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Lisa finds the scars on his knuckles and along the sides of his fingers. She holds his hand between hers, the careless way a kid does, and her little fingers are dwarfed by his own, somehow finding tenderness beneath the thick chains of callouses.

“What’s this one for, Daddy?” she asks, again and again, pointing at one and then another.

They sit together in their living room, the same way they did the last time he was here, except she fits in his lap differently this time and Junior is listening-not-listening on the floor on his old playmat, waging war with his GI Joes. So Frank tells them the stories - not the truth, that he can’t remember most of them, but shit out of their comic books like trying to lasso barbed wire and Lisa twists in his lap to look at his, with her face all screwed up, skeptical but bemused.

“Really, Daddy.”

“As real as I’m sitting here,” he answers, straight-faced, but then he catches a glimpse of Junior staring at him in awe on the floor and cracks and Lisa stabs her finger into his palm as he starts to laugh, once again managing to tickle him.

“Daddy,” she admonishes, but she’s laughing too. He has to shuffle her aside as Junior begins to pout on the floor, expression clouding over with the beginnings of an upset.

“Hey, buddy,” he says, and reaches for him. Junior gravitates to him as if being pulled. When he clambers onto the sofa as well the three of them are a mess of limbs, and Frank draws the two small warm bodies to his chest, pressing a kiss into his son’s soft hair. He’s not sure if he still knows how to do this. Junior’s hand clamps conciliatory, possessively, to the shoulder of his shirt. He’s not sure if he knows these two humans at all. “Hey, I’m sorry, I was only messing with you…”

“Shut up, Frankie,” Lisa says suddenly, sourly, turning her head and tucking it into Frank’s neck.

“Hey, hey,” he says, frowning, his hands coming up to rest on their backs, but she won’t look up and he feels the mood of the afternoon change, as swiftly and suddenly as dust kicked up over the sun.

They sit there awhile. It’s silent save for Frankie’s sniffles and then they calm and all’s left is the steady breaths of children clinging to him like a lifeline, a quiet bubble in the afternoon.

“I don’t want you to go again, Daddy,” Lisa says, eventually. She mumbles the words into the crook of his neck and doesn’t look up and he feels Frankie nodding on his left side. There’s a beat. “I don’t want you to go.”

He works his suddenly tightening throat into his response. “I don’t want to go either, sweetie.”

It isn’t exactly the truth. It’s not a lie either, but the words seem to sink into stomach and settle there, like dumbbells. Like weighted chains.

The kids’ arms tighten around him, holding onto him as tightly as they could.


Do it for Frankie, Karen Page says in the aftermath of the car crash. Do it for Maria, do it for Lisa - tell me what happened, Frank, tell me, we can figure it out-

A laugh that’s more spit than breath and Schoonover knocks his head back against a trunk until he can look up at him, eyes glittering in the headlights.

“Yeah, Frank,” he coughs out, “tell her the truth.”

“You- shut up,” she hisses, trying to scrabble him back. “Frank, Frank please, don’t do this, you don’t-”

He drags Schoonover to the shed and throws him through the door, kicking him for good measure, feeling the swell, the weight of his rage, heavy like poured lead and throbbing behind his eyes.

“If you do this, I’m done.” Karen staggers along behind him, arm crossed against her ribs and slip-sliding in the damp mulch. “You do this and you’re the monster they say you are, you hear me Frank? You’re dead to me.”

“I’m already dead,” he says.

And he shuts the door.

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“We don’t have time for this,” Link gasps, even as his hands tighten in Rhett’s hair.

“You sure about that?” Rhett’s lips are at Link’s throat. “You absolutely sure?”

Link can hardly think to speak. He’s just glad he remembered to close the office door behind him. The last time Rhett was so insistent, Stevie walked by. She told them it wasn’t a big deal and she didn’t care what they did in their own office, but Link was still embarrassed.

Rhett pushes him down on the couch and kneels on the rug before him. “I’ll make it quick,” he says softly.

“We have a meeting in ten minutes,” Link says feebly.

