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Tired [Part:4]
  • Pairing: Jerome Valeska/Joker x Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman.
  • AU included: DC/MARVEL. Possible Suicide Squad.
  • Prompt: You had enough with Jerome as he keeps seducing other girls in front of you so you plan to leave him and go to New York. Where you will find yourself stuck in the web of another bug who will fall in love with you.

Ey~ The author is back from obsessing with a boy named Chase Goehring who almost looks like Cameron Monaghan now that he is all grown up lolol; anyways. IM BACK, I got author’s block so I just added the clown ;). Also I might add the Suicide Squad if you guys don’t mind, just for the fillers of the charaters~ Anyways I hope you guys like it! It’s kind of rushed but I just hope you guys still enjoy reading it. Also to declare my love for Chase, I added his original song here~ Check him out if you want!!! Ps. I’m still trying to practice my transitions XD

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So,” Steve Rogers coughed at the silence. “(Y/N), we would provide all your needs and clean your criminal record if you become a trainee of the Avengers just like Mr. Parker here.” He sipped the black coffee while staying eye contact at you, the whole Avengers including Nick Fury are here. Staring intently at you, waiting for your answer. Well except for Clint Barton who is cleaning his arrows and Tony Stark who is playing Mobile Legends on his device. Even though he has a Bluetooth earplug on, you could steal hear the sound waves slipping out.

“If not, we would have to put in you in death sentence for all the crimes you did.” Nick Fury fixed his eye at you while Bruce Banner nodded. “It’s for the safety miss.” Bruce said.

Peter stared at you; you were beside him throughout the session about what they would do to you. Tony Stark found you inside Peter’s bedroom and by force he cuffed your hands up while you gazed back at him with antipathy. He along with Peter brought to you to the Stark Building while Peter stared at you in worry and guilt. He couldn’t feel but blame himself of letting you get caught. If he gave you to the policemen it would be much better since they didn’t really know exactly who you’re than giving you to the Avengers and if you declined their option then you would be dead. He just hoped that you considered the accord

This might be the beginning of the change in your life, you thought. You wouldn’t let this decision to a waste, “Well, sure.” You beamed.

Steve almost spitted his coffee, “That sure?”

“How could we surely know if she won’t back stab us?” Natasha Romanoff banged both of her hands on the table and stood, she stared at the members and Fury for answers and death glared you while you just jerked your shoulders up in reply. Fury breath out heavily in annoyance, “Romanoff sit down. I’ll assign someone to look out for her.”

“And who is this someone?” Wanda Maximoff initiated while Vision bobbed his head at her question.

Bucky Barnes, are you willing to?” Every person in the room stared at the Winter Soldier who was, as well, startled at what Fury said. He nictates then has grasped to the reality, “No.”

Barnes,” Sam Wilson threatened.

“Barnes it is, you will train her tomorrow between six to ten and would be beside her at any cost.” Fury nodded while Barnes mumbled incoherent words as he whined to himself at the negligence. Peter shot his hand to the air and they considered to look at him, “Isn’t it better if I? You know, teach her? I know her more.” Fury didn’t spared an eye at him and continue on discussing. You gave him a knowing smile for at least trying; the boy was embarrassed but nodded at you. At least he gave a good impression to you.

“I chose him because I heard from your records you prefer using guns and your aim is quite good so he’s good for you.” Fury added, you just agreed along. It’s not like it could be hard right? You thought. Fury rose and nodded at the group.

“Alright, dismiss.”


You take it all back; being schooled by this gloomy man is hard as fuck than you would ever think of.  Now that you know his true colors, you would want to acknowledge at Peter educating you instead. If only there’s a working time machine.

