for the record i definitely imagine sam as being a top

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imagine this: matt meets the voltron team and notices that keith's there. he then proceeds to unsubtly comment on WHAT A COINCIDENCE IT IS (it must be fated eh wink nudge) that here he is, the wonderboy that hung around shiro / that shiro occasionally (read: often) namedropped during their journey to kerberos.

oh i like this!! i mean, the kerberos crew were all crammed together on this tiny ship for–six months, i think pidge said? and that’s a long time, so of course you start swapping stories and stuff, and since shiro knows about katie we can infer the holts must have talked about her a lot. i mean, shes a genius who can build tech out of spare parts that works even better than the garrison’s presumably multi-billion dollar equipment, so you know they mustve had a lot to talk about. shiro seems familiar with her family, and pidge mentions how close matt and sam always were with their crews, and yet…she doesnt seem to know much about shiro?? 

so i really do think shiro isnt close with his family at all. He and keith are the only ones who never mention missing their families or earth. and i mean, keith is an orphan alien so it makes sense a lot of his backstory is mysterious, and we at least see his dad and the shack as some semblance of home. but shiro? we get nothing. i have to wonder whats going on with him, because after being gone a year and thought dead, i would think he’d miss his family even more. or at least ask about what they did for his funeral or something. with pidge at least, you’d think hed divulge something about missing his family after the mission too, since she knows what he’s going through. but he seems??? really private and distant about it?? he even seems to think of sam holt as more of a father figure than his own, since the advice he gives pidge comes from sam instead of his own father (and this is before he realizes who pidge is) 

even when he arrives back on earth, the only actual welcome home he gets is from keith, and in keith’s very own home no less. (theres also the fact that keith apparently has a change of clothes in shiro’s size waiting for him, which could imply that shiro either left them himself or keith stashed a dead man’s stuff away for a year just in case he magically showed up, but thats all so vague im gonna just leave it at that) but point is, i think shiro’s relationship with keith is the closest we see to him having any kind of home or family. (also, i think shiro’s homecoming at keith’s place kinda parallels when keith returns to the shack and his dad welcomes him back in bom. so i think the desert shack definitely equals home for keith, and by associating shiro with it the writers further establish that shiro very much does have a home with him)

so, anyway, in lieu of his family i could imagine shiro telling the holts all about keith. oh hes the greatest pilot we’ve ever seen, he broke all my records and you should see how good he is at close combat! kind of quiet and runs off on his own, but in the simulator he always puts his team first. A natural born leader who really cares about his crew. and shiro just like beams every time he talks about him, and by the time theyre past jupiter the holts are probably like if i have to hear one more word about keith kogane–   

oh also! you know how pidge has that photo of when matt left? i like to think matt had a copy too that he kept back on the ship. and how sad would it be if shiro had one of him and keith before takeoff that was either left on the shuttle or confiscated along with his suit and stuff by the galra  but anyway ya i like the idea that shiro’s told matt about keith! he might have heard of him at least, being that keith was the top cadet back when matt and shiro were still at the garrison

No Payne No Gain

TEXT: Paul Flynn


Last year LIAM PAYNE had a conversation with Justin Bieber. He doesn’t usually do this sort of thing. There’s a shop Liam frequents in Los Angeles. Whenever he sees one of Will Smith’s kids or a Kardashian he feels too self-conscious to introduce himself. “There’s still that little boy inside of me,” he says. With Bieber, it was different.

Like each of the select bands who go through their boy-to-man rite of passage in full public glare, Liam at 23 is a disarming mix of confidence, knowledge and conviviality wrapped up in a frightened canary let out of its cage. Sometimes he’s the boy at the bus stop. Sometimes drops in reflexive anecdotes about his dealings with Donald Trump. No one understands Bieber’s experiences with quite the same clarity on quite the same timeframe as Liam and his four One Direction buddies.

“Obviously [Bieber]’s struggled a lot through the way the world looked upon him,” Liam says. “I don’t feel sorry for him,” he continues, “he’s great guy, inside there’s a really good heart. I said, look, the difference between me and you is that I had four different boys going through the same thing to look to. He didn’t have that.” Quite out of character, Liam Payne reached out a hand to his peer. “I said to him, listen, take my number and any time you want to have a chat, let me know because I’m here and I understand exactly what you’re going through and I understand your world.”

It was a lovely thing to do. “He needs somebody like that and in that position,” he qualifies, placing himself deferentially into the third person. It’s sweet for other reasons, too. In Bieber there is something of the idiosyncratic otherworldliness of a Michael Jackson figure. Liam Payne, a pretty, straight talking lad from Wolverhampton appears at first not to be that thing at all. “There is that in all of us.” he avers, meaning not only Bieber but his fellow One Direction alumnus Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. “We all have this chaotic side to us. You know, they say that anger breeds passion. I think that’s the same with a lot of us, that we let things get chaotic very quickly. We’re used to chaos.”

Liam is sitting in a quiet antechamber above the photo studio where today’s cover story has been shot. He says he likes interviews and honours the assurance in a quietly riveting half hour before he’s whisked magically away. It’s Friday evening. Liam has been working out with millennial precision to make sure he’s at top physical condition should he be required to lose his shirt during the shoot. He’s whippet slight flesh, definition counts.

Six years ago, One Direction came third on the national TV talent show, the X Factor. 1D was an assembly-line operation pieced together audition stages. Boys that barely knew one another, slotted seamlessly together in the kind of multi-demographic hit their boss Simon CowelI so adept at plugging into the national grid each year. That year, Liam and his bandmates Niall and Louis looked like they’d been schooled at a premium boyband academy. Each sported variants of Bieber’s early slideover haircut. It was easy to imagine any of them taking a stool in Westlife or learning to breakdance for Take That, had they been born in another time and place. Within the trio there was a safe place in which teenage girls and boys could measure their sexuality, whilst tapping their toes. That wheel still turned. Flanked at either edge of the three were genuinely new angles for the British boyband model; Harry Styles, Cheshire’s own reality-age Mick Jagger and Zayn Malik, a practising Muslim from Bradford and nonpareil physical work of art to whom supermodels have since flocked. The five together hit enough familiarity and newness to open up a global fame haul not touched since the heady days of Duran Duran, Culture Club and Wham back in the 80s. During the summer of their astronomical American takeover there was a plausible touch of Beatle-mania. They felt like an England football team winning the World Cup. Their records have sold in North Korea.

Liam and the boys were the first band to taste that fame level in the age of social media, making their story simultaneously that of the boys next door and untouchable messiahs. There was something refreshingly undone about them. Their best songs, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, ‘Little Things’, ‘Steal My Girl’, even the precociously titled ‘Best Song Ever’ are undeniable additions to the Great British pop cannon. Liam says the 1D song that he’d buy above all others is 'Once In A Lifetime’, the little known track from their 2014 album, Four. “That’s my favourite song. Very Coldplay-esque. I wanted it to be a single but they just wouldn’t have it. It was very relaxed the way we chose our records and made things. It was really simple.” Someone else did it.

When 1D lost their X Factor trophy to semi-hot handyman Matt Cardie and were beaten to the silver medal podium by classy Scouse songbird Rebecca Ferguson, Liam was 16. He had auditioned for the show pre­viously, at 14, as a kind of minipops Michael Bublé, Wolverhampton’s hitherto unseen swing angle. On his first induction to the X Factor factory, he was instructed by producers to go home and rethink his shtick as the last 24 were whittled down on TV. He says it attuned him to the hard knocks of rejection. Such was the omnipotence of the show back then Liam’s audition storyline was enough to grant him a local working men’s club career where he honed his skill and paid his dues.

“I did pubs and clubs.” he says. “When I was a kid, I literally played old people’s homes.” His one taste of what was to come arrived when the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC invited Liam to sing before kick-off at the Manchester United fixture to 34,000 fans in the terraces. In honour of his local team’s squad colours he sang Sam Sparro’s 'Black and Gold’. “It’s funny that that’s where we ended up, playing stadiums,” he says, with pleasing air of pride and bemusement. “It was funny being stood in the middle again and thinking back on that 16 year old boy stood in the middle of a football pitch. My dad said to me, this is going to be the toughest gig you’re ever going to play. Football fans do not want to hear little boy singing. They’re not interested. You heard jeering from the crowd. But I got applause at the end. And my dad said, that is the best thing you could’ve got out of today.”

Liam says he can’t remember much of his time in the X Factor house second time around bar the tears. He was recently delighted to see fellow housemate Page Richardson, the contestant Louis Walsh immortalised as looking 'like a little Lenny Henry’ on account of nothing but his colour, in a Harry Potter film (“the one where it’s Dumbledore’s army. He’s actually in the army, which is amazing. I’m absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter. Fucking love Harry Potter.”). He nods as I mention some of the other names he shared his first home away from Wolverhampton with. Katie Waissel, Diva Fever, Wagner. “There were a lot of different strange characters and lovely people through that show. It was very rushed and strange.”

On account of a childhood kidney condition, he had not even been drunk by the time he left home, Dick Whittington style, to live in a shared London house with a bunch of strangers maniacally chasing their fame dream in real time. “The famous line my dad said was. don’t come home until Christmas, meaning don’t get thrown off it before the final. And after I said goodbye to him that day. I never really went home again.”

When 1D lost, Liam turned to his dad with a “we made it this far” face. His fellow band-mates. he says, were in pieces. He remembers first Harry, then Louis, Niall and Zayn bursting into tears. “A cameraman came over and said 'can I get you boys for an interview?’ and I looked at all the boys crying, in their mum’s arms and I was like, 'look, I’ll do the interview’ because I was the only one who was alright and so I went off to side and did the after-camera interview for us. I just left them because I wanted them to have their moment and the cameras didn’t need to see them like that. There was a real atmosphere. This followed throughout our career a lot of the time.”

In Cowell’s dressing room later than same evening, 1D were told that they would be signed to his label, Syco regardless of their position on the show. “Simon took us up to his dressing room to tell us he was to sign us and Harry literally burst into tears he was so happy.” Emotions run high in boyband land. “He told us. I’m going to sign you. That was the moment. That’s where it all began.” The wheels of the juggernaut had begun to turn. “It was like a bomb went off”, he notes.

There was a pearl of wisdom shared by Cowell that stuck with Liam from that high-stakes evening. “The first thing he said to us after signing us from X Factor was 'look, there are no angels here.’ Which is so true.” What does Liam think Cowell meant by that? “That we’re all people. We all people here.” He doesn’t think it was an invocation of mistrust in music industry, the smoke and mirrors world of real life fame? “No, no, no. It was a moment in a conversation. He said 'look, there are no angels here and I know that you’re all going to make mistakes’. That’s what he was saying. Just get on with what the show is, do your bit. do your business, go to work and be real. That’s what that comment meant. Don’t stress about it, it’ll all turn out alright in the end.”

In that moment, it sounds like Liam Payne made a pact with himself go for it regardless, at the top tier, to claim his moment. “Everyone strives to be the person that they want to be.” he says. “I try too much sometimes, I think. I overstep the mark a little bit sometimes. That’s why I’m such a perfectionist. But sometimes I think you have to believe that are no angels.” The first One Direction single, 'What Makes You Beautiful’ was released in 2011, on September 11th.

The second half of 2016 was an eventful time for Liam Payne, presaged by his signing a solo record deal with Sinatra’s old imprint Capitol Records on July 21st.

