for the respect they showed him

“I’ve never seen you more happy”

The writers need a lesson in show vs tell because they’ll tell us Kara was happy with him (like in that hammered-in line in the finale) but all they showed us last year was Kara looking miserable while being forced into a relationship with a lying, manipulative “I refuse to learn basic common decency and respect” douche canoe.

You can’t fool us, writers. We’ve been seeing through your bullshit since you started treating him like the main character and made Kara a prop. Just because a few months have passed doesn’t mean we forgot.

I really don’t understand people who say that Allurance is bad. People are saying that Lance only makes Allura uncomfortable. That if it becomes canon, it’ll show boys that it’s okay to pursue a girl who’s uninterested, because if you keep pestering her, she’ll give in.

But I don’t see Allurance like that. 

Does Lance flirt with her? Yeah he does. But he doesn’t flirt relentlessly. He’s not a jerk about it. He doesn’t go overboard with it. He says one line with a cheeky grin and she brushes it off with a look of annoyance and he moves on with the task at hand. It’s not like he flirts constantly with her in every single scene they have together in every episode. There have been a few instances, a comment here and there, and that’s it. 

And the thing is, he’s starting to stop that. His flirting isn’t as frequent. All I can think of that happened in s4 was him being jealous of Matt flirting with her, and I don’t see that as a bad thing. Jealousy isn’t always bad. Lance likes Allura, of course he’s gonna get defensive if someone else flirts with her. How many of you get a little jealous if someone tries to befriend your best friend? You may think “hmmm hey maybe back off, new person, they’re my friend” in the back of your head. Lance giving Matt an anime-exaggerated scowl with a growl and laser-eyes was for comedic effect because this is a cartoon and Lance is a comic relief character (and Matt is becoming comic relief too with his cheesy-ass puns like ”it’s goo-od,” what a dork). 

Lance is starting to see Allura differently. He no longer sees her as just a beautiful princess. He sees her as a valuable and important team member. He cares for her. He treats her with respect and admiration. 

I personally never even considered Allurance until season 3 and 4.

In s3, Lance was so gentle and comforting as she was trying to get used to piloting the blue lion. He was telling Keith to cool down, that they need to take things slow because Allura is new to all this. He was looking out for her well-being, trying his hardest to make her feel like a part of the team, to make her feel comfortable and ease her into her new role as a paladin. 

In s4, he was again so reassuring to her. He gave her strength and encouraged her with his words. Said quite possibly the sweetest lines in the show so far to her (”you’re the heart of Voltron” and “that was all you”). 

Lance’s interactions with her are changing. He’s getting better. Allurance isn’t this “if a guy keeps relentlessly flirting with the girl despite her shutting him down, she’ll eventually give in and fall for him” trope that I see so many people saying it is and complaining about. It’s not that trope because Lance isn’t a relentless flirt towards her. He never was. He’s a hopeless romantic if anything. He saw Allura and thought she was pretty at first sight. So sue him. And now he’s starting to care for her and treating her with genuine respect and admiring her leadership and strength. (And let’s be real, most of the fandom would be absolutely smitten with Allura too if we were in Lance’s position because Allura’s amazing.)

If you still dislike Allurance, that’s well within your right, you don’t have to ship it. But goodness, give the show and writers some credit for how Lance has developed in his interactions towards her. You can think it’s cliche, you can think it’s heteronormative, whatever. But it’s not “problematic” or “bad” or anything like that. Let people like the ship, it’s harmless. 

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What would it take to earn Undyne, Muffet, Grillby and Chara's respect?


Uh???? Be passionate??? Show her that you mean what you say, & that you’ll stick to your goals! No matter how hard things get, if she sees you’re still trying your hardest, her respect for you will immediately double in magnitude. Helping those in need is a quick way to get you on her good side as well.


Well, obviously, she has a sweet spot for anyone who treats her kin with kindness. Being polite helps as well. Offer to try any of her treats & her adoration for you will immediately bump up a level. She just appreciates those who appreciate her, without fear or apprehension.


