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Hello!!💕 Here’s the other side of one of my notes. Usually, I take pictures of the front side bc of the title ahah but I want to show you the other side so here you go! As you can’t see, the mildliner&watercolor&brushpens I used on the front side doesn’t really show. I’m using Kokuyo loose leaf and they’re super great!!
Have a lovely day🌸✨

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I love your watercolor paintings! How do you get such small, clean details like that? It looks amazing!

Thank youuu!

It’s basically because I’m crazy with details… But I think I can tell my brushes helps a lot with it! I love using the Raphaël n°3, and I bought a new one this year, I love it to deaaath!

I won’t seems a lot of difference on the picture, but I can assure you that you need to take good care of your brushes to keep them in shape!
(I used the first one since… 4 years now at school with a lot of different mediums, he isn’t as precise as the new one!)


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Recently seen some fans are running with the "abuser John" theme they perceive in the ghastly TFP, writing memes and fan-fic based on this. I can't say how angry this makes me with Moftiss, supposedly great upholders of ACD's Holmes & Watson as historical fictional characters - S4 as a whole destroyed the John Watson who has come to us down generations as a moral, faithful, loving companion of Sherlock Holmes. No one has the right to utterly change such a beloved character in world fiction.

Moffat and Gatiss did ghastly things with the canon they supposedly adored (remember Garridebs?), but the worst thing was the total destruction of John Watson in s4. They were so focused on keeping the two friends apart, so intent on telling another story except the one that matters, which is the immortal partnership of those two men, they just turned John into another man to justify the fact that he’s no longer by Sherlock’s side. John Watson can be violent, yes, he sure has anger management issues and is shit at verbal communication. Probably he still suffers from PTSD, like many army vets. I personally think he comes from an abusive home. But John Watson is the most loyal and faithful man in the world. He’s a good man. He has done bad things, but he’s inherently good and loyal and loving. And if Mofftiss can forget big parts of their narrative and do a 180 turn, so can I, thus I choose to forget what they did to John in s4. They don’t owe Sherlock and John, they’re ours, and it’s obvious we love them more than they do.

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I love your watercolour artwork so much!! I want to start a watercolour sketch book myself and was wondering what kind of sketch book (paper quality etc) did you use for your 2016 one?

Thanks so much!
In 2016, I used both a Moleskine Watercolour Album sketchbook, and a Winsor & Newton Watercolour Visual Journal sketchbook. The Moleskine was a lot more cheaper than the W&N, but the paper was only 200gsm, so it warped a lot under lots of paint, so it wasn’t really that good with handling water in comparison. Washes had to be kept light, and the texture was quite uniform. But, if you’re using for light watercolour sketches / washes, it’s almost ideal because it’s cheaper than most watercolour sketchbooks, and the paper is almost waxy, rather smooth, which can sometimes be ideal for mixed media. 

The W&N is my favourite thus far, because the paper is 300gsm, so its a lot tougher and can take a beating. It takes water well and warps far less than the Moleskine with washes and layers of paint. My favourite part though, is the texture. It’s got two textures throughout, one that’s a bit more uniform which can be quite funky when used to the advantage, and one that’s more irregular and subtle, which feels and looks great to work with. The downside, is that it’s ridiculously expensive.

Hope that helps!

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Do you think Sam is aware of the shit storm on sm of the latest pic? How do you think he will answer or react if he is asked if he is single or not at the con? ( I will never ask myself but it will come up) I ask you because you seem to have seen them interact live and because you have balanced opinions. I prefer an objective answer, so that is why turn to you... oh by the way love your blog!

Thanks anon! I’ve never seen them interact live but yes I do think he’s aware of what’s going on. He’s aware of everything (imo of course). I always think back to that conversation we had with him during the summer when he pretended he had no idea what was going on, even though he was the one who had liked that post calling us fruitcakes. I don’t think he’ll respond to any questions about his personal life. Look at the live chat a few weeks ago, he freaked out when he was asked what he did for NYE and said he was with friends. If he’s asked if he’s single then he’ll just deflect and dance around the question. He doesn’t have to tell anyone the status of his relationship if he doesn’t want to but I think it would be easier on him if he just said he has a girlfriend but doesn’t want to talk about it. 

Some days I really identify with April MacLean

  • One thing I love about the Korra comic preview is the fact that you see way more of Korra's physique than anything in the show.
  • I'm just remembering all those screencaps where we had like a glimpse of her leg etc and us joking about the top quality fan service.
  • Look how far we've come.
This Time Around AU

Character A is technically immortal, but each new regeneration has its own set of rules. Character A has to trade a part of themself to come back from the dead, and every time it changes – for example, in one regeneration Character A may be a paraplegic, in another regeneration they may have the use of their legs but be colorblind, in the next regeneration they may have 20/20 vision but incredible amounts of OCD and anxiety, etc.

