for the side characters

i wish the naruto anime ended with a team 7 moment instead of a marraige :// this story wasn’t about naruhina, it was abt naruto and his journey with bonds, goals and never giving up. i really wish it ended with naruto’s most important people – the actual main characters – the people he’s valued and cherished since he was 12. rly disappointed in sp again. tbh the anime should’ve ended at ch. 699, a team 7 moment instead of of a marraige, or chp. 698


Dain: What the hell are you doing, man? Step back. I won’t be your guardian angel forever, just so you know.

Spoilers: he will. :D

But I must give credit to Nate, he helped Dain in putting out the fire and they acted like a real team.

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Since Victor has signature gold blades, will you give Yuuri his own unique blades too? Like beautiful jet black blades with star-like glitter that reminds you of the night sky that Phichit gave him after his first medal. I think it will suits his character in Victor's side, with the whole seductive playboy impression going on in his head lol. Yuuri would also look absolutely ridiculously handsome in that too. I hope it's not an unreasonable request and I won't be mad if you can't include that :D

Yuuri doesn’t really think enough of himself to get unique blades. But once he and Viktor get together Viktor does try and convince him to get gold blades so they match

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I just hope the game doesn't somehow punish or guilt us for picking Ashkore. I jus like him so much, I don't want it to be a wrong choice, or to always have to listen to the guard leaders no matter what they do to you.

agreed. if it comes to that, i hope we’ll have the choice to say something like ‘you lied to me and i didn’t trust you back then’. i don’t think ashkore is a saint though; according to miiko the crystal is broken bc of him and he’s been messing with them a lot for unknown reasons. but i still want to know his side of the story, i think he’s an interesting character and there’s a lot of potential there.

Don’t tell me to stop watching Naruto just because I disagree with your ship preferences (Naruhina)

Don’t tell me that I have no right to criticize Hinata Hyuga just because she is the wife of Naruto.

It won’t change the fact that she lacks character development, shown to be selfish more than once only for the sake of a boy.

It won’t change the fact that she’s a side Character whose life and purpose only revolves around one boy and has no other goals or dreams to achieve.

I’ve read and bought all 72 volumes and Naruto Hiden novels series because I love it for its Shounen stories, I didn’t just read or download them online. I cherish them. Even when I disliked some of canon couples. I still love Naruto as a story.

And I have all the right to praise it as well as to criticize any plot and characters because it’s a very common practice which is done by many people for studies purpose or thesis.

Movie, music, literature, arts, are made not only to be praised, but to be criticize too.

You think Hinata is a lovable character? Good for you.

But don’t force anyone who dislike her to stop their ‘hatred’ towards her by saying, “She doesn’t deserve hate or anything because she’s so pure…” and claimed that people who hated her character are simply *moron*, *dumb*, or has no heart whatsoever.

And don’t even tell me “She’s just a fictional character, get over it…” argument.

She is a fictional character, that’s why she can be criticized, because she is supposed to deliver message to audience. You can praise her for whatever good things you think about her, but Antis also have the right to criticize her.

You worship her and think that she’s the most perfect thing? Good for you.

How about spread your love to her more and stop caring about us Antis, because your arguments will never make us change our mind.

You can block anyone who post Anti Hinata, and don’t stalk our blogs. Just like what I did with people who hate Sakura. I never ever once go to any Anti Sakura page and block any Sakura Antis that show up in my dashboard. That’s a very simple thing to do.

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Memes aside, why is SAO the worst?

I will attempt to sum this up quickly.  Kirito is probably the most uninteresting and linear character in anime.  When you center a story around such a boring character, his blandness contaminates everything.  The world building and lore become non-existent.  This even goes a step further to destroy potentially interesting side characters that aren’t directly involved with the establishment of the harem.   

 I dislike it because it is a mockery of literature and light novel authors everywhere.  It has nothing to do with the trend or the quantity of notes I get from anti-sao memes. 

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people who defend whitewashing are probably the same people who lost their shit when the rumour went around that zendaya was gonna play MJ in spiderman. they claim "it's about character not skin colour!" but they just want every character to be white.

Oh definitely its the same crowd.  They just want their whites only worlds to stay whites only they don’t care that so far we’re only allowed to be side characters never the main characters in superhero films aside from Black Panther which hasn’t even come out yet.  Just look at the cries about reverse racism thrown at Luke Cage to see how they’ll react to BP.  I sincerely doubt they’ll change any time soon.

mod m

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Wait, why is Mihawk giving Zoro disappointed scowls at the imaginary Ace-Riskua wedding? O.o also I love reading these little pieces of headcanons about your fics; even if they're not really canon to the fic, it's just so much fun. So thanks for answering all these asks~! It's very appreciated~! <3

Because Mihawk wanted Riskua to marry a sensible swordsman; he’s sure that Portgas kid is nothing but trouble. Shanks told him so.

Doing stuff like this does help me flesh out the characters, so it’s good on all sides.

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I have a very close male friend who treats me how Sorey treats Alisha. I had a crush on him until he told me he was gay. Before that people thought we were a couple. I'm actually very happy he is gay as we can have a close friendship. My crush I'm over it. I love my close platonic friendship with my friend

Yep!  Which is why it always bothers me so much when people are like, “They can be friends!  You don’t understand friendship!” when it’s two characters of the same gender and “But look!  This is True Love!” when it’s two characters of the opposite gender with not even the same depth of emotional connection what they’re really doing is excusing their heteronormativity, with a bonus side of homophobia when at least one of those characters is stated to be Not Straight.

