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Just tell us who it is. Doing it this way is just childish. If they're tracing they should held accountable.

because I don’t want people like you to go after them… :/ my entire intention of making that post is just for people to know if the art account IS NOT named scpkid, it is NOT ME. i just wanted to add my frustration that they are copying me but also explain my stance on inspiration. i get LOTS of asks about them, but it always have their name in it, so i can’t reply going “oh no thats not me”. without making them public.

they have been stubborn about it, and im going to confront them one last time especially about the tracing, if they still continue, i might make a post then, but for now i just want peace from people thinking they are me.

Because it’s fun, what’s the most complex or weird character y'all have created for a game? Mine was a drug dealing dwarf mob leader who ran most of the country and she has contact with a lot of powerful people. One of which is a lich wizard, who is her bitch.

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You should do Pavel!

Hi Nonnie,

If you’re the same Nonnie from the other day, as I’ve already said, my requests are closed right now.

Whether or not you’re the Nonnie from the other day, let me give you a tip: telling a writer who or what they should write has the exact opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve.  Messages like this make me feel like there are ungrateful people out there preying on writers, and it discourages me from wanting to post new content.  Writing is largely a thankless endeavor as it is, there’s really no need to be making it worse.  Asking is one thing, demanding is another, and they are two very different things.  A little please or thank you would go a long way.

This kind of thing has made me want to stay away from writing Pavel all together for the forseeable future, aside from any fics I’ve already agreed to write.

Think a little before you make demands, Nonnie.  You’re not paying me, so you do not get to control my content.


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tho I agree with u on that last post I think a lot of ppl want absolutely no contact with terfs whatsoever n it feels safer for them to interact w blogs that outright are anti-terf rather than just assuming that people aren’t assholes? then again I’ve yet 2 meet a terf who doesn’t declare if in their bio bc they’re rats

I guess that’s fair but it seems to me that a lot of people do it just to show off, like “hey I’m so special because I don’t hate trans people”

Like I don’t want fascists following my blog either but it’s not like I need to list myself as being anti-

oh wait people do that too

So I’m just painting on my iPad and my dad walks up to me and asks “who are these terrorists?” And I just stare at him in complete and utter confusion and ask what the hell he’s talking about and he just replies with “the people who follow you.” (he sometime sees the onslaught of tumblr notifications I receive during the day) and my immediate reaction was “WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL MY CHILDREN!??!?!” *protective bean mode activated.”😤😤 very offended. Much anger

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🌹 Ceremony of Eternal Bonding Search (Balmung)

Long story short, I have always wanted the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding hairstyle (as well as some of the other pieces of the wedding attire) for my main on Balmung- Saehild Falkner- but unfortunately have never been able to do so because most of the people I interact with in game play on other servers.

I figure there may be someone out there in a similar situation or has just might want to do it so I’m here to ask, would anyone who is on Balmung like to do an OOC Platinum Ceremony of Eternal Bonding with me, preferably during the week versus the weekend? This is entirely for the The Glamour of course, and we would annul after the ceremony is finished.

While I’d just like to do this just for Saehild for now, if this goes smoothly I may put out a post to do this for one of my alts in the future. 👀

Below the cut is more information, times I will be available, and ways to contact me! Thanks for reading! Signal Boosts are greatly appreciated! o/

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id send you a ask meme but. just tell me about brian just do it. go off

All Right, you asked for this

I’ve had to explain nsp to a couple people before, like some coworkers (who thought the idea of the band was hilarious) and my mom’s roommate and his bro (Who I got to show their videos too) I always love the look on their faces when I tell them that one of the band members literally is a theoretical physicist like

They always assume I’m joking at first, which yeah I can understand given the subject of most of their songs but as I continue to explain it with a straight face that this man was actually a professor at a university and that he actually has a phd and has his name in legit research papers and all that jazz and yet hey here watch this video where he’s shirtless trying to do a cartwheel and shoving eggs down his pants- Their faces are priceless. I have nothing but respect and admiration for this man for being this dumb while at the same time being this smart.

I can’t remember how exactly I found it out myself but I DO know the FIRST nsp post I ever made (and tagged, at least) was my reaction to learning Brian being super hecking smart and I just ?????? 

and I also can’t remember if I learned it before or after those 3 fire red eps but god the combination of this man being a theoretical physicist and thinking of the phrase “donion rings” was enough to make him my favorite, with just that but then the “Sexy widdle baby” thing happened and it was sold.