In their current regeneration, Character A is trying to live a quiet, less adventurous life than their previous ones and has opted to work at a coffee shop in a quiet college community. Everything is going fairly well, until an ominous figure is reported to be stalking students around campus and Character A has the sinking suspicion that something – or someone – is coming after Character A.


I have loved this lesbian since day one I stg

Anyways I am using a new editing software so sorry this is short and bad


Requested by anon to write a Thanksgiving tfln. Previously posted on my old page.

Harry. Missus.

H, have you stopped in the shops yet?

I just need you to grab the stuff for the apple and pumpkin pie, that’s all.

Maybe a bottle of whipped cream. Or make that two. One for the pies, one for just me.

Or one for me to spray on your boobs so I can have a nice treat while I fuck your brains out, hm? ;)

What the fuck… Pies, Harry. Go to the store.

I’ll be home soon and I can help you bake them.

Love, I know what I’m doing. I used to be a baker.

Wow, it’s been a solid month since you’ve told me that, I’ve almost forgotten.

With that attitude, maybe I won’t share my pies with you.

Harry, they’re for my family for Thanksgiving tomorrow. They aren’t yours.

I’m not talking about those pies.

Christ in Heaven….

Have you made it to the shops?

In the aisle now.

Say, love… Why did the pie to go the dentist?

He needed a filling.

Oh Lord, love… Lol

Please get your jokes out of your system now.

Your family will love them!

That’s how I will win them over. Not these pies, or my rustic good looks.

Your pies won me over.

I’ve never made you a pie.

Not talking about that kind.


I see.

Are you back at your place?

Just walked in, why?

Have we used the last of the condoms?

I want to give you a slice of my pie when I get home.

Harry, I’m not even going to be able to eat the freakin’ pie tomorrow because of you.

Suits yourself. More for me.

And no, we haven’t. Two left.

Three if you count the one I just found in the toilet.

Care to explain?

I knew I dropped it somewhere…

That’s disgusting, H.

Hey, it’s still in the wrapper so it’s probably salvageable.

Don’t even.

Just buy the ingredients, and so we can bake these damn things.

I’m nervous about meeting everyone tomorrow, love.

What if they don’t like me?

Shh. Don’t even start to fret. I’ve told them so many great things.

Plus, my uncle is a Packers fan, so have fun with that. x

i let myself be used over and over again, because it gives me hope that i’ll be loved again one day.. truth is things are getting terrible again and i hate myself and i hate having no one and i hate life, i fucking hate life

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How would Underswap, Swapfell sans and Underfell papyrus react to someone straight up challenging them and saying that they would be a way better Boyfriend for the skeleton's S/O.


He takes a challenge in the literal way of a battle because of the culture in the Underground. He smirks, crosses his arms across his chest and then promptly kicks the guy’s ass. At the end of it, he spits on them, declaring “I WON. NEVER SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN.”


He usually loves a healthy challenge, jumping on the opportunity to practice the skills he’s trained for. But he doesn’t feel good about this one. His S/O isn’t an object to be fought over without their consent. He goes back to his S/O and asks them what he should do. 


He straight up goes “lol nah” and walks away from the challenger. He tells himself that his S/O chose him to date him and their choice is the only valid thing here. Still, his anxiety gnaws at him about the what if the other person really is better? Is he condemning his S/O to spending time with someone not as good for them? He tries to squash his doubts down with the first thought.


Same as Fell!Pap, challenge = battle. He goes back to his S/O, tells them about the incident, hands them a video recorder and tells them to film everything while he kicks the other guy’s ass. Deep, deep, down, he gets the nagging insecurity about his capabilities as a boyfriend. Maybe there is someone out there better than him for his S/O. He represses it hard by kicking the shit out of the challenger. Whoever is better for his S/O, it’s definitely not this guy.

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I remember that time when blind gossip talked about that the boys thrown coke around the hotel so anger with each other, and they were thrown out of the hotel etc. What's more, they said something about zayn but i don't remember what.

remember when they wrote that harry got a L tattooed on his inner thigh even if they broke up cause they love each other and they were getting back together or some shit like that, and that was coming from A FAN FICTION people were talking about on twitter the day before? this is how accurate blind gossip is about one direction lmao and those evils use it to send messages and try to destroy louis and his fans, like people are going to take them as confirmed sources and leave lmao 

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Ed Sheeran's song Shape of You really reminds me of Yoonmin... like when they relationship first starts to get heated, with images of crumpled bed sheets, skin on skin, sweat rolling down skin, messy hair, etc. I can't stop thinking about it.

i thought so too! i saw a fic that used shape of you as the title and ever since i cant get the idea of yoonmin x shape of you out of my head. 

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I have just binged Skybox, and it's incredible! I love the diversity of characters, and 'races' so to speak. I like every character you have, even the not so nice ones, which takes a lot of skill! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Ahhhh thank you so much, anon! :D This totally made my night! Thank you for sharing that with me, too!