Although, I mean, really, when it comes to Sorey, it’s like, the game goes out of its way to tell you that he’s just Not Interested In Girls That Way (the victory quote where Zaveid talks about women looking lovely in combat and Mikleo saying “you’re not going to get much out of him on that” comes to mind) but he is Definitely Interested In Mikleo That Way (like Sorey asking if Mikleo qualifies for what Zaveid was talking about when he was talking about “a babe”).  In my eyes, those say plenty as it is on top of his physically and emotionally intimate relationship with Mikleo.  And by physically intimate, I’m talking about the little shoulder touches and bumps, and the tickle fights - last time I did either of those things, that was when I was still with my ex.

Wait a second… Iron Fist is a show where:

  • the protagonist is hypocritical, inconsistent, ultimately shallow, and the only interesting and likeable stuff about him is ruined by his unlikable characteristics and actions which the show refuses to acknowledge.
  • the best characters are the women of color. The other side characters range from boring to wasted.
  • the story is padded out with plot-lines that add nothing of real value, and should have been streamlined and/or removed entirely
  • it ends with an attitude that can only be described as ‘if you wanted something good, you better be here for the big crossover event‘
  • it has a need to be very serious to fit with the tone that the previous show(s) set, which means the stuff we want to see isn’t nearly as fun as it could be.
  • it has no sense of pacing or rhythm.
  • it uses copyrighted music that doesn’t match with the tone, mood or even genre of the show, which makes it feel jarring to listen to.
  • And a specific group of hardcore MCU stans still love it and think the critics are wrong and they’re making a big deal about problems that just don’t matter.
  • In summation, has some potential, but ends up a shell of what it could have, and should have been.

Was… was Iron Fist an attempt by Marvel to create their own DCEU movie, just as a Netflix show? Cause if so… mission accomplished?

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How much Revali/Teba fan merchandise would you buy? :3 Charms, prints, dolls?

Probably more than I need to, just because it would be the first time ANY of my characters have been popular/important enough to have any merchandise of them made at all.

No one wanted to draw Cassim because of those darned dreadlocks, and even Japanese stores somehow found every other Season 1 character (including SIDE HENCHMEN) more interesting than him. Kiyotaka Ishimaru never really caught on, Zenke was from a very niche game/franchise, etc.

I actually have yet to have had that experience where I could go to a convention (or its Artist Alley) and actually find something being sold that I’m directly connected to. It’ll be a cool but very surreal experience for me if Breath of the Wild changes all that.

(But let’s be honest with ourselves, the first thing that’s gonna go viral is a 2-sided Kass body pillow cover)

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5. Favorite side character?

This is a tricky one! I love Officer Obtuse from Glanni Glæpur í Latabæ because he’s such a cutie

But from Lazytown I love Rottenella! I wish she had been in more episodes. I really like the AUs where Robbie and Rottenella are like the counterparts of Sport a Stephanie!

just look at that adorable troublemaker

Chapter Two

Chapter Two A/N: Hey readers! I wanted to say I am shocked and amazed at the response this fanfic has already received. I am so grateful for all of your feedback and messages! I have had a great vacation and was able to get a little writing done as well. Here is the next chapter! 

Side note: I will be posting a ‘Get to Know the Characters’ when each one is introduced in the story so check it out!


Sophia gazed out the window as the luscious rolling hills of the English countryside flew by. Her head rested up against the cool glass witnessing the sun peak through the horizon indicating the start of a new day. Sighing she closed her tired eyes having caught an early train to Norfolk to see her parents.

Bringing her legs up against the edge of her seat, she laid her head down on her knees hoping to catch a few more minutes of rest before her arrival. Fidgeting in her spot, Sophia could not get comfortable enough, her mind plaguing her with thoughts from the other night.


Sophia glanced behind her shoulder; her pace slowing as she had lost the man chasing after her. Seeing a cracked door Sophia opened it, stepping inside to give her more privacy. She took one last look around before she disappeared into the dark room. Leaning up against the closed wooden door she reached behind her head loosening the silk fabric, letting her mask fall to the floor.

Her breath was heavy in her chest, caught in her throat as she relived the moment seconds prior to her dashing away from Harry, or so she thought he was Harry…

“No. It couldn’t have been him.”

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Ik everyone is freaking out about the new ghouls right now but it just hit me like what if priest is gonna somehow write into ghost lore? Like what if it's more than a side project and it's like connected. Cuz I know character bands have made like "fake beef" with each other and worked into each other's lore so it might be possible??? Or maybe not but it would be cool to see like official interaction

i have seen a LOT of speculation about this on the ghost subreddit and like….some ppl are convinced that’s what’s happening and others think the theory is stupid. i see valid points from both sides tbh

the biggest Thing to me is that simon is going by alpha, a name that is explicitly linked to ghost…it just seems weird to me that he’d be doing that if there was no connection, or if his departure from the band was negative

but then the fact that he let the priest instagram publish a video of his face makes me think, well, maybe the only connection is that priest is a big “fuck you” to ghost