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Bucky’s Girl |Series| 4/?

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Summary: You’re dating Bucky Barnes, it’s good. It’s beautiful. Steve, his best friend has had a crush on you, wayy before Bucky returned. (Series)
Warnings: Angst/ inspired by that one story in Love Actually but kinda not/
Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Wade Wilson, Negasonic, Colossus, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Peter Parker & Sharon Carter.

Inspired by the song Jessie Girl - Rick Springfield

Part One * Part Two * Part Three

A knock on the front door attracted Steve’s attention. It had been quiet, too quiet since he got back in the early hours of the morning, he didn’t hear a peep from you nor Bucky. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions but he figured the “plan” had worked. He crossed the hall and opened the door, facing a rather suspicious looking Natasha; who pushed passed the soldier and walked into the home, holding a coffee out for him.

“Mornin’ Nat,” he greeted in his usual tone, full of curiosity with the spy but light on it. He shut the door watching as she walked instantly to the fridge, “any reason for you to be here this early?” he asked sitting at the breakfast bar.

Natasha pulled out his yoghurt and fruit, grabbing a chopping board and knife- a little bigger than for just cutting fruit- and she smiled, he tried to feign innocence. She placed the wooden board down along with an already peeled banana, when did she peel that? Silently she started to cut the fruit with a little too much force behind it, staring directly at Steve as she done so… she knows. Of course, she does. She’s Natasha; she knows everything about Steve, even his favourite shampoo!

“Okay, let me explain?” She set the knife down, crossing her arms and nodded her head once. She has the same look as when Peggy shot at him, it’s unexplainable. “I talked to Wade Wilson,” Natasha let out a long sigh and uncrossed her arms.

Steve watched helplessly as Natasha shakes her head at him, “Steve, really? Deadpool? You listened to his advice? The guy’s insane, Ajax made sure of that.”

“Okay, so, Wade is a little crazy sometimes,” Natasha raised her eyebrows, “okay more than sometimes but he’s actually helping me, I don’t see you doing anything to help me!” That was a little low of him and the hurt flashing across Natasha’s face for a split second let him know he crossed a line, but it was true; to him anyway.

It’s silent as Natasha watches him. “I’m not helping you in this crusade to win Y/N’s heart because I know at the end of all this when everything is settled, and people are going home. I know that you’ll be going home alone because Y/N doesn’t love you, she’s going to marry Bucky and go on a honeymoon with him, and then I’m going to have to pick you up before they come back.” Steve frowns and lets his head fall, shoulders slumping.

“But-but it’s working, Nat,” Steve mutters.

“No, no it’s not,” she walks around the counter and sits on the stool beside him. “Y/N came to me last night, upset and crying, and then Bucky came and picked her up this morning whilst you were out on the morning run and they’re fine. Bucky’s actually come around to the idea of the wedding next month,” Steve lets his head fall onto the surface of the counter with a loud bang; Natasha patted his back. “I was coming round to actually tell you that Y/N has set up dance lessons!”

Steve’s head shot up, “What?”

A look of Nat’s own disgust was settled on her face, “Groom, bride, best man and maid of honour have to go to stupid dance lessons like I don’t know how to dance!” Steve chuckled at that but let out a sigh, “we have introduction tonight, Sharon and Sam promised to come along too.”

“I’m not giving up, Nat. I can’t not on her,” Natasha nodded already knowing that he wouldn’t.

*Dance Lessons*

Steve arrived a little late, he didn’t have any reason to be late but he spent a lot of the time debating on whether he should show up. It didn’t feel right; it doesn’t feel right, him being called Best Man. A best man wouldn’t be trying to steal the bride; instead, they’d be helping Bucky with the wedding not trying to tear it apart.

“Where the hell have you been, punk?” Bucky asked walking across the room, Steve gave a small embarrassed smile, hands inside his jacket pockets; Bucky placed an arm around his best friend’s shoulders and tugged him towards the centre where an entire class was waiting. “You’re never late!” Bucky stated with a suspicious look.

Steve let out a sigh, “I got lost and just didn’t want to be here,” Bucky let out a chuckle as Sam shakes his head.

Steve looked as you, Sharon and Natasha stood off to the side listening to the dance teacher. Steve feels Bucky’s arm leave his shoulders, watching as his friend walks over to you, wrapping an arm around your waist with a little smile as he kisses your cheek. Sam nudges Steve, giving him a stern look and Steve let’s out a sigh and looks ahead, boredom already settling in as he listens to the teacher drone on about techniques.

“Steve, you’re my partner,” Natasha’s voice almost yells and he has to keep from laughing as a few women look a little disappointed, yet don’t make it known to Natasha because well, it’s Romanoff. “You do know how to dance, right? Otherwise, I’m switching with Y/N,” she nudges you with a laugh.

Steve let’s out a shaky laugh, he doesn’t know how but he wasn’t about to dance with you, make himself look like an idiot. Natasha holds out her hand and gives him an encouraging smile, then it’s five minutes of Natasha giving little orders on where to place his hands and where to step; he had to make a mental note of asking Nat where she learned how to dance, probably for a mission or maybe, this is just a hobby for her.

