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Hello I'm new here and I love you blog. 😘 can you advise me on some robron lovers to follow. Thanks x. 😃

Hello :) Thank you!

omg there are SO many people… i hate this because i’ll miss like a million people but here are some..

@lizzzzoo @aarondingel @longlivethefreakinme @dingledsugden @bubblebuttsugden @bartsugsy @robertsdingle @robronspoilers @wellyfullofale @bettaklainerobron @imsugdone @beasardo @bonniesrg @itisalljustsopeachy @thesugdenz @robsugdens @robertsaaron @robronlover @aaronandrobert @robertsugdenlover @dingleminyard @dinglebrose @dinglepotter @alexx-dgm @smugdendingles @smugdensugden @smugsuggers @robertjacobsuggers @mrshiftysugden @littlelooneyluna @bitinglip4robert @sugdens-robert @deflying @dannymiller-irish-fan @ryanhawleysthighs @memorieswarm @twatcitytrick @luststricken @mylove4robron @gurowalsen @ticklishaaron @justrobron @bluestar1828 @soapfanatic @impalagurl67 @unmachined @lastgoldsun @ryanhawlley @robronsnugglebean @aaronandrobertalltheway @sugdensquad @suggersdingle @@iamarobronniffler   @justleavemebreathless  @evak-malec @thisissirius @thisdamndesire @mrdinglesugden

There are so many more! hope this helps :)


Hey! I’m new to this whole tumblr thing but what Stark is doing seems cool, so i’ll try to figure it out too. Not expecting much of an outcome on here, but I’m excited to meet some new people and hopefully make some friends!!!! If you wanna ask any questions about me or Mr. Stark, (He’s got a blog too! @sarcastictonystark​ ) Just drop a question in my ask box and i’ll get back to you soon, if i’m not busy with homework or saving the world!!!


TalesFromTheFrontDesk: I hate new people...

So, we have a few new hires here at the front desk.

Tonight, one of them moved 3 guests into different rooms, but didnt update their information, hard copy or digitally. I found this when I assigned a guest to a room, and he came back down saying the door was locked.

No problem, reassign him to another room off the list of clean rooms, make him new keys, (yes, i updated his info again)

Same thing, locked door, nobody should be in that room. What the fuck is going on here.

I had run our prearrival cards while he was doing this, so I knew there were 2 people on the arrivals list with declined cards, so I unnassigned one of their rooms, and went up with him to double check there wasnt anybody in it.

There wasnt, and he was happy. I knocked a little bit off his rate for his trouble.

This was all before 11pm (i work Audit)

Cut to 1am, and a guy walks in the building asking for a room. No problem, we have 2 left at XYZ rate. Check him into one of these, no problem, right?

Nope. Someone was in this one as well! Except they hadnt locked their door! So i accidently sent somebody into a room where someone else was sleeping, but the room had been marked as “ready"in my system!

And the scary part is that there could be more reservations like that in our system…

Luckily everybody involved was reasonably sane, nobody went crazy and and found rooms for them,

By: TheMellowestyellow

LGBT content guide (TV shows , Movies , Music , Books, Youtube , celebrities)

Hey guys , I realised that a lot of people on here(including me) are always looking for new shows, moviee , music or youtuve channels with lgbt content to watch (as they can relate more to such content) so i decided to make a list of all those which I know.

Ps. This list is of what all I know and can remember. Pls reblog and add whatever i missed!

TV shows with WLW/bisexual female characters
1. Supergirl
2. Humans
3. Pretty little liars
4. Famous in Love
5. Sense 8
6. Orphan Black
7. Orange is the new black
8. Carmilla (web series)
9. Game of Thrones
10. Veep
11. How to get away with murder
12. Empire
13. Arrow
14. DC legends of tomorrow
15. Black Sails
16. Jane The Virgin
17. Faking It
18. Wynnona Earp
19. Lost Girl
20. Doctor Who s10
21. Glee

22. Person of interest 23. Greys anatomy 24. The fosters

Tv shows witg MLM/bisexual Male tv characters
1. Shadowhunters
2. Riverdale
3. Orphan Black
4. How To Get Away With Murder
5. Empire
6. Game Of Thrones
7. Brookly 99 8. Sense8 9. Glee

