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Top 10 reasons to read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

#1 Dr. Jesper Fahey

“Why is he looking at me this way.” (Kuwei)

“Kaz is wondering if he should keep you alive,” said Jesper. “Terrible for the nerves. I recommend deep breathing. Maybe a tonic.”

#2 True Friendship

“Are you hungry? We have chocolate biscuits.” (Nina to Inej)

“Oh sure,” said Jesper. “She gets the cookie hoard.”


“I’d tell you to ask the White Blade, but…” Inej shrugged. 

“I hope she suffered.” 


“What? We can’t both be merciful and serene.”


"You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.” 

“I think you’re ahead on that count.” 

“No, I don’t mean in the big ways.” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

#3 The student becomes the teacher

“Wylan Van Eck, you lied to Kaz Brekker.” Jesper clutched a hand to his chest. “And you got away with it! Do you give lessons?”

#4 Mature and responsible adults

"I have been very patient with all of this, Jesper, but I am at my limit. I want you down here before I count ten or I will tan your hide so you don’t sit for two weeks.” Colm’s head vanished back down the stairs.

The silence stretched. Then Nina giggled. “You are in so much trouble.”

Jesper scowled. “Matthias, Nina let Cornelis Smeet grope her bottom.”

Nina stopped laughing. “I am going to turn your teeth inside out.”

“That is physically impossible.”

#5 Once again  Kaz being the bastard of the Barrel, the demon full of tricks, the mad man everyone feared  a 17 year old with a crush

His eyes scanned her face as they always had, closely, hungrily, snatching at the details of her like the thief he was—the even set of her dark brows, the rich brown of her eyes, the upward tilt of her lips. He didn’t deserve peace and he didn’t deserve forgiveness, but if he was going to die today, maybe the one thing he’d earned was the memory of her—brighter than anything he would ever have a right to—to take with him to the other side.


She smiled then, her eyes red, her cheeks scattered with some kind of dust. It was a smile he thought he mightdie to earn again.


Inej laughed, her hood falling back from her hair. “That’s the laugh,” he murmured.

#6 Grisha characters cameo

Kaz’s eyes narrowed. “Sturmhond.”

“He knows me!” Sturmhond said delightedly. He nudged Genya with an elbow. “I told you I’m famous.”

Zoya blew out an exasperated breath. “Thank you. He’s going to be twice as insufferable now.”

#7 Jealous?! Me?! Never!

Kuwei turned to Jesper. “You should visit me in Ravka. We could learn to use our powers together.”

“How about I push you in the canal and we see if you know how to swim?” Wylan said with a very passable imitation of Kaz’s glare.

#8 True love understands

“You’re better than waffles, Matthias Helvar.”

A small smile curled the Fjerdan’s lips. “Let’s not say things we don’t mean, my love.”

#9  I’m not crying. You are!

“I would come for you,” he said, and when he saw the wary look she shot him, he said it again. “I would come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together—knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”

#10 Nice and peaceful things

"Genya Safin knows poisons like no one else, and David Kostyk developed all kinds of new weapons for King Nikolai.” She glanced at Matthias. “And other things too! Nice things. Very peaceful.”

“Your wife is hot” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

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Part two

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The league discovered that Batman made files on all of them. Files in which were their secret identities, the way they could be defeated, and a all lot of personal details. And so they were…pretty mad at him. They felt like he betrayed their trust, while all he wanted to do was to make sure the World was safe. So the bat had to amend himself. He told all of them he was Bruce Wayne. And that’s the story of how a bunch of superheroes invaded your home. 

They first went to see the Batcave, which left you enough time to try and relax. It wasn’t everyday that you met the biggest superheroes of the World. You already encountered Superman, who was in real life Clark Kent, your husband’s best friend. You also were friend with Wonder Woman, having actually quite a lot in common with Diana Price. And your eldest son was friend with The Flash sidekick, Kid Flash, even though you never actually met Barry Allen, you felt like Wally told you enough things about him that you knew you’d probably get along. But the rest…Well, you were just super stressed. 

Of course, you knew all of them, extensively actually. You knew what they liked and didn’t like, their personality…Hum, you might have, MIGHT, read Bruce’s files on them. Curiosity. It was your biggest flaw. 

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“You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.”
“I think you’re ahead on that count.”
“No, I don’t mean in the big ways. I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

anybody: so what’re you up to lately?

me: oh, you know. just trying to reconcile myself to the fact that nick is going to be grace’s love interest in season four of grace & frankie and i might as well get used to it. it’s going pretty well.

me .25 seconds later:


yalitsquad challenge 1 // pt. 4 // favorite friendship >> inej ghafa x nina zenik

“We’ll see each other again.”
“Of course we will. You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.
“I think you’re ahead on that count”
“No, I don’t mean in the big ways,” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or ten years from now, those things will be the things I remember when I see you again.”


“No, I don’t mean in the big ways.” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.


female characters meme: [2/10] dynamics | Inej Ghafa and Nina Zenik

Inej placed her hands on Nina’s shoulders. “We’ll see each other again.”

“Of course we will. You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.”

“I think you’re ahead on that count.”

“No, I don’t mean in the big ways.” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

Hell (Chapter Two: What will we do without her?)

Summary: Y/n Singer, after selling his soul to save Sam’s life, has accepted her destiny (or maybe not?). But her family doesn’t.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (not yet, but soon)

Word Count: 3K (approximately)

Warnings: Angst.

