Omg ok so obviously this is a sorta cliff hanger so if y’all want a part 6, request it! Also read my other stories in my masterlist and await the next part of Gotta Go My Own Way! :)

Robin’s Nest: Part 6

Prompt: Where the robin’s were Bruce’s and Batmom’s biological kids

Words: 1517

AN: This was edited by my wonderful team of beta’s who continue to plow through my stories.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

You sit in the chair and wait. Your heart is beating a mile a minute, and your stomach is flopping, and you feel like you’re going to be sick, but you push the feeling down. You’d curl into Bruce but that’s a bit impossible at the moment, since he’s wearing the suit. You know exactly where that suit has been and what it has been through and you have no desire to touch it. So, you settle for his hand on your shoulder, drawing all the comfort you can from it.

          “Everything is going to be fine Y/N.” He tells you, his voice a bit deeper and rougher than usual.

          You give a grim smile, “You forget; I know exactly who you deal with Bruce.”

          “He won’t be going anywhere near those psychos. Muggers, and low life’s only for tonight, and the next few years. I’ll send him home at the first sign of real trouble.”

          “You can’t control everything Bruce. He’s going to keep getting better, and eventually he’ll be beside you in the thick of everything. Even the Joker.”

          His voice is a growl, “He’ll never come in contact with him. Not if I can help it.”

          You just smile, and allow yourself to believe that for the moment. That thought allows you to put on a smile as Dick comes out of the training room. His outfit is red, black, and yellow, and despite the mask, you know you’d be able to identify him from a mile away. He looks adorable in his cape, and you really wish he was just going trick or treating, and not out to fight Gotham’s worst.

          It all started a few months ago, about a month after he turned ten. He asked to go on patrol with Bruce. You had never really kept Bruce’s after hours’ activities from the kids. You just didn’t tell them anything until they got older. Eight was when things were explained. Which meant only Dick and Jason currently knew the entire truth, and the fact that no one could know.

          Over the past three years both Dick and Jason had taken to their martial arts training like fish to water. Bruce had steadily increased their regimen, and now you were fairly certain they could handle almost any situation. That didn’t mean you wanted them to be crime fighters. Bruce was more than enough, thank you very much.

          Dick had begged for days, and eventually it had been Jason who had convinced you. He had looked you in the eye, and said: “Mom, Dad can’t do it all alone. He’s going to need help, and it’s better to start now, rather than later.”

          You give your consent the next day, along with an entire list of rules. No patrols on school nights, no major villains, and Dick has to follow every single order Bruce gives. And now here you are. You watch them go with trepidation in your stomach, and when they return and Dick tells you that it’s the greatest night of his life, you want to cry. You’d really hoped that he’d hate it.

          That night Bruce holds you while you cry. You do your best to not think about it, over the next year, and Batman and Robin take on more and more dangerous missions. When the night you fear actually comes true, you throw up. Dick comes home with his uniform torn, a broken arm, and under the influence of scarecrow’s fear gas.

          You and Bruce hold him while he screams, as he lives out his worst fears. When it finally wears off Dick is soaked through his clothes, and you keep him home from school for the next week, claiming the flu. After a week at home he’s begging to go back out on the streets, despite the nightly nightmares. You just don’t understand it.

          Before you can say no, Bruce does, and walks away. You know the guilt is eating him alive. You don’t blame him, how could you? You’d consented.

          When Dick doesn’t come tearing into your room due to a nightmare, you go and check on him. You find him wide awake and crying. Sitting down next to him, you pull him into a hug and hold him until the sniffling stops. When it does, he makes one last plea, “Mom, I need to go back out. Batman needs Robin.”

          You try to reason with him, your voice soft and gentle, “Dick, sweetheart, if I were to lose you . .  .”

          “You won’t. I need a chance to conquer my fears, mom. Running from fear just intensifies it. You and dad taught me that.” His voice is so sure and confident; it reminds you of Bruce. It reminds you of Bruce telling you that he was going to find his parent’s killers, and that he was going to save the city they loved so much.

          The more you think about it, the more Jason’s words come back to you. He can’t save the city by himself. You silently curse your husband for passing down that damn nobleness to your children. You just kiss Dick’s forehead, and sing to him until he falls asleep. Once he’s out you go in search of Bruce.

          You find him in the cave, stitching up a new wound. You silently take over the stitches. When you’re done you slide on to the gurney next to your husband and say words, you never thought would come out of your mouth “You’ve got to take him back out Bruce.” Bruce remains silent, knowing you’re not done. “He wants to conquer his fears, because running from fear just intensifies it.”

          Bruce smiles at the line. It’s the same Thomas Wayne had told Bruce when he was a boy. It was the same line Bruce had told you when he decided to leave and train, and it was what you told him when you joined him.

“Figures we’d end up with well-rounded, noble kids, who actually listen to us and throw our own words back in our face, but I can’t take him back out there. You were right, Y/N, I can’t guarantee his safety.”

          You give a sad smile, “We can never guarantee his safety Bruce. There’s no guarantees in this world, he could get struck by freaking lightning Bruce! But I know that his chances of survival are a lot higher with you than with anyone else. And we both know that kid is so freaking determined that eventually he’s going to try and sneak out and do it by himself.”