Alright doll! Training is over, now screw off.” Bucky gathered up the guns and started to clean them. You rolled your eyes and do what he said. You and Barnes never had a good connection to each other, he trains you and that’s it. He didn’t even bother to try and start up a conversation to you. As for the other Avengers, you were pretty good friends with Sam and Bruce. Sam was like a big brother to you and Bruce was like the father you never had, literally. Your father just died when you were a child and you didn’t spend a lot of time with him so you considered it. But with the other Avengers member, you were in an awkward acquaintance stage; you don’t really talk to them much, especially to Natasha. You could feel her preparing to clash onto you as soon as you entered a room with her on it. Now between your relationship with Peter, it started to blossom. You found yourself entertained being with him and you two being close as ever. Tony even teased about how you two are like a couple and you both just retorted with just laughing it all out but you didn’t notice the blush on Peter’s face as he stuttered, denying it.

You walked towards the kitchen and opened the fridge to get a cool water after all the combat training and learning how to use all of the guns, as you closed it you sensed someone near at the are. It was Peter in his enhanced suit made by Stark, he was upside down but then flipped and landed on the ground. “So, uh, I noticed you’ve been changing?”

“Hm?” you chugged down the water while looking at him in amusement.

“I mean you’re not like before. Insane and stuff, it’s great!” He scratched the nape on his neck and bashfully looks at you.

You chuckled at him trying to compliment you by starting a conversation, which was quite awkward. “Thanks mate,” you smiled at him. Yes, you indeed notice that there was a drastic change on living in New York and at the spare room of the tower for a month. Not only did you not think about your past relationship but you were healing with the help of Bruce and Tony with their medication, you didn’t even think that Tony can be a therapist but he just shrugged it off by saying he just learned how to by just reading some books few hours ago which you didn’t regard on but Bruce told you otherwise.

“So why early here? Don’t you have school?” you leaned towards the counter.

“School cancelled off and I just want to hang out with my best friends. Also you’re around my age why are you not enrolled in school instead?”

“Green guy teaches me, Fury couldn’t trust me going to school without making a ruckus.”

“Well that’s sad,” he said but you couldn’t help but notice his body language. He seems to drone out in his mind.

“Something matters?”

“Well, err, could you teach me how to play a guitar? I heard from Mr. Stark that you know how to play instruments and used to perform music at the circus. The class needs to play an original song on a stage individual for the Music subject. I don’t really listen in this subject to be honest,” he was playing on his hands as he looks sheepishly at the ground. You chortled a laugh, “Oh wow, the wise Peter needs my help?”

“I seriously need your help (Y/N).”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll help you; I’ll just take a shower. Meet me in front of my rom by eleven. Also, dress normal.” You stared up and down at his suit.

Thank you so much!”


“Now that’s good notes right there,” complimenting him as he strung the guitar that he borrowed from you. He asked if he could use it for the presentation and you just comply nonetheless. You and Peter made a tune for the past few days and he was going to perform tomorrow. When he finished he grinned an adorable smile at you while you clap your hands.

“We made the tune but how about the lyrics?”

“Don’t worry about that, I already made few lines,” he murmured.


It was now Wednesday. You are with Bucky and have managed to sneak in at the school where Peter attended. You got miffed when Bucky lend a hand but respected it since Fury ordered him, it’s not like the man has a choice. When you arrived the basketball area where the stage is, a lot of people compiled in. You and Bucky stuck around the corner with your masks up, trying to blend in. One by one people played, some got the hang on it, some just doesn’t know how to sing or play, some didn’t follow the rules and sang a non-homemade song. Then it came to Peter, he was there looking around. Evident that he was nervous. His eyes landed at you, which was shocked, he didn’t tell you to come and you came by your own will. He returned his concentration to what he was supposed to do, now more anxious than before. He grabbed the hold of the mic and introduced himself “Uh, Hi? M-My name is Peter Parker and I m-made a song called Hurt’. It is basically about a girl in a bad relationship and I’m kind of like, hey you’re not in a good position right now. I could really help you now if you just gave me a chance.”

He then averted his attention back to you, “Uh, okay I’ll just. Err, play now.”

He then proceeded to play the tune that you taught him, not missing a note.  To be honest, his voice didn’t sound that great but it was full of emotions that you wouldn’t care about it.