A/N: So here I am with the second chapter! Did you like the first? Yes? No? Let me know. For now, I hope you like this!

Hell (Chapter One: Fair Exchange)

Three months.

Three months have passed since Sam came back. And I only have nine.
The motel we’ve stayed in is in a desert place. Bobby, my father, found a case somewhere in Nebraska. From the information he has given us, this is definitely some demons.
Our job was to prevent the doors of Hell opening. We failed. We managed to close them, but it was too late; enough demons had already emerged to create even more chaos in the world. The only positive thing is that Dean and Sam had their revenge. Thanks to Colt (the gun that can kill any supernatural creature), they have finally made out the demon that had killed their mother, Azazel.
I roll into bed. I look at the alarm on the bedside table: three o'clock in the morning. I don’t feel tired, and lately I don’t even sleep. Perhaps, knowing the exact day of your own death has this effect. Beside me there is Sam, who deeply sleeping belly up. The lesser of Winchester didn’t take long to discover why he wasn’t dead; since Dean told him, Sam spends all day on the books, to find the solution to my “problem.”
The same thing my father does, after having repeated a few times that I’m an idiot.
I get up from the bed calmly, trying not to wake up Sam, I go over the other bed where there is Dean lying belly down, who sleeps beatily. I look at both of them, and then I go out.
The air is dull, and fortunately I’m not dressed very heavy. I ride somewhere between the cars parked, and when I see the Impala, I sit on the hood. Lately I often do it, sit down and look at the sky.
I’m strangely passionate about the stars; there are so many in the universe, and some of them are already dead, but we still see them still in the night sky. This is how I feel: a star already dead, but for others still shines. But a dead star remains dead, it doesn’t return to life.
“Try not to scratch her.”
I look down and meet Dean’s face. His green eyes look at me carefully, while I still think of his voice. God, I hope I will not forget it when I’m down there; it might be the only thing that will keep me.. myself.
"Why are you awake?” I say with nonchalance; three months now I try not to show my feelings. I don’t want them to worry more than they already do.
“Why are you awake?”
“I didn’t sleep.”
“Me neither.”
“But if you slept like a jumble!”
Dean doesn’t answer, and looks up to the sky, surrendering.
“I heard you go out, and I wanted to see if…”
“..I was fine. Yes, they are three months that you repeatedly asked me.”
He approaches the car and leans back against the passenger door.
“Sam and Bobby will continue to look for something, do you know?”
“True, but they will not find anything.”
“You can’t know.”
His voice has changed, now it is more serious, more.. angry?
I know for sure they will not find anything, the demons are not so stupid. I try in every way to accept what will happen to me, while they do nothing but believe false hopes.
“You know what? Let them seek well; I gave up when the demon disappeared from that crossroad. And frankly, I don’t care. For me the important thing was that Sam was fine. The rest doesn’t matter.”
Suddenly, I feel pulled to the legs, and opening my eyes, I find Dean’s eyes on mine. He’s so close to me. Too much. With his hands clenching my knees, and I believe that my breath is getting more and more absent.
“So your life counts nothing?”
I look at him in his perfectly green eyes, and his jaw covered with a light beard. And his lips, which I can’t take from my head.
Don’t react. No emotions.
“At this point, no. Don’t you think?”

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“You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.”
“I think you’re ahead on that count.”
“No, I don’t mean in the big ways. I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

Avengers Preference: They Find Out You’re Pregnant With Their Baby

For the sake of this fic, we’re going to pretend all the Avengers can have children.

I will be doing an X-men version too I think.

Tony Stark
Tony would be completely silent when you first told him you were pregnant. He’d ask “Are you sure?” And when you nodded, Tony would go to the bar and pour himself a drink. He’d look at you for a second and decide that you weren’t having alcohol for the next nine or ten months. You’d agree. After he’d taken a long swig of Scotch, Tony would open his arms and pull you in for a hug. “Well, there’s no going back now.” He’d say, his chin resting on your head, his heart racing as he became more and more anxious about the future of this child that was his. His and yours.

Steve Rogers
Steve would grin, practically from ear to ear. He’d kiss you on the lips gently, cupping your face in his hands. “You’re going to be such an amazing mother.” He would say, unable to stop smiling.

Clint Barton
Clint would grin when you told him, so happy. He’d probably make a sarcastic remark of some kind before pulling you into a warm hug.

Natasha Romanoff
Natasha would be overjoyed. and for once she would actually show it. She’d kiss you first, smiling into the kiss so much it made you laugh. She’d hold you by the waist teasing you, “Soon I’ll get your clothes.”

Bruce Banner
Bruce would find it so surreal. He’d be so happy but shocked. He’d tell almost everyone, so proud of you. 

Pietro Maximoff
Pietro, when you told him would kiss you quickly and then race out to get you things to help with the pregnancy. He’d get you chocolate, blankets, teddies, ginger beer, anything he thought might help. In the evening he’d settle down with you. You’d lay across his lap and his fingers would trace up and down your stomach.

Wanda Maximoff
Wanda would take your hands in her cold ones, smiling as she ran a finger gently up and down your wrist. “I’m so happy.” She’d say, “We’re going to have a baby.” Smirking slightly, she’d place a kiss on your forehead.

Thor Odinson
Thor would tell everyone. He’d practically make an announcement of it. He would be so happy to be a father and for you to be the mother of his child.

