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Amy was bored.  She was alone in the apartment while she waited for Sheldon to come home. She didn’t want to do any of her normal activities because if she got sucked in, she wouldn’t want to take him to the train store when he got back.  Instead of getting pulled into one of her novels, she decided to leaf through one of the comic books on his beside table.

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No One Told You Life Was Gonna Be This Way

Kabby social media AU, 3200 words, T

did u know that 1. it is @kane-and-griffin‘s birthday 2. she accidentally went viral for ranting about Friends and 3. once I start thinking about how A Thing (random example: Marcus Kane writing viral Friends tweets) would go down I cannot stop until I just write the thing

anyway happy birthday claire!!

Marcus Kane is, unfortunately, very familiar with the Nice Guy phenomenon.

It’s an occupational hazard of writing science fiction, especially in the internet age; all he has to do is look for his most obnoxious fans, and he finds an unfortunately loud contingent of entitled mostly white men who believe that the world owes them women and happiness without any effort on their parts. It’s something he tries to combat as much as possible, wherever he can, and he knows it works in some cases. For every reader who’s turned against him for being an SJW cuck (whatever that means), he has another who’s expressed appreciation for his opening them up to perspectives they hadn’t considered and broadened their empathy and understanding.

That’s what sci-fi should do, as far as Marcus is concerned. The heart of science fiction is acceptance and unity.

Which is why he tells Bellamy, “I need you to do one of those Twitter threads for me.”

“For what?” Bellamy asks, wary. As Marcus’s assistant, he seems to think his most important duty is talking Marcus out of interacting with social media. And he may be right.

“Ross Gellar.”

It takes him a second. “The guy from Friends?” he finally asks.

“Yes. I want to explain to my followers why he’s bad romantic lead and role model.”

To his shock, the response is instant. “Okay.”

“No arguments? No lecture on how that isn’t what Twitter is for?”

“No, fuck Ross,” he says. “What do you want to say? I’ll make it happen.”

Marcus clucks his tongue. “I’ll write up a statement.”

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BTS Bodyguard Yoongi 'Breaking Point' Part 1

@hyunguponew​ asked: *whispers into the void* bodyguard Suga expansion

A/N: This started as a drabble expansion and then grew legs and ran away from me. *awkward laugh* Hopefully you guys will like it even though it’s long. 

This is a drabble freaking long expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

Yoongi hadn’t been with the security detail long before he had an impact. Highly observant he was the only guard to notice the color was off on one of the service staff’s jackets. It was a tiny detail but enough to get his attention. Which made him keep an eye on the person long enough to notice other things were amiss. Turns out Yoongi was right, that guy didn’t belong there. His good sense had ended up diverting a serious situation. 

After receiving congratulatory pats on the back from his peers you came over and thanked him personally. It had been a long time since such a serious effort had been made against your life. Even though it may ruffle the feathers of those with seniority you asked to have Yoongi moved up to your personal guard. He’d already proven himself more than capable. 

And that’s how you met. Months went by with him at your side. He was diligent and always polite but kept a professional distance. It was hard to know what was going through his head. You supposed you didn’t mind. Maybe it was easier for him to do his job that way. But sometimes it irked you that as friendly as you tried to be, he always held a part of himself back. 

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anonymous asked:

Hopefully this hasn't been asked- but how exactly do I go about getting a dog for anxiety? I tried looking it up and couldn't really find anything? Are there dogs that are already trained?

My psych recently told me that a service dog might be the best option for my anxiety but I don’t know to start. I know you probably get a lot of asks like this but can you give me a quick crash course on what i should do?

This info is for the United States.

First, you need to know what a Service Dog is all about. Service Dogs are not pets, but working animals that perform one or more trained tasks to mitigate their handler’s disability. Service Dogs are allowed to go everywhere the general public can go with their handler. This right is protected by the Americans With Disabilities Act, or the ADA. Service Dogs (and other Assistance Animals) are allowed to live with their handlers free of charge and in no pet housing. This right is protected by the Fair Housing Act, or the FHA. Service Dogs (and other Assistance Animals) are allowed to accompany their handler in the cabins of airplanes, free of charge. This right is protected by the Air Carrier Access Act, or the ACAA. (This act has been accused of discrimination against Psychiatric Service Dogs, which Service Dogs for anxiety would fall under, and is currently under revision).

There are a few different ways you can get a Service Dog.

Option One: Service Dog Organizations

There are lots of Service Dog organizations out there, both for and non profit. These organizations will train the dogs they provide before hand and match you up with the dog they feel is best suited for you. You will get a fully trained Service Dog who is about two years of age. 

Good Service Dog programs should keep in touch with you after you’ve graduated from their program to offer whatever support you need with your dog. 

These organizations can range anywhere from 20,000 dollars to absolutely free, depending on where you go. Many also take payment plans.

Those who chose organizations often do because 1) it is one of the best known ways to get a Service Dog, 2) it gives them a sense of comfort to be part of a community, 3) it also helps that they know their dog will be getting high quality training.

Those who decide against it often do because 1) the price, 2) the waitlists, or 3) the lack of organizations that train for their disability(ies).

Option Two: Professional Trainers

Professional trainers is a bit of a murky category. They vary wildly in just about everything, including the kinds of Service Dogs they’ll train, what tasks they’ll train, how much they cost, their training techniques and how and when they’ll train your dog.

Some professional trainers will have dogs that they can provide for you. Some will not, and you will have to buy the dog you want trained. Either way, a trainer should help you pick your future Service Dog (at least, if you’ve hired them before you actually have a dog).

Some trainers will train only psychiatric Service Dogs, some only Guide Dogs, some only Mobility Dogs. Most will be able to mix and match the tasks they can teach the dog, depending on your disability.

Some trainers do their work for free, others charge handsomely. Some will go to your house or meet with you to train your dog, some will have you board your dog with them.

It all depends on the trainer and how you would like your Service Dog to be trained.

Going through a professional trainer is the option I personally know the least about. I work with a Service Dog organization and I’m friends with many owner trainers. I plan to owner train myself, with assistance when I need it from the Service Dog organization that I work with. As such, I am not the best person to discuss the pros and cons of professional trainers and I invite those who are professional trainers or those who have worked with them to add their pros and cons in reblogs or replies.

Option Three: Owner Training

Owner training is when you get a dog yourself, who you believe would be a good Service Dog (often referred to as a Service Dog candidate) and train that dog yourself.

In the United States, owner training is 100% legal. However, it can be difficult for owner trainers to actually train their Service Dogs in Training (SDiTs) as the federal ADA law that covers Service Dogs does not cover SDiTs. Some state laws do, but not all, meaning that in states which SDiTs are not protected, you must get permission from business owners to take your dog into places which may or may not be typically dog friendly.

Some people think owner training means free… it does not. You will need to purchase a dog and (most likely) pay for all the vet costs and gear you need. You will also almost definitely need a professional trainer to help you with your dog. And when I say almost definitely, I mean a 99.9% chance and I highly suggest you do not try being that .1% who doesn’t. 

Psych Dog Partners has an interesting article about owner training and the costs that come with it here, I highly recommend giving it a read.