And then the grump livestreams (whatever happened to those btw) started happening and more of the humor just started coming out and it was 👌 even despite the fact that he did things like the pudding stuff and the mayo and that one time he made meouch eat toilet paper (even though that was after he joined grumps and also that I missed it)

At one point during all this I changed my icon to Dayna’s little icon of Ninja Brian from the grump group- so I could match with my friend (she was danny but she doesn’t have a tumblr anymore) and I’m pretty sure I figured that nobody would actually choose brian icons at the time (it was like early 2013) soooo it changed to this one eventually and it stuck

Also at some point during all of this I apparently took it upon myself to like every brian-centric post that ended up in the nsp tag cause looking through my likes is like looking through my trash sideblog if you get close to 2013. There definitely wasn’t nearly as much as there is now but hey  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it was more doable then.

I also remember seeing that 2013 magfest video where he takes off his mask for the first time. Which was also pretty 👌.

When he finally joined grumps I got very excited cause it meant more of this stuff from him, and it meant more people doing fanart and including him with everyone and just all around giving him respect/love for doing the instrumental portion of nsp/starbombs stuff! And that’s one of the reasons I really miss the Grumpcade slot like hey where is it bring it back.

Also he did that Reddit AMA when he joined grumps where I just asked a real dumb question about him being cool without even expecting a response and got one!! Aaaaaand he called me baby in it?????????????

This man made two people lick him, Foleh 

I shook his hand the same night, foleh

I made him smile foleh

deweydecimalchickens replied to your post “People who say the speed of light is a real physical barrier have…”

Jesus Christ I’m sorry that happened to you. That’s exhausting and infuriating. I wish it weren’t so goddamn common. “Be quiet and go away” is not a difficult concept.

…unless you’re a dude who’s been socialised into massive entitlement to women’s company and attention at all times, apparently.

The thing that gets me is that I asked for what was, objectively, the quickest and least-confrontational resolution - meaning that once I had engaged in the complaints process (and another dude who witnessed it complained as well, so that was out of my hands) there was no way this didn’t end badly. Imagine if I’d asked for ACTUAL action, like having him kicked out. I suspect the only thing that would have made me happy is if we’d hugged it out or something. ahahahahahahahahaha. fuck men. 

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Yo thanks for that tips post. Took literally less than 10 minutes for my relatives to Start That and it made me feel a lot better that there are people out there who care y'know?

aw of course, i know the holidays are really rough because family is everywhere. i’m always thinking of how to circumvent the nonsense so i always worry for everyone else who has to go through the same. i hope they helped some and i hope that the rest of the holidays goes well for you. i know it’s tough right now but just do your best to take some time to yourself and with the people who you care about ^.^

After going through the car accident I hadn’t had much motivation to draw ideas for myself so I had done those emergency commissions. The people that have helped me not only fund the repair of my car but also was able to help get motivated to art again. I couldn’t thank all of you enough for your love and support. <3 If you guys weren’t around I really wouldn’t know what to do.

I have all the money I need now to get my car back into shape, though I don’t know if I should close commissions. I guess I could keep them open just in case anyone else wanted. I will however be opening up requests/asks again and will continue to post my art regularly. Again thank you to the people who commissioned me,donated,spread the word, and have given their comforting words.

Especially to my best friends. I couldn’t live without you guys.

Here’s some ocs I haven’t named. They are deer creatures that have magical powers or what not idk. 

~Please do not remove artist comments or repost anywhere else~

no offense but like…..reblog the fics you like. there is nothing more discouraging than having people read your fic without leaving kudos or any form of response. comment if you like it! send them a message! use the tags to talk about how you liked it! share the work so that others can read it too!

too often fic writers deal with people hounding them for updates, but never any feedback. end the cycle. reblog the fics you like. talk about them. share them.

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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

why you keep getting hurt, based on your moon sign

ARIES: you may find yourself doing the hurting in your relationship. love for you is supposed to be exciting, and when you’re not excited about the relationship, it’s easy for you to let go. but hurting people doesn’t feel good. not many people realize this, but aries don’t intend to hurt people. they just naturally put themselves first. it hurts them when people close to them hurt. you may have a lot of trouble finding someone who understands you and your carefree attitude about relationships. maybe love isn’t for you, you begin to think. 

