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Masterpost of my Ducktales fics

Webby and Scrooge: 

  • A New Normal: Growing up in the shadow of your hero isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Ducklings and Dire Circumstances:  Scrooge doesn’t want anything to do with children, though the young Webby might make him change his mind.



  • Long Shot: The best laid plans often go awry, especially when you’re trying to get your uncle a date. Chapters: 1,



  • A Good Landing: Just who is Launchpad McQuack? Dewey realizes how little he knows about his self-declared best friend, and decides some snooping is required. Chapters: 1 
  • Hazard Pay:  Launchpad proved night in and night out that he could take care of himself, but still Drake worried. It was Drake’s job to worry.

Was thinking about what Tap and Rumble’s favorite foods would be.

Tap will eat just about anything, fruit, vegetables, nuts, you name it. Although he seems to really like tomatoes.

Rumble has an appetite exclusively for sweets, berries, honey (of course), and any kind of tasty pastry.