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I wanted to hand these out to people at the Rick and Morty Gathering but… there isn’t one at Anime Expo lol. SO INSTEAD, I’ll just hand these out to anybody who is cosplaying a Rick and Morty character. I’m a bit shy so pray that I get rid of all of these babies lol. I’d say that you can totally approach me but there’s so many people at Anime Expo lol. 

There are 20 of the C-137 “It’s Anime Expo 2017, bitches!!” and 10 of the Boku No Hero Academia-Rick and Morticia postcards. When they’re gone, they’re gone!

I’ll be at Anime Expo 2017! Just as an attendee tho. <3


Eyyyy, guess what? More Prick! Both modern and 80′s (flesh curtains rick and legwarmer pearl) versions. This fusion is 100% synthesized, due to an experiment gone wrong (thx Rick) I like to think that Pearl deep down enjoys the wild unpredictability of Rick’s personality; it’s very freeing. On the other hand, Rick won’t admit the nurturing and gentleness of Pearl is a good change of pace. Their personality can be described as erratic yet controlled. They enjoy performing, yet also can appreciate a night in, researching or fiddling with gadgets. No one else can compare to their ingenuity (or clever sass)!

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We didn't get that many game night scenes this season. Can you fix that cap?? ❤️👍

Kara doesn’t like to bother anyone when she’s sad.

Well, she thinks of it as bothering, anyway.

No one else does.

Alex certainly doesn’t.

And Alex knows – much as she wants to slug Barry Allen right in that pretty little mouth for recruiting his sister to join him, alone, without her, on another Earth to combat an entire invading army – that Cisco, Barry, and the rest of the Earth-1 crew wouldn’t consider it a bother, either.

Because friends aren’t bothered by friends.

And friends really aren’t bothered by inter-dimensional Game Nights with friends.

So she does something she hasn’t done since they were kids and would hide each other’s things to see how long it would take the other to find it (Kara cheated with her powers of flight; Alex consequently got really good at climbing trees).

She rummages around in Kara’s room to find the communicator Cisco left her.

And she calls him.

“You remember Kara’s boyfriend?”

“The goofy one who seemed more like he should be her brother than her man?”

“You picked up on that too, did you?”

“Agent Danvers, please. Detection is what I do.”

“Oh my god, you sound like my girlfriend. Listen, she’s been having a really tough year, and he was… for better or for worse – mostly for worse – he was the only one she could touch without worrying about breaking his nose or dislocating his shoulder. He was a piece of her history, her people, you know? And now – “

“Say no more, Alex. Get Kara to her apartment tonight. I’m bringing the crew.”

She chuckles and she shakes her head and sighs, and she wonders if it was wrong. Using Kara’s communicator behind her back. Telling Cisco – and by extension, the others – behind her back. 

But that night? 

That night, when Kara comes home and her apartment is flooded with Barry Allen, Iris West, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow, Sara Lance? Along, of course, with the people she loves most on this earth?

Any and all trepidation leaves Alex, because Kara is crying, but they’re happy tears, they’re grateful tears. 

Because she’s launching herself – literally – at Barry (James and Winn try not to be jealous, Winn unsure who, exactly, he’s jealous of), and she’s laughing with Cisco and she’s hugging Iris and Caitlin at the same time and they’re rocking back and forth and talking fast, and she’s a warm, happy, affectionate, but a little stiffer with Sara Lance – “Look at that sexual tension. Sara might be her closet key, babe, like I was for you. Relax, Lena, getting Kara to come out can only help your cause,” Maggie mutters, and Lena tries to unclench her fists – and then Kara is launching into Alex’s arms.

“You did this, you brought them all here… for me?” she asks, and Alex smooths her hair out of her face and tries not to blush. Because her reputation with all these people is supposed to be that of a formidable warrior, and unshakable soldier.

But all they’ve seen so far is her licking frosting off her girlfriend’s fingers and coddling her sister tenderly.


“I’d do anything for you, Kara.”

Kara melts into Alex’s arms, and Barry, Winn, James, and Cisco awww. 

“Well you boys are gonna get along,” Sara observes, a half-cocked grin on her face as she nudges Kara in the ribs lightly.

“Hey, Supergirl, your very attractive sister and her – might I say – deathly gorgeous girlfriend made you cupcakes before we all got here,” she tells her, and she’s rewarded by Alex’s splutter, Maggie’s blush, and Kara’s squeal of excitement.

