for those i love ill sacrifice

things that consistently and continually fuck me up about life is strange:

• how quickly and easily chloe lets max back into her life and forgives her (despite the fact she’d have every right to not want to talk to her ever again considering max essentially abandoned her when she needed her most)
• how they’re already flirting on day 2 of having met back up again for the first time in 5 years (guys.)
• how max is willing to shoot someone to protect chloe (you actually pulled the trigger max what the fuck)
• how max has to stand on her tiptoes to kiss chloe
• how chloe is max’s first kiss
• how for about an episode and a half they’re in this state of ‘ok something has changed between us but is it too weird to address it are we just going to keep up with the casual flirting and the absentminded touching and let this ambiguous carefree “maybe we’re together maybe we’re not” feeling linger for a bit’
• how they’re the personification of the childhood friends to lovers trope
• how max tells chloe that her and her existence is literally the only thing that matters to her anymore
• how max ruins time and space to be with chloe
• how max sacrifices her dreams/aspirations of being a photographer to save chloe
• how max has to sacrifice a town to have chloe
• how max *does* sacrifice a town to keep chloe (and how that’s probably the most somebody’s cared about chloe in her entire life)
• how the universe says that their bond is destiny and written in the stars despite arcadia bay constantly telling them it is none of those things their happiness and togetherness is forbidden and not meant to be
• how their love rips time apart but transcends time itself
• they’re soulmates OK and arcadia bay is nasty goodbye i gotta leave now

sunnydaleslut  asked:

Six people, ats edition: Cordelia, fred, gunn, Doyle, Gwen, harmony ! (Hi ily)

do the sexy love™ with • gwen…. does that work if she cant touch people without killinf them?? whatever shes hot and ill die so sounds good

sacrifice myself for • cordelia chase, who deserved So Much Better

kick • ,,,doyle,, tho it’s a very soft kick. a kick towards happiness and a long life

take to prom • freddddddd

abandon in jurassic park • gunn!!!!! imagine gunn instead of chris pratt’s character. imagine

push off a bridge • harmony. but it’s one of those tiny scenic bridges in gardens and i gently push her off and she’s like ‘lucie what the fuck’ and then we lovingly embrace

~ gravely ill ~ danisnotonfire ~

The TV blared out the news as you sat on the couch in the lounge. You blankly stared at the ground while you had chills run down your body. You brought your palms up your sleeves and crossed your arms in front of you.
“Cold?” Said Dan, who was wearing a t-shirt.

“The chills, I might be getting a cold.” You say with a sniffle.

Dan wrapped his arms around your neck, which was always the warmest place to put it. “Better?” He asked.

You nodded and rested your head in front of his shoulder. It was a romantic night, watching tv, cuddling. Everything was perfect and nothing could go wrong.

You spoke too soon.


The next morning was a disaster. You woke up feeling choked, and immediately sprung upwards. You must’ve backed up your lungs or something while you were asleep. You violently coughed, which led to continuous coughing. The cough must’ve been quite loud as Dan woke up.

“You okay?” Dan asks, peering out of the covers, half naked. (ooh now that’s a mental image for you :* )

You tried to reply but your voice croaked and you shut your mouth in surprise. “Oh my god I can’t talk.” You say in a raspy voice.

“I guess the cold got worse. I can go get some medicine if you want it.” Dan offered.

“That would be good, thanks.” Your voice cracked.


That medicine has not worked and it has been a week. You’ve had been taking the recommended dosage written on the packaging. It had been making you feel worse and worse by the day.

Today, your body was just a mess. You had a massive headache, you were exhausted, and you were feeling extremely ill. You’ve been throwing up since 3 AM, kneeling over the toilet bowl while Dan looked painfully helpless in the doorway. Once you took a quick look in the mirror, you were horrified. Your face was a mix of exhaustion and illness, and your body was alarmingly thinner.

Dan had to support you many times since you were hardly able to stand on two feet, you were that weak. Dan would be urging you to go to the hospital but you refused every single time responding with the words ‘I’m fine’. He gave up after the third day, which is when he started to help you around the house.