TAURUS: you have an intense loyalty to the people you love. so much so, in fact, that you stay in situations that you may be better off walking away from. to you, a partnership is a long term commitment and any problems that may arise can be worked out, if people are willing to work at it. the problem is, you’re always willing to work on it and the other person may not be so willing. people take advantage of you. you don’t like to fail. when relationships end for you, it causes you a lot of pain because you feel like you failed. you start to think about all the things you could have done to make things work, but you can’t change someone else no matter how hard you try. 

GEMINI: you’re very hard on yourself. you have this weird war going inside you. a part of you thinks “im in a v srs relationship, this is srs business,” while the other side is wanting to have fun and gets bored staying in one spot. you can be hard on others too. you have these ideas about what a good partner should be like and what a serious relationship is supposed to look like, so you tend to dwell on flaws that may not even be deal breaker worthy. finding a balance and learning to let go of preconceived ideas about relationships is a challenge for you. if you don’t find a balance, you’ll feel lost and like no one is out there for you. 

CANCER: you care SO much about people. you always do incredibly thoughtful gestures for the people you love. maybe your partner made an offhand comment once about liking this super niche movie that’s hard to find, and you go out there and buy it. it’s hard for people to match your insane effort. the thing is, you want someone to treat you how you treat others. you want someone to remember that story you told about your favorite vacation as a kid and then they surprise you with plane tickets for your birthday. people show love in all sorts of ways, but it’s hard for you to accept love in a way that’s different from the way you love. if it’s not these insane, sentimental gifts, it’s not enough for you. you feel unfulfilled. 

LEO: you put people on a pedestal. you have high standards, or you at least like to think you have high standards. when you’re into someone, you’re like “oh my god! finally someone who is everything I’ve been looking for!” you begin to see them as this vision you had in your head of the person you pictured yourself with. but fantasy is not reality. when this person doesn’t live up to that fantasy, you get hurt. you’re a hopeless romantic and very grandiose in the way you express your love. everything about love to you is a fairytale. you’re setting impossibly high standards for not only potential partners, but even yourself. 

VIRGO: we live in a society where reminding someone to put their seatbelt on is nagging. to you, this is an act of love. you’re a perfectionist with yourself and your love life. you love through constructive criticism and communication. never mind the fact that people just can’t take criticism these days, people instinctually become defensive. you don’t mean it to come across as critical and naggy, you genuinely want you, the other person, and your relationship to be the best it can be. you feel misunderstood and you probably have begun to give in to thinking there’s something inherently wrong with you.  

LIBRA: love for you is more than just emotions, it’s a conscious decision you make everyday. this will cause you to stay in situations that aren’t right for you. once you’ve decided to be with someone, you’ve decided and now you have to deal with this commitment. pair that with a need to keep the peace and you can drive yourself crazy, dealing with other people’s bullshit that you shouldn’t have to deal with. you bend so much to the needs of the other person, because you’re adaptable so you can be the one to compromise to keep the relationship harmonious. but by doing this, you neglect your own needs and you become blind to how you truly feel and what you truly want. 

SCORPIO: not many people realize it, but you have very high standards. this comes from your overall pessimistic view on people, which probably stems from going through a lot of disappointment in your past. you are insanely loyal to those you’re with and you love HARD. you may often feel that no one will love you the way you love them. you don’t even always express just how deeply you love someone. you don’t like to admit it, but you get deeply attached to people. when someone inevitably doesn’t live up to your standards, this causes you a lot of pain. 

SAGITTARIUS: people fucking suck. everyone has skeletons in their closets and baggage. people take themselves and relationships too seriously. you just want to have fun with the person you’re with. you have a hard time dealing with the human side of people. why does everyone else have to be so negative, you think. love is an amazing thing! and we should have fun while we have time on this earth together. much like aries, you may have begun to think love isn’t for you because everyone else is out here taking the fun out of love. 

CAPRICORN: there’s an inherent loneliness than comes with being a cap moon. you come across as cold to others because the way you express love is so different than everyone else. emotions take a back seat, you love through providing for your partner and becoming the best at what you do to ensure a comfortable life for yourself and those you love. people see that as putting your work before your loved ones, but that’s not your intention. failures in your love life have caused you to completely stop seeking out potential partners, even if you would really love to be in a relationship right now. 