Rhett’s hands are running his hands up Link’s slender thighs. He chuckles.

“That’s all the time I need.”

Link has another protest ready, but he quickly forgets it as Rhett’s hands get to work.

Nine minutes and thirty seconds later, he and Link are in the conference room, both flushed and slightly disheveled, but pointedly not looking at each other.

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4 for Ruby x Piper? :o

Gathering Resources

Piper groaned as she flung the last radroach carcass into the backpack. She wouldn’t say she preferred them alive, but they smelled even worse when they were dead. Ruby was still busy wrestling with a rusty car bonnet - absolutely intent that she stripped that particular car for parts. 

“These models were built to last,” was the only thing in way of an explanation that she’d received. There were other cars in the junkyard, but Piper was no expert herself, and Ruby was stubborn as hell once she’d made a decision. So she’d simply shrugged and plucked another cigarette from behind her ear before she put away their contributions to tonight’s dinner in Sanctuary.

“Fuck!” Ruby slammed her fists into the bonnet, hard enough that they should have left a dent. Piper sighed, walked over, and offered her a smoke. Her last one.

“Looks like you need this more than me.” Piper squeezed her arm, and Ruby nodded slowly. “We can always head back, come again with some of Sturges’ tools.”

“I s’pose,” Ruby muttered, running an exasperated hand through her hair. She sat herself down on the rusted bonnet. “I wanted to get that generator fixed up for the Longs. They’ve been there all this time without-”

“I know, and it’s a real shame but…they’ll last one more day. We’ve got enough wood to get a fire going. You’re only one person, Blue. You can’t do it all…though I know you’ll damn well try anyway.” 

“I…yeah, you’re right.”

“'Course I am.” Ruby half-smiled, as Piper planted a quick kiss on her cheek, and then her lips. “Now, let’s get back and grill some roaches.”

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Do you have any fics where Steve or Tony are in subspace? I adore reading about my favs in subspace, it sounds like a wonderful place to be lol I wish I cud get there

Well, if you haven’t already, definitely check out all @blossomsinthemist‘s kinktober works.  

Hard to find a lot with a real,deep look at subspace, but here are a few more you might enjoy. 


Cliche by Gothic_Lolita:  Steve demands to take care of Tony, and he doesn’t mind Tony’s subspace one bit. Now if only he could convince Tony of that.

Hypotenuse by derryderrydown:  Steve breaks up with Tony because he’s in love with Iron Man. That’s when things start to get complicated.

Kitten by Not_You: Written for an avengerkink prompt for dom on the bottom D/s with Tony and Steve.(Water is wet, fire is hot, and Steve always gets possessive when he’s nearly lost Tony.)

Care by @ashes0909:   He floated, body drained and mind a pleasant buzz of nothing.

Collared by @ashes0909 and @festiveferret:   “It was like going underwater in a dream. Steve didn’t have to hold his breath - he didn’t have to breathe at all. He just slipped below the surface."  (the whole Held series is great)

Held by romanoff:  It’s not the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to Tony, but it’s up there.

Anchor by romanoff: Tony hasn’t slept in days – three days? Four? Doesn’t matter. Point is, he needs to be taken out of his head.Luckily, Steve is happy to oblige.

Need by enthusiasmgirl:  Tony just wants to be good and make someone else happy. Steve lets him.

Eternity Etched in Flame by torianmist:  The creation of infinity. An eternity of desire marked upon Tony’s skin.

I won’t leave you falling by @blossomsinthemist:  Tony doms for Steve, which involves some specially enhanced red rope, cock rings, two vibrators, and a lot of orgasm control. It works out. Bottom Steve, trembling and desperate to come, loving dom Tony, plenty of aftercare.

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Flint being caught staring at Silver's hair. Blushes ensue. :D

Okay, I shall attempt this. I hope you like it!! This is set between S3 and S4 on the maroon island.