          “You really think so?”

          You smirk, “He’s your son Bruce, I’m down right certain of it. Just like I’m certain that you’ll do everything within your power to keep him safe.”

          Bruce smiles, “There might actually be one more thing I can do.”

You raise an eyebrow in question and listen.

          The next night Dick is dressed and ready to go. You’re once again sitting in the chair, this time Jason is sitting in your lap, content with being snuggled for the moment. You doubt it will last much longer, he’s already ten, and you’re fairly certain that both he and Dick will soon begin the process of pushing you and Bruce away in favor of friends. So you snuggle him a bit tighter.

          Dick comes out in his brand new uniform. It looks exactly the same, but you know minor adjustments have been made, and that his utility belt now includes a portable gas mask. With a smile on his face, he faces you and asks, “Well, what do you think?”

          You smile, “You look adorable.

          Dick groans and Jason laughs, “Robin, the adorable boy wonder! He knocks the bad guys out with his cuteness!”

          You give Jason a tight squeeze to stop him, as Bruce comes out. He’s in his own suit, and looks as serious as always. It’s a sharp contradiction to Dick’s cheerful smile. Dick bounces over to his father and asks, “So, where to first?”

          Bruce allows a little bit of a smile before saying, “Happy Harbor.”

          Dick’s eyebrows knit together in confusion, “That’s not in Gotham. Why are we going there?”

          Bruce allows a full out grin, and it just looks wrong when he’s wearing the cowl, “We’ve been invited to join the League.”

          Dick pesters Bruce with questions as they climb into the batmobile and once they’re gone Jason asks, “What’s the League?”

          You smile “A group of people with the same ideals as your dad.”

          Jason rolls his eyes as he jumps off your lap, “Dad kicks major butt by himself, and if he does need help he has plenty of it right here.”

You nod, already knowing where this going, “Speaking of which, when do I get to start going out with Dad and Dick?”

          “The League offers an extra level of protection for your dad and Dick. And you can start going out when I feel fully confident that you will listen to everything your father says and follow his every order.”

          Jason scowls, “So never?”

          You shake your head “No, I know that I can’t keep you home forever. You’re just as stubborn as your dad, and your just as good a fighter as Dick. I just need a bit of adjustment time.”

          “You’ve already had a year.” He points out.

          You just smile, “We’ll talk about it when you’re older.”

          “Like when I’m forty?”

          “How about we talk about it when you turn thirteen? And in the meantime, maybe you can start with helping with the computers.”

          Jason perks up a bit at that “Really?”

          You nod, “Damian and Helena are hell on wheels, and Tim is in all those advanced classes, I could use the help. But there are rules.”

          He’s smiling now, “I’ll take anything!”

          “No working it on school nights, no looking up graphic cases, and you follow all of my orders to the tee.”

          He hugs you, “Sure, whatever you say!”

          Taking full advantage of the opportunity you hug him back, tight, and face the facts. Crime fighting is just as much a family business as Wayne Enterprises is.

Ages are as follows at the end of the chapter, after Dick has been Robin for a year,

Batmom and Bruce- 32

Dick- age 11

Jason- age 10

Tim- Age 7

Damian and Helena- Age 4

Keep Your Eyes On Me - Chapter 1/? (Rated T)

It all began when I got an idea in my head for a Kagehina fic involving grinding on the dancefloor. But (haha butt), this isn’t just about that. This the start of a fic about misunderstandings, about assumptions, about how complex navigating the world can be for a young queer person in very different ways. With that in mind, this is also the start of a fic with a main char who isn’t always the good guy, even if he is a good guy. Written with love and care and a teensy bit of criticism of the queer community I was surrounded by in college. 

Mild Warnings/Tags: Gatekeeping language. Hookup culture. Alcohol. Derogatory language as endearment. Ensemble cast. Eventually NC-17. (I don’t do unhappy endings, just FYI.)

Thank you to @beleghir for their thorough Kenma read-through and lovely, thoughtful comments! <3 If anyone else wants to talk to me about this fic and the issues I’m attempting to address, my askbox is open.

The room was low-lit in purples and blues and pinks, some projectors borrowed from the theatre department casting wild shapes and sparkles over the ceiling and walls of what was usually the student café on campus. As if the disco balls and rainbow balloons and iridescent garlands weren’t enough…

Well, to the Queer Resource Center’s events committee, they probably weren’t.

Hinata Shouyou tipped his head and slurped at his soda, a little bored. Tonight, as it always happened a month into fall semester, the first QRC-planned dance for the year was going off without… too many hitches. Hinata had a bunch of friends on the events committee, who were all scurrying around trying to make sure there were enough snacks and no one was tripping on the amp wires or doing stupid things college students did (or at least too many stupid things). Which was why Hinata was leaning against the wall near the DJ booth, bored and slurping, instead of socializing.

“Hinata, babe!!” someone yelled over the music, and Hinata rolled his eyes even as his mouth twisted into a smile. He looked across the crowd and saw Bokuto waving a long arm in the air as he bounded over.