Loki Laufeyson
Loki would press his forehead to yours, able to tell that you were a little nervous about the baby and how he would react. “I couldn’t be luckier.” He’d smile, “I couldn’t ask for a better queen and mother of my child.” His lips would meet yours, his hands snaking around your waist.

Bucky Barnes
Bucky would be shocked at first. Then he’d grin, picking you up and spinning you around, laughing. “I love you!” He’d say happily, setting you down and pressing a kiss to your lips. “I love you so much, darling.” He wouldn’t be able to stop grinning for the rest of the week.

Sam Wilson
Sam would grin, pulling you over to sit on his lap. “That is the best news I;ve heard all year.” He’d say, cupping your face in his hands and bringing your lips to his.

Scott Lang
Scott would be worried at first, because he wasn’t sure how Cassie would feel. He’d be happy, but nervous. Once he told Cassie and she was overjoyed, he’d be very open with his excitement, getting everything ready for the baby.

He would be quite quiet, unsure what to do. He would be confused about everything he was feeling. He’d just hold you for a while, happy and content.

Technically Part Two could be: Avengers Preference: The Baby Kicks For The First Time

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Ummmmm 108 or 91??

108. I’m glad you’re mine.

91. Sorry I’m protective over the things I love.

OK so I decided these go pretty well together so I’ve combined them into one!

“Aren’t you going to dance with me?”

Robert’s voice was full of suggestion as he leant to whisper into Aaron’s ear, sat side by side in a booth at the side of the dancefloor.

Aaron rolled his eyes, softening when he looked to his side and saw the playful smile on his husband’s face, eyebrows raised and eyes encouraging him, full of hope.

“You know I don’t dance,” he quipped, immune to Robert Sugden’s charms even if nobody else seemed to be lately.

“You did dance,” Robert countered with a grin. “You danced with me at our wedding; at both of our weddings if I recall, Mr Sugden!”

Aaron couldn’t help but laugh, his usually sullen expression softening instinctively.

“Yeah, well, I was forced into it,” Aaron teased. “And anyway, that was, like, ten years ago, anyway –”

“Eleven years, next month,” Robert interrupted, correcting him with a satisfied smile.

“Yeah, alright,” Aaron rolled his eyes. “Soppy bollocks.”

Robert laughed, leaning in for a kiss.

“Well, if you won’t dance with me, I’ll have to find someone who will,” he teased, raising his eyebrows as he stood to his feet, challenging Aaron to stop him.

Aaron glared up at him through his eyelashes, inviting Robert in for another kiss as he lifted his head slightly and licked his lips.

“Nuh-uh,” Robert resisted, pulling away as Aaron’s lips lingered millimetres from his own. He lifted a finger up to place it against Aaron’s moistened lips. “I only kiss people that dance with me,” he insisted, as he flicked his eyebrows flirtatiously.

Aaron held his husband’s gaze as he straightened up and retreated backwards, hips starting to sway as he made it to the dancefloor, engulfed slightly by the crowd but still in full sight of his husband.

Aaron shook his head, laughing at his husband’s embarrassing moves as he held Robert’s gaze.

They weren’t the oldest ones in the club, surprisingly, but Aaron couldn’t help feeling a little out of place. They hadn’t been out together in years, but it was Noah’s stag do, so they’d wanted to celebrate with him, especially when he’d announced they were going to Manchester for the weekend.

They’d given it until midnight with the group of seventeen lads Noah had invited, but they’d soon grown tired of their antics and agreed to sneak off and head to Canal Street, intent on re-living that weekend they’d spent in Manchester all those years ago.

Robert seemed in his element, and Aaron swallowed down in the lump in his throat as he watched him dance like a slightly awkward Hugh Grant in Love Actually.

It didn’t stop him getting attention though. He was still attractive, despite now being the wrong side of forty, and the years had treated him well. It was surprising really, considering the amount of hardship they’d had to face between them.

Maybe it was because they’d always been able to face it together.

Aaron’s eyes never left Robert’s except to catch a glance at his body moving in time to the music, feeling a flash of heat creep up his neck at the way Robert thrust his hips as he looked through the crowd and winked at him.

The thumping of the bass from the speakers started to work its way towards the drop, and Aaron felt his own heart beat increasing pace in perfect sync with the music.

Aaron glared as Robert’s gaze left him for all of a second, realising his husband’s attention has been taken by a man approaching him on the dancefloor. He watched on as the man whispered something in Robert’s ear, and Robert saw his opportunity, glancing back at Aaron with a playful shrug and a hint of a challenge in his expression.

Aaron felt his hackles rise; the man now laughing with his husband in the middle of the dancefloor. He could pass as a younger version of himself, he realised, although slightly taller and with broader shoulders, but with the same dark features and scruffy stubble adorning his face.

Aaron’s blood ran cold as he saw the man place a hand on Robert’s arm as they danced together, and he spent all of half a second fighting the urge to reclaim him man, relinquishing his embarrassment in favour of removing this imposter’s hands from his husband.

He pushed through the crowd, ignoring the muted protestations of everyone he passed until he reached Robert, approaching him from behind and catching the eye of his newfound enemy over Robert’s shoulder. He instinctively wrapped a possessive arm round Robert’s waist, drawing him in close as Robert stopped dancing and relaxed back into the familiar warmth of Aaron’s embrace.

Aaron leant up and rested his chin on his husband’s shoulder, finding Robert’s left hand with his own and interlocking their fingers before holding their hands up to meet the imposter’s eyeline, displaying their matching rings proudly.

