for the people who asked me to post it

I think I’m gonna make a side blog to vent about shit so I don’t annoy people who follow me for fitness stuff on here. 

I don’t confide in many people (no one) so having a place to word vomit will be nice. I might post the URL or I might have people ask me for it, not sure yet. 

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hey idk if you were aware of this but you have a post talking about a-specs tagged as asexual and i wanted to let you know that its actually a short term for autism spectrum, not acearo spectrum! its okay to make mistakes yknow but i hope you understand better

hey anon, thanks for sending an ask and raising your concerns with me but i’m pretty sure i’m not the one whose mistaken. i’m fully aware of the argument surrounding the term ‘a-spec’ and i’ve read multiple posts about the issue that were written by autistic people (those who are aro/ace and those who aren’t) who have said that what you’re claiming isn’t true.

here are just two posts that i just pulled off of google: - a post where autistic people deny that a-spec was ever an autistic term - and another post where an autistic person discusses the subject

and those are only two. there are many more that you can find by searching (or by checking the notes of these posts) where multiple autistic people are saying that a-spec has never been an autistm-specific term, so given these posts and the probably hundreds of posts on the same issue i’ve seen come across my dash on the subject (because it’s one that, again, i’ve seen discussed rather frequently) i’m inclined to believe that a-spec is an aro/ace term and not an autistic one. this is a conclusion i’ve reached based on not only what autistic people have said but also on the pattern of behavior that aphobes (who are primarily the ones making the claim about the term a-spec) have displayed in the past (and the present) where they’ve made countless other false claims/accusations in an effort to discredit aro/ace people and anyone who supports them.

for these reasons i will not delete the post and i will continue using a-spec to refer to people on the aromantic/asexual spectrum. if this is something you disagree with then you can feel free to unfollow me but that is where i stand.

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Could you do a positivity post for single people?? Like "Someone out there loves you and wants to be with you forever"??

Posted! Well sort of… I got carried away and made a continuation of one of my older posts. The reason being is I believe it’s okay to be single, and all types of love are important! You are worthy of romantic love, and I’m sure you’ll find someone who adores you one day. Yet you are still loved now in other ways, by your friends, the people that care about you, and even me. :)

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you need to start telling people it's YOU that said the baby thing was racist and now you're going back on that and giving all these reasons as to why a white baby is used?! So it's not racist then is it, considering you just said that a baby is used for things like only one available acting wise etc, or using a family members baby!

jesus fucking christ. do any of you people who so desperately hate me know how to read or do you just see me say one thing and then attack me automatically for it? with no context? do you people have nothing better to do than to put words into my mouth or???????? go do something with your fucking life.

Do you wanna know how all this actually started?

I got this ask. This is the LITERAL FIRST THING I POSTED ABOUT IT. 

And everything fucking snowballed from there.

Get your god damn motherfucking facts right before you accuse people of shit. I did not start this conversation. I did NOT start this conversation. Kindly go fuck yourself, get a life, and LEAVE ME THE FLYING FUCK ALONE. 

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Stop acting better than everyone else because a lot of 'big' blogs are acting like they are superior to other armies

I’m not acting like i’m better than anyone. Tbh I don’t even think i’m good enough. But i try my best. I know it’s about that shout out ask, maybe you’re even the person who asked for it. But i said nothing rude. And i never said anyone is not good enough for me. I don’t like people asking for shout outs because it NEVER HELPS. Like i said what actually helps is hard work. I’ve got all my followers because i was posting shit every day, trying to do better every time and that’s what i think anyone can do. Just lets rationally think about it. It’s t u m b l r it’s fucking f a k e t e x t s and not something BIG, okay. We all do it FOR armies and not to show we are better than armies. It’s ENTERTAINMENT. If you want to entertain than do it. I want to make people happy like other blogs did for me and that’s what I’m trying to do and that’s what in my opinion anyone should do. Even if i had 10 followers i’ll keep doing the same because it’s entertainment for people and not people for entertainment.