Showing him how much you respect him & his establishment. Maybe cleaning up after some of his rowdier customers forgot to. Offering any sort of assistance is the fastest way get to him start seeing you in a more positive light. Just comes with one of the busiest jobs in the Underground–running a bar & grill. In Snowdin.


Let them approach you. When you have something you want to speak with them about, drop hints, but don’t approach them directly. Listen when they speak, don’t override their words. Try to understand things from their point of view. & most importantly, reassure them that things are going to be okay.

wade is a demon hunter that set up shop in a little town in the middle of nowhere that’s supposed to be right on the edge of the doors to hell, he actually rolled into town still wearing a priest’s vestment and hid out at the local abandoned church, he wasn’t expecting people to show up to the dusty old stone church that following sunday and had to bullshit his way through an impromptu sermon which is how he accidentally became father wilson, much respected priest

it actually works out pretty well for him, all things considered, he’s got all the right tools and knows enough latin to drive out the demonic pests that have been plaguing the town, the townsfolk celebrate his one month anniversary of living there and he gets told that most holy men end up dead within the first week

wade is a little weirded out at how everybody here is totally normal and still just take all the magical bullshit that happens to them in stride, like he’s already exorcised three people and one of them was a grandfather who’s family just kept him chained in the living room, it’s an involuntary habit for most of the people living here to flip back over any upside down crosses they see, they’ve got a water tower full of holy water that feeds into the towns drinking water, it’s the real thing too, he’s tested it

wade is instantly suspicious of the bright young stereotypical rich boy that never stops smiling, he’s never at the church and nobody seems to know who he’s talking about when wade asks about him, oddly enough he gets his answers from a group of kids who’re out in the cemetery shouting insults at gravestones to scare the dead out of rising again

the kid’s name is peter, he attends the local high school and gets perfect grades, he doesn’t have parents or a home or really anything, he just exists and besides grading papers and avoiding him in the hallways, no one acknowledges his existence, when he asks why, the kids say that a girl once asked him out on a dare and was never seen from again, one of the kids says that they used to have a dog but the dog started barking at peter and dropped dead when peter looked at it, the dog started smoking when they tried to bury it so they had to burn fluffy instead

so wade is pretty sure that he’s in over his head, the peter kid is everywhere, whenever wade looks up peter is there, smiling, it’s fucking unnerving, he can only guess that he hasn’t been killed yet because he hasn’t left any openings for peter to use, being paranoid as fuck has it’s uses

so wade sets a trap, he cleans the church thoroughly and kneels in front of the alter waiting for peter to realize he’d cracked the cross held by the church’s patron st margaret statue, wade has the biggest shit eating grin on his face when he hears peter scream, the grin dies when he feels a burning hand grab onto his arm and sear his flesh, wade screams as hellfire scorches his body and he catches a glimpse of peter as he was meant to be seen, beautiful and terrifying all at once

wade woke up the next day buck ass naked on the church floor with peter angrily kicking him awake, peter is fucking pissed and it’s because that trap wade had laid that was supposed to turn peter to stone didn’t quite work, peter had grabbed onto wade intending to take the man with him and accidentally bound himself to wade instead

the townsfolk put two and two together pretty goddamn easily when they see wade’s horrific disfiguration and peter sulking in the back of the church, so that’s how wade sort of bound himself and a demon together for all of eternity and cursed himself with immortality, on the bright side exorcisms are so much fucking easier now that he doesn’t have to do any work, most demons and monsters are terrified of peter and vanish as soon as he shows up

peter is understandably angry, he keeps killing wade out of spite and generally tries to make wade’s life hell, in retaliation wade sings exorcisms in latin and has a spray bottle full of holy water he carries around, peter is actually a pretty good cook when he doesn’t put poison in the food

nobody questions wade when he sticks peter in a priest’s vestments and forces him to help clean and restore the church, at this point they just let wade do whatever he wants since he’s the one keeping their demon problem under control

wade isn’t good with the whole social aspect of his job, he’s been invited to so many community functions and dinners with families and he can only avoid them for so long, people actually speak to peter now and he takes great pleasure in making wade as uncomfortable as possible

wade finds out that peter is actually millenia old and he’s been guarding the gates of hell since he was created, when wade asks why a teenager peter says it’s because people don’t question when a teen is alone but they also trust him more because he looks like a child

