for the poptart

maddie at 15 doing a room tour: here is my pristine white bedroom it is beautiful and well decorated

me at 15 doing a room tour: here is the floor you can barely see it under my dirty laundry and here is the pile of poptart wrappers that i’m too lazy to throw away


Edd: can’t…

((Poptart: wow I haven’t drawn in awhile I’m a bit rusty I’ll try to do better on the next update qwq also don’t rely too heavily on erasable pens they smudge… well I’m sorry I did my best but being a bit out of it took its toll I guess.. I’ll try another update tomorrow please remember to send more asks it really helps me get back into the writing)

Update on where poptart has been during hiatus

Poptart: I’ve been stressed school went to hell my apartment stressed me out and now my dad’s talking divorce and it would be all my fault… I possibly have an ulcer and it’s hard to move doctors appointment should come someday but idk when I’ve been missing my meds and unable to sleep I’m doing my best but kinda falling apart sorry I’ve been gone so long sorry for this hiatus and I’m sorry for everything I’ll be able to text for awhile if anyone needs me but yeah so that’s what’s been going on