for their own selfish ends

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I can't get over how underutilized the Counselor was in season 13. They set things up with his knowing things about the remaining Freelancers that Felix and Locus could use against them, and then those things are never touched on again. How in control was he, really? How could his history with Carolina and Wash have been used to manipulate them if the Counselor had been asked to use it that way? How much of what he did all along the line based on his own selfish ends? Are they really leaving all this untapped potential behind by killing him off? I feel like they set up a bunch of potential for him and I'm afraid they never plan to give it a payoff.

I honestly don’t get people who say that Dumbledore’s plans/decisions were entirely selfish and for his own ends, that the “greater good” was only Dumbledore’s greater good. Like, how is getting rid of Voldemort literally not for the greater good of everybody?! How does everybody NOT benefit in some way from that?! Even Harry benefited in some way, because his childhood was terrible but at least Voldy-shorts isn’t around to kill him (or his future children) anymore.

How is it selfish or for Dumbledore’s own ends to do that?! Please tell me, because how is it literally not in every single person’s best interest that this bastard gets taken out? Name me one person who would be worse off without Voldemort running around? Seriously, name me one single person because I can’t.


If a person ever tells you they feel like ending their own life, please don’t call them selfish, that’s the last thing they need.
How are they selfish? Yes people will be crushed if they did end it but to them, they don’t realise that people adore them. They’re not selfish at all, they’ve probably stayed on this earth for other people as they didn’t want to upset anyone.
Suicidal people are not selfish, if someone is in that much pain that they want to end their own life then don’t call them negative names, sit down with them and talk.
It will take a while, whatever has happened to them has cut in deep if it’s pushed them to the edge and right now they don’t need an enemy because they’re their own enemy, they need a friend.
Explain to them, don’t just say “everything will be okay” you don’t think they haven’t already said that to themselves?
You need to tell them what their purpose is, what their amazing qualities are, give them all the names of the people who adore them.
But most Importantly, listen, be quiet for a minute and let them talk, don’t rush them, they need someone to listen, they’ve kept their feelings bottled up for so long then need someone to vent to.
Support them, tell them that you’re there for them and together you’ll get through this, step by step, day by day.
Don’t tell them they have something to live for say they are something to live for, they should be living for themselves and if they’re feeling like taking their own life then then they haven’t been living for themselves.
Tell them they are needed on this earth just like we need the trees on earth to give us oxygen, they complete the earth, help them to realise this, they have a purpose.
Tell them nothing is more important then there mental health, that together you’ll work on making that better before anything else.
But most importantly, don’t brush it aside the next day, it will damage them more, constantly be there to reassure them even if it’s by text, they need someone to confide in and to help them.

「… as expected, your usual hair looks better.」
「Because the braid will always look best on you, Leaks. But… I am more than happy with this.」
「Agreeing to my selfish request again… Thank you. 」

The Flash Thoughts - Wrath of Savitar

So this fucking episode.  Man, this fucking episode.  Now, yeah, yall gonna be pissed at me for this but this IS ALL WALLY’S FAULT.   Turns out that Caitlin ends up saving the day due to her own selfish desires.  Well that seems to have made it impossible for Savitar to escape, plus you know a replacement body too. 

So Wally spends the entire episode ruining shit.  Like…the entire episode.  From not revealing that he was being haunted by Savitar to going off on his own without consulting the team (and Barry) about his decision.  Now, yes, he wasn’t in the best mindset at the end of the episode, but he sure as hell was when he blew up the Barry/Iris engagement.  Now lets be real about that; Barry has been wanting to marry Iris since he was a kids.  He’s done his time waiting.  The whole “he tainted” their love is some ripe bullshit, that the writers really forced in.

So now, you’re not going to be able to ever walk back that line.  No matter what happens.  The relationship is now “tainted” to us the fans, because of that shotty writing. 

Clark and Lois were never “tainted”.  Now, Lana and Clark was, but at no point did we think that was going to last.  Now, I don’t know if Barry and Iris will end up together.  After all, in the books Barry now has a thing for Jessica Cruz.  Maybe Iris isn’t Barry’s anchor anymore.

As for HR and Joe West, they continue to be the  best parts of this show.  The few things they do well in this universe is writing father figures. 

Overall this was a decent episode, just not a great one, and one that made Wally look immature. 

I’m finally back to watching Legend of Korra. So far the second season is good, the humor is spot on, loving the world building, and delving into Aang’s history of crappy parenting. 

What irks me is the recycled plot point from the first season. Korra is blindly allowing herself to be manipulated by an authority figure for their own selfish ends. The occupation of the south is playing out along really similar lines to the rise of the Equalists.

It’s extremely frustrating.

Still loving the show overall though.

You said I was beautiful. You said I was perfect. You said I was sweet. You said I was kind. I thought you were the one. The one to whom I can fully express myself to. The one to whom I can trust with my heart. You were the person I could trust in this fucked up world of ours. But on that day, you turned on me.