“Hell-o,” Hinata said over the thumping bass, eyeing the glitter smattered across Bokuto’s cheekbones, collarbones and shoulders, complementing the kaleidoscope of a crop-top he had on.

After bussing Hinata on the cheek, Bokuto looked down at Hinata’s drink, frowning. “How ya doin’, sweetie? Are you properly lubricated?”

“Gross,” Hinata grumbled, but tipped his plastic cup up as Bokuto pulled a flask from his very tight pants. The pants were a funny color between copper and bronze, which he probably knew set off his bright eyes in the right light. Hinata always felt a little intimidated by Bokuto’s ability to be over-the-top for every occasion, when Hinata usually just put on his white high-tops and his tightest jeans and hoped for the best. At least Hinata had a good relationship with his hair gel, which Bokuto… no, that was probably deliberate, too.

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Colorless Rainbow

Pairing: Emily Prentiss x Reader

Word Count: 1,974

Request:  Anon asked:  how about an Emily Prentiss x reader where they’re married and then when on a case the sheriff is really homophobic and upsets the reader so there’s lots of protective and fluffy Emily?? Lots of kisses and pda?xxx

A/N:  If you are sensitive to same-sex hate crimes, please do not read.  

I decided to have a bit of cute and protective Garcia in this one, too.  Thought it added a little something extra, because who doesn’t love Garcia?

Originally posted by emilyprentissdaily

She felt nervous to deliver the case, you could tell.  The minute Garcia laid her eyes on you and Emily that morning, she was forcing a smile on her face, trying to hide the fact that she was upset about something.  And when you’d asked when the briefing for the new case was, she looked at you with a certain kind of sadness set upon her features, something you didn’t like.  She was the embodiment of a human rainbow, and she seemed to be drained of color.

“What’s up with her?” Emily asked, walking up to you.  Garcia had answered your question and fled to the conference room, avoiding eye contact and keeping her head down.

“I guess it’s whatever this case is.  Seems like it might be getting to her?” you answered, wrapping your fingers around your wife’s wrist to pull her close to you.

“Hey, as much as I would love to jump you right now, we are in the workplace and you know my rules,” she told you with a smile.  You matched her expression, but rolled your eyes.

Emily liked to keep a professional front when you were at work.  Despite her urges to grab you and kiss you in the middle of the bullpen, she resisted, keeping her hands to herself long enough, that is, until you both were out of the prying eyes of your coworkers.

“Fine.  Make me suffer,” you said, pretending to be hurt.

“Every day,” she laughed.

“Let’s go, lovebirds,” Morgan said to you two, walking towards the conference room.

You followed him in and saw Garcia whispering something to JJ with a worried look on her face.  As soon as she saw you and your wife walk in, she shut her mouth.  JJ leaned in and whispered something back before standing up and passing out the tablets and Reid’s folder herself.

“Not feeling well today?” you asked Garcia, wanting to know what was wrong with her.

“I uh,” she started, but her voice seemed to fail her.

“Six couples in Oxford, Ohio were found dead, all in the same general area.  They were all found with similar stab wounds and the department is sure every couple were victims of the same killer because it seems to be a hate-crime focused on same-sex couples,”  JJ said.

You could feel Garcia’s eyes on you as you scrolled through the pictures.  Sure enough, there were pictures of men together and women together.  The crime scene photos were extremely brutal and graphic, but nothing you hadn’t seen before.

So that’s why Garcia was acting so weird.  She was afraid this case would offend you.  You looked up from the tablet to lock eyes with her.  She looked too apologetic, as if she had anything to do with it, but you shot her a reassuring smile, letting her know that you were okay.  But her eyes stayed wary, unable to hide the shame she felt.  

After questions were shot back and forth, and Hotch let everyone know when the jet would be taking off, Garcia took no time to get out of the conference room and head to her lair.  You looked at your wife, motioning her to follow you.

“She thinks we’ll be offended by it,” you told her, walking towards the door to Penelope’s room.

“Seems like she’s taking this harder than we are.”

Without knocking, you opened the door to see Garcia’s back to you, typing away at the computer in front of her.

“Garcia?” you said softly, easing your way into the room.

“I just don’t understand why some people are still like that, and I love you both so much,” she blurted, turning in her chair.  “For once in my life, I see before me two people who were made for each other.  I see in you two soulmates, something everyone wants to have and there are people out there who think it’s wrong that two people of the same gender can’t be together and I just don’t get it.  When it’s love, it’s love and that’s it, why can’t people just understand that?”

Placing your hands on either of her shoulders, you attempted to calm her down.

“Garcia, we are okay.  Why would you think we wouldn’t be?” you asked calmly.

“I remember what it was like on your wedding day.  You’re family didn’t even show up and I thought that-”

“My family did show up, though.  You were there, weren’t you?” you said with a smile.  The BAU was all the family you needed, and you were always sure to remind them of that.

“I’m just worried about you going I guess,” she replied with a sigh.