AQUARIUS: the person you’re with is not only your partner, but your best friend. but isn’t that a good thing? it can be, but you have the tendency to detach from the emotional and romantic side of the relationship. you’re afraid of your emotions sometimes, and you’ve developed this ability to completely detach. people you are with may feel like you don’t love them, they’ll begin to feel more like your friend than your lover. but that’s not how you mean for it to come across! you just have a hard time expressing love in a way that others can understand. 

PISCES: you give people too many chances. you see people how you want to see them, rather than for who they truly are and you usually default to seeing the best in everyone. you gravitate towards relationships where one of you needs saving. if you’re the one who needs saving, you put too much of that responsibility into the other person. if you’re the savior in the relationship, you have a hard time realizing that you can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. 

let’s all have a group hug <3 astrology is a wonderful tool to not only understand yourself, but to understand others. treat each other kindly and embrace differences in people. 

this is based off of my very first series on twitter. you can follow me @classtrology_ for more frequent astrological posts! I am not accepting full birthchart readings at this time, but simple questions and brief sun/moon/rising combo readings can be done through my ask on here. 


I’m sorry for all of the memes and zero (0) quality art, so please have these wips that I’ll finish for valentine’s day (hint: pair skating practice and bad pickup lines)

FILL IN THE BLANKS if you’d like (and then we can compare pickup lines hahah)

no one on this green earth ever wants to rely on the kindness of strangers on the internet for their next meal/bus ride/surgery/bills. nobody wants this extremely precarious and dangerous reality to be theirs. it is the most humiliating and nauseating situation to be in. 

so if someone makes a post that’s like “hello please help me out”, understand that they are already in an excruciatingly painful situation. your pathetic jabs about asking for money etc are not only entirely unfounded but they are just unwarrantedly evil. Stop criminalizing people just because you’ve been brainwashed to think you and other privileged people are the only ones who deserve sustenance, basic necessities or luxuries. None of your “arguments” for individual responsibility make any sense and your only accomplishment is that you’ve caused an already troubled person even more pain. 

wayhaught fic recs list

just a short list of my favorite wayhaught fics in case anyone needs recs!

canon-verse (ish):


“Draco, I’m home!”

Harry kicked open the door unceremoniously, chucking his jacket in the general direction of their coat rack. 

“Draco!” Harry repeated when he got no response, and he looked out at their tiny apartment. No Draco.

Yet the lights were on. 

Harry tried to ignore the dread settling in his stomach. He and Draco had just moved in together, and he wasn’t ready to overwhelm his new boyfriend with his overprotective, probably PTSD related behaviour yet.

But, when Draco still didn’t answer after he called for him a third time, he threw all that caution in the wind and started running through the apartment, yelling Draco’s name as if it were a powerful accio spell.  

“Harry,” he finally heard, Draco’s voice coming from the locked bathroom. It sounded off, though - broken, as if Draco was crying. 

“I’m here,” he breathed, putting his hand on the door as if that might calm his heart down, beating frantically in his chest. “Can I come in?”

Silence. Then, “No.”

“Draco -”


Harry sighed, his patience wearing thinner every passing second. “Draco, please. Open the door for me.”

He knew Draco could be difficult. They hadn’t been dating very long (they had yet to see the other naked) and the years of animosity between them tended to make things a little awkward between them sometimes.

But god damn them all if Harry wasn’t all-in to make this fragile new relationship between them work - to make him and Draco Malfoy work. (He had always had a stubborn streak, after all.)

Finally, finally, finally the lock clicked, and Harry didn’t hesitate to slam the door open and barged in.

Only to stop dead in his tracks.

For Draco, wonderful, beautiful Draco, was staring at him, wide-eyed and cheeks stained with tears, his arms clasped around his bandaged chest, as if wanting to hide it from the world. 

“Oh,” Harry breathed out, “Draco, are you hurt?”

Draco bit his lip and shook his head, looking down to the ground in shame. 

“Your chest,” Harry went on, his ears ringing. Draco was hurt. “Who did this to you?”

He laughed, but it sounded hollow. More like a sob. “No one. Well, technically, I did.”

“Why?” Harry grabbed Draco’s hands, squeezing them tightly before slowly drawing them away from his chest. “Why did you do this, love?”

Draco jerked at the nickname, as if slapped, and his cheeks flushed an angry red. “Because you’d hate me if I didn’t,” he bit out finally, his voice dripping with venom.

