for the oncoming storm

Bad Idea

Character: Newt Scamander

Prompt: 41

“I’m personally offended that you accepted that solo mission when you knew that you’d be away from me for four months.”

A/n: Super pleased with this one :D

“You never mentioned to me that you were leaving for four months.” Newt said, holding up the letter that the Ministry had sent to you, requesting your talent to investigate Grindelwald’s escape.

Newt looked down at the letter, eyes skimming over the scrawled and curling ink painfully. “And is says here that you’ve accepted.”

You sighed heavily, eyes falling shut as you felt the oncoming storm arriving. “I didn’t know how to bring it up to you.”

Newt folded up the letter and tossed it to the side. “Well now seems like a wonderful time to talk about it.”

You leaned against the kitchen counter, warm teacup in your hands as you tried to find the right way to tell him. “It’s the biggest case I’ll probably get to work on, and they want my talents specifically.”

“Yes, and it’s also investigating one of the most dangerous dark wizards that’s out there.” Newt countered, folding his arms as he stared at you unhappily.

“I’ve done several dangerous cases before what’s the difference?” You argued, setting down your tea before it sloshed all over the floors you had just cleaned.

“This difference is Gellert Grindelwald!” Newt exclaimed, his voice raising louder than you’d ever heard it.

“And the difference is you are in actual potential of getting seriously hurt or killed.” He added on, much more quietly than his last outburst.

You let out another sigh, eyes falling upon the window were you could see stormclouds beginning to formulate in the once blue sky.

“Newt, I’m an auror, this is what I do.” You tried explaining again, keeping the level head.

“I know that.” He said, moving from the table to stand infront of you. “But did you seriously think I would react well to you being away from me for four months, let alone doing something like this?”

“No…” You admitted, looking off to the side. “To be fair though, you have left me on my own to go chasing after dragons and Merlin knows what other ferocious creatures.”

“I can tame those creatures, my love. I know how to control the situation, you won’t be able to do the same.” Newt said, and you could see the worry stirring in his eyes as he thought of every possible bad ending.

“Four months isn’t that long.” You said, reaching up to gently brush a curl out of his eyes. “Four months and then I’ll be right back.”

“The amount of times I’ve heard that sort of thing said followed by a tragedy could could fill the Pacific ocean.” Newt said as he took your hand in his.

“I worry for you, my darling.” Newt said as he focused on your hand. “Being an auror is immensely dangerous, and knowing that it could be weeks to months before I even hear that you’ve been hurt is, completely unbearable for me.”

“And I’ve managed rather well up until then haven’t I?” You asked him, smiling ever so slightly whenever he nodded. “So don’t worry so much.”

Newt moved to nuzzle his face into neck, resting his forehead upon your shoulder.

You stood there, stroking the back of his hair as you knew it always calmed him. “If I could promise you that nothing will happen, I would. But you and I both know there is always a possibility.” You said softly to him.

“Yes, I know.” He said, lifting his head to look down at you.

“So if it gives you any solace, pretend like it’s all going to be okay until you hear from me or until I come home.” You told him, trying to give him any sort of comfort, no matter how small.

“But know that I’m very capable of taking care of myself, and that I will be surrounded by just as skilled wizards and witches. We don’t even know if anything’s there, I could very well go and look at destroyed castle debris for four months and do nothing but complain about it.”

That drew a laugh from Newt. “I can only hope.”

You smiled, gently stroking his cheek. “There’s that smile.” You said to him. “That is the kind of attitude I want you to keep while I’m away, I won’t have you moping about, and that’s an order.”

Newt raised his hand in a salute. “Yes, ma'am.”

You laughed at his antics. “See, this won’t be that hard. And in four months, I’ll be right back here. Safe and sound in your arms.”

Newt placed a small kiss on your nose. “Four months then.”