I N F O - changes

so.. I have no ideas and to be completely honest with you guys, I’m just too lazy to keep this blog running and to come up with prompts n shit (•ω•)’ I’m sorry. BUT in the past I have reblogged a few posts of people and artists who need help affording their rent and I was really happy to see that after that, the notes of those posts went up. I would like to use my range of 4.000 followers to boost posts of that kind and to help some artists out. Tbh I don’t care if anyone will be pissed at me for changing my blog theme (kind of) but this is just important to me personally (✿´‿`)

So, if you need and want a signal boost or saw a post of another artist asking for help and support or know a friend etc, message me and I will gladly share that post! ALSO to not completely loose the main theme of this blog, you can still submit drawing prompts or send them via ask!

so yea that’s it, have a nice day

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awwwww thank youuuu!
Imma say something here that doesnt have to do with this, but thanks for saying you enjoy my poses! It , honestly, motivates me to do more! 
Im going to do a post asking wich kind of poses you want to see , but if you want you can say it right here! ^3^ 
Thank you so much, once again!

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hey, didn't trisha paytas make some remark about how you "aren't born gay/bi" and it is a choice? idk if you personally consider this problematic but a lot of people in the lgbt+ community did.

Hi there! I actually have no idea who she even is. I just looked it up, and it appears you are right (and she may also be a racist). I’m sorry! I’ll add her to my list of people who are no longer accepted as requests. Thanks for pointing this out to me!

anonymous asked:

mature-minors-against-antis sent me PMs (to my anti sideblog) claiming she had 'met someone who also hated antis' etc etc and they were asking her for nudes and she 'didnt know who else to turn to' even tho she had never spoken to me once... anyway it seemed like she was trying to bait me but idk to what end? have u gotten any messages from her? idk if u blocked her but could u maybe post this and see if anyone else has gotten messages like this? people are more likely to see ur posts than mine

Yeah totally! I think I blocked her, but if any of you are getting them too, let us know.

Small update - temporary

There’s a lot of things I have to handle this week, but I’m going to try my best to really start posting when the weekend comes ‘round. If there’s anything you’d like to see or a request you’d like to make, my asks are typically always open. Thank you to those of you who have been nothing but patient and kind with me, and thank you to the people who have stuck around, I truly appreciate it ❤︎

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You shouldn't be upset when people post your photos. They like them, that's why they're sharing. Stop being selfish.

Um, excuse me? I’M being selfish? All I did was ask people to credit the original creators of the work (like me). The act of sharing in itself is fine and dandy (if the person doesn’t explicitly put “do not repost”) but what these people are doing is STEALING.

Listen up:

When you don’t credit someone while posting the work, you’re trying to pass it off as yours. Your followers who see it are going to think it’s yours.

And that is disgusting. All the hours these creatives have spent working on them all gone to naught and you’re just taking credit for their work.

It’s not really that hard, honestly. CREDIT. Just put their name/username/url when you post. It is LITERALLY that simple.

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So all these people who believe Oswald "did nothing wrong," would they be okay with their bff killing their crush or their significant other? Because that's what happened... *grabs megaphone* YOU GUYS THAT'S NOT A HEALTHY THOUGHT PLS STOP

That’s what I’m saying! I really don’t get it. If someone did that to me they would be dead to me if not DEAD to me, capiche? Let’s say you weren’t even super attached to the victim in question; it still doesn’t matter. Knowing your bff would go behind your back and do something like that… that’s not a friend.

You’d be so disillusioned that’d you’d ever trusted them. Now you’re grieving over being betrayed, grieving over having learned that the bond and trust you thought you had (with the one and only person you finally believed you could be totally safe with) never really existed… ON TOP of grieving for the murder victim and that loss. Y'all. Are you for real?

anonymous asked:

Thank you for always taking the time to answer the questions you get.

You’re so sweet, you don’t have to thank me.. I’m happy to answer these questions. Even if some people are angry, it’s worth it if even one person can be helped somehow. And I really hope from my heart that the people who are currently angry or upset that have sent me messages understand someday with His help that I say what I do because I care about them and I want them to find freedom and fulfillment in Christ.

fernikart57  asked:

Hey, can we still be friends, despite that rant? Reading your answers, really helped me to chill out and realize that maybe exist people who actually think like me in some aspects.

Of course! I have no hard feelings towards you or anything; we just happen to disagree on a lot of stuff. I’m glad my answers could be of some help. :)

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you wanna tell us about those Power Rangers ocs?


okay so the gist was that my friends at college and i created a full self-insert power rangers team with people we knew as rangers, villains, and allies, and then we got super into it and created another prequel series that also starred people we knew!!