“I’m a big girl.  I can take care of myself,” you reassured her.  “Besides, have you met my wife?  She’s pretty bad ass.”

Finally, Garcia smiled and the rainbow had all its color again.  “That, my darling I cannot argue with.”

“Thank you Penelope.  I love you, you know?” you told her, pulling her in for a hug.  She hugged you back tightly.  Emily watched from the door with a smile on her face, admiring you like she always did.

“And I love you, too, blossom butt,” she said into your hair.  You could hear your wife chuckle from the doorway, the sound sending shivers down your spine as it always did.

“Stay golden, Garcia,” you said, releasing her.  “You’re such a beautiful beacon of light.”

“As are you, my lovely.”

“I’m agent Prentiss-Y/L/N.  This is Dr. Spencer Reid.  We’re with the FBI,” you told the Oxford sheriff, shaking his hand.

“Robert Marshall.  Thank god you guys are here.  Twelve victims in three weeks.”

“We heard.  Do you have any leads at all?” you asked him.  He shook his head, looking around the police department.

“Unfortunately, no.  We found samples of DNA on the latest victims but we’ve only just send those to get tested yesterday.  There’s no telling how long that will take to get done, plus there’s no telling when this guy will strike again.”

“Do you have a map of the locations each victim was found?” Reid asked Marshall.

“They were all found in the same alleyway.  We have cones in the places each body was found.  They were all relatively close.”

“Did you not have the alley blocked off after you found the dead bodies?” you asked, not understanding how the unsub managed to dump the bodies in the same place over and over again.

“We did, but I guess that didn’t stop him from leaving more there.”

“So after the second pair of victims were found in the same place, you didn’t think to have any of your men or women keep watch to see if the suspect showed up with another set of victims?” you asked.  You crossed your arms, not believing how unprofessional this guy seemed to be.

“Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush about this.  I’m not exactly too worried about that,” he said.  “None of us are.”

“What do you mean?” you questioned, not quite following him.

“Are we really going to worry about catching this guy?”  

You furrowed your brows together in confusion.  “Well, I think you should considering there’s someone out there killing innocent people in the matter of days.”  Reid’s arms were crossed, too.  He seemed just as offended as you were.

“Are any of them really that innocent?” the sheriff asked, leaning in close so only the two of you could hear him.

“I’m sorry, how aren’t they innocent?” you said.  You could feel your temper boil inside of you.  The question was rhetorical because you were sure you knew the answer.

“A man should be with a woman.  That’s how it’s just supposed to be,” Marshall blurted.  He didn’t know that just behind him, Emily had walked up and heard his comment.

“Babe,” she said, looking you in the eyes.  “You good?”

“Yes, honey, I’m fine.”  You knew what she was about to start doing.

“Robert Marshall?” she said to the detective.  “Emily Prentiss-Y/L/N.  Did you say you had a lead?”  She came to stand next to you, sliding her arm around your waist.  On your other side, Reid was smirking just like you were, entertained by the sight before him.

Detective Marshall looked between you and Emily a few times before clearing his throat, clearly uncomfortable.

“Um, no. Nothing,” he answered, looking anywhere but at the two of you.

“Well, we’re ready to deliver the profile,” Emily told him in the sweetest voice she could muster.  “When you’re ready, of course.”

“Sure, yeah.”

“Alright, see you in a few?” she said to you, leaning in to press her lips to yours for a lingering moment, smiling against your mouth.  Reid coughed next to you, trying to cover up his escaping laugh.  When Emily pulled away and walked off, you laughed internally at the shocked expression of the sheriff.  You smiled sweetly and walked towards the rest of the agents, an amused Reid in tow.

Despite the satisfaction you had knowing you were making a homophobic asshole feel uncomfortable, that nagging feeling of pity you had for yourself, your wife, and for all the victims of this crime.  Love is love, just like your human rainbow had told you.  Why don’t people just accept that. 

You, Emily, and Morgan were outside the alleyway two nights later, as you had been every night since you arrived, staking out to see if the unsub would return to dump more bodies.  You hadn’t gotten permission from the sheriff to do this, but there was no way were going to catch them if you didn’t.

Watching the blocked off crime scene, you sighed, wondering what you might do if you saw the unsub carrying out two women who might have been in love before their unfortunate murders.  Surely, you would lose your cool.  It was just something you always did.

“Y/N,” Emily said, resting her hand on your arm.  Her voice was soft and her touch was soothing.  You looked over to meet her eyes, your heart fluttering at the sight of her.  She was always just so beautiful and you were just so in love.  And the thought of anyone not accepting that, just like your parents, made you even more upset.

“I love you,” you said in a shaky voice.  Tears stung in your eyes, threatening to fall.

“I love you, too, babe.  Always,” she answered, her thumb brushing away the tears that fell down your cheek.

“There’s the son of a bitch,” Morgan said, pretending the touching moment wasn’t affecting him, too.  But the way he was out the door, tackling the unsub, who had another new victim in tow, told you he was not happy with the thought of anyone not accepting you either.  

In the next moment, you and Emily were out of the SUV, signalling Hotch and JJ through your comms units to let them know you got the guy, and running up just feel your heart fall to your stomach at the sight of the new victim, stabbed to death.