While in 1D, he says all five boys dabbled on their own material. Because boybands never break up anymore, 1D are officially on sab­batical. Whether that translates as a bit of genial respite or full scale hatred for one another is a matter that’s been carefully blended into their tale with just enough leaks of a hint to either. Zayn, who had already fled 1D’s nest a year earlier, missing their victory lap worldwide stadium tour released his solo album Mind of Mine last spring, reinventing him­self as the Frank Ocean for Unilad readers. Niall played to his Irish card with a forgettable busker-ish ballad for the Christmas market very much carved from the mould of Ed Sheeran and seasonal John Lewis adverts. From the snippet of it we heard. Liam’s song sounded like his ascent to manhood, touting him as a moody, roustabout lover-man in something of Drake’s lineage, complete with street lyrical touches (while writing, a picture appears on Liam’s Instagram feed of him with the Canadian don though it’s not specified whether he’s working or partying with his hero)

Whenever Liam talks about the 1D boys he has the exact same dad-ish air of concern, care, amazement and slight separation from the operation that Daddy Barlow has with Take That. Oh, that’s the other thing Liam had kicked off the year with a new belle, The X Factor’s Queen of Our Hearts, Cheryl Tweedy.

Liam brings up Cheryl, of course he does. The two live in Surrey, out of the city. When I make a joke about him being Lord of the Manor, he says that his sister bought him a plaque to denote his Lordship for his last birthday, a joke that doubled when it turned out Cheryl had been bought a similar gift by Simon Cowell during her tenure on X Factor. “So we’re Lord and Lady, which is hilarious.” To British suburbia, this is of course precisely what they represent, a self-selected aristocracy in which we’ve all played a part in the honours system.

He says things with Cheryl are working out well, becoming temporarily misty-eyed. “This is the thing. In a non-cliché way, it’s weird waking up every day and literally living out your dream. You wake up in the most beautiful places. Obviously I have the most beautiful girlfriend if the whole world and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s been my drean girl since I was younger. She’s so ace.” They are used to companionship. They have Liam’s dog, Watson, a Great Dane. “If I’m ever having a problem or I ever get a bit angsty about something that’s happening in life then I take the dog out for a walk and there’s just unconditional love from him. Anyway, I don’t want to go too much into that. I’m not like a weird dog person.”

“She is a wonderful, wonderful person and it’s amazing to have someone who can relate to so much of things, someone who’s taken greater steps than me. Her solo career was amazing. She’s been in the industry for fourteen years now. She fully supports me. We’re super happy. I appreciate you didn’t ask about it. It’s a very personal, precious time for us. I’m still learning. I’m only 23.”

Because he is the youngest of three, Liam inherited the bed that his big sister’s had slept in at home in Wolverhampton. He tried to paint a wall blue to put his own stamp on the room, still shaded by bunny rabbit curtains into his teenage years, and ran out of paint before finishing. “It was a total tip.” he says of the last bedroom he lived in before fame. “That bed was so old. The last time I went back and sat on it I couldn’t believe it was the bed I used to sleep on. I often think about how I used to sit on the windowsill and just look at the stars and wonder what this was all for. And I often used to think, there must be more to life than this.”

I ask if his parents kept the room the same as when he left. “Well,” he says, interrupting the nostalgia with a little sharp reality, “I bought my par­ents a house so I haven’t actually been back to that room in a long time. I’d like to.” The experiences of 1D made five men very rich, very young.

Liam knows exactly his financial worth. “I do,” he says, letting out a nerv­ous laugh. I ask if I would blush if I saw his bank account. 'Honestly, it is a very scary thought.’ he says. “It is not something that we were given it’s something we worked our asses off for. The way we went to work every day and the way we travelled the world and the way we conducted our business, with great management at the time and greater minds, it turned out great for everybody. But it was a long five years.”

On the last night of the last 1D tour, management presented all four remaining members with a plaque festooned with little badges for every single gig they’d played since their first. “It was a sombre night.” says Payne, who has started becoming more emotionally transparent in front of other people this last year. “To see every show we’ve ever done on a plaque?” he says, raising eyes to the sky. “Again, everybody was in tears. And I’m quite good at holding it together but I have got a lot worse of late. Adverts and things mate me cry. I think I’m getting more emotional as time goes by, especially with everything that’s happening in my life at the moment. It’s a very emotional time and time to reflect on a lot of things and the person that I am to be. Do you know what I mean? If that makes sense?” It makes perfect sense.

Beneath the extraordinary life he has lived so far, outweighing every one of his personal, societal and geographic expectations, there’s a deeply admirable humility and candour to Liam Payne. On the subject of his forthcoming record: “l’ll tell you the truth. The dream was to be able to get signed and release an album. That is every musician who’s on Youtube’s dream today. I’ve got the opportunity to work with a really great label, Capitol. The people I work with are absolutely amazing and to get a record deal and be able to release the album that I want to release is the most amazing thing ever.” He has no idea how it will fare. “Even if this went tits up, sideways, it’d still be step one that I got here.”

Liam Payne never voted in a general election. “I’ve never been able to vote,” he explains, “because we’ve always been in different countries and I’ve never really understood it. I still feel like a 16 year old boy when it comes down to things like that and I wouldn’t know which way to go.” He steered clear of the EU referendum (“I kind of knew that we were going to Brexit. It was just a gambler’s feeling”) and doesn’t know how his parents voted in it.

Do you want to know his Donald Trump tale? Of course you do. 'Oh. here’s a story,“ he says, rubbing his hands. “Trump actually kicked us out of his hotel once.” It gets better. “You wouldn’t believe it. It was about [meeting] his daughter. He phoned up our manager and we were asleep. He said 'well, wake them up’ and I was like 'no’ and then he wouldn’t let us use the underground garage. Obviously in New York we can’t really go outside. New York is ruthless for us. So he was like, 'OK. then I don’t want you in my hotel’. So we had to leave.”

He’s seen a lot of life, has Liam. That he retains himself amid it’s spectacular credit to those around him and the man himself. “Now he’s President,” he says, perhaps for a moment reflecting on the opportunities life affords the most unusual candidates. “I just hope he doesn’t kick me out the country.” He’s laughing now. “I hope he lets me stay.”

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Theory of an Old Man (Dean x reader)

Request from @shylittlecupcake (female reader)

Imagine: Being Bobby’s daughter and Dean’s girlfriend

Word count: 1268

   “Are you guys really sure we have to go to his house? I mean we can do research on our own perfectly or just call him-”

   “Y/N, Bobby’s a good friend. He probably knows more about what this thing is more than we do. He’s got more resources.” Sam glanced back at you from the front seat, giving you a look that told you that this was the best thing to do. You sighed deeply, trying to keep from panicking.

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Request:  a one shot where the reader gets expelled from school and you have to tell your older brothers Sam and Dean

Request:  Hi!! I absolutely love your account omg!! Can u do one where you are sam and deans little sister and they pick you up from school one day and find that you have a jerk boyfriend (abusive maybe) and they get all protective?? Sorry if it’s too specific thank youuu

Request:  Check out the Monday! Haha, so I’ve honestly been having a really crappy time with life and all lately because of eczema (awful friggin’ skin condition) on my face and stuff and I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader is Sam and Dean’s lil sister and has severe eczema and is really self conscious about it + gets bullied in school for it but her big brothers swoop in and save the day? Thanks a bunch xx

Request: Can you do one where the reader gets really mad at someone for saying the word ‘retarded’? It’s always bothered me, and since I know your sister has Down Syndrome (i saw a story you posted, not creepy, i swear), I thought you might feel strongly about it too?? My brother has autism, and that word pisses me off so much. (This request really hits home with me. I never use the word retarded. My friends don’t use that word. Everybody in my school knows I hate that word.)

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Cameron Dallas - The three of us

Request: Hey can you do a imagine or a au were y/n is pregnant and Cameron Dallas post stuff on instagram and twitter, etc.


“And there are my babies!” Cam sang coming into the room with his phone in his hands, recording me. I smiled up at him from the book I was reading.

“What are you doing?” I asked with a light chuckle as he crawled on top of the bed, still recording me.

“Just showing the world my beautiful, pregnant wife. What are you guys doing?”

“Reading a romantic novel. I think the baby likes it,” I said caressing my belly. Cam put down the phone and pulled up my shirt from my belly.

“Hey there, are you a bookworm already?”

He loved to talk to my stomach, and he lay hold of every opportunity to touch my belly. It was like he was born to be a father. He enjoyed every minute of it and made sure that everything is okay with me.

“We should buy a bookshelf to the baby room,” I suggested lifting his head and kissing him.

“Anything you want, baby.”

We often got distracted from life, and ended up just cuddling for an hour or so. Before my pregnancy it couldn’t happen, we both had crazy schedules and didn’t have free hours to just lay around and take a nap. But since the baby came into our life we both slowed down and tried to enjoy every moment of this period of time.

“Baby, wake up!” I heard Cam’s voice waking up. I sighed and just turned to my other side. He chuckled before brushing his fingers to my stomach and kissing my shoulder. “You need to eat something, you both need the energy.”

I finally opened my eyes and saw his smiley face. I love waking up to this view and lately I got to see it more often.

“Okay, you are right. But I’m craving something super delicious.”

“Like what?” he asked furrowing his eyebrows at me.

“I don’t know, surprise me while I get ready to get out of this comfy bed,” I grinned at him making myself comfortable. He rolled his eyes, but then stood up winking at me.

“Alright, I’ll do something.”

A few minutes later my phone buzzed, signaling Cam tweeted something. I opened Twitter and found the following tweet:

“My woman is craving something special. Any ideas what I should cook? #LifeWithAPregnantWife

I laughed shaking my head. Walking down to the kitchen I found Cam leaning to the counter looking at some recipes.

“Hey chef? Did you get a good tip on what you should cook?” I asked stepping next to him. I put my arms around his torso looking up at him.

“No, I mean, I’m still deciding what would be the best. Any specific things you want to eat?”

“Cam, let’s just go out and have dinner at somewhere,” I suggested. I found it so sweet that he was ready to cook a whole meal just because I asked for it.

“Like I said, anything you want, baby,” he said with a wide smile. I guess he was happy that he didn’t have to cook.

We went up to our room and got ready. I felt like dressing up, but since my stomach got bigger and bigger each day, just a few of my clothes fitted still, so I didn’t have much choice. I had a nice, white dress I bought a few weeks before, it was bigger on purpose, so it would fit later. When I took it on it looked perfect.

“Cam, can you please pull the zipper up?” I asked stepping out of the closet. He did it without a word and then just stared at me for a long moment. “What? You don’t like the dress? Do I look that big?” I asked panicking that this dress was a mistake. He immediately shook his head.

“No, baby, it’s perfect. You look perfect,” he said not being able to take his eyes off me.

“Aw, thank you. But soon enough I will have no dresses that can fit to my huge stomach,” I laughed smoothing the fabric of the dress on my arms.

“You look beautiful in anything.” Putting his arms around me he pulled me in to a sweet kiss.

“I’m not sure about that, but thank you, again.” He gave me a playful smile before letting go of me.

“Can I take a photo of you?” he asked taking his phone out of his pocket.

“Wait, I have to strike a pose,” I said putting up my hand. He waited patiently until I found the best pose for the picture. Cam took several shots and then we picked out the best one.

“This photo doesn’t even need a filter,” he said as he posted it to his Instagram with this title:

“I can’t even tell you guys how thankful I am for this woman in my life. And very soon it will be the three of us in this house. Life definitely worth living for moments like this.”

I didn’t say anything, just cupped his face in the palm of my hands and captured his lips in a sweet and long kiss. It was getting hard to get close to him, since my belly was always in the way, but we always found a way to solve our problem.

“Ready to have dinner?” he asked after he pulled away. He run his hand down on my back and settled on my waist. I gave him a wide smile.

“Yes, we are both starving.”

“Alright, let’s go.” We walked down the stairs and he opened the door for me, but before I could step out of the house, he said: “Oh, and by the way I posted that video of you on Facebook. Everyone is jealous of my stunning wife.”

