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The heck was Starlight doing going to places which were unfamiliar to him? Had he no realisation his life could very well be on the life should anything happened to him, let alone by himself as well? Apparently not, appearing to be so confident in himself due to the way he seemed to be going by carefully with searching eyes and alert ears to track any sounds in any direction.

Then again, when was he one to run away from the face of danger? Never according to others, seeing as he always managed to stick through his heroism even when things got very tough. They do say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yet it didn’t mean it wasn’t exhausting when he’d lose to an enemy who very much decides threatening the innocent lives of the world is okay to do.

Luckily, Starlight’s always managed to come fighting back and save the day. Looks like the quote must’ve been true, at least?

Starlight’s starting to think perhaps it’s time to turn back due to having found nothing here, and why was he here anyway? Shaking his head at himself, Starlight assumed it was for a reason.

“Five more minutes, then I’m going home.”