Hey, baby, you don’t have to live this way
You don’t have a debt to pay
So put your foot down and pick your heart up, off of the ground
Cause that’s not where you belong, I can prove that without this song
But for now just play along

Your heart started to ache; you now know why he won’t let you assist him on writing the lyrics. This song was about you, you felt flattered but at the same time in full devastation. You started to recall your memories about Jerome.

The first greetings, “Hey my name’s Jerome. You?”

The way he comforts you when you got tomatoes stains on your outfit, “Don’t worry, someday I’ll get you out of this hell hole. For the time being, let me help you practice more so that it won’t happen again.”

The first I love you’s, “I love you my queen, will you be my girlfriend?”

The gift’s he gave to you, ”Darling I have something for you! It’s a pistol!”

The lie’s he said to you, “She’s just another toy, love. I still love you.”

The way he got angry when you pestered what his relationship with Harley is.

“I had enough with this bullshit Jerome!” the guards where out of the room where all of the mentally ill people is for three pm to five. You where harshly whispering at Jerome trying not makes a scene but then he beat you to it. “I’M SICK OF YOU FUCKING PESTERING ME THE SAME SUBJECT OVER AND OVER AGAIN, WELL UNLIKE YOU SWEETHEART SHE IS NOT BORING AND ALMOST SANE!” he grabbed a hold of your hair that was on ponytail and yanked you towards his face. The people around you silenced and watched the scene occur, probably enjoying it. Barbara stared at you, her face plastered concern and disorientation. Jerome grinned ferociously and noticed the reticence that started to hug the place, “Don’t worry about us! We are just having a couple fight~” That night when you were in your room you started to wail silently, pondering where is the Jerome you adored.

“I know you’ve been hurt by the way that he talks to you
Hurt by the way that he fights with you
Hurt by the way, that he loves you
I know you’ve been hurt by the way that he talks to you
Hurt by the way that he fights with you
Hurt by the way, that he loves you”

When he was about to get into the second verse, you left with your eyes bulging out with tears. Bucky begun to chase you but you eventually run out of the building and onto the yard section. Some people where eating their lunch there and pestering happily. Bucky lost you and started to find you everywhere, his eyebrows furrowed. That’s when he heard the scream of girls nearby, the door beside him started to bang as it opened and girls and some males started to flee while crying franticly. He was confused so he entered and was soon meet with a group of people; he only knew two of them. He noticed you were there, kneeling. The group held weapons, some were wearing a mask some didn’t care less. He runs towards you, backing you up as he brought out his guns that were hidden in his jacket. Aiming towards the man.

You stared in front you couldn’t believe it. After all those days, he meant his word.

“(Y/N), darling! I missed you so much!”

There he was, the man who broke your heart into pieces.

“I found you! I won the game. Now I need the price, I need you.”

Who could’ve thought that you were bad at the game of Hide n’ Seek.

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Hello! Can I make a request of the rfa reacting to a mc with really bad period cramps? Like 👌🏽 close to ripping out her own uterus bad?

aa yes! I love this idea! sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner ; - ; I was in the hurricane w/ no power. but YeS i lov this

♥ He’d just come home from school and see you sitting on the couch holding your stomach. He’d be really confused at first.
“Sweetheart, are you sick? Did you get the flu? I’ll mAKE SOME SOup.”
♥ Once you explained to him you had really intense menstruation cramps, he’d calm down a bit. I feel like he’d be one of the calmer ones in the situation since he had a loving family that probably educated him.
♥ He’d tell you to take it easy and lie down, he’d even skip his daily LOLOL gaming session just to cuddle with you and rub your stomach.
♥ He’d stock up his house with Midol and other medicines immediately so you would never be uncomfortable in his house again.
♥ even though youre not sick he still makes like 9 bowls of soup for you and watches you eat every single one.