Harry snorted, unable to help himself. “I could never hate you. Not now,” he added at Draco’s incredulous look.

“Trust me,” Draco went on, yanking his hands back. 

“I’d trust you with my life.”

“That would mean a great deal more if you also hadn’t said that to your choco pops this morning.”

Harry barked a laugh. “That’s not fair, I was hungry! And sleepy!” Draco snorted. “For real, though, Draco,” Harry went on, his voice more serious again. “Why do you bandage your chest -”

“Because, you idiot, without it I won’t be a boy.” Draco took a very deep breath, and pointed at a package of pills on the sink. “I’m trans. I was born a girl.” He couldn’t look at Harry, his eyes frantic to look everywhere, as if he wanted to run far, far away from there, and his hands were balled at his side. “My genitalia aren’t… I’m not a boy, down there.”

“Oh.” Harry smiled at him, reaching out to grab Draco’s hand again. “Okay.”

Draco’s head whipped around to look at Harry again, his look incredulous. “What? Just, ‘okay’?”

Harry nodded, smiling wide. “Yes. Why would I care what’s hanging - or, not hanging - between your legs? I fell for you, Draco. Not the technicalities of your gender.”

“Oh.” His eyes were shining. 

“Yeah.” Harry pulled Draco’s hands up to his lips, and kissed it softly. It felt liked the simplest thing in the world. “You feel like a boy, so you’re a boy. We’re dating, and I very much intend on continuing to do so.”

“Oh,” Draco repeated, his voice slightly breathless, the tears running down his cheeks again. “Harry,” he began, “I… I think I -”

“I know,” Harry’s voice was so soft, “Me too.”

And then Draco smiled at him, wide and happy and real, and Harry was very sure he was never going to leave him. Not if he had any say in the matter, anyway.

Twitter Log 3 by みちゅ
Translator & Typesetter: akashikuroko

※※The original artist has authorized redistribution of this comic. Please DO NOT use our translations nor re-upload the images to other websites. Thank you.

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Hey you don’t need to answer this I just wanna let you know that I appreciate your blog and the info you put out. From what I see, you always credit sources. Keep doing what you’re doing ☺️

Thank you dear for being informed and not just jump to conclusions. That aside let me give the ones who do not know how I credit or are new to my blog how it’s done. I included recent posts because it seems even after seeing those some people can’t see it: 

There are many ways to credit, and I credit in different ways depending on the nature of the post. Tumblr has the option of adding the source of the post. That’s how Tumblr asks us to credit and that’s how I do it most of the times. because 1: it makes you find the original post easier as it redirects you to the original owner and thus you can then follow and support them. (post HERE)

I can add their page name + link when it’s an edit or a fansite (lately this is how I have been doing it)

When there are many people to credit I search and try to credit them all (post HERE)

Some people credit by adding links in the words in the caption. I do that usually when I make gifs but not commonly for other posts because Tumblr offers the option to delete a caption when you reblog so putting it in the source is the way I am sure the crediting will never be lost (post HERE

T.N: I learned long ago how to make my own gifs and I use other ones in posts that come from Tumblr’s library and use them legally with crediting

For news too I add the source. So how do we get the info like the one below? There is something called Media relations. It refers to the relationship that BIGHIT develops with journalists. Basically, the communication department in BigHit informs journalists that write an article and that’s how we know. Sometimes some journalist gets the info wrong or tries to gain bad fame by saying lies and make their post popular (yes I know, it’s sad. Some people can’t work hard on their own so they lie and try to use someone’s else name). As someone who gives you updates, I get my info from journalists or trustable armys that got the info from them. When it turns to be untrue, I make another post explaining that it was just a lie. 

This blog offer updates that mostly come from another source. It’s normal I am not the owner of it. It’s like you go to ALLKPOP and tell them, take off all your content it’s repost. Does that make sense? When I posts memes I make sure the name is not cropped away, that’s also the same way people on Twitter credit me (because A LOT of my content end up there too. And not just Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, weibo … ) many of my content end up being translated to many languages too and I get soooo happy when other ARMYs get to enjoy it.