peter gets very territorial when a vampire family moves into town, wade manages to make a deal with them, since he’s immortal he offers up his blood but it’s not really sustainable because it takes a while to regenerate all that blood so he goes to the mayor and the hospital starts a vampire friendly blood donation program

they just barely manage to kill the werewolf that sneaks into town, it still turns the local doctor, a child and one of the teachers, wade has to broker a peace deal so that the vampires feel comfortable and the new werewolves have protection, it’s a testament to the perseverance of the town when new ordinances makes it so that everybody gets new moons off and it’s just a sort of stay in weekend, wade drags peter along to babysit the werewolves when they turn

when the gates of hell are opened on the day of the total solar eclipse peter tells wade that he can’t fix this unless wade unchains him, there’s no guarantee that peter will fix anything, that peter won’t kill them all, that peter can even do anything, but after all they’ve been through, wade trusts him

“Who blessed Gorehowl, Garrosh Hellscream? Who blessed the axe that slew Cairne Bloodhoof?” Eitrigg’s voice held anger, but it was not directed at Garrosh. 

A sick feeling twisted Garrosh’s gut. 

“Magatha Grimtotem,” he said, his voice a hoarse whisper. 

(…) They stood there staring at one another. And then something broke in Garrosh. 

“She robbed me of my honor,” he said quietly. 

(…) Garrosh stared again at the blood and poison-coated weapon he bore. 

Magatha had stolen his honor. 

Had stolen his respect in the eyes of the Horde he so loved. 

She had used him, used Gorehowl, too, a weapon his father had once wielded.

And Eitrigg was telling him that there were some who believed he would willingly be involved in this? No! He would show Vol’jin and any others who voiced their lies exactly what he thought of them. 

He closed his eyes, clenched his hand on the hilt of Gorehowl, and let the rage take him. 

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Ello! Could we have hc for Klaus having a mate (also ex blood breed) and Zedd crushing on a mermaid (what kind you can deside) thank youuuuuu!



  • it’s strange when Klaus remembers that his s/o was once one of the same creatures that he hunts down
  • and, not going to lie, Klaus gets a little nervous thinking that another blood breed hunter will come along and try and kill his s/o for their past
  • however, he has always been there for s/o as they left behind their past and he has always cared for them
  • and sometimes their old habits will show up again
  • Klaus just has to gently reprimand his s/o on those habits and s/o flushes embarrassedly
  • Klaus can’t imagine his life without his s/o though
  • they mean the world to him and he makes them know that at all times (late at night, through chaste kisses as the two both go to their respective jobs, over the phone, etc.)
  • he is!!! protective of them!!!!! because his s/o deserves the world


  • he finds himself blushing a lot whenever he thinks of his s/o
  • especially when Zapp teases Zed about him finding a certain fish in his life
  • because (although Zed loathe to admit this to Zapp), he’s so right
  • although!!!!! the term ‘fish’ is kinda a cruel thing to call s/o because they are literally so gorgeous to Zed
  • s/o is the most graceful swimmer to Zed as well
  • it makes Zed wish that he had such a beautiful tail because the way his s/o’s moves in the water is A+
  • he hangs back a lot, too nervous to actually go up and talk to s/o (he’s not sure why he’s so bashful RIP)
  • and he just has to watch his crush glide smoothly through the water, their scales glimmering in the scant light coming from the surface of the water and feel his heart beat unpredictably in his chest

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Look I hate the daddy Kiki thing with a passion and the fact that he has looked uncomfortable everytime it was mentioned straight to him makes me respect the guy

This is literally his face when the interviewer and Jenna said daddy kiki

he literally said on the show he doesn’t like being called that

i hate sytycd for pushing/promoting it, i hate how jenna went along with it, i hate how val and all of them pushed it, i hate it he hates it anyone with a functioning brain hates it!!!! and you can tell it makes him SO uncomfortable like jfc stop it!!!!!