You were walking to the lounge when you suddenly felt dizzy. On a normal day, you would self diagnose it as a head rush and lean against a wall for support. It felt different today. You grabbed onto Dan, not able to say anything due to dizziness. Your knees collapsed and you fell towards the ground. Dan caught you before you hit your head on the wall and whipped out his phone. The rest was a mystery as you blacked out before you could tell what was happening.


You were on day 4 of hospitalization.

The doctors have informed Dan on the night you were brought in that you were infected with an illness that could lead to death, the name in which you could not remember. Dan had brought you this news and broke into tears. You comforted him and told him it would be alright.

Within the four days, the doctors had given you medicine you’ve never even heard of, and they were slowly working. You were on the sidewalk to recovery (as it was not quick enough for a road) and was feeling a little better day by day, despite the fact that the doctor told Dan that you could’ve died. The one thing you were declining in was companionship. Dan wasn’t allowed to stay with you the entire night and was only allowed to visit on certain times of the day. It was currently 2 PM which was one of those allowed times. The first thing Dan does when he visits is give you a hug.

“I want you to come home soon.” Dan whined into your head.

“I will soon. The doctors want me to stay here until I’m completely clear.” You explain to him.

“It’s just that it’s been lonely at night with no one to talk to.” Dan said with a frown.

“We can talk now. What have you been doing while I was here, did you make any videos?” You ask, hoping to cheer him up. Dan stayed quite purposely not answering you.

“Dan, you haven’t abandoned your fans have you?” You ask in a worried tone. No reply.

“You have to tell them, I can’t get in the way of your career. Don worry about me.” You place a hand on his shoulder.

“I’ll make a small video to tell them about your health tonight.” Dan muttered in a sad voice.


It was the next day and Dan and back with a laptop.

“Is this the video?” You ask eagerly.

“It is and I want you to know how you feel about it.” Dan opened the laptop and played the video. It was a vlog style angle unlike his usual videos.

“Hi, I know I haven’t been on the Internet in a while which is odd for me. I’ve seen a few comments like 'where’s Dan’ or 'is Dan dead?’ The second one kind of - not really - ties into why I’m making this video.

"I have a girlfriend – if you didn’t know, her name is (Y/N) – and she had recently fallen ill. It was a small cold at first, but it got worse. She eventually had to go to the infirmary to get help and she did. While she was resting in the hospital room, a doctor had come out of the same room. She asked me if I was (Y/N)’s partner. I answered, 'Yes, she’s my girlfriend’ and she said that (Y/N) was alright. Of course I sighed in relief but she stopped me from celebrating any further. She told me, ’(Y/N) is alright for now, but she is very weak and could possibly get even weaker, even to the point of death.’ This news had me shocked, unable to think of anything else.”

You had started to tear up when you noticed the first tear in Dan’s eyes.
“(Y/N) has been slowly recovering from her illness, but she’s still quite frail. On her request, I am making this video. She has asked me to get back on the Internet to tell you this. I have done what (Y/N) asked. Now what I ask is for everybody to stop nagging me to make videos and to get back in touch with you guys. I am going through a hard time right now, and I don’t have the courage or motivation to do anything. If you would keep this into consideration, that would be great. Until the next time I see you, this will be 'goodbye Internet – for now’.”

The video ended and you looked at Dan who had tried to avoid watching the video.

“Why did you do that?” You ask him, meaning it in a non-angry way.

“I had to do it. It was the Internet or you and I have to say, you are far more important than my job.” Dan said with pure honesty.

“But YouTube is basically your life.” You say, still shocked.

“I guess I’m putting you over my life then.” Dan shrugged. “Sacrifices are made for those you love.”

The Binding- The Past

Suddenly Bill was pulling Dipper out of bed.  “Come on, we have to go tell everyone!”  

“Bill wha-“

“Come ON Pine Tree!”  He stumbled out of bed and let the demon tug him toward the stairs and down to the living room, he nearly tripped over Malin on the way down the stairs until the cat jumped onto his shoulders purring the whole while.

“Look who’s up!”  He announced, positively beaming.  He had barely gotten the words out before Dipper was practically tackled in a tight hug from Mabel.  He could feel her tears through his tee shirt.

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