AND For this part of the same person going around saying I am Kboo (they are like 3 people but got all the day to send hate asks. or they send ‘please tell me what is kboo, or they say ‘I heard mimi was getting hate what is it) 

So about this post this person contacted me and I told them the following 

But they still kept going around spreading fake rumors. At the time it was all over the American news that North Korea was going to attack. And Americans were joking about it. Now thinking about it, in the long term and out of that time and context it can be used the way this hater used it. As for the whole post many ARMYs liked it and for a looooong time no one found any problem with it until this person made its meaning turn this way (this is the post btw HERE At the time I received many asks from armys being nervous about BTS going to the bbmas and that’s how the idea came to me to make that post. So we can cheer up and say that everything will be fine )

Just after I answered them and edited my post they didn’t answer me again but they went celebrating saying they have an impact. And they felt important. They never felt bad for any race, they weren’t protecting anyone just wishing for someone to notice them here because no one knows them through their blog never made it. They have been talking about this day and night trying to plot how to bring hate

Their goals are to hate on everyone and make content creators delete their posts. The same content creators that make posts about BTS and updates to help this fandom. This is the one who started it even her name have “ANTI” in it. What did you expect? also she is HOMOPHOBIC (not just against ships) and hate JIKOOK shippers

When she found nothing to hate on and realized pple are seeing the truth she went to attack my dear followers aka a big part of the ARMY fandom in this blog 

Aside from Jikook shippers she says she wants to beat up all shippers. Seriously, guys, this is the person you have been believing. creating an account and turning all our fandom here into a war when we could be enjoying waiting for Mic Drop tmrw

After people called her out for her lies and why she bullies blogs and spread hate and thinks people are dumb to believe every screenshot she puts and paints another color. She changed her URL.That’s what she does. Start inner fanwars and then change her URL like nothing happened. If she was really honest will she do that?

For this post below, it was edited in a way to make me pass for a colorist or something. At the time haters started rumors about BTS saying they were colorists. I made a post explaining the situation. This person didn’t understand my point. At the time I wanted to keep the positivity, and the post who was trying to correct ideas took other proportions about the term so I decided to take it down. To not let the people in the comments feel ‘shut down’ I decided to contact them and told them ‘i will turn the article private/delete it if you want to discuss the situation more I will be glad. One of my followers was happy and we talked peacefully. Another one was no matter what I said had this idea that I was against them. I kept telling them I understand their point and that colorism is bad we should never judge someone on their skin or show favoritism. They used a definition that was not fitting if we wanted to talk about colorism is Korea. I told them I was very pale and was bullied for it in the past so I know how it feels to get treated that way. The discussion with that person was going nowhere, it was like I was talking a wall. So I just told them. I will end the discussion here. But that person took the discussion and edited out to make me look bad. If they read this I hope they post the whooooole thing. 

That person was using this definition. the first one that pops up on google when you write the term and said they did their research

I was trying to tell them that the term today is used both ways. For example in some countries, you are insulted for being pale. but they really edited that out to make me look arrogant. If I was arrogant will I even contact them to ask for their opinion? Why would I care about a comment if I was arrogant? My followers know how I always answer even replies when someone sends me a message I answer them too. Why is it easy to believe lies? That same person received a lot of hate because of that post because at the time people knew what I was talking about and people were telling them to stop their lies. Now they and the people above found each other and started this comedy. That person who edited the discussion was defending and saying how BTS are racist and colorists. Now, look at that plot twist!

Untrue: I made a post explaining the situation that antis used against our boys

I work hard on this blog and I never complain because I love seeing the smiles on many of my dear follower’s faces. I slept 1 hour a night lately because of the recent updates (but I am using a facemask now, that thing IS LIFE). I still had to carry my IRL schedule too. I am someone who loves to spread love. I always invite to respect all religions, races, cultures … I always felt proud to say how ARMY is so diverse and how the love to BTS made us hold each other’s hands no matter where we came from. I will continue being kind and refuse to hate anyone here. When I don’t feel like someone is worth it and I don’t want to see them in my dash I block them (easy peasy). It’s not mean to block someone, it’s mean to start fake rumors and try to bring down a fellow army who is just here to help. My parents thought me to not judge on words or faces or situations. And Just like I wished some months ago my dear Muslim followers ‘Happy Ramadan’ this time for anyone enjoying this beautiful day with dear ones: Happy Thanksgiving guys. I am happy to be part of ARMY and even the dark side of this fandom I embrace it fully, one day they will hopefully listen to BTS’ lyrics and message and learn that bullying is bad. BTS in the past were said to be racist. They were said that they copied all their concepts and music but look at them now. Good people end up going places, bad ones stay in a hole forever.