I laughed shaking my head. Grabbing his hand I just pulled him after me towards the car. I didn’t expect anything else from him. But I was happy he was proud of his new family.

Are You Jealous?

Imagine Dean getting jealous when you flirt with Benny.

Author’s Note: This idea has been floating around in my head for a while and I needed to pursue something spontaneous so I don’t have a creative meltdown. The reader is a strong character who’s stubbornness clashes with Dean’s (I can relate) Plus, jealous Dean is just hot. I like how this turned out, let me know what you think! Warnings: Language, anger, possessive behavior

“So your best friend is a vampire?” I stretched my legs out on to the dash of the impala and Dean pulled them off just as quickly. He shot me an unimpressed look from the driver seat, one hand resting lazily on the top of the wheel. Our road trip to Louisiana had been full of these moments.

“Sam is my best friend.” I rolled my eyes and rummaged through the glove compartment for a new cassette to listen to.

“Ya, you get the brother of the year award, I get it. You know what I meant, the guy named Benny.” I popped a mixtape labeled ‘AC/DC’ into the player. I loved to challenge Dean’s rules, especially ones about him picking the music. He waiting to hear which song would play and gave me an approving shrug.

“Good choice. And yes, Benny is a vamp.” The wind from the open window ruffled my hair and made my outstretched hand rise and fall. I loved the freedom that came with this life.

“From what I’ve heard, we don’t gank him because you two were buds in purgatory?” I reached across Dean’s lap to grab a magazine in his door.

“Oh my god, Y/N, stay still.” He widened his eyes at me and feigned annoyance, but I could detect the barely visible smile he was hiding. A rough hand reached out and ruffled my hair, sending me back to my side of the Impala. “We were more than buddies, he’s like a brother to me. He saved my life and I saved his.” Dean grew serious, his blank stare sending him back in his memories. The knuckles on the wheel clenched in and out. I soon regretting asking so many questions. After a long silence I piped up, my voice cocky.

“Well, I trust two people’s intuition, yours and my dog’s.” Dean laughed because he knew I it was true.


I have to admit, Benny was a lot more attractive than I expected. His burly figure and general manliness gave him a certain commanding, even threatening, allure. I would gank him in second if needed, but I could definitely get used to him being around.

“Benny, meet Y/N.” The vampire stepped forward and tipped his hat to me, his grin sending shivers down my spine.

“Nice to meet you.” I reached my hand to shake his as a gesture of trust but he captured it and brought it to his lips. He kissed the back of my hand with flourish.

“The pleasure is all mine, cher.” His voice was smooth but coarse, like water running over pebbles in a stream. “Dean, you said you were bringing a hunter, not a beautiful woman.” Benny’s eyes looked at me with hunger, hopefully not of the bloodlust variety. Dean chuckled and hit my shoulder playfully.

“Nah you got the wrong one. This is my long time friend and hunting partner. She isn’t a lady, she’d knock you on your ass before I have time to say a word.” I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment on my skill or an insult to my femininity. I glared at Dean and felt an idea forming in my mind. Two could play his game.


When we got home to the hotel Dean was fuming. “What the hell was that?” I shrugged and began removing my knife sheath and other gear.

“I don’t know what you mean.” As hard as I tried, my voice still said otherwise. Dean threw his jacket on to the couch and paced.

“Are you crazy? Flirting with Benny like that? You might as well have crawled into his lap and asked him to pat you!” I suppressed a grin at the thought. All day I did my best to get Benny’s attention, touching his arms and asking for his help without reason. I wasn’t sure if Dean had notice but apparently he was very aware. “Look, I’m not comfortable with you getting all cozy with my him! He’s like a brother to me, you wouldn’t make a move on Sam would you?” I paused and tilted my head in fake contemplation.

“Ugh, you’re disgusting. Y/N, you’re a sister to me, practically. You with Benny it’s, like some kind of weird family love thing and I don’t like it. It’s just skeevy.” I laughed and shook my knife in his direction.

“Oh, because you’re just the shining example of moral standard.” He recoiled at my statement in mock insult. After a few dramatic huffs he drew close and spoke near my face.

“Excuse me, I’m the ‘righteous man’ according to heaven and hell.” I jokingly took his hand in mine like Benny had done, pressing my lips to the back of it.

“Pleased to meet you, righteous man.” I was giggling but when I looked up Dean was sober-faced, his eyes almost sad. He didn’t remove his hand and we stared at each other for an awkward moment.

“Look, just trust me okay. He doesn’t have an excellent track record with women.” I sighed heavily and turned to clean my gun.

“Just drop it, Dean. I can make my own decisions.” I could feel my skin growing red, in either embarrassment or anger. We tended to our weapons in silence for a while before Dean spoke again.

“I’m just saying, you’re asking for trouble by teasing him. What if he can’t control himself.” I dropped the equipment in my hands in frustration, turning to face my partner. Dean’s face was just stubborn as mine.

“Dean, I’m not a child! You bring who ever you want home and then act like I can’t even flirt with someone! This may come as a surprise to you, but I am a woman!” I ripped the tie from my hair and ruffled it around. “So stop treating me like some little brother you need to control! I’m not Sam.” I gasped when the words came out, shocked at my own anger. Dean eyes darkened and his brow furrowed.

“Excuse me?” He rose from his chair, teeth grinding. “If you don’t like how this family works, then maybe you shouldn’t be pretending to be a part of it.” I felt my heart sink, tears stinging my eyes prematurely.I grabbed my stuff that was scattered around.

“Fine! Maybe I’ll go stay with someone who treats me like an equal! Or better yet, someone who treats me like a lady, like Benny!” My voice shook with rage as I headed towards the door. I could hear Dean punching something as I fled into the night.


The next day, I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and started on my way home. We would have to face each other eventually, and neither of us meant the things we said. These bullheaded arguments weren’t anything new. When I unlocked the door to our motel room and stepped inside, I was surprised to see a face staring back at me. Dean was sitting in the armchair, which was turned to face the door squarely. One leg was on top of his knee and he leaned back leisurely. His arms were crossed across his chest, the curve of his biceps straining against his T-shirt. Did he even sleep since I left? A few minutes of us staring at each other passed, I in surprise and him in aggravation. 

 “Did you stay over at Benny’s?” Deans expression was completely blank but his eyes made me uneasy. I tried to brush it off, throwing my bag down on the counter and entering the kitchen. I could feel his gaze burning through my back.

“Who are you, my dad?” I scoffed, shuffling through the cabinets to break the unnerving silence. The tension in the air was palatable. The chair behind me squeaked and a chill ran up my spine, he was walking towards me.

“I asked a question.” His voice was cold as the air outside. I swallowed and gathered my courage. If he thought intimidating me was going to be easy, he had another thing coming.

“I’m a big girl, I can make me own decisions.” I started to pour a cup of coffee when a hand grabbed my wrist, brown liquid spilling over the mug and the table. I gasped and turned to face Dean. His grip stayed, although gentler, and he searched me for answers. His were eyebrows furrowed, nostrils straining to take deep enough breaths. I lifted my chin in defiance and stared back into his mossy eyes.

“Dammit, Y/N. Just answer me. Did you stay at Benny’s?” His jaw clenched in and out in frustration and I knew that wasn’t what he was asking. Oh my gosh, he thought Benny and I… A little grin tugged at my lips and made him shake with anger. He released my wrist and paced around, hands rubbing his temples roughly. “What if he had bit you?!” I thought about leading him on further but I could see how distraught he was becoming. I crept towards him and placed my fingers on his arm.

“Dean…” He pulled away and shook his head.

“No, no, you’re right! You have the right to sleep with anyone you want but why the hell does it have to be someone that might decide to make you his human juice box?” The veins in his neck and face bulged under the pressure of his rapid pulse.

“Dean!” I stepped in front of him and stared into his enraged eyes. I watched the way they rolled around the room restlessly, looking for some point of focus. “I slept in the Impala.” I gave him a soft smile and repeated the words again. “By myself.” Dean’s eyebrows knit together, then shot up in understanding. His breathing began to slow.

“Wait so you and Benny-” I shook my head.

“Nothing happened. I went with him for a drink, declined his offer to stay over, and slept in the Impala outside.” My partner’s face was a ever changing mix of reassurance and shock. His hands came to rest on my shoulders, a little of his exhausted weight pushing against me.

“So… All night you were right out there? Right outside the door?” I nodded and grinned at the humor behind our argument. Dean didn’t follow my amusement right away, instead looking up at the ceiling in utter relief. “Oh thank god.” I giggled at his behavior and squeezed his tense arms.

“What’s gotten into you Winchester? If I didn’t know better I’d think you were jealo-” before I could finish my joking, two hands pulled me forward into a lip crushing kiss. I gasped at the sensation of Dean’s soft mouth begging for mine. All of his passion and anger was channeled into his touch. I began to feel a bit lightheaded, my thoughts colliding into each other like an interstate pileup. When Dean finally pulled away from me we were both eager to breathe. I looked at him with confusion but he was determined.

“Y/N… You are a woman, a beautiful, feminine, hot woman.” I felt myself blushing but Dean wouldn’t let me turn away. “When you were taunting Benny like that, I got so angry. Something deep inside me was screaming because you never showed me that side of you. I felt so greedy, so possessive. At first I thought it was because we’re like family” Dean cupped my face and barely restrained himself from kissing me again. “But that’s not it.” His nostrils flared and his pupils were huge. “You’re so much more than that. I don’t want you as a sister, I want you as mine.”

The static between us was unbearable. I suddenly realized why I had got so much enjoyment from flirting with Benny. I loved the jealously in Deans eyes, the same burning hunger that was in them now. His voice was deep and labored as he made his confession. “And hell if I’m going to share.” Our frantic kissing carried on for a while before Dean held me away from himself. “Okay whoa, let’s slow it down.”

I instantly felt dejected, arms folding across my chest. He laughed, “Trust me, I want to. But, someone told me they wanted to be treated like a lady and not a child.” His eyes danced with mischief and I pounded a small fist on his chest.  

”And besides, how do we tell Sam that his ‘siblings’ suddenly have the hots for each other?” I laughed and collapsed into Dean’s arms. 

“You’re awful!” He giggled and cuddled me tight. 

Imagine...Coming Home To The Bunker

Originally posted by steals-dreams

Request: Can I have a thing where the reader is sam and deans adopted little sister and she comes to the bunker crying bc she caught her finance of two years cheating on her?

Pairing: none (sister!Winchester)

Warnings: language

“Hey Sammy, the squirt decided to visit her favorite big brothers,” said Dean, catching sight of you coming down the stairs. He and Sam both stood and had smiles on their faces until they saw yours and what you carried. You dropped your duffel at the base of the stairs as they rushed over to you.

“Y/N, what happened?” asked Sam, his hand on your shoulder. 

“That stupid, asshole ex-fiance happened,” you said, bypassing Sam and heading straight for where they kept the liquor. “You spend years with a guy to come home from a solo hunt and find him banging your neighbor. Apparently it’s been going on for quite some time.”

“Want us to go kick his ass?” asked Dean, partly a joke, partly not. You shook your head as you wiped your face with the back of your sleeve. You grabbed a glass off the top of the cabinet but a hand caught your wrist and took it from you.

“Dude,” you said, glaring up to see Dean and Sam with that look on their faces. 

“I’ll make you some hot chocolate instead,” said Sam as he turned.  “I’m guessing by the bag…”

“I’m moving back in if that’s alright with you guys,” you said, Dean’s hand dropping away as you relented, opting to sit at the nearby table. 