♥ Zen would be practicing his lines or modeling some new clothes in front of you, asking your opinion and your critique.
♥ Zen would notice you uncomfortably shifting around and grasping your stomach, wincing every now and then.
“Babe, is something wrong?”
♥ You’d tell him you were having super bad menstruation cramps and he’d be a bit more tense than Yoosung. He didn’t have a family that taught him any of this, so naturally, he had to learn it on his own.
♥ He didn’t have much medicine in the house because he rarely ever got sick, he’d go out to the pharmacy and buy a bunch of random medicine for you.
it was never the right medicine but at least he was trying
♥ He’d skip practices just to hang out with you until it was over, he hated seeing you uncomfortable.
♥ If you felt bloated or gross he’d immediately drop everything to hold you and tell you how beautiful and wonderful you are to him.

♥ Since she’s a lady, she’d understand how painful periods can be. Her house would always be stocked with medicine and necessities. If you needed stronger medication, she’d contact Jumin to get the best medications she could get for you.
♥ If things got super bad, she’d take off shifts to see you. Unfortunately, she’s a busy woman so she wouldn’t be able to be there for you aLL THE TIME EVEN IF SHE REALLY WANTED TO.
♥ When she got home from work, she’d turn on your favorite shows and you guys would cuddle and eat your favorite snacks (even if she didn’t like them).
♥ SHOULDER RUBS! She would give you shoulder/back massages all the time.
♥ She would let you use her heating pad even if she was on her period as well.
♥ She’d go online to research what else would assuage your cramps, she’d try to find herbal tea recipes online that would help with your pain.
“I know how you feel, MC, and I’ll try my best to make sure you’re comfortable.”

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•RFA Proposal/Wedding Headcanons!•

- this boy
- would be extra af with his proposal
- he’d get you a front row ticket to one of his shows
- as the applause dies down from his final curtain call he turns to you
- “(y/n), I love you more than I love myself Will you marry me?”
- it would be all over the media outlets
- Musical Actor Zen Settling Down!!?
- half his fans (probably the same ones who believed Echo Girl all those years ago tbh) would be pissed lol
- but his TRUE fans (Jaehee included) would be happy for the both of you
- red roses/rose petals everywhere in the venue.
- actually the colors of the wedding would just be red and white. Red and white everywhere
- there’s a whole platter of goldfish shaped buns on the buffet table shoutout to Mr. Kim
- Zen would wear an all white suit and maybe a black tie he would look beautiful as always
- he’d tear up as you walked down the aisle let’s be honest
- his vows would be cheesy as hell
- probably sneak in some lines from his favorite characters in there too
- he’d barely be able to contain himself once the officiator says “you may now kiss the bride”
- he’d lift up your veil and caress your cheek and smile at you for a moment before he kisses you
- he kisses you so sweetly and gently and he’s smiling into the kiss
- your first dance would be to some sappy romantic love song that Zen recorded himself surprise
- immediately afterwards Seven would just steal you away
- Zen would be slightly annoyed GIVE ME BACK MY WIFE LUCIEL
- you dance with all of the RFA at some point
- even Baehee
- when Zen finally gets you back he doesn’t let go for the rest of the night
- he’s always touching you in some way whether it be holding your hand, having his arm around your waist, etc.
- the cake is three tiers
- vanilla, red velvet, vanilla
- white chocolate and raspberry
- Seven wouldn’t be drunk but his speech would be complete nonsense anyways
- wedding night get ready he’s gONNA UNLEASH THE BEAST

- he asks you with with LOLOL
- he cooks you a very nice romantic dinner for your anniversary
- like
- it’s actually really nice though??
- like the food is amazing and he set out candles and it’s very nice
- he’s all cute and adorable and blushy throughout the whole dinner
- after dessert he wants to give you your present
- “No the dinner was more than enough omg what else could you give me?”
- it’s a tiny replica of his LOLOL avatar
- but wait
- what’s this in its hand??
- it’s a diamond ring
- to answer your question- “the rest of my life :)”
- although you don’t straight up cosplay your LOLOL avatars at your wedding….
- your outfit colors match the avatars’ colors that was the compromise
- Seven is the officiator because reasons
- Yoosung’s guild is invited
- V is there too! Yay forgiveness!
- the kiss was just short of a peck and you’re both blushing when you pull away
- you know how you slow dance in middle school? Like the girls have their arms around the guy’s shoulders and the guy has his hands on her waist and it’s a little awkward and essentially like an extended hug?
- yeah that’s your first dance with this bab
- also you know how sometimes people have bride and groom cake toppers?
- your LOLOL avatars are your cake toppers
- he would totally boop frosting on your nose trust me on this
- ah yes the wedding night
- this could go several ways
- 1) very vanilla and sweet
- 3) you nerds are up all night on LOLOL still in your clothes from the reception