The brittle light of the last throes of day traps itself against the thickening clouds above. Flint stands on the cliff side admiring the view of the expanse of the sea once again; a view to a future they’d all succumb to. He can hear the stabbing of the crutch in the sand behind him. This is the third day they’ve been practicing and it’s all gone exceptionally well. Flint finds himself releasing a grin as he turns.

Silver is standing in the beech weed and the odd light of the cracked sky leaves a glowing hue about his shoulders. He looks anything but real as if Flint had imagined him from thin air. Perhaps, Flint had been conjured from the sea and Silver from the light. He blames the days they’ve had to rest with too much time to ponder on his poetic imaginings.

Flint approaches the ghostly silhouette of Silver and as the angle changes, the light leaves his shoulders. He’s been made real and he’s smiling slyly at him with a squint. Flint notices that he’s wearing his hair down this day, unlike previously. His wild dark curls frame his shoulders in a feral fashion. Flint thinks on tamed wolves and teeth not yet bared.

“I must say, you look spooked, Captain.” Silver says with a quirk of his brow. The sly grin remains and Flint holds out his sword to him which glints in the trapped light between them.  

“Begin.” Flint commands and Silver obliges as they frame into the proper positions.

Their shared regard for each other’s footing as the clinking of swords begins is something they’ve developed over time. That quiet nameless tandem.

Flint still can’t seem to take his eyes off of Silver’s hair which wraps violently around his face with each stroke of the sword. It is one of distinguishing features of Silver’s beauty and not acknowledging his allure would be yet another thing that Flint lies to himself about. As their practiced dance makes them draw nearer to the other Flint takes that moment to study his companion with oblivious open admiration.

However, Flint is not distracted enough to recognize the opening given to him and tap his sword on Silver’s shoulder albeit to his frustration. They stand there in quiet breathing as the light begins to fade from this place of sea and sand. Silver shakes his head out of breath and holds his sword at his side. “If I may observe, you’ve yet to take your eyes off of me.” Silver comments with growing amusement. The words strike Flint like a quick tap from a sword to his own shoulder and his face heats up against his will.

Silver suddenly chuckles as if such a thing is worthy of his laughter, “Christ…you’re blushing aren’t you?”

Flint’s face hardens under the mockery in which he continues to glare at Silver and observes the wind caress strands of his unruly curls across his rosy flushed collarbone.

Although, no matter how much Flint wished to find his eyes something else to scrutinize they refused to leave that figure in front of him. Silver’s smirk slowly fades into a genuine small smile at his continued adoring observation.

“Will you walk with me?” Silver asks softly and Flint’s heart quickens against his ribcage at those sweetly spoken words.

The Witching Times

So I’ve posted my interview with the lovely @starborn-witch (who is also now Co-Editor! How awesome is that?!) this weekk, and now I’d just like to go more in-depth about what The Witching Times is exactly.

It’s like Tumblr’s very own New York Times… But for witches!

Here I’d like to address pressing issues I see in the community, and try to not only approach from an unbiased point of view, but also get others and have their input too.

I’d like to feature spells, recipes, charms, tarot prompts, and all sorts of things in this little weekly “Paper”.

All of these things won’t be just exclusively from me though. I’ll be reaching out to different witches from all walks of life and asking them if they don’t mind contributing to the paper.

If there’s anything you’d like to see featured in the paper, or anyone you’d like to see interviewed (this can be yourself, too!), please, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message.

Thank you all! ♥

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Hello. First, I love your fics. So, I've never written anybody on Tumblr or made a prompt, so I hope I'm doing this right. I'd love to read a fic where Max and Rafael are kidnapped, and Magnus and Alec rescue them. And it would bei awesome if you'd write in Rafe's and Max's POV, too. And Rafe is all protective over Max. Hope you like this prompt and thank you in advance. I wish you a beautiful day :D.

Hi! Thank you so much! 
You’re doing it perfectly!
Your prompt was so interesting and something I would have never thought of myself, so I really hope you like it!
And a beautiful day to you too <3

Read on AO3

Rafe is afraid of the dark.

It’s something that started in the streets, when he had nothing to hide behind, nothing to protect him, when he was half-awake at all times, ready to run.