“Do one,” Aaron growled at his doppelganger, aware of Robert offering the man a resigned and playful shrug before turning himself around in Aaron’s arms to bring them face to face.

His smile stretched from ear to ear as he wrapped his arms around Aaron’s shoulders, linking his hands together behind Aaron’s neck.

“Possessive, are you?” Robert smirked in that smug, self-satisfied manner that he had so well practised, and which he knew Aaron was powerless to resist.

True to form, Aaron couldn’t help but smile back at him.

“Sorry, I’m protective over the things I love,” he smiled as he resisted Robert’s attempts to get him to sway with him on the dancefloor.

“Love me, do you?” Robert smiled.

Aaron leant in to kiss him quickly.

“You know I do, Mr Dingle,” he nodded. “But there’s no way I’m dancing. Come on,” he said as he flicked his head towards the exit, breaking away from Robert’s gentle hold in an effort to leave.

“Wait,” Robert called out after him, grabbing his elbow and drawing him back into his arms, smiling as he pressed his lips against Aaron’s.

His husband responded instantly, letting his hands trail up to hold the back of Robert’s head, fingers brushing along the short hairs as he tilted his head to deepen the kiss, bursting through with such familiar passion as their tongues slid alongside each other in perfect unison.

Robert pulled Aaron close, their bodies pressed up against one another in the middle of the dancefloor, hot and sweaty and cramped but delicious all the same; so well aware of each other’s touch as it fizzed through them, contrasting with the oblivious disregard for the crowds of people dancing nearby, and the thumping loud music pulsating through the air.

Robert pulled back from the kiss, placing his hands either side of Aaron’s face, leaning his forehead against Aaron’s as he attempted to recapture the breath his husband had just stolen from him.

“I love you,” Robert said gently, close enough that Aaron could hear him despite their surroundings. “And I’m all yours, you know.”

“I know,” Aaron replied, smiling back at him unashamedly. “And I’m glad you’re mine.”

Robert pulled him in for another bruising kiss.

“Wanna go back to the hotel and show me just how glad you are?” Robert suggested, full of seduction.

“Fuck, yes,” Aaron replied breathily.

“That’s the idea,” Robert winked back at him, before taking his husband’s hand in his own and heading towards the exit with pace.


aaronmnyrd asked: Inej & Kaz or Inej & Nina

“Inej placed her hands on Nina’s shoulders. “We’ll see each other again.”
“Of course we will. You’ve saved my life. I’ve saved yours.”
“I think you’re ahead on that count.”
“No, I don’t mean in the big ways.” Nina’s eyes took them all in. “I mean the little rescues. Laughing at my jokes. Forgiving me when I was foolish. Never trying to make me feel small. It doesn’t matter if it’s next month, or next year, or ten years from now, those will be the things I remember when I see you again.”

May is Nazz Appreciation Month

Hard to believe Rolf Appreciation Month will be over in ten days, huh? We have been having great discussions about Rolf. Let’s keep them up.

May is to be Nazz Appreciation Month. We need to give this underrated, most underwritten character in the eene fandom a month of appreciation. There is so much fans could have learned about her character, but was never properly developed.

This eene Appreciation months have been amazing! I am so glad you all enjoy them because we get to learn so much about the characters, along with different head canons that we never would have thought of. Nazz is an interesting character to analyze because there is so much about her that is interesting.

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On this day in music history: February 28, 1970 - “Moondance”, the third album by Van Morrison is released. Produced by Van Morrison and Lewis Merenstein, it is recorded at A&R Studios in New York City from August - November 1969. Following the highly acclaimed (but only modestly selling) “Astral Weeks”, the Northern Irish singer and songwriter returns with what becomes one of his best and most beloved works. Moving to upstate New York, he’ll spend nearly ten months writing the material that make his next full length release. The albums blend of R&B, Jazz, Folk, Country and Rock firmly establishes Morrison as one of the premier singer/songwriters of his generation. Several songs including “Crazy Love”, “Into The Mystic”, “Caravan”, and the title track become album rock radio staples over the years. The album is remastered and reissued as a 180 gram vinyl LP in 2008 by Rhino Records. In 2013, the label remasters and reissues this classic title on CD in an expanded five disc edition (4 CD’s + Blu-Ray disc). The first CD features the original ten song album, with the second, third and fourth CD’s featuring outtakes and alternate mixes from the sessions. The Blu-ray disc features newly remixed high resolution stereo and 5.1 surround mixes of the original album, from the original multi-track masters. “Moondance” peaks at number twenty nine on the Billboard Top 200, is certified 3x Platinum in the US by the RIAA, and is inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame in 1999.

Positive - Jackson (Got7)

You ran quickly to the washroom and threw yourself on the floor by the toilet as you vomited into it. When you were done you groaned and washed out your mouth. That was the third time this morning you had to run to the toilet. That was actually the ninth time for the past four days. You sighed and went back to the bedroom sitting on the bed in front of your laptop where you had been skyping with your best friend, Yuki. She was giving you an annoying look that you did not like.

“What?” you asked as you wiped some sweat from your brow. 

“Did you take a test?” she asked cocking her brow at you.

You frowned at her, “Why would I? It’s probably just a stomach bug or something.  Maybe I ate something that my body didn’t agree with. I told you Jackson and  I tried out a new restaurant recently, maybe I got food poisoning.”  You said trying to convince yourself more than you were trying to convince her. 

She rolled her eyes at your response. “You need to take a test Y/N. You and I both know that.” she said matter of factly.