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Hi! Sorry if this is an odd/difficult sigil request... if you're still doing them, I am in a mixed-status household as far as legal documentation goes and there's a lot of anxiety about some of us getting deported. Could you make a sigil that will keep my family members safe from legal problems? Thank youuuu

Hi back! Not odd at all, darling. How’s this?

“My loved ones are safe from deportation.”

Wishing all of you the absolute best!!

✨ ✨ ✨

Thank you for requesting a custom sigil! Charge it in the manner of your choosing and use it however you like. This sigil is free, but if you are satisfied with it and are feeling generous please consider donating to my tip jar. Like my free readings, 50% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU and 50% will be saved for my move to NH in May.

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nailsneverfails: Since I just saw John Wick 2 and it kicked major ass! It reminded me of the time I met Keanu Reeves when I worked for 20th century fox. This is the only pic I have of us on that day for his movie premiere. One of the nicest and coolest guys ever. Love him!


I can’t even with the tag right now.  People still calling N an ass to M for use of a phrase to describe an acting choice.  Get off the guy’s dick, Jesus Christ.  How do you enjoy a show, let alone a ship, if you actually believe one of the key actors is a misogynistic shithead who enjoys insulting his friend and co-star?   An assessment that would directly contradict every statement I’ve ever heard or read, his female costars make about him.

Also, I don’t know if the phrases, “I love Norman,” “everything Melissa does is magic,” “I adore her,” and “she’s one of my dearest friends,” MIGHT possibly indicate their relationship perhaps has a bit more personal and emotional depth to it, than whatever a couple of fangirls on the Internet who likely aren’t even old enough to drink yet, somehow believe they can divine from the souls of complete strangers, they know from “the TV.”  

And yes, I usually stay out of the drama here, and yes I know, handsome millionaire doesn’t need my defense, but I have PMS right now and stumbling over that shit fucked up my muse, so my tolerance for this d’baggery, is a no go, even if it is like 1% of the group.  And I’ll just end here on a few pictures of this man who obviously doesn’t care for this woman, at all.

“My imagination is a monastery, and I am its monk,” wrote John Keats to Percy Shelley, and let me be clear: I tend to think of this sort of thing as, honestly, pretty self-indulgent. Any five-year-old has an imagination as vivid as any adult genius’s. It is, I think, simply a manner of not squashing the native vividness of imagery and invention. Most of us can imagine the most fantastical things, with only a little encouragement. (Usually it is having the discipline to write them down that is the problem.)

But still, still, sometimes I have an image–in night-dream or in day-dream–that does not connect itself immediately to some proper story or poem and yet that feels the need to be expressed. Last night, thanks to a severe cold, I dreamed in fragments, mostly nightmare; but I had one lovely dream that made all the nightmares worthwhile. It might become a story at some point, but for now I have no story to tie it to, and yet still I want to share it. I suppose in some way I feel that I owe it, because in a night of hideous nightmares it was a moment of pure and strange loveliness.

Sometime I will make it a story, or a book. But for now:

Imagine somewhere in the deep ocean–my gut says that it is the Pacific, the widest and vastest and deepest of oceans–but perhaps it is a similar ocean on some other world, some alien world or some faerie world–

Somewhere in the deep ocean, there are deep, deep depths. The diving-mermaids go only so far down, and the sea dragons only so much farther, and the winged whales only a little farther than that. But there are places even lower–the strange land of the anglerfish, the pelican eel, the blind white sea-wyrm, who never are touched by the sun and never miss it.

And then lower still, in the deepest trenches, there are stranger things still; the varied octopodes, the frilled sharks, the dragonfish, the great silent hulks of the kraken….

…and a temple. 

It is white: the white of bone, or of ivory; the white of bleached coral or certain types of shell. It is all one thing, as if it has grown out of this deepest part of the ocean. There is no way that its fragile spires should be able to bear up under the oppressive, crushing weight of all the water on top of them, and yet they do.

Within the temple lies a woman, sleeping, ever sleeping. Sometimes she is a woman and sometimes she is a bear, but in any form, she always sleeps, in this place in the crushing dark depths. When she is a woman, she changes, subtly: she is always a woman of middle years, of pleasing but not extraordinarily beautiful appearance. Sometimes she has skin of honey-milk color, sometimes of chalk-white with copper-fleck freckles, sometimes tawny-fawn, sometimes warm polished-wood brown, sometimes bronze, sometimes jet-dark.

Her hair is always in loose curls, and always hazelnut brown, and her eyelashes are always long and dark. When she is a bear, a great bear as of the northern forests, her fur is the same color as her hair, and her eyelashes are just as long.

She sleeps, always, in this place beneath the sea, this temple of white ivory or bone or shell.

Somewhere, far away and well above, there are two women. One is only a woman part of the time, and part of the time she is a dragon, and around her wrist is a ring of red scales like a bracelet that marks her as dragonkin. She is immortal. The other is a human woman, fierce and beautiful. She is mortal. These women, mortal and immortal, love each other, but do not understand each other.

They have both just found out about the woman in the sea, and their opinions about her are very different.


That’s all I have.