“It’s your home too, always will be,” said Sam, grabbing your duffle to drop off in your room for you. When he left, you could feel Dean’s eyes on your back.

“Go ahead,” you sniffled, water still leaking from your eyes for some reason. You hoped that would stop soon. “Tell me you were right about him.”

“I’m sorry. I know you thought he was the one,” said Dean, taking a spot next to you. He ran his hand up and down your back like he had on the night you’d met so many years ago. You were just a kid then who through a whole lot of luck, had ended up saving the brothers. You were always thankful they had let you stay with them.

“I’ll get over him,” you said, giving Dean a sad smile. “Now what,” you said, seeing the pout on his face.

“You’re not supposed to solo hunt,” he said, face eerily calm. He simply stared you down, knowing you’d break. You hated being in trouble with him.

“I’m not going to call you guys for every run of the mill salt and burn,” you said, momentarily forgetting about how crappy you felt.

“You have an agreement with me and Sam, Y/N,” said Dean, sounding authoritative. “You hunt with a partner, who by the way doesn’t have to be one of your brothers…” he said, raising an eyebrow, “But you hunt with a partner or you don’t hunt at all.”

“I made that deal when I was 14,” you said, crossing your arms. Dean crossed his and nodded over towards a filing cabinet.

“I’ve still got the paper, written by a certain little someone, that clearly says age doesn’t apply,” said Dean. You rolled your eyes.

“Dean, why are you getting so…stop being-” you said as you realized what he was up to. If you were annoyed with him, you weren’t upset about what happened. “You’re right,” you said, leaning over and giving him a hug.

“Can we get that on record?” said Dean, a chuckle escaping him as Sam came back into view.

“My room, stupid guys session,” said Sam, carrying a tray with cocoa, popcorn and ice cream. You were sure he’d already picked out a movie to watch too. 

“Thanks Sammy,” you said, standing and pulling Dean with you. A bad date when you were in high school had started this little tradition of them making you feel better. You were definitely in need of it tonight. “You too Dean.”

“Welcome home, Y/N.”

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Drunk Confessions Pt. 3

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

Skate’s POV

     Finally I find y/n laying on the floor completely unconscious. I pick her up and place her on the couch. I try to wake her up but fail. I see no signs of alcohol poisoning so I decide to wait and let it run its course. Derek sits next to me on the couch. “Has she ever done this before?” he asks me. “No, never. It’s probably all because of me. I should have never tried to mess with her.” I tell him. “You were just being protective it’s understandable.” Derek says.  I try to believe what he says but it’s hard. That’s no excuse. I’ve really got to do something for her to show I’m sorry. I start to think of things we did in our childhood that she would love to do again. Or maybe I can take her back to Toronto where she was before I made her move. I could bring Derek. She’d enjoy it. I look to my left and see Derek asleep on the couch. His head beside y/n’s. I lay down and drift off into sleep.

Your POV

     You wake up with a migraine and nausea. It doesn’t take long to remember what happened last night. You look up and see Derek next to you, Nate on the other side of him. You look to the clock and see its noon. You go to the bathroom and wash your face in the sink. You then head to the kitchen to get aspirin. After taking the pills you turn around and walk into a figure. You recognize Derek’s tattoo on his stomach and smile. You look up to him and he has a disappointed look on his face changing your expression.

    “What was up with that last night?” He says to you. You shrug your shoulders and look down to the floor. He takes his hand under your chin and pulls your head up. You push his hand away not wanting to talk about it. He grabs you by the waist and sits you on the kitchen counter. So your faces are at the same height. “I get it you’re stressed, but if you ever do this again I will send you to a drinking class got it?” he says. You don’t believe he has the guts to do it but you nod your head in agreement anyway. You feel his hands start to trail your back as you guys lock lips. “I don’t care if you guys do this, but not in front of me please.” You hear Nate say from behind. You ignore Nate as you’re still mad at him. Derek turns around and gets something out of the fridge leaving you on the counter. “Y/n can I talk to you inside for a minute.” Nate asks you. You hop off of the counter and walk inside, Nate on the couch and you on the arm. “Look I understand what I did was fucked up. I was just being protective but I know that’s not an excuse. I want to make it up to you. What if we all went on a trip back to Toronto? With Derek and then I’d bring a friend. We could spend a week of you touring us around the city. What do you think?” Nate asks. You decide not to hold the grunge over him. Yeah what he did was fucked up but it’s the first time he’s done something like this. You get off of the arm and walk towards Nate. You smile seeing that he really wants to do this for you. You stand in front of him and he lets out a small smirk.

     “I would love that.” You say before embracing him in a hug. “I really missed you y/n. Even for the short time it was. I never realized how much I needed you.” He says. Your hug gets tighter at his words. “When are we leaving?” You ask Nate. “Help me find a hotel/flight and we’ll leave tonight.” He says. You run into the kitchen grabbing Derek’s laptop and running back over to your brother. You quickly search up hotels and flights. You book both. “We have to go home and pack” You say to Nate. He agrees. “Derek do you want to meet us back at my house tonight?” Nate asks. “Yeah I will.” He responds. You swiftly give him a kiss and run out the door into Nate’s car. You get home and pack your bags. You start to feel anxious as you feel as if you’re forgetting something. Your train of thought is stopped when you see a new face sitting on the couch. You see him stare at you and you stare back. He looks familiar but you’ve never come into contact with him. He’s attractive, long eye lashes.

     “Hey y/n have you seen my tooth brush.” Nate says breaking you out of your trans. “Uh yeah it’s in the 2nd bathroom down here. You say pointing towards the hall behind you. “I see you and Sam have met again?” He says. Again? “No I don’t believe we’ve ever met” you say. Sam stands up holding his hand out to you to shake. You shake it “We have.” He says winking. You get lost in his eyes for a minute. He lets go of your hand and sits back down. You follow Nate into the hall. “Where’s John?” You ask him hoping that Sam is not the one going on the trip with you. “He doesn’t have his passport renewed so he can’t come. You remember Sam. He was my best friend back in Omaha.” Suddenly it clicks. Sam, the scrawny kid with the freckles. Damn he grew up. You hear the doorbell ring and answer it. It’s Derek. He walks in kissing your forehead. He then walks up to Sam and does some kind of handshake with him. ‘He knows him?’ you say to yourself. “Hey babe where’s your bag?” Derek asks. “It’s upstairs.” You say leading him up. He grabs it for you and heads downstairs. “Give me 5 more minutes and we’ll head out!” You hear Nate scream from upstairs. You can’t help but smile ear to ear. You get to show Nate and Derek the city you’ve come to love. You hope Derek falls in love, so you could possibly move there with him one day. Although it would be hard with him being and LA native. Derek notice you smiling and smiles back. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this happy.” He says

Finally everyone is ready to go and you head out of the door.

Your POV

     The flight was simple. Four hours. Since it was late at night everyone was asleep. You guys checked into the hotel around 4am. Nate was still being slightly protective so he made you sleep in the same bed as him, with Derek and Sam in the other. The next morning you wake up but everyone else is still asleep. You see there is a Tim Horton’s across the street. You get dressed in the bathroom and head down. You order a dozen donuts to bring back. While walking into the elevator you see Sam walk out. “Are those for us?” He asks pointing to the box. You nod yes. “Well then looks like I’m going back upstairs.” He says laughing. You notice him staring so you look towards him to see what’s up. “Damn you’ve grown up nice.” He says.

You roll your eyes and ignore it. He clearly hasn’t grown up other than looks. You get into the room and see Derek and Skate still sleeping. You leave the donuts on the dresser under the TV. You pull out your laptop and start looking for things to do. There’s so many things you don’t know where to start. You know you definitely want to go to the Island with Derek alone. Especially since you haven’t had your proper date yet. You suddenly feel a body on your left.

“Good morning baby.” You hear Derek moan. “What are you looking at?” He asks. “I’m thinking our first proper date should be on the island. There’s a ton of stuff to do there.” You say. He looks at the pictures over your shoulder. “Should we go tonight?” he questions. “Do you think it’d be okay to go on the first night?” You ask him. He nods and kisses your neck causing your heart to flutter. He then walks into the bathroom. “What’s up with that?” You hear Sam ask. “They’re dating isn’t it crazy?” Nate says from the other side of the room. “You’re dating him?” Sammy asks shocked.

“Yeah is there a problem?” You say to Sam. He shakes his head then gets up and starts going through his bag. About half an hour later the boys are ready. You’re walking out to the street next to Nate with Derek and Sam in front of you. While walking through the door Sam holds his hand out “After you” He says. You huff, roll your eyes and keep walking. Derek now next to you “What was up with that?” He asks. “He thinks he can hit on me because I use to know him back in Omaha.” You say sternly. “He hit on you?” Derek says shock looking back at him. “Mhmm.” You say shaking your head. You guys reach the side walk. They all follow you since you know where you’re going. You decided to take them to the CN Tower first since it’s the iconic symbol of Toronto. You and Derek walk hand in hand the whole way. He’ll rub your thumb with his every once in a while, forcing you to smile. You get to the tower. On occasion the boys would be boys and get on your nerves slightly. You did love how goofy they were. When they’re not working they stop being so serious and let their guard down. Sometimes you regretting being in public with them though. We get to the top and all the boys start taking pictures. You go out to the deck that leads outside. You enjoy the view and fresh air. You then feel a body from behind.

At first you thought it was Derek until you feel a watch on the wrist. Derek wasn’t wearing a watch. You quickly turn around to see Sam.

“Get the fuck off of her!”

Derek’s POV

I haven’t had this much fun in a while. Being with y/n and hanging out with my friends in a city I haven’t been too yet. It was a dream come true. A dream I didn’t even know I had. We get to the top and the view is incredible.

We head over to the glass floor and start looking down. I see y/n head out onto the deck that leads outside. I stay with Skate taking a couple pictures. I see Sam disappear. I remember what y/n said about him hitting on her. I didn’t believe it at first with Sam being such a good friend, but yet again Skate set me up before. I walk outside to see exactly that. His arms around her waist. I see her push him off in disgust. That’s my girl, but who the fuck does he think he’s fooling? The sight of it makes my blood boil.  “Get the fuck off of her!” I scream at him pulling him away. “Look man I-“ I cut him off. “If I ever see you touch her again you’re going to wish you never even met her.”

Skate then jumps in between us. He pulls Sam aside and I pull y/n back into the tower. “Thank you for that.” She says. “You tell me if he touches or even talks to you again okay?” I say to her. I don’t want him anywhere near her ever again. She nods and I kiss her on the cheek. I decided I now want to leave. I text Skate and tell him we’re going to the island. ‘Have fun’ he responded. Y/n and I then head down. We took a cab to the ferry instead of walking. While waiting for the boat a couple of fans had stopped us and asked for pictures. We then realize we never even told the fans we were dating. Skate only found out two days ago. They all ask and when we confirm you can see a couple of them give y/n a look and talk under their breaths. I pull her aside under my arm. “Don’t worry about them.” I say to her. She ignores it. We get on the ferry and what I see is beyond incredible. “You can see the whole skyline.” I said in awe. Y/n laughed at me in amusement. I never knew something like this could make me feel so, calm. I never ever imagined being with my dream girl looking out onto a skyline like this. I see why she loved it here so much.

The island was better than I could imagine. It was perfect for our first date. Y/n kept pointing to things and explaining them. I have to admit I wasn’t quite paying attention as I couldn’t stop admiring how happy she looked. She looked as if she didn’t have a care, like the whole world was in her hands.