Those who chose owner training often do because 1) they want to bond with the dog as soon as possible, 2) the other two, for whatever reason, aren’t options for them or 3) they are capable of owner training and do not want to take a spot on a waitlist.

Those who decide against it usually do so for the reasons covered in deciding to go through a Service Dog organization. 

Our FAQ covers many other things you should know about Service Dogs as a future handler. Good luck and I hoped this helped you!



[imgs: 4 photos of Hoax Zine #11: 1) The front cover of the issue, which features a hand moving a chess piece across a warped chess board, 2) The table of contents listing for the issue, 3) The back cover of the issue, which features 4 profiles of individuals with written text overlayed on them, and 4) Issues #6-11 of Hoax set out next to one another.]


+ What is Hoax? Hoax is an annual US-based queer feminist compilation zine that aims to create a space where we can voice our own truths. Each issue has a theme in tandem with feminisms. Contributors do not have to identify with a particular gender and/or as feminists in order to submit work to the zine. You can learn more about Hoax via links to our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Shared Goals, General Hoax FAQs, Submission FAQs, and Stipends for Submissions.

+ Why should I consider pre-ordering this zine? Due to the large amount of time between issues (Hoax #10 came out 15 months ago, in August 2014!) as well as the high volume of requests for copies that we receive from individual buyers, distros, independent bookstores, zine libraries, and zine fests, selling pre-orders allows us to accurately gauge how many issues need to be printed while raising enough initial funds to supply us with vital resources to get the zine out there! Also, more pre-orders means more money we can offer to the folks who made this issue possible! All pre-orders will include additional surprise goodies! :)

Essays in this Issue:

  • Moving through frustration, toward understanding limited/centred approaches to theory, practice, media, communication, organizing, etc; with the example of able-ist white feminism colonising non-western feminisms via cultural relativism, and thus displacing and alienating “other” feminisms
  • Poems centered on themes of perspective, inclusion, and interpersonal conflict as they relate to social change strategies
  • PrEP as feminist strategy and the failure of liberal feminism to address HIV as a feminist concern
  • Reflecting on macro-level racism, classism, and ableism faced while operating a disability program and its ensuing “inner-city colonialism” on the local community
  • An expression of burn out and disillusionment after years of doing direct service and organizing work
  • A short article on the subversive potential of using LGBT happy endings in romance novels and fanfiction as a way to imagine a new kind of future for queer life
  • Comparing and analysing a hierarchically structured women’s organization and an autonomous feminist collective in Belgium
  • Practices for finding motivation to get up in the morning and quieting the internal voices that tell us we are not good enough
  • Confessions about anti-violence organizing from the perspective of a social worker and survivor
  • Embracing alternative realities and fictive possibilities as a way to love across anorexic, schizophrenic, and spinster identities
  • Nurturing a relationship with a kid and thoughts on strategies from a long-distance “feminist godmother”
  • A piece that explores how making and self-publishing a zine helped the author gain confidence as a writer
  • Reflections on sexual assault and survivorhood in a victim-blaming world
  • A comic about a bus ride downtown to a ‘place without mirrors,’ where you can’t help but broadcast your dysphoria in the moment
  • Uncovering the hidden labor in feminist projects / zines and tips for creating and sustaining them without burning out or going uncredited for your unpaid work
  • An essay that discusses methods to combat shame and stigma when a friend or partner shares their STI status
  • Personal and historical analysis of challenges to organizing men against patriarchy, with strategies for moving forward
  • Interview with Jamila Hammami, Executive Director of the Queer Detainee Empowerment Project (QDEP)
  • A piece exploring the shortcomings of mainstream literature on polyamory that suggests bringing an intersectional political analysis to discussions of poly
  • A piece that dares to assert what feminism is and what it isn’t; from the perspective of an ever-learning 27-year-old feminist of color
  • Mental illness’ connections with temporalities of queerness, a call for communal responses and support, and fighting both socially- and self-imposed stigmas of being “too emotional”

This issue also includes feminists we love, current feminist heroes, and a vegan/gf recipe for tofu pot pie! The zine is ½ size, black & white, 80 pages, printed in English, and very text heavy.

+ Note about Triggering Content: We are circulating the above descriptive list in an effort to reveal the content and chronological order of this issue, thus creating the opportunity for readers to judge on an individual basis as to which essays could be potentially triggering or uncomfortable to them. We have chosen not to place trigger warnings on specific pieces in Hoax because we recognize that triggers are unique and highly personal. We believe that it is impossible to discern what content has the potential to be upsetting and/or triggering to every one of our readers, and we do not want to inadvertently create a hierarchy of what material is “intense” or “real” enough to warrant a warning. Please contact us if you have suggestions about how to better incorporate trigger warnings into future issues of Hoax.

+ Note about Pricing and Stipends: This issue costs US$3.50. All of the money procured for Hoax goes right back into the not-for-profit project. As mentioned above, pre-sales are vital for ensuring that we are able to give adequate stipends to our contributors. What we are able to offer for compensation will depend on the amount of revenue from sales and pre-sales, and will be distributed as soon as zines have been mailed. Although we cannot afford to pay very much (probably just enough to purchase a zine and a cup of coffee), we hope that offering a stipend, however small, will ensure that our contributors of the present and future know that their submissions are valued and appreciated.

If you are in a position to do so, we encourage you to donate money to overall Hoax operations via PayPal (our account is hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com), pay a higher fee for this particular issue, and/or purchase other available zines so that we can continue to work towards making Hoax readily available to those who cannot afford to pay higher than US$3.50 for a singular zine.

You can pre-order via our Etsy shop (for PayPal payments, where you can also find back issues on communication [this issue will be out of print in a month!], change, mythologies, vulnerabilities, and embodiments [all pictured above!] as well as some Hoax pins and many of our personal zines) or, if you prefer well-hidden US cash via snail mail, you can e-mail us at hoaxzine (at) gmail (dot) com to make arrangements. If you are interested in potentially becoming a contributor to Hoax, please check out our call for submissions for Hoax #12: Feminisms & Healing, which is accepting submissions until December 31st, 2015 (this deadline is flexible)!

+ Note about Mailing: We will be mailing out issues on a first-come, first-serve basis as soon as possible, optimally starting in EARLY DECEMBER – but our ability to purchase necessary mailing supplies and therefore send copies out depends on when we will sell enough zines to afford to get everything in the mail. As always, feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions about the status of your order.

+ Note about Not Listing Contributors’ Names: We have included a screenshot of the Table of Contents above to safeguard our contributors from “being Googleable” while providing credit and transparency as to who collaborated on this issue. Content that is consented to appear in print is not automatically consented to be searchable online and respect for our contributors’ comfort, safety, and privacy is one of our priorities.

+ Other Ways to Support this Project: We’d love for you to submit content to future issues of the zine, come to an assembly party (held in New York City periodically), write a review about Hoax, recommend it to your friends and favorite zine distros, and/or follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Happy reading, y’all! Please reblog to help spread the news!

