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A snake has defeated a crocodile in an epic five-hour battle at a lake in Australia which left onlookers shocked as the python slowly devoured its prey. The clash between a large water python and a three-foot fresh water crocodile occurred at Lake Moondarra near Mount Isa, a remote town in the north-west of the state of Queensland. (Source)


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When I had gone to this trip up north to Tuguegarao City, part of the trip was a free tour of Callao Cave, one of the 300 caves in the quiet town of Peñablanca. 

The cave is known for its 9 chambers. 7 of which are open to tourists, while the remaining 2 had been closed off due to an earthquake in the ‘80s. Each chamber is exceptionally huge, with 5 of them having sunlight that flows in through natural crevices from above.

The most famous of these chambers is the second one, where one of the rock formations resembles a church’s retablo and has been added wooden seats some time ago to resemble an actual church. Masses are held there on some occasions.

The first chamber, which is the mouth of the cave, was where the fossils of the oldest probable Homa sapien in the country was found. It was dubbed as the Callao Man, and was approx. 67,000 years old.

The third is the darkest, but has been permanently installed with artificial lights. The fourth greets you with sunlight as you climb up the clay steps to the fifth, which is the greenest part of the cave. It has the most plants, and even a small grotto at the top of the hill. The sixth is past a downward slope and is guarded by one of the rock formations, the Lion rock.

The seventh is just darkness and solid ground, and at the very end you could still see another source of skylight. We were told that the rest of the bones from our ancestors were found there, along with materials/weapons they might’ve used during the day.

Callao Cave was given its name by the Spaniards during the colonial era, using the word callado which meant calm. This name was chosen because from the trip through the river to the climb of 180+ steps and inside the cave itself, there is a consistent calmness that you would feel.

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Attack on Titan: End of the World 2015 Full Movie

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Attack on Titan: End of the World Movie Storyline:
❝ attack on titan part 2  ❞

Movie Details :
▪ Release Date : 2015-09-19
▪ Casts : Kiko Mizuhara, Haruma Miura, Kanata Hongo, Jun Kunimura, Pierre Taki, Shu Watanabe, Satomi Ishihara, Rina Takeda, Takahiro Miura, Hiroki Hasegawa, Ayame Misaki , Nanami Sakuraba
▪ Runtime :


Hydnora africana is fleshy flower that is found in southern Africa, is known for having the appearance of female genitalia. It smells like feces. This is effective as it given that the pollinator of choice is the dung beetle. It is also a parasitic plant that grows almost entirely underground except for its bloom. (Source)


The Amazing World of Gumball - The Gift

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The mummies in the basement of St. Michan’s church in Dublin, Ireland. There are a number of theories as to why the corpses in the basement have been preserved over time. One is that the basement contains limestone, making the basement particularly dry and therefore good for mummification. 

Another is that the church was built on former swamp land, and that methane gas is acting as a kind of preservative of the bodies. Other theories involve the presence of oak wood in the soil, or the building materials used in the church. (Source)

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in one of the most influential nations in the world and all my k-12 education history/social studies classes gave me was virginia/US/western history and civics. 

its so fucked up that we werent given a year of asian history to give context to tension in the korean peninsula. a year of african history to understand the slave-based economy of the united states. a year of middle eastern history to understand the roots of conflict in the cradle of the world. a year of american indian history to understand the subjugation and elimination of one of the most diverse ethnic groups in the history of the world.

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