“They’re in a relationship,” Caitlin scolds Sara softly, grinning, and Sara shrugs.

“Yeah, and I’ve died a couple times over. Nothing’s impossible,” she winks, and Iris and Caitlin laugh, their eyes on Kara as she devours the sweets.

“Alex, I’ve been meaning to ask you – how exactly does her metabolism work? Is it like Barry’s? But she must have a completely different physiology – “ Caitlin wants to know, and Cisco and Winn groan into each other.

“We’ve lost them, Captain,” Cisco murmurs, and sure enough, Alex’s eyes are glistening as she launches into Kara’s biochemical processes.

“Star Trek on other earths, that’s what I’m talking about!” Winn’s jaw drops as he puts up a high five, and Sara leans close into Maggie.

“And now we’ve lost these two,” she winks, and Maggie gulps slightly.

Eventually, they regain Caitlin and Alex, Winn and Cisco, and eventually, they kick off their first inter-dimensional Game Night in earnest.

It turns out that Barry and Kara – the two kindest, the two quietest, the two most thoughtful of them all – are the most competitive together.

They scramble to see who can get their suits on first, on fastest, and when James whips out his camera to take a series of videos, a series of stills, of the heroes in their full-out superhero get-up, trying to out race the other on Mario Kart, it only stokes their fire more.

They steal the controllers from each other and they toss bananas and turtle shells at each other and they ignore everyone else in the race.

Iris laughs into Maggie’s shoulder, torn between cheering on her fiance and cheering on the girl who makes her more than a bit bi.

Lena laughs as Alex and Winn do battle with their hands, with limp wrists, mocking each other and egging each other on as Alex whispers into his ear affectionate teasing about him having a thing for superheroes that has his blushing, that has him preening, that has him squealing about how she can’t talk, she melts whenever Maggie even looks at her.

Barry and Kara are so focused on each other, so focused on their super speed competition playing out on Kara’s TV screen that they don’t notice Sara and Cisco silently cheering on Caitlin.

They don’t notice Caitlin’s silent focus, and they don’t notice Princess Peach’s subtle approach behind their Toad and Luigi.

They don’t notice Caitlin’s slightly squinted eyes and they don’t notice the way she moves with her controller.

They don’t notice until she uses a boost of speed to pass them both to cross the finish line in first place.

Cisco and Sara yell victoriously and slap five and topple over a smug-looking Caitlin; Winn doubles over with laughter, with relief that the house is filled with happy yelling, not the other kind; Iris rushes to laughingly console a betrayed-looking Barry; James shakes his head with a grin as he takes photos of Lena consoling a sulking Kara; and Maggie passes cupcakes to Alex, who passes them to Kara, who stuffs her face while leaning into James and mock-glaring at a celebrating Caitlin.

“Round two!” she demands once she’s re-energized, and the feeling of joy, the feeling of adrenaline that’s just for pleasure – that no one’s life is depending on, just happiness, just freedom, just family – last long into the night of the first, but definitely not the last, inter-dimensional Game Night.

So, about that Book Of Life/Coco controversy

Wait, two movies of the same techniques that share some ideas and characters, coming out a few years of distance, unconventional from the mainstream, one of them being from Disney, involving dead people and with quirky characters taken from a bunch of mythologies… 

Where have I seen this before…

We white people/goths/Tim Burton fans have already been there. It happens that similar movies come out at a similar time, especially in animation. 

Case and point…




And you know the best part? We’ve already had two animated movies in a Latin American setting in the same period before.

In the end, both movies got a cult following. And they deserve it, because both are really good. 

Let us all let Coco breathe. Pixar guarantees quality, and needs some diversifying. And if anyone needs some reassurance, look up some of the crossovers we got between Emily’s world and Jack’s world. 


Just wanted to show you that I’m not dead with a little bit more detailed work… Beacuse the only stuff I put here are sketches and dumb doodles. sorry for that ;_;
So… I still need to do 5.0.5, whole bacground and these two gay fuckers in the distance (my gf laughed too hard at BH just being a pussy and Flug who needs to carry this idiot trough the river).
Oh and, actually in the first concept, there was supposed to be only Dem and 5.0.5. Why? Because I got inspired by the scene from movie “Brave”. Yuup, I’m talking about this one with Merida and her mom (already a bear) playing in the river while catching fishes. Btw I adore this song in polish, I love to listen this while being in tram. It makes me somehow happy.
OK SORRY FOR MY MUMBLING- I’ll end this post here.