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a compilation of avengers getting political

@arukou-arukou​ take these with a grain of salt, i have not read most of them

MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN by imafriendlydalek

The Morning After by shethinksshesabard

Little Bummer Boy (Fuck Trump) by WillowPerpetua

Protest by Meilan_Firaga

Plant Yourself Like a Tree by Darth_Claire

United We Stand, Divided We Fall by buckyjerkbarnes

you’ve got the world planned in your mind by stars_inthe_sky

American Values (podfic) by  cassandraoftroy, Liara_Shadowsong

Make Our Voices Heard by stuckyfeelings

Soapbox Steve by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)* 

Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City by hetrez*

Captain America is not a Republican by shadowen

Oncoming Storms by inkykeys

family will follow you anywhere and back by pastelfalcon

but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for by verity

Known Associates by thingswithwings

Stephen Colbert is the Avengers’ Favorite Interviewer by TheoMiller

The Spaces Between My Fingers are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly by holliswrites, sidium 

We Gonna Be Alright by mikeymagee

Veterans against the Black Snake by HadschiHalefOmar

The Hawkeye Initiative by Ysabetwordsmith

Tony Stark Has Had Worse Ideas by TheoMiller

Do Not Go Gentle by Gryffindancer

I’m your national anthem by 100indecisions

Steve Rogers Takes Offense and the World Gets Schooled by RurouniHime

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him by RurouniHime

#StandWithWendy by shell

Green Chaos by Ikol

Election Day by pineapplesquid

History Doesn’t Punish Enough by asimplewalk

Tell Me Why… (AKA Black Superhero Support Group) by SimpleSisypheanTask

He’s Allowed to be Mad This Time by crookedcig

Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers’ Public Relations Manager by scifigrl47

*I have read these two and they are AMAZING

please let me know if any of these are gross and need to be removed 

This is my Seattle woman, Kate McKnight. I just wish I could figure out a way to tell her that I am ready to drop everything I know in order to follow her into the oncoming storm.  

Or something. 

This piece is kind of about Hades and Persephone (almost all of her pieces are) but its also kind of a perfect C/E love song.  

She says: Hades became the King of the Underworld because he drew the short stick, and he isn’t always happy about it. Persephone sings him a lullaby to remind him that bad luck and the negative thoughts of others have no affect on how deeply she loves him.
Dedicated to lovers who support each other through the dark times <3
All of Paris is burning
And you’re eyes are on fire
Though it’s dark in this cavern
To your dreams I aspire
I see it in your heart
I see it in your mind
It’s not a question of love and loss
It’s a matter of desire I am here of my own free will
My arms can keep you from Tartarus’ chill
Cling to me on your blackest days
Don’t listen to their lies, I know the truth of your ways Your wealth is not in riches alone
And I will never leave you alone When the King of Death closes his eyes
Then my fierce love is no surprise
When the King of Death falls asleep
It takes all my strength not to weep I know you are feared
Lamented and reviled
But your judgements are righteous
And they’ve never seen you smile
I live for that smile
Just for that smile
So take off your heavy crown, my love
And rest for awhile I don’t feel ugly around you
I hope I make you feel that too When the King of Death closes his eyes
Then my fierce love is no surprise
When the King of Death falls asleep
It takes all my strength not to weep When the King of Death closes his eyes
Then my fierce love is no surprise
When the King of Death falls asleep
It takes all my strength not to weep

It was 8:30. I could hear people talking about the likelihood of a storm later on that evening. I can remember hoping that it would clear up before my cycle ride back to Wavertree. Up to now it had been an eventful day but very tiring and as a group, although committed to playing, we all wished that we could pack up and go home. All of us apart from John Lennon. I think that meeting Paul had whetted his appetite and by the time we went on stage for our session at 8:45 he looked refreshed and seemed to have a new sparkle, as though he had had an injection of renewed optimism and enthusiasm as he played and sang through our usual repertoire that evening.


I went outside for some air and a smoke; John and Pete decided to come with me. We stood outside pulling on our cigarettes, enjoying the breeze that had risen with the oncoming storm.

“Do you know, John,” remarked Pete as we stood outside, “I’ve never heard you sound as good as you did just then. I know you’re going to say that I’m not very musical but I could hear the difference. I can see that something’s happened to you. Even the skiffle numbers which I know you’re not that keen on sounded good. You seem to have put more effort into them.”

“Pete’s right, John. I couldn’t help noticing it as well,” I said.

John was silent for a few minutes, just enjoying his smoke.

“I guess someone took the trouble to share what he knew with me and it’s just given me a little encouragement for the future, that’s all.”