Your POV

You and Derek decide to go to a restaurant first. You guys get a table out on the deck looking out onto the river that cuts through the island.  There is a couple yachts out there that catch your attention. Derek notices you starring. “I’ll buy us one, one day.” He says. “I actually have a fear of boats. I just like to look at them.” You respond. He laughs at you. “I’ll help you get over that fear.” He says smirking and winking. You can’t help but smile back. “I’d love to see you try” You tease him. It was nice to finally be alone with Derek and not have to worry about anyone. It gives you a feel of a real relationship. You guys finish up and head out to the pier. Derek enjoys teasing you and picking you up by the waist twirling you around.

He pretends to try and throw you off of the pier just to hear you scream and laugh. You guys then rent out bikes and ride to the light house. “You know they say that the old keeper of the light house was accidentally killed and then his parts were scattered all over the island causing it to be haunted.” You tell Derek. You see him get nervous. “Then why are we here? I’m not trying to die.” He says turning around. “Awhhh is someone afraid of ghosts?” You laugh. He ignores it and keeps biking. You follow. “You know there is a nude beach here? One out of the only three in Canada.” You say smiling. “Oh no, if anyone was going to see you naked it’d be me, and only me.” He says. You laugh and start to pull the bottom of your shirt up to tease him. He takes his shirt off and puts it on you. It’s so big it covers your whole outfit. You can tell he thoroughly enjoys it as he stops and stares admiring you in his clothes. He then checks his phone. “Hey Skate just texted me and asked if we wanted to go to a club with him and Sam tonight are you interested?” Derek asks. “Depends, will you and Sam cooperate?” You say. “I will if he does.” He responds. “Then yeah let’s go!” You say excitedly. You guys head back to the hotel and get changed. You guys decided to go to Uniun since they supposedly have amazing light shows.

You arrive and it’s extremely crowded. You start walking to the bar and see a familiar group of girls. “Y/n!!!” They scream. It then clicks. They’re your old friends from school. You laugh as they embrace you in a group hug.

Derek’s POV

I feel y/n slip out of my hand as she runs towards a group of girls calling her name. I wanted her to stay with me but I can tell she misses her old friends. She did randomly have to just pack up and leave this place. She really misses it I can tell. I then feel someone tap my shoulder taking my focus off of it. “Hey man I just wanted to let you know I’m sorry for before and I won’t touch her again. I just kind of let it take over me when I saw how much she’s grown up.” Sammy says to me handing me a drink. I didn’t want to fight Sammy he’s one of my friends. “No hard feelings” I say giving him a fist bump. As the night goes on I see y/n disappear. I go out to find her. I really wanted to spend this night with her but her friends took her away. “Dude you’re going to want to come see this.” I hear Sammy say. I follow him into the VIP room and I see two tall stocky men with their arms on either side of y/n. “Who the fuck are they?” I hear Skate say on the other side of me. I see her push them off but then they follow back and do it again. She walks into the girl’s bathroom to get away from them but I see they go after her. Anger fills my body and I run after him. Sammy and Skate behind me. I bust open the door and see one behind her and the other in front pulling her closer to him. I hear a slight scream of terror from her which pushes me over my breaking point. I completely black out from anger. Not paying attention to a thing. I see one of the males run out bleeding from the mouth before I feel Skate pull me off of the male I had beaten pretty badly. As soon as my mind catches up I feel a strong sting from my cheek and blood from my lip. Y/n rushes over with a wet paper towel and starts dabbing my wounded area. “We should head back to the hotel.” She says to me. Sammy and Skate stay as they’re still in good shape. We get back and I lay on the bed. Y/n runs out with the ice bucket. She comes back putting the ice in a bag and wrapping a paper towel around it. She straddles my body while she lays the ice on my cheek. I hiss in pain as the wound is still fresh. She then takes a towel with alcohol on it and rubs my bottom lip. This time I grunt in pain as it stings. She laughs enjoying the fact I’m in pain for once. She then blows on the sting cooling it down making it feel better. I moan as it now feels better. I can see y/n enjoying the noises I make so I send her a smirk. She can’t help but giggle. I didn’t like when she does things for me only because I want to spoil her. But I could get use to this nurse thing. The way her eyes sparkle knowing she’s taking care of me is a sight I’d never trade. She lays her head down on my chest. Relaxing the rest of her body on mine. I loved the feeling of her on me. Her presence was something indescribable. The butterflies in my stomach start to tell me something. I think I’m falling in love.

Your POV

You were happy you had someone like Derek around to protect you. It made you feel secure. Taking care of him was something you loved. You laughed as he winced in pain. It showed he’s not as tough as he makes himself seem. You lay down on him enjoying the feeling of him under you. You enjoyed being in control every once in a while. Your stomach churns as you can’t help but feel in love as you drift off into sleep.

*I’m sorry if this sucked and is short I’m drugged up from my wisdom teeth medicine. I hope you enjoy and a HUGE thank you to @wilkinsonsmainchick​ for helping me out with ideas for this part!*

Request: Patchwork

Request: hi!! i saw that requests are open and if you could, can you write an imagine with dean wherein he and the reader help patch each other up after a rough hunt? thank you :-)

Word Count: 1,021

(Sly disclaimer that I wrote this during/after our Eurovision party so if it’s a little bit disjointed, I’m sorry! For the record Eurovision was awesome and congrats Ukraine!) Thank you, and I hope you like it! Have an awesome day<333

You stumble through the door, clinging to Dean’s shoulder for support. His arm holds fast around your waist – partially to keep you walking, but also to keep himself up, too – his leg is on the brink of giving out and the two of you hardly make it to the bed before toppling over – thankfully not on top of one another – you’re not exactly in the mood to break any more bones.



“You conscious?”

You pause for a moment, as if you have to think about it, “I don’t think so. I wish I was.” Painstakingly, you shuffle yourself to the edge of the bed and lean down, finding your duffel on the floor there. You pull out a bottle of half-finished bourbon and take a few glups, before shoving it at Dean.

“I’ll find the first aid kit. You drink that.” You instruct, digging through your bag for the makeshift first aid kit you’ve cobbled together over the years – disguised inside an old makeup bag, you’ve pulled together enough medical supplies to keep you going for a long time. Once Dean has drained the bottle he pulls himself up, sitting on the bed gingerly – he’s already bleeding all over the sheets, but there’s little he can do about it now.

The hunt was just one of those fights that seemed like it would never end. The werewolves just kept coming, with their claws and teeth and even guns and knives. They outnumbered you hugely and with Sam benched for a few weeks after a broken leg, it was left to you and Dean to battle through. As ever, you persevered and won, but not without the steep cost of a hellish amount of injuries.

The two of you take a moment to let the alcohol burn into your veins and when the pain subsides just a little, you empty the contents of the kit onto the bedspread.

“C’mere,” You beckon, and Dean narrows his eyes at you.

“You’re worse than I am. Let me do you first.”

“Just shut up and come here so I can stitch you up before you bleed out.” You command, crawling over to him. He reluctantly peels off his shirt, giving you better access to the angry claw marks tracing his spine. They’re still bleeding profusely and as you graze your fingers over the damaged skin, Dean winces uncomfortably.

“Sorry,” You apologise softly as he hands you the bourbon. You slosh it across his skin and make quick work of the stitches, careful rows of neat black lines that close the wounds. After a final alcohol wash, you judge him fit to reciprocate and stitch the lacerations crossing your stomach and hip. By the time you’ve stopped yourselves bleeding, your hands are sticky with blood and the room smells of iron.

“You okay?” Dean asks, helping you gingerly to your feet. You nod, blinking a few times – you’re a little woozy from the blood loss, but it’s nothing a decent meal and a good night’s sleep won’t fix.

“You?” When he nods, your mind immediately turns to what you’re going to do next, “Call Sam, tell him we’re okay because it’s past midnight and he’ll be going spare. I’m gonna go warm the shower up.”

“Sounds like a plan to me.” He nods, sourcing his phone in amongst the mess you’ve made. You shuffle towards the bathroom, clutching your bruised (and most likely broken) ribs with both hands to take some of the impact from each step. The shower takes a little while to heat up and by the time it’s warm enough to even consider getting inside, Dean slips into the room.

“Sam says he’s going to kick our asses if we’re not home tomorrow.” He informs you, prompting a somewhat pathetic laugh.

“I’m definitely going home tomorrow.” You assure him as he delicately wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you close to him.

“Definitely. And we can vegetate and catch up on Game of Thrones for a week.”

“It’s a date,” You promise as he presses a kiss to your temple, reaching beneath the stream of water.

“You know, we’ll be able to shower longer if we get in together.” Dean suggests, and you nod without hesitation. The two of you strip off and climb in – but after a moment of standing, a look and mutual nod between you prompts you both to sit in the tub, despite it being somewhat grubby, and allowing the warm water to cascade over you both. You sit in between Dean’s legs and he wraps his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder.

“Sometimes I wonder what I’d do without you.” He admits, “Like… I always thought I’d be alone, but then you turned up and-“

“Don’t get all soppy on me.” You warn, but the smile on your face gives you away.

“I’m not. I’m just saying that I don’t appreciate you enough – I couldn’t have taken this on alone.”

“You don’t have to say you appreciate me for me to know it – let’s face it, our relationship is basically built on non-communication of emotions.” You laugh, leaning back into his embrace. He chuckles, the sound vibrating into your back.

“I know. But sometimes I think you deserve better.”

“It doesn’t matter what I deserve – it’s what I want, and I want you. Today and tomorrow and every day after that.”


After you shower and dry yourselves off, the two of you fall into bed and drift off to sleep pretty quickly after your long, hard day. When you wake, the sun is already shining high in the sky and it takes all the energy you can muster to drag yourselves out of bed and to the local diner for breakfast and a (big) coffee before you head back to the car and drive back to the bunker.

As the two of you sing along to Dean’s tapes and speed down deserted back roads, the solidarity between you becomes ever clearer: no matter how beaten and broken and bruised you may get, you’ll always have each other to lean on.

After School Special - Part 1

Word Count: 2057

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, spn stuff

Series Rewrite Masterlist

“Alright so, the girl Sam’s getting info out of right now…” You started, sitting outside a mental health facility with Dean, “she says we was possessed and swirlied another girl to death?”

“That’s the story.” Dean nodded, although something about his demeanor was off, like he wasn’t quite all there.

“Something bugging you?” You questioned, playfully nudging his ribs.

“What?” He looked at you as if he hadn’t heard you before he pulled himself together. “No I just…I was thinking about you actually. Do you feel good enough for this? You sure you don’t wanna go back to Bobby’s until we figure out what’s up with you?”

“No.” You barely took a second to think it through. “I’m safest with you. And I feel fine.” Sam approached, effectively ending the conversation and the impending argument.

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Fight For Love 6

 I was awake once more. But this time the hour was far more appropriate: 10:00am. Shawn isn’t besides me anymore but I’m already drooling at the faint scent of bacon that’s wafting under my paint-peeled bedroom door. I slide out from under my white covers and tiptoe towards the kitchen, I don’t want Shawn to know that I’m up yet. Once I reach the kitchen, which is at the opposite end of the hallway from my bedroom and right beside the front door, I brace my hands on the wood of the door-less door-frame and peer in. I lean into the kitchen, standing on my tippy-toes and craning my neck so that I can admire the way that the hard muscles on Shawn’s bare back flex and move under his skin as he works his way around the cooker. I can’t help the little flutter in my heart as I watch him. In my mind’s eye I envision him doing exactly this in five years’ time. Except with our little boy or girl clinging to his hand or trackie coated leg as he cooks, There are eggs in the pan, he makes a killer scrambled eggs. As he works I can see hear him softly singing the lyrics to Lego House by Ed under his breath. I’m transfixed by this. He’s gorgeous, no wonder so many girls hate me for being with him. They’d hate me even more if they ever got to see the true extent to how perfect he is, and I’m not just talking about his good looks. Although, I won’t lie, they help. I’m on about the passion and drive that lurk beneath those gold-flecked eyes, I’m on about the unbreakable determination that allows him to overcome every challenge he faces, and I’m referring to stolen kisses and dirty jokes that pass between us without anyone noticing. Just everything about Shawn is amazing.