Step-bros (Connor M. x Heere!Reader)

a/n: im back bitches— this is unedited and confusing acuz its 2am,,,, credit to @edenleicester for the lovely stepbrothers au!!!!!!

w/c: 1,614

t/w: WeEd and,,,, OooOOH uNdErAgE dRiNkInG,,,OOOooohhOOH >;O

You glared out your window, your earbuds blasting the newest music you were into. You were trying to ignore your brother and new step-brother, as well as your father and Heidi. The boy in the middle of the seat, Evan, was practically radiating anxiety. He would never say it aloud, but you reminded him of Connor Murphy.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and you glanced to your left, seeing your brother Jeremy looking at you and gesturing towards Heidi. He had snuck his arm above Evans’s head to tap you gently.

“What?” You said, pulling your earbuds out of your ears. Heidi laughed.

“I asked, are you excited to start senior year?” She glanced at you in her side mirror.

“No.” You grunted honestly, making Evan glance at you with curiosity, then back at his fidgeting hands. You were the oldest sibling in this now conjoined family, a few months older than Evan and a year ahead of Jeremy. You slouched slightly as you saw Heidi’s face fall at her attempt to make peace with you. You hated this new change in your family. You hated almost all change.

“Alright, kids. We’re here at our new home!” Your dad grinned, parking the car. You opened the door and tried to keep yourself calm, you wanted to yell and cry and try to reason with your dad. You stepped out and scrunched your face up in disgust as you glanced at the new house. Your father and Heidi had gone out of their way to already unpack almost the whole house, except for your rooms.

“Do you like it, (y/n)? Jeremy?” Your dad asked hopefully.

“Yeah, dad, we love it.” You mumbled, not wanting him to feel bad. You started walking into the quite large house, looking around at the way your father and step mother had decorated. You heard footsteps behind you so you turned around to see Heidi smiling sadly.

“Hi, honey.. I know you don’t really like me, but I hope we can be like mother and daughter eventually.” Heidi smiled sadly, like she knew everything about you. Your face fell and you subconsciously tugged down on your sleeves, feeling slightly bad.

“I don’t dislike you, Heidi. I dislike change.” You mumbled, turning around and going up the stairs. Once again you heard footsteps behind you, practically running to keep up with your long strides.

“Can you believe we have to share a room?” Jeremy snorted, following you into your room.

“Yeah, I know. How will you ever have sex with Michael again?” You said dramatically, laughing and bending down to start unpacking a box. Jeremy turned bright red and started to unpack on his side as well.

“No, but really? We couldn’t just get a house so every kid gets their own room?” Jeremy mumbles.

“I’m fine with sharing a room with you. I’d rather share with you than Evan- not because I don’t like the kid or anything, I just don’t want to make him uncomfortable, y'know?” You grunted, making your bed.

“With all your satanic posters and crystals, you make me uncomfortable.” Jeremy joked.

“No, we um, actually really need a curtain to separate the room in two.”

“Most definitely, you nerd.” You agreed, watching him hang up a Pacman poster.

You were sitting on your bed listening to music one day when the curtain between the room was ripped open.

“H-hey, can we have like, three friends over?” Evan giggled, making Jeremy hit his arm and laugh as well.

“Um, sure?” You asked, raising your eyebrows. It was date night for your dad and step-mom, meaning you were in charge.

“O-okay, good! Because they’re already here!” Jeremy laughed, probably high.

“Come chill with us!” Evan and Jeremy had managed to grab your arms and drag you down the stairs and into the gaming room.

“Hi, (y/n)!” Michael laughed, waving at you. The whole room smelt like weed. There were two boys on the couch who you had seen before, but never cared to talk to.

“O-okay! These are my friends Jared,” Evan grinned, pointing to one boy. “And Connor!” He pointed to another boy.

“Sup, hot stuff!” Jared said tipsily, winking at you. He had a beer in front of him, and another one in his hand. Connor was sitting quietly and smoking weed. He waved slightly at you, and you turned pink.