Steve was too distracted by you and Bucky to take in any of the dancing instructor’s advice or listen to what Nat was talking about; he knows he should pay attention but seeing you smiling, having fun it distracted him.

“Steve, can you pay attention?” He snapped his head back to Nat, who was glaring up at him and he nodded once, she gently sighed and shakes her head. “I don’t know how you could do this,” she mutters and Steve frowns at Nat. “Bucky is your best friend and you’re willing to throw away years, upon years, worth of friendship!”

Steve huffs, “That’s not gonna happen, Natasha!”

“What do you really think is gonna happen, Steven?” Natasha snaps in a hushed whisper as they both continue to dance around the room, “Seriously, you think Bucky is gonna be happy for you? You think he’s gonna jump for joy knowing that all this time you were trying to prove your own love to his fiancé? Huh, this isn’t some chick flick rom-com, this is real life and they’re real people,” she nods over to you and Bucky, “and they’re happy. No version of this you come out on top, no ending has you running off into the distance with Y/N beside you AND Bucky, you gotta choose!”

Steve stops and Natasha raises her eyebrows, he pulls away from her gently as he takes in Natasha’s words. In the back of his mind, he knew what he was doing would cost him, it would cost him a friendship, not a friendship… a brother. He spent years fighting for Bucky, looking for him and now he’s got him, he’s so willing to lose him again; but it’s worth it, right?

“Steve, you either make the sacrifice you fought for; Bucky’s wellbeing and happiness or you fight for your own happiness, but I think, you’re missing the bigger picture,” Natasha told him gently this time.

“What bigger picture?” Steve exhaled, “What am I missing? Everyone wanted me to be happy, even you did and I was… with her. Now I’m expected to push my happiness away, I’m expected to live with this pain and anger, to cover it up with false happiness?”

He waits for Natasha to talk who just nods lightly, “That’s what a lot of people do. If you can’t see the bigger picture, if you can’t see how selfish you’re being then I can’t help you, nor can anyone else. I want you to be happy, I do. I just know that in the end, you won’t be, this plan it’s gonna tear you apart.”

Steve shakes his head and puts his hands on his hips, ready to argue how wrong Natasha is with her opinion. Instead, before he can talk, you pop up beside Nat, asking if everything is okay. Genuine concern and worry evident in your voice, you look at Steve with a questioning gaze, it takes Steve a moment before he finds the words.

“I gotta go,” he frowns as you do, “Uh-I forgot, I had this thing to do for Tony and you know how Stark gets, plus General Ross has a thing and it’s a mess. I’m sorry,” You nod slowly but continue to frown.

“Awe that sucks, we were all gonna do out for dinner after.” You pout and that almost makes Steve stay but he shrugs with an apologetic smile, “well, I guess, we’ll see you at home then.” You step forward and engulf Steve in a hug, he sighs and looks at Nat over your shoulder and she just shakes her head and waltzes away. “You sure you’re okay, Stevie?”

He breaths lightly and nods, wrapping an arm around you before pulling you gently away, giving a smile that convinces you. “I’m okay, really. I gotta go,” before you can answer Steve nods and walks away, out into the New York cold streets.

“THERE HE IS!” A booming voice makes Steve jump and he looks up Deadpool and Spiderman?


“Okay, so, I had a brilliant idea and I gotta tell you about it,” Wade tells Steve throwing an arm around his shoulders, much like Bucky had done but a little more excitable, walking him down the alley beside the dance studio. “You’re not gonna like it though!”

Steve chuckles but frowns at Peter beside him, “Why are you out on a school night Peter? And what is the idea?”

“Okay, well the idea explains why Peter is here but I’m gonna beat you up, really badly and then Peter is gonna take you home, I’m gonna call Bucky and tell him he’s needed at the base; whilst Y/N goes home where you’ll be, all beaten up and wanting medical attention,” Wade replies with a big gesture of open arms, turning to face Steve who looks suspicious over the idea. “And as Y/N cleans your wounds, you’ll kiss her and make sweet, sweet patriotic love to her!” 

Steve shakes his head, “Punching me and kicking me is just gonna bruise; I heal fast anyway.”

That’s when a crowbar is being waved in front of Steve’s face and his eyes widen, putting his hands up in defence to Wade; maybe Nat was right, Wade Wilson is insane.

“Ooh that’s good, putting up a fight,” Wade approves.

“Wade, this is a bad idea.” Wade groans and lets arms fall from the batting stance he had.

“Fine, Plan B,” Wade stalks off with Peter and Steve following, “but this is more boring and it involves strippers!”

(Okay, so the ending? I got a little loopy from my lack of sleep these past few days. I apologise, the next part is funnier than this, hopefully. Also, I don’t know, I may end this with implied Romanogers, I feel like, maybe, that could be a thing. I may do that. Let me know what I should do. - Rosalee)

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