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Hey sorry for not been posting art stuff… i have been a little emotionaly drained and my sickness is back it has been a little hard sorry for that 😔

Also some people haven been texting me on instagram that i should be back, they like my things and becuase my last update in there was on Febrary 5 … yeah like 10 month ago 😓 and i stop posting my things in social media because of a lot of bad things happen to me… (peoplebadtalkingaboutmesoiamkindofunabletogetajob, pornoofmyocsandmyselfwithoutmyconsent,personalifeproblems,etc)

So all those negative things have made me wanted to go away until the las few months that i start posting dragon ball stuff here because there is no in real life people that knows about my blog so it is like a safe place here haha and getting to know all this new people and making new friend has given me like this tiny light of hope about ny things and support it really means a lot.

Thank you so much for everything i suck at words but really it means a lot all the support i have got so far, i cant thank you enough really you are all amazing! 🙌💕

I am still unsure if i should be back to instagram but since i havent been able to find a job maybe thats a way to start branding from 0 ans post personal drawing… idk if someone has an opinion i am always open to hear them!

Thank you!

WIP Wednesday

Haven’t done one of these in a couple weeks, and I know we have some new people (Hi!), so here’s an update you probably don’t need:

New chapter of Lightning today! And yes: I know everyone wants them to kiss. So do I. Check back in on Saturday. Also, not directly fic related, but @noctuaalba did yet another impossibly amazing piece of art for those two and I am just in LOVE.

I wrote three new pieces for Satinalia, all set in the Songs Forgotten and Remembered universe, post-epilogue. @slothquisitor may or may not be involved with her own related project. *insert shifty eyes* Anyways, those will go up sometime next month; I haven’t decided on an exact publishing schedule yet. Need to consult with Sloth.

I am mostly done with @missragdoll84‘s Christmas fic. This is one of only two times a year I will be writing Cullen, so if that’s what you’re here for mark your calendars. XD Per her request, I am writing it into my ‘canon’ verse (and I use that term very loosely), and it will feature Cullen and Belle Trevelyan.

And I have made absolutely no progress on my poor canon fic since the last time I updated. I’m hoping that, since I have a lovely stretch of five and a half days off, I will at least get section four finished and section five started, but I may be overly optimistic.

As always, I will gladly answer any questions you have about the current WIPs, OCs, or OTPs, so send them my way! Especially since today is going to be impossibly slow at work. XD




We did a small gift exchange on on discord to cheer each other up and I got @chocoluckchipz ! <3


(I guess it’s a win win situation ‘3′)




Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Karasuno, Revival!

“Kenma’s the Nekoma setter!”

Please do not repost gifs


The witchcraft 1-31 days of October ending with Samhain.

(This is at the end if day one, but it’s quick so it can work)

  1. Tarot spread about this month
  2. Create a crystal grid
  3. Invocation
  4. New beginnings spell
  5. Full moon tarot spread!
  6. Spell for happiness
  7. Ground yourself
  8. Charm a peice of jewelry (or an item if you don’t wear any)
  9. Invoctation
  10. Tarot spread for change
  11. Create a mandala
  12. Crystal grid for money
  13. Spell for prosperity
  14. Ground yourself
  15. Invocation
  16. Self-reflection tarot spread about how far you’ve come
  17. Charm for searching
  18. Blank day! Decide for yourself
  19. New moon spell for self love!
  20. Spell for luck
  21. Ground yourself
  22. Invocation
  23. Tarot spread for what you want (or anything else)
  24. Charm for locating
  25. Time to recontect with your crystals
  26. Cleanse things
  27. Spell for protection
  28. Ground yourself
  29. Invocation
  30. Charm for luck
  31. Samhain spell, spread, and celebration

Like I said it’s a little late for this, but I decided I was going to try to do one thing every day like Inktober. This is something a little late (oops), but better late than never.

((Any of this is up for change, but I wanted to give a jumping off point))

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More faves wearing my clothes just for the hell of it (ノ◕ - ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 


Margaret Wells should be commended for the way she runs her house. She is the exemplar of all the bawds in London!

Harlots 1x01

anonymous asked:

So since you've drawn characters from the great comet. Can you draw me a little Spot Conlon from Newsies

pal you are in luck not only have i drawn spot conlon before Here but here is a brand new lil mr brooklyn just for you:


Enhanced 1x07 Deleted Scene—Tell Me About Your Family

I wish they wouldn’t have deleted this scene. This shows a lot of Jamie’s personality.

NDRV3 Valentines Advice

Find yourself a Kaede, who will cheer on you for every little thing you do and hums with you all the songs you love at midnight.

Find yourself a Shuuichi, who will blush at compliments and will be there for you, on the loneliest nights, whenever you feel down.

Find yourself a Kaito, who will boast about how much you mean to them to everyone and will always tell you to follow your dreams.

Find yourself a Maki, who expresses their love in meaningful moments, and keeps doing it even if they go unnoticed.

Find yourself a Tenko, who will fight anyone who belittles you and will show you how to stand up for the things you love.

Find yourself an Ouma, who teases you a lot but actually cares so much of your well-being.

Find yourself an Angie, who will be the brightest light in your life and will teach you how to paint everyday in vivid colours.

Find yourself a Shirogane, whom you’ll watch shows together and will love your atypical quirkiness.

Find yourself a Gonta, who will treat you like royalty and will forever take care of you as a gentleman.

Find yourself an Iruma, who will put you as the most beautiful thing that has ever been created (after them, obviously :P)

Find yourself a Ryouma, who will always be watching over you, protecting you from any harm.

Find yourself a Toujou, who will serve you and will take on making you happy as their duty.

Find yourself a Himiko, who will sleep next to you and will teach you magic tricks when you are sad.

Find yourself a Shinguuji, who will tell you that you are living proof of humanity’s beauty and will recite you bedtime stories.

Find yourself a Kiibo, whom you will try to find the human part living inside you with, but will remain hopeful until the day both of you find it.

Find yourself. Find love. It can be romantic, it can be platonic. It will appear in the little things people do. 

It’s in the goodbye kiss your mother gives you before you leave.
It’s in the cake your friend bought you that one day.
It’s in the hug your brother asked for yesterday.

Realize that Valentines is supposed to be about every type of love out there, and that these little traits are everywhere.
Love yourself first, then go and find your match.

Good luck, and don’t despair. Remember: the truth will always hold some kind of hope.


I will not be that person.

Eleanor Guthrie Memorial Week | day two: favorite quote