“I don’t have to Yuki, Jackson and I have been safe it’s ok.” you said.

She pursed her lips in response. “Oh really? So what about that time you were telling me about when he forgot to pull out and you forgot to take your birth control? That doesn’t seem like safe to me.” 

You sighed knowing that she was right but not wanting to admit it. You were too scared to actually consider that you might be pregnant. You were lost in your thoughts when Yuki spoke up again bringing you back to reality, “Take it just in case, you need to know.” she said softly. “Everything will be alright.” she added looking at you in a reassuring way.

You bit your lip nervously and then nodded. “Do you want me to buy one and come over?” she asked sensing how nervous you were.

“No I have some here, we always have in the house in case. I’ll message you later, I’m going to to take it now.” you said. She nodded and said goodbye making you promise to message her if anything happens. After the call was over you got up and went to the bathroom. In the little cabinet you took out two pregnancy tests. You gulped just looking at them for a long while.

You finally snapped out of it and went to the toilet, taking off your underwear and peeing on the tests before resting them on the sink and putting back on your panties. 

You sat on the toilet just staring at your hands, not thinking about anything just staring. You were so worried you didn’t know what to do. What would you do if it was positive? What could you do really. 

Finally three minutes passed. You got up and took up both tests staring at it with your mouth opened in shock when you saw that the two of them were positive. Your knees got shaky immediately and you had to sit back down on the toilet. You were scared, you were beyond scared. What were you going to do? You loved Jackson and if he had a normal career you would have actually been happy. However, because of his busy schedules and the fact that Got7 was in their prime currently you were afraid.

Of course you wanted kids but now wasn’t the right time for Jackson and you knew that this would hinder his career a little. You were scared to tell him. You didn’t know how to tell him. You didn’t want to make him sad or upset him but there were no ifs about it you had to tell him and as soon as possible too.

You checked the time and saw that he should be home in about an hour. You went to the living room and sat on the couch turning on the television to distract yourself from the sinking feeling that you felt inside. You found an old movie that you liked and curled up on the couch in your blanket as you watched it, eventually forgetting your stress for a little bit.

After a good while passed, the door was opening and Jackson entered the house, spotting you on the couch curled up in the blanket. He smiled to himself because you looked so cute. You hadn’t noticed him since you were so into the movie at the moment.

He took of his jacket and shoes before he began walking to you. You finally noticed him. A huge smile spread onto your face but then you remember what you had to tell him and your smile faltered. “Hi baby I missed you.” he said as he sat beside you on the couch and pulled you in for a hug kissing your cheek softly.

“I missed you too.” you whispered back.

He pulled away after a while and smiled at you. “So guess what I got today babe.” he said.

“What?” you asked not really taking him on as much since you were just thinking of a way to tell him.

“The tour schedule. It’s starting next month and is going to last for about ten months. Isn’t that exciting? Of course we will plan out when you’re going to come see me and all, you know you’re going to come see me very often.” he rambled smiling excitedly as you just looked at him.

You bit your lip hard trying to stop the tears that were aching to fall. This news was horrible. He was going on tour, for ten months and you were pregnant. You felt so scared and alone at that moment.

Jackson kept on rambling unknown to the fact that you were breaking down right beside him. He however noticed that you were unusually quiet. “Y/n” he said but you didn’t respond. He frowned, “Y/N aren’t you happy for me?” he asked, his tone putting you off right away.

You turned towards him letting the tears fall from your eyes now, “Yes I am so fucking happy!” you screamed at him shocking him  as you stood up and stormed to your room throwing yourself on your bed and crying.

Not a minute passed and he was in the bedroom as well sitting close to you and laying his hand in your hair gently. “Babe what’s wrong?” he asked soothingly as he began to stroke your hair. “I just thought you would have been happy that the tour schedule was out already so we could plan when you can come see me, I’m sorry if I made you upset.” he whispered sorrowfully.

You sniffled and looked up at him. His face grew even sadder when he saw your reddened eyes with tears running down your cheeks. He hated seeing you like this more than anything else in the world. He almost felt like crying as well.”I’m sorry.” he said quickly his heart breaking at how sad you looked.

You wiped your nose on your sleeves and sat up, facing him completely. “It’s not..not your fault.” you stammered, your tears still falling freely from your eyes. He reached up and wiped them away softly with his thumb. “It’s just that I’m I’m.” you mumbled unable to bring yourself to say it.

“You’re what?” he asked afraid that you were going to say that you were fed up of him or something along those lines.

“I’m…I’m.” you tried to tell him again and once again you couldn’t bring yourself to say it. 

“Babe tell me please.” he begged softly. You realized that you couldn’t bring yourself to say it so you would have to show him. You got up off of the bed and ran to the bathroom picking up the tests from the sink and walking back to him. “What’s that?” he asked squinting to see what you were bringing to him.

When you stood right in front of him you pushed it into his hands. He looked at the tests with a frown at first, obviously confused. Finally it dawned on him that they were pregnancy tests and they were both positive. He looked up at you slowly with his mouth opened in shock. “Is this for real?” he asked. 

Your bottom lip quivered as you nodded slightly. Your tears had stopped falling now but they threatened to fall again as he looked at you. Surprisingly a huge smile spread on his face and he jumped up to his feet pulling you into a hug. “I’m going to be a daddy!” he stated excitedly as he squeezed you lovingly in his arms. 

