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Since everyone seemed to like my Voltron/Guardians of the Galaxy cross over here’s some more! :D Because Keith sees Lance as a disgusting heathen and… well… Rocket Pidge was necessary. + rover! (sorry it’s pretty sketchy)

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   ❝ Look like the innocent flower
         But be the serpent under it❞

           - Macbeth Act I, Scene V

BTS x Hogwarts AU - Slytherin Jimin [4/∞]

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Oh my goodness I love character design so much. And one thing that really helps me practice is just straight up, drawing crossovers/AUs. Recently one of my favorite shows, Samurai Jack, came out of its 13 year hiatus and I just caught up with the new episodes and cried over the art style all over again and saying I was inspired to throw my favorite ATLA characters into an AU inspired by it is an understatement. Enjoy some of the sketches I made yesterday!
P.S. I love drawing oni/demon/yokai masks

Characters belong to Bryke