In Solidarity,
sari (Editor) & rachel (Editorial Assistant) 

How to make slaves to the state in the name of “diversity”

You’ve heard it all by now. Bakers are being forced to bake cakes for gay weddings, photographers are being forced to participate in gay weddings, chapels are being forced to officiate gay weddings, etc. And it’s all being done in the name of “equality.” Liberty, of course, is never mentioned.

This is not a religious issue, it’s a liberty issue.

There are those who would make this a religious issue but I believe that it is both short-sighted and unprincipled to do so. Yes, it’s true that most of the cases that we’ve had thus far have involved religion and religious objection, but it is certainly possible to have a case that doesn’t involve religion. Laws that exclusively exempt religious people from following laws that others must follow, do nothing but give religious people special privileges. This is both unconstitutional and inconsistent. There are any number of reasons that a proprietor might refuse service to a customer – and they don’t all involve religion.

But because we have made it about religion, we now have a false argument that has created a division between religious people and non-religious people. This doesn’t have to be the case. After all, at the heart of all of this, it’s not about religion, it’s about liberty. If we would all stay principled, we can avoid problems like this in the future.

Many have a fundamental misunderstanding of what a right is.

There are those who would say that customers have a right to buy something. And this is absolutely true! But here’s the distinction: They don’t have the right to force someone to sell them something. Gay people, straight people, religious people, non-religious people, rich people, poor people and any other group of people have the right, in the United States of America, to purchase a cake. They don’t, however, have the right to force someone to bake them a cake. This should be obvious.

Forcing people to work against their will is slavery.

There is no other way to describe it. The reason they might not want to do the work is utterly irrelevant. If a baker is forced to bake a cake, or a photographer is forced to take pictures, or a plumber is forced to unclog a drain or a farmer is forced to harvest his crops or if any other person is forced to perform labor against his will, it is slavery plain and simple. You can pretend that it isn’t. You can try to justify it by using words like “equality” or “fairness.” You can even demonize the opposition with ad hominem attacks and demagoguery. But the fact will remain, forcing people to work against their will is slavery. And it’s immoral.

Business owners have first amendment rights too.

The typical response to this is always something to the effect of: “if you advertise a service or product, you must be able to provide it with no exceptions.” But this is ludicrous on it’s face. A person does not give up his first amendment rights just because he started a business. Advertising for a business is not the same thing as entering into a contract. I see Lexus ads all the time but I can guarantee you that the Lexus dealership will not give me a Lexus for the amount of money in my bank account. I am ineligible to purchase a Lexus. I am not a potential customer even though they advertised to me as if I was one. “Yeah! But not having enough money is different!” Why is it different? If you have no *principled* response as to why it’s different, then you have no good argument. Furthermore, as I’ve already stated, a business owner might have any number of reasons to refuse service to a potential customer: Lack of money, unruly behavior, difficult delivery logistics, lack of customer license, product or service disputes, age, appearance, etc. It would be a ridiculous fool’s errand to try to determine which of these things should be “illegal” and which shouldn’t be.

We must remain consistent.

A potential response to the above argument is to suggest that all of the other reasons listed for refusing service directly affect the bottom line of the business and, therefore, should be permitted. But, again, not only is this not true, there are plenty of examples that parallel quite nicely with the current controversy. For example, should the gay owner of a community meeting facility be forced to rent it out to, say, The Westboro cult? Obviously not. Should a Christian web developer be forced by the government to design a pornographic website? The vast majority of people would rightly say “no” (remember, this is an analogy, not a comparison). But if they are to remain consistent, those who use the old “If you advertise, there must be no exceptions” argument, must argue that a developer should be forced to design a pornographic web site. These hypothetical scenarios and the current controversy all involve a refusal of service based on (dare I use the phrase) conscientious objection. These businesses should reserve the right to refuse service if they so choose.

Who gets to decide what kind of objection is acceptable?

Whenever analogies like the one above are used, the response often meanders around to the notion that only certain types of objection should be allowed or that we should have certain “protected classes.” In other words, we should define when a business can refuse service and when it can’t. But is that really what we want? Do we really want an all-powerful government determining the things that are acceptable and things that aren’t? Who wins? The people with the most lobbyists? The largest special interest group? Similarly, do we really want the government defining identity groups and then determining which of them should have special rights? Of course not! But that’s exactly what would be (and is) happening.

Free people should be able to enter into contracts with one another.

Rarely have I heard anyone disagree with the notion that people should be able to enter (or not enter) into contracts freely. When a customer purchases something from a business, the two entities have entered into a private contract. The terms of that contract are nobody else’s business. Similarly, the reasons one might choose not to enter into a contract are also nobody else’s business. This is not a hard concept. Yet, for some reason, this principle goes out the window when the feelings of a member of a so-called victim class are on the line.

As usual, liberty is the solution.

You know, I would complain all day if a company didn’t serve me for some petty reason. I would blog about it. I would alert the media. I would protest. I would call for boycotts, etc. But here’s what I would not do: I would not expect (or want) the government to coerce that business into serving me. After all, I’m free to shop somewhere else. I’m free to start my own business and do what I please with it. I’m free to never interact with the business that rejected me. I’m free to live my life as I see fit. And really, that’s the beauty of liberty. All people are free to make their own decisions. No one owns anyone. No one’s identity is defined by bureaucrats. No one is forced to do something they don’t want to do. Yes, within liberty, someone’s feelings might get hurt but that’s life. Yes, within liberty, there will be people who behave badly. But I would take that liberty over an authoritarian government any day.

Strictly fangirling 2014 : Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart

I am a big picture kind of girl. I need to put things down in a big picture/single chart like this. Call it occupational hazard or habit. Halfway through the making of this chart, it just makes me realised that it is rather pointless because the BASE of analysis is from questionable sources, fans and paparazzi having their agendas in publishing the content and dates of the photos.

I have long given up reading the content and headlines of tabloids. My habit of screening through lies and BS is like this, ANY pictures or headlines with watermark or headlines from any tabloids are skipped over and ignored as noise (I have written a long list and realised that I should not help publicise their names) instead I will tell you which are the lists I go to for trustworthy news; BBC, Russian Times, NYtimes, you will be surprised I do follow People sometimes, but still question their credibility. They are lesser of scums in entertainment industry (in my opinion).  A side note, their treatment of this Twigbert story? Only once is the showmance given a report, that is when google glasses video was first released with a ‘reportedly’/’supposedly’ gf of Robert Pattinson. The poor woman in the video was not even given a headline. And throughout the report, it sounded like a standard piece of public release for the new google glass advert video, which sounded eerily similar in all forms of media (current news/technology news/entertainment news). By the way for those interested, when two venture capitalists pull out of google glass venture, it is as good as dead. So another failure to launch in one of many technology products and gadgets in the world, but hey publicity is what it is, there are risks and no guarantees. It is a personal consumer choice and industry competitiveness, not to embrace something so invasive even it seems like a good idea. It is a win for all parties when everyone got publicity and we all know what it is now.

Highlighted red are official functions/events or filming locations. I considered Rob’s work with FKA Twigs work related (highlighted orange). Need me to justify why she is considered work then read my previous posts, or check out DIDY, HKN, SRWN who offer all forms of analysis and explanations in different forms and styles.