He pulled away a little after a while and looked at you. “You’re…you’re happy?” you asked so confused by his response.

“Oh course I am! We’re going to have a baby!” he squealed. You could see that he was very happy. Suddenly his smile dropped. “Wait? You’re not happy.” he stated clearly confused by your reaction.

“I just thought that you wouldn’t be happy.” you whispered softly. 

He frowned, “Is that why you were crying?” he asked and you nodded.”Babe, why wouldn’t I be happy?”

“Because, your tour is about to start and you wouldn’t be here for most of the pregnancy and the birth of your child plus it is the peak of your career and this could ruin it.” you responded looking up at him.

He shook his head and pulled you in closer to him by your waist. “I will ensure that I am here when my child is born and I will do all I can for you during your pregnancy. This won’t ruin my career this would just make my life a lot happier.” he said with a smile. 

You smiled slightly as he leaned down and pecked your lips lovingly. “I love you.” you whispered against his lips.

“I love you too.” he smiled as he placed the palm of his hand on your stomach. “Oh god I can’t wait for her to come into this world.” he said smiling.

“Her? How do you know it’s a her?” you asked.

“Because it has to be a her, I want a little princess to spoil.” he said. You giggled and pecked his lips softly. 

“In some months I am going to have two kids to take care off not just one anymore.” you said winking at him and making him pout. 

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This is College! // Ch. 1

Hey guys! Jumping onto this College!AU because I am always a complete sucker for them :~) This will be a multi-fic because I have so many college head canons and I think I already have a story line panned out :o) inspired by @mirsan‘s AU


Eighteen… Nineteen… Twenty…

Kagome walked through the halls of her new dorm as she searched for her home for the next ten months. Kagome took off a year of school to work at her family shrine; not quite ready to move away from home and also to save up to help pay her school fees, so she wouldn’t be completely drowning in loans. She was still unsure about sharing a room with a stranger. What if they were a complete slob? Or messy? Noisy?! The thought made her scrunch her nose.

Her phone buzzed in her pocket and on her lock screen showed that one of four girls on her homescreen wallpaper texted her.


The message ended in a bunch of heart emojis and gal pal related ones. Kagome sighed deeply as she replied. Her three best friends all went away to a different college. Together. Out of their province while Kagome was stuck at the University of Tokyo. She knew that staying local would be cheaper and that she can work at her family shrine some weekends to earn some extra cash for herself. Still being away from her friends and being with a new group people she didn’t, or barely, knew left an unsettling taste in her mouth.

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I NEVER post pictures anymore, and this is a dark pic (on purpose) but because this is BPD AWARENESS MONTH, I decided ok I’ll post too.

Anyway, I have not taken any selfies in ages because after my diagnoses I gained a ton of weight and my self esteem became nonexistent. I avoid the mirrors as much as possible.

Anyway, today I did not go to school and in a fit of rage I destroyed something valuable and I hurt my mom. I hurt her by letting her see how much I hurt and fail at being a good daughter. She’s very loving, but I just don’t feel good enough for her.

In spite of all that went down this morning, I managed to teach myself some Geometry, I took a selfie and publicly posted it. Its been a year since the last time, and hopefully I’ll be going back in treatment next month.

Its ok if you took two steps or ten steps back. To deal with what we have… it’s a daily process.

So if you’re still here and you’re not okay, I love you. I care. I mean it.

This is for every one of us bpd peeps. ♡ - Laney

It wasn’t until a week later when Shirayuki finally managed to convince Obi that they should make the long drive into Albuquerque for sushi (immediately followed by barbecue at his request). Except somewhere around noon she received an apologetic text that he was caught up with an emergency repair for a client that was willing to pay him double-time, and he would be stuck at the shop until midnight more than likely. Her face fell and she looked up from her phone to her field notes and back again, chewing on her lower lip.

[more under the cut]

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i just showered yesterday and now i have to shower today because there’s snot in my hair and tears in my crevices and now my hair is going to be all straw-like for washing it too often and my skin is gonna be dried out and itchy because of this neighborhoods shitty fucking water quality so thanks!!!! thanks miss shitty therapist!!!!! that 40 minute conversation that you promised would only last ten has ruined my hair and skin for the next month! you fucking demon! never call me again i hate you!

Will you share your life with me...? Part 4

Will you share your life with me for the next ten lifetimes?

The next months felt like heaven to Sanji, even more if he compared them to his journey in hell when the crew fell apart for the first time. Sure, he missed his crewmates (and if you asked him about Zoro, he might even change his normal expression), but he couldn’t imagine other person to live this improvised retirement with. He would wake up every day and make breakfast while he heard Nami humming happily in the morning as she watered her beloved tangerine trees. Then they both would have breakfast and talk about the smallest things, still in their pijamas. Sometimes Nojiko would appear out of nowhere and scare them both, and when that happened, Nami used to grab her sister by the shoulder and take her with her. Sometimes he heard them yell at each other, sometimes all he could hear was laughter. He didn’t understand their weird relationship, but Nami always came out fully-dressed and with a brilliant smile, looking as beautiful as always.

But sometimes, he preferred her when she was just wearing a messy bun and a large t-shirt, just like every morning. It was a strange feeling, but it felt like she was wearing something more intimate than any bikini she ever wore. Still, he couldn’t complain about those either. It was like every piece of fabric was made to be worn by her, or at least to him it was.