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More snapchat silliness from the band boys~ [first set here]

First snap is from Ritsu, and the second one Mob caught them in the act. Being on the road for so long, you probably get a little bored and do some stupid competitions like ‘Who has the best abs?’ or some shit. Honestly in this AU, Shou loves his junk food and energy drinks. Ritsu tells him later that his lack of abs is totally okay and he loves to use the soft tum as a pillow (if those two saw that snap, they’d probably freak) 

Feel free to give me idea prompts for this AU, snapchat style or not. I really want to draw more for it!

AU Tag


More Inktobers! Further development/concept stuff for my story, still codenamed Wychwood until I come up with something better.

13: Forgotten Character and Stone Well. I was originally going to draw a character who’d been written out of the story, but then I realized I’d forgotten to include Lizard at all in my prompts list! So I changed it up at the last minute. Here he is dangling in a well packed with creepy bug-monsters.

14: Herald and Rock Formation. Tiara meeting Felix is the inciting event for the whole rest of the plot, and he’s kind of the means through which a lot of information about the plot is discovered, so he seemed to suit the ‘Herald’ role pretty well! The rocks were a bit of a copout though, I freely admit.

15: Misleading Character and Graveyard. Kyte is pretty misleading; here he is, hanging out in a graveya– Kyte where did you get that, how did you even acquire this filhy human habit. Put that down!

16: Kind-Hearted and Treeline. I picked Felix for this one, as he’s the character that brings home stray kittens and tries to befriend small wild things (even when it’s a bad idea); for the trees, I used Weeping Alaskan Cedar as a reference point, because I think they’re very beautiful.

TWRPtober day 16: Costumes

HAHAHAHA SIKE I had this idea for this while and thought it’d be cute for this prompt! Phobos and Meouch trade costumes for a little while!

You can’t see it, but Meouch’s costume is super pinned up in the back because it was big on Phobos, and they had to send Phobos’ costume through the washer to shrink it a tad after Meouch kinda stretched it. :)

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The Hardy being forced to wear a costume prompt. Can someone do that A Christmas Story style?

D’you mean putting Hardy in a bright pink bunny outfit?

Originally posted by filmvisionary

Or the dramatic reveal part?

Originally posted by posepgh

Because either way I’m now dying to read this XD  


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Not sure if you take writing requests but if so... please! I'm dying for sub!bottom yondu not thinking kraglin has what it takes to top him, and kraglin proving him wrong!

sdlfjalkfjdsf I (very occasionally) take writing requests, but I usually open up slots beforehand. I’m still filling the prompts I said I’d write from last time. Sorry!


 …..hmu with a link though if you find someone to fill this

humbae  asked:

Can I still send a one word prompt? If yes: potato :D Thank you.

When Redd brings his guitar over to Lohn’s place, he’s prepared for a lazy afternoon of drinking and songwriting. He’s looking forward to settling into the rocking chair on the porch and picking his way through some of their favorite songs. Lohn will be in his own chair beside him, the harmony in his voice making Redd’s heart soar.

But when he gets to Lohn’s house, he finds his best friend lugging a sack of potatoes from his pickup to his porch.

“Hey Redd!” Lohn grins at him, cheerful as always. “Give me a hand?”

Redd is slightly bewildered. “What’s all this?”

“Sale at the farmer’s market,” Lohn explains. He pauses to push his hat back on his head. “Thought I’d get a whole bunch, give ‘em to those what might need it. This is what I had left over Didn’t want ‘em to go to waste.”

“What are you gonna do with all these?” Redd asks. He shoulders the front door open and Lohn drags the sack inside.

“Well…” Lohn grunts as he deposits his cargo on the kitchen counter. He grins sheepishly at Redd. “My lady’s out of town for another week. Think you might have it in you to make some tater dishes?”

Redd can feel his plans for a tranquil afternoon quickly evaporating. He sighs. Lohn can’t cook to save his life, and he’s never been interested in learning.