I’m snapped out of my transfixion once I realise that Shawn has stopped moving. Instead he’s standing, still with his back to me, and staring rather glumly at a rather pathetic jug of Pancake mix. I can’t help but smile at how lost he must look. Finally, I decide to step in. I clear my throat and cross the thresh-hold into the kitchen, dressed in the same clothes Shawn put me to bed in. Shawn looks around, clearly surprised by my appearance. See, this is why I think that I’d be a good ninja!

“Hey. Good morning,” He smiles.

“Want some help?” I ask while nodding at the pancake mix.

Shawn steps aside. I walk over to the mix and dip my finger into it. I put it in my mouth and immediately being coughing. What on earth did he put in that? I pour the watery mixture down the sink- what on earth could those lumps be? - and being again.

“Was it really that bad?” Shawn asks light-heartedly as he turns the bacon.

“It was worse than bad babe. Bacon smells good though.”

Shawn meets my eyes and I can’t control the little flutter of my heart, “I wanted to surprise you with breakfast in bed.”

I smile and walk over to him as he straightens up, he’s so thoughtful. “Well, the pancakes would have definitely surprised me.” I tease playfully as I lean up on my tip toes and plant a kiss on my boyfriend’s cheek. 

After we finish what was a rather delicious breakfast we retire to the couch and load Netflix onto the TV. “I’m guessing we’re having a lazy day?” I ask Shawn as his big arm wraps around me. He pulls me into his chest, and I rest my head on it, it’s hard with muscle even when he isn’t tensing. I make a game of matching my breathing to the rhythm of his heartbeat.

He plants a soft his on my forehead and mumbles into my hair, “What would you like to watch?”

A few ideas pass through my mind: Sherlock, Dexter, The Croods, until a sly smirks comes to rest upon my lips. Still smirking, I tilt my head upwards so that my lips meet Shawn’s. My entire body feel as though it’s alight with passion as I deepen the kiss. I need him, it’s like an addiction. My body physically yearns for him; craves his touch, craves the feel of his skin against mine. I pull him down on top of me as I fall back into the couch, our kisses growing sloppier and more intense as my hands grip his soft hair and his palms ghost over my hips.

The small moan that escapes my lips, as Shawn plants a trail of kisses along my neck, is cut off by Shawn’s stupid crazy frog ringtone. I mean, come on! The dudes 21 and he still has a crazy frog ringtone.

With a miserable sigh Shawn rolls of me and snatches up his phone clicking Answer.

I only pick up Shawn’s side of the conversation: “I’m fine.” “It’s all sorted don’t worry about it.” “Can’t it wait-” “Yeah, I understand.” “See you soon.” “Alright, bye.”

With that Shawn hangs up and casts a sorry glance at me.


“Yeah. I’m really sorry, but if I miss today it’ll of been a whole week and the new album has a deadline and…”

As he gets flustered him cheeks begin to burn, he looks extremely innocent when he blushes and before I know what I’m doing I lean over a give him a quick peck on the cheek, “Give me twenty minutes to shower and dress.”

“You’re coming too?” Shawn asks in astonishment.

As I leave the living room, I answer Shawn with a brief glance over my shoulder. “Of course I’m coming. I think it’s about time Jesabelle and I had a word.”


Request from @adsku : You’re my lifesaver. When I’m sad or mad. I read your blog. It’s make my day better. And Can you do imagine where y/n & Sam are couple. And one day when y/n come home from work. Sam has planned most romantic dinner in their house. And after that dinner you’re going out drinking wine or champagne and listen to jazz music some like bar. Where is good flow. And end of night you’ll be best sex. You’ve ever had?


“I just want to go home, let off some steam with Sam and then go to bed. That’s all I want.” I said to myself as I was driving myself home. It’s been a long week for me. Work, school, homework, my life, my family. It’s been a real shithole lately. Nothing seems to be going right. The only thing that is going right is the choice of boyfriend. God, I am so lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend like Sam. I’m such a total ass and a handful and he’s okay with that. I mean just last night, I was under so much stress because of my time crunch of classes and homework and tests and seeing my family for my dad’s birthday and work, I literally couldn’t take it anymore so I blew up. I blew up on him. And he didn’t fight back, getting mad at me for getting mad at him for no reason, he just sat there and let me yell. 

Although last night I pointed out a couple flaws of his that annoys me because I don’t even know what the hell I was saying or doing and it just came out. After I was done yelling, while I was huffing and puffing, he just walked up to me, kissing me on the forehead and got me something to drink. The rest of the night I felt so bad for yelling at him and his innocence in all this that as I stayed up late, I decided to sleep on the couch because I thought he was mad. When I woke up in the morning, I woke up in the bed, while I was cuddling against Sam. I feel like I owe this guy my whole life for putting up with me and my bullshit. My dad always taught me, find a guy who is down to put up with your stubborn ass and is okay with your constant bullshit. If he could do that, marry that man! I laughed at the memory as I pulled into the drive way, next to Sam’s car. I got out the car and saw on the porch a wrapped box. 

I opened the card and read it, “Before you get in the house, get in your car, put on this dress and shoes I bought for you, and come inside. Yes, your stubbornness and bullshit is welcome too. Bring it with you. All and everything. Love, Samuel.” I smiled at the card and opened the box looking at the most beautiful dress I could ever wear and it was my favorite color. I started tearing as I got back inside my car and changed real quick, getting out and opening the  door. I heard slow music playing in the background, an aroma of food entering my nose and a clean decorated house. I started walking more inside, coming into the living room and I see Sammy standing there with a bouquet of roses, my favorite flowers. “Sam,” I whispered speechless. “Hello beautiful.” He smiles, walking up to me handing me the flowers and kissing my forehead. “How was your day?” He sincerely asks. “W-what’s all of this?” I could barely talk. “You were having a shitty week, so I thought I could give you something that will relax you. Something to make you calm, happy, and feel beautiful.” He genuinely smiles. 

“Sam,” I started tearing, hugging him. “This is so.. You are..” “Great, amazing, thoughtful, handsome,” I just laugh, “Yes, all of those, definitely. I love you, so much.” “I know. I’m a great boyfriend. Don’t have to tell me.” He praises himself. “Come on, I cooked dinner.” He leads me to the table, bringing out the food he cooked. While we were in the middle of dinner, I stopped to look at him and genuinely look at him and watch him as I fall deeper in love with him. He stops eating and looks up, “What? You don’t like it? Did I put too much salt? Did I burn something? I swear I put all the burnt food on my plate,” “No, no.” I stopped him, putting my hand on his hand, “It’s perfect, just like you.” I softly said. “Good. Oh, I also made you something!” He gets up, wiping his face and runs to the room. I started eating again, waiting for him. He comes out with a box in his arms, setting it down next to my plate. “Woah,” I look at it. “Wh-why is it so wide?” I laughed. “Open it! Come on! Open it!” He encourages me to open it. I stand up and start unwrapping it, excited to see what it is.

I open the box, “Oh, Sam…” I put one hand on top of my heart, as it starts to melt. I lifted up the album he’s made with all kinds of pearls and glitter and designs on it that also has a picture of us on the front. I opened it and started tearing a little, “3 years ago,” I started reading what was on the first page, like it was a book, “We met in Los Angeles, California at a bar.” And a picture of the first night we met was under the words. I laughed at the picture because of what we were both wearing. As I kept turning the pages, I was reading a story. The story of Sam and I, and our lives together as a couple with a sentence or two on each page and a picture. He mentioned from the time we first met each other’s parents, to the time we both visited each other’s home town, to our first vacation together, to our first kiss, to our first time having sex, to when we first moved in together, to our first fight, to our date. It was a timeline of our time together, making me relive each memory. “3 years ago, I knew you were a pain in the ass,” I laughed, sniffling. “But till this day, I still want you to be my pain in the ass, forever.” The last page read. I wiped my tear as I looked up a little to see Sam on the floor. 

I felt myself stop breathing, “When I say forever, I mean, forever.” He said down on one knee, digging in his pockets. “Y/N,” I started crying, “I knew from the first moment I saw you, I wanted to be with you. After our first date, I knew I loved you. After everything we’ve been through, the ups and the downs, you’re still the person I want to be with at the end of the day. Your stubbornness and everything. Would you do the honors of being my wife?” He opens the black ring box in his hand, revealing an engagement ring. “I love you more than anything. And I would DO anything for you to be mines forever.” I sat there with my hands over my mouth, frozen in my seat, crying. “Y/N, will you marry me?” He takes my left hand and places the ring on my ring finger. I stood up, nodding my head, hugging him, crying on his shoulder. 

“Is that a yes?” “Yes! Yes! A hundred times yes!” I yelped out as he laughed, gripping his hug even tighter. Once we release, he wipes his fingers over my cheeks wiping my tears, kissing my lips. “I don’t understand. Yesterday, I yelled at you and,” “And you slept on the couch because you felt guilty but I brought you back onto the bed. Y/N, I know you. You’re still my person. And I’ll always be yours. You can yell at me for hours and days, but I will never stop wanting to be with you. We in this together, understand?” I nod, him kissing my head. “Do you feel like going out tonight? If you’re not tired. The guys and I were planning to have a chill night at this jazz place lounge.” “Yeah, I’d love to see the boys.” I smile at him as we both headed out into the car. We got to the place and we walk inside, 

“SURPRISE!!!!!!” Everyone jumps out, throwing confetti in the air and in my face, cheering. I yelled in fear for a second before laughing as everyone comes up to me, congratulating me. “W-how do you guys kno-,” Emily turns me around to look at the tv screen of a video of what just happened literally 20 minutes ago. I look at Sam, pushing him hard, “What?” He laughs. “Everyone already knows and it has barely been an hour. “What? I recorded it and it automatically sent to them. I had to tell them. We are all family now.” “We are all officially family now.” The boys said, surrounding me, giving us a bear hug. While we were all just hanging around, Ben throws his arm around my neck, “Welcome to the family, Mrs. Wilkinson.” He toasts my glass. “Sam gone have a good time tonight!” He yells for everyone to hear and I look at Sam and we give each other a look, knowing damn well Ben is right. Let the married life, begin. 

[There will be no continuation to this imagine]

when nobody shows up.

i sometimes wonder what would happen if we played a rock show & nobody came.