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  • Some might expect Sniper to be on top in the bedroom–this couldn’t be any further from the truth. Scout is usually the one dominating the scene, and he has no mercy (except for when he needs to, of course. Respect safe words, kids.)
  • Sniper is into some Kinky Stuff while Scout, being younger and less experienced, is more vanilla. Sniper then shows him the world of soft silk ropes and that all changes.
  • They both have a shared affinity for sexy magazines. Sniper has a collection in his van and Scout regularly ‘borrows’ from it.
  • You bet your ass these two will put on something like Careless Whisper and make sweet, sweet love all night–or, no music except for the sound of Sniper screaming out Scout’s name as he’s pounded from behind, tied up and at his mercy. They have no in between.
  • Sniper’s a voyeur and Scout’s an exhibitionist. Scout often puts on shows for his boyfriend.

can someone tell me where this fanon trend of making ladybug hate chat’s puns, hate chat’s humor, hate chat’s flirting, and be all around irritated with him in general comes from? seriously. 


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As I was re-watching one piece film z I remembered why Brook is one of the most beautiful Strawhat members:

he’s protecting his captain from the rain, but he’s so tall and the umbrella wouldn’t reach Luffy, so he BENDS DOWN IN ORDER TO COVER HIM.



He’s already dead tho… yohoho

And then they just walk off like that, with Brook holding up the umbrella for the future pirate king like nothing, because he’s such a wonderful skeleton and HE CARES FOR HIS CAPTAIN HEALTH, GOSH NO DROP WOULD DARE TOUCH HIS CAPTAIN’S FAIR SKIN FIGHT HIM !!!!



There’s a lot of discorse about the new season and that’s understandable BUT I want you guys to look at something with me for a second. 

 I wanna talk about Keith and Lance. We all know Keith’s going through a lot, the blade of marmora is convincing him his own life matters less than the mission, that if he died it would just be for the greater good of the cause. So he’s pulling away, trying to make it so that Voltron doesn’t need him so that he could be… disposable. 

So Keith talks to Shiro and tries to get him to go back to being the black paladin. And *cough cough* fake *cough* Shiro tells him to buckle the heck up and stop whining and just be the black paladin. He doesn’t see, in that moment just what Keith is trying to do. So he gets mad. 

This is a face of pure dissapointment in Shiro. And Keith sees it. He really sees it, and feels it too. But he doesnt know what to do about it.

He’s the lone wolf, right? He doesn’t know how to function in a team properly. In the B.O.M he’s much more independant. Yes, he gets orders and people he goes on with missions but if you really watch most of those missions involve very little teamwork. 

So Keith is pulling away, but at the same time he’s getting the rejection from everyone in the team that’s pushing him away. When he shows up late in the begining of episode one Hunk, Pidge and Lance are super pissed at him, right? 


No, go back and look at Lance. He’s not angry. He’s worried. 

Yeah, he says “Are you even taking this seriously?” But think about it. Keith is someone who throws himself into missions. He takes everything he does seriously and he puts a 100% of himself into what he does. He doesn’t half ass things, and it pays off. He gets results. 

Lance is used to seeing Keith do well. At the Garrison he was top of the class, when he was still with Voltron he usually spent his free time training. And now, all of a sudden he’s late to missions, falling behind while he’s the leader. 

Not only that but remember this scene? 

 Again,everyone looks super pissed right? No look at Lance. 

And remember the dialogue? 

Allura:You keep saying you’re sorry but your actions say otherwise. Do you realise that your actions put the entire team in jeoprady? 
Lance: And not Just the team but the refugees too. 

and again, look at his face as he says it. 

He’s not angry. He’s confused there. Think about it. What did Keith tell Pidge when she tried to leave? That other people’s lives were at stake if she left. Keith cares about the people he’s out there protecting. Lance understands that this is not how Keith normally is. 

We know that they got closer in season 3 with Lance opening up to Keith and all and you might even call them friends. Sure he’s not as close as (the real) Shiro is to Keith, but he’s close enough to see Keith isn’t himself. 

But what if… what if Keith did open up. 