Trans characters 1. Transparent 2. Sense8

Youtube channels with LGBT content-
1.RoseEllenDix (Rose)
2.Roxetrawr (Rosie)
3.Tyler Oakley
4. ShaneDawsonTV
5. JoeyGraceffa
6. CammieScott
7. Nowthisisliving (Shannon)
8. Stevie Boebi
9. Ally Hills
10. Alexis G Zall
11. Melanie Murphy
12. Troye Sivan
13. Hannah Hart
14. Ingrid Nilsen
15. Miles Chronicles
16. ElloSteph
17. AmyOrdman

Musicians who generally make LGBT music
1. Troye Sivan
2. Hayley kiyoko
3. Mary Lambert
4. Tegan and Sara

Movies with LGBT content-
1. Carol(2015)
2. But i am a cheerleader
3. I cant think straight
5. Loving Annabelle
6. Bound

1. Annie on my mind by Nancy Garden
2. The price of salt (carol) by Patricia Highsmith
3. Ash by Malindo Lo
4. Tipping the Velvet by Sarah Waters
5. Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
6. Madam President by Blayne Cooper
7. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare 8. Ask the passeners by A S King

Out and proud celebs - 1.Lauren Jauregui (singer) 2.Kristen Stewart (actress) 3.Ricky Martin (singer) 4.Halsey (singer) 5.Miley Cyrus ( singer and actress) 6.demi lovato (singer and actress) 7. Cara delevingne (voctoria’s secret angel and actress) 8. Stella maxwell(victoria’s secret angel) 9. Angelina Jolie (actress) 10. Sir Elton John(singer) 11. Lady gaga (singer) 12. Sarah Paulson (actress) 13. Kate McKinnon (comedian actress) 14. Ellen DeGeneres(tv show host , comedian) 15. Portia DeRossi (actress)

These were all I was aware of and could think of. Pls reblog and add those you know


Irene Koh confirmed that Korra and Asami kiss twice in Turf Wars and she got to design a new Korean character!

Edit: people have been confused with dates so here they are: North and South Part Three: April 26th ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Turf Wars Part One: June 7th (comic shops) and June 20th (amazon, etc) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Korra coloring book: July 12th

Hey Just wanted to give a heads up that my store is open for about two weeks before i have to travel again! Check out the new stuff here!

I know some people have been waiting weeks to order, so please order in the next two weeks before i have to shut down again for more cons / attending to family issues! 

If you’re waiting for the beegachow pouch, that will be soon. Early next week!

Congrats @therealjacksepticeye for 15 MILLION! (geez dude you rulz ok)

And for the new million of wonderful people who just got here..prepare for the unending terror of screaming and soda

also please don’t mind that edgy kid over there


Enhanced 1x07 Deleted Scene—Tell Me About Your Family

I wish they wouldn’t have deleted this scene. This shows a lot of Jamie’s personality.

NDRV3 Valentines Advice

Find yourself a Kaede, who will cheer on you for every little thing you do and hums with you all the songs you love at midnight.

Find yourself a Shuuichi, who will blush at compliments and will be there for you, on the loneliest nights, whenever you feel down.

Find yourself a Kaito, who will boast about how much you mean to them to everyone and will always tell you to follow your dreams.

Find yourself a Maki, who expresses their love in meaningful moments, and keeps doing it even if they go unnoticed.

Find yourself a Tenko, who will fight anyone who belittles you and will show you how to stand up for the things you love.

Find yourself an Ouma, who teases you a lot but actually cares so much of your well-being.

Find yourself an Angie, who will be the brightest light in your life and will teach you how to paint everyday in vivid colours.

Find yourself a Shirogane, whom you’ll watch shows together and will love your atypical quirkiness.

Find yourself a Gonta, who will treat you like royalty and will forever take care of you as a gentleman.

Find yourself an Iruma, who will put you as the most beautiful thing that has ever been created (after them, obviously :P)

Find yourself a Ryouma, who will always be watching over you, protecting you from any harm.

Find yourself a Toujou, who will serve you and will take on making you happy as their duty.

Find yourself a Himiko, who will sleep next to you and will teach you magic tricks when you are sad.

Find yourself a Shinguuji, who will tell you that you are living proof of humanity’s beauty and will recite you bedtime stories.