Casual Observations (just based on pictures/sightings) pictures:

Kristen Stewart :                                                                  

  • High usage of umbrellas especially during Still Alice (March 2014) and Clouds of Sils Maria filming (2013)
  • Always with a companion on locations in private/public functions before May
  • Always in baggy clothes, layered, and no longer spotted with signature knotted T-shirt before May (in all paparazzi photos). The knotted T-shirt returned in late summer.  In a handful of official assignments, the ingenious work of Tara (Kristen’s stylist) showcased the fuller, thicker waist of Kristen with a small bump ‘in your face’, depending on the angle
  • THE video with the bump moving in a THR shoot (also Kristen was in long sleeves and always in a jacket for photo shoots prior May)

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson: Apparent lack of sightings from mid-April till end-May (Cannes Film Festival). Last seen Rob’s photo is on 15th April (Rob at Sam Smith Concert/LA) till Cannes in May. Kristen (unless you trust the dates of Nola and American Ultra papped photos), non-existent in April until a quick MET appearance with Riley as chaperone on 6th May, and then came out glorious in Cannes. Both only turned up for official work functions.

Information from social media

  • Pic of Rob with an Australian fan in January/LA (taken by Kristen according to him) with the message of asking for privacy while he (Rob) awaits the birth of his first child.
  • A blur video of Rob and Kristen running (from paparazzi?) in NYC when Kristen was shooting Still Alice and Rob was supposedly in Toronto for the shooting of Life. And a pic with (yes an umbrella again) Rob and Kristen in NYC back/side view by the roadside/traffic light.
  • Casual mention of ‘his wife’ (Kristen) from a Dior rep by a fan’s encounter when innocently asked about Florabotanica’s availability and retail locations.
  • A supposedly snide remark of ‘his little wife’ from the bride of Bobby Long (Rob’s friend) in one of her twitter slip-up during a war of words with fans on her wedding night.

Well, these are just some known information in my radar, some have been removed (assumed purchased by Rob’s/Kristen’s team/minions) and not released, while those still remain true to their encounters and stood by their stories.

# Fact: Robert and Kristen are married and have a child. 

If you are accepting this as a fact, and then want to believe that Rob and Twig is NOT a showmance then you are deducing:

  • Rob is an adulterer, or he has divorced his wife (doubt he will even publicly admit he has a child)
  • Rob is so in love he doesn’t mind giving the gossips and tabloids stories of his personal life before the lens
  • Rob is fine with his supposedly girlfriend’s multiple hook-ups and open attraction to other people while in a ‘romantic’ relationship with him. 

When a fan like me starts accusing someone of being a cheater or adulterer, it makes me a fool and hypocrite in every sense because 1) I don’t know these people personally in this supposedly affair. 2) I do not have a right to draw conclusions on people’s personal lives, nor any business in it. There is simply NO foundation for my judgement or defence of their personal relationships because I don’t know them! That is a very serious claim to accuse someone of cheating. Adultery can only be concluded and determined with physical DNA evidence (like an illegitimate child – Arnold Schwarzenegger), and/or confessions. Confessions to God, and to your spouse/partner, no one else because there is no one else involved in that relationship. Any other stories and judgements are just nosy gossips, people who do not look at their own relationships honestly or truthfully.

I should not defend any one’s relationship or their status just like no one else has the right or knowledge to know of mine.

Given the information of Rob and Kristen from the general media and social media I can only see what is given to me, a picture tells a thousand words but makes up of lots of lies too. Being a supporter of Rob and Kristen I will only believe what are the messages behind words coming out from their own mouths (as in videos or interviews and press junkets and official media appearances).  The last we have of public Rob giving interviews is in August for the promotion of The Rover, Kristen has been in public appearances and interviews due to the timing and release of her movies, including the Oscar run Sony is running for her.

So I can only give you the professional milestones/accolades they have in 2014, from publicly available  information.

Many people ask ‘why the PDA?’ Rob and Kristen both said their relationship is not for sale, and they do not want to cheapen it by talking about it. In other words, when there is PDA, it is for SALE, meant to be talked about, so you know who FKA Twigs is. IF there were no PDA, no one would talk about it, tabloids will not hound them, no money shots to be made for sale, then FKA twigs does not get the exposure (mainstream news or not, it is what the internet news is for!) Rob is an actor by profession and choice, his very private moments with Kristen were sold and splashed across tabloids for years without his permission, with his and Kristen’s safety and privacy compromised. He ducked down quickly when spotted the paparazzi filming his private moments with Kristen in Cannes 2012 at the balcony, he was extremely pissed when heard of the pictures of his private moments at his own house with Kristen, friends and their dogs (that is why they MOVED people!). Today he is giving paparazzi the best angle, without even working for it by wearing matching clothes, standing right next to the windows, looking in love, and smiling and joking before the lenses.  

In case one is wondering if Rob is the only one pitching storylines for the paps, well I can confidently say 60% of those Kristen’s pictures from the paparazzi were of Kristen and Alicia. The timing of the dual ‘sightings’ cannot be ignored because Rob and Kristen will be missing in action, radio silence for a period of time, and when Rob/Twigs photos appear, Kristen will be out and about with friends too( usually Alicia). I have no idea if Rob and Kristen are working with or against these paparazzi. But one thing is for sure, they are using each other for their own benefits.

It takes a village to raise a child; it also takes a village to protect one. Not one of Rob or Kristen’s inner circle or family has hummed a word or dismissed the ‘phantom child’ as non-existent. Previously all the gossips and headlines that raised the issue of a pregnant Kristen during their movies’ promotion (during BD1 or 2 junket press or talk shows), they were just picked up and laughed at by RK themselves. These days, private lives are strictly-forbidden topics, besides pets/parents. When a host in an American morning show (2013) out rightly asked Rob if he is still with Kristen he glared and retorted ‘Which part of the contract stipulated that this question needs to be addressed (along that line)’, and Kristen cryptically said in another interview to ‘keep them guessing’. I always see Rob as the tighter-lipped one, and extremely protective. So multiply that many times when there is a little one involved. Good job Rob on this divide and conquer strategy! ‘Can’t beat them, join them’ for the paparazzi in selling the story YOU want.

In conclusion, 2014 has been an extremely productive year for Kristen Stewart. Rob met with some challenges and obstacles beyond his control, but he will survive this rise and fall of stardom with his close knitted friends and family. Here are a list of New Year wishes I have of Rob and Kristen:

1) Nothing gets cancelled for any movies that Rob/Kristen has signed on for. I pray for no schedule conflicts, smooth pre-production, production, post-production and business-smart distributors.

2) I hope to hear more of Rob’s and Kristen’s music projects, new songs, new album, new music. (However, I refuse to like LP1/FKA Twigs, just not my cup of tea, sorry Rob!)

3) To catch a glimpse of Kristen’s art, like her painting, more poetry, cook book, any writing or book.

4) I hope no loved ones get hurt in this strange obsessive world and fandom of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. Not only Rob and Kristen’s family and friends, but also the fans’ own family/friends.