I get that this might be somewhat of a reach BUT if you watch Keith’s vlog, it’s very likely he wasn’t alone when he filmed it (he looks like he’s talking to someone off camera. but also tells them to get them out of there. Not only that but the camera turns off and from how emotional he got and the way he was walking its unlikely he turned it off and if you watch Allura’s vlog, she definitely gets closer to turn it off). Now my first thought would be that seeming it’s tech related it would be likely that Pidge would be with him. 

But it doesn’t seem like something that Pidge would be into. Sitting and making vlogs with the paladins. Not her style. 

Okay so maybe Coran? He was the first to upload a vlog, and the camera might be some castle gear? Sounds reasonable enough. But why only be there for Keith’s vlog? Allura was definitely alone during her’s. Also, I dont see them having the kind of bond where Keith would say any of that to Coran. No offense Space unc, we love you. 

OKAY so not Coran or Pidge… so maybe Allura? 

No, the bond isn’t strong enough. As someone who is pretty similar to Keith in defense mechanisms, I don’t see him trusting her to a point where he’s this open with her especially after what happened the last time he opened up about his Galra identity. 

(We all know where I’m going with this, but for argument’s sake; I will keep going. Feel free to skip ahead.) 

Okay so Hunk maybe? He has the tech know-how and stood up for Keith during the whole Galra thing. Even if he did tease him a little… Okay but even then they haven’t really had much bonding since then. I suppose it’s possible if Keith was feeling particularly vulnerable and whatever. But… Would Hunk really bother Keith to make a vlog? and would Keith ask Hunk to help with a vlog? 

It doesn’t really seem in character. Yes, they’re closer but still… not close enough. 

So that leaves Shiro and Lance. First, lets look at why I don’t think it’s Shiro. 

As we know Shiro is someone Keith looks up to. He’s always extremely respectful towards him and it shows in his facial expressions and way of speaking. 

but then look at this; 

Thats not a face Keith would make at Shiro.

You know who he does make faces like that at? 

L A N C E 

So lets think about this. Does Lance have the tech know how? Well he’s always stealing Pidge’s shit so I’mma go ahead and say, yeah to that one. Allura seems equally technically inclined as Lance, so seeming she has no trouble with it that makes sense. 

And even if Keith didn’t ask Lance to help him with his vlog, you know what does seem Lance like? Suggesting Keith makes a vlog. 

So lets asume here, for a moment that Lance knows about Keith’s abandonment issues. That would explain why he looks so worried in the screenshot from before, right? He knows Keith is feeling rejected by his team and he knows that Keith’s behaviour has changed since he started working more with the blade. 

But while they got closer in season 3, and Lance has a better understanding of Keith now, I also think Keith was eager to put some distance between them after that outburst. So he starts working with the blade a lot, right? Meaning Lance hardly sees him. 

So they take a few steps back in their friendship.

And then Kolivan calls Keith to a mission that they all know will be dangerous and look at Lance’s face. 

Yes, you could read it as Lance not wanting his spotlight gone BUT remember that Lance isn’t as shallow as he seems at first glance. He’s not the loverboy he pretends to be and few realise it, but he masks a lot of his emotions. 

Yes, Lance thrives on attention. But do you really think that he would prioritise a show over a mission that could give them a great boost in power? No, this isn’t about the show, this goes deeper. He’s worried. He’s worried about Keith. 

He doesn’t want him to go. He needs him around. But he cant tell him that. Especially not in front of everyone. 

So what does Lance do? 

He makes a stupid argument, its not much, but it’s all he’s got. “We can’t razzle dazzle the crowd with four lions.” 
We need you, I need you. Thats what he’s trying to say. 

And Keith refuses. 

So Lance has that same expression. He’s looking at Shiro in dissbelief this time because he can’t believe he’s letting him go. 

So what we’ve established thus far is the following; 

-Lance definitely feels closer to Keith than he used to. 
-Lance was probably there during Keith’s vlog.
-Lance isn’t as straight forward as people think he is. 
-There’s probably some distance between them right now. 
-Lance has noticed Keith’s change in behaviour. 