Find yourself a Kiibo, whom you will try to find the human part living inside you with, but will remain hopeful until the day both of you find it.

Find yourself. Find love. It can be romantic, it can be platonic. It will appear in the little things people do. 

It’s in the goodbye kiss your mother gives you before you leave.
It’s in the cake your friend bought you that one day.
It’s in the hug your brother asked for yesterday.

Realize that Valentines is supposed to be about every type of love out there, and that these little traits are everywhere.
Love yourself first, then go and find your match.

Good luck, and don’t despair. Remember: the truth will always hold some kind of hope.


I will not be that person.

Eleanor Guthrie Memorial Week | day two: favorite quote

nobody deserves the cruiserweights

they’re too good for the wwe. wwe fans don’t fucking deserve such amazing talent because they refuse to accept it. they won’t even give new faces a chance.

without even TRYING to watch the match, they did everything they could to ruin it.

13RW Preferences; How You Meet Them:

Authors Note: Hey guys! Just to let you know, the boys’ dialogue is written in italics, I’m sorry for any confusion and I hope you enjoy :) 

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Justin Foley:

To you Justin Foley was the new boy next door. He was cheeky and incredibly flirtatious with you, even when he caught your eye at school he still managed to make you smile. Your parents initially had their personal reservations about Justin because of his troublesome background but they soon came around to loving him, as did you. Justin would always catch you on your way to school so you two could walk in together “Morning, beautiful” “Sup, Foley” 

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Alex Standall:

Being a new transfer student to Liberty High, you were surprised to have received an invite to the upcoming weekend house party. Despite parties not being your favourite social setting you figured it would be the best way to meet new people and make friends. Here, you met Alex. The boy with the impeccable fashion taste and sarcastic tongue. “Hey, it’s Y/N right?” “Yeah, Alex? I think you’re in my music class?” “ That’s me, it’s nice to see someone with some social depth at one of these things” “Thanks, I’m guessing you’re having copious amounts of fun then?” “It’s a party, so I’m pretending to have fun. (see gif) Now that you’re here though I might not have to pretend” 

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Clay Jenson:

Over the summer your parents had practically forced you to take a job at the towns local theatre, in an attempt to help grow your independence as well as simply getting you out of the house; a decision you honestly didn’t feel too fondly about. The only positive to your first day at work was meeting Clay. Clay Jenson. He was adorably awkward and sweet, making you physically unable to stop smiling whenever you were around him. Somehow this one guy made the rest of your working summer seem exciting. “Hey Clay, maybe I was wrong. Maybe this summer won’t suck that much after all.” “It won’t, well… not if I can help it, Y/N.”

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Jeff Atkins:

Your best friend Clay Jenson had lost yet another bet with his older friend, Jeff Atkins. Thus resulting in the both of you attending a generic and seemingly underwhelming high school party. Personally, you had never had the pleasure of meeting Jeff until that unexpectedly amazing night. Clay had always admired the guy, which made Jeff’s perfect first impression to you even more genuine. The two of you instantly hit it off. “I’m sorry Jenson but where on earth have you been hiding Y/N? She’s crazy beautiful.”  

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Zach Dempsey:

Despite seeing Zach around the corridors of Liberty High and catching his more than impressive performance in the odd couple of basketball games, the two of you had never really been given the opportunity to speak. That was until Mrs Bradley decided to pair you two up for a class project. Zach was a lot sweeter than you had imagined and the two of you ended up getting along really well. “Not going to lie, Y/N, I’m kinda sad this little project is over.” “Really?” “Yeah, now I need to find another good excuse to hang out with you everyday.” 

Drawing him makes me happy.

(Kiitos kaikille mahtavasta conista! Ponnukakku kiittää ja kumartaa)

the peasant railgun d&d thing is funny but in the end its just a consequence of using a model for a situation for which it was absolutely not designed.

d&d is a system designed to model a small group of heroic adventurers fighting fantastic models, it has basically no provision for the effects of bucket-chains on momentum because it’s not an early firefighting simulator (although honestly given the weird mishmash of legacy systems from its wargame origins i wouldnt be surprised to see a lot more shit to do with large groups of people).

anyway heres my new roleplaying game its a much more comprehensive model than d&d. heres the core rulebook:

heres the monster manual:

and the dungeon master’s guide