@supernaturalshenanigans is the other person who really made this with me so i’ll tag her in case i goofed anything up/she remembers more than i did!! also i made aesthetics for all the main rangers in the first series if you’re so inclined to look under the tag assthetics on my blog and drew a few concept pieces so if you wanna see those just shoot me another ask!

more under the cut bc what is Up this is gonna be a long post

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if you could rb this esp if you’re non-muslim, it would be very appreciated. 

i’m always happy to see people supporting muslims. however, as the month of ramadan approaches, i’ve noticed a lot of the “nsfr (not safe for ramadan)” posts popping up. these are mainly made by white people, although some by muslims.

the whole point of ramadan is to be surrounded by food, water, swearing,(NSFW things are excluded from this post, those should be tagged) etc, and resisting the temptation to participate in anything. ramadan is about recognizing what we take for granted everyday and learning to appreciate it. we mindlessly feed our bodies food we don’t necessarily need everyday. to be able to let yourself be thirsty and hungry gives an insight to those who live like that daily, with no end to it. they do not get to just wait until the sun goes down to be able to eat a big meal surrounded by family. they continue to be hungry, regardless of what time of day it is. it reminds us of the struggles that poor and/or homeless people face. 

the point of fasting is to submit to Allah for as long as humanly possible, which is from dawn to dusk. fasting is indeed incredibly hard, that is true. seeing water when i fast is very difficult for me. however, people in countries who mass celebrate ramadan, go to work in the 100+ degree F weather, the kids at school don’t stop fasting just because they’re in school, etc. it’s slightly offensive that these posts are made “uwu!! be safe!! it’s hot out!!! don’t let yourself pass out!!!im tagging everything i can!!! uwu!!!” because most of those posts are made by people asking for notes rather than those who actually care about muslims. 

i’m going to wrap this up because it’s long, but please, don’t treat muslims like babies. we are mostly capable of seeing such things you guys tag during ramadan and not being affected. if you DO reblog posts about NSFR things, please do so FROM AN ACTUAL MUSLIM. 

thank you.

senshiofmom  asked:

Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

feelbending  asked:

Thomas I hope you're okay with all the current drama, I personally believe that you did nothing wrong at all. You're always making sure you're inclusive and doing the right thing, sorry your fandom's exploded :(

Hey!! Yeah, I’m doing fine!! Please don’t worry, these sorts of things happen sometimes and it gets very hard to address and handle all at once! I have made mistakes though, so please don’t feel like you have to defend all that I do, that’s not your responsibility, and I’ve been doing what I can to make sure things were addressed!

There was a piece of art of myself that was posted a while back that I put under a Read More and tagged nsfw because it was, and it was revealed later, after the artists’ bio was updated, that they were not of appropriate age, and that was a complete mistake on my part to make sure! I’ve always made a point to clarify, if people asked me, that if they were to do any nsfw art of me and submit it, that they should be of appropriate age to be doing so. My tumblr started as a personal blog and I thought tagging things appropriately would be enough, but this occurrence absolutely made me rethink how my blog was laid out and how much more consideration I needed to be putting into my blog and who was viewing it, so I made a public apology for it yesterday (in the #TSask) and decided to restructure my blog in order to make sure this never happens again. Posts I deemed too questionable, I have removed and if they ever go up again, they would be going up on a sideblog of some kind. I absolutely appreciate those who brought this up to me. I should have been the one to catch it, and I need to be far more vigilant about what I post from here on out!

There was also the post I responded to about why I felt it right to include asexuals and aromantics of any combination in the community. I’ve been having many really awesome and respectful conversations with people on both sides of this argument and its been really good, for me and I think for a lot of them, to gain understanding on where we’re both coming from. I am so grateful to those who came to me and got to discuss with me incredibly important things to remember and respect: the early struggles of the trans and gay community, the Stonewall Riots, the travesties and systemic oppression that still happen around the world today that need to be fought. We also got to discuss issues like arranged marriages that affect people on all areas of the spectrum. We talked about different demographics of the community and where they would like to stand or not stand. And the importance of limited resources made available to people of the community were discussed with me as well. I’ve been so absolutely grateful to those of you who came to me and are still coming to me to talk through these things, because I don’t claim to know everything, and many of the discussions were ended wonderfully respectfully. In the end, obviously, I have no, or maybe just really little, say in what defines the community. In what I say, I am absolutely making no attempt to prioritize people over another, because there are some extreme things that need to be fought. I can only be in control of myself and who I deem to be valid and who I would like to offer my support. I truly am trying to put myself in everyone’s shoes and see where they’re coming from. And I am so grateful so many of you came to me so respectfully to talk! That’s amazing! That, I think, is the most optimal form of discussion for people on both sides. I don’t like seeing anyone on either side attacking each other, and it’s so devastating to see so much of it. 