A tall wish but as a fan I hate to go to tabloid and paparazzi sources for  information, I wish they have a channel to address directly to fans. Then again, knowing how divided fans are and how rabid some can be, the resources to keep an honest open public dialogue are too high and dangerous. Not to mention how private these two are. Here‘s to hoping!    

*Disclaimer: I am not remotely related or connected to Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart, not even by a 6 degree of separation. Nor do I have insiders’ or exclusive information.

that count buckula victorian au/alternate history - buckula’s guest

So imagine a Victorian era where we have earlier strides forward for women’s rights, which allows one Natasha Romanova to be a solicitor.

Ms. Romanova was tasked by her company to handle the affairs of one Prince Vlad Dracula, who is very interested in moving to London and has just purchased several properties in the city for his use and the use of his grandson.

Thus, she is currently traveling to Transylvania.  She is also accompanied by her fellow solicitor and favorite cousin Steve Rogers. Nat has point on this account; Steve is assisting her.

Also, their Russian grandmother apparently had one of her weird things happening and insisted that the two of them go together, never mind if Nat could kick serious ass all by her lonesome - she always travels armed. Nope, Babushka says that this is not a slight on her darling Natashenka’s skills, it’s just good sense not to travel alone. 

Nat can’t get around Babushka for this one.  Fine.  Anyway, she adores bitty cousin Steve and he’ll be good company.

So Steve entertains Nat with his visual diary and she constantly teases him by saying Maybe we’ll finally find you a sweetheart on this trip and he splutters and then teases back, What about you and that American, Clint? Or Dr. Banner?

And she reminds him about Peggy - an earlier romantic entanglement that actually ended in a good friendship - and yes, Stepushka, I can be very good friends with Clint and Dr. Banner without romance in the air, yes?

Point taken. 

So Nat and Steve make a stop along the way and Steve ends up wandering alone into a local graveyard, wanting to do some sketches.  Natasha has sensibly stayed in the local inn with hot tea and a good meal.  Prior to this, they’ve met more than few people acting strangely, crossing themselves and muttering about Walpurgisnacht.

And then while Steve’s doing his graveyard wanderings, there’s a sudden storm.

And Steve, seeking shelter from the storm, ends up in a very strange tomb, with the following inscription:

Countess Dolingen of Gratz

In Styria

Sought and found death


God grant she lie still

The Dead Travel Fast

And Steve’s done a fairish bit of reading and remembers Walpurgisnacht is the night everyone believes that the Devil is abroad, when graves are opened and the Dead walk the earth. 

Ah, hell, no.

Steve is still his Babushka’s grandson and so he is actually traveling with a blessed crucifix around his neck.  Now if he could only just find something to use as a weapon, because he can distinctly hear scufflings and scratching noises coming from within Countess Dolingen’s tomb.

Suddenly, he’s sure that those aren’t rats. 

Yep.  That is a real unliving vampire rising from her tomb, eying him like he’s a scrumptious piece of chocolate and she really wants to take a bite. 

Nah, he’s not gonna stand around there and be mind-whammied by a vampire.  He’s going to do the sensible thing and pick up the sharp piece of driftwood he’s found on the ground and attack.

(What, have you guys met Steven Grant Rogers?)

Except she snarls and lashes out at him and he’s thrown back.  Expecting to hit hard against the wall, his momentum slows down until he’s caught against a hard, masculine chest - wait, am I writing a bodice ripper or a Gothic short story….

Anyway.  Chest.  Steve has the distinct impression of bright, amused blue eyes and then he gets nuzzled, very gently.  There are words breathed in his ear in Romanian, but he’s not sure what they are, only that he feels oddly safe. 

And then:

Sleep, little kitten.  In slightly accented English. 

The last thing Steve hears is the scream from Countess Dolingen.  And he’s vaguely annoyed because he’s not a kitten, god damn it.

When Steve wakes up, it’s to a very worried Nat.  She and a bunch of local soldiers had been looking for him the entire time.   One of the guys actually took a shot at the enormous wolf who may or may not have been actually guarding Steve from danger and keeping him warm, but hey, ginormous fucking wolf right? 

Also, there was a letter from the Prince that had prompted the soldiers to offer their assistance to a very worried Nat.  Prince Dracula was actually anticipating his solicitors might run into a spot of trouble.  So many dangers on the road.  Good thing he had that foresight, right?

Steve still can’t forget whoever it was that saved him and called him kitten though.



stardustandspite  asked:

I know misrepresentation can be dangerous, but I was wondering your opinion on this. My professor does research with Native American wolf-dogs, which are usually mid-contents. When talking to non-natives, the natives always lie and say the dogs are northern breed mixes that just happen to look wolfish, for the safety of the animals. Do you think that is dangerous?

I am not familiar with any breed known as Native American wolfdogs. There are so-called “Native American Indian dogs” and there are “American Indian dogs” - both are two different breeds created by two different breeders. The Native American Indian dogs (NAIDs for short) are the result of a very sad story:

A breeder under the name of Majestic View Kennels used to breed wolfdogs until the county they were based in banned ownership of the breed, forcing the owner, Karen Markel, to re-home her animals.

Instead, Markel reportedly “killed off” her breeding stock and started over with an entirely new group of dogs that she claimed came from a nearby Native reservation in the Sawtooth Mountains.

Majestic View then started breeding these “reservation dogs” with German shepherds and huskies, denying all claims that they had wolf content in them, despite their obviously-wolfy appearances. Markel slapped a fancy new name on the mutts she produced, and started selling them as “Native American Indian dogs” for copious amounts of money.

Most folks in the wolfdog community agree that Markel kept a few of her wolfdogs and used those in the creation of her so-called NAIDs. They say that her story about the supposed reservation dogs is utter bullshit. Her current lines of animals are far less wolfy than the ones she initially bred a few years ago, and would likely be considered no/low, but her first NAIDs may phenotype as low-mid in content.

Other breeders of the NAID have reportedly used wolf in the creation of their animals, too, but all will deny it. Terra Pines has been under fire in the wolfdog community before on account of this fact, and their original breeding stock was, in fact, purchased from Markel. This means that dogs from Terra Pines and Majestic View Kennels come from the same lines - the lines that Markel created from her illegally-kept wolfdogs.

As I understand it, true Native American dogs no longer exist - they have either been killed off, or have bred so heavily into post-colonial stray dog populations that finding a purebred specimen is impossible. In that regard, Native American dogs are long gone. Reservation dogs are a “thing” though, and a few may appear wolfy-looking, but all of them are just domestic mutts, typically crossed with herding breeds, sled dogs, and hounds, depending on where in the Americas you are located. 

That said, a project headed by Song Dog Kennels (no relation to Songdog Rescue) located here in Oregon, has been working to “re-create” what they call the American Indian dog. They even state on their website

“Within the last few years, since wolf/dogs have become illegal to breed or sell in most states, there have been wolf/dog breeders plagiarizing our many years of research and web site information in an attempt to hide their activities, and circumvent the law. We are not and never have been associated, in any way, with these “so called” breeders now using the name “Native” in front of American Indian to sell what are actually wolf/dog hybrids. These wolf hybrids are in no way the dogs of our Pre-Columbian, Native American ancestors. Don’t be fooled, by people claiming to have “NATIVE American Dogs” please do your research.”