“Hey,” you laughed, sitting down on the couch and grabbing a beer. “Who brought the weed this time, Michael?”

Jared, Connor, and Evan looked a little shocked you didn’t get mad. Michael laughed and blew smoke into the air.

“Actually, Connor brought it!” Michael giggled, leaning into Jeremy.

“Sweet.” You giggled, taking a hit and glancing at Connor. Connor turned a deep red under your gaze and he shifted uncomfortably. You liked the way he would glance at you and turn red all throughout the night. The way he would shift and gently lean on you when he talked to you.

“Oh my god, oh my god! We should play Just Dance!” Jeremy cries, standing up quickly and stumbling towards the Wii. “We only have four controllers, though!” 

“I’ll sit out.” You and Connor both offered at the first time, glancing at each other. You smirked as the other four started to dance drunkenly.

“Hi.” You giggled, scooting closer to Connor. Connor stared at you, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Hi?” He muttered, his face turning a pale pink. You leaned on him slightly, mumbling your next sentence.

“How come we’ve never spoken before?” You smirked at him as Evan turned around and hit Jeremy, both of your younger brothers now staring at you flirting with Connor.

“Holy shit?” Jeremy whispered, glancing at Evan then back at you.

“It worked?!” Evan whisper shouted, jumping happily. Michael and Jared glanced back at you and Connor as Evan and Jeremy pulled them out of the room.

“You were intimidating.” Connor mumbles, taking a sip of his beer.

“And you aren’t?” You joked, tilting your head.

“True. But I mean you are so pretty, it’s almost intimidating.” Connor crossing his arms after he sets the beer down on the coffee table.

“Oh, you’re the hot, brooding type of intimidating, Connor.“ You giggled, mocking him by crossing your arms. He pouts slightly, making you giggle even more.

The four boys were watching you and Connor from the kitchen, drunk amazement on their faces. “They should just date already.” Jared snorts.

“We heard that.” You giggled, glancing behind you and growing a bit tired.

“Oh-oh my god!” Jeremy cried, glancing at a text message. “Mom and dad are going to be home soon!”

Your eyes widened and you launched up from your seat. “How long?” You asked, suddenly wide awake.

“Five minutes!” Jeremy read, glancing up at you then at Michael.

“Super speed mode!” The three of you shouted like dorks, each of you launching into action. You were throwing away beer cans while Michael hid the bongs, throwing the weed at Connor. Jeremy ran into the bathroom and came out with a giant bottle of febreze, practically choking everyone while he sprayed it. Evan and Jared started to sweep and vacuum the floors, picking up all the dropped food. Connor started to do the dishes, cleaning all of the snack bowls and silverware. Everyone moved surprisingly fast for being drunk, high, or both.

“Okay, kiddos! Get your sleeping bags out and pretend to be asleep!” Everyone rolled out their sleeping bags and crawled in, except for you. You sat on the couch and pretended to be exhausted. You had purposely placed a bag of popcorn on the floor, along with a few pieces in between the boys, so it didn’t seem suspicious.

“Hi honey,” Heidi smiled at you, ruffling your hair and speaking softly. “How did everything go?”

“Good,” You smiled up at her and glanced at your father.

“Why does it reek like febreze?” He mumbled, squinting slightly.

“Oh,” You laughed nonchalantly. “The step-bros keeps farting up a storm.”

You were surprised when none of the boys on the floor broke out in laughter, since you did giggle to yourself. Your father and Heidi wished you a goodnight. When they closed their bedroom door, all of the boys sat up in sync.

“Really, (y/n)? We keep farting?” Jeremy mumbled, making Michael and Jared laugh and agree it was true.

“God damn, that was smooth. Lying on the spot like that, that was kinda hot.” Connor flirted, raising his eyebrows at you. He was drunk, and definitely high.

“Connor- please, stop, that’s my sister.” Evan complained, laughing slightly.

“You’re right, Evan, they should save it for the bedroom!” Jared snorts, earning a kick from you.

“Wait, how come I didn’t know about this sleepover until a few hours ago?” You questioned, making all of the boys go quiet.

“Goodnight!” Jeremy laughed, flopping into his sleeping bag. The other boys followed his lead, all except for Connor.

“Night, babe.” Connor smirked, laying down and drifting off the sleep. You shook your head and laughed, blushing slightly.