“Where’s the other one?” Morgan asked the man, getting in his face as he cuffed him.

Sirens from the other two vans were loud as the rest of the team arrived on the scene to help with the arrest.

“I won’t tell you, asshole,” the man replied, struggling against the pavement. 

Sensing your vulnerability, Emily grabbed you and held you close to her, consoling you without words.

“It’s okay, honey.  It’s fine.  We’ll find her,” she whispered into your hair as you lost it.  You were sobbing into her shoulder, unable to shelter your feelings any longer.  “We will find her.”

Although you knew she probably wasn’t alive, you knew your wife was right, you would find her and give her the justice she deserves.

Title: Recovery, Healing, and Jethro Gibbs (Part 2)

Code: LB0006

Requested by: @crimescreen

Words: 1,806

Note: Part 1

Warnings: THIS IS RATHER GRAPHIC. PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS. Domestic violence, mentions of sexual abuse, probably eventual smut.

Also, please consider donating to help those that have experienced a trauma much like this fictional one. There are so many people out there that have been hurt, and your support can help.

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Taeil x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Genre: Slice of life

Warnings: Some content is of a sexual nature ((shouldn’t really be a warning but just incase innocents read this thinking it is purely fluff))

A/N: This scenario came to me after reading a single sentenced tumblr post :’) I haven’t updated in almost 2 months so hopefully this will suffice until my exams are over. 

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Fake Diamonds Are An Interrogator’s Best Friend

Originally posted by angelpaigex

Request: For @angelsdeadromance who requested prompt #26 “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake” where the reader is trying to get a female serial killer to confess so she says that to the unsub to get her angry. Reid is in the interrogation room with her and he has a hard time not laughing. 

A/N: I did take some liberties with this one and put Reid and the reader in an established relationship because it fit better. Also if you want to request a fic just drop a character and a scenario in my inbox or a character and the number for a prompt off of this list. You can make the request as simple or as detailed as you want it to be. Side note: If I used your name for a vic’s name or the name of our killer I do apologize.

Rating: T

Word Count: 2.3K

Warnings: Some mild descriptions of the crime and murder but nothing too graphic, and some mild foul language

“Hotch please tell me we have something other than that she was in possession of the wedding rings and that she ran?” you asked as you stared through the two-way mirror watching the female unsub sit in the interrogation room quietly humming with her legs crossed at the ankle and hands resting on the table. The BAU had been called in to work a case in Baltimore Maryland. Three women and a man had been murdered over the course of the last month, one a week. All had received quite the beating before receiving a fatal gunshot wound to the back of the head execution style. All of them had been found in alleyways, stripped down to their underwear and all of their wedding rings had been taken. The only thing that the victims appeared to have had in common was that they were married. Well, that was until Garcia did a little digging. 


“Tell me something good Baby Girl.”

“More of a question than a statement, but how do you feel about polygamy chocolate thunder?”

“Mh really not into sharing sweetness,” he shot back smiling. 

“You and Kevin looking into trying some new things, Garcia?” JJ asked. 

“Nothing icky like that my sunshine. Now back to the reason I brought it up. All four of your vics are actually married. Well let me rephrase that, Ian is married to Jessica, Rose, Theresa and here’s the kicker he’s got a fourth wife. Here name is Miranda Kent and she lives well within the desired hunting zone,” Garcia explained and you could hear the keyboard clacking as she typed. 

“I’m sorry you’re telling my this man was married four times and not one of these women had a clue?” Emily asked. 

“Sometimes love can make us blind to the truth,” Rossi replied.

“But only for so long. This is starting to sound like a tale of murders committed by a jilted lover,” you muttered. “Tell me this jerk doesn’t have any more wives.”

“No my sweet, the pig’s last wife and the only one to outlive him is Mrs. Miranda Kent and I have just sent the work and home addresses to your phone,” Garcia replied. 

“Good work Garcia. Morgan, Reid, and Prentis take the work address. JJ, Rossi, (Y/N), and I will go to the house. Kent’s either our killer or she’s our next victim,” Hotch delegated and everyone grabbed their kevlar.

“Spence, wait one sec,” you said jogging over to him. 

“Hm? What’s up?” he asked spinning around to face him. You grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and kissed him. You felt him start smiling against your lips as he moved his hand to your neck and tangled a hand in your hair. After years of being together you’d both warmed up to the idea of public displays of affection, always doing so before arrests or dangerous field work just in case something bad happened.

“I love you and please be careful,” you muttered as you pulled back and rested your forehead against his. 

“I love you too, and same goes to you about being careful,” he replied, reaching around to smooth down the velcro on your vest. 

“Hey, lovebirds! You can make out later, we’ve got a suspect to bring in,” Morgan teased, holstering his gun and headed out for one of the SUV’s. The two of you laughed. Even after dating for two years and being engaged for about six months, Morgan never got tired of teasing you and Spencer about how caught up in each other you both were. Spencer pressed one last kiss to your forehead before you both jogged over to separate SUVs. Miranda Kent had been at her house that she shared with Ian, polishing four different wedding rings. 