So with all that in mind, do you really think Lance doesn’t see that Keith is in a bad place. He knows something is up. He can feel Keith pulling and he’s trying to tell him that they need him around but he doesn’t know how to say it. And then… then Keith tells them he’s leaving. 

yeah, everyone looks sad, but look at Lance. He looks deep in thought. What do you think he’s thinking? He just realised he lost Keith. And he gets it. Suddenly it all makes sense. Keith more or less reforced the bond between Black and Shiro and he was acting strange, showing up late. This is what’s been up with Keith and Lance finally figure out that this whole time, he was losing Keith. 

But he gives it one last try. 

Who am I going to make fun of? 

It’s so much more than a playfull jab. Think about it. Really think about it. 

“Who am I going to make fun of?”

Who am I gonna talk to? 

Don’t go. 

steve: nice work, dustin!

dustin: great. thanks dad

everyone: *silent and staring at him*

dustin: why is everyone staring at me?

nancy: you just called steve ‘dad’. you said 'thanks dad’

dustin: what? no i didn’t i said 'thanks man’

steve: do you see me as a father figure, dustin?

dustin: no! if anything i see you as a bother figure. because you’re always bothering me!

hopper: hey! show your father some respect!

  • Dustin: I finished that essay you told me to do.
  • Steve: Yes, I saw. Nice work.
  • Dustin: Alright, cool. Thanks, dad.
  • Mike: Oh my God.
  • Dustin: What? Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Lucas: You just called Steve "dad". You said, "thanks, dad."
  • Dustin: What? No, I didn't. I said, "thanks, man."
  • Steve: Do you see me as a father figure, Dustin?
  • Dustin: No, I see you as a bother figure! Because you're always bothering me!
  • Max: Hey, show your father some respect!
  • Dustin: I didn't call him dad!

Kolvina + Driving

some people on gaten’s livestream called him “daddy” and he said “no i’m not, please stop” he’s fucking 15 guys, he’s uncomfortable with it, yet people kept on doing it, show him respect and don’t be a creep even if you’re around the same age as he is

thanks dad
  • Sirius: Did you get my report on the last raid?
  • Moody: Yeah I looked it over, nice work.
  • Sirius: Thanks dad.
  • *everyone freezes*
  • Sirius: Why is everyone staring at me?
  • Marlene: You just called Mad-Eye "dad". You said "Thanks dad"
  • Sirius: What?! No I didn't. I said "thanks man".
  • Moody: Do you see me as a father figure, Black?
  • Sirius: No. If anything I see you as a bother figure, cause you're always bothering me.
  • James: Hey! Show your father some respect.
  • Sirius: I didn't call him "dad"!
  • Moody: No, no, no Sirius. I take it as a compliment.
  • Peter: It's not a big deal, I called Mary "mum" once and we are dating.
  • Sirius: Guys! Jump on that! Peter has psycho-sexual issues.
  • Lily: Old news. But you calling Holt "daddy"--
  • Sirius: Hey! "Daddy" is not on the table here.
  • Random Death Eater: But you did call him "dad", dude.
  • Sirius: You, shut up. You've done nothing but lie since you got here.
  • Random Death Eater: Alright, alright I was lying about Imperius but the "dad" thing, that happened.
  • Sirius: AHA! He admitted that he was lying about being under Imperius! It was a trap. All part of my crazy, devious plan.
  • Moody: No, I believe you...
  • Sirius: Thank you.
  • Moody: ... son. You want to talk about it later over a game of catch?
  • Sirius: *silently* I'd like that.

johnny being worried when you disappear for the day due to sadness❔

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Okay so hi, I was wondering why Robbie isn't in the show anymore? I joined the fandom last season so I don't have any idea what happened behind the scenes pre-Season 12.

Writers move on! 

Robbie left the show after season 11 - IN ONE OF THE MOST SAVAGE MOVES IN NETWORK TELEVISION HISTORY BY THE WAY, MORE ON THAT BELOW - to work on some of his other projects

It was a very sad day for me but that does unfortunately happen in show business! There was absolutely some tension between Robbie and TPTB at the time, AS EVIDENCED BY HIS SAVAGE FUCKING EXIT, but I can’t speak to whether that was really a contributing factor in his decision to leave. But I like to think that it was, for the #drama of it all.

Explanation on Robbie’s SPN career and final episode, plus why I’m willing to die for him, can be found below:

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