They are, obviously, aware of Karen Markel and her practice, and state strongly that her pups are not true Native American dogs. The animals at Song Dog Kennels are not necessarily true pre-colonial Native-owned dogs, either, but they have been selectively-bred from animals that do indeed fit historical descriptions and cultural accounts of what these animals looked and acted like.

Pat Cummins, an Anthropologist specializing in Native American culture and Presedent of the American Indian Rights Alliance, stated it best: "In my opinion, the American Indian dog is the closest canine we have left, today, that shows what the Old Dogs were, thousands of years ago. It’s very important to Native Peoples to know that wolf hybrids and coyote hybrids are not Indian Dogs, and it is very irresponsible for these hybrid breeders to be marketing their hybrids as the dogs of our Native people.“ 

That might be a tidbit of information to share with your professor. I know for a fact that passing off a mid-content wolfdog as “just a northern-breed mix” would be virtually impossible, as I can hardly walk ten feet down the street without someone stopping me to say that my own low-content looks like a wolf.

Additionally, I know that, with rare few exceptions, all wolfdogs in North America today can trace their wolf origins back to captive-raised wolves on Canadian fur farms. Prior to that, wolves and dogs did not often interact - at least, not without unfortunate results. It may come as a surprise that Ancient Natives did not own wolfdogs, contrary to what many people want to believe. Instead, they owned domestic canines, much like most other indigenous peoples across the globe. These canines were indeed more primitive in their looks and behavior, but they are not hybrids. 

Given this, I would be VERY interested to see some images of the wolfdogs that your professor is apparently working with, and would love to know more about his research on the matter. 

Finally, misrepresentation does indeed go both ways. So if someone has a legitimate mid-content animal that they are claiming as “just a dog”, it can lead to problems in the same way that a husky mix being toted as a “half wolf” can.

Hope this helps!  

SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 5

#Superhero AU [AO3] | First | <<Prev | Next>>

The idea that somewhere out in the city Tempest was looking for him was like something out of a childhood fantasy. Nico had grown up watching Jason Grace grow up. Being one of the first second generation superheroes, Jason had very literally lived his entire life in front of the media’s cameras. He’d been raised by the government-run SPQR more than his own parents, groomed to be a superhero from birth. They were only three years apart, and a much younger Nico had once daydreamed about being a superhero right beside Jason, being his best friend and confidant.

Of course, so had almost everyone else in his generation.

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So I came up with another Love Live! AU..

Okay so I mentioned something on my blog a few nights ago that I was coming up with another AU & I want to share it with you guys now!

So I’m not gonna lie this whole thing came from me joking around with the idea of BiBi working at Hot Topic. But now it’s seriously turned into something that I plan on writing small ficlets for & I’ve fallen in love with this AU so hard.This AU has taken a turn that I never thought it would take. This AU I’ve decided to call the Mall Rat AU because Muse is group of friends that work at a mall basically. They all met each other at the mall because of their jobs. The sub units are basically who they are closest to.  I’ll post more headcanons whenever I can! I just wanted to cover the basics.

Okay more info under the cut:

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So far, the #SaveWOY campaign is going great. Letters have been noticed by Disney execs as stacks, the petition growing to 20,000+, and fandom activity are being made to spread the word about Wander’s existence.

However, there’s another catch to keep in mind and that’s given how Disney and other network companies sees differently than the fans’ point of view: Even if companies can notice the written letters and petitions to keep them in mind down the line and knowing that potential demand is there, They can only care about the shows if enough demand from viewers’ ratings, Watch Disney XD Online/App viewings, and digital purchases are visible so that they are confident to renew more episodes, promotions, and churn out merchandise to kids and fans.

First and foremost, Craig McCracken has made it clear that making shows are business and not necessarily a patron’s request whether considered good or bad by the critics or fans’ reactions.

This is nothing new as Hollywood and TV studios have been doing this since the dawn of movies and shows to make capitalism on them to be part of the business competition. It’s obviously that most animated shows made are aimed at Kids 6-11 or Kids 2-11 (sometimes aimed at selected genders with the same age group). But even if the Adult demos don’t count in the investor’s interests, the buzz and word of mouth to convince some non fans, or families to check out the show does enhance the ratings and satisfy advertisers’ profits from commercials airing in between.

Regarding Wander here, it now airs on Disney XD as it rarely has peaks from ratings even if they do help pay off at solid numbers (just not popular ones to keep on renewing past 2 Seasons). Wander being a silly cartoony show on the surface and when moved to Disney XD had weak word of mouth and uncertainty if there’s more substance of humor and depth of characters to care about on watching it the same way as Gravity Falls, Star Vs., Phineas and Ferb, and non Disney shows like Steven Universe and Adventure Time. And to know also that Disney made the decision to cancel Wander after 2 Seasons BEFORE Season 2 had a chance to premiere (in reflection to Season 1′s rating performances on Disney XD, but see the reruns and recent ones for Season 2 as decent).

For Gravity Falls and Star Vs., they did rather well in that the content the adults find more interesting than recent one-off cartoony shows enhanced the kids demos’ ratings given that some fans have kids and are assured that it’s a show any family can watch which guarantees success.

Even though they got a lot of praise and thinking that Disney does care for their fans, they actually see the success on a financial point of view (though they rarely listen). In other words, their big ratings made Disney see the success that way instead of seeing the quality reaction to how and why the audiences like it or not.

Disney in their point of view, used the model of creator driven shows to test out the possibility of kids and adult fans turning out in ratings to be successful similar to how well the 90s and 2000s Nick and Cartoon Network shows did. And so far, Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. have succeeded that model leaving the other shows that aren’t popular enough to only last for 2 Seasons and move on to find other shows in production and green-light to manage the business. And also considering pre-existing franchised shows to be made to maximize more profits.

It’s for that reason that when GF was getting higher than usual ratings and digital purchases, Disney was pressuring on Alex Hirsch to make a Season 3 to profit more on its success, but then Alex wanted to give it a proper ending at Season 2 in his creative view that it needs to end in a way the viewers can be enlightened and appreciate the complete journey. So Disney backdown and let him end the way he wants to.

Bottom line, Wander Over Yonder isn’t as financially interested by Disney as of now, even when S1 reruns were doing well in their favor regardless of the S1 growing pains on Disney XD. They do still like it nevertheless, but they believe that no one is watching Wander in the same way as Gravity Falls and Star Vs. does when on Disney XD. And they got other shows and currently airing ones to focus on to manage what goes and what to renew to find the next Phienas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, and Star Vs. to profit on if the ratings and purchases do show that interests is there. They’re still using the creator-driven model as they know that it works and will use it to find a few ones that are the most profitable.

But here’s the thing, if Disney XD can gain a lot of ratings that hits bullseyes on the premieres from Gravity Falls and Star Vs., even the last Phineas and Ferb episodes, how come they didn’t show up for Wander Over Yonder (or even the other XD animated shows)? Could it be adult tastes that enhances the kids demographics’ views? Or they don’t know if Wander could have potential to add more substance to humor and development (which is what Season 2 was doing, and intending for Season 3 to wrap it up)? Is it the visuals that looked childish and not grounded? 