(Back to the present)

“Unfortunately no. All we can prove is that she was in possession of rings and because they are wiped clean of prints and blood there isn’t any way to prove she was the one who murdered them,” Hotch said as he came up and stood beside you. “We need a confession.”

“And you’re planning on getting one how?” 

“Not me, you and Reid are.”

“Excuse me?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him. 

“We profiled that these were crimes both premeditated and crimes of passion. You and Spencer are one of the happiest engaged couples I’ve ever seen. If Miranda is our killer she probably realized that her husband was finding happiness somewhere else. Seeing a happy couple might just put her on edge,” Hotch explained. 

“Makes sense, just give me a minute to grab Spence,” you said and walked off toward the break room. You found your lovely fiance enjoying a cup of coffee and talking to Morgan. 

“How’s interrogation going?” Derek asked.

“Hasn’t started yet. I need to borrow you,” you said turning your attention back to Spencer. 

“Sure what’s up?”

“Well, Hotch seems to think that seeing a happy couple would somehow trigger an agitated response which might get us the confession we need to convict, but I’m thinking we need to come at this from a different angel,” you explained. 

“Whatcha thinking mama?” Derek asked taking an interest in your plan. 

“Well think about it, Miranda killed the three women and her husband because they weren’t being faithful. Ian wasn’t being faithful to their marriage and each of those women she saw as one of the reasons for him being unfaithful.”

“Not following how this is going to help us in interrogation. What are you going to do convince her that you and Reid are having an affair of some kind?” Morgan asked, laughing at the ridiculous idea. 

“Exactly,” you answered. “Now let’s see,” you commented pulling Spencer so that he was standing up straighter. “Morgan go find me something that looks like a wedding ring.” Derek rolled his eyes and muttered something about having to do all the work. After he’d left, you tugged Spencer’s tie over his head and undid the top two buttons on his shirt. 

“What are you doing?” Spencer asked, going slightly rigid as you pressed your lips against his throat. 

“Because we are amping up the sexy cheater aspect,” you clarified as you pulled away satisfied with the hickey that was now visible on the high right side of his neck. 

“By making it look like we had a quicky in the break room?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at you. 

 “Well something like that,” you replied smiling goofily and slipped your engagement ring into your pocket. “Having an affair with a married man might just get under her skin.” You ruffled your hair so that it fell in a more alluring way around your face and ditched your blazer. 

“Alright here’s your- woah, am I interrupting something,” Derek asked walking back in and taking note of both of your changes in appearance. 

“Just some last minute additional touches to sell this thing as much as possible,” you replied fixing the collar on your shirt. 

“Whatever you say Baby Girl and here is your ring. Borrowed it from Officer Jackson and promised to return it within the hour,” Morgan told you and handed the ring to Reid who slipped it on. You looked yourself over and Spencer, deciding that it was quite convincing. You slipped your hand in his and dragged him off toward interrogation. 

“(Y/N) what did you do?” Hotch asked, clearly confused as the two of you came around the corner. 

“Trust me Hotch, I’ll get our confession,” you assured him and picked up the case file, straightening your pile. Hotch gave you a look but chose not say anything as you and Reid walked into interrogation. “Miranda Kent my name is Special Agent (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and this is Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid,” you said taking a seat in front of her and Spencer sitting down beside you. 

“Pleasure to meet you Dr. Reid and to formally meet you Agent (Y/L/N). You look much nicer when you’re not handcuffing me against a wall for crimes I did not commit,” she said smiling sweetly at you.

“Well you know when you try to run from law enforcement, it tends to cast a guilty shadow on you,” you shot back resting your hands on the table.

“I’m behind on my rent,” she defended, crossing her arms. 

“And the landlord usually sends the FBI to collect rent?” 

“Look I don’t know what you think you have on me, but I didn’t kill my husband or those women. I don’t even know them,” she snapped. 

“You were in possession of the women’s wedding rings as well as your husband’s,” Spencer said. 

“Sometimes my husband takes his ring off and forgets to put it back on when he’s home,” Miranda explained. 

“Now see I don’t think a happily married man would just forget to put his ring back on or for some reason be in possession of three other sets of women’s wedding rings. I mean, Spence would you?”

“No, I shower with mine,” he replied. 

“I know you do,” you chuckled running your fingers up his arm. Miranda’s eyes flicked between the two of you. “Oh sorry, sometimes I forget that our relationship shouldn’t be brought up during work.”

“Relationship? You two married or something?” Miranda asked.

“Well, I guess we would technically call it an affair because he’s married but I am about to become a sister wife,” you squealed feigning excitement. Spence looked like he was about to bust out laughing and you pinched his thigh. “See people like you are what ruin our kind of relationships,” you said getting up and draping yourself over Spencer’s shoulders. “A wife like you is bound to get jealous.”

“For the hundredth time, I do not know those women. Look I just lost my husband and I’ve got no idea where the other wedding rings came from,” she said frustratedly. 

“So the rings of three dead women as well as your husband just happen to be in your possession?” Spencer asked.