Some days they would go for a walk, and visit Belle-mère’s grave. Nami would tell their adventures to the wind, and he held Nami tighter when tears started to fall on her face. And although it was hard to see her breaking down, he really appreciated those moments where she let her barriers down, and she let him in. Moments like that brought them closer.

They would often visit the Baratie, and Zeff and the rest of the shitty cooks in there would always joke about giving them the table with the most romantic view. To the happy couple, they used to say. At first, Nami was the first one to deny every sign of relationship they could have (and not just to Zeff, but also to her sister, Genzo and practically everyone), but as time passed by, Nami would smile and sometimes even joke about it. He didn’t know what to think about that, either. Was she starting to have feelings for him, or was it the contrary? Could he hold his hope or should he give up already? But a man doesn’t give up, not without having tried at least a hundred times. And he preferred not to count how many times he had failed, so for him, every chance was the first one. And every time she didn’t say “no” was a little spark of hope.

By the end of the fifth month, he started to feel like luck was finally on his side. Or at least, romance was. And what else could he need? Well, if he started to think about it, he would need Genzo’s approval, but he was starting to think that he may tolerate him a bit more than at the beginning. Sure, he liked to remind him of how no man alive could deserve Nami, but he said it softly, and gave him a pat on the shoulder. And he was sure that meant something. There are moments when just a look is enough to know what the other is trying to say, and Sanji knew that this was just the same. However, he never dared to ask what exactly did Genzo mean with that: was it an encouraging gesture? Or a “good luck: you’ll need it” one? Anyway, he wasn’t going to give up. He knew that even if he would want to (which, to be clear, he didn’t), he couldn’t. He was too tangled in her orange locks, too lost in her brown orbs.

And he had Nojiko on his side, of that he was pretty sure. And as the good strategist he was, he knew that a strong ally could mean everything. In war and in love, the battlefield is a cold place, and when things are going down, it’s better to have someone cheering you up than sinking just by yourself.

One day, while he was doing laundry, he overheard one of the secret conversations between the sisters. He didn’t mean to stop and listen, but his curiosity won that battle.

“… C’mon, haven’t you seen how he looks at you?” Nojiko said, but he heard no answer from the redhead. “Yes, that’s exactly the face I’m talking about. And you know those puppy eyes don’t work on me, so you could save them and answer me.”

Sanji heard Nami pant before saying anything “Okay, I may have noticed something. But it’s nothing new, his tongue just hangs out whenever he sees a skirt, I swear.”

Wait, were they talking about him? Did she really think of him that way? And how could Nojiko not fall for Nami’s puppy eyes? Sanji had so many questions.

“Well I haven’t seen him flirting with anyone but you since he came here. And you said it yourself before, he doesn’t even flinch when a hot girl crosses the door of the Baratie. Doesn’t that mean something?”

“I only said it was weird, since he used to that and now he doesn’t!” Nami refuted, and he was sure she was holding her anger.

“Then you’re admitting I’m right, sister” Nojiko laughed, and Sanji could almost hear Nami’s body relaxing “You’re just avoiding the obvious because you are too afraid of getting hurt that you prefer to keep thinking he’s some sort of womanizer.”

“He’s not!” Nami yelled, much to Sanji’s relief. “He’s a gentleman.”

“Then where the hell is the problem? The way I see it, you two have nothing to lose. He clearly likes you, and if you allow me to say it, I think he loves you. And just by looking at your red face right now, I can tell you feel the same.” Nojiko stated.

Sanji waited for Nami’s response. He knew he should leave, but he couldn’t, not without hearing her answer.

“Fine, you win.” Nami admitted, and Sanji swore his heart skipped a beat. “I may have developed feelings for that stupid cook. So what? It’s not like anything is going to change!”

“And why not?” Nojiko asked the same thing Sanji was questioning “It’s a simple equation: him plus you equals a relationship! And me getting a beautiful bridesmaid dress at your wedding, and don’t get me started with kids, because I’m gonna be the best auntie ever!”

Wedding? Kids? Sanji couldn’t process all that information quickly enough, and when he heard the slightliest movement on the room, he ran like hell, with the bad luck of bumping into Genzo.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? You almost kill me!” he complained, too loud for Sanji’s own good “What were you doing? Were you spying on Nami? Or worse… were you sneaking out of her room?!”

“No, sir, I’m sorry but I…” Sanji started to apologize, even though it wouldn’t matter, because Genzo only believed what he wanted to believe.

“This is how you pay me for everything I did for you? I let you in my village, I let you in this house, and you can’t show a minimum of decency?!”

“Actually, I was just running to make you three a snack, if that’s okay” Sanji lied, trying to sound convincing. The last thing he needed right now was Genzo doing another one of his solo shows.

“Oh, okay. That’s… That’s really thoughtful of you, young man.” Genzo said, and let him go.

Just as Sanji was walking out on his way to the kitchen (because he now had to prepare three snacks before Genzo suspected a thing), Genzo called his name. He turned back, just to see him smiling.

“Good luck with that, by the way.” He said with a wink, before disappearing.

“What the hell does that mean?” Sanji thought. Was he talking about him and Nami? No, he couldn’t… But what if he had? He didn’t need luck, though. He needed a plan. His eyes were the very image of hope, and he couldn’t believe his luck: Nami, his Nami, his redhead goddess, liked him. And not like she liked Luffy, or Usopp, or the marimo. She like liked him. But there was no time to lose, he needed to act before it was too late. He took his Den-den mushi and called the Baratie.

“Welcome to the Baratie. What can I offer you?” a monotone voice said.