- she would be so shy about it
- like it’d take her forever to work up the courage to ask you to marry her
- the proposal would be sweet and simple
- literally
- she hid the ring in your dessert when you two were on a coffee date
- this poor baby she was so stressed trying to plan the wedding she wanted perfection
- eventually you convince her to let you help
- the wedding is v small it’s pretty much just the RFA
- but that’s all you two need
- it’s such a nice wedding
- flowers and fairy lights and just very pretty in general like her
- Baehee’s in a pretty white flowy dress with flowers in her hair like the a n g e l she is
- your kiss is very soft and sweet
- Zen dances with both of you individually at some point
- he also sings the song for your first dance
- she’s internally fangirling so hard this adorable child
- high key she made your wedding cake
- and pretty much everything else on the dessert table
- your wedding cake is a simple two layer naked cake with berries
- you spend your wedding night watching (and singing along very loudly) to Zen’s musicals

- he ties the ring to Elly’s collar
- and then sends her to your room to wake you up
- you wake up to a kiss on the forehead and soft white mound and the smell of pancakes
- “Good morning, darling”
- well someone’s being exceptionally sweet this morning
- “What’s the occasion?”
- he just shrugs and “I just felt like it”
- you’re very suspicious of Mista Trust Fund Kid as he doesn’t just do things like this
- you’re enjoying breakfast in bed and petting Elly when you see something sparkly on her collar
- “Jumin what’s thi-”
- you almost choke on your pancakes when you realize what it is
- “(y/n) will you be my business partner for life?”
- you almost smack him with a pillow but you’re too happy so you don’t
- Breaking News: Jumin Han Does Not Gay
- but the RFA members are the most important clearly
- V is the best man ofc
- he hired a wedding planner so everything is pretty much down to a T
- he looks nicer than usual in his tux with a white rose in the lapel
- you basically have a princess dress he hired the best tailors to custom make it for you
- Elizabeth 3rd is the ring bearer and she has the cutest little ribbon on for the occasion
- your first dance is a waltz
- the wedding cake is HUGE
- the power of money wow
- he’s surprisingly vanilla on your wedding night
- just wants to love you
- but on the rest of your honeymoon….
- …Mrs. Han, Mr. Han will see you now

- probably hacks into your computer from the next room to propose to you
- you’re just scrolling through social media when all of a sudden your screen glitches out
- “I’m innocent I swear!” he yells from the next room
- you’re about to go whoop his ass when your computer stops glitching
- instead of whatever you were looking at now it’s Seven on the screen
- “I’m just gonna get to the point. Be the Honey Buddha Chips to my Ph. D. Pepper?”
- now he’s standing in the doorway smiling with his hands in his pockets
- “So, (y/n), what do you say?”
- then he gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring
- space themed wedding duh
- this fuckin nerd wears a space suit to the altar when will your fave ever
- who needs a traditional wedding dress when yOU CAN HAVE A GALAXY PRINT WEDDING DRESS
- a bunch of random ass guests at the wedding
- Luciel did you invite longcat???
- poor Zen has to leave the room bc allergies
- his neighborhood friend Tom is the best man duh
- his vows are actually really sweet
- “(y/n), I didn’t know what true happiness was until you came into my life. I love you more than Elly. ”
- Jumin breathes a sigh of relief
- your first dance consists of a mashup of viral dance trends and dabbing
- you already know what the food and drink at the reception will consist of
- that’s right
- there is “actual food” as per literally everyone else’s request
- lol you know what his wedding gift for you is
- Custom sex toys
- enjoy your honeymoon ;)))

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Can I get RFA+V+Saeran's reactions to MC having an amazing singing voice but she refuses to do any auditions for things because she doesn't want to deal with the stress that comes with being a celebrity?