I truly hope this helps bring clarity for those of you who were confused or looking for an update! The internet can be a confusing place and the truth can be mangled, but I am doing everything I can to make sure I amend for any bad decisions and hear you all out as best as I can. I’m only human, and I truly do care about you and where you’re all coming from, so I hope you can all bear with me! 

Every day, I see stuff in this fandom which disgusts me, but today I think I saw the absolute worst, and I’m sure plenty will agree with me. The majority of this fandom, I think, is full of wonderful, respectful people who only want the best for Harry and the rest of the guys but the past few days, I’ve seen so much stuff go on that is just wrong and far beyond too. 

Finding out where his hotels are, waiting for him, going inside the hotel and trying to find him when he’s on holiday, basically forcing him to have photos with you, and then when he asks you like the angel he is to not post them for a couple of days, you still do? That’s wrong. I’ve walked past him three or four times in the street, live pretty much on the same road, walk past his house regularly to get to the pub or go to the Heath, and the only time I’ve ever even dared to go up to him was at a live performance, when he was working

Standing outside his house in London and going through his rubbish? Pretty sure that’s illegal. And it’s wrong. You can’t invade people’s privacy like that and think it’s ok or that you should get away with it. It’s wrong and I swear if I caught anybody doing that outside his house, I’d knock them into next week.

Leaking his and his family’s private photos is wrong too. So what if they’ve been posted on a family member’s Facebook, it’s not your place to take them and share them. If there is no clear source or you can’t recall an event or day when it was, do not reblog or share.

Sharing private, heartbreaking information that nobody knows whether true or false and where you have ZERO right to share, is a disgrace and the person who does this and who leaks the photos (it’s the same person) needs to be reported at every single opportunity by everybody who is able to. 

Harry is an angel to every single one of us, even those who don’t deserve it, and it’s time some ‘fans’ started giving him a little bit of respect back. Some of you really do disgust me and make me ashamed to be associated in the same breath. I hope Harry knows that this is just a small minority of people. This is a man who walks around London and Holmes Chapel with no security, because he should be able to; he shouldn’t have to hide away from fans but the way some of you act are going to make him go that way one day and then you’ll be the ones crying over how he never has time for you. You know what? You brought it on yourselves.

flower asks for fanfic writers

send me a type of flower and i’ll answer the question that corresponds with it! (▰˘◡˘▰)

anemone: how old were you when you first started writing?

baby’s breath: about how many fics have you completed?

carnation: do you only write on tumblr or on other sites? what are they?

daffodil: do you prefer to write about an OC or an unnamed reader (y/n)?

dahlia: what time of day/night is best for you to write?

gardenia: what is the setting in which you write best?

hyacinth: do you prefer to write angst or fluff?

hydrangea: what inspired you to begin writing in the first place?

iris: do you prefer writing about a man or a woman character? why?

lily: do you listen to music when you write? if so, do you have a specific playlist for it?

orchid: do you prefer to write one shots or multi part fics?

peony: au or canon?

poinsettia: is it hard for you to make up names for characters in your fics?

rose: which of your works is your favorite? why?

sunflower: what is the best feedback/compliment you’ve ever received regarding your writing?

daisy: would you ever consider a career in writing?

violet: do you read a lot?

tulip: what is your favorite writing blog on tumblr that you feel deserves more followers and reads?

jasmine: what is the greatest amount of notes you’ve ever received on one of your works?

poppy: do you write your fics right here on your tumblr drafts? if not, where?

buttercup: do you prefer to write requests or come up with your own things?

water lily: what helps you get through writer’s block?

lotus: how many drafts do you currently have?

pansy: do you keep your blog a secret to people you know personally?

petunia: who is your favorite character to write for? why?

lavender: what is the most important thing to you as a writer?

lilac: come up with your own question for me to answer.