You lied to my face for 8 months. You took advantage of me for your own selfish needs. I thought we connected in a deep way but turns out you wanted to just have me for your own selfish pleasures. Through it all this isn’t fair.

You end up with a person you love and
you end up with happiness. But me, I just here without the person that I know I love and still wondering what I’m gonna do with my life. You were the one that hurt me, used me, lied to me, in all just cheated on me, and you still end up with someone to call your own. While me, I just sit here stuck feeling alone.

You’re lucky that she even took you back. You’re lucky to even have a partner. To me, you really don’t deserve neither of us because of the selfish things you’ve done. I gave you my all and you just let me down. I hope you’re truly happy with your decision and I know I did the right thing, leaving you.

I chose to leave this drama behind me. Even though I can’t stop thinking about you and what happened, I know I’ll find someone who deserves me for me, nothing else more. Yes, I’m hurt, but yet I’m at peace. The reality is that I’m not tied down to you anymore. You have your life and I have mine. I don’t hate you, I can never hate you, I’m just disappointed in you. But I’ll get over it plus I know it’s for the better. I’m able to make my own decisions for myself only now. I choose to leave the drama in the past and to take care of myself better. I choose to be free.


Me showing my true feelings about my breakup with someone and how I’m working on moving on.


Let’s be clear about something. Even if Rumple’s got some kind of…health condition or whatever, that does NOT give him the right to invade Belle’s space when she’s UNCONSCIOUS and has stated (to Rumple’s face when he was again manipulating her by being disguised as someone Belle trusted) that she is afraid of him and wants nothing more to do with him.

If Belle were AWAKE and he entered that shop, she’d order his ass back out. If she were awake, she would not want him touching her in any way. She wants to move on because Rumple has fucked up their relationship beyond repair. Rumple needs to respect that and GTFO.

Stop violating Belle’s agency for your own selfish ends, Rumple. I don’t care what is going on with your heart or whatever. You did this to yourself. End of story.

I am very unsurprised about people taking advantage of the recent criticisms of callout culture to clear their name for genuinely bad shit for the same reasons that I was critical of callout culture in the first place. What all of this comes down too imho is that there are manipulative and abusive people within social movements that take advantage of that groups current motivations or mentality to their own selfish ends, and this happens regardless of current trends in how those groups are acting (eg taking advantage of callout culture as an abuse tactic OR taking advantage of the criticism around callout culture to clear their names.)

Really I think the best way we can combat this sort of stuff happening isn’t championing any one tactic of activism (although I do think it’s good that we’re engaging in critiques of activism techniques that are harmful overall, and there’s been a lot of really good stuff said about how callout culture kinda sucks) but instead encouraging an overall atmosphere of critical thought where people aren’t eager to back whatever people say without thinking about it’s ramifications. That’s an atmosphere that it’s easy for online communities to slouch into and it’s one that people can easily take advantage of.

This isn’t anyone fault for going about anything in a certain way and I really don’t intend this as blaming anyone who’s fallen into this way of doing stuff - this is something that happens in literally every group and social movement, and it’s been a constant throughout a lot of human history. I think it’s very important we remain critical of how our own movement operates because there will be people taking advantage of it regardless of if we acknowledge that and work around it or not, and pretending there won’t to view our ideology and movement as perfect isn’t only naive, it opens up the possibility for the abuse of the vulnerable people we’re trying to protect.

“Be happy!”

Concept: You are at a social event with your friend and they are not their normal bubbly self, and you don’t draw attention to it or demand a change in behavior for your own selfish ends.

Here’s the thing about feelings - they don’t need to be fixed, they need to be felt. When you tell others to “be happy!” here’s what you’re really saying:

  1. I do not care about why you are upset
  2. I do not want to contribute constructively to your experience
  3. Your mood is fair game for me to comment on and make recommendations about
  4. My enjoyment is more important than your ability to experience your emotions authentically

STOP TELLING PEOPLE HOW TO FEEL. Seriously, has it ever worked? Once? Have you ever, even one single time, said “be happy!” and magically the sun came out from behind the clouds and the evening was saved?

“Be happy!” doesn’t ask about what’s wrong, it doesn’t provide any support, and it just plain doesn’t feel good. It is awful to feel like others are more concerned about “having a good night” than about what might be bothering you.

Even when it is well intentioned, “be happy!” downplays a person’s individual right to express themself authentically. It’s insensitive, it overlooks the point, and it’s hurtful.

In polyamory it is especially important to let partners feel whatever they feel. No one is obligated to “be happy!” when what they really feel is jealous, confused, upset, unsure, sad, or angry. Feeling your feelings is the only way to deal with them; give your partners the gift of space to feel.

Be gentle with your friends and loved ones. Here are some helpful alternatives:

  • Are you feeling alright?
  • Is this where you want to be?
  • We can do something else if you’re not having fun!
  • What’s on your mind?
  • Do you need anything?