“Shitty old man, you better save me the best table for two you have!” Sanji said happily.

“That lady finally settled for you? I pity her” the voice responded, with a laugh. If Sanji didn’t know Zeff like he did, he may have thought he was insulting him, but he knew that deep down he was smiling. He knew that he was proud.

“I will need you to prepare the most romantic ambiance you can. Don’t skim on it! After all, it’s not every day when your little eggplant gets to declare to the love of his life.”

“Actually, it is! You have been swooning over her the moment she walked in the first place. But don’t worry, we’ve got it all covered here, son. Now, what should we put on the menu?”

“Nami-san’s favorite dishes, of course. I lend you a list the last time, you should have it on the kitchen. Also, I need a fruit salad to be the final dish. It’s a tradition.”

When Sanji told her he had booked up a reservation in the Baratie, and that everything was set up for dinner, Nami felt confused. She didn’t remember having agreed on going to dinner that soon again. However, she didn’t complain. The Baratie meant free exquisite food and a big smile on Sanji’s face, and even if she wouldn’t admit it, she couldn’t say no to that happiness he radiated when he walked in that restaurant. She guessed it would happen the same with her and Cocoyashi, right? And they were here a whole lot more than in there, so it wasn’t fair.

Nami’s concern grew stronger the closer they got to the floating restaurant. They took a little ship, as always, but when Nami grabbed the helm, Sanji didn’t even mutter something about doing it himself, like he usually did. He seemed off. Was something wrong? She couldn’t help but worry, although his expression wasn’t tense at  all. Maybe he had something important to discuss with Zeff? Whatever it was, she didn’t feel like interfering. After all, he never did it when she was talking with her sister, and she appreciated that. That allowed them to have conversations like the last one… Her face turned red while thinking about it. How embarrassing would it have been? She almost admitted she liked him! Nami tugged her dress. Her sister convinced her to wear it just in case it was a date, and she ended up doing what she said. Of course it wasn’t a date, but if it was, she admitted she wouldn’t have said no. And that was enough for her sister to swing around the house like crazy, apparently.

Finally, they arrived to the Baratie. Sanji took her hand and drove her headfirst. He had been practicing his speech in his head during the run, but he couldn’t remember a single word now. He breathed heavily, trying not to panic.

“You can do this” he whispered to himself.

“Do what?” Nami asked him. He always forgot her sensitive hearing, didn’t he? Luckily, Zeff welcomed her and lead her to their table. Sanji had to admit the work was impeccable, and Nami’s smile was so wide he almost felt his heart melting. God, that woman could really bring him down without even muttering a single word.

“What is this?” Nami asked Zeff, her eyes examining every slight change of the restaurant. “It’s not Valentine’s Day, is it?”

She pointed at the table, filled with rose petals.

“Just sit down, miss” Zeff responded with a smile “Your meal will be served in a minute.”

Zeff gave a little tap in the shoulder to Sanji as he headed to the kitchen.  That was it. It was time.

“Sanji-kun…” Nami called his name, before he could say a word “What is going on? Is this because of Usopp?”

Usopp? Why would it be about Usopp? His face had to look like a puzzle, because Nami laughed and explained herself.

“It turns out our friend Usopp got engaged with her childhood crush just a few hours ago. I thought he told you.”

Usopp, engaged? Sanji couldn’t believe. Him, out of all people, the first one to get married! And there was him, who still couldn’t confess his feelings properly to the woman she loved, even though she was standing right next to him.

“No” he managed to say “I didn’t know about Usopp, and this is definitively not about him. This is all because of you. Listen, I… I don’t even know how to start to tell you how much you mean for me. You’re gorgeous, you’re witty, you’re everything I try to tell you when you roll your eyes; but you tend to ignore me, and don’t get me wrong, because I know I can be a little annoying, but that’s just my way to be perseverant. Because I do know one thing: You don’t give up on the things you love. And I’ve never loved anyone as much I love you.”

Nami opened her mouth to speak, but Sanji kept going.

“And I guess I never thought I actually had a chance with you, so I stuck with our friendship. I thought that would be enough, because it was the only thing I aspired to. But then… And please don’t get to angry at me right now because I know Zeff is probably looking at us and I don’t want him to see it, but I kind of heard a piece of conversation you had with your sister, so I’m sorry for that. But I can’t apologize for what I heard, because it made me feel like the luckiest man alive. I guess what I’m trying to say is… Will you share your life with me for the next ten lifetimes?”

After his speech, Nami was a complete mess. She felt angry because she spied on them, she was also embarrassed for what he heard, but she was… Happy. Like, extremely happy. And relieved. Since he asked her out, now she didn’t have to do it herself.

“I think I can handle that” Nami responded, grabbing him by the tie and pushing him closer to her. She was so close she could feel his heart beating really fast, his heavy breathing right next to hers. She saw excitement in his eyes, and she stepped even closer. So close their lips were almost touching. But she decided that wasn’t close enough, so she kissed him. It was slow but passionate for her, and simply perfect for him.

“So how much is it to share our lifes for not one, but ten lifetimes?” she asked when they distanced.

“Just as much as you want it to be” he said, stepping closer once again.

Ohmygod I can’t believe this series is finally over. Part 4 was longer than I expected, but I hope I didn’t dissapoint you. I’m gonna miss these two like crazy, so I’ll probably start another fic right away.

Thank you for the lovely comments throughout this project, and of course, for reading it! ♥