“Yes. Have you ever considered it might all be one giant coincidence?”

“You’re lying Miranda.”

“And I’m going to let you in on a little secret,” you said leaning forward, “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” You watched as she narrowed her eyes at you and visibly paled. You saw Spencer raise an eyebrow at you and smirk like he was about to start laughing so you stepped on his foot. You had no clue whether or not it was fake, but you were baiting her and it was working. 

“What are you talking about?” she demanded. 

“You see the way that the light is glinting off that stone, it doesn’t sparkle like a real diamond would. That is nothing more than some cheap glass. Ian probably bought it for you at a costume jewelry shop,” you clarified, sitting back down in your chair. 

“No, no that’s not possible,” she muttered trying to keep from shaking. 

“Oh but I’m afraid it is, and its funny the diamonds in Jessica, Rose, and Theresa’s rings were all authentic. He must’ve cared about them more than he cared about you. It’s a good thing that my future hubby loves me as much as he loves his wife. I’ve been promised a 1.5 carat diamond ring with two rubies surrounding it,” you explained wrapping your arm around Spencer’s and leaning your head on his shoulder. That was the final straw. Something in Miranda broke and she lunged across the table for you. Both you and Spencer quickly recoiled back as Morgan and Hotch charged the room, pinning Miranda back in her chair. 

“You’re wrong stupid bitch! Ian loved me most, those other whores were just distractions that kept him away from me!” she growled.

“That’s why you killed them? To get your husband back?” you asked, “if so why would you kill Ian?”

“Because he found out what I was doing and tried to stop me. If I couldn’t have him to myself, no one could,” she growled. Miranda looked you and Spencer up and down. Until this point, you hadn’t realized that he was holding you. “That’s all you whores are, homewreckers.” 

“Do you know how I know that diamond is a fake?” you asked quietly reaching in your pocket as you leaned toward her. 

“No, but I’m sure you are going to tell me,” she sneered. 

“Because mine is the real deal,” you replied sliding your ring on your finger. “He’s not married and we aren’t having an affair. He’s my fiance. Your first mistake was not leaving your asshole of a husband when you found out he was cheating on you and got married to the other woman,” you said in the same sweet tone that she had used with you earlier. You smiled and grabbed Spencer’s hand, starting to leave interrogation and headed for coffee. 

“You were awesome in there,” Spencer said as he poured two cups, one for you and one for him. 

“Eh, all in a day’s work. Just had to find the right angle to get under her skin. Although, you did almost ruin it when you started laughing,” you replied bumping his shoulder. 

“Sorry, it was hard to keep it together. The idea of sharing your significant other with another person is ridiculous to me,” he explained stirring his sugar. 

“Not into sharing, Dr. Reid?” you asked teasing him by quoting Derek from earlier that day. 

“Not at all,” he said lowly, almost growling as he wrapped his arms around you, lacing his fingers together behind your back. You giggled draping your arms over his shoulders and brushed your lips against his. 

“When we get back, I’m thinking we go out tonight. Dinner, drinks, and then head back to my apartment for some more private entertainment,” you suggested, pulling his bottom lip between your teeth. 

“Sounds like a plan,” he muttered in reply. 

“Alright you two, let’s pack up and go home,” Hotch said sticking his head in the room. “And don’t even think about joining the mile high club on the jet ride home.” You and Spencer both burst out laughing at his comment. You pulled away after giving him one last kiss and walked off in search of your bag. 

 “Told you I’d get the confession,” you muttered as you passed Hotch. He gave you on of his rare smiles and shook his head. 

Trust No One (Yugyeom x Reader)

Admin: Candi
Request/Idea: It was like Bonnie and Clyde or Harley and Joker, two corrupted souls that took pleasure from violence but loved each other unconditionally and worked together as a team to get what they wanted, that was until one of them didn’t want to share the spotlight anymore.
Fandom: Got7
Member/reader: Yugyeom x Reader
Genre: Angst, Purge AU
Warnings: Trigger warning, violence, death, mention of rape, strong language
Words: 3.6k
Authors note: This fic is very graphic, please read at your own risk. Since it’s the month of Halloween I thought it would be cool to step away from the requests for now and write my own Halloween inspired stories. The plan is to write 3 stories, fluff, angst and smut. Hopefully I’ll get them done and you will enjoy them.

“This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the U.S Government.

Weapons of class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the Purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of ranking 10 have been granted immunity from the Purge and shall not be harmed.

Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, fire, and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning, until 7 a.m., when the Purge concludes. Blessed by our New Founding Fathers and America, a nation reborn.

May God be with you all.”

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Dad!Gabriel x Reader

I freaking love these domestic fluff requests, bless this so much I loved writing it. 

Warnings: Swearing

His kids were far too convincing and it wasn’t fair, he was their parent, he was supposed to be telling them to do things. But no, they’d gone and made him a Tinder without him knowing of course. How they got to his phone and past his password he didn’t know but he had a feeling they’d worked together on it seeing as Sombra isn’t incredibly sneaky and how Jesse isn’t all that good with technology. But they’d made it and while he was upset at first he had to laugh at the bio they’d made; “I’m Gabriel, 37, if I was half as funny as I think I am I’d be twice as funny as I actually am.” He told them he’d try it if they promised not to interfere in his love life again and they agreed.