“You really should learn how to cook, he says, removing his hat and setting it on a chair.

It takes over an hour to clean and peel all twenty pounds. Redd’s annoyed at first, but Lohn’s cheerfulness is infectious. Before long, the two of them are cheerfully harmonizing with an old country song on the radio as Lohn peels potatoes and Redd slices them into wedges. He leafs through the old recipe book Lohn fished out of a cabinet.

“Potatoes are a versatile food,” he says over his shoulder.

Lohn’s rinsing his hands in the sink, still humming along to the last song as a commercial begins to play. “What?”

“They’re versatile,” Redd says again. “Means-”

“I know what that means.” Lohn joins him at the counter, standing close enough for Redd to feel warmth from his body. He never seems to understand the concept of personal space when it comes to Redd, something that’s even more obvious as he nudges his taller friend in the arm. His voice drops to almost seductive tones. “Whatcha gonna make, boy?”

“Whatever you like.” Redd grins down at him.

Lohn’s quiet for a moment, his head bent over the cookbook. The house is quiet except for a radio announcer rambling about life insurance. Redd almost wants to hold his breath. It’s not the first time he’s wanted to bury his nose in Lohn’s dark hair. He always stops himself, of course. Ruining his closest friendship over a ridiculous desire doesn’t seem worth the trouble. Lohn gets touchy-feely sometimes yeah, but that’s just how he is. It wouldn’t make sense if Redd suddenly started doing the same thing.

Still, he wonders what Lohn would do if he just-

Abruptly, Lohn straightens from the counter with a laugh. Redd jerks back as well, his face hot.

“Too complicated,” Lohn says with a laugh. He’s speaking more loudly than usual. “I don’t know what half these ingredients are supposed to be. How ‘bout you start with something simple? Mash ‘em or something. Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve had some good mashed potatoes.”

Redd wets his lips. “Your wish is my command, brother,” he drawls, and gets to work.

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60 with DinoXanxus for the prompts :D

Oh man. This one’s unexpected, but that’s what ask memes are about, I guess? *laughs in delight*

DinoXanxus 60: “Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…” 

“Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…”

Dino stared the older man down with raised brows. Amusingly enough, Xanxus actually winced. Whether that was in actual remorse for the words or because Tsuna had aimed an elbow at his side, Dino could not say,

When he turned the look on Tsuna, obviously his little brother schooled his expression in a split second. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth, etc. Obviously.

“I,” Dino said, “was away for two days. Just two. Barely an entire weekend. And you somehow manage to destroy not only the grounds surrounding my personal mansion, but also the main ballroom at the Vongola Estate and the lobby at the Varia Compound?”

“I can explain,” Xanxus tried again, beginning to look irritated, but Dino sighed, and tilted his head towards his younger brother.

Tsuna immediately went stiff, and tried to edge his way towards the door.

Dino smiled, and Tsuna squeaked, jerking back in place. It made a mildly appreciative sneer tug at the corners of Xanxus’ lips - at least until Dino turned his gaze back Xanxus’ way.

“Really now. I’d have thought the two of you were beyond spats like this.” he mused, partially covering the bottom of his face with his fingers, if only to hide the way a grin was threatening to stretch across his mouth.

Predictably, the words had both men standing before him shuffling in place like a pair of kids. Xanxus probably hid it better than Tsuna did, but really, it was hilarious how similar the expressions on their faces were.

“You’d think my lover and little brother could get along with each other better than this,” he tried, inserting just a hint of regret into his voice. Just a bit.

The reaction was immediate.

Xanxus turned on him with a snarl, loud enough that Dino would have missed the way the tips of his ears went red if he hadn’t been watching for it. Tsuna, on the other hand, looked like he was caught between yelping in horror and yelling back.

Fuck you, you fucking horse tra-!”

Dino-san, this is such a bad ide-!”

They both broke off when Dino doubled over in helpless laughter, no longer able to contain it. And kept laughing. He could hear the two of them muttering at each other over his head, sounding confused, before Tsuna finally mumbled something petulantly and left.