(came as in, nobody showed up, you sickos)

like, if we were to go on stage in portland, austin, tampa, or buffalo (total a coincidence that i happened to come up with the four cities that are lagging behind in ticket sales for our upcoming tour) & the floor was completely empty except for the bartender & the sound guy who keep giving us the “this happens all the time in buffalo” look. 

jordan decides to take 3 extra long solos in the spoken part of sanctuary & marcus falls asleep & i wallow in misery from then until eternity.

it’s a branch of the “crippling self-doubt” section of my brain that puts the image in my head, but it finds me at least three times a week, some mornings when i wake up & some nights when i’m falling asleep & sometimes even unconsciously when i’m dreaming. i have no doubt that at one point or another in their career, it haunts every performer. i think probably everyone gets it, actually. nobody wants to throw a party & have nobody show up.

when i even imagine it, i feel miserable. my brain shuts down.

it’s not like we haven’t done it before. at the warehouse in la crosse, wisconsin. november 11, 2010. we loaded our gear through the rain & up 3 flights of stairs to play a show for exactly 0 ticket purchasers. there’s a sign on the wall of the warehouse that details how much debt the venue is in, & we had to play directly to that sign, knowing we were part of the problem. i felt pretty shitty most of that day.

i have no reason to believe that will happen any time soon. tickets for this tour are outpacing every other tour we’ve done, so unless everybody forgets that they bought tickets, we won’t be stuck playing to ourselves, even in buffalo. but i think the more important questions are: why do i care? should it matter whether people show up or not? why is it that even imagining people not showing up makes me miserable?

i make music because i love making music. 

that’s what i tell myself at least, & on the most important levels, it’s true. i get excited about writing songs & i get excited when i listen to them after they’re finished. i love rehearsing & performing those songs with my friends, & i love traveling the country, & in a weird way i love the way that shitty, dirty, dusty venue smell. i like to believe that, even if not a single person listened or cared, now & forever, i would still want to live a life in, for, & through music.

if that’s the case, then why is the buffalo nightmare where no one shows up so much worse than the sold out new york city show? aren’t they both just playing music?

is it audience connection?

an audience is part of the experience & that can’t be understated. art is nothing until an audience gives it life. the purpose of live performance is to, through art, open up a glowing & glorious connection between artist & audience. 

the more people, the stronger the connection - this isn’t always true, but in the case of 0 people vs. 500 people, it definitely is. i want to feel like i’m a part of something, & having an audience proves that it is something. 

but that argument only works in the case of small show vs. big show, which is not the actual question being asking, which is: “why do i feel miserable when no one shows up?” strip away the audience, i’m still playing music & traveling the country with my friends.

connection is important, but doesn’t explain my misery.

is it money?

in thank you for smoking, jason reitman posits that 99% of human motivation is to pay the mortgage. i want to summarily reject that, say there are thousands of things i love more than money & that money isn’t my motivator. i want to say that if money was what i was after, i probably could have done other things that would have made far more than i ever will as a musical artist. i want to say that our generation is a new kind with new values, that we do things because we love doing them, not for money.

but i don’t think that’s all 100% true, for me or for most anyone. i worry we use that candy-painted, usually-hollow rhetoric to misdirect & distract ourselves from the shame we feel about actually, on a deeper level, being addicted to money.

i think below our surface motivation lies a deeper attachment to money & to the things it buys, & that attachment prevents us from doing anything that may endanger our longer term financial security, regardless of what other motivations are at play. we say all is justified in the name of ensuring we have “enough” money, & we tell ourselves that “enough” is just a little more than we have now. that’s why most people place career at the top of their obligations list, & only donate money when they have excess. if we really valued humanity over money, we’d give it all away.

so let me at least say this: i don’t care to be rich, & i don’t write & perform music because i think it’s my best method of getting there, but i am worried that no one will buy my record & i’ll have to pick a different career. i do worry about not having “enough” & i don’t know how much “enough” is. 

but one show won’t dramatically effect my financial security. i might be motivated by money on a more macro level, but it doesn’t explain me being miserable if no one came to a show.

is it validation?

i don’t want to care how many people appreciate what i’m doing, because i’m doing it for me. 

that’s a lie.

with the rush of fear about no one showing up comes a wave of other fears. people will find out, & as a result, they won’t like me. critics won’t like me, venues won’t like me, the bartender from la crosse wisconsin won’t like me, the band won’t like me, friends won’t like me, strangers won’t like me, she won’t like me, no one will ever want to hang out with me or have sex with me ever again, all of these plans & goals that i had for our band & for music & for my future are shattered because all i am & all i will ever be is the guy who played to nobody in buffalo.

then i go on twitter & realize my last tweet only go 29 favorites & so i rush to tweet about pizza or One Direction because i need to be retweeted to be reminded that maybe there’s hope for my life yet. some people would call it “good business,” or “market research,” but i’ve come to call it by its birth name: “addiction to validation.” i’m obsessed with everyone being obsessed with me. i need everybody to love me.

this is why the image of an empty venue shoots crippling terror through me. this is why we think we’re alone if we’re not being contacted by anyone at any particular moment. we’re addicted to ourselves & addicted to each other.

i need to feel validated, & i wish i could stop needing that. i wish i didn’t need everybody to love me. but i do. so now what?

anonymous asked:

hi! i understand that your headcanon is bottom!shaw so i wanted to ask... amy said that root enjoys shaw's muscle when it's used on her, shaw will top in the sex scene, why do you think shaw is a bottom? she always seemed like a top to me, she basically dominates everything. though of course they probably switch too. can you explain your reasoning? thanks!

i have a lot of thoughts and reasons for it tbh maybe too many so hopefully i can articulate them 

  • a few things first, i prefer and like the idea of shaw taking on the role of the bottom, of a service top and a sub but don’t think that in the canon of their relationship she would exclusively take on only these roles with root but in my mind 9/10 times - she’s taking on one (or more) of them 
  • in relation to what amy said i mean, it’s just a fact that shaw is physically stronger than root and so regardless of what dynamics they take on in sexual situations i think that shaw’s physical strength and physique are a massive turn on for root and she is incredibly attracted to that aspect of shaw
  • i would say that i definitely see shaw as aggressive opposed to dominate. we know from what she has said about her pd that anger is the easiest emotion for her to express - it’s the volume that’s turned up the loudest so she is definitely aggressive and can easily express that and so we get her punching root in 3x06, choking root in 4x09 and grabbing her for the kiss in 4x11 and then again there is clear aggression in what we see in the promo from s5 but i don’t think that necessarily transfers to who is actually the more dominate within the dynamic of the relationship 
  • and for the record i fully accept shaw taking the more aggressive and dominant role in THE scene, i think it fits the characters immensely. root needs to let shaw take the lead because god knows what she has been trough and shaw needs that control, whatever is gonna happen, after all she’s gone through, it’s gotta be on her own terms and i say again, of all of the feelings she would be having anger has always been the easiest for her to decipher (root also is so helplessly in love i’m pretty sure shaw could literally do whatever she wanted to and root would have no complaints)  
  • but let’s go back to CONTROL. my view of root is as a character with a need for control, it’s all well and good for her to have faith in the machine but FUCK ROOT CRAVES CONTROL SHE JUST DOES from baby sam groves taking back control when no one listened to her when hannah was taken, how she took control and had the dude killed. she didn’t get to control that she was samantha groves with the absent dad and the sick mom but she chose the identity of root, she controlled that, she decided it. she was a contract killer she literally CONTROLLED LIFE AND DEATH. shaw being taken was out of her control and my god does she try and take it back when she wants to kill beth to save harry SHE IS TRYING TO CONTROL THE SITUATION root and control is very important in my understanding of her character and so when it comes to her sexual relationship with shaw, that power dynamic and the elements of bdsm the partake in, she absolutely takes on a dom role and shaw serves as her sub 
  • also just from reading fic i accept the idea that root doesn’t like a lot of penetration so to be specific i never really like the idea of shaw using a strap-on on her, that never feels right to me and wearing a strap on doesn’t by default make you the top but in  a lot of fics that’s how it often plays out
  • i headcanon that shaw has usually taken on the role of top or dom with most previous sexual partners and that’s because she hasn’t ever really trusted anyone or felt comfortable enough to not do that. she says she had a 3 night max policy, that’s not an exceedingly long amount of time to establish the kinda of sexual relationship i think root and shaw have fallen into after all this time. 
  • but most importantly shaw’s actions speak louder than words, because most of the time she physically cannot find the words, she can’t express what she feels but act of giving root that control and submitting to her says so much. 
  • my interpretation of canon based off this gifset is certainly that shaw enjoys pain and in most contexts of the comments we see root is the one (potentially) inflicting it, i don’t see that shaw has an overwhelming desire to inflict pain in same way she has exhibited a desire to have pain inflicted on her however root has vocalised that she enjoys receiving pain as well as inflicting it so i think that definitely happens
  • but that could just mean shaw takes on the role of service top, following root’s orders and requests on how to inflict pain on her who knows if people think that a definite switch happens in those instances i don’t mind 
  • if we talk about this gifset/scene i think that it’s super instinctual how root pulls shaw into her and shields her and i think in the top gif i get the feeling this a familiar position for them, that shaw in aroused by it but then she becomes uncomfortable with the intimacy of it because they aren’t in a sexual situation 
  • and again just my interpretation of canon from this scene i 100% imagine that root zip tied shaw and put the hood on her, shaw’s face and the implication that root it holding the stuff implies to me that she will be using them on shaw (also we see root placing the zip ties on herself the next morning, not shaw exhibiting dominance and putting them on her) 
  • i think shaw’s reaction to root bringing this up and the context of it also implies this, because root is pitting herself against tomas and how they can pleasure shaw and so i absolutely take form it that root took on the more dominant role on that occasion, she had shaw tied up etc.) 

i probably have more things to say, and i’ve probably said way too much about it so hopefully this kinda makes sense and this is all just my interpretations at the end of the day also i blame @constantlyhalfcocked because i did not feel this strongly about sub!shaw or bottom!shaw until i read their fics and from that point on there was no going back 

Request - I was wondering if you might be able to write an imagine where its pouring down rain and the reader is running around barefoot in it while grinning and the boys are watching and smiling at the the reader. Please and thank you if you do. =)

(I hope that you like it xx)

Sighing, you turned from your stomach and onto your back, and stared at the alabaster ceiling of your room from your bed. You and the boys had felt as if the whole world had turned against you with the amount of stress that had fallen on your shoulders over the last week, and you had been forced to stay in your room so you could “take a break”. The thing is, all you could do in your room was sleep and study the various cracks that ran with jagged patterns throughout the surface of the ivory plaster above you, so resting wasn’t at all worth your while.

Shutting your eyes, you forced yourself to try to slowly doze off, but your ears kept you from doing that. You could hear Sam and Dean talking loudly amongst themselves, the strain in their voices too clear to just ignore; you immediately decided that you would use all of your effort to make them rest for a little while once you felt a bit better. Their yelling, along with the playing Metallica record that Dean had turned down the volume of but was still too loud for you, created a much too audible cacophony that you couldn’t even hear your own thoughts through, but then you heard the sound of something familiar, something that you loved.

The unreserved and placid pitter-patter of the first few droplets of rain before the downpour made your gloomy mood that had settled like a fog over you slowly dissipate, and your smile became wider as the calm noise began to rapidly grow more urgent.

Sitting up, you felt the long-forgotten itch of wanting to feel the coolness of the rainwater against your skin and began to feel yourself getting excited. You thought back to the years of your youth, remembering how you could just dance in the rain without a care in the world and not have to worry about the kinds of things that you were haunted with now. Clutching at the sheets that covered you, you realized that this was how you could truly take a break and threw them off of you before jumping out of your bed and running out of your room.

The brothers, who were currently arguing with each other over how to handle a certain case, looked up in surprise when you sprinted past them in clothes that were most definitely not suited for the weather.

“Y/N, what the hell—” Dean started in an exasperated tone, but you interrupted him as you started to run up the stairs with light steps of your bare feet, already exhilarated as you got closer to the door that would bring you outside.

“Come on, you two!”

Knowing that they couldn’t leave you alone out in the open, Dean and Sam shared one last glare with each other before starting to run after you as soon as you slipped beyond the boundaries of the bunker and into the fresh air. They were muttering little annoyed statements to themselves as they reached the landing, but all of their irritated emotions faded away as you came into their view once again.

You were standing beneath the pouring rain with your arms spread out wide, looking up towards the sky with your tongue stuck out; your absolute last care was that your tank top and shorts were getting completely soaked, and that the pads of your feet were getting dirty as you began to run around like a small child again. Grins began to form on the boys’ faces as they watched you and heard your giggles of delight.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Dean whistled, turning to his brother. “Looks like we shouldn’t confine her to her room next time something like this happens.”