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Reality Check

“Is your dad okay?” Troy asked. He had been wondering since he walked in but didn’t know how to say it. Him and Wayne had just moved back home for the summer break. Being away at college for a semester there were bound to be some changes but Troy really didn’t feel like Wayne’s dad was the same as when they left.

“Yeah? What’s wrong…” Wayne seemed to have no idea what he was talking about.

“Something just doesn’t seem the same,” Troy was still trying to figure it out. His memories seemed to be a little different. It was like he could remember a small, pudgy older guy who tried to not to bother anyone else but that wasn’t what greeted him at the door. Instead an overly cheery outgoing man gave him a firm handshake, followed by ‘give daddy a hug,’ in which Troy was pulled uncomfortably close to his friend’s dad. Not to mention he was absolutely ripped. Wearing a sleeveless shirt that only seemed like a courtesy. Then he pulled it off and started flexing in the mirror.

“Like what?” Wayne asked. His dad was starting to do pushups. He was pumping them out like crazy. Troy was starting to wonder if he was ever going to stop.

“I don’t know… He just seems… different,” Troy put his hand behind his head scratching nervously. For some reason he could remember Wayne’s dad taking them to science camp. And that he was some kind of major scientist. That’s where Wayne got his love for science. Watching his dad do cool experiments and talk about shifting realities. It was all theoretical but still it sounded cool. But now those memories didn’t seem to make sense.

“Well, if you’re going to create an observation might I suggest making some sort of evidence to validate said claim,” Wayne adjusted his glasses condescendingly. He always had a bad habit of that whenever he was frustrated about something.

“NERD ALERT!” Wayne’s dad called. Wayne and Troy looked over confused. “I don’t remember raising some nerd. Come help your daddy rack up this weight.”

“I don’t recall partaking… partaking…” Wayne looked like he was searching for the next word. He was never at a loss for words. It was something he prided himself on. The long list of three or more syllable words that always described everything so ‘perfectly’. But now that didn’t seem right.

“Oh really bro? You don’t ‘recall partaking?’ Why don’t you stop being a little bitch and come help you’re old man work out.” Wayne’s dad turned his hat backwards. He was taunting his son, that’s for sure. But Wayne wasn’t someone who usually took insults like that too seriously.

“Listen bro. I’m talking to my friend here. We got all day to work out. Give me a minute.” He shot back. Troy looked even more confused. Now something about his friend seemed different. But so familiar. Had he always been several inches taller than him? And Troy could distinctly remember Wayne wearing a comic book graphic T and jeans. But now he was definitely in a sleeveless shirt and training shorts. He loved showing off his muscles just like his dad. Even unflexed they were bigger than most of the guys at school. It’s cause his dad had been training him since he was a kid. Sending him to every sports camp he could get his hands on.

“But didn’t we go to science camp together…” Troy asked himself.

“Science camp? I ain’t some nerd, dude. Can’t say I’ve ever been to science camp,” Wayne laughed at him.

“Then how did we meet?” Troy was trying to get his memories to make sense. Everything seemed so jumbled. It made sense why Wayne was so muscular. His dad had trained so hard and wanted to make sure his son was just as athletic. So his son went played just about every sport under the sun and got his ripped body. But then why was Troy here.

The two had nothing in common. If they had the same science major he’d understand but Wayne was in business. His naturally outgoing and social behavior made it easy for him to meet new people. He could talk to anyone about just about anything making them laugh hysterically and forget he was there to sell them a product. It was rather impressive in itself. But that didn’t explain how they met.

Troy looked down trying to grasp what just wasn’t there. “Then how did we meet?” he repeated.

“Uhhh… Rugby camp?” he looked at Troy so confused. “Don’t remember. You went to like all the same fucking camps I went to. It’s not like I kept track.”

Troy’s face dropped. He didn’t know what was going on. Suddenly he’d forgotten all about science camp. And space camp, and all the other camps. Instead he could vividly remember going to the sports camps. He and Wayne had been fast friends. They were two of the best guys out there. Thanks to his dad they were able to play sports all the time. He made sure they worked hard and had some of the best trainers around.

They spent long nights in the gym constantly maxing out their benches and making themselves as big and strong as possible. Troy was still trying to fight the memories but couldn’t think about anything else. Science was for nerds. Someone way smarter than him. Even if he was ‘the brains’ of the two. His job was to find the mark, do the ‘research’ and then send Wayne to finish up. It made sense. The two were inseparable.

“Alright boys,” Wayne’s dad pulled us into a huddle. His large arms easily wrapping around the two, “you done chattin about the old times? I expect a full workout with almost no rest. If you got this much energy to talk you got enough energy to workout. Got it?”

“Yes sir!” the two said in unison.

“Good. Now I want to see you two sweat! Go get ‘em!” he shouted at them. The two ran off excited to be able to workout at home again. “This’ll be better for them than that nerd shit they were into…”