“Oh I see, you’re getting a little sentimental in your old age, aren’t you,” joked Pete, who had never seen his life-long friend in that light before.

“Don’t be thick, Pete,” replied John, who seemed almost back to his normal abrupt self. “Come on, I need a drink.”

—  Len Garry, John, Paul and Me: Before The Beatles. (1997)
What the clans smell like maybe

Some of these are not creative sorry

Water: seaspray,sandalwood, blooming rosehips, hot sand

Shadow: dirt after rain, myrrh, mossy, dried violets, burning leaves

Fire: burning cedar, dragons blood incense, those cinnamon pinecones they sell around Christmas

Wind: the smell of fresh air after opening windows for the first time at the start of spring, mint and rosemary tea, burning lemongrass

Nature: fresh mead, floral breezes with a hint of something darker, pine and frankincense

Plague: ever sprayed febreeze over the trash instead of taking it out,

Light: sugar, water lilies, chamomile, fresh hay bales

Lightning: coffee, new car smell, that smell old heaters give when turned on, heat storms ( they have a smell but I can’t explain it)

Earth: juniper berries, maple, warm autumn days, brown sugar

Arcane: glitter glue, old books,

Ice: the sweet smell of first frost, pine, oncoming storm smell, wet earth,

Beastclans: the shit pile behind the farm I work at, a zoo

It took me a little while, but I’ve finally come to a realization. I’m 30 years old. Things I’ve seen in the last 15+ years of my life: 9-11, the War in Afghanistan, The Iraq War, 8 years of Bush, an economic crash, countless shootings, and a whole lot more.  

It’s easy to lose hope, to think that for every bit of progress we make, that we’ll eternally backslide, but even with all the backsliding, our country has endured. It will endure.  

I can’t speak for anyone else or tell anyone else how they should deal with this, but I’ve decided that whatever happens over the next 4-8 years, this is how I plan to weather the oncoming storm: 

And that’s with the flag included. I’m not ready to give up on this country yet, and I plan on doing my damnedest to change things in whatever ways I can. 

i-ship-it-harder-then-ups  asked:

6, 7, 13, 22, 26, 34, 38, 42, 43, 44

H o o f this is gonna be a long one

6.I hate Misha(the Pokémon go kids) brother, Mishas whole career was his idea
7.My best friends are Em, Tristan, Cole and Gaby
13. Am 5'8
22.My nicknames are: The Snake, Dino Thunder(it’s my stripper name), The Oncoming Storm(Other stripper name), Killer Keemstar, Oscar the Grouch
26.A lot of good stuff has happened to me so idk
34.I can write well, I can lie reaLLy well, I can turn a sentence into a paragraph, I can manipulate really well(I don’t tho), c o m e d y g o l d
38I know someone special to me who I can tell everything to, someone who is there for me, someone I truly love with all my heart…My framed picture of famous comedian and actor Jerry Seinfeld which sits square in the center of my Bee Movie Shrine, I pray to it every night❤️
42.I am the okayest 👌🏼
43.I am so Taken, Liam Neeson is starring inside me
If you don’t get that last joke then cri


Obi sits high on the parapet, watching the clouds forming in the distance. The icy wind races over the outer wall and swirls around him mercilessly. His cheeks sting and he thinks he lost feeling in his fingertips approximately an hour ago. He feels his heart give a heavy flip – if Miss knew, she would scold him for not wearing proper attire or seeking warmth. Flexing his fingers, he feels his joints creak; they’re starting to freeze from the cold.

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Imagine, for a moment, Clara Oswald

Clara Oswald sending a Time Lord, thousands of years old, The Oncoming Storm, out for coffee. And he goes.

Clara Oswald learning to ride a motorbike because riding on the back of Eleven’s was fun, but she could do it so much better on her own.

Clara Oswald gaining access to the Black Archives because her world-saving antics are as renowned as *his*.

Clara Oswald grading papers on the TARDIS while casually putting out the diplomatic fires the Doctor starts on multiple worlds.

Clara Oswald seducing Jane Austen and influencing the character development of Liz Bennett. (Guess who influenced Darcy’s.)

Clara Oswald riding into this world on a leaf and soaring off of it in a TARDIS she shares with yet another woman who was supposed to die thousands of years ago, but who the universe wasn’t ready to live without. 

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