“I agree,” Sam replied, hazel eyes bright as he continued to gaze at your blissful expression. “We can’t really force to her take a break if she can’t enjoy it.”

The older Winchester nodded. “You know, Sammy, we never had the chance to do this when we were younger; actually, we didn’t have the chance to do much together.”

Sam smirked, raising his eyebrows as he spoke. “Are you suggesting…?”

“You know what? I am!” Dean exclaimed. “Screw everything that we’ve been fighting about today; we need to ease off of each other and ourselves!”

Right at that moment, the sun was revealed from behind the grey clouds that been hiding it and you skipped over to the boys and tugged on their flannels with the happiest face that they had ever seen you wear.

“Are you guys joining me, or what?” you asked with a huge smile, and they wasted no time taking off their plaid shirts and ran out into the rain that was now being illuminated with soft sunlight in their plain tees. Their deep laughter began to blend in with your peals as utter joy began to run through them as the rain began to drench their shirts and hair.

Dean’s arms encircled your waist as he came up from behind you, taking you by surprise as he began to spin you around as you squealed. Putting you back down onto the damp ground, he held out his hand for you to take. “Would you care for a dance in the rain?’

"What a gentleman,” you teased, but took his hand in yours. “Of course.”

Sam chuckled to himself as you and his older brother began to dance with each other, and when Dean twirled you around, he took the chance to catch you in his arms.

“Really, man?” Dean jokingly acted angry, looking intimidating even next to his hulk of a sibling.
“Sorry,” Sam flashed him a smile. “But you let your guard down.”

With that, he shook his long hair, and you jumped out of his arms before shrieking as the spray that came from his locks showered over you. That’s when you realized that it was only sprinkling, and that the azure sky was starting to be able to peek out from its dark concealment.

You sat down on the gravel, letting out a deep breath of air as the boys followed your movement, staring up at the blue color that was becoming more prominent above the three of you.

“Next time that things become tough, we’re going to force ourselves out of that bunker again, alright?” you questioned, looking at the two brothers.

“Agreed,” Sam answered, smiling at the scenery around you.

Dean nodded. “Getting our clothes soaked and Sam swinging around his princess hair—” He got a slight shove from his brother at that remark, but just continued with a lopsided smile. “–are a hell of a lot better than anything that could happen in there.”

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Derek Luh Text AU Part 2

Requested: Can you do an imagine or a text as a second part to the Derek text you just did please? (A/N: Happy Thanksgiving everyone 😊 here’s a little part two to the text AU I posted last night, enjoy)

I threw my phone down in frustration and tugged on my hair. How could he treat me like that and then take my feelings as a joke? I’m not one to usually discuss my feelings in fear of annoying people and he just reminded me why I was afraid to do so.

A couple of days go by and I’m waking up thinking about Derek. He and I are still not talking for the simple fact that we’re both extremely stubborn when it comes to apologizing. I’m not apologizing for HIS behavior, therefore I’m not speaking to him until he man up and apologize. I roll out of bed and hop in the shower to get rid of my sweaty odor. After about 20 minutes, I get out and throw on a tank top and black joggers and head downstairs. As I’m walking towards the kitchen, I hear the refrigerator door open and shut. I get scared but at the same time confuse as to why a burglar would be raiding my kitchen for a snack. I slowly creep up into the kitchen and the person turns around.
“Oh shit!” Stassie screams, dropping her cookies on the kitchen floor. “Damnit, I thought you were still asleep.” She mutters as she picks the cookies up, blowing them off and placing them back onto her plate. I cringe at the thought of her actually eating the cookies she dropped.
“What? As long as I blow them off they’re still some good.” She rolls her eyes and pushes past me, taking a bite.

“Stassie, what the hell are you doing here so damn early?” She plops down onto the couch.

“Dude, it’s 3 in the afternoon” she points to the time in the microwave. ‘Well damn, I must’ve really been tired’ I thought To myself.

“And to answer your question of why I’m here. I’m here because I heard some things about you and Derek and I couldn’t wait to ask you about it.” She smirks
“You couldn’t text me about that? You had to break into my house?” I take a seat next to her on the couch.
“I didn’t break in, I have a key” she dangles her key chain in front of my face.

I roll my eyes.
“What do you wanna know?” I huff in annoyance.

“What the hell happened? You haven’t been hanging out with him as much as you used to. I asked him what happened and he said that you were mad at him but he never told me why, so explain.” She sits back and grabs another cookie, anticipating my response.

“Well, I told him that I felt as though he was ignoring me and replacing me with you” she raises her eyebrows in surprise.
“and he was like ‘why do you think that?’ And I told him that he and I have been best friends for a while and I know how he acts and he hasn’t been himself around me but he’s been himself with everyone else. He made a joke out of it, I got mad and told him to fuck off. We haven’t talked since then” I shrugged my shoulders as I concluded my explanation.

“Damn baby, I’m sorry to hear that. I didn’t mean to take away your best friend.” She apologizes.
“It’s not your fault, don’t think that. It’s his, for being a dick.”

“You guys need to work this out. Matter of fact, how about I give him a call right now?” She reaches for her phone and I slap it out of her hand in panic. We watch it hit the carpet.
“What the fuck Y/N? Why don’t you want me to call him?”

“Because, if he wanted to work it out, he’d come around on his own. He already thinks I’m clingy, I don’t give a fuck about resolving it if he doesn’t.”
“Fine, but don’t come to me talking about how much you miss him when you’ve had enough of being a stubborn little brat. Now go upstairs and pick something out for later. I’m bored and I wanna go out.”

“Ugh, fine.” I trudge upstairs and go through my closet.

“Stassie! Help, I can’t find anything!” I scream in defeat after about 10 minutes. I hear her stomping upstairs and I sit on the bed, letting her do her job. Stassie has always been good with clothes so I trust her. “Here you go” she throws an outfit at me after a few seconds of looking through my closet. I unfold the clothes to reveal a black shirt with laced sleeves and a white pair of high waisted jeans. “Damn you’re good.” I say in awe as I eye her selection of clothes. She playfully flips her hair and I giggle as she plops down onto the bed. “While we wait for it to hit 9 o'clock, we can just chill a bit.” Time goes by and next thing you know, it’s 8 o'clock. “Come on, let’s get your hair straightened.” She jumps up, taking me with her and shoves me into my vanity chair. She grabs my flat iron and gets to work on my hair. She finishes and she raids through my closet one last time to get an outfit for herself, soon settling with a purple tank top and black jeans with a flannel over it. I quickly apply some burgundy lipstick and eyeliner and run out of the door into the car. “Where the hell are we?” I question as we enter a part of LA I’ve never been in. “We’re almost there.” she takes a right turn and we end up pulling up to a big bright building with a huge purple sign that reads “4Play” “Stassie, what the hell are we doing here?” I roll my eyes as she rushes out of the car in anticipation. “This is the brand new club I was telling you about last week.” She smiles widely. I suddenly pop the thought of her telling me about it into my head. She yanks me up to the huge line of people waiting to be granted entrance into the club. After about 10 minutes, we were standing before a big bald bodyguard at the main entrance. “Lemme see your ID” he demands, boredom laced in his deep voice. Stassie and I reach into our clutches and yank our IDs out, confirming our age. The man nods and steps aside, granting us entrance. An hour and five drinks later, I’m sitting at the bar completely alone and a bit tipsy. I’m scrolling through my phone when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and a smile spreads on my face as my eyes meet Nate’s. “Hey, what are you doing here?” I slur a bit, causing him to chuckle. “I should be asking you the same.” He leans forward, anticipating my answer. “Stassie dragged me here out of no where, I guess it was to make me forget about my falling out with Derek. But she just disappeared.” I stare into my drink and stir it a bit, suddenly getting sad as I begin to think about Derek. “Oh yeah, I heard about that. Come with me” he doesn’t even wait to drag me off of the bar stool I was stationed at. I struggle to keep up with his fast pace, seeing as he has longer legs than me, therefore he takes bigger steps. He leads me to an empty booth near the back of the club, I soon realize that it’s not empty, as I’m met with Stassie and Derek sitting there. “Here’s your closure. You two assholes were being hella stubborn so here you go. You’ll thank me later.” She winks and slides out of the booth as I’m shoved in. I watch as Stassie and Nate walk off. “Look, you already know that you don’t need to apologize. This,” he motions to him and I with his hands before continuing, “this was all me, all my fault. And you know that I’m not big on apologies, but I’ll definitely, without a doubt, not hesitate to apologize to you right now. For being selfish, unreasonable, and inconsiderate. I have no idea what got into me that night, and I really don’t have a single clue as to why I ignored you like that.” I feel myself tear up a bit at his confession, I had never seen him apologize like that before, he’d always been spiteful and stubborn. Next thing you know, a tear slips out of my eye and rolls down my cheek. “Don’t cry mami, you’re gonna make me feel worse” he jokes with a smile and wipes away the stray tear. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to. I’ve just never seen you so sincerely apologetic before, it took me by surprise.” I laugh a but as I sniffle and wipe the remaining moisture from under my eyes. “That’s because I’m seriously sorry. I don’t wanna lose you, you mean the world to me Y/N. I mean that.” He smiles, and I can’t help but blush at his confession, but I silently remind myself that he just means that in a friendly way, nothing more. But I’ll take what I can get. I look down into my lap, taking a sudden interest in my nails. I feel Derek’s hand cupping my chin and lifting my head up to meet his gaze. “How about, we head home and order a pizza.” He suggests. “I’d like that” I smile as I slide out of the booth and we make our way to the car. “Last one there has to give the winner a massage” I challenge and take off to the car, he speeds up behind me. It’s good to have my Derek back.

anonymous asked:

Could you do the Golly prompt of the wrong number and revealing personal details please! ! :)

Almost 3,000 words, none of which has been edited. This one kinda got away from me, I hope you like it though. 

“Gail, I’m sorry. I’m so so so sorry, it’s really not what you think. I wouldn’t say those things.”

“Hey, Gail, it’s me again. Look, I was just telling her that I wasn’t available because I had you, I really really like you. What you heard was what my friend said, she thinks those things not me. Please call me back.”

“I know I sound like a broken record here but I really am sorry, and I hope you’ll let me explain.”

“Hey, me again. Look you haven’t called me back yet and it’s been two days, and I’m worried about you, Chloe said she hasn’t seen you since that day. I’m scared somethings happened to you and that you’re lying dead in a ditch somewhere, so please just call or text or something. Please… I miss you.”

“Gail. I-I can’t sleep, please just tell someone you’re alive.”

It was a bad day that ended with a grand finally. It was little things, dropping her coffee, pen, files, then her lunch was made wrong and she didn’t have time to go back, her intern mixed up samples, and blood got on her favourite shirt. After all of that, the day was closing and it was time she could go home and make the day end, she went to her car and found it being towed away.

“Really?” Holly yelled into the ceiling of the parking garage. Her cry echoed off the concrete walls, bouncing her cry all through the building. She pushed on her temples in a hope to call off the headache that dared to begin. Holly pulled out of phone and dialed the first number that came to mind.

“Hey Chloe, I’m having a really bad day. Max mixed up samples, got guts everywhere, I have a huge blood stain on my favourite shirt, my lunch was wrong and so I haven’t eaten since this morning, and to top it all off my car just got towed. Can you come pick me up, I could really use a few drinks and a movie.” Holly unloaded in a rush, her chest contracting, and tears on the brim of letting go.

“Where are you?” Came the reply from someone who definitely wasn’t her friend, this voice didn’t have the bubbly undertones of the redhead sh'ed known her whole life, this one didn’t have the hurt puppy concern.

“Who’s this?” She asked wiping her nose with the back of her hand.

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