Well, Season 1 may be style over substance in some parts, but it still had some fun and entertaining bits to see, and even Season 2 had further progressed the substance of the characters and challenges from Lord Dominator, to then further the expansion of the development and conclusion in Season 3.

Well, right now, except for Tumblr, Wander’s buzz and existence is slim on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels covering Wander in ways other shows have that enhanced the awareness of viewers to watch it and guarantee ratings and digital views and purchases success for companies to feel good about it in their financial point of view. 

At least with the recent ChannelFrederator video on shows that got cancelled with #1 being Wander, the YouTube exposure is starting to pick up, and there’s a 107 Facts of Wander Over Yonder currently being made to be posted soon. So this will bring up awareness.

We need to expand Wander’s existence across social media along with requesting some YouTubers to make videos about Wander or make your own, and to even convince some newcomers and non-fans to turnout in ratings, App views, and digital purchases, for those living in the U.S.A., and even international premieres to show Disney that international demand is also visible.

The Show resumed airing with the next one on JUNE 6th in: The Search for Captain Tim / The Heebie Jeebies. The last episodes are set to air throughout JUNE. All expected to air  at 5:00 PM Pacific / 8:00 PM Eastern on Disney XD.

The Penultimate Episodes: The Robomechabotatron & The Flower will feature Lord Dominator as she’s currently the hook of new fans from My Fair Hatey and she had just interacted with Sylvia in The Night Out.

If we’re gonna show Disney that financial demand for Wander Over Yonder is still visible, We need to take our Ratings, Watch Apps, and Digital Purchases on iTUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, & AMAZON seriously, and that also has to involve the targeted demographics every single companies aim at for animated shows (except Adult Swim and Fox): CHILDREN 6-11 with their Parents.

I know it may seems like we’re forcing the non fans or parents to watch a show that may not be of their tastes, or that kids can only watch it, but the best we can do is to up the promotion from the fans’ efforts. We’ll still do the petitions, and written letters, but we still need to keep spreading the word so that any user, a fan, kid, or parent sees posts on social media that a certain show in a brink of cancellation has potential to be a good as Gravity Falls and Star Vs. by furthering the development and conclusion the creator and crew have planned, that they can tune in and help the ratings, plus visit the #SaveWOY site to write letters on behalf of their kids to show demand and that they’re watching them on their legal devices, TV and apps.

But I also understand that some users may not have enough money to support the show by subscribing to Disney XD, or live outside of the U.S. Remember, you can still write letters to Disney at their headquarters and international hubs to show demand across the world. And the crew still have our support to spread the word about Wander. We’re still in it for the long haul, but as long as there’s huge demand even after it ends, then it’s not impossible to help.

Regarding Disney XD though, it appears to be out of the growing pains as it can now plan promoting future shows for Star Vs. Season 2, Milo Murphy’s Law, Futureworm, Big Hero 6, Country Club, and Aaron Springer’s shows. Disney Television Animation hasn’t lost its creative spark despite how their financial results would turn out, but at least the creative people are still employed in one show or the other.

Better to give these future shows more exposure from fans if the content favors the stories and characters to then show Disney through ratings and respectful demands that they want to see more (and support the crew’s direction).



#SaveWOY Links Guide

Visual Fan Promotion by Me

A night at the office

TITLE: A night at the office


AUTHOR tomcuddlesfic

GENRE: romance / fluff

FIC SUMMARY: It’s valentine’s day and you’re alone at the office.  However, you didn’t expect to see him there.


Author’s notes: I’m like 13 days late but this idea popped inside my head and I was not going to wait another year to write it. Hope you enjoy and comment if you like. It’s pretty fluffy.

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Lines of Communication
PG-13, 3.5k

AU. Chris and Darren’s first date. Sort of. 

I had a few asks requesting more of the little thing I posted earlier. This is not that, but it’s as close as I could manage. 

Read on Ao3.

Darren taps his foot against the floor. It’s a jittery, nervous habit but there’s no one around to throw annoyed glances or elbow him to stop.

He’s waiting. He’s waiting for a date. His first date in a couple months.

Not that he’s been celibate for a couple of months. He’s had a few not-dates. A few rolls in the hay, a few tumbles in the sheets. He could do with that kind of action tonight just to work the nerves out, but it’s not really on the books. 

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The Truth about Kim Kardashian Hollywood Alarmists

I’m 29 years old and I’ve kissed, flirted and disrobed my way through the world of Kim Kardashian Hollywood. 

This isn’t a commentary on the game, which is fantastic. There have been enough thoughts on the game, its world view and the pros and cons of playing.

This is about best-selling author and mom Ayelet Waldman, who last night (August 3) decided to take to social media to criticize Kim Kardashian Hollywood gamemakers, iTunes and Kim Kardashian herself for “preying” on children.

This is a long-fought battle. Parents have been targeting specific types of media for longer than I have been alive, believing these video games or TV shows breed violence, superficiality or a penchant for lip gloss. 

But I’m here to tell you that as an adult with a host of absurd interests and fetishes that Kim Kardashian Hollywood is only a money suck if you let it be one. 

No two Kim Kardashian worlds are built the same. 

Sure, we’re all eventually tapped by Elizabeth Korkov to be a last-minute stand-in for a crying model, but how we perform is up to us. Our characters are digital world simulations of a near-impossible goal: A-list manufacturing. How we dress, how we handle industry bad blood, is our touch of the button, not Kim’s.

Currently, my avatar is #1 in my world. He sports long, jet black hair, a black top and dark indigo skinny pants. His welcome note is “cum in my hair.” His name is Kevin.

As I said, the constructs of this game are clear cut across the board, but we manipulate the game to suit our tastes and our interests. We make the decisions to pay for K star coins or not. We make the decisions to dye our hair aqua marine or not. We decide if a Tribeca loft is really worth $10,000. We decide everything. We can even be gay, pansexual or polyamorous. We can be all of those things at once if we feel up to it.

So, while Ayelet’s son Abe is only 11 years old, there is more here to the story than it being simply his or iTunes fault. Abe’s mother is responsible for her children, not Kim Kardashian. 

Kim Kardashian helped create a wonderful game that’s more self-aware and progressive than anything in Google Play or the iTunes store today. Abe, understanding this and, simply, the popularity of this game, elected to download it and play. He then spent over $100 on in-app purchases. 

Now, Abe couldn’t have done this had it not been for his parents linking an iTunes account with an active credit card. That’s this instance. In any other instance, a child could easily steal a parent’s credit card and buy enough K star coins to earn that gorgeous military trench that is, sadly, out of my own income bracket. 

There’s an episode of Degrassi from the ‘80s where Melanie gets her braces off and treats her friends to pizza and soda. Then she learns that Snake wants her to attend the Gourmet Scum concert and steals $20 from her mother’s purse. She is caught and has to miss her date.

In this fictional retelling of a very common problem, Melanie acted and was made to face the consequences. 