Ah, tomorrow in Mic Drop Remix right! oooooooh boi I will enjoy it! If you hear someone screaming in excitement tmrw it’s probably me HAHAHAH (this is how I laugh btw I never use KKKKKKK What even is that HAHAHHAHA. I am like a One Piece character IRL tho I have waaaaay better options I laugh in all different ways Hohohoho hihihihi GAGAGAGAG KOKOOOOKO KEKEKEKEEEEE PWAHAHA PWHIHIHI WTH is that HAHHAHAHHA It’s just laughing. OMG this whole situation is stupid - #LOVE YOURSELF #LOVE MYSELF #END VIOLENCE #DON’T BELIEVE ANONS HIDING BEHIND LIES YOU ARE A SMART PERSON USE YOUR BRAIN)

T/N: I have aaaaaall the receipts. I am an inspector ARMY and if you have seen my analysis you will know how crazy detailed I am. Once I start my research it’s insane (find my BS&T jpn vrs analysis HERE and Pied Piper HERE and Not Today that I made just when I created this blog HERE). So me not naming the ones starting those rumors is for two reasons: 1- I prefer to give publicity to artists, writers, amazing content creators … not someone who is untalented and mean. 2- I am into positivity and positive people. I talked to them, and took away all the content that they say made them angry but they still asked me to delete my blog then went after that telling their friends “oh wow look at my impact I made Mimi such a big blog delete” then gathered their 3 friends and wrote anon asks for blogs who unfortunately didn’t check the facts and jumped to conclusions. They also took my words out of context to edit them out just like in the past people did to BTS (the irony). These same people reblogged half of my posts and get all their updates from my blog but go ask people to ignore my content. Basically, they are using everyone, making this fandom fight each other and laugh it out loud.  Will you believe an anon hiding or a blogger that dedicates herself to this fandom? you choose dear ^^ either way. In my heart even now, I hold no hate just a tiny bit of pity toward the ones who live such a life.

I will keep spreading positivity and smiles. I have a very tight relationship with my followers and I believe fake rumors will not break it. LOVE YOU ARMY! LOVE YOU ALL! 

I want to add one little thing: I am a human too, I make my mistakes and that’s how I learn. I never intend or intended to harm anyone and I am remorseful if you felt that way. Truly. In the matters above. I now believe those topics are something I should not tackle easily and I will never make any remarks like that nor touch any of the subjects above. I am just someone who wants to love and help, believe me. I do much social work irl too that if you knew of you will laugh at these people accusing me. Thus, I will learn more and research more on the subjects above and try to educate myself properly on these various matters because I don’t want to be the person who thinks she never does anything wrong. Those people above attacked me and falsely accused me, but this is a chance for me to grow as a person and learn more about the subjects above. Thank you for anyone who is giving me great advice. 

And for the liars that don’t seem to have a life, I dedicate MIC DROP to you “There is no need to meet again (I already blocked you), this is my final goodbye. There is nothing to say, don’t even apologize. You will see you will end up like that. I am piecing, with my mutuals and followers like coke. Your corneas are shocked *MIC DROP* 


anonymous asked:

Takama-Gahara here, I have for you a question. How draw good dergs?

Oh I’ve got you covered:

and there you have your  F E R O C I O U S    B E A S T

But in all seriousness, instructing people on how to draw imaginary creatures is a bit hard, for me at least. A lot of my learning process is based on winging it until it looks okay and makes even a little sense anatomically. I try to look at animals like birds, bats, reptiles, dogs and horses and combine traits of their anatomy into some sort of a mess of a creature. So I’d instruct you to simply start with looking into basic animal anatomy and trying to learn how animals actually work. 

There are tons of tutorials that are way better at explaining things than I’ll ever be and they can get you started. Back in my day when I started drawing I was inspired by Todd Lockwood and his art. His creations gave me a good base to start building my art from. I studied the way he drew and shamelessly copied parts of his work until I felt comfortable enough to draw and try different things on my own. 

Not being too ambitious when you start out is pretty important, do some simple designs, kinda like the drawing above. Just drawing some simple lizards with bat wings is a good enough start! And remember to practice, practice and practice some moreヾ(´▽`;)ゝ