By the time he found it in himself to glance up again, it was only Xanxus left in the infirmary room. Looking about as confused as he was capable of being, though Dino could easily see the wry smirk hidden in the corner of his lips.

“Did that old fuck Romario tattle on us, then?” he asked, when Dino straightened and dusted himself off, still chuckling a little under his breath.

“Maybe. But I also got complaints from Squalo and my little brother’s righthand. The Smoking Bomb sounded quite horrified by his Boss’ personality switch.”

Xanxus snorted, lifting a hand to rub at the nape of his neck, his gaze glancing away. It made another smile curl across Dino’s lips, this one as fond as his laughter had been helpless earlier on.

“Tsuna was the one who attacked you, then?”

No verbal answer, just a sneer. Squalo had gotten a disgusted look on his face when Dino had tried to tell him just how adorable his Boss could be, but could anyone blame Dino for thinking that when Xanxus acted like this? The older man was like a child, at times. And terribly easy to understand, when one knew what to watch for.

“Well, he’ll get over it once he figures out that you’re not treating me like your booty call, I’m sure.”

“I thought that was exactly what you were supposed to be,” Xanxus countered, snide, but he didn’t shy away when Dino reached out to smooth a thumb over the yellowed bruise still lingering high on his cheekbone, covering almost half his face.

It must have looked spectacular before the healers had used their sun flames on it. Tsuna had looked just as battered when Dino had snuck up on them, grumbling at each other by the infirmary doors. Not that the sneaking had gotten him too far - he’d fallen flat on his face and given them both a shock. Which had quickly resolved into sullen embarrassment.

“Maybe,” Dino agreed with a grin, “but Tsuna doesn’t get a say in my love life, now does he.”

Xanxus grunted, and leaned into the fingers curled around his hinge of his jaw. It was about the only acknowledgement he’d get for his words, Dino supposed. Well, it was good enough for now.

Slanting his lips across the older man’s own for a quick, dirty kiss, and smiling into it when Xanxus dragged him closer after a sharp intake of breath, he had to admit, at least things never got boring where Xanxus was involved.

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I think the 'killing stalking' anon was talking about the manwha by the very name! Just a heads up. But I do appreciate your refusal to do any memes that put mental illness in a criminal/negative light like that.

Thank you for clarification! I’ve never heard of Manwha before, so generally when someone doesn’t say “based on ____” in a way that’s really clear, I imagine they’re asking for an idea they’ve thought of on their own. Still, if I were to make a prompt based on that, I’d likely still leave out details that make criminal assumptions about real people and enforce prejudices and let the individual RPers fill in details and motives on their own. :) 

anonymous asked:

hello precious senpai! the light of this anon-chan-san's universe. you make this anon-chan-san SHO HAPPY!! i saw on your tags you want some writing practice? will promnis (good vibes pair -prayer hands-) for "Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long" (post/166432092955) be good practice? :D ;D THANK YOU SO MUCH. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH

My beautiful anon-chan-san. :’D I am so happy that you requested this prompt for this pairing! I hope that you will enjoy what I came up with for this fill. But I have a feeling you may kill me. LOL. (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Another Kiss Meme 

Title: ‘Connection’
Pairing: Promnis (Prompto Argentum x Ignis Scientia) 
Rating: Mature (slightly NSFW) 
Warning: Angst
Word Count: ~1175

Prompt: Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long

Prompto attempts to keep himself busy, but there isn’t a lot he can do in the modest apartment he keeps just outside of Lestallum. He doesn’t come here that much; he prefers being out in the neverending darkness that had befallen across the world of Eos five years ago. Five long years, where he’s seen his fair share of monsters that he’d never thought could exist - nightmares taking shape into physical manifestations. Daemons that run rampant without any sunlight to force them back to the dark depths of Hell. He makes a difference out there - helping the Hunters to keep those souls that have no choice but to be outside where it isn’t safe. But not tonight - no, tonight he’s back home all because of one simple text.

I’m tired, and need a proper night of rest. Meet me at home?

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