((Of course!))


  • He first hears her singing to herself while she’s helping him clean his apartment
  • He can’t help but stop and listen because it’s so beautiful
  • MC notices, and stops singing
  • He urges MC to continue, and asks if she sings professionally
  • She admits that she does sing for private events, but doesn’t want to do anything big because she’s bad at handling stress
  • Yoosung understands not being able to handle stress (He is a student after all)
  • He does convince her to do one cover of a LOLOL song
  • But he never pushes her to audition or do anything she isn’t comfortable with


  • He finds out when she helps him with one of the songs for a musical
  • He’s in awe of her voice
  • He’s convinced she is an angel
  • Zen asks if her if she ever considered being a musical actor like him
  • She admits that at one time she did, but she realized she couldn’t deal with the stress after she became super popular in high school. Too many expectations.
  • He gets the high expectation thing, so he doesn’t push the matter
  • MC is required to sing every single duet with him from now on though. Yes, even the Disney ones


  • She and MC were watching one of Zen’s DVDs when suddenly, MC began singing along to one of the songs
  • Two of Jaehee’s favorite people were singing together. Don’t tell me she wouldn’t start crying with joy
  • Afterwords she asked if you had ever sang on a stage.
  • MC admits that although she does want to write an album, she doesn’t want to deal with the stress that comes with fame
  • Jaehee completely gets the stress thing, and she would never want MC to be stressed like she was 
  • She will might convince MC to sing with Zen at one point…She’s recording the whole thing during Karaoke


  • He overhears MC singing to Elizabeth 3rd
  • He’s amazed at her voice.
  • He silently listens to MC  
  • Once she’s done, he’ll begin clapping softly
  • MC is bright red
  • He tells her that she is very good and asks where she learned to sing like that
  • MC admits that she had planned to become a professional performer, but when she began, she became so overwhelmed that she shut down and had to quit for her health
  • Jumin admits that their health is the most important thing
  • He’s gonna ask to have a private concert though.


  • He already knew MC was in a choir for her church
  • But when he went to her church and MC sang a solo
  • The guy was convinced that he had died and gone to heaven
  • Afterwords he asked why MC only sang at church because her voice is so beautiful
  • She admitted that she was worried about the stress that came with being famous
  • He does offer to help MC become famous if she still wants to
  • But he will never push MC to do something she don’t want to do
  • He’s totally going to make MC sing so that he can make it his ringtone


  • He has very good hearing so he heard MC from outside the bathroom
  • When MC gets out, she asks him how long he’s been standing there
  • He just answers a while
  • He feels like he’s heard her before and asks if she’s done any public singing
  • MC admits that she did do some singing on the street for a while to earn a little bit of extra cash
  • He asks if she intends to do any auditions for a more professional role
  • MC replies that she doesn’t want to have to deal with the stress that comes with being a celebrity
  • He gets that, thus why he used the name V with his photos and isn’t very open about his pictures
  • He might suggest that MC does the same thing if they’re interested
  • Either way, he loves hearing her sing and his whole face lights up when he hears her warming up her voice


  • He was concentrating on his computer when a voice broke his concentration
  • He was frustrated and went to see what it was
  • When he found out it was MC singing a lullaby, he immediately forgot why he went there in the first place. He just kind of stood there in awe
  • Suddenly MC switches to a rock song, and begins rocking out. He finds it too funny and begins laughing 
  • MC suddenly turns off the music embarrassed
  • After he stops laughing at MC’s headbanging, he asks MC if she was in a band
  • She admits that she used to be part of a small metal band in high school, but nothing too big. The stress of being famous didn’t appeal to her, so the band never did anything big
  • He finds it amusing that the sweet MC was once in a metal band
  • He’s so going to put on his favorite screamo music and sing along with MC
  • Until Saeyoung gets home…then he will deny everything.