In 2014 and with Ayelet’s Abe, Kim Kardashian gets the slap on the wrist. We’re made to feel sympathetic for her child because, as she tweets, he’s crying and says he didn’t think he was so stupid. 

So while we listen to poor Abe’s struggle with navigating the world of trends and commerce, Ayelet is on the phone with iTunes demanding a refund, which they honour. 

But why?

Why is iTunes or Kim Kardashian responsible for any of this?

I have not spent a single dollar on the game. Time-wise, I’ve even kept it pretty minimal, opting to wait it out for bouts of full energy to perform appearances for Immaculat Vodka or to make speeches for the charity Seeds of Hope. 

I know there’s an age difference between me and this sobbing child, which is why I’m not suggesting simply Abe suck it up. He spent his parent’s money without asking and that’s not cool. 

But why is iTunes or Kim Kardashian expected to pay the tab?

Ayelet is the mother. A mom who has written books about parenting and motherhood. And yet her life lesson for her son Abe, age 11, is that when you order your life by zeitgeist, you have every right to demand a refund if you make a wrong move.

Your actions don’t have consequences as long as you can yell at someone on the phone or e-mail a person until you’ve berated them enough that your money is securely back in your line of credit. 

The child is then perceived by a fawning parental cabal to be tortured by the demands of Kim Kardashian, Hollywood. 

Again, why is Kim Kardashian the target here? Why does Ayelet criticize Kim and the idea of giving someone famous like her money? Is Kim not providing a service? Yes, she is. Did Kim invent “fremium” games? No, she didn’t. 

Kim is an easy target for people like Ayelet who don’t grasp the reality of a person who made herself famous through reality. There’s a feeling that Kim hasn’t earned her keep and therefore is some sort of lesser being who values her lip gloss over the decency of children. 

That’s not fair. She hasn’t inserted demands into the game, such as, “buy this fur trimmed coat from my pre-release gift bundle for 120 K star coins or I will kill your family.”

She’s simply made a fun game that, should you desire, you could spend a bit of coin. If services have value to the user, paying for that service isn’t entirely out of the realm of expectation. Even Ayelet the author of books likely requires she make money to continue dispensing her own doses of reality. 

So, feel bad for Abe if you must, because who likes the vision of a crying child. But expect that he face the consequences of wronging a parent. And expect that Ayelet should know better than to admonish a person who had no hand in her child’s behaviour. She simply created a game that people would want to spend money on if they had it (or access to it). 

If Abe were to assault someone in the future, you can’t blame films and call Netflix to refund the charges. 

Up In The Air + Chapter 9

The airport is the last place best-selling author Killian Jones wanted to end up. Yet when a broken heart and a business class ticket lead him to a chance meeting with a fellow passenger named Emma Swan, he discovers that sometimes the flight you never wanted to take might land you exactly where you’re supposed to be. Rated M for future chapters :] Read on [] or [AO3] here.

Killian’s feet came to a heavy halt as he turned the corner that led back up the street to Robin and Regina’s house. The morning air was crisp and promising, the sound of seagulls audible as he lowered the volume on his iPod and pulled his earbuds from his ears. His breath was slightly ragged as he started to stretch his legs, his morning run causing a slight ache in his bones. It was a familiar burn, one he had been hoping might take his mind and his nerves off the upcoming evening. He couldn’t explain why, but bloody hell he was nervous.

It was only a few hours and roughly three miles since he’d seen her, but Killian could think of nothing but Emma Swan. A soft smile crossed his lips as he realized that he didn’t have an issue with the train of thought his mind had chosen.

His pace slowed as he tried to catch his breath while moving up the block. He ventilated hard as his brain wandered back to the previous night….or perhaps it was ‘morning’. The memories had been tumbling for hours now - the rum, the phone call, the way she clung to his arm when while walked back to her house. It had been more than just pleasant - sweet even. He would have gladly accepted it for just that, but somehow, he’d gotten more. He caressed his bottom lip with his teeth as he remembered how he’d teased her about her choice in reading and how she’d countered with the most genuine, thoughtful book review he’d ever received.

She’d called it a reliable read - a way to get what you felt like you needed at a particular juncture in life. Her words had sounded somewhat ironic since that was almost exactly how he was feeling about her.

On top of all of it, there had been another kiss - one she’d accepted quickly and in perhaps even a bit of a needy fashion. The thought made him grin as he tried to stow away the knowledge of just how much he wanted to do it again. The moment his lips hit hers, Killian felt that honest change. She was knocking down a wall for him. She was letting him in. He could not screw this up. He couldn’t disappoint her.

He couldn't leave her.

His eyebrows furrowed at that, prompting him to run a hand through his damp hair. He’d been trying to avoid this. He didn’t want to entertain the idea of finding himself back up in the air - especially if it was on a flight away from the woman he was so mesmerized by.

Gold hadn’t been in touch since his rather unwelcome visit at the airport and Killian had been so busy with the idea of possibly finding a shred or two of happiness that he hadn’t bothered to touch base with him. It was infuriating really - that man had always had this desire to puppeteer Killian for his own benefit and little else. Selling the book had made Killian a slave to that life and as much as he loved writing, the constant pursuit of pleasing the higher ups was getting old. As he plodded up the front steps of his friend’s elaborate manor, his mind reeled with a curious speculation.

Maybe there was a way out of it. Maybe there was a way to break free. Maybe there was even a way for him to stay in Storybrooke. It was an idea he wanted to explore and soon, but today, he had other plans. Today was about his reason to stay - and that was something he was ready to learn more about.

He staggered into the kitchen, checking the time and noticing he had a few hours to kill. The fridge held a small stock of bottled water and he opened the door to reach for one as he pondered how to go about his free time.

“Good run, Killian?”

He dropped the plastic bottle to the wood floor with a startled flinch, turning to face the voice rapidly. Of course Regina would choose that moment to drop in. This he hadn’t been expecting at all.

“Uh, yeah,” he stuttered, fumbling for the bottle on the ground. “It’s a nice morning.”

“It is,” she smiled coyly, placing a brown paper grocery bag on the counter top. “One that started somehwhat early for someone who has been getting pretty good at sleeping off a hangover.”

Dammit, he thought. He wasn’t prepared to banter with this woman. Past experience had taught him that Regina reigned queen over most conversations. Putting up a fight against her decisive tone was never something he enjoyed doing.

“Yeah I guess I’m trying to kick that cycle,” he said cautiously. “I had a little extra energy so I figured a jog might be a suitable change of pace.”

“Seems like it,” she smiled, a bit out of character for a woman who had never been his biggest fan. “Hey, uh, I wanted to tell you….Henry said you helped him and Emma out during the power outage a few nights ago. Thank you for that.”

“Oh, uh - sure. It’s not a big deal.”

“Are you certain it’s not?”

Killian toyed with the cap of his water bottle, trying to figure out what she could be playing at. Regina never said much to him and this trip hadn’t been different - well, not until this moment anyway. She clearly had something up her sleeve and it was unsettling yet intriguing in the strangest way. Something had caused her to take an interest in his recent actions and he began